26 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/25/2020

Specialists of the Omsk research Institute of instrumentation received a patent for a shovel with improved characteristics. About the invention of Russian scientists reports the publication “Superomsk”

Patented by Yakov Perzel and Mikhail Agarkov, the tool allows you to spend less effort on work. The innovative shovel has a tuleyka with a stiff edge, the concavity of the blade is 20-25 mm, which reduces the physical effort when digging the ground.

“The web has a support surface for the leg, flanged to the upper side, as well as two stiffeners in the form of extruded elements,” the description of the invention says.

Google will introduce an automatic history deletion feature

As stated by the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai, when you enable the save location function — which is initially disabled — all data will be deleted by default after a year and a half. The same rules will apply to the history of activity on the Internet or in apps.

“This means that your activity data will be automatically and continuously deleted after 18 months, and not stored until you decide to delete it. You can always disable these settings or change the automatic deletion option, ” a message on Google’s website says.

Aeroflot secretly operates regular international flights

According to Vedomosti, passenger flights to Frankfurt am main, Paris, London, new York, Seoul and tel Aviv, nice, Barcelona and Rome are carried out regularly under the guise of cargo flights. At the same time, sales on them open in less than a week, and tickets are many times more expensive, because the planes fly back empty. Permission for flights and ticket sales, according to the source of the publication, is given by the Federal air transport Agency.

Because of the closed European borders, only people who have the right to enter can buy tickets for these flights: EU citizens or Russians who have citizenship or residence permit in one of the European countries. Officially, international flights for all airlines are banned by the government at the end of March.

Residents of the Barnaul suburb blocked the road due to lack of water.

Residents of the village of “Siberian valley”, who went to the highway, reported that the water comes with interruptions, “stinks of sewage”, very hard and dirty. The press center of the administration confirmed that they are aware of the problem, but did not specify whether any measures will be taken.

“The fact of road closures took place. Indeed, there are problems with water supply. All the houses in the village are private.”

It is clarified that most of the water supply networks are owned by a private company, and residents of the village can not agree with the owner to fix the problems. In the meantime, the Prosecutor’s office said that they will conduct an audit and assess the quality of services provided.

A monument to Stalin was erected in the Nizhny Novgorod region

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the head of the Communist party district Committee used his own money to create a monument to Stalin and installed it in the city of Bor. To do this, he had to specifically buy a plot of land, since the municipality did not give permission to put a monument on its territory.

The opening of the monument caused a significant resonance among the local population, so many people came to the ceremony with flowers, banners and a revolutionary twinkle in their eyes. Next up is the creation of the Stalin Museum.

Shooting in Dagestan, three sons of a Deputy are wanted

The son of the former head of the Shamil district of Makhachkala, Surakat Asiyatilov, fired 7 shots from a saiga carbine at the nephew of the former head of the Dagavtodor, Magomedrasul Omarov. The guy died on the spot. The police are looking for three brothers Asystolic – of Surakat, Hiragana and Hussein.

Obama helped Biden raise $11 million at a campaign event.

Biden said that even before the event, donations to his campaign came from 175,000 voters in the amount of $7.6 million. But Obama’s appearance on the air attracted more than $3.4 million in donations

The Russian authorities did not implement 32 decisions of the constitutional court

Among the amendments to the Constitution is the thesis about the primacy of Russian law over international law, but the Russian authorities have not implemented the decisions of the Russian constitutional court for years. As can be seen from the report of the COP Secretariat, which was reviewed by Open media, by June 2020, 32 decisions of the COP were not implemented, including in high-profile cases.

Some decisions of the COP have not been implemented since the beginning of the 2010s. In particular, the humanization of laws on rallies and elections. For example, there is no ban on sentencing participants of rallies to compulsory labor if their actions did not cause harm to the health of citizens or property.

Among the” forgotten solutions ” — a ban on unscrupulous parents to sell housing without taking into account the interests of minors living in it.

There is no ban on closing criminal cases in connection with the death of the accused, if their relatives are against (the case of an accident on Leninsky Prospekt). As a rule, the government submits the required draft laws, the Duma rejects them or does not consider them, and they lie dormant for years

Operators of technical inspection asked the authorities to review the rules for issuing CTP

Companies are asked to cancel the law that allows you to get a CTP policy without confirming a technical inspection, and to launch the previously planned reform as early as January 1, 2021, and not in stages by March 1. The industry should be included in the list of victims of the pandemic, setting a “tax holiday” for companies.

The state Duma introduced a draft law on the abolition of the unified state exam

Deputies of the Fair Russia faction, led by its leader Sergei Mironov, introduced a bill to the state Duma on the abolition of the Unified state exam for students who do not plan to enter universities. (Marat Khamidullin, “Menses-inform”).

In such cases, it is proposed to replace the Unified state exam with the state final exam (use). It is proposed to return the essay on the Russian language and literature and the test work in mathematics on the material of the program for grades 10-11. If the project is implemented, the GVE should become mandatory for all, and the use should remain only for future students

The media learned about plans to compensate it support through tax

The budget expenditures proposed by President Vladimir Putin to support the it industry can be compensated by canceling zero VAT on the sale of exclusive rights to software and its use under license agreements from January 2021. This should bring 42.5 billion rubles to the budget in 2021.

The percentage of imports in public procurement will begin to be quoted

The bills under consideration were developed in January 2020, and submitted to the state Duma on June 9. The previous similar bill was proposed by the Ministry of industry and trade in 2019 and assumed an increase in the quota of Russian products for public procurement to 50% by 2021. Then the initiative was not supported by the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Antimonopoly service.

“Bashneft” will pay 19 and 15 billion rubles of dividends for the year 2019

The amount of dividend payments will be 19.15 billion rubles (or 39% of net profit for the previous year, equal to 49.2 billion rubles): 15.939 billion rubles – for ordinary shares and 3.211 billion rubles – for “prefs”. For 2018, Bashneft paid dividends at the rate of 158.95 rubles for each type of shares.

More than 20% of the Federal budget will be spent on supporting the Pension Fund

In 2022 and 2023, the Federal transfer to the budget of the FIU, as follows from the project, will amount to 4.3 trillion rubles annually, and its share in the total revenues of the FIU will exceed 40%. Prior to this, since 2017, the FIU’s dependence on Federal budget subsidies has consistently decreased from 45% to 36%.

Hyundai again adjusted the price list for a number of its models

The last time the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai changed the price tags in dealerships three weeks ago, and now the price of cars has risen again. Only the i30N hatchback managed to save its cost again, while prices for the rest of the model range increased by 5-15 thousand rubles

In June, demand for cash at ATMs increased by a third

After the easing of restrictive measures, demand for cash at ATMs is rapidly recovering. In June, it has already grown by a third compared to may, estimated in the ICB and post Bank, by 23% — in VTB, told “Izvestia” in these credit organizations.

Ukraine sent a note of protest to Russia over the Victory parade in Crimea

Kiev sent a note of protest to Moscow over the Victory parades in Crimea and the unrecognized republics of Donbass “without coordination with the Ukrainian side,” the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said in a statement

On the eve of the Victory parades were held in Sevastopol, Simferopol and Kerch. Kiev has repeatedly expressed protests, including from visits to the Crimea by the Russian first persons. Moscow returns similar notes without consideration or reaction.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister refused to hold talks with Serbia in the US

The Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, Avdulah Hoti, said that he refused to participate in talks with the Serbian leadership in the United States on June 27. Hoti wrote about this on his Twitter page.

The F-35A fighter was tested by dropping a thermonuclear bomb

The us military conducted a series of tests of the f-35A Lightning II fighter jet by dropping a mass-dimensional layout of a promising B61-12 thermonuclear bomb with a warhead of variable power. According to the Aviationist, such tests began in preparation for certification of the F-35 as a dual-purpose fighter, that is, a combat aircraft capable of carrying both tactical and strategic weapons

Reprogramming cells in the brain of a live mouse removed the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

American and Chinese scientists have proposed another way to repair damage in Parkinson’s disease: to turn astrocytes into neurons by reprogramming in vivo, that is, in the living brain. They found that it was enough to block the production of a single protein. At the same time, they were able to replenish the number of neurons in the brain of mice so that the animals disappeared symptoms of motor disorders associated with degeneration. The work is published in the journal Nature.

The Saratov hydroelectric power station has denied any involvement in the death of fish in the Volga

The staff of HPP, Balakovo, Saratov region do not associate the plant with the death of fish in the Volga. This is reported in the corresponding post of the HPP public in Vkontakte. The report claims that employees of the power plant on June 22 found 20 individuals of dead large fish (carp and carp) in the protected area of the hydroelectric power station.

“Experts HPP is not related to the death of fish work hydro: no emergency or abnormal situations, the company was not flooding, which ended on 14 June was moderate in intensity and passed in a regular mode. Hydropower companies are concerned about the current situation and plan to contact environmental organizations with a request to conduct a check and find out the reason for the mass death of fish, ” the authors of the post write.

The series “Gangs of London” was renewed for a second season

The decision to extend the series “Gangs of London” for a second season was made by the management of the AMC TV channel. This was reported by journalists of the online publication Deadline. The series shows the confrontation of international criminal gangs taking place in London.

A teaser for the new season of the series “the handmaid’s Tale” has been released

The dystopian series with Elisabeth moss will return in 2021, but when exactly is unknown. The teaser for the fourth season shows footage from the previous season of the show. In it, ex-maid June Osborne (Elisabeth moss) leads a revolt against the Gilead government.

The premiere of the new “Scream” is expected in 2021

The film is expected to premiere in 2021. It is reported that David Arquette will return to his role again. We will remind, the Scream is a series of horror films created by Director Wes Craven.

“Apple” will remove the series from the authors of ” LEGO. The movie” and “Macho and nerdy”

Apple representatives ordered the production of one season of the series from the authors of “LEGO. The movie ” and “Macho and nerd” by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. In the center of the plot of the new project-a detective Comedy called The Afterpaty, will be a murder that occurred during a party of former classmates.

It is reported that each episode will retell the events of the evening during which the murder occurred, but from the point of view of different characters, as in the Akira Kurosawa film “rasemon”. The idea of Lord and Miller is that each of the eight episodes will be shot in different genres, the style of which will reflect the main character of this episode.

Sony will pay 3.5 million rubles for hacking PS4

Those who find serious vulnerabilities in the console itself can expect the highest payout amounts. If the user finds a bug in the online service, they will be given an amount of up to $ 3000.

Presented nettop Zotac Zbox CI622 nano on Intel Comet Lake

Zotac has expanded the range of nettops with the Zbox CI622 nano model, which is delivered as a Barebone system without RAM and drives. The price of the Zotac Zbox CI622 nano is 400 dollars.

The new product is characterized by a dual-core Intel Core i3-10110U processor with the ability to process four streams of instructions, a frequency of 2.1 GHz to 4.1 GHz and Intel UHD graphics, up to 32 GB of ddr4-2666/2400 RAM in two so-DIMM modules, one 2.5-inch drive with SATA 3.0 interface, a two-port Gigabit Ethernet controller, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 5.0 modules, two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, four USB 3.1, one USB 3.0, and a memory card slot SD/SDHC/SDXC, two sockets for network CABLES, digital interfaces HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2, as well as support for Windows 10. The dimensions of the shell are 204:129:68 mm.

The Dell s2721hgf gaming monitor is priced at $280

Dell has expanded the range of gaming monitors with two 27-inch models: Dell S2721HGF and Dell S2721DGF. They are priced at $ 280 for the 1080p version with a 144hz refresh rate, and $ 570 for the 1440p/165hz model.

New robot surgeon learns to operate from video courses

Researchers from the University of Berkeley in the United States and engineers from Intel reported on the creation of a deep learning algorithm, which is called Motion2Vac. Experts report that it is able to train to perform operations using videos that it “views”. So far, the robot has learned to apply stitches, since this operation is the most simple and consists of monotonous actions. And that is why it is easiest to automate.

Scientists have introduced a lens that can compress light

Scientists from Russia and Denmark have created a special focusing element that turns light into a special type of electromagnetic waves. Such waves are compressed to 60% of the original radiation length.

Previously, experts could not circumvent the diffraction limit, but the work done has shown that it is still possible to collect the necessary light in one spot. Today nanoline is the only potential way to circumvent the diffraction limit.

New particles found in the Sun

According to physicist Gioacchino Ranucci from the Italian national Institute of nuclear physics in Milan, Borexino has fully uncovered 2 processes that power the Sun. In the core of the Sun, the process of merging helium with hydrogen occurs in a proton-proton chain reaction, which in turn is the source of 99 percent of the Sun’s energy. Another group of synthesis reactions is the CNO cycle of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen – the elements that allow reactions to occur.

Fire-fighting technology that uses the movement of tree branches

As part of their new research, a team of scientists from the University of Michigan has developed and implemented forest fire recognition and alarm technology. This technology is powered by nothing more than the movement of trees caused by the wind.

According to the journal Advanced Functional Mechanics, the new technology, known as MC-TENG (English for ” multi-layer cylindrical triboelectric nanogenerator), generates electricity using energy released by the movement of tree branches in the wind.

Russian scientists have discovered antitumor substances in the starfish

The team of scientists extracted from the sea star Ceramaster patagonicus 4 new biologically active substances-a steroid with antitumor activity to cancer cells of the colon and breast, the information and news portal reports evo-rus.com