23 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/22/2020

The amount of private wealth of Russians, that is, the size of financial assets, is 1.6 trillion dollars. At the same time, more than a quarter of all savings were made abroad. This is evidenced by a study of the consulting company Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which is at the disposal of . Experts took into account cash, deposits, shares, bonds, investment Fund units, pensions and insurance held by individuals.

Primorye: arrested Deputy Nalivkin

The Ussuri district court arrested for five days the actor who plays the Deputy Vitaly Nalivkin in the famous video project Barakuda, the author of the project Andrey Klochkov told RIA Novosti.

I don’t understand why a fictional character who struggles with what is bothering us in real life has fallen into such disfavor with the police… There is corruption in law enforcement agencies, and it is much more effective to recognize and fight it than to shut up those who talk about it or joke about it. – Dmitry Novikov, Russian politician

Altai Minister hinted at the us footprint in a petition for his resignation

Minister of health of the Altai territory Dmitry Popov saw the machinations of the United States in the petition for his resignation. The votes in it could have been “screwed up”, and he does not believe that such a number of residents of the region demand his departure

A rally against amendments to the Constitution was held on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow

On June 22, at 17: 00, on Sakharov Avenue and at the building of the FSB on Lubyanka street in Moscow, after unsuccessful attempts to coordinate their meeting, the NPSR and the Communists declared their exit to Sakharov square. Their demands: to prevent the fascization of the country. Eyewitnesses report that rows of paddy wagons were set up next to the crowd of people, and the police are asking participants to disperse through loudspeakers. Several people were detained and put on police buses. According to some reports, riot police arrived on Sakharov.

Golikova on easing the restrictions imposed

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova refuted the suggestion that the decision to ease the restrictions was made to hold a Victory parade and vote on amendments to the Constitution.

“The epidemic always develops like this. When we felt that the epidemic in Moscow is receding and will recede, then the decision was made to hold a Victory parade and elections, sorry, not elections, but voting for the Constitution, ” Golikova said on the air of the Pozner program on channel One, answering the question whether it is possible that the decision to introduce easing of the regime was taken for the Victory parade and voting.

85% of Russians know about the Victory day Parade

85% of Russians know about the Victory day Parade, which will be held on June 24, according to the ROMIR survey. One in five Russians (19%) plans to take part in celebrations in honor of the 75th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic War

Doctors of the Russian Federation: 58% of Russian doctors will vote against amendments to the Constitution

Only 18% of doctors polled by the administration of the largest professional community of Russian physicians, Doctors of the Russian Federation, intend to vote for the amendments to the Constitution. The community administration shared the results of the survey with Open media. 58% of respondents intend to vote against the amendments, and another quarter of doctors will simply ignore the plebiscite scheduled for next week

There was a fire at the Mirny Antarctic station.

“Despite the measures taken to fight the fire, the Radio House burned down completely. Among the losses: a meteorological office, an aerology room, a laboratory of the FIAN program for stratospheric sounding of cosmic rays, a server room, a hydrometeorological laboratory, and a radio room. Due to a hurricane-force wind of 20-25 m / s, the fire spread to the cabin, but it was managed to defend it. Personnel were evacuated through the end fire exit. At the moment, communication with the station is established.”

Work is underway to eliminate the consequences of the fire. 11 tselovek, who lived in the building, provided clothing and settled in other buildings. There are a total of 23 employees at Mirny station. There is no threat to their life or health.

Restaurants and cafes will open in Moscow starting from June 23

As reported on the website of the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin in Moscow, social distance, mask and glove mode and a ban on mass events are maintained. The leisure and entertainment industry is on hiatus

  • Cafes are opening
  • Fitness centers, swimming pools, sports and children’s playgrounds are reopening
  • The season of walking on river trams along the Moscow river begins
  • Restrictions on the operation of kindergartens and libraries are lifted
  • You will be able to sit on benches in courtyards, squares and parks again
  • Travel agencies resume their work
  • In Moscow, the social distance, mask and glove mode are maintained
  • Cinemas are still closed and mass events are banned

Ukraine will be forced to appeal to international courts against Iran

Ukraine will be forced to appeal to international courts if Iran does not fulfill its promises and obligations assumed due to the Downing of a Ukrainian Boeing 737 by mistake over Tehran, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said.

“I hope that in the end we will be able to rely on the result-oriented policy of the Iranian government. Because it’s not just about not returning the black boxes to us. And also about other promises”

According to him, the Iranian side should make an official apology and pay adequate compensation.

“They must do what they promised. Otherwise, we will have no other choice, and they know our position, except to appeal to international courts, ” Zelensky added.

Moscow has launched an online map of parks and streets with free Wi-Fi

It is added that Muscovites can find a map with addresses on mos.ru in the “Maps” section, in the “City Wi-Fi” tab. Currently, you can connect to free wireless Internet in 43 parks in Moscow. More than three thousand connection points are available in the streets, alleys and squares of the capital.

Scientists create a healthy beer drink

The main component of the developed drink will be tropical yeast, discovered in the 1st half of the last century by French microbiologist Henri Boulard. He patented this very yeast as a means of demonstrating the effect of diarrhea.

The physicist suggested replacing the Collider with climate and epidemic monitoring

Building a supercollider is not the best way to find answers to questions about the nature of dark matter or dark energy, it is better to invest in climate monitoring or modeling epidemics, said Sabine Hossen-Felder, a researcher at the Frankfurt Institute for advanced research, on June 19 in the publication Scientific American.

China has begun testing a levitating train

These tests are conducted by CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co in Shanghai. The prototype of such a vehicle has only 1 car. It is noted that the levitating train can reach a speed of 600 km/h. The vehicle moves without making any noise. In addition, the minimum u-turn radius of the train is 2 times less than that of metro trains.

Released a prototype of such a train last month in the Chinese city of Qingdao. Representatives of the company that tests the train, said the stable operation of the vehicle.

Russia’s IT industry will receive an indefinite tax incentive

For Russian IT companies, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin plans to reduce insurance premiums from 14 to 7.6%, and income tax from 20 to 3%. In addition, it proposes to cancel VAT on advertising developments and software on foreign digital platforms and give software developers the opportunity to receive special subsidies.

The maneuver assumes that all changes will be indefinite, and all Russian IT companies that have at least 90% of their revenue from selling software and services for its development, implementation and support will be able to apply for them, two Federal officials say. How much the final version of the maneuver will cost the budget, officials do not say, but one of them specifies that compensation for the budget has already been found.

Space Perspective company announced flights to space in a balloon

In test flights, a full-scale model of the capsule is used, rather than a full-mass model. The air-tight capsule can accommodate a pilot and 8 passengers. It will slowly ascend by balloon to a height of 30 km, after which it will stay at this height for 2 hours.

Fuel leak occurred at a power plant in Yakutia

A fuel leak from the tank occurred at a diesel power plant in the village of Argakhtakh in Yakutia. This was reported on Sunday, June 21, by the regional office of the Ministry of emergency situations. It is noted that about 5 tons of fuel leaked into the soil, the organization of works on soil reclamation is underway

Gazprom is preparing to create a major monopoly

Top managers of three major Gazprom contractors — Stroygazmonatazh (SGM), Stroytransneftegaz (STNG) and Gazprom automation (GA) — have taken senior positions in Gazstroyprom. This is a” daughter “of Gazprom, which should become a new single supplier of the gas monopoly due to the consolidation of contractors. This was reported to RBC by eight sources close to these companies

Air transport subsidies in Russia will increase by a third

The Russian government is preparing to increase the annual subsidy for regional air transport by 36% in 2020, to 3 billion rubles. The budget for 2020 initially included 8.3 billion rubles. State support will be provided to airlines with Russian aircraft.

Europe is closing to foreign investment

The European Commission has unveiled a preliminary plan to protect continental producers from “unfair competition” with foreign rivals. The program implies, in particular, that non-European companies that receive support from the state (the form of such support may vary) may be deprived of the right to acquire assets in Europe or enter into contracts with their European counterparts. First of all, the European leadership intends to limit the influence of China, but corporations from other countries, such as the United States and Russia, may also be subject to restrictions

Durov promised “digital resistance” to Telegram in China and Iran

After the telegram block is lifted in Russia, proxy server administrators will help you circumvent restrictions in Iran and China, where the use of the messenger is prohibited. This was announced by its Creator Pavel Durov in his English language channel

Revenue of Russian mobile operators is disclosed

From March to may, Russian mobile operators have already lost about 30 billion rubles due to the pandemic, of which about 40% was due to falling revenue from retail closures, and about 30%-from roaming, the Content Review Agency estimated. According to his forecast, due to the pandemic by the end of 2020, the decline in company revenue may reach 9-11%, or about 140 billion rubles for the “big four”. The operators themselves, meanwhile, expect a softer scenario and even a long-term benefit due to the market transformation.

Utair refused to pay for loans

Utair has suspended payments on 12-year loans received earlier. This is not known.RU reported in the press service of the carrier. The COVID-19 pandemic was cited as the reason for the cancellation of obligations.

The cost of cars in Russia continues to grow

During the pandemic, Russians continue to buy personal cars, so the price increase will not stop. As reported by Kommersant, from the beginning of this year to mid-June, price tags for new cars in Russia increased by 3-7 percentage points

Russia is waiting for a new pension reform

In 2024-2025, the government in the Russian Federation will have to reform the system of pension savings, since in another 10 years it will be impossible to provide payments to all pensioners. This is the forecast in a conversation with URA.EN Dmitry Alexandrov, an expert on non-state pension funds (NPFs), gave a presentation.

On the border with Russia, China has begun construction of a high-speed railway

In the Chinese city of Heihe bordering with Russia, a high-speed railway will be built, the portal reports on June 21 biang.ru. Residents of the Amur region and tourists entering China via Blagoveshchensk will be able to test a new type of transport in the fall of this year.

Direct railway communication was restored in the Murmansk region

Railway communication with Murmansk via the Kola river has been restored, it was reported Yesterday.RU in the press service of the Oktyabrskaya railway. Freight trains were launched first, and passenger trains will be launched a little later.

We will remind, on may 30, the embankment of the bridge support on the Kola station – Output station section was washed away. Restoration work was underway on the bridge, but it collapsed on June 1

In Kuzbass, the coal project was frozen due to protests by residents

Residents of the village of Taizhin in Kuzbass blocked a public road a week ago, which is used by heavy trucks with coal. Because of this, the coal mining company JSC “supk” suspended its activities.

Cruise companies have suspended operations in the US until September 15

The international Association of cruise lines extended the suspension of passenger traffic from US ports until September 15. This decision was made against the background of the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the country, the Association said in a statement

In Bali, the deadline for opening borders for Russians was called

Bali authorities plan to reopen the borders to foreign tourists in September, the Jakarta Globe reports. The Minister of tourism and creative economy of Indonesia Visnujana of Husbandi said that the return of confidence to the tourists will be key for the island. This will help restore the economy to pre-pandemic levels.

In new York, they decided to dismantle the monument to Theodore Roosevelt

In new York, they decided to dismantle the monument to former US President Theodore Roosevelt at the entrance to the American Museum of natural history, writes the New York Times. The bronze monument to Roosevelt, who was in power from 1901 to 1909, was erected in 1940

Turkey buys kamikaze drones to fight against Russian “Shells”

356 units of the Kargu model will help destroy air defense systems. Turkey, through the Ministry of defense, has placed an order with Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade for 356 units of equipment. Kamikaze drones will be used to fight against “Shells” – near-zone air defense systems.

China suspends poultry imports from the US

China has suspended imports of poultry products from a plant owned by Arkansas-based meat processing company Tyson Inc, which is one of the suppliers of products to the Beijing market, where a new outbreak of coronavirus infection was recorded.

Chinese military shot down an Indian air force helicopter

According to network sources, the crew had to land the helicopter urgently. According to preliminary information, none of the Indian soldiers were injured. Representatives of the Indian air force do not confirm that the emergency landing of the aircraft occurred due to Chinese military fire
North Korea has started installing loudspeakers on the border with South Korea

North Korea has begun restoring propaganda loudspeakers on the border with South Korea, Yonhap News Agency reported, citing a military source. The Agency notes that if the installation is confirmed, South Korea will also install loudspeakers on its territory.

Constitutional reforms in Armenia

The Armenian authorities want to change the country’s Constitution in three hours, without asking anyone. Edmon Marukyan, the head of the “Enlightened Armenia” faction, said this at a briefing in the Armenian Parliament on Monday. According to Marukyan, in any country, constitutional reforms are prepared for several months, discussions are held, and all points of view are listened to.

“And in Armenia, you come to the Parliament at half past nine and find out that in three hours they will start changing the Constitution,” Marukyan added.

Moscow does not trust London’s position on the events in Salisbury

Russia does not trust claims of Russian involvement in the events in Salisbury, Director of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin said in an interview with the BBC, which was recorded at the SVR headquarters.

We have no confidence in the words of official London about the events in Salisbury. When we hear statements that the Russians are very likely behind what happened, they do not convince us, ” said Mr. Naryshkin (quoted by TASS).

Israel managed to capture a rocket from the Pantsir-S RPC.

Fragments of anti-aircraft guided missiles zrpc “Pantsir-S”, which fell into the hands of the Israeli military after a failed attempt to shoot down a cruise missile fired at the Arab Republic, showed the Israeli media. It is worth noting that after that, Russian SAMS, which are in service with Syria, often failed to resist the attacks of Israel. It is possible that the Israeli military may well have developed means to counter such complexes.

Saudi Arabia attacked positions of the Yemeni rebels, the Houthis

Houthi positions in Yemen’s al-Bayda province were attacked by forces of the Saudi-led coalition of Arab countries on June 21, the Pro-Houthi Saba news Agency reported.

A security source said that Arab coalition fighters carried out 21 strikes on Sunday in the province of al-Bayda, most of which is controlled by the rebels. The strike hit the Radman district, the source added. At the same time, information about losses and destruction is not specified.

American Airlines was accused of racial discrimination

The reason for the claim was an incident that occurred on may 31. Then a black Elgin banks and several other passengers were removed from the flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix, reports TASS with reference to NBC.

According to banks ‘ lawyer, his client asked the flight attendant for permission to change seats in advance. She did not object, noting that they should wait for the landing to be completed. After the relevant announcement, banks again asked about the possibility of changing seats.

It is alleged that the flight attendant allegedly rudely told him to sit down, and then demanded not to raise the tone. As a result, banks and four other passengers who were on his side were removed from the flight. At the same time, several white passengers, according to the lawyer, were able to transfer without any problems. At the same time, American Airlines claims that banks demanded to transfer him to the business class cabin.

Released the trailer for the film version of the musical “Hamilton”

A trailer for the film adaptation of the musical “Hamilton”has been published on YouTube. The theatrical version of the play will be released on July 3. The musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founders of the United States of America.



Documentary film festival “Flahertiana” is rescheduled for December

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Flahertiana documentary film festival has been postponed to December. According to the organizing Committee, it will be held from December 11 to 17. Flahertiana usually took place at the end of September.

An emulator has been created that converts old two-dimensional games into three-dimensional ones

Developers of Geod Studio created an emulator that converts old two-dimensional games into three-dimensional ones. Right now, you can buy it in the popular digital distribution service Steam, and at a discount.

28 new viruses found in the ice layer of Tibet

Experts from the United States, Russia, China and Italy studied core samples collected 5 years ago. For some time, scientists removed the contaminated layer from the obtained samples. The total number of viruses contained in the core reached 33. Of this number, 28 viruses have not been previously encountered.

Experts say that against the background of global warming, some ancient viruses may end up in the environment. So far, they are frozen, but the situation may change dramatically due to the melting of glaciers

Quantum electron teleportation is possible

Last year, scientists confirmed that information can be teleported between photons. Physicists John Nicol and Andrew Jordan from the University of Rochester in the United States have confirmed that quantum teleportation of spin States of electrons is possible, the site of scientific and technical news reported Рһуѕ.огд.

The human brain can create neural structures in 11 dimensions

Henry Markram, Director of the Blue Brain science project, said that his team is working on creating a “detailed” simulation of the human brain. In this way, researchers are trying to understand the complex structure of the Central nervous system, which has more than 86 billion nerve cells. Using supercomputers and algebraic topology, scientists have discovered the complex organization of processes in the “chaotic” patterns of neurons. It turned out that the brain constantly creates geometric shapes and spaces that resemble “sand castles”.

Study author Catherine Hess reported that the virtual model of the organ made more than 11 measurements while trying to process information. According to experts, the emergence of neural connections during stimulation is a key element of brain training. Such a discovery will help in future experiments concerning human intelligence and memory formation.

Galaxies with two black holes discovered

An international team of astrophysicists studied gamma-ray radiation from 11 active galaxies. These objects have previously been found to have an unusual periodicity of luminosity in the gamma spectrum, and now the authors suggest that this is due to the presence of two black holes in their centers. An article about the discovery is published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Director Alexey Uchitel announced the completion of the film about Viktor Tsoi

“We are finishing a new picture, yesterday was just the last shift. We have added original music to the feature film “Tsoi”, which tells more about what happened after the death of Viktor Tsoi, ” the Director said. The film was shot in Latvia, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Pskov regions. The film will show the fictional events of July and August 1990. The main character – the driver of “Ikarus”, who participated in a fatal accident for Tsoi.

Divert the attention of officials from the topic of power transfer

An amendment to the Constitution allowing the current President to run again is necessary to stabilize the political system. According to the co-chair of the working group on amendments, head of the constitutional legislation Committee of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas, it is intended to distract officials from the topic of power transfer.

Vladimir Putin is happy with the country’s system of government

Russian President Vladimir Putin is happy with the country’s system of government, which has proven its effectiveness, and his phrase about “scouring the eyes for successors” refers to the features of Russian officialdom, said Dmitry Peskov, the President’s press Secretary.

“A-the President is happy with the system. The b-system has proven its stability and stress resistance. The President explained the potential threats to the situation quite exhaustively.this is really a characteristic of our official and other world, our national one. This absolutely does not mean that the system does not work in conditions of changing power,” Peskov told reporters.

Fine based on data from photo and video surveillance cameras

Moscow courts have begun to recognize legal penalties for violating self-isolation, issued under paragraph 2 of article 3.18.1 of the capital’s code of administrative offences (Cao), i.e. in automatic mode – based on data from photo and video surveillance cameras-Vedomosti

Honor all the dead and injured

Society should stop arguing about the Second world war and honor all the victims and victims, said Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in an address to the people on the occasion of the day of remembrance and mourning.

“Unfortunately, that war still generates a lot of disputes in society. Disputes about whether she was ” his ” or “someone else’s”. I don’t think we have anything to argue about. That war affected every Ukrainian family in one way or another. She gave us the bitter experience of loss and the experience of a feat that inspires, ” Zelensky wrote in his telegram channel.

Dubai will start accepting tourists from July 7.

To enter the city, you will need to submit a negative test result for coronavirus or pass an analysis at the airport.

Money was added to the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow

About a billion rubles were allocated from the Treasury by the mayor’s office for the contractor of the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. At the same time, the total cost of repairs may amount to about 3.4 billion rubles, and the company that is associated with the Rotenberg brothers will receive the money.

The contract for 927 million rubles for the company” EX ” is published on the public procurement website. The contract was concluded on June 17, and the contractor ” EX ” was the only firm that submitted an application to participate in the auction.

According to MBH media, in June 2018, EX already received an order for the reconstruction of the Moscow temple, but then the purchase amount was 1.47 billion rubles. This contract is due to end in August 2020.

The total cost of capital repairs of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, according to the idea of the Moscow city hall, was 3.38 billion rubles. Currently, the total amount of two contracts with ” EX ” is only 2 billion 397 million rubles.

In Yalta, people tried to fight off street musicians from the police.

The band Kooraga staged a performance on the waterfront on Saturday night. As the local resident Oksana Danilova told the newspaper “Rise”, at first the police just stood by and did not interfere in what was happening.

The musicians stood and sang, and the police stood aside. Then they said they were going to take a short break, and the police came up to them. At first, we just talked, and then we took the main thing – who is the singer there. Well, naturally, everyone began to be indignant, shouting: “Don’t take it!» People blocked the passage of the police, but the car managed to pass. They performed for perhaps an hour. They picked him up around ten-thirty.”

The defendants in the SETI case were given 5 and 7 years in prison.

Viktor Filinkov was sentenced to 7 years ‘ imprisonment in a General regime prison, and Yulia Boyarshinov was given 5 years and 6 months in a penal colony. They were found guilty of participating in a terrorist community and illegally acquiring and storing explosives.

Young people in Russia know little or nothing about Stalin’s repressions

41% of Russian youth know little or nothing about Stalin’s repressions, and one in ten do not know about the events of World war II. In General, 20% are not aware of the repressions of the 30-50s. since the collapse of the USSR, their number has almost doubled, according to a survey by the Levada center, which was reviewed by Open media. The number of those who are ill-informed about actions at the front and hardships in the rear is also growing.

Lev Gudkov, Director of the Levada center, told “Open media” that the authorities are actively mythologizing the past, hiding the dark side of the Soviet regime and reducing all knowledge of the war to the triumph of victory. And the experience of the outgoing generation “is being replaced, destroyed quite cynically and deliberately.”

How Oleg Deripaska protects Baikal

Open media found the hunting farm of billionaire Oleg Deripaska on lake Baikal. This organization, which occupies 11,000 hectares of land around one of the most beautiful bays on the Western shore of the lake, is called the wildlife conservation Foundation. This does not prevent it from entering the list of hunting users and obtaining permits for elk, red deer and other animals

Instead of Davos, I went to lake Baikal. Fishing, ” billionaire Oleg Deripaska wrote on his Instagram page