26 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/25/2019

A large scientific library is permanently blocked in Russia

The scientific online library LibGen came under a “perpetual” lock after the same publisher twice won a lawsuit against it.

The lawsuit was intended to protect the rights to the works of scientific literature “Current and future antiplatelet therapy: focus on the preservation of hemostasis” and “Advances in therapy to reduce lipids using gene silencing technologies.” The company demanded from the provider, so he stopped to put in place technical conditions in order to access these texts on the websites lgmag.org and libgen.io.

In addition, the plaintiff sought to restrict access to the sites themselves. At the moment, the sites are entered by Roskomnadzor in the register of prohibited resources, the relevant records date back to June 21.

LibGen is a collection of articles and books with free access and searchability. The texts cover various fields of science. In the library there are works that are not found anywhere else in the public domain, or anywhere else is not represented in digitized form. Founded by Russian scientists in 2008. As of June 2018, LibGen had more than 2.7 million books and 58 million publications from scientific journals.

The birth rate in Russia will stimulate tobacco

The Public chamber of the Russian Federation believes that it is necessary to create a Fund for the implementation of the demographic program, and to Finance its work by increasing excise taxes on tobacco

David Yakobashvili said he would not return to Russia

One of the founders of the Russian food company “Wimm-bill-Dann”, businessman David Yakobashvili, refused to come to Russia because of searches in his Museum “Collection”, according to “Bi-bi-si”. According to the businessman, he has not been to Russia since March and is not going to return home until this case is sorted out.

“Inadequate things are happening. I have no active activity in Russia, only a Museum, it works on its own,” Yakobashvili said.

FSB to conduct inspection in his Museum after a complaint by his former partner Boris Minagi.

Brotherly landfill will waste “Usolehimprom»

It is known that the landfill will accept 35.4 thousand tons of waste of hazard class 4, minimally affecting the environment. Among them – special clothing, which is present less than 15% of petroleum products, gas masks, soil, concrete scrap from the dismantling of building structures and more

The Federation Council supported the introduction of the subject “family Studies” in schools

A single subject “family Studies”, in which children will be taught to communicate in the family, the correct resolution of possible conflict situations, could be introduced in schools for both Junior and senior students, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a member of the social Committee of the Federation Council Elena Popova

Tourists will be able to receive vouchers in electronic form

The government of the Russian Federation has approved the rules of information exchange in electronic form between the tour operator (travel agent) and the tourist. The system itself has not yet been launched, but firms will need electronic document management to use it. Effective rules give a chance to the operators to prepare for changes in advance. The virtual document will contain information about the trip and will be stored in a single system.

“Kalashnikov” created a gun to fight drones

Part of the state Corporation “rostec” group of companies “Kalashnikov” has developed the world’s most compact gun to fight drones. As clarifies TASS, REX 2 is placed on the pistol frame and is a reduced version of the rifle REX 1, which is already used by government agencies

E-insurance will start to operate in Russia in 2021

The electronic policy of compulsory medical insurance (CHI) in the form of an electronic image of the document will begin to operate in Russia from 2021. At the same time the paper form of the document will not be abolished, said the Chairman of the Fund of CHI Natalia Stadchenko.

Rosturizm explained the order of refund for tours to Georgia

Independent and organized tourists will be able to return the money for tours and flights to Georgia, the Federal tourism Agency said. Funds must be returned in full.

In order to return the money for the tour for the period after July 8, organized tourists should contact their travel agent or tour operator. They must return the full cost, including for air tickets. Independent tourists can contact the Agency where the purchased tickets.

Funds can be returned for air tickets and tours, the departure of which must be before July 8, including non-refundable rates.

“Regardless of the presence or absence of the condition of non-return (“non-refundable”) ticket, its value is returned in full in the event of a forced refusal of the passenger from the flight, if the carriage on any site has not been performed,” — reminded in the Federal tourism Agency.

VTB buys from his “daughter” Russian servers Yadro 430 million

As found by CNews, the supplier of domestic server equipment Yadro for VTB for 428.5 million rubles. was the company “Technoserv”, in which the Bank from June 2018 belongs to 40%. The contract with the integrator for the specified amount was signed by VTB on June 13, 2019 on the basis of an open request for proposals in electronic form with the initial price of the lot of 433.8 million rubles.

Austria closes roads for foreign tourists

Austrian authorities have announced tough measures against foreign car tourists who are trying to avoid traffic jams and do not use the toll roads. And often choose to travel secondary roads.

Leave the Russians can’t afford

44% of Russians will spend the summer at home, of which 53% – due to lack of money for the trip, such results follow from a survey conducted by VTSIOM.

Estimated spending on outdoor recreation year-on-year decreased slightly: in 2019, Russians planning to relax in the summer outside the home, will spend an average of 43 333 rubles. (based on one family member), which is 2% less than in 2018 Significantly higher than the average for the sample, the planned costs of residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (52 298 rubles.), respondents with high incomes (47 714 rubles.). Most often, the trip is planned to be paid from specially postponed funds (43%).

Rotenberg company will repair the route to Belarus

The company “Mostotrest” Arkady Rotenberg received a contract for the reconstruction of the 33rd — 84th km of the road M1 “Belarus” from Moscow to the border with Belarus, follows from the materials on the website of public procurement. The cost of the work is estimated at 30,823 billion rubles.

Platon system tariff will be increased from July 1

Since July 1, the tariff of the state system “Platon” will rise by 14 kopecks. Now the owners of trucks weighing more than 12 tons will pay 2.04 rubles. for 1 km of travel on the Federal highway, according to the website of the Ministry of transport of Russia.

“The size of the indexation of the tariff of the state system “Platon” from July 1, 2019 will be reduced more than twice the amount of accumulated inflation and will be 14 cents… it will be equal to 2.04 rubles per kilometer,” the press service quotes the statement of the head of the Department Yevgeny Dietrich.

In the Arkhangelsk region, a new reserve

New environmental territory “of Lexmax” area of over 25 thousand hectares, located in the Kargopol district. On this site you will find typical and rare swamp

Consumer credit ahead of mortgage

By early may, the portfolio of consumer loans overtook the growth rate of mortgage, the Central Bank writes in a report on monetary policy: at the end of April, the growth in annual terms amounted to 25.2 against 23.5%.

Earlier, the Central Bank decided to take additional measures to limit the debt burden in consumer lending. The reason for the high debt of the population: in April, 1.3 million loans were issued in the amount of 270.8 billion rubles, and the average amount of consumer credit reached a record of 207 thousand rubles

Experts told about the fall in middle class income in Russia

The share of citizens with income from 39 to 99 thousand rubles per month for four years – in the period 2014-2017 – decreased from 37% to 30%, such conclusions were made by specialists of the Center for macroeconomic analysis of Alfa-Bank. According to analysts, the crisis of 2014 dealt the biggest blow to this group of the population.

Experts concluded that over the past 10 years, the middle class of Russians began to lose its economic importance, becoming more vulnerable, and reduced spending on recreation, education and health, while increasing spending on food.

The number of bankrupt companies in Russia is growing

The number of legal entities in bankruptcy proceedings increased by 41.5% from 2012 to 2018 and reached 36.6 thousand, the RBC portal writes, citing data from the Federal tax service (FTS).

Russians warned of a new financial crisis

In Russia, a new financial crisis may begin due to the spread of cheap loans and the growth of property stratification. This conclusion was reached by researchers of the center for financial stability and development of Henan University (China), Zeppelin University (Germany) and the California state University (USA), Kommersant reports.

In the work “Inequality and credit growth in the Russian regions” the researchers on the example of Russia showed the relationship between lending to the population in large developing economies and rising income inequality. The hypothesis of Professor of the University of Chicago Raghuram Rajan was tested. Its essence is that the growth of income inequality pushed politicians to stimulate cheap loans for households, including mortgages. Such actions led to a rise in real estate prices, which then caused the financial and banking crisis in 2008-2009 in the United States.

VTB has increased the issuance of cash loans by a third

VTB in the first five months of 2019 issued more than 575 thousand cash loans totaling 378.5 billion rubles. This result is 29% higher than in the same period last year

The public chamber of Russia has found a way to improve the demographic situation

As follows from the report of the OP “Demography-2024. How to ensure sustainable natural population growth in Russia»

A demographic breakthrough requires breakthrough solutions: it requires an increase in investment in family policy to 2% of GDP and a change in the structure of investment, supporting large families. The current level of investment in support of families with children of the national project “Demography” with 0.47% of GDP per year will not ensure the return of sustainable natural growth and the strategic task of demographic and geopolitical stability of the country – follows from the report.

The organization believes it is possible to achieve a total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.95–2.05 by 2024.

FAS proposes tariff reform for low-budget cars

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) proposed to abandon the regulation of prices for tickets in reserved seats and common cars in all directions. It is proposed to subsidize only socially significant areas.

To save the budget: reduce the sending of paper tax notifications

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for economy of budgetary funds plans to reduce sending to citizens of tax notifications and requirements for payment of taxes in paper form. The bill is ready and published for public discussion on the portal of legal acts.

The head of Rambler announced the company’s IPO

On what stock exchange the IPO would be held in the Rambler Group, according to Abrahamian, not yet discussed, and a period of two or three years is determined by the current growth rate of the Rambler Group and, in particular, the fact that the revenue of the online cinema Okko double every year, and the revenues of media assets of the company adds, according to Abrahamian, 20-25% per year.

Chinese investors have started negotiations to buy a stake in GV Gold

Chinese investors led by Fosun began negotiations on the purchase of a majority stake in the gold mining company GV Gold, which produces gold in the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). This was reported by Bloomberg, citing its sources

The Ministry of the Russian Federation admits the introduction of the installment of replenishment of escrow accounts

The Ministry of construction allows the introduction of a phased replenishment of escrow accounts, said during a meeting of the Board of the Ministry on Monday, the Minister of construction and housing Vladimir Yakushev

People with large debts want to introduce limits on loans and borrowings

The Central Bank has developed a program to limit lending to citizens, the bulk of whose income is spent on debt service, writes on Monday, June 24, the Russian newspaper

Bank of America warned that the US may devalue the dollar

The risk that the administration of Donald trump under the auspices of stabilization will decide on currency intervention, which will be aimed at weakening the us dollar, experts warned Bank of America.

On exemption from VAT on the sale of gold

A group of senators submitted to the state Duma a bill on exemption from VAT on January 1, 2020 in the sale of gold, follows from the database of the lower house of Parliament

Coal companies continue to reduce coal production in Kuzbass

Coal mining companies continue to reduce production in the Kemerovo region. Kuzbass fuel company as a reason for the decline in production called the decline in sales in the European export direction.

KazTransOil and Transneft have agreed on compensation for substandard oil

Kazakh national pipeline operator KazTransOil (KTO) and Russian Transneft have reached an agreement on compensation of damage to Kazakh shippers for the shipment of substandard oil in the port of Ust-Luga, the KTO press service reported on Tuesday.

The US can withdraw from the Treaty with Japan on security assurances

The American side can leave the Treaty on mutual cooperation and security guarantees with Japan, signed in 1960. Such a step allows us President Donald trump, Bloomberg reports, citing anonymous sources.

US military intelligence said the unwillingness of the DPRK to denuclearization of the

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is not ready for denuclearization. This opinion was expressed by the Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense, Lieutenant General of the army Robert Ashley in an interview with Fox News on Monday, June 24.

“We within the intelligence community continue to believe that (the leader of the DPRK – ed.) Kim Jong-UN is not ready for denuclearization,” he said.

In the United States resumed tests electromagnetic cannon

Naval forces of the USA have embarked on a new phase of testing of electromagnetic guns, also known as railguns, according to the June 24, portal defence-blog.com. Testing electromagnetic weapons unit conducts the U.S. Navy Naval Surface Warfare Center.

The British dispersed the tractor to 167 kilometers per hour

British racer and mechanic guy Martin broke up a farm tractor to 167 kilometers per hour, breaking the speed record for this type of technology, says the magazine “Behind the wheel”. The entry test is published on the YouTube channel Farmers Weekly Video.

China launched a satellite navigation system Beidou-3

It is known that the launch of the satellite was carried out with the help of the launch vehicle “Changzheng-3V” at 02:09 local time (21:09 MSK) from the Xichang spaceport, located in the Sichuan province in South-West China.

Beidou— the Chinese global navigation system. The global system is expected to be completed by 2020. China has already launched 46 such satellites.

Production of GLONASS-K satellites will be suspended due to lack of imported components

Problems arose due to restrictions on the import of foreign components and the inability to quickly replace them with Russian counterparts. Budget spending on satellites has been reduced by almost 12.9 billion rubles.

Russia and India will create maps of galaxies on the Chinese space station

According to Mikhail Sachkov, Deputy Director for research at the Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, maps of individual galaxies and planetary nebulae will be created as a result of a joint Russian-Indian experiment on spectroscopic study of gas nebulae, scheduled for the Chinese space station in 2022, reports TASS.

In China, for the rehabilitation of drug addicts began to use a robot

Talking robot began to be used in the rehabilitation of drug addicts in Guangzhou in southern China, writes Xinhua. The publication notes that the robots are suitable for patients who feel uncomfortable in dealing with social workers.

Laser radar specialists will gather at a conference in China

In the city of Hefei, the administrative center of the East China province of Anhui, opened the 29th international conference on laser radars, which is held for the first time in China, said June 24 Xinhua. The conference is organized by Anhui Institute of optics and precision mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of China (ANC).

The opposition of Japan submitted to Parliament a draft on distrust of the government

In the history of the country, a vote of no confidence was adopted four times Five Japanese opposition parties submitted to the lower house of Parliament a draft resolution on distrust of the government of Shinzo Abe, RIA Novosti reported

All emergency numbers have been disconnected in the Netherlands due to a failure

Due to a 4G network failure in the Netherlands, a single emergency number and a single number for law enforcement officers were not available. The people of the country sent out the alert the information about the alternative room

In Poland will restore the place of the assassination attempt on Hitler

The Polish state forestry prepared the project of reconstruction of the wooden barracks building in which on July 20, 1944 the unsuccessful attempt on Adolf Hitler was made

Georgia offered to launch shuttles for Russians from Baku and Yerevan

The head of the Association of hotels and restaurateurs of Georgia Shalva Alaverdashvili presented to the Ministry of economy and representatives of the tourism sector a proposal to launch free buses from the airports of Baku, Yerevan and Trabzon to deliver Russian tourists. This is reported by the Georgian “First channel”.

Prime Minister of Georgia guaranteed the safety of tourists

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said that this country is safe for tourists from Russia and other countries. On Monday, June 24, reports TASS. He also pointed out that the capital of Georgia Tbilisi is “the safest city in the whole Europe”.

Iranian foreign Ministry: new us sanctions “forever close the way for diplomacy»

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran said that the new sanctions imposed by the United States against the Supreme leader of the Republic, Ali Khamenei, “forever close the way for diplomacy.”

Concern “Kalashnikov” presented its drone-kamikaze

Concern “Kalashnikov” presented its new development – a barraging drone-kamikaze “ZALA Lancet”. This was told by the General Director of the concern Vladimir Dmitriev at the presentation on the eve of the forum “Army-2019”.

In the context of the new fighting, it is able to strike in the air, on land and water without creating a land or marine infrastructure. The effectiveness of this system is superior to standard weapons, but costs disproportionately less. — Sergey Chemezov

The Russian foreign Ministry reminded US about the Caribbean crisis

The deployment of US ground-based missile systems near Russia’s borders could lead to a confrontation comparable to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said today, June 24.

Frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” with KR “Caliber” on Board arrived in Cuba

We are talking about a group of ships of the Northern fleet of the Russian Navy, headed by the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”. Russian ships, passing through the Panama canal, arrived in Cuba, making a friendly visit

Putin signed a decree on the development of the civil service

Russian President Vladimir Putin established the main directions of development of civil service in the Russian Federation for 2019-2021, the corresponding decree was published on Monday on the official portal of legal information.

Russian military aircraft once again flew to Venezuela

Reuters news Agency citing its sources reported the arrival of a Russian aircraft in Venezuela. The Il-62, tail number RA-86496 was discovered in the international airport of Maiquetia, which is located near the capital of Venezuela Caracas.

Russia’s military spending – seventh place

Our country every year reduces defense spending, the President said and said that in 2017 they amounted to 3.4 percent of GDP, in 2019 – 2.9. In 2020, the figure will drop to 2.87 percent, in 2021 – to 2.8. The President stressed that Russia is the only great power that reduces military spending. But despite relatively modest military spending, we are not only ensuring military and nuclear parity, but we are two or three steps ahead of our competitors. Because no country in the world has such modern technological weapons as ours.”

Putin spoke about the revenue from Russian military exports

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the proceeds from the export of Russian military products. According to him, foreign exchange earnings from these sales increased by 45%, resulting in a total order book reached $ 54 billion

The Baltic fleet received the newest small-size missile ship “Sovetsk»

In Baltiysk to pass the program of tests has arrived the newest small-size missile ship “Sovetsk”, built for the Baltic fleet. About it reports a press-service of fleet. The 22800 Karakurt project ship was built at the Pella shipyard.

Russia opens transit of Ukrainian goods

President Vladimir Putin allowed the transit of Ukrainian goods through Russia to third countries using a control system based on seals with GLONASS technology. The relevant decree is published on the official portal of legal information. Business FM called one of the Ukrainian carriers

Analogue of “Samum”: a new development for airborne presented in China

At the Chinese Fuzhou fair of technologies and projects, among the various exhibits, defense products were presented. According to the newspaper the Global Times, there was first shown the new models XLW 2040I.

In Russia created a super-powerful projectile for firing at tanks

According to the industrial Director of “Rostec” Sergey Abramov, armor penetration of these ammunition increased by 20%. That is, if the standard shot breaks 230 mm obstacles, with “Mango-M” this figure reaches 280 mm, and with “Lead-2” 300 mm, respectively

Georgian infrastructure will help the United States to bomb Iran

Journalists do not exclude the possibility that the US can easily use the military infrastructure of Georgia to bomb Iran. It is also indicated that the Georgian government does not resist this idea. In total, there are six military airfields in this country.

The interior Ministry ordered a batch of high-precision sniper rifles

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has ordered a trial batch of high-precision sniper rifles ORSIS T-5000, said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of “Promtekhnologiya” (weapon brand ORSIS) Vladimir Zlobin

Rifle ORSIS T-5000, which created sniper complex “Accuracy” – the development of arms factory “Promtekhnologiya”. According to the developer, this is a fundamentally new sniper weapon that meets all modern requirements.

Tour operators and the Ministry of defense intend to develop military-Patriotic tourism

The Association of domestic and inbound tourism of Russia (AVVT) and the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in November 2019 intend to sign an agreement on the development of military-Patriotic direction in tourism, said Monday TASS adviser to the head of the Federal Agency for tourism and AVVT President Vladimir Sharov

“This is an agreement between the state body and the industry community to develop tools for the formation of a systematic approach to the development of military-Patriotic tourism in the country. One of the elements here is the development of the Patriot Park, access for children and teenagers to the Patriot Park and its branch network, and some other objects of the Ministry of defense, which are created as objects of the exposition, and some military units, to carry out a certain policy among conscripts. We plan such cooperation,” he said

Putin extended the food embargo

Russian President Vladimir Putin extended the food embargo for another year. The presidential decree extended the embargo until December 31, 2020, RIA Novosti reported. Recall, the bradenburg was introduced in 2014 in response to Western anti-Russian sanctions, introduced after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia

Poland expressed readiness to help Georgia

The administration of the President of Georgia said that the President of Poland Andrzej Duda expressed support for Georgia and readiness to help it in the ongoing processes. He said this in a conversation with the Georgian leader Salome Zurabishvili, RIA “Novosti”

The US will offer at the g-20 summit to conduct an operation in the Strait of Hormuz

At the G20 summit, the United States will propose an international operation to ensure the safety of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz. This was stated by us special representative for Iran Brian hook on June 24.

Artificial intelligence was taught to accurately determine the substitution of persons

American scientists have introduced a new way to automatically determine the substitution of persons in the video. Their algorithm, trained on examples of real video with the speech of people, determines the fake head movements and facial expressions

Named the most advanced technology of ancient civilization

Specialists of The regional initiative for hydrological monitoring of the Andes ecosystem in South America concluded that the ancient water supply systems in Peru, subject to their restoration, are able to cope with modern droughts and provide fresh water to the current population of the country. This was reported in a press release on Phys.org ahhh!

Monkeys have mastered complex tools three thousand years ago

People were not the only creatures capable of producing special tools. Scientists have found that the Brazilian Capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus) have mastered the technique of production of “cutting” tools for three thousand years ago, according to Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Created a robot to protect rice terraces from weeds

Usually to maintain the rice terraces in a healthy way, without using harmful chemicals, farmers help the ducks — they kill the weeds, eat the insects and fertilize the soil.

Ancient artifacts in the mountains of Northern Vietnam

Specialists of the Vietnamese Institute of archaeology discovered about a hundred ancient artifacts in the mountains in Northern Vietnam. According to the newspaper the Vietnam News Agency, the discovery is committed in the territory of the national Park Baabe. Here in the cave archaeologists have found about 100 stone and bone objects, proving the stay of the early people.

It is established that people began to settle on this site about 9000 years ago. Among the finds, the special attention of archaeologists was drawn to the stone, processed to the correct rectangular shape. In the stone, the purpose of which remains a mystery, carved three round holes at a distance of several centimeters from each other. As for other artifacts, they were made of stones, and apparently used for protection and hunting, as well as for cutting animal carcasses.

Cost of production of a barrel of oil in different countries

Cost price varies depending on different factors due to Geology, availability, environmental conditions and the most important properties of oil, if oil is viscous, then complex production and processing increase the price of oil.

Plants do not die from cancer

According to scientists, plants by their nature are able to replace the affected cells or tissues much easier than animals. This fully applies to the formation of plant cells in which DNA has been distorted by radiation

How temperature affects sleep, scientists said

Scientists from the University of Bern (Switzerland) revealed the dependence of the duration of the REM phase on changes in ambient temperature.

According to the authors of the study, the results showed the extension of the REM-phase with increasing temperature within comfortable values. At the same time, no changes in the duration of fast sleep were observed in mice with disabled MSN hormones, which proves their decisive influence on the thermoregulation of the body during sleep. In addition, the experiment was a real proof of the hypothesis that suggests the lack of brain control over body temperature during dreams.

Glaciers of Elbrus began to melt three times faster

The glaciers of Elbrus are melting three times faster than before. Scientists have found that over the past 20 years, the volume of the ice cap has decreased by one and a half cubic kilometers – a quarter of the total.

Discovered a huge supply of fresh water under the Atlantic ocean

Hidden fresh water was accumulated in the North-Eastern part of the Atlantic continental shelf of the USA. The discovery was made by a team of researchers led by marine geologist Chloe Gustafson. Back in the 70s under the Atlantic ocean looking for oil, and from time to time came across fresh water.

Music helps high school students learn the school curriculum better

A study was conducted, during which experts studied the data of 112 thousand students who graduated from school in 2012-15-ies. About it transfers the thematic magazine “Pedagogical psychology”. It turned out that teenagers who are fond of music from an early age, learn better school programs.

In tsimlyanskoye water reservoir: scientists found water under the Khazar city

During the study of the Tsimlyansky reservoir, which is geographically located in the Rostov region, it was possible to find a unique artifact. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

As it was found, the ancient ruins found at the bottom of the don reservoir were fragments of the Khazar settlement. According to scientists, the buildings belong to the IX century ad. The researchers found brick walls made by unique technologies.

Powerful release of methane recorded on Mars

The Curiosity laser spectrometer recorded a 21 billion-part-per-billion-volume methane (ppbv) surge in Gale crater, a region that the Rover has been exploring since its landing in 2012.

The Subaru telescope identifies the outer edge of the milky Way system

A team of researchers used a digital Hyper Supreme-Cam (HSC) camera on a 8.2-meter diameter Subaru telescope. This allowed them to capture distant, very weak halo-tracers on the outer edge of the galaxy. The final size of the galaxy is 520,000 light-years, which is 20 times the distance between the center of the Galaxy and our Solar system (26,000 light-years). the Stars that reach these distant regions of the galaxy during their orbital movements are ancient stellar populations that reach 12 billion years of age.

Apple has released public beta versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS

Note that the beta versions are traditionally less stable relative to the final versions of the OS. In this regard, Apple does not take responsibility for possible defects in the work and the negative consequences of the installation of test firmware builds by users on their mobile devices.

Postal service Mail.ru refuse passwords

Postal service Mail.ru introduces new ways to enter the mailbox — through one-time codes received by SMS or push-notification, in the future the company plans to completely abandon the password, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Internet company.

Yandex.Music will appear on Xiaomi smartphones

“Yandex” and Xiaomi agree to pre-install the application “Yandex.Music” on smartphones Chinese companies, writes “Kommersant.” According to the publication, Yandex has already prepared the necessary software firmware for the Chinese vendor. Chinese vendor partnership will build an ecosystem of services for the local audience and earn a percentage of the subscription, experts say.

The FSB has proposed to encrypt the data in Runet “Grasshopper»

One of the documents contains recommendations on the use of Russian crypto-algorithms “Magma” and “Grasshopper”, developed by the FSB, in the latest version of the TLS Protocol, which is widely used to protect data in browsers, messengers and e-mail.

Camera Leica M-E (Typ 240)

Presented rangefinder camera Leica M-E (Typ 240), which will go on sale at the end of next month at a price of $ 3995

The novelty is equipped with a CMOS matrix (CMOS) with 24 million pixels. The light sensitivity is ISO 200-6400. 2 GB of buffer memory is provided. This allows sequential shooting at a speed of 3 frames per second. In addition, video recording in Full HD format with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels is supported.

The camera is equipped with a 3-inch display and viewfinder. It is noted that the screen has a special protection that prevents scratches. The equipment includes a wireless adapter Wi-Fi. Power is provided by a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh.

The secret of Waititi will make a movie on the comic book “Flash Gordon»

Studio 20th Century Fox has appointed Taika Whitey main in the development of animated film adaptation of the famous comic book “Flash Gordon”. The Director was given almost complete freedom of action — he will write the script and in the process decide what role to take in its adaptation.

Danny Boyle is working on the third part “28 days later»

Director Danny Boyle (“On the needle”) announced work on the third part of the zombie horror movie “28 days later.” In the development of the project is also involved the screenwriter of the original film Alex garland (“Out of the car”). The creative Duo already have a “great idea” for the triquel.

The role of Neo in the new “Matrix” will perform Michael B. Jordan

The role of Neo in the fourth film “the Matrix” will perform American actor Michael B. Jordan. About it write “Arguments and the facts”. According to the publication, shooting a new picture of Neo, Morpheus and Trinity should start in Chicago in 2020.

The first trailer of the drama “Queen & Slim” with Daniel Caluya

In the network appeared the first trailer of the drama film “Queen & Slim” (“Queen and slim”) with Daniel Caluya (“Off”). The video was published on the official YouTube channel of Universal Pictures Studio

George Clooney will shoot a fantastic Thriller for Netflix

Netflix got to George Clooney — the Director will deliver for the streamer a post-apocalyptic Thriller based on the novel Lily Brooks-Dalton Good Morning, Midnight, published in 2017. Clooney himself will play in the yet unnamed picture one of the two main roles.

In Russia for the first time will host a solo exhibition of the Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa

Russia’s first solo exhibition of the Spanish artist and sculptor Jaume Plensa will be held at the Moscow Museum of modern art (MMOMA) July 9 – September 22 this year. The author will personally come to its opening, the press service of the Museum on Monday.

In Moscow has opened festival of short author cinema “Artkino»

All-Russian festival of short films “Artkino” started in Moscow. The opening ceremony was held in the Great hall of the Moscow House of cinema, reports TASS

Willie Haapasalo started shooting a film about Tatarstan

Willie Haapasalo keeps working in Kazan. Earlier it was reported that the Finnish actor and TV presenter intends to make a film about Tatarstan. He met with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, and now Leonid Abramov, the head of the tourist company “Kazan coast”, tells about the shooting in his account

Became known the date of the beginning of filming the reboot “suicide Squad»

James Gunn will begin to shoot a reboot of the movie “suicide Squad” in September 2019. On June 24 reported the portal Screen Rant.

In the Summer the Pioneer launch of the “French vacation»

From July 2 to August 1, all summer cinemas “pioneer” will host the annual festival “French holidays”. From Tuesday to Thursday in Sokolniki, Muzeon and Gorky Park, viewers are planning to show modern French films that have not been released in mass production.

Marvel released the third season of the series “Legion»

The plot is dedicated to the son of Professor Xavier of x-men. On Monday, June 24, the premiere of the third season of the American series “Legion”. It is expected that the upcoming season of the project will be the last

The list of participants of the Irkutsk festival “Man and nature»

The list of participants of the 18th Baikal film festival “Man and nature” named after Valentin Rasputin was announced. It will be held from 19 to 23 September in Irkutsk. According to the organizers, the festival is based on documentary and popular science films.

In the United States begins a new stage of interference in the elections by Russia.

Russia, China and Iran are trying to manipulate public opinion in the US before the elections in 2020, said the representative of the administration of Donald trump. However, no one has been able to influence the elected infrastructure, which remains a target for intervention. While China mainly uses traditional media, Russia and Iran are actively using social platforms, the representative of us intelligence agencies said.

Earlier, the us administration accused these three countries of trying to intervene in the presidential elections in 2016 and intermediate in 2018. Officials did not disclose the details of the intervention, as it may prevent attempts to prevent it.

The scammers robbed the veteran, the police did nothing

In Yekaterinburg, Russia’s Investigative Committee launched a probe after the death of the veteran of the great Patriotic war Eugenia Loseva, which deceived the cousin of a friend. 96-year-old veteran of the great Patriotic war Yevgeny Loseva entrusted to help in the Affairs of Natalia Zueva. She took out 1,3 million rubles and made his apartment. The police did not initiate a fraud case for two years, and the bailiffs forged documents to sell the arrested grandmother’s apartment.

Where is life safer? Let’s look at the UN statistics.

Official business trips of Russian officials

“Transparency international Russia” decided to study closely how money is spent on business trips of officials and who and how these expenses are controlled

Only one Office of the President spent from 2016 to 2018, to almost 1.2 billion rubles for the trip of their own servants as well as employees of the presidential Administration, the Government apparatus and the apparatus of the Plenipotentiary representatives of the President.

“Travel expenses on tariffs of the first class and actual expenses on hiring of premises at official business trips in the territory of the foreign States irrespective of the established limit norms of compensation of expenses for the specified purposes” – from the Order of the government of December 26, 2005 N 812 are compensated

For example, the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov (according to the Declaration, one of the richest members of the government) in November 2016 spent the night in a hotel in Shanghai for a budget of 1,388 million rubles.