22 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/20-21/2020

American ice cream maker Dreyer’s (a subsidiary of Nestle) will drop the name Eskimo Pie as offensive to Eskimos, according to Reuters.

“We recognize that the term [Popsicle] pejorative, ” the Agency reports the words of Dreyer’s head of marketing, Elizabeth Marquez.

The company will also change the visual component of the brand. Now the ice cream logo shows a boy in traditional eskimo clothing.

Russian Eskimos ice cream Popsicles do not offend at all

The name of the ice cream “eskimo” is not a pejorative term for the Eskimos of Chukotka, as it is not associated with the original meaning of the word “eskimo”, although representatives of this group of indigenous peoples of Canada, Greenland and Alaska call themselves Inuit, said RIA Novosti compiler of the Russian-eskimo dictionary, teacher of the eskimo language and literature Natalia Radunovich.

“We are Inuit, and ice cream is Popsicle. Let it be so. The fact that an eskimo has a drawing of a man in a fur hood does not offend at all. At least, we, the Eskimos of Chukotka and Russia, do not offend in any way,” the expert said.

Johnson & Johnson cancels production of cosmetics with bleaching effect

The American company took this step after mass demonstrations in the United States. Creams that lighten the skin will no longer be sold, including in Asia and the middle East.

Discussions in recent weeks have shown that some of our product names gave the impression that light and white skin is better than a natural shade, ” the company said in a statement. They added that the secret of beauty is skin health.

India has moved attack helicopters and fighter jets to the East of Ladakh

These actions are “a clear signal to Beijing that new Delhi is ready to escalate the military conflict on the line of actual control,” the Times of India newspaper notes.

Chinese authorities have released details of the text of the draft law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong

The bill consists of six chapters, which in turn are divided into 66 articles. The text of the bill clearly specifies the main obligations of the Central government of China on issues related to national security, as well as the constitutional responsibility of Hong Kong for maintaining national security.

The bill sets out clear rules for the prevention, suppression and punishment of four types of crimes committed in Hong Kong, including separatist activities, attempts to undermine state authority, terrorist activities, and colluding with foreign States or forces located abroad to endanger national security.

In Washington, the monument to albert Pike was dumped and set on fire

A group of demonstrators toppled from a plinth and set fire to a monument to Confederate General albert Pike in Washington near the police headquarters. The police, who were at the headquarters, did not take any action for several minutes. Then about ten police officers arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire, without any clashes.

Almost 15 billion rubles were allocated from the budget for voting on amendments to the Constitution

Peskov said that the amendments to the Constitution “cement” the current state of Russia

Putin’s spokesman said that the adoption of amendments to the Constitution will help to consolidate the current state of Russia.

“As Russia feels more confident, more independent, more independent, as Russia better protects itself from interference in its internal Affairs, Russia can concentrate on “cementing” this state of its own. From my point of view, this set of amendments is the process of “cementing” the current state of a strong sovereign Russia,” he said on channel One’s “Big game” program (quoted by TASS).

Less than half of Russians believe in the integrity of voting on the Constitution

42% of Russians believe that the results of the July 1 vote to reset the Constitution will be credible. Such data on the results of the survey, conducted on may 29-June 15, was published on Friday by VTSIOM.

As sociologists have found out, among the respondents declaring participation in the upcoming plebiscite, only 30-42% believe that its results will be “reliable” and “corresponding to the real vote”.

Every fourth person believes that the results “should not be trusted”, and they will not correspond to the actual will.

Putin has not ruled out running for President of Russia again.

He stated this in the documentary ” Russia. Kremlin. Putin” on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

“I do not rule out the possibility of running for office if it arises in the Constitution. We will see there, ” he said, adding that “I haven’t decided anything for myself yet.”

The number of counterfeit banknotes is growing

The number of counterfeit banknotes with a nominal value of 5 thousand rubles, detected in Moscow since the beginning of the year, increased by 13% compared to the same period last year, according to the main Department of the interior Ministry in the capital. According to the Agency, for the five months of 2020, 6.4 thousand counterfeit bills of this denomination were detected, and for the same period last year — 5.5 thousand.

At the same time, the police reported that since the beginning of this year, 8.6 thousand counterfeit banknotes in rubles and foreign currency have been seized in Moscow. Thus, counterfeit banknotes of 5 thousand rubles account for about two-thirds of all counterfeit money. In foreign currency, the capital’s counterfeiters most often forge $100 and €50 bills.

“DOM.RU” announced new auctions for the purchase of housing from developers

“Dom.Ru” announced new auctions to buy housing from developers as part of measures to support the construction industry – the company is ready to buy apartments in new buildings in 10 Russian regions for a total of 6.7 billion rubles.

As follows from the data on the site on the electronic trading platform “Sberbank-AST” , the largest funding limit is “Dom.Ru” allocated for developers of Bashkortostan (1.604 billion rubles), Novosibirsk (1.28 billion rubles), Rostov (1.174 billion rubles) and Tyumen regions (899.4 million rubles).

The company can spend 512.6 million rubles to buy housing from developers in the Stavropol territory, 354.3 million rubles in the Yaroslavl region, and 277.4 million rubles in the Kaluga region. The limit on the purchase of new buildings in the Ulyanovsk, Smolensk and Lipetsk regions is 200 million rubles each.

As part of auctions, developers must offer a ” Dom.Ru ” discount to the market price is not less than 15%, while the bidding step is 1%.

The court of Armenia has released from-under guards eks-President Kocharian

Deposit $ 2 billion. Russian businessmen helped to release former Armenian President Robert Kocharian from custody (about $ 4 million), Viktor Soghomonyan, head of Kocharian’s office, told TASS.

Armenian media reported that the bail was paid by Russian businessmen: Samvel Karapetyan, owner of the Tashir group of companies, Sergey Ambartsumyan, head of the Monarch group of companies, and Gennady Stepanyan, a businessman. The remaining amount was paid by Sistema AFC, where Kocharian is an independent Director.

The court allowed the publication of John Bolton’s book, despite the objections of the White house

At the same time, the judge recognized that “Bolton put the national security of the United States at risk” and could as a result incur “administrative (and potentially criminal) liability.”

On the possible suspension of several types of us visas

The decision of the us administration on the possible suspension of the issuance of several types of American visas may be announced in the coming days,Donald trump said in an interview with Fox News.

The American leader confirmed the information of the new York Times, which previously reported that the decree on suspending the issuance of work visas is dictated by the growth of unemployment in the United States against the background of the coronavirus pandemic.

India handed over a group of its military personnel to China

India handed over to China a group of its military personnel who were captured on Indian territory during the June 15-16 clashes in the Galvan valley in Eastern Ladakh, the Asian Age newspaper reported, citing official sources. The number of Chinese soldiers released is not given. On Thursday, after military talks between the two countries, China handed over 10 captured Indian soldiers, including four officers, to India.

The Museum that held Pussy Riot exhibitions was searched

The Moscow gallery ART4, which organized exhibitions of Oleg Navalny, Pussy Riot and the art group “War”, is being searched, the gallery owner Igor Markin told Interfax on Sunday.

Among the brands that now have claims, the Chicago Black Hawks hockey club. They demand to remove an Indian from the uniform-it offends the dignity of national minorities

Thailand intends to restrict entry for poor tourists

Thailand’s Minister of tourism and sports Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn announced the introduction of a new “state Protocol” for the Kingdom’s tourism sector after the coronavirus pandemic. Under the new concept, preference will be given to guests who have booked rooms in four-and five-star hotels on the Islands of Phuket, Koh Samui, Phangan and Phi Phi.

Qiwi sold Conscience to Sovcombank

Qiwi payment service has entered into an agreement to sell the Conscience installment card to Sovcombank. This is stated in the message received in AdIndex. At the first stage of the transaction, the Bank will receive claims rights to customers with a gross book value of about 9 billion rubles.

Later, the service plans to cede almost all assets to Sovcombank, including the relevant brands and domains, the report says. The final value of the transaction will be determined in a month, when the evaluation of the transferred rights and assets ends.

In Russia, increased subsidies for the transfer of transport from gasoline to gas

Recall that the share of state subsidies for the transfer of cars from gasoline to gas-powered fuel from 30% to 60% was previously proposed by energy Minister Alexander Novak. The government supported the Minister’s proposal. Another 30% of the cost of re-equipment of transport will be borne by Gazprom

China increased natural gas production in may

The pace of natural gas production in China increased in may, the gas companies of the middle Kingdom, reported on June 20, Xinhua news Agency. According to the national Bureau of statistics of China, gas production increased by 12.7% year-on-year and reached 15.9 billion cubic meters in may

The Bundestag called on Merkel to abandon the “Nord stream-2”

Germany should seriously consider whether to build the Russian Nord stream 2 gas pipeline, especially since there are other gas suppliers. This statement was made earlier in Berlin by the Deputy head of the SDP faction (Free democratic party) in the Bundestag, Alexander Lambsdorff, who called on German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to abandon the Russian gas project.

According to Lambsdorff, the implementation of the project “Nord stream – 2”, which connects Russia and Germany the two threads of the pipeline passing under the Baltic sea, it is necessary to cancel, as the politician of Moscow in relation to Germany and to the European Union “unfriendly”.

Shinzo Abe intends to change the Constitution of Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to hold a referendum on changes to the country’s Constitution before the end of his term in office. This was reported by the Japanese NHK TV channel, TASS reports.

This is, in particular, the revision of the ninth, “peaceful”, article of the code, according to which Japan can not have its own army and Navy. In fact, this law is not observed, but its existence does not allow the country to build up its military potential.

Serbia will not make a decision on Kosovo without Russia’s approval

Any final solution to the Kosovo problem will require the approval of the Russian Federation both at the level of the UN Security Council and from the point of view of a partner that has always supported Serbia, ” Mr Vucic said at a joint press conference with Lavrov in Belgrade.

In the US, the Prosecutor who led the cases against trump’s lawyers quit

Attorney for the southern district of new York Jeffrey Berman announced his resignation, according to the Associated Press. Earlier, the New York Times reported that he was fired according to the order of the head of the justice Department and the attorney General of the United States, William Barr. Mr. Berman said that he agreed to leave the post with a guarantee that the course of the investigation into the entourage of US President Donald trump by the Prosecutor’s office will not be violated.

The us Vice President refused to utter the phrase Black Lives Matter

The host of channel 6 ABC noted that there is a large-scale movement in the US under the slogan Black Lives Matter, but “you can count on your fingers” the number of Republican leaders in Washington who uttered these words.

“I would like to say that what happened to George Floyd is a tragedy, and in this country, especially on Juneteenth (emancipation day – ed.), we celebrate the fact that from the very Foundation of this country, we cherish the ideal that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, so all lives matter, in the truest sense…”, – said us Vice President Mike Pence.

Vyacheslav Volodin on voting on amendments to the Constitution

I don’t understand those who say today: don’t vote or don’t go to the polls… It is against the people to go and make such proposals. You can’t do that. Each norm solves the problems of people and the country. Support for standards will ensure development in the country — Vyacheslav Volodin

Russia refused to expand the borders of the Northern sea route

Last week, at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who heads the state Commission for the Arctic, the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Rosatom decided not to expand the borders of the Northern sea route (NSR), so as not to contradict international law

North Korea has threatened to destroy the US

North Korea recalled its nuclear missiles. North Korea has said it will destroy the US if hostilities resume on the Peninsula. This position was announced in the Russian Embassy of the DPRK on the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean war.

The President of Egypt declared the legality of a possible invasion of Libya

Any possible direct intervention by Egypt in Libya will have a legitimate status. This was stated by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during a visit to the military base in Sidi Barrani, located near the Libyan border.

According to him, this right is based on the need to protect Egypt’s borders from terrorists, help Libyans restore security and stability, and put an end to the bloodshed among the citizens of the neighboring country, TASS writes.

In the United States, a top-secret model 401 and Proteus aircraft were filmed over the Mojave desert

American developers are actively trying to create Airliners that would be really invulnerable to Russian missiles. New projects indicate a certain success, according to some experts. Analysts of the Drive publication believe that the Model 401 and Proteus may have been in unmanned mode. At the same time, the machines were controlled from the F-15D, under the right wing of which there was a strange object, the exact purpose of which remained unknown to observers. A KC-10 tanker was circling nearby for refueling.

Published images of places where Americans landed on the moon

Photos of landing sites of US manned ships under the Apollo program appeared on the website of the scientific data of the Chinese lunar exploration program.

Detailed photos of the moon’s surface were obtained thanks to the Chang’e-2 probe. The resolution of such images is 7 m. Thus, in the photo, you can see 7-meter objects on which you can also see the lower stages of the lunar module “Apollo”.

Hugh Jackman will play the main role in the film “Ferrari”

American actor Hugh Jackman will play the main role in a biographical film dedicated to the designer and racing driver Enzo Ferrari. The film will be directed by Michael Mann, known for the film “the Fight”.

Grand prize at the Annecy festival

The main prize of the Annecy festival went to the cartoon by French animator Remy Cheye “Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary” (Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary), according to the festival’s website on Sunday.

The Annecy international animation festival, which is held annually in France in the city of the same name, is held online for the first time from June 15 to 30.

Dan Harmon will shoot a new animated series for Fox

As Deadline reported, the Studio has already signed an exclusive contract with Dan Harmon. At the moment, it is not yet known what the new animation will be about. At the same time, the project was announced for the spring of 2022. It is noted that Fox Entertainment thus intends to expand the line of animated series for adult audiences

Jean-Jacques Annaud will make a film about the fire in Notre Dame

Pathé will release the film “Notre Dame On Fire”. The film tells about the fire in the main Paris Cathedral, which occurred in 2019. The project will be directed and written by Oscar and césar award winner Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Microsoft suddenly updated Windows 7

The update was released despite the fact that the company stopped official support for this operating system at the beginning of this year. The number of this update is KB4567409

In Israel, they created a technology for cleaning masks using phone charging

Scientists tried to find the easiest way to disinfect a medical mask, which would be suitable and available to everyone. As a result, scientists from Israel came up with the idea to use phone charging.

In particular, experts, as RIA Novosti writes, have created a heating element that can disinfect medical masks with electricity, or rather with a mobile phone charger.

Motorola Edge Lite smartphone will get a Quad camera

Network sources shared details about the Motorola Edge Lite smartphone, which has not yet been officially introduced. So, the device will have support for mobile networks of the fifth generation 5G, a 6.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2520:1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 90 Hz and support for HDR, a dual front camera with image sensors with a resolution of 8 and 2 MP, a rear Quad camera with modules for 48 MP, 16 MP, 8 MP and 5 MP, an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765g chipset with an Adreno 620 graphics and an X52 5g modem, 4 or 6 GB of RAM lpddr4x, 64 or 128 GB UFS 2.1 flash memory, sub-screen fingerprint scanner, 4800 mAh battery, 18W fast charging, NFC module, USB type-C port and pre-installed Android 10 OS

Adobe will ask all users to delete Flash Player

Adobe will ask all users to remove Flash Player from their computers by the end of the year, until the program reaches end — of-Life (EOL). This will happen on December 31, 2020.

Xiaomi will introduce a mouse with voice input

The code name of this device is XASB01ME. It is noted that it will work on the basis of an optical sensor with a resolution of 4000 DPI. In addition, the developers have used the scroll wheel in 4 directions. In the markets, the device may have the name Mi Smart Mouse. In addition to the voice input option, the mouse provides Bluetooth 5.0 support.

New features in Instagram live broadcasts

When conducting streams, for example, on YouTube, bloggers had the opportunity to use special programs and services to enable them to recoup their expenses and earn thanks to donations from satisfied subscribers. Now this feature is available in Instagram.

When you open the live broadcasts tab, a heart icon with the words “Collecting donations”appears in the middle left. Here you can set up payment details where users can send their donations. However, as is often the case with other monetization tools of the social network, due to the peculiarities of legislation in Russia and the CIS countries, this function does not work yet.

Scientists: Artificial intelligence has dangerous algorithms

Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary discovery, but it can be not only useful for humans, but also dangerous. Machines can replace humans. Thus, they can lead to mass unemployment.

A biodegradable alloy has been developed for bone implants

Russian material scientists have developed a new alloy based on magnesium, gallium and zinc. Scientists said that their material will be needed to make temporary biodegradable implants. In addition, this alloy is useful in the treatment of fractures, osteoporosis and skin injuries.

The number of people needed to colonize Mars has been determined

Scientists have developed a mathematical model to calculate the exact number of people who will be enough to colonize the red planet. The basis of this model was the ratio of time needed to achieve certain indicators to ensure survival on Mars over a long period. This refers to water supply, food production, oxygen production, and so on.

Experts reported that 110 people will be enough for successful colonization. This is the number of people who will be able to develop industry and agriculture, collect, store and distribute the received resources.

Scientists have found a way to speed up the growth of greenhouse plants

In conventional greenhouse lamps, red LEDs are used, which emit in the range of 650 nm. But plants can also absorb infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. In this regard, specialists of Tomsk Polytechnic University and ITMO have developed chrome-plated glass ceramics, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain both infrared and red light.

Scientists synthesized glass by boiling, then slowly crystallized it. Thanks to this, it became more durable and its transparency improved. So they got a material that is called glass ceramics. Then chrome was added to the glass ceramics.

A new continent is emerging in the Indian ocean

The journal Terra Nova published the results of a study conducted by geologists from France and Australia. They studied the composition of rocks found on Islands in the southern Indian ocean. They came to the conclusion that, perhaps, is in the process of formation of “embryonic continent.”

In Israel, archaeologists have discovered a bronze “scepter of God”

During excavations in Lachish, archaeologists at the Hebrew University found many different artifacts, including small sculptures, jewelry, and weapons. But they were especially pleased with the find-a bronze ” scepter of the God”, covered with a small layer of silver on one side.

Experts carefully studied the found object and came to the conclusion that it was created by an unknown master 3,200 years ago. Just this ancient artifact could be a fragment of the obelisk of a deity previously located in the temple.

Super-thin film will become skin for chameleon-like robots

American experts from the University of California told about a unique nanomaterial. According to experts, it will be needed to make robots that mimic chameleons and octopuses.

Experts have created the most durable battery electrolyte

Scientists from America have created twice as hard ceramic material for the solid-state electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries. The results were published in the journal Matter.

Solid electrolyte specialists obtained from a light single-layer carbon, which was added to a ceramic powder and heated at a certain temperature. According to the authors of the work, today it is the most durable solid electrolyte.

American scientists have come up with a way to stretch the human brain

Employees of the Massachusetts Institute of technology have invented a method that can make any biological tissue superelastic. This will help you stretch organic samples as much as possible for labeling during research. The publication Popular Mechanics tells about the know-how.