21 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/20/2019

US again threatens Saudi Arabia with sanctions because of the case of Hashukji

A spokesman for the US State Department told reporters that the administration of the US president does not rule out introducing additional measures against Saudi Arabia in connection with the investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Hashukji. Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate agreed to vote on a resolution banning the sale of $ 8 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, said Senator Bob Menendez.

Erdogan called the death of ex-Egyptian President Mursi murder

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that the former leader of Egypt, Mohammed Mursi, who died in the courtroom, was killed, reports Reuters. Mursi “did not die, but was killed,” Erdogan said.

Sberbank calls 5G networks a cybersecurity risk

One of the serious risks for cyber security is 5G networks, because they have a very high speed of information transfer, which creates problems for a quick stop of information leakage, says Sergey Lebed, head of cyber security service of Sberbank

EU Council extended sanctions against Russia for the Crimea for a year

The Council of the European Union decided to extend sanctions against Russia for joining the Crimea and Sevastopol until June 23, 2020, according to a press release from the EU.

In Russia, there may be a new fine for motorists

The government proposed to introduce a fine of up to 2.5 thousand rubles for motorists who use the toll road without paying, the official publication of the Federal Assembly “parliamentary newspaper”.

Media learned about Abramovich’s plans to buy the most expensive Villa in Israel

Businessman Roman Abramovich intends to buy the most expensive Villa in Israel. We are talking about building a total area of 2 thousand square meters on a plot of 0.9 hectares in Herzliya Pituach 15 km from tel Aviv. According to the newspaper Calcalist, Abramovich rented the estate three months ago.

Killer whales began to be released from the whale prison in Primorye

Specialists of the all-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) began an operation to release animals from the “whale prison” in Primorye. Today will begin the release of the first two orcas.

Hermit Agafia Lykova refused to evacuate at the time of launch

Hermit Agafya Lykova refused to evacuate during the launch of the spacecraft from Baikonur, despite the threat of falling missiles in the area of her residence in the reserve “Khakassky”. This was announced by the Director of the reserve Viktor Nepomnyashchy

In Italy, mini-hotels are now required to feed guests with local products

One third of the food consumed by guests must be grown on the farm where the mini-hotel is located. At Breakfast, the proportion of such food can not be less than 40%. The wine offered to the guests must be produced in the local wineries and the fish must be caught in the same part of the country

Russians can start to deprive of the rights for lack of CTP

The authors of the bill propose to increase the penalty to 5 thousand rubles or to deprive of the driving license. The State Duma has received a bill that proposes to toughen liability for violations of the requirements in the CTP policy.

Ecologist from Kaliningrad requested political asylum in Germany

Kaliningrad ecologist Alexandra Koroleva requested political asylum in Germany. According to the German newspaper “WDR” Director of the organization “Ekozaschita” left Russia in connection with criminal prosecution under the law on “foreign agents»

The state Duma proposed to make theater tickets non-refundable

The state Duma Committee on culture recommended the adoption in the second reading of the bill on the procedure for the sale and return of tickets for cultural and entertainment events (concerts, performances, exhibitions, shows, performances). This RBC said a member of the state Duma Committee on culture Alexander Sholokhov.

Medvedev signed a decree banning the increase in prices for housing and communal services

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree against unjustified increase in prices for housing and communal services above the level of inflation in the regions. He himself said this at a meeting on achieving Russia’s national development goals in the economic and housing sector.

Russians will pay for heating in a new way

Since 2020, Russia plans to change the heating standards depending on the number of storeys. About it reports “parliamentary newspaper” with reference to the member of the state Duma Committee on energy Boris Gladkikh. Thus, the owners of apartments on the lower floors will pay more for heating.

Rosreestr explained the procedure of land acquisition for the waste, and fall grass

Rosreestr reassured owners of suburban areas, which scared the idea of the Ministry of economic development of the forced seizure of land from owners for violation of fire safety rules. Fundamentally important explanations were given by the head of Rosreestr Victoria Abramchenko. She assured that the citizens living in settlements or in the territory of gardening associations, the bill won’t concern as summer residents if at them something lights up, are the injured party.

In the Crimea for 25 billion rubles will restore the reservoir

As reported by the General Director of state unitary enterprise “Water of Crimea” Vladimir Bazhenov, the reconstruction of the facility, located near the village of Skvortsovo, you need 25 billion roubles, deepening of reservoirs, waterproofing and replacement of the pipe, which connects it with Simferopol

Russia and Turkey will develop tourism even more actively

Russia and Turkey agreed to expand cooperation in the field of tourism and strengthen cultural ties at the opening of the joint festival in St. Petersburg. Monday’s press conference were Deputy Consul General of Turkey Taner Arijan. The expert noted that Russia sends a huge number of tourists to Turkey every year. According to Arijana, last year, six million Russian tourists came to Turkey.

Housing and communal services of the city was offered to the residents themselves to repair the plumbing

As write “News”, the official notification that the residents had received from OOO “housing services”, States that the water network on which the damage occurred are in use and operational responsibility of the owners of the houses, and therefore eliminate breakout tenants must correct yourself. The company offered the residents to repair or replace the pipeline on their own.

A month after the protests in Yekaterinburg are building three new churches

June 21 will be the first in the last five months meeting of the Commission of the administration of Yekaterinburg on land use and development. Three weeks ago, mayor Alexander Vysokinsky almost completely changed the composition of this body. A well-known representative of the Orthodox community in a conversation with “URA.RU” I expressed hope that the city administration will agree on all three projects:

“Our city needs temples within walking distance. The previous team of heads of administration of the city didn’t go on this question towards the Orthodox public. And we are glad that the team of mayor Alexander Vysokinsky turned to the faithful citizens face”.

Russian tourists began to save more on vacation

Russian tourists in the budget and average price segments began to strive to save as much as possible during the holidays. This was announced at a press conference in TASS Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

Asphalt in Chita fell under the wheels of cars of activists of the “Road patrol»

Activists of the Association “Road patrol” recorded an appeal to the acting Governor of Transbaikalia Alexander Osipov and acting head of the administration of Chita Alexander Sapozhnikov with a request to strictly control the quality of road works after the excavations of TGC-14. The reason for the request was the collapse of the asphalt pavement under the wheels of cars of activists at the intersection of Tchaikovsky Bogomyagkova. The video was published on the page of the auto expert Alexey Strelnikov in Facebook.

FESCO launches container train from Krasnoyarsk to Beijing

FESCO transportation group expands the geography of the land export of services and runs regular container train from Krasnoyarsk to Beijing through the border crossing Grodekovo (Primorye)/Suifenhe (PRC), the message of the company

Huawei said it will cope with the consequences of us sanctions

The founder of the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with CNBC that the organization will cope with the consequences of restrictive measures of the United States.

Road builders with shovels patched holes in the village of Kokui sand from the roadside

The driver of the TRANS-Baikal village Kokuy captured how three men with shovels and threw the pit in the asphalt on the street the 1st meadow sand off the shoulder of the road should be repaired before 30 June in the municipal contract. On June 20, the editorial Board of “Chita” received the recording from the DVR camera.Ru.»

In Penza, doctors “ambulance” intend to go on a picket

As the head of the trade Union “Action” Pavel Kuznetsov told RIA “Penza” media, the ambulance station workers decided to hold an “Italian strike”, the symbol of which was the bandage tied on the wrist.

“Many small issues are being solved, many have already been resolved. But the main, to increase the average salary when working at the rate to the average for the region, has not yet been fixed. That is, we hear that they are coming to meet us, they will add that they are looking for these ways, but people do not believe the words. I would like to sign at least some document. He’s gone. Only there is talk that there are calculations and calculations”, – said Pavel Kuznetsov.

Banks were allowed to withdraw land from debtors

If the owner of the land for some reason can not return the loan received for its purchase, the banks can withdraw it and put up for auction without delay. However, we are talking only about agricultural land. This rule came into force this week.

Profit of Russian banks for five months increased by 64.5%

Profit of Russian banks for five months increased by 64.5% compared to the same period last year (from 527 to 867 billion rubles.)

The volume of cash loans beat records

The increase in issuance by April 2018 amounted to 27%. At the same time, the growth of the portfolio (including repaid loans) in the segment of unsecured consumer loans for 12 months amounted to 29.3%. This figure has been growing steadily since September 2017, but in April it was the most significant for the period

For discarded tires Vladivostok waiting for fines up to 500 thousand rubles

The head of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk instructed specialists of administrative-territorial administrations of all districts of the city to pay close attention to tire shops, which are obliged to have contracts for the export and disposal of waste, it is prohibited to store garbage near their facilities.

The US Federal reserve kept the key rate at the same level

The Federal reserve (fed) has kept the key rate at the level of 2.25–2.5%, according to the website of the organization. Following the meeting, the regulator concluded that the economic situation in the country allows to make such a decision. However, the uncertainty of the future forecast has increased.

Special services seized the assets of the capital enterprise

As it became known to Kommersant, the Moscow district military court (MOVS) in a special order considered the case of former employees of the office of “M” FSB major Sergei Nikityuk and captain Konstantin Strukov, accused of a particularly large fraud. The operatives of intelligence agencies were involved in the identification of abuse and theft in the FPS, but a year ago was arrested by his colleagues on suspicion in capture of the capital assets of the enterprise, who owned a small construction market. During the investigation, both fully admitted their guilt, although in their environment do not exclude that the cause of criminal prosecution could be revenge on the part of corrupt officials previously convicted by chekists. As a result, the former operatives received three and a half and three years in prison, respectively, which allows them to apply for parole in the near future

The elimination of waste of the Baikal pulp and paper mill can give the new contractor

In the Irkutsk region can change the contractor waste disposal Baikal pulp and paper mill (PPM), reports TASS with reference to the statement of the Governor Sergei Levchenko.

Frenchman Bernard Arnault became the third owner of a fortune of $100 billion

The main owner of the LVMH group of companies – according to the first letters of Louis Vuitton, Moët, Hennessy brands – the French businessman Bernard Arnault became a person with a fortune of more than $100 billion, Bloomberg reported.

Restaurateurs may be required to allocate Russian wines in the menu

Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Gordeev instructed Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of industry, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economy to work out the possibility to oblige restaurateurs to allocate Russian wines in the menu and specify them at the top of the list.

GDP growth in Ukraine in the first quarter amounted to 2.5%

The growth of the economy of Ukraine in the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 2.5% compared to the same period last year. This is stated in the published Wednesday report of the State statistics service of Ukraine (gosstat)

LUKOIL for the first time became a world leader in return for shareholders

LUKOIL was among the world’s top ten companies in terms of total shareholder return (TSR) for the first time in the ranking compiled annually by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Residents of the Tula region owed for gas 178 million rubles

The total amount of overdue debt of the population of the Tula region for gas according to operational data as of June 1, 2019 amounted to 178 million rubles. In the list of debtors — 54 thousand subscribers. Notifications about the shutdown of gas have already been sent to 12 thousand gas consumers.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” reduced gas prices

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” established the June gas price for the population at the level of 5553,89 hryvnias (13500 rubles) for 1 thousand cubic meters without VAT and margins. Thus, the price of gas decreased by 7.3% compared to may, the press service of the company reported. In the regions, the price of fuel may vary, because it depends on the tariffs of the local gas distribution company.

Saudi Arabia is trying to keep oil prices from falling

The weakening demand for oil as a result of the slowdown in the world economy leads to lower prices, despite the threat of interruptions in supplies from the Gulf countries. According to Saudi officials, in may the country reduced its average daily production by about 150,000 barrels. up to 9.65 million barrels.

The Chinese equipment for the Amur GPP is delivered

An important stage has been passed in the implementation of a large Russian-Chinese oil project of the Amur gas processing plant (AGPP). Two columns of the reaction setup loaded on the cargo ship “Vanbaalen” in the port of Tianjin and shipped to the Russian Primorye, said on 18 June Xinhua

Mexico signed a free trade agreement with the United States and Canada

The Mexican Senate has ratified a free trade agreement with the United States and Canada, called the USMCA (or T-MEC).

Oil reserves in the United States decreased during the week stronger than expected

In the United States for the week ended June 14, stronger than forecasts decreased commercial oil reserves (excluding strategic reserve). As follows from the report of the Ministry of energy, reserves decreased by 3.1 million to 482.4 million barrels.

BMW refused to issue a minivan 2-Series Active Tourer

The family of the BMW 2-Series Tourer will receive a new generation of the Active Tourer and Gran Tourer. In all likelihood, BMW Gran Turismo 3-Series — not the only model that the Bavarian company will withdraw from production.

The trial of the crash of MH17 will begin in the Netherlands on March 9, 2020

The court in the case of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the East of Ukraine will start in the Netherlands March 9, 2020. This was stated by the representative of the Joint investigation team (JIT). According to him, the investigation is ready to listen to the position of suspects in court.

German authorities will protect men from domestic violence

The authorities of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia have developed a program through which they intend to protect men from domestic violence. Politicians noted that men are also subjected to domestic violence, but measures to support them have not yet been developed.

Hypersonic missile announced in the United States

In the US military-industrial company USA Raytheon told about hypersonic rocket ramjet engine. It is reported by Aviation Week. As noted, the missile of this type has no air intakes.

Syria asked China for help in the fight against terrorists

To provide political, cultural and military support from China, Syrian foreign Minister Walid Muallem asked on June 19 at the Beijing summit of the Eastern powers. He told about it in interview to The al Mayadeen channel. According to the foreign Minister of Syria, China has no intention to directly intervene in the course of the struggle with the militants, but agree to assist in the restoration of the destroyed objects.

The US wants to introduce censorship in social networks

It is noted that the possible introduction of censorship threatens only large resources with more than 30 million registered us citizens, 300 million users worldwide and an annual turnover of not less than $500 million.

In the United States decided on the location of heavy icebreakers of the new class

In April 2019, VT Halter Marine received a $ 745 million contract from the coast guard., providing for detailed design and construction of the vessel. A total of three icebreakers are planned to be built at the shipyard in Pascagoula (Mississippi), for this purpose it is expected to spend $ 1.9 billion.

I’m happy to report that Seattle, Washington, will be home to new coast guard patrol icebreakers. The Pacific Northwest has been the home of our icebreaker fleet since 1976, said us coast guard commandant Carl L. Schultz.

It is assumed that the icebreakers will work in the winter in Antarctica, and in the summer – in Alaska.

Iran reported downed us intelligence drone

American drone Global Hawk was shot down by the air force of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) in the province of Hormozgan in violation of Iran’s border, reports Press TV channel. According to the IRGC, the US drone was shot down in the South of Iran in the area of the Kitchen.

The newest Samsung LED screen appeared in the center of new York

Specialists of the South Korean company Samsung Electronics have finished installation of the latest led displays on the facade of the famous building 1 in times square in new York. The peculiarity of the installed screen is that its total area is 11 639 square feet, which is approximately equal to 1081 m2.

Trump confirmed his intention to meet with Putin at the G20 summit

Us President Donald trump on Fox News confirmed that he plans to hold meetings with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping within the framework of the G20 summit in Osaka.

The United States may offer Turkey compensation for the refusal of the Russian s-400

The representative of the US administration of high rank said that the United States is ready to discuss with Turkey possible compensation for the rejection of Russian s-400 missile and anti-aircraft systems.

Medvedev commented on the words of Kudrin about the shameful level of poverty of Russians

The head of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin called the poverty level in Russia a shame. According to Kudrin, a high level of poverty leads to losses in functional development, quality of life, nutrition and health. According to the data provided by Kudrin, more than 12.5 million people are now below the poverty line in Russia. “With such a level of GDP per capita, with an ever-growing salary” in Russia should not be so many poor, especially for families with children.

“It is obvious that there are no easy solutions, it [the theme of the fight against poverty and support for families] requires the consolidated work of absolutely everyone. All, I emphasize, but in their places, within their competence, and not General reasoning in the expert-populist way,” – said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The UN has recognized Saudi Arabia is guilty of murder Khashoggi

The special Rapporteur of the UN Council on human rights agnès callamard said that the government of Saudi Arabia is considered guilty of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and called for sanctions against Saudi Prince

“Killing Haloge – an international crime of great importance”, – reads the statement of the special Rapporteur of the UN Council on human rights issues of extrajudicial executions, Dr agnès callamard.

She also called on Saudi Arabia to apologize to Ankara, Washington and the family of the Saudi journalist and to plead guilty to his murder.

State Department: the US and North Korea have not yet agreed on a definition of “denuclearization»

The United States and North Korea still are unable to come to agreement regarding what should be understood under the “denuclearization”. This was recognized on Wednesday by us special representative for North Korea Stephen Bigan, speaking at a conference in the Atlantic Council in Washington.

Two new structural units will form in the Russian aerospace forces

Two new structural units will be formed in the Russian aerospace forces until the end of the year — the management of the mixed aviation division in the Primorsky operational direction and the anti-aircraft missile regiment of the mobile reserve. This was told by Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Shoigu announced the completion of the development of the s-350 Vityaz missile system»

Development of the latest anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) S-350 “Vityaz” completed, said Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Published data on the victims of the war in Yemen

Since the beginning of the war in Yemen, 9,600 people have died in this country, according to the report of the Project on the assessment of the consequences of armed conflicts (ACLED).

In the Crimea will place Russian su-35S

They will be rearmed one of the aviation regiments based on the Peninsula, told “Izvestia” in the defense Ministry. Previously, plans to deploy these fighters in the Crimea, the military Department was not disclosed

The U.S. state Department urged Russia to “stop lying around the downed Boeing»

Special representative of the us state Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that Russia should stop the campaign of misinformation around the tragedy with the flight MH17 Malaysian airlines and punish the perpetrators.

Syrian foreign Minister said that Turkey does not comply with the Sochi Memorandum

Syrian foreign Minister Walid Muallem said that the Memorandum on the demilitarized zone in Idlib province is not being implemented by Turkey, but is still in force.

The US can start a war with Iran

The United States may begin military action against Iran to prevent the country from getting nuclear weapons, said American leader Donald trump in an interview with Time.

The head of the IRGC reported on striking aircraft carriers ballistic missiles of Iran

Iran has developed ballistic missile technology that has changed the balance of power in the middle East. Missiles, in particular, are capable of “high accuracy” to hit aircraft carriers. This was stated by the commander-in-chief of the Islamic revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC) General Hossein Salami, Reuters writes

Opposition: Venezuelan authorities tried to sell the Consulate building in the United States

The representative of the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan of Guido in the United States Carlos Vecchio was posted online accusations against the regime of Nicolas Maduro that the authorities planned to sell the former building of the Consulate of the Bolivarian Republic in new York.

The President of Moldova intends to seek a change in the composition of the constitutional court

Moldovan President Igor Dodon said he would seek a change in the composition of the constitutional court, whose decisions exacerbated the political crisis in the country in mid-June. He said this in an interview with “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”

“This practice is over. I think that in the near future there will be a new composition of the constitutional court of Moldova and will be annulled all the decisions that have been so far and that gave rise to this practice. In Moldova, this court became an instrument of the ruling party. There were many cases when he made decisions that no one supported, everyone understood that these decisions were made in the interests of the ruling Democratic party,” Dodon said in an interview.

The US will give the middle East countries new intelligence on Iran

Us special representative for Iran Brian hook on June 19 goes on tour to the middle East, he will discuss Iran and give new intelligence information about the “threats” from Tehran to the region, said in a statement released on Wednesday, the state Department.

YouTube is planning to move children’s content on a separate platform

Google Corporation and YouTube video hosting management are seriously thinking about how to transfer all the children’s content in the hotel product. This measure should ensure the protection of minors from video objectionable content. The proposed new platform will be managed by the YouTube Kids app.

“Rostelecom” has written off a third of the investment in “Aurora»

According to the report, vendors in 2018 managed to earn 38 million and RUB to a net loss of 416 million rubles Now has about 20,000 smartphones and tablets “Aurora”, estimated by the representative of “Rostelecom”.

Vivo will present its first smartphone with 5G

Communication network of the fifth generation (5G) was launched into commercial use in South Korea, China and several other countries. Some Chinese smartphone manufacturers have already introduced their own 5G smartphones, and it seems that vivo is preparing to present a similar device in the near future.

In the Android version of Chrome, the “picture in picture” mode will appear»

Picture-in-Picture mode is already available for the PC version of the Google Chrome browser, as well as in some applications for Android devices such as YouTube, VLC Player, Google Play Movies, Google Duo and Google Maps.

Rostelecom explained why scans clients ‘ computers

Rostelecom scans local services on users ‘ computers that create personal accounts on its website. This drew the attention of the user “Habra” under the pseudonym force.

The press service of Rostelecom explained that the anti-fraud system had to be implemented in connection with the recent increase in fraud attempts against personal accounts of subscribers and bonus programs of Rostelecom. This system does collect data on user activity and looks for “indicators of compromise of their devices”.

Fully charge the battery in 13 minutes

New fast charging technology called Vivo Super FlashCharge. It provides power of 120 W and allows you to charge the smartphone battery capacity of 4000 mAh 50% for 5 minutes and the whole – for 13 minutes.

Samsung has patented a laptop with a widening of 50% of the screen

The Korean manufacturer has patented a laptop that can increase the screen by 50%. When folded, the laptop screen has the usual aspect ratio of 16:9, and in the unfolded display becomes ultra-wide.

Apple Watch users will be able to uninstall preinstalled apps

According to the source, with the release of the final version of watchOS 6, watch users will be able to remove a large number of pre-installed applications from their watches. Of course, to remove the app Store App Store no one will, but to remove from the clock really can be a lot.

Electric car Peugeot e-208 in the basic version is estimated at 30 450 euros

A few months ago, the company introduced the Peugeot e-208 — one of the most beautiful, according to many journalists, electric car in the class.

Mobile HP mt45 on AMD platform will cost $800

HP has prepared the mt45 Mobile Thin Client laptop for release for business users who often have to work out of the office

On atomic radio for the first time in history passed the music

American physicists built the first atomic radio and transmitted a stereo musical composition to it with the help of an AM radio wave. Instead of an antenna in the built radio used Rydberg atoms, translucent two pairs of lasers.

Diamond detectors can help physicists find dark matter

Diamond detectors should help in the search for another dark matter, according to information and news publication evo-rus.com ahhh!

Created a device that cleanses the blood from cancer cells

A couple of months ago it became known that scientists are working on a new device, which can be used to determine the presence of cancer cells in the blood. Among the blood cells such a device was to select cancer cells. That is, in fact it will create a rapid test for the presence of cancer

The “Disappeared Tulip” returned to Turkey»

In Turkey, returned “the Disappeared Tulip”, the view of which was last seen 123 years ago, according to the publication IHA. The “disappeared Tulip” (Sprenger Tulip) was first discovered in 1892 by a German gardener in the Merzifon region of Amasya province in Northern Turkey.

Eight hours a week will keep the mental health of the unemployed

The researchers analyzed data on almost 85 thousand British working-age people and found that, compared to the lack of work, the minimum working week (up to eight hours) can provide mental well-being.

Mathematicians proposed a new structure of the periodic table

The various shadows cast by a shape are periodic tables. That’s why there are so many ways to create these tables. In a sense, period tables are projections of the internal structure of the periodic table

Junk food provokes premature aging of the brain

Scientists have found strong evidence that unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise over a long period of time expose people to a serious risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as a significant reduction in brain function, which contributes to dementia and reduce brain volume

An AI system is being created for contactless monitoring of the heart

American scientists and researchers are busy creating a new system of contactless monitoring of the heart, which will be able in case of sudden cardiac arrest will be able to recognize it by the sounds of human breathing and call for help.

The method of complete processing of waste coal thermal power plants

Russian metallurgists have improved their technique of almost complete processing of ash, allowing to extract from the spent fuel not only aluminum and other useful substances, but also to remove carbon from the ash, RIA Novosti reported. This will reduce the cost of production of metal and building materials, scientists write in the journal Minerals.

“By themselves, these concentrates will be interesting for non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry. However, the main emphasis is on obtaining a concentrate with a minimum amount of iron oxide and carbon. Magnetite pollutes the solution and prevents the release of aluminum from it, and carbon degrades the mechanical properties of cement,” explains Dmitry Valeev from the Institute of metallurgy and materials science of the RAS in Moscow.

The astronauts refused to hand over spermogrammu in space

Russian scientists can not conduct research on the impact of space flight factors on spermatogenesis due to the reluctance of Russian cosmonauts to take biomaterial, told RIA Novosti head of the laboratory of cell Biophysics Institute of biomedical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Irina Ogneva.

Rabaraba floated on the energy of blood flow

The robot receives energy from the batteries, and the more energy it needs, the more difficult it is to equip it with batteries without sacrificing autonomy and total weight. Engineers from Cornell and Pennsylvania universities went the other way and equipped the robot with an artificial circulatory system.

NASA predicted a geomagnetic storm that will plunge the Earth into darkness

A few years ago, NASA experts said that on Earth there is a high probability of a repetition of the so-called “Carrington Event” – a powerful geomagnetic storm, which in 1859 led to the failure of Telegraph systems throughout Europe and North America.

The star of Teegarden discovered two analog Ground

As part of the CARMENES project to search for potentially habitable worlds in the nearby red dwarfs astronomers have discovered two exoplanets orbiting the star Tigarden, each of which is slightly larger than the Earth and can contain liquid water on the surface.

It was possible to visualize the interaction of the magnetic field and the black hole

If the field directs the gas so that it flows directly into the black hole, it is active because it “eats” a lot of gas. However, if the gas due to the spiral shape of the magnetic field flows in orbit around the black hole, it is calm.

NASA scientists used HAWC+ to visualize the magnetic field. In General, the magnetic fields are invisible, so they can not be displayed, but the device detects polarized far infrared light emitted by celestial dust particles. Grains of celestial dust are oriented perpendicular to the magnetic fields, and this allows astronomers to map the shape, to conclude about the power of the invisible impact and ultimately visualize the fundamental and invisible force of nature — the magnetic field.

Russian telescope has fixed a double black hole

Russian ground-space Observatory “Radioastron” was able to fix a unique pair of supermassive black holes. Previously, researchers only read about such black holes, but now they are lucky enough to see them.

ESA will launch photosatellites to shoot ancient comets

The ESA wants to find a comet that has not changed much since the formation of the Sun and planets. Ground equipment makes it possible to track such an object long before its approach, and then slowly deploy all three devices.

ALMA saw the ancient merger of galaxies

Astronomers have discovered the most distant and therefore the earliest example of galaxy fusion. The objects are at a redshift of 7.15, which in standard cosmology corresponds to the lifetime of the Universe of about 750 million years.

Project Breakthrough Listen found no signs of aliens

Participants Breakthrough Listen described recent attempts to detect aliens in two articles, which are attached to all the collected data. Scientists do not give up hope that someone from Amateur astronomers will be able to notice a signal that they could miss.

Scientists will create a Rover to study the lunar pits

The project was called Skylight (“heavenly light”); it involves the creation of semi-Autonomous Rovers that would be able to study the gaps in the lunar soil, seen from orbit, being able to independently assess the environment.

Sakhalin threw debris site for the space centre in Poronaisk

It has been a year since the strategically important infrastructure object of the Vostochny cosmodrome — the Sakhalin route measuring point, the site for which is located within the boundaries of Poronaysk-was supposed to work. However, the construction of the facility has not yet begun — moreover, the site has not yet been surrounded by an ordinary fence. According to open sources, JSC “Russian space systems” intends to complete this construction now in 2021. On the official website of the Russian space systems, the Sakhalin route measuring point was last mentioned in the news on March 13.

Russia presented the concept of the lunar program at the air show in Le Bourget

The head scientific Institute of Roscosmos TsNIIMash showed at the International aerospace salon “Le Bourget – 2019” the concept of the Russian Lunar research program. As noted in the materials of TsNIIMash, the first landing on a natural satellite is scheduled for 2030. This year, the Russian exposition at the salon in Le Bourget presents only civilian equipment, as well as at the exhibition in 2017, when the military component was present only in the form of models and promotional materials.

In the United States has suspended manufacture of the devices of the telescope “Spektr-M»

NASA suspended the production of devices for the Russian space Observatory “Spectrum-M” (project “Millimetron”) due to reduced funding for the project and uncertainty with the launch, said Tuesday the head of the astrocosmic center of the Physics Institute of RAS (FIAN), academician Nikolai Kardashev.
Scientists are studying the properties of gas in galaxy clusters

The conclusion is that the viscosity of the gas in the coma is much lower than expected. This means that turbulence can easily develop in hot gas in clusters of galaxies on a small scale, like swirling movements in a coffee mug.

Belarusians hide “Lada” at the time the European Games

Russian cars can have a negative impact on the image of Belarus. Found a document instructing the leadership of the Minsk city administration of the Department of security of the Republic of Belarus to stop the daily use of official cars Lada during the European Games.

Call young drummers: open competition for young drummers

The Slovenian tourism Council and the Golden drum festival invite you to take part in the traditional competition of young drummers for the best and most creative poster on the theme of Slovenia, the land of clean and healthy water. The author of the best poster or series of posters will receive a prize of 3000 euros. Ads under the age of 30 from 57 countries will be able to apply until September 10, 2019 at 24.00.

For the first time since 2016, the mortgage entered the “red zone»

The number of mortgage transactions in Moscow for the first time in three years showed a decrease, experts said “Metrium”, analyzing the new data of Rosreestr. In may, loans for the purchase of housing were issued by 5% less than in may 2018, although over the previous 36 months, the volume of loans in the annual dimension increased. There are fewer transactions in the secondary housing market, while the demand for new buildings is stable.

UK proposes new criminal penalties for medical errors

The bill is posted on the Federal portal of normative legal acts. The developed amendments to the criminal code introduce new articles that provide for criminal liability for medical errors.

The pensions of police officers will rise to the level of senior interior Ministry and Federal drug control service

The authorities plan to equate the size of pensions of employees of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) to the level of payments to those who served in the interior Ministry, the Federal service for drug control (FSKN) and Regardie.

In China, women launched a flashmob of the hairy legs in social networks

In China, women decided to launch a flash mob in social networks, in which photos of hairy legs were published. Local resident under exposed shots added the hashtag “#GirlsBodyhairCompetition”.

In Moscow, the name of Solzhenitsyn on the monument turned into the word “liar»

In Moscow on a monument to the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn his surname turned into the word “liar”, having rubbed letters to Shine. Photo of the inscription in his instagram account published editor-in-chief of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov

Named the fastest in the issuance of Schengen visas to the Russians of the country

The specialists of the leading Russian tourism companies praised the work of the visa centres of the European countries and were told where faster and more convenient to obtain a Schengen visa. This was reported on the official website of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR).

Among the best in the organization of the process were visa centers in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Croatia. In addition, the experts pointed out that the Schengen visa to Spain is also quick and easy.

In addition, experts gave a list of countries that are the longest to issue a Schengen visa. Among them were the Czech Republic (up to 15 working days), Finland (about 2.5 weeks) and Austria (10-12 working days). Most often refuses to Russian tourists to issue a Schengen visa Norway.

To award a medal for the introduction of children to the Orthodox faith

According to the website “kurtamysh Field” administration of Kurtamysh district continued to award the medal “Work. Honor. Glory” Archpriest Alexander (Timushev) for his great contribution to the Patriotic education of the population, the education of children in the spiritual and moral traditions of the Russian people, their introduction to the Orthodox faith

Tax on plastic bags will be introduced in Sweden

Swedish authorities decided to introduce a tax on plastic bags next year. The purchase of a regular package will cost the buyer up to 7 CZK (or $ 0.77).), reports TV channel “TB4”. For a standard package, the tax will be 3 crowns, for a thinner package — 0.3 crowns.

The Bank of Japan decided not to change the interest rate

The Bank of Japan (the Central Bank of the country) at the end of the meeting on Thursday did not adjust the interest rate, keeping it at a negative level of minus 0.1%. At the same time, as follows from the statement of the regulator, the annual volume of redemption of securities of exchange-traded investment funds (ETF) at the level of about 6 trillion yen and assets of real estate investment trusts (J — REIT) – about 90 billion yen remained unchanged.

Russians prefer to open deposits in dollars

Among all foreign currencies for savings Russians prefer dollars. Euro try to avoid, the yield on this currency is lower.

In the “Friendship” again found a new oil pollution

On one of the sections of the Druzhba pipeline, which goes from Belarus to Poland, new oil pollution with organochlorine has been detected, RBC reported with reference to Transneft.

Belarus increased exports of petroleum products to Ukraine

The export of Belarusian oil products to Ukraine in January-may 2019 in value terms amounted to $ 775,058 million, Which is 10.6% more compared to the same period in 2018, Interfax reports with reference to the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

In Russia launched a mortgage on the construction of private houses

Russia has launched a pilot product for issuing mortgages for individual housing construction (individual housing construction). This was reported in a press release of the Bank HOUSE.The Russian Federation, which will issue housing loans for the purchase of land and construction of private houses on them.

Parliamentarians from Russia under protection left the Parliament building of Georgia

Russian parliamentarians were forced to leave the building of the Parliament of Georgia under protection, where the General Assembly of the inter-parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (map) held a meeting.

The Japanese military accused the Russian Tu-95 the trespass

The Japanese Ministry of defense announced the violation of the country’s airspace by Russian strategic bombers Tu-95. Two such incidents occurred on June 20, NHK TV channel reports.

India strengthens military power on the borders with Pakistan and China

Integrated strike combat groups (IBG) will appear in the structure of the Indian army. They will be able to mobilize quickly and deliver powerful strikes across the borders with Pakistan and China, the times of India reported on June 19.

Chairman of the constitutional court of Moldova resigned

Chairman of the constitutional court of Moldova Mihai Poalelungi, has resigned, reported the press service of the COP. Earlier, Moldovan Prime Minister Maya Sandu called on the judges of the constitutional court to resign after they took, and then revised the decision to dissolve the Parliament and hold early elections.