22 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/21/2019

Foto: planca/twiter

The participants of the meeting of the 23rd June in support of Ivan Golunova has banned the banners of torture and political repression

This “MBH Media” reported in the libertarian party, which is one of the organizers of the action. According to one of the leaders of the Moscow branch of the party Igor Efremov, the first Deputy head of the Department of regional security of Moscow Vasily Oleynik demanded to coordinate banners. Efremov noted that, despite the fact that the organizers are not obliged by law to coordinate banners, libertarians will still adjust the inscriptions on the posters.

In Tbilisi demanding resignation of speaker of Parliament, the heads of police and SGB

The leader of the “national Movement” Grigol Vashadze gave the authorities one hour to ensure that the speaker of Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze, interior Minister George Gakharia and the head of the GBS Vakhtang gomelauri resigned.

Protesters lay them responsible for what the Russian MP Sergey Gavrilov has been allowed in Georgia. The Russian politician was also given the opportunity to open the inter-parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy and take the chair of the speaker of the Parliament of Georgia.

Because of the protests, the Russian delegation left Tbilisi ahead of time. Her departure was accompanied by a mass protest of the indignant citizens of Georgia.

MFC will be entitled to provide all types of public services

Multifunctional centers (MFC) plan to turn into a single channel of communication between citizens and entrepreneurs with all authorities. Thus, in MPC it is possible to register the marriage, file a police report and a lawsuit.

The powers of traffic police inspectors can be expanded

Experts of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation announced proposals to amend the Code of administrative offences (Cao), which may affect the interests of millions of drivers, said Friday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Inspectors may be allowed to limit the validity of a driver’s license without trial. This extension of powers will happen along with the simplification of registration of offenses on the road. According to the authors of the amendments, this will reduce the number of traffic offenses.

The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs also called for a review of the principle of punishment of legal persons for traffic safety offenses by introducing for them not fixed but negotiable fines (similar to the applicable FAS). This should significantly increase the amount of penalty payments.

In St. Petersburg for a bribe of 10 million arrested FSB operative

The garrison military court of St. Petersburg sent under house arrest of the operative of the Kirov regional Department who is suspected of receiving a bribe of 10 million rubles. On June 19, the operative was detained by the FSB’s own security service during the transfer of 10 million rubles, Fontanka writes.

More than 40 thousand Astrakhan residents will not be able to relax abroad

According to the latest data of the office of the FSSP of Russia in the Astrakhan region, more than 40 thousand residents of the region can not leave the country this summer. Bailiffs Office recommends debtors to think in advance about their vacation abroad.

Tolstaya proposed to build in Siberia a copy of St. Petersburg for the Chinese

Writer Tatiana Tolstaya complained about the Chinese, because of which, according to her, could not buy a ticket to St. Petersburg. According to her, all the tickets for “Sapsan”, not counting the first class tickets, “sold out the Chinese.”

Russia starts a new space research program

The project “Spectrum-RG” was born in the Soviet Union at the end of 1987, when the Academy of Sciences of the USSR issued a decision on the scientific program of space telescopes series “Spectrum”. The first launch was planned for 1993, but the implementation of the project prevented the collapse of the country, RIA Novosti recalls.

In Russia, it is possible to stop the practice of court cases without notifying the defendant.

The state Duma introduced a bill that involves the notification of Russians about the time and place of the trial by SMS, email or through the portal of public services.

According to the document, the Russians will be able to agree to receive information about current and future court cases or only in one trial. If the law is adopted, it came into force on January 1, 2020.

Many regions of Russia have now built a criminal court practice in the field of housing and communal services, when against homeowners a court decision is made on the existence of debt, which is absent. There is no mechanism of protection against unfair courts.

The EU may not recognize passports issued by Russia to residents of Donbass

The European Council said that it may not recognize the passports issued by Russia to residents of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass.

“The European Council will continue to monitor the situation in Eastern Ukraine and is ready to consider further options, including non-recognition of Russian passports issued in violation of the Minsk agreements»

Issuance of passports to residents of the LPR and DPR began on may 14. Head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Rostov region Oleg Agarkov then said that the units of the migration service of the region have already received 12 thousand applications for Russian citizenship. He added that 1.2 thousand of them have already been approved.

The population of the planet 2019 (~ 7 678 174 656 people.)

Over the past 25 years, the world has significantly increased the level of welfare of the population, the UN notes. Equally important, the number of people living in extreme poverty has decreased. Maternal mortality had decreased by 40 per cent and life expectancy had increased significantly. For the period from 1994 to 2019, the mortality rate of children under five years decreased by 54%.

Percentage of Internet users by region in 2018

On average, 51 people out of 100 have Internet access worldwide. Internet penetration varies from 81 per cent in developed countries to 45 per cent in developing countries and less than 20 per cent in the least developed countries of the world.

Putin announced an increase in pensions to military pensioners from October 1

According to the head of state, from October 1, military pensioners are expected to increase pensions by 4.3%. In addition, this year will be increased and military pay.

We see the problem and we will solve it, we will focus on it. But where will the state get the money? Also from how the economy works. — Vladimir Putin

The most deserved Permyak

Chairman of the Perm city Duma Yuri Utkin signed a decision to award himself an honorary sign “For services to the city of Perm.” Information on the introduction of such a document for consideration by the Duma was confirmed by the press service of the representative body. K the reward is also a one-time cash reward…

Lenin square in Arkhangelsk recognized sidewalk

The authorities of Arkhangelsk transferred the Central SQUARE of the city to regional ownership and changed its status to “SIDEWALK”. The decision immediately received a scandalous response, because on the “SIDEWALK them. LENIN” under the local law it is impossible to hold meetings, processions and demonstrations.

Contamination of the oil found in the Polish section of the “Friendship»

Traces of oil pollution with chlorogenic recorded at the site of “Friendship” in Poland. It is reported by RBC with reference to “Transneft”.

In Stavropol businessman bought cows from himself

The Director of “the Guard” Ivan Kucherenko “bought” the elite cows of the farm “Chapayev”. But it turned out that both farms belong to the same founder — agro-industrial complex “Revival”. Nevertheless, then, in 2015, by the decision of the regional Ministry of agriculture, the company “Gvardeets” received more than 22 million subsidies for the purchase of cattle! The criminal case on Kucherenko recently collapsed due to lack of corpus delicti

Be glad you were given any

Administration p. Etkul provided orphans as housing attic store and emergency barracks without Foundation, heating and ventilation.

“The Sewerage pours directly into apartments”, — the orphan Evgeny Lunev speaks. Said, rejoice that you are given. Therefore, we are happy,” says Eugene.

After the scandal of housing declared unfit, and the contracts terminated.

Oreshkin urged to stop the growth of the “bubble” in consumer lending

The head of the Ministry of economy Maxim Oreshkin said about the need to stop the growth of the “bubble” in the field of consumer lending. According to the Minister, the state Duma deputies have “a number of proposals” to resolve the situation.

“All banks this year are fully focused on consumer credit. <…> Everyone is trying to grow faster than the market. Therefore, in the last months, in April-may, we see record rates of consumer loans, especially in April, it was a very high value. I think this situation will continue for the coming months,” he said.

Investment in Chinese venture capital firms fell to 90%

According to research company PitchBook, venture capital investment in Chinese companies producing electric vehicles fell by 90%.

In June last year, they amounted to $6 billion, in June this year reached $783 million While venture investments in start-UPS for the production of electric vehicles have increased rapidly since 2014, reaching a peak of $7.7 billion in 2018.

The Russian government extended preferential leasing of special equipment

The government extended the program of preferential leasing of special equipment for 2019 — the corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on June 14. This was requested by Russian machine builders, producing road construction and mining equipment, and leasing organizations

The Ministry of Finance proposed to zero VAT for high-speed Railways

The Ministry of Finance has proposed to zero the rate of value added tax (VAT) for the transportation of passengers and Luggage by high-speed rail since 2025 for 35 years. The draft amendments to the Tax code have been published for public discussion

Tuva proposed to take into account investments in infrastructure when calculating the cost of housing

The authorities of Tuva sent a proposal to the Russian government to take into account investments in engineering infrastructure when approving the cost of housing under construction under state programs. On Friday, TASS reported in the press service of the government of the Republic.

The most subsidized regions of Russia, 2019

Seventy-two regions out of eighty-five receive subsidies. Five of regions-leaders who receive budget transfers, compared with 2018, all also unchanged. In 2019 the subsidy payments will be increased to 49 sites in Russia, but it will be reduced to 23. In General, the number of regions that do not require subsidies remains small.

Russia and South Korea agree on the convergence of economies

The Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin and the Minister of trade of the Republic of Korea Yu Myung-Hee signed a statement on the launch of negotiations on an agreement on investment and free trade in services, said Fishnews in the press service of the Ministry of economy.

Nizhny Novgorod companies showed a decline of 3 times

In the Nizhny Novgorod region in January-April 2019 decreased the number of employees of enterprises that are not small businesses, and there was a significant decline in the net financial result — 3.3 times.

Metallurgists estimated the costs of the growth of tariffs of Russian Railways

Chairman of the expert Council of the Institute for research of railway transport Pavel Ivankin estimated the additional costs of metallurgists in the event of an increase in tariffs of Russian Railways even higher — from 20 billion to 30 billion rubles per year. In addition, the tariff reform will change the geography of transportation, he added.

The Central Bank of Russia in may bought about 6 tons of gold

The Bank of Russia in may 2019 purchased 0.2 million Troy ounces (about 6 tons) of gold, follows from the materials of the Central Bank. As of June 1, the volume of monetary gold reserves in the international reserves reached 70.4 million ounces (2.19 thousand tons), the Central Bank said.

International reserves of the Russian Federation for the week increased by $1.8 billion

International reserves of the Russian Federation on June 14, 2019 amounted to 504.5 billion dollars, which is 1.8 billion dollars higher than a week earlier, the Bank of Russia. Thus, the volume of international reserves for the second week in a row exceeds the target level of $500 billion set by the Central Bank of Russia.

Ukraine received €1 billion from the placement of Eurobonds

“On June 20, 2019, Ukraine received funds from the placement of bonds of an external state loan (Eurobonds) of €1 billion with a yield of 6.75% and with a maturity of June 20, 2026,” the report said.

The state Duma reduces funding for the conservation of lake Baikal in 2019

Funding for the Federal project “Preservation of lake Baikal” in 2019 will be slightly reduced. This follows from the government amendments to the Federal budget 2019, which the state Duma adopted in the first reading, reports ia REGNUM on June 18.

“LUKOIL” intends to develop LNG projects outside Russia

Alekperov said that his company intends to consider the possibility of creating an LNG project in the Congo to liquefy gas from the Marine XII field. He did not disclose how much the project would have to produce and when it would have to start production.

LUKOIL has frozen talks on the project in Iran due to sanctions

LUKOIL froze negotiations on projects in Iran because of us sanctions against this country, LUKOIL’s first Vice President Alexander Matytsyn told reporters.

The head of Chukotka proposed to cancel airport charges for the Arctic and the far Eastern Federal district

The problem of the high cost of air tickets in the far East is proposed to be solved by zeroing the fees for airport service of aircraft. Such an initiative was made by the Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous district Roman Kopin, the press service of the regional government told IA REGNUM.

Russia has calculated the economic losses from drug addiction

The economic losses of Russia from drug addiction today amount to about 4.1 trillion rubles a year, which is about 3.96% of the country’s GDP, experts of the Federal project “Sober Russia”, which made calculations in the preparation of the annual analytical report “anti-Drug rating of regions-2019”.

Us airlines banned from flying in Iranian airspace

The American civil aviation Administration (FAA) has banned the country’s airlines from flying in Iranian airspace over the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman, reports CNBC.

Chinese drone will provide quantum communication from the air

Researchers from China have created a drone designed to provide all-weather quantum communication channel. As part of the experiment, the authors showed the possibility of the distribution of the quantum state between two ground stations with a 35-kilogram drone rising to a height of 100 meters.

The decrypted treatise on technique, which gives a supernatural ability

Translator Eric Shahan was able to decipher the samurai treatise of the XVII century, which reveals the secrets of sword fighting and mastering the technique that gives supernatural abilities. As reported by Live Science, a treatise entitled “the Twelve rules of the sword” was written by the disciples of the samurai ito Itoshi

Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini nominated for the Nobel peace prize

The candidacy of Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini nominated for the Nobel peace prize, reports TASS. In merit Salvini put that closed the Italian border and stopped illegal migration to Europe.

CNN: the city authorities in the United States decided to pay $600 thousand to the ransomware hacker

The authorities of the city of Riviera beach in Florida decided to pay a ransom of about $600 thousand to a hacker who introduced a malicious virus into the computer systems of city services and paralyzed them for three weeks. This was reported on Thursday by CNN.

North Korean leader met XI Jinping and his wife in Pyongyang

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN and his wife Li Sol Zhu personally met at the airport of Pyongyang arrived on a visit of Chinese President XI Jinping and China’s first lady Peng Liyuan, reports China Central television. The North Korean leader and his wife warmly welcomed guests from China.

Putin spoke about the Russian PMCs operating in Syria

As for private companies, including private security companies, under the auspices of which the people you mentioned are operating there, and they are really present there — this is not a Russian state, and they are not participants in hostilities, unfortunately or fortunately. — Vladimir Putin

In Ukraine there is an active human trafficking

Ukraine does not yet meet even the “minimum standards for overcoming the problem of trafficking in human beings”, and the “Russian aggression”is to blame for this, of course. This is stated in the annual report on human trafficking, published by the us state Department.

VEB has filed a claim against Ukraine in Stockholm arbitration

VEB sent to the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm chamber of Commerce against Ukraine, and demanded compensation for the losses incurred by its Ukrainian subsidiary Prominvestbank. This is stated in the message of the state Corporation.

Example of “disrespect” to the fundamentals of European politics

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius in an interview with Euractiv, said that the Russian project of gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2” is an example of “disrespect” to the basics of European politics

“Nord stream — 2” tested the consistency of our (European. — Primas’. ed.) policy. In the European Union, we agreed on common energy principles, on the diversification of energy sources, so that we do not depend on only one source. This is a fairly simple principle that is not revered and not applied. “Nord stream — 2″ is an example of disrespect for the basics of our policy and unity,” he said in response to a journalist’s question about how the gas pipeline affected Lithuania and the Baltic States.

The U.S. house of representatives approved assistance to Kiev almost $ 700 million

“The house of representatives of the us Congress approved the draft laws on the financing of the Pentagon, the State Department, the us Agency for international development and related programs for 2020, which provide almost $700 million to support Ukraine,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement on Facebook

In Regardie formed a team to protect the Crimean bridge

The brigade formed by Regardie, designed to protect the Crimean bridge, includes a special naval detachment, as well as a regiment of national guard troops, operational and special units, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the Department.

In the far East, comprehensive mobilization exercises are carried out

Complex mobilization exercises are held for the first time in the far East. More than 5 thousand military and about 2 thousand civilian specialists participate in them, the press service of the Eastern military district (VVO) told journalists on Friday.

India bought missiles from Russia

India has signed a contract with Russia for the purchase of 300 air-to-air guided missiles R-73 and 400 R-77 medium-range. According to the Indian edition of The Print, the contract amounted to $700 million in Addition, the contract provides for the supply of anti-radar X-31.

The Arab coalition attacked the Houthis near the Yemeni port of Hodeidah

The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia attacked the Houthis in the area of the port city of Hodeidah. The purpose of the bombing was to bomb the boat, prepared for a terrorist attack.

Trump said he wants to end the “endless wars»

“Look, I said I want to get out of endless wars, I campaigned for it <…> “he told reporters at the White house before meeting with canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The President recalled the process of the withdrawal of troops from Syria, as well as the gradual reduction of the us military presence in Afghanistan. The head of the White house called the incident with the downed Iranian military us drone “new fly in the ointment”.

Trump responded negatively to a question from one of the journalists about whether he thinks that some members of the us administration are pushing him to a conflict with Iran.

“No, not at all. In fact, in many cases – on the contrary,” said trump.

The European Union supported the accusation of the Russians in the crash of “Boeing” in the Donbass

The heads of state and government of the European Union has welcomed the statement of the Joint investigation group (SSG) about the involvement of three Russians and Ukrainians to the catastrophe of “Boeing” of Malaysia Airlines in the Donbass in 2014. This was reported in the statement of the EU summit.

In Damascus, restored the plant for the production of TVs

The plant for the production of TVs resumed work in the Syrian capital Damascus, told reporters the Director of the company producing TVs Syronics Luey al-Maydani

Scientists first recorded the singing of an endangered species of Japanese whale

Biologists for the first time in the history of the recorded unique singing right whale, which is a very rare species of the baleen whales, reports The Journal of The Acoustical Society of America

Scientists have found a way to treat rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis, along with other autoimmune diseases that are difficult to treat, can be cured by exposure to the vagus nerve. This was told by American scientists, having published their results in the journal EurekAlert, journalists PlanetToday.

To control the inflammatory reflex in the vagus nerve, scientists have developed a special neurostimulator called MicroRegulator. Testing was carried out on a voluntary basis. People implanted the device, and as a result, scientists realized that the device relieves the symptoms of arthritis in people who do not help classical therapy. …

Created artificial muscles powered by the glucose

The movement of our muscles requires energy that comes from the biochemical processing of glucose and oxygen. Artificial drives can also turn energy into motion, but draws it from other sources, such as electricity.

Physicists have discovered “immortal” quantum particles

Scientists have found that quasiparticles in quantum systems with strong interaction can be immortal. This does not mean that they do not disintegrate, but after disintegration, the particles can recover again. According to physicists, this process can occur indefinitely.

“Until now, it was believed that quasiparticles in interactive quantum systems disintegrate after a certain time. Today, we know what is happening and the reverse process: strong interactions can even completely stop the collapse,” explains Frank Pollmann, Professor of solid state physics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany.

Deciphered mysterious drawings in the Nazca desert

Japanese scientists from Hokkaido University, the Institute of ornithology in Amazine and Yamagata University have identified 16 of the geoglyphs in the Nazca desert age of about 2000 years.

They are birds with distinct features, including the shape and size of heads, beaks, necks, wings and tails. Moreover, they ranked the figures among the birds currently living in various parts of Peru. The geoglyph, which was previously recognized as an image of a Hummingbird, is actually a hermit thrush, and other figures depict, for example, pelicans. Japanese researchers suggest that birds that have remained unidentified in the figures could live in Peru in the past. Today, scientists know about 30 drawings of animals and various objects on the Nazca plateau in Peru, as well as several hundred other figures and lines

Zelenograd company has created a cap for the treatment of depression

The company from Zelenograd, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, in the framework of the project of the National technological initiative has integrated into the cap of the neural headset. Cap-gadget due to the neurocomputer interface receives a signal about the unstable emotional background of a person and depending on the state of the carrier includes one of two modes.

For example, if a person’s concentration or attention is impaired, the cap will turn on the noise in the headphones. After the carrier is distracted from this noise, it will concentrate on important things. Under stress or depression triggered a relaxation mode.

Neurosugery already actively applied in the countries of the European Union. The innovation of our scientists is that the device is integrated into a garment, it is very easy to use and does not catch the eye.

The new device in real time cleanses the blood from tumor cells

Specialists of the University of medical Sciences of Arkansas have created a new device that can not only detect the presence of cancer cells, but also destroy them in real time.

With blood circulation, the device will carry out filtration by delaying and destroying cancer cells, and this will prevent the formation of metastases. Experts believe that their device is the best among the previously developed. In addition, it is a thousand times more effective. While we are talking about the fight against melanoma, and the device will destroy the cells, even if the tumor on the skin is not yet visible.

Roskosmos postponed the launch of the rocket “proton-M” for failures

The launch of the proton-M rocket with the SPECT-RG spacecraft, which was to take place from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, was postponed for a day. As explained in the “Roscosmos” on Friday, June 21, this is due to the identified comments.

Ariane 5 rocket launched from the cosmodrome Kuru

In French Guiana from the Kuru cosmodrome launched a launch vehicle Ariane 5 with two satellites T-16 and Eutelsat 7C. This is stated in the message published on the website of the company Arianespace. In March, it was reported that the launch vehicle Vega with the Italian satellite PRISMA STARTED from the Kuru cosmodrome

Developed a camera to detect leaks on the ISS

Specialists of the Institute of astronomy RAS (INASAN) developed an ultraviolet camera that will allow to check leaks at the International space station (ISS), reports TASS with reference to the Deputy Director of INASAN for scientific work.

Hackers stole NASA databases using a self-assembled computer

With the collected Raspberry Pi hackers were able to connect to the JPL network. The computer, of course, was not authorized in it. The attackers stole 500 MB of information from the database of one of the main missions and found a loophole for deeper penetration into the laboratory network.

Sent to Mars robots will print the first houses

Architectural Studio AI Space Factory won the competition Martian 3D houses. NASA was responsible for the organization, and the company received $500 thousand for its Marsha project. MARSHA created from basalt composite met all the requirements. Sent to Mars robots will print the first residential domed houses with Windows and a bow for light on the roof of the basalt deposits of the red planet

Scientists launched into space flies began to proliferate

Caught again in space flies in microgravity were reproduced far more productive than remaining in the laboratory insects.

Apple will call off MacBook Pro due to the threat of battery fire

Apple has warned that the batteries in the gadgets are potentially flammable. According to the company, “Apple has found that in a limited number of 15-inch MacBook Pro older generation battery can overheat and pose a threat to fire safety.”

Google refused to produce their own tablets

In the spring of 2019, rumors appeared on the Internet, according to which Google will no longer produce tablet computers. Rick Osterloh, Vice President of Google, said that the rumors were true — Google will not do Hardware work on new tabletami.

“Yes, it’s actually true. Our engineers will not develop new tablets. Now the Hardware team at Google is focused on the development of new laptops,” said Osterley.

Named a new way of stealing personal data

Experts called a new type of Scam on the Internet, through which hackers can take possession of personal data of citizens. This study has been the company DeviceLock. Scammers fix on the camera information from the computer monitor, and then place it in DarkNet.

Huawei is developing its own Huawei App store

Huawei continues to develop its own app store Huawei AppGallery, which became available to Russian users at the end of 2018 As part of the ecosystem of mobile services of the company, Huawei AppGallery app store became available outside China in 2018. Today, more than 500 million people in 170 countries use Huawei mobile services.

Smartphone Xiaomi CC9 get the battery on 3900 mAh

According to xiaomi’s Executive Director Lei Zong, the official presentation of the new smartphones will take place on June 21. Most likely, the event will show Xiaomi CC9 and its advanced version of Xiaomi CC9e.

Rutube will trigger free online movies

Video hosting Rutube creates an online cinema with a new business model – access to content will be provided free of charge and without advertising. For this, the user will only need to pass sociological surveys. The new cinema was named List.

The Network appeared the final trailer for the third season of “Very strange things»

It is worth noting that just a few hours after the publication of the video scored more than 450 thousand views. Streaming service Netflix has released the final trailer for the third season of the series “Very strange things.” The three-minute video was published on the official YouTube channel of the film company.

The big festival of Italy will be held on July 13 and 14 in Moscow

The big festival of Italy will be held on July 13 and 14 in Moscow, according to “Days.ru.» The official opening will take place on the main stage of the Hermitage garden.

For the Indian market came the flagship-shifter ASUS 6Z

The flagship ASUS 6Z is similar to ASUS Zenfone 6. The hardware basis is Snapdragon 855, the operating system is Android 9.0 (Pie) with a guaranteed upgrade to Android Q and R in the future

Google search results can now be shared

The search engine Google is still such an option was not. Users of the latest beta version of the Google app can now see the Share button on the search results page. When you click on it, a menu with a link to this page appears.

In Microsoft Edge, you can remove PWA from control Panel

Progressive web applications (PWA) have been around for about four years. Microsoft is actively using them in Windows 10 along with the usual. PWA work like normal apps, support Cortana integration, live tiles, notifications and more. Now, as reported, there may be new types of applications of this type, which will work in conjunction with chrome browsers and the new Edge. In addition, they can be removed, as well as conventional programs — through the control Panel. This is not possible at the moment.

The Chrome extension has changed the search results

The Chrome Web Store directory has removed the YouTube Queue extension, which has been installed more than 7000 times. The fact is that a few weeks ago, users began to notice that the behavior of the extension has changed. Innocuous YouTube Queue began to redirect user search queries through Croowilla.Search and custom search engine Information Vine. As a result, users have seen all the same Google search results, only fairly “diluted” advertising and affiliate links.

Facebook will release the money to the owners of mobile phones

As potential users Zuckerberg calls those people around the world who do not have a Bank account, but have a mobile phone. The new cryptocurrency will be available not only for Facebook, but also for WhatsApp and Messenger. Libra itself will be built on blockchain technology.

Announced the first headliners of the festival “Old New rock»

For guests of the festival will sing an alternative Russian musician Noize MC, who in his tracks combines rock music and recitative.

Also on stage will be hip-hop artists “kachevniki” – a new project of Andrey Zaporozhets, known to most listeners as SUNSAY and vocalist of the band 5’Nizza.

The third headliner was the group “BIRTMAN” – a musical hoax, which appeared in 2015 and acting on behalf of the fictional Soviet author-performer.

Recall, “Old New rock 2019” will be held July 26-27 at the recreation center “Wave” near the city of Zarechny.

The sequel to “Halloween” put into production

In 2018, the cinemas released a new “Halloween”, which grossed 255 million dollars with a budget of only 10 million It is obvious that the Studio for the production of horror Blumhouse launched a sequel.

“Toy story” returns

The Director of the new part of the legendary children’s history was John Lasseter. As for the voices of favorite protagonists, according to the company’s statements, the roles will be announced by everyone’s favorite Tim Allen and Tom Hanks.

Released the first trailer for the cartoon “Trolls 2»

Posted on YouTube the first trailer for the animated feature “Trolls 2”. The premiere of the cartoon in Russian cinemas is scheduled for March 19, 2020. In the sequel to “Trolls” the main characters will meet with trolls from other villages, which will reveal their musical preferences.

JJ Abrams is working on a comic about spider-Man

Directed by JJ Abrams, familiar to viewers from the films “Star wars: the Awakening of power” and “star Trek”, teamed up with Marvel to work on a new comic about spider-Man. The author will be assisted by his son Henry.

In the pokemon universe came out dark and bloody short film

As part of the Bootleg Universe project, ADI Shankar, producer of Castlevania from Netflix, released a new short film The End of Pokemon. Its creators have presented their version of the Pokemon universe: dark, cruel and bloody. In it pokemon and people – not friends.

Paramount Pictures will remove the seventh “Paranormal phenomenon»

Paramount Pictures Studio begins work on the seventh film in the series “Paranormal phenomenon”. According to the publication Deadline, this announcement was made at the festival CineEurope head of Jim Gianopoulos.

V Jewish film festival to be held in Moscow

The V Moscow Jewish film festival will be held on June 23 — 30. Screenings will take place in the cinema network “Moschino” (“Star” and “Space”), the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre in Moscow, the publisher “Scribes”, the documentary film Centre, Moscow Jewish community center and the cinema of Gum.

The Hatters released the video “Dancing»

The Russian band The Hatters has published a YouTube video for the song “Dancing”. The song will be included in the Forte & Piano album. Directors of the clip were made by Alina PASOK and the leader of the group Yuri Muzychenko.

YouTube and Universal will update the quality of nearly a thousand music videos

YouTube video hosting and universal Music recording holding decided to update the quality of more than a thousand well-known music videos — at the moment, about a hundred videos have been restored

Lay’s Records gives a chance to little-known musicians

Lay’s Records gives a chance to little-known musicians to perform at a major music festival or become the author of the soundtrack to lay’s advertising. The winners will perform at the Open Air in Moscow and will introduce their hits to hundreds of people. Or write down your bit for lay’s ads. Next, the jury of the musicians will choose those who are ready for real exploits: to go to the “Invasion” or VK Fest and shake the crowd with a personal track set in a special zone of lay’s.

GM-AVTOVAZ will expand the range of Chevrolet Niva

It is reported that in the near future the joint venture GM-AVTOVAZ is planned to implement large-scale automotive projects. All projects will be provided with a number of advantages, according to the concluded agreements (SPIC), including guarantees of invariance of regular and tax burden. According to experts of the Ministry of industry and trade, the implementation of such projects will contribute to attracting more than 100 billion rubles of private investment in the country’s economy.

UAZ is going to make a family SUV

The family car will be based on the 1288 model. The development of the design, which is a module made of fiberglass, installed on the platform “Profi”, is engaged in the company “AVTODOM”. It is assumed that the new car will replace the long-outdated “tablets” and “loaves”. The developers rapidly moving forward: auto ambulance the upgraded already shipped to customers.

Last year, “AVTODOM” completed the certification process first “emergency”, and then the bus to transport students. Now it’s the turn for the cargo-and-passenger version: in all of the above models, the same add-on is used – all the difference in equipment and the number of Windows.

Sales of SsangYong crossovers in Russia finally stopped

SsangYong crossovers finally left the Russian market. The last cars of the once popular Korean brand were sold in the spring, but there is no official announcement of the company’s departure from Russia yet.

New Renault Kangoo has unveiled the official photo

The official presentation of the new generation of the Renault Kangoo will be held this fall, probably at the Frankfurt motor show, informs a portal “Tweave” While the exterior of the new Renault Kangoo has unveiled the official photos.

Updated Honda HR-V tested in India

Serial production of new items will be established in India. The world premiere of Honda HR-V 2020 should take place in the near future

Toyota will borrow rear-wheel drive platform from Mazda

There is information according to which Toyota plans to use the rear-wheel drive platform Mazda and inline power plant with six cylinders in the process of creating a successor to its premium sedan Mark X. Lexus intends to implement these details in a new coupe, which is located in the lineup between RC and LC.

In Togliatti began to create wagon Largus Karelia

On the territory of the Samara region in Togliatti Technopark “Zhiguli valley” began the development of a multifunctional car, called “Largus Karelia”.

The new Nissan Juke will get a sporty design

The official debut of the model will take place at the end of the year, and at the beginning of the next new product will appear on the car market. Judging by the photos taken avtopatruli, the new crossover will look more modern and sporty. The crossover will get fully led optics.

The Peugeot 2008 and Opel Corsa in China there was a “relative»

The CMP platform for the new sedan was developed in conjunction with the French concern PSA (the Chinese own its shares). Exactly the same “cart” designed “Peugeot” 2008 and “Opel Corsa”.