24 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/23/2020

The first one-year REPO auction revealed extremely low demand from banks for long-term funds from the Central Bank. Market participants borrowed 5.1 billion rubles from the regulator, choosing only 1.3% of the available limit of 400 billion rubles.. The Central Bank offered banks funds secured by securities for 365 days at a rate of 4.75% per annum, 0.25 p. p. higher than the key rate.

The second auction of a month-long REPO was declared invalid due to a lack of bids. The previous similar auction also did not arouse interest among players.

The current level of demand is explained by sufficient liquidity in the banking sector, according to the Central Bank’s comment.

“Nevertheless, the Bank of Russia will continue to conduct long-term REPO auctions, since it does not exclude the possibility of increasing uneven distribution of liquidity in the banking sector while maintaining the overall structural surplus,” the Central Bank said.

China prepares to disconnect from the global dollar system

This was stated by the Vice-Chairman of the securities control Committee of the people’s Republic of China, Fan Xinghai. We are talking about Chinese dollar settlements using the swift Interbank system for transmitting information and making payments and the CHIPS interbank electronic clearing settlement System.

“We must prepare [for the shutdown] in advance, for real, and not just psychologically,” Fan Xinghai said, adding that reliance on dollar settlement systems makes China vulnerable to potential sanctions from Washington.

Donald Trump denied information about the termination of the trade deal with China.

“The Chinese trade deal is fully preserved. I hope they will continue to live in accordance with the terms of the agreement!” – he wrote in his Twitter.

Earlier, the White house trade adviser on Fox News reported that President trump decided to terminate the trade deal with China, as intelligence officials are increasingly confident that the coronavirus pandemic originated in the Wuhan laboratory

New shipment of nuclear waste from Germany to Russia

A new train with radioactive waste was sent from the uranium plant in Gronau, Germany. As reported by MBH media in the organization “ecozashita”, it consists of about 12 cars, which carry 600 tons of cargo. It goes to the Sverdlovsk region, to the city of Novouralsk and should arrive in St. Petersburg by sea in early July.

Greenpeace emphasizes that Russia has already accumulated about 1 million tons of uranium tailings, which are not only radioactive, but also toxic.

“There are no plans to use this amount, and the practice of contracts until 2009 shows that secondary waste after re-enrichment of uranium tailings from abroad remained in Russia”

Siberian woman accused of violating the mask regime

The railway district court of the city of Novosibirsk issued a warning to a student Anastasia Kautz for non-compliance with the mask regime — on June 16, she took off her mask in a minibus when it stopped at the Central Department Store. The girl wanted to drink water, but at this time she was photographed by a police officer through the window.

The girl specified that immediately after that the police officer went to the minibus. He asked her how old she was and if she had a passport with her. Then the police officer asked Anastasia to get out of the transport and drew up an administrative report on her.

Changes announced by Putin. The most important thing:

  • The rejection of the flat tax scale. On January 1, the personal income tax will grow from 13% to 15%. The increased tax will be taken only from a part of income above 5 million rubles. The funds (60 billion rubles a year) will be used to treat children.
  • New child payment in July. Also 10 thousand rubles for each child-but from birth to 16 years (the first, June was for children from 3 to 16). Those who were given the June payment will receive a new one automatically-without repeated applications.
  • Expansion of preferential mortgages at 6.5% – for new housing worth up to 6 million rubles (now 3 million), in Moscow and St. Petersburg up to 12 million (now 8 million).
  • Extension of the self-employed mode. Starting from July 1, it will be possible to switch to this tax regime in each region. And not from 18, but from 16 years – this will affect 3 million people, they will also receive a tax capital of 1 minimum wage.
  • Reducing the load on IT companies. Income tax will be lowered indefinitely from 20% to 3%, insurance premiums from 14% to 7.6%.
  • Tax reform of foreign companies controlled by Russians – they will pay just 5 million rubles a year without additional reporting

Russia owes Kiev about $ 100 million dollars

Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Bodnar said that Russia owed Kiev about $ 100 million dollars under the agreement to base the black sea fleet in Crimea. Moscow believes that there is no agreement or debt, a source told RIA Novosti.

“After Crimea was reunited with Russia, this agreement no longer exists. We can’t rent themselves at the place of deployment of the fleet. This is ridiculous, ” he explained.

Instead of humanitarian aid, I sent garbage to the center for the disabled in Perm.

The Russian branch of the red cross has agreed with the Castorama store to donate building materials for the restoration of an inclusive recreation area near the river, which was flooded in high water. The organization reported that when the cargo was unpacked, it turned out to be ordinary household garbage: “crumpled empty cans, cans with some dried contents, cans filled with used batteries, torn gloves and masks, used tools,” writes Properm.

The court rejected Daria Sosnovskaya’s complaint about the inaction of the Investigative Committee

The actions of the management of the investigative Department for the Basmanny district of the state security service of the TFR are recognized as legitimate. This “Rise” was reported by the press service of the “zone of law” with reference to the girl’s lawyer Tatyana Molokanova.

During the meeting, the Prosecutor argued that our complaint was not under investigation by the Basmanny court, because we, they say, did not prove that the police officer who hit Darya is a police officer of the area. At the same time, for 10 months, the law enforcement agencies themselves have not established who exactly struck Sosnovskaya. Of course, we will appeal this decision to the Moscow city court as soon as possible.”

Earlier, the RCMP refused to conduct a check in connection with a blow to the stomach inflicted by a police officer on a girl at a protest on August 10, 2019. Instead, the investigators sent a statement of the victim in Resguardo, the office in turn forwarded the materials to the interior Ministry.

Earlier, the RCMP refused to conduct a check in connection with a blow to the stomach inflicted by a police officer on a girl at a protest on August 10, 2019. Instead, the investigators sent a statement of the victim in Resguardo, the office in turn forwarded the materials to the interior Ministry.


In Turkey, a special structure will deal with the denial of the Armenian Genocide

On the instructions of President Erdogan, a special structure will be created in Turkey to deny the Genocide, ermenihaber reports. The new body will develop a strategy for behavior on international platforms where this topic is raised. The Turkish press writes that this idea came to the authorities 3 months ago, when the issue of Genocide was on the agenda of the American Congress.

In Germany, the former head of Wirecard was detained

Markus Braun, the head of electronic payments operator Wirecard, who resigned last week, has been detained in Germany. The scandal broke out in mid-June. As a result of the audit, it turned out that Wirecard’s accounts are missing €1.9 billion, which was previously indicated in the financial statements as an asset. It was later announced that brown was retiring. The company has not yet officially explained the lack of funds.

The Prosecutor’s office believes that this amount did not initially exist and that it was indicated in the reports to mislead depositors. Brown is accused of trying to ” present his company to investors and clients as more financially sound.”

Novosibirsk priest was punished for criticizing the main temple of the Ministry of defense

The reason for such a serious punishment was a post about the temple on the priest’s personal Facebook page. In it, he compared the temple of the Armed forces to a “pagan temple”. Even after this punishment, father John will not delete his scandalous statement, the priest told “Open media”.

A Christian temple can only be located where there is a Christian community <…> this temple is built in an open field <…> which means that it is not a temple, but a pagan temple. This is another example of how Orthodoxy turns into banal paganism, with its temples, heavenly patrons, icons of military branches, temples of professional affiliation — ” the priest wrote.

From North Korea to the South on balloons got CD discs with propaganda content.

“The publishing and printing institutions of the DPRK printed 12 million copies of various materials” as an “angry response” to “a pathetic” sovereign state “that is used to Pro-American low-life”, and launched three thousand balloons in the direction of South Korea. This is reported by the Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA) of the DPRK, with reference to the North Korean Chosun Agency.

Trade between India and China

Have you heard about the clashes on the border of India and China? Now there is talk in India of banning trade with China – and there is not so little of it. India buys $ 75 billion worth of Chinese goods a year (China buys $ 16.6 billion worth of Indian goods). For the most part, this is electronics (phones, computers and everything else – well, who doesn’t buy all this from China now?) and chemical industry products.

The largest item of India’s exports to China are minerals and oil. Chemical industry, textiles, even a little electronics (1.4 billion from India to China against 36.8 billion from China to India). But, for some reason, we think that the ban on trade in India will hit harder than in China

Moscow city hall promises gifts to those who go to vote on constitutional amendments

According to Medusa, the Moscow government sent 10 billion rubles to encourage those who will vote on amendments to the Constitution. This is called, however, “the program of subsidizing consumer demand” — so it was announced by the head of the Department of trade and services of Moscow Alexey Nemeryuk. Those who vote in Moscow will receive certificates with prize points (from one thousand to four thousand rubles), which they can spend, for example, in Pyaterochka, museums and restaurants.

Communist MP Valery Rashkin asked the Russian Prosecutor General to check whether the prize draw, which the Moscow mayor’s office intends to arrange between participants in the vote on amendments to the Constitution, is legal

FBK employee Artem ionov was “ambushed at home” and taken to the army

FBK employee Arter ionov was “kidnapped” for military service. This was announced by the Director of the FBK Ivan Zhdanov. According to him, ionov has asthma, “there was no doubt that he was unfit for service.” FBK will appeal to the court to suspend the actions of the draft Commission, Zhdanov added.

“In the morning, they were ambushed at the house and taken immediately to the distribution point [for conscripts] in the city of Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region. Communications equipment was taken away. The lawyer is not allowed to see him, ” Zhdanov wrote in Telegram.

Rosaviatsia refused to compensate Pobeda for losses

Rosaviatsia rejected the application of the low-cost airline Pobeda for a subsidy that is allocated to Russian airlines to partially compensate for losses due to the COVID-19 epidemic. This is the only airline that was rejected.

Trump accused Obama of treason

Trump accused his predecessor of treason, saying that he conducted surveillance of his election campaign in 2016.

This is high treason. Look, when I spoke a long time ago, I said that they were spying on our campaign. They were listening, it was said in quotation marks and meant modern methods of eavesdropping… They were spying on my campaign, as I said a long time ago. As it turns out, I was right, ” trump said.

The Deputy called the opponents of the reconstruction of the city Park terrorists

Alexander Kolesnikov, the Deputy of Just Russia, said that the Park of the XXII party Congress has nothing to do with local residents, so it is not necessary to consult with them.

“I am categorically against comrade Vysokinsky spending his time meeting with the rioters. This is a riot. This is not a bad thing. They have nothing to do with it. We managed to get Federal money to turn this wasteland into candy. Please continue your work, comrade mayor. No negotiations with terrorists. Your task is to get money from the feds, ” the Deputy is quoted as saying Znak.com.

Residents of the city are against the reconstruction project, which is planned to spend 277 million rubles. “Instead of a green corner of nature and silence in the city center, we will get a large plastic courtyard filled with architectural forms made of stone and concrete,” the initiative group writes in VK.

The Ministry of nature of Russia proposed to prohibit regions from refusing to extinguish forests

The Ministry of natural resources proposes to drastically reduce the number of so-called control zones, within which regional authorities are allowed not to extinguish forest fires. According to Kommersant, the Agency wants to reduce the number of such zones to 6% (now almost half of the country’s forest Fund belongs to them), that is, in fact, to completely abandon this concept.

Another 160 billion rubles will be spent on Power of Siberia

The contractor for the construction of a gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” to China by Gazprom’s decision was “Stroytransgaz”, RBC reports. We are talking about a section of about 800 km long between the Kovyktinskoye field in the Irkutsk region and the Chayandinsky field in Yakutia, the contract cost is about 160 billion rubles. The contract for contract work was signed at the end of may, said one of the interlocutors of RBC

The tanker that delivered US oil to Belarus went back with raw materials from Russia

According to the navigation portals Marinetraffic and Vesselfinder, the NS Captain tanker delivered a cargo of oil from the American Port Arthur to Klaipeda on June 5. 77 thousand tons of Bakken raw materials were sent by tankers to Belarusian refineries. After that, the ship belonging to Sovcomflot went to the Russian oil terminal of Ust-Luga and on June 9 set a course for North America. On June 30, the tanker is due to arrive at Freeport in the Bahamas.

To Nabiullina in the state Duma there were questions

The Central Bank’s policy on managing gold and foreign exchange resources last year “raises questions” among state Duma deputies. We are talking about increasing the share of Japanese assets in reserves. So, at the beginning of last year, they amounted to $35.1 billion, and by the end of last year — already $73.4 billion. The parliamentarians noted that ” interest rates on Japanese financial instruments are close to zero or even negative.”

Such a sharp transfer of reserves to Japanese securities and currency became the largest operation of the Central Bank after the rate on the yuan in the previous year, 2018. The Bank of Russia then invested $67.3 billion in the Chinese currency and then steadily increased investment, despite the falling exchange rate.

The accounting chamber found mass violations in spending on the North Caucasus

In the course of checking the expenditure of the Minkavkaz Federal budget funds for the past year, the accounting chamber revealed massive violations. They led to the failure to meet 49 percent of the targets of the state program for the development of the North Caucasus Federal district (NCFD).

In General, the implementation of the state program in 2019 is assessed as insufficiently effective, and risk management mechanisms and measures to minimize them are assessed as insufficiently effective. – Svetlana Orlova, politician

Russia plans to build even more oil storage facilities

The Russian Ministry of energy is thinking about building a large number of oil storage facilities, so that they become an analog of the American system and allow to smooth out fluctuations in supply and demand. This was told by Deputy head of the Department Pavel Sorokin, writes the publication “oil and Gas vertical”

Russian Railways placed “eternal” bonds for 30 billion rubles

Russian Railways on Monday completed the collection of applications for perpetual bonds of the 001B-01 series. The initial benchmark coupon was 6.7-6.8% per annum (yield 6.81-6.92% per annum), and the volume of placement — 15 billion rubles. During the collection of applications, the coupon benchmark was lowered to the final level of 6.55% per annum (yield 6.66% per annum), and the volume of placement was increased to 30 billion rubles. Foreign investors took part in the offering, and more than 80% of the total demand came from banks.

Poland intends to receive the main volume of gas from the United States

Warsaw expects to import most of its gas from the United States in the future, said Jerzy Kweczynski, head of the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG. At the moment, more than 60% of Polish gas imports come from Russia. The country uses about 18 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

President Putin’s project on school education has passed its first reading

The state Duma of Russia has adopted in the first reading a bill on the education of schoolchildren based on patriotism, respect for elders and other values. By September 1, 2021, the educational process under the new rules should become part of all educational programs.

The US will transfer two thousand military personnel to Poland

Two, not one, thousand us military personnel will be relocated to the territory of Poland. This was reported by Gazeta Prawna on June 23.

Up to two thousand American soldiers should come to our country, not up to a thousand, as previously expected, – the message says.

Jaguar has updated the electric crossover I-Pace

The updated I-Pace will receive an 11 kW built-in charger from Jaguar, which means that it is possible to use the three-phase charger both in various public charging points and at home. With an 11 kW charging unit, one hour of charging will be enough for 53 kilometers of fully electric mileage on the WLTP. The 90 kWh battery can be fully charged in 8.6 hours.

An American scientist has received a NASA grant to search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Adam Frank, a Professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester, received a NASA grant that will allow him to find traces of technological development of extraterrestrial civilization. For the first time, the us space Agency has issued a grant to search for technological signatures in space that are not related to radio signals. A group of leading us astrophysicists will compile a library of traces of extraterrestrial civilizations developed to the extent of obtaining energy from their sun and polluting the atmosphere with freon. That is, corresponding to the current development of our civilization.

Japanese supercomputer Fugaku is recognized as the fastest in the world

The Fugaku supercomputer, developed by Fujitsu for scientific research, has topped the Top 500 most high-speed systems in the world. This was reported by the new York Times.

Spain has opened its borders to residents of EU countries

Spain has opened its borders to residents of EU countries and the Schengen zone, Interfax writes. From now on, citizens from these countries can freely travel to Spain. The mandatory two-week quarantine has been canceled.

China and India agree to reduce border tensions

The military of China and India during the second meeting in a few weeks in the border zone agreed to help reduce tension on the border, Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian said at a briefing on Tuesday.

Russia refused to use the Balkhash radar station in Kazakhstan

Russia has denounced an agreement with Kazakhstan on the use of the Balkhash radar in the Russian missile warning system. The corresponding decree, signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, was published on the legal information portal on June 22.

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a draft on an electronic single-entry visa.

A single-entry e-visa will be issued to foreigners for business, humanitarian tourism and humanitarian trips. It will be issued for a period of up to 60 days with a permitted stay of up to 16 days in the country. The list of countries with which this agreement will operate will be determined by the Russian foreign Ministry. A single-entry e-visa can be issued no more than four days before the application is submitted. The procedure for issuing the document will be established by the government of the Russian Federation

Egyptian F-16s launched strikes on the Turkish military in Libya

Egyptian air force f-16 fighters have already begun to strike their positions, as indicated by satellite images. An expert from Malta, Babak Tagway, said that a couple of hours ago, several Egyptian air force f-16C/D fighters took off from the Sidi Barrani air base, in North-Western Egypt, and headed for Misrata.

A teaser of the TV series “the Foundation”, based on the novels of Isaac Asimov, was released

Apple has unveiled the first teaser of the series “Foundation”, based on the cycle of science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov. The show is produced by David S. Goyer, screenwriter of the Dark knight and Batman films: Start ” and “blade”. The main roles in the series were played by Jared Harris, Lee pace, Laura Byrne and others.

The Georgian army is equipped with new special equipment of world brands

We are talking about more than 500 units of special-purpose equipment. The goal of the project is to equip the army with special equipment and strengthen the defense capability of Georgia. According to the defense Ministry, this is the first time that the Georgian military will have special vehicles of world standards.

Apple has presented a new version of the iOS 14 operating system

The American Apple Corporation at the online conference Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) presented a new operating system for its gadgets-iOS 14 version. In the latest version of the operating system, developers promised users ” fantastic application speed and a lot of interesting, functional innovations.”

Another ship of the coastal zone joined the US Navy

The coastal zone ship “Kansas” USS Kansas City was officially commissioned at the San Diego naval base. This is reported by the Naval News news Agency.

Former Kyrgyz President Atambayev was sentenced to 11 years in prison

The trial in the Pervomaisk district court of Bishkek ended with the verdict of former President Almazbek Atambayev, who is one of the defendants in the case of the illegal release of criminal authority Aziz Batukayev, Sputnik Kyrgyzstan reports.

The Prosecutor’s office identified a large dump on the territory of the Agricultural University

The environmental Prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg held a check upon the importation and storage of waste on the land plot in Pushkin district of the city, granted in perpetuity, of the “Saint-Petersburg state agrarian University”.

As have informed in supervising Department, at the end of the inspection it was found that, contrary to the intended purpose of the land illegally used for the disposal of production and consumption. As a result, the soil was caused environmental damage in the amount of 260 million rubles.

Cartoon “Escape from the chicken coop” will be continued

Aardman Animation Studios said that full production of the sequel “Escape from the chicken coop” will start next year, and it will be released on Netflix. The sequel was directed by Sam fell (“Paranorman”). According to the story, ginger and rocky have a daughter, but a certain threat appears on the horizon, which the characters will have to deal with. The exact date of the premiere of the sequel is not yet available.

Microsoft closes game streaming Mixer

The American Corporation Microsoft announced the closure of the video streaming platform Mixer and the transfer of all its partners to another service Facebook Gaming.

The trailer for Francois Ozon’s new film “Summer of ’85” has been released

The network has a full trailer for the new film by French Director Francois Ozon “Summer of 85”. The picture was to be shown for the first time at the Cannes film festival, which was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now the film is scheduled to premiere in France in July.

In the UK, there will be postage stamps for the 50th anniversary of the group Queen

The Royal mail of great Britain will issue stamps with images of members of the legendary rock band Queen, said one of them, Brian may. This is due to the 50th anniversary of the group’s founding.

The first half of the fifth season of “Lucifer” will be released on August 21

Netflix has released a new video of the science fiction series “Lucifer”, in which it announced the release date of the fifth season — August 21. We are only talking about the first half of the story, since the streaming service divided the new season into two parts.

Experts have discovered a data leak of almost five million Russians

DeviceLock experts discovered a data leak of almost 5 million users in the Russian Federation, presumably from one of the employment portals; the database contains contact details and surnames, first names and patronymics of users, the founder and technical Director of DeviceLock systems developer Ashot Hovhannisyan told RIA Novosti.

Created the most productive quantum computer in the world

Honeywell claims that its quantum computer has doubled the performance of the most powerful quantum machine in existence today. The new system has a performance of 64 qubits, while the fastest quantum computer created by IBM has a figure of 32 qubits.

Oppo introduced a waterproof smartphone

Oppo has introduced the budget smartphone Oppo Reno3 A. The model received a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels. Reno3 A is powered by a Snapdragon 665 processor. It comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The battery capacity is 4025 mAh.

The main camera received a 48 MP sensor and two additional modules (8 and 2 MP). The front camera has a resolution of 16 MP. The smartphone screen protects the glass Gorilla Glass 5. The model itself, thanks to its water resistance, corresponds to the degree of protection IP68. The cost of Oppo Reno3 A is estimated at 370 dollars

Huawei introduced HMS Core 5.0 to compete with Google services

Huawei has introduced a package of mobile services HMS Core 5.0, which should help the brand withstand competition with a similar set of utilities from Google. The previous version of the software was released in January of this year.

Xiaomi announced a surveillance camera with panoramic shooting

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has introduced a new panoramic surveillance camera called XVV Smart Panoramic Camera, equipped with a fish-eye lens

A Neolithic monument was found near Stonehenge

Not far from the popular Stonehenge, archaeologists have found another ancient monument. These are 20 large Neolithic mines, Mir 24 TV channel reports. According to the TV channel, the shaft is about ten meters wide and about five meters deep. The depressions are arranged in a circle with a diameter of two kilometers. Inside are the ruins of Darrington walls — the largest settlement of the stone age. Researchers claim that the depressions were dug no earlier than 4.5 thousand years.