27 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/26/2019

Us companies bypassed trump’s ban on Huawei

Several American IT-companies continued to sell their products to Chinese Huawei despite the ban of the authorities of the United States, writes the newspaper the New York Times, citing several sources

As noted, the companies supply the Chinese company with products that were produced outside the United States. At the same time, trump’s ban does not apply to such products of American companies. Earlier it was reported that Huawei sued the us Department of Commerce.

Today is the international day against drug addiction

It is the most acute social and spiritual disease of society. According to generally accepted estimates, the number of drug users in Russia exceeds 8 million people. The scale of the disaster is enormous, and every year the situation, unfortunately, is not improving. People who suffer from this do not become less.

The Builder of the Vostochny cosmodrome for theft of 288 million rubles received a suspended sentence

It is established that in 2012 – 2014, the Director of ZAO Pacific bridge construction company (TMK), which built the Vostochny cosmodrome, Viktor Grebnev concluded contracts of guarantee unfavorable for the company, thanks to which he stole more than 288 million rubles. He used the money to buy yachts and build a mansion. In addition, due to the signing of several contracts TMK has suffered more than 130 million rubles of damage.

As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of the court, the ridge received five years of probation and 200 thousand rubles fine. In addition, he was appointed two years of probation.

Scientists have come closer to understanding the mechanisms of speech processing in the brain

American scientists have come closer to understanding the mechanisms of speech processing in the brain. The discovery will help to find new treatments for some mental problems, as reported in the journal Nature Communications.

The left auditory cortex showed greater activation in response to tone sequences, while the right was more versatile in responding to any command. Specializations for the detection of specific sound sequences may be the basis for the dominance of the left auditory center in the processing of the content or meaning of speech. At the same time, the universal scheme of the right auditory center can become the main one in the processing of speech intonation. It is noteworthy that the specialized differences between the left and right sides are not innate.

Members of Congress have proposed to ban the Trump military action against Iran

Two us congressmen reported on Tuesday that they proposed an amendment to the military budget that would not allow President Donald Trump to launch a military operation against Iran. Democrat Ro Khanna and Republican Matt Gets proposed amendment, which does not allow to Finance such operations.

Russian drivers may begin to deprive the rights for unreadable numbers

The Plenum of the Supreme court of Russia issued a decree explaining what sanctions can be applied to motorists who have taken measures to ensure that the state signs installed on their cars become unreadable. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the corresponding document.

“If the driver intentionally closed the state sign with a sheet of paper, cardboard, foliage, dirt, snow, the court can impose a fine of up to 5 thousand rubles or even deprive the rights,” the newspaper reports.

It is specified that in such a case, the intent of the offense must be proved by the inspector.

In San Francisco banned electronic cigarettes

The Agency notes that cigarettes and other tobacco products, as well as recreational marijuana in San Francisco will remain legal. San Francisco will be the first city in the United States where there is a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes.

The special representative of the President proposed to protect Baikal from tourists

Special representative of the President of Russia on environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov proposed to limit the access of tourists to lake Baikal. On June 25 reported “RIA Novosti”.

“Baikal is causing more and more concern”, – admitted the special representative of the President of Russia on environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov at the all-Russian water Congress.

The Chinese investor will challenge the ban on the construction of the plant on lake Baikal

Irkutsk regional court has started consideration of appeals on the ban on the construction of a plant for bottling water in lake Baikal. The complaint was filed by a Chinese investor, reported on the website of the regional court.

Pollution of lake Baikal has reached catastrophic proportions

The concentration of toxins in Baikal increased to the limit values. In the near future, the water from the lake will no longer meet sanitary standards, this opinion is shared by the Director of the Limnological Institute of the Siberian branch of the RAS Andrey Fedotov.

“This water can not be drunk on the content of these toxins,” Fedotov said at the all-Russian water Congress.

Child benefit will increase, but not all

The allowance for children from one and a half to three years will be increased from the current 50 rubles to 10 thousand rubles, it will receive low-income families. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Ministry of energy and the Ministry of Finance agreed on the mechanism of compensation to oil

The Ministry of energy and the Ministry of Finance of Russia agreed on the sources of compensation to oil companies for the supply of fuel to the domestic market in the framework of the damping mechanism for 2020. This was stated by the head of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Sazanov. The relevant amendments to the legislation will be made to the government on June 26.

“Yes, we will make amendments tomorrow, and everything will be known. So far, only the government. In the state Duma, too, must quickly make” – quoted Sazanova TASS.

Sazanov also noted that the adjusted damping mechanism will allow to restrain fuel prices.

China will temporarily suspend imports of pork from Canada

According to the statement published on the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Canada, these measures are associated with the forgery of veterinary certificates accompanying canadian products to the Chinese market.

Congress warned about the growth of us public debt to 144% of GDP by 2049

By 2049, the size of the us national debt can reach an “unprecedented level” and amount to 144% of the country’s GDP, according to the calculations of the congressional budget office (CBO), reports CNN. “This level of debt would be the highest in the history of the country, and it would continue to grow,” the CBO said.

Near Krasnodar there was a mass poisoning of tap water

In one of the suburban villages of Krasnodar recorded an outbreak of intestinal diseases. According to preliminary data, the reason was the water from the tap. This June 25 told “Interfax” employee of the press service of the city administration

“Cultural standards” will appear in schools from September 1

Russian students of eight regions of Russia from September 1, 2019 will be able to pass cultural standards in the new interdepartmental program of the Ministry of culture and Ministry of Education, writes TASS. The Ministry of Education said that students will participate in the program on a voluntary basis.

Students will have to visit a certain number of exhibitions, museums, performances and watch several films a year. Then they will describe their impressions in a specially created paper or electronic diary.

At the exam will be allowed to use the Internet

At the exam and the OGE in humanitarian subjects want to allow the search for information on the Internet. Change the procedure for taking the exam will allow its translation into electronic form, told “Izvestia” at the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements (FIPI — developer of tasks for the exam and OGE).

In Rosmolodezh see the prerequisites for reducing the age of majority

The head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) Alexander Bugaev believes that in Russia today we can talk about the prerequisites for reducing the age of majority from 18 years. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

“It is obvious that the boundaries that define the concept of “young man”, at the moment is not as absolute as they were, say, ten years ago,” — said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of health offered to raise the age of majority to 21 years.

The chief narcologist of Russia threatened hookah lovers with dementia

The chief psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of health of Russia, the President of the Moscow scientific and practical center of narcology Evgeny Brun told that threatens fans of electronic cigarettes, vapes and hookahs. According to the expert, the rejection of conventional cigarettes in favor of VAPE and hookah does not mean eliminating the threat to health — it only changes its character.

The choice between a cigarette and a hookah is a choice between lung cancer and dementia, — Brun said.

Our steam locomotive forward flies, in Beijing stop

June 24 from Kazan station in Moscow for the first time this year’s journey from Russia to China and in the opposite direction on the TRANS-Siberian railway went tourist train “Imperial Russia” with a real locomotive at the head of the, the press service of “Russian Railways Tour»

The most aggressive cities in Russia

Intelligence marketing Agency Zoom Market held a relevant sociological study. Residents of 25 cities of the country were interviewed for the analysis.

  1. Rostov-on-don
  2. Moscow
  3. Chelyabinsk
  4. Kazan
  5. Elista
  6. Makhachkala
  7. Voronezh
  8. Perm
  9. Omsk
  10. Volgograd
  11. Krasnoyarsk
  12. Samara
  13. Khabarovsk
  14. Cheboksary
  15. Penza
  16. Tolyatti
  17. Lipetsk
  18. Saratov
  19. Orenburg
  20. Novosibirsk
  21. Nizhny Novgorod
  22. Krasnodar
  23. Saint-Petersburg
  24. Sochi
  25. Simferopol

Overdue debts for housing and communal services offer to write off as hopeless

State Duma deputies will consider the bill, which is proposed to recognize the debt for housing services with expired Statute of limitations hopeless to recovery.

“The debt will be recognized as hopeless automatically, after the entry into force of the first court decision on debt collection, in which part of the debt is attributed to the expired Statute of limitations,” the Senator said.

Expanded the list of professions, which put a 25% increase in pension

Dmitry Medvedev signed a government resolution that expanded the list of pensioners who are entitled to a pension Supplement of 25%. Since the new year, a law has come into force, according to which people who have worked in rural areas for more than 30 years have the right to an increase in the pension of 25%.

Ministry of health: the number of registered drug addicts for the year decreased by 8%

The number of drug addicts, located on the medical record, has decreased in Russia by 8% from 2017, with the help of the medical institutions with the diagnosis “drug addiction” in the past year addressed more than 250 thousand people, reported RIA Novosti in the Ministry of health of Russia.

Will neural networks be able to oust government officials?

XI international IT forum with participation of BRICS and SCO countries was held in Khanty-Mansiysk. The Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova made a very bold statement: digitalization will soon reach such heights that officials will not be needed, they delegate all their powers to the artificial intelligence system.

Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant opens the season of summer excursions

During the summer, the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant will hold excursions in the formats of industrial tourism: “Velonoch” — evening and night tours on bicycles and scooters; “Inspector” — excursions with practical skills to assess the environmental friendliness of the enterprise. In addition, the plant will be organized for the first time open-air tour for creative Krasnoyarsk called “Sky for a thousand likes” with the participation of Krasnoyarsk artists. There will also be photo tours “Winged metal” for young photographers, where a master class on photography will be organized. All tours to the KrAZ — a free.

Zhirinovsky proposed to expel Georgian entrepreneurs for violations

The leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to check the activities of Georgian entrepreneurs working on the territory of the Russian Federation without Russian citizenship, and in case of violations to expel from Russia.

Economy Competitiveness Rating 2019

The US economy this year has ceased to be the most competitive in the world and dropped immediately to third place. Singapore in 2019, after a long break, returned its leadership. Hong Kong has not dropped and takes second place.

The ROC said that the Internet prevents a person from communicating with God

With such a statement came mark Markish, responsible in the Ivanovo-Voznesenskaya diocese for the relationship of the Church with society and the media. The representative of the ROC noted that 200 years ago, when there was no global network, and the books were not as widespread as today, the information field was limited to the parish, and the flock sought answers to their questions from the priests. Now, for explanations on any occasion, people turn to the world wide web.

Belgorod Metropolitan John called the loss of the red army in the second world war pay for godlessness

“In the first months of the war, almost 60% of the red army, that is, young fighters who were born in godless times, most of them were not baptized, they were killed. It was an incommensurable sacrifice. It was a sacrifice that was made for godlessness.” The Metropolitan also added that “the war was won by baptized people, those who were called to spiritually defeat this machine.”

Billion for medical examination

New rules of medical examination will help to reduce mortality from cancer. The list of mandatory studies are complemented by oncoscience – to detect malignant tumors at an early stage. The frequency of medical examination has also changed.

Experts assessed the safety of non-alcoholic beer

According to scientists, non-alcoholic beer can contain about 0.5% alcohol, the smell after drinking it remains about 40 minutes. When passing the breathalyzer results may be disappointing for the driver, so the traffic police do not recommend to get behind the wheel immediately after drinking such a drink. Moreover, the more it is drunk, the higher the risks of getting into an unpleasant situation.

Huawei will create an Internet of things technology center in Hainan

The representative of the company who was present at the forum spoke about the company’s plans to create an innovative hub of the Internet of things with the use of its own 5g technologies in this district of Hainan province, on the basis of which a certain technological standard for the development of this industry should be formed.

Eight NATO countries increased military spending to 2% of GDP in 2019

Since 2014, the number of countries that comply with NATO’s spending on defense in 2% increased from three to eight, said on the eve of the meeting of defense Ministers of the Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

IKEA plans to launch in Russia, the service of renting furniture

Swedish production and trading company IKEA intends to launch next year in Russia service for the delivery of furniture for rent

The organizing Committee of the 2020 Olympics attracted $ 3 billion from local sponsors

The head of the IOC coordination Commission John Coates said that the revenues of the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo from sponsorship agreements with Japanese companies will exceed $ 3 billion.

“Yandex”: the price of a taxi in rush hour improves artificial intelligence

Taxi prices at rush hour are raised with the help of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to balance supply and demand. This was stated by the operational and financial Director of Yandex Greg Abovsky.

“Zhatay shipyard” will allocate 4.1 billion rubles of budget funds

The Russian government will allocate 4.1 billion rubles for the modernization of “Zhatay Shipyard” in 2019-2021. Investments will be directed to the early start of the enterprise; local shipbuilding and ship repair will allow Yakutia to establish uninterrupted cargo transportation in the Lena basin. The funds will be distributed from 2019 to 2021 in the form of a contribution to the authorized capital of the company

The Ministry of Finance proposed to expand the scope of tax collection from self-employed

The Russian Ministry of Finance is going to offer the Cabinet of Ministers to expand the experiment on self-employed citizens, from January 1, 2020, extending its effect to the regions where a large number of workers in the informal (“gray”) sector of the economy. Grey employment is statistically particularly prevalent in the South.

The foreigner became a co-owner of Kemerovo “Coke»

Richard John Martin bought more than 56 million shares of the Kuzbass company. Foreign owner moved 17% of PJSC “coke”. 56.1 million shares went to a businessman from another country, Richard John Martin, writes “Kommersant”.

Aeroflot hedged 70% of kerosene costs in 2019

Russian airline “Aeroflot” hedged 70% of the cost of jet fuel in 2019, writes Reuters, citing a statement by the head of the airline Vitaly Savelyev.

Russia increased grain exports to China

According to the head of the center Igor Pavensky, Russian exporters are gradually developing the Chinese market. Russia from July 2018 to may 2019 increased grain exports to China more than twice. From the grain delivered to this country 74 thousand tons were for wheat, 39 thousand tons – for corn, the rest – for other crops

In the Sverdlovsk region has increased the average size of a microloan

The average size of the microloan in the Sverdlovsk region according to the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 7 870 thousand rubles, according to nbki. The average loan for the same period last year was 7 thousand 829 rubles.

Promsvyazbank received loans from the defense industry of Russia for more than 100 billion rubles

Russian banks transferred loans of the military-industrial complex to Promsvyazbank. The volume of loans exceeds 100 billion rubles. The first basic stage of the transfer of loans to the defense industry in PSB completed, reports Prime

“PSB” and “Asterisk” signed a loan agreement

On the first day of The army 2019 forum, the most important agreement for the country’s defense complex was signed. “Promsvyazbank” and the shipyard “Asterisk” signed a loan agreement.

The Central Bank recorded an increase in demand for Russian currency

Russian demand for foreign currency in April 2019 increased by 8% compared to March and reached $4.8 billion. Such data are contained in the published “Bulletin of the Bank of Russia”.

Trump can make a decision about the devaluation of the dollar

The President of the United States Donald trump can make a decision about the devaluation of the dollar in the near future, analysts of Bank of America. The Bank said that today’s us currency overvalued 13%, and the measure will help to stabilize the American economy

The budget deficit of Egypt in the next fiscal year will be 7.2%

The Egyptian Parliament approved the government’s budget for 2019/2020, which was laid a deficit of 7.2%, on June 25, according to Al Arabia.

To allow the export of gas from Russian companies, except for “Gazprom”, it is impractical

It is impractical to allow other concerns except Gazprom to export gas from Russia, otherwise Russian companies will compete with each other, President of the Union of oil producers of Russia Gennady Shmal believes

Belarus explained the causes of pollution “Friendship»

The pollution of the Polish section of the Druzhba oil pipeline on June 19 was caused by “automatic switching on of the drainage tanks pumping system”, Minsk acknowledged.

The volume of contaminated oil trapped in the pipeline Mozyr — Adamova Zastava, now estimated at about 20 cubic meters the Pumping of the Polish section of the “Friendship” resumed a few hours after the incident, about eight in the morning of June 20 because the sample taken at 18:00, showed already a decrease in the level chlororganics.

Contaminated Russian oil Urals can not find buyers

Tankers of contaminated Russian oil Urals with a volume of more than a million tons for two months can not find buyers. According to Reuters, the oil picked up for processing only the Spanish Repsol, Preem, the Swedish and Finnish Neste Oil: it is about 600 thousand tons.

The calculation on the Chinese buyers was not justified. China customs recommended not to take party in the Urals. More than ten tankers did not deliver oil to consumers, the simple cost of each of them is a million dollars. Another five parties remain in European ports without movement.

This oil will have to be mixed with clean parties, said the head of the analytical Department of the national energy security Fund Alexander Pasechnik.

“Most of the contaminated hlororganika oil returned to Russia. Naturally, it will be present in our tanks and gradually pumped into clean oil. Thus, we realize it without any discount, as conditioned. As for the tanker shipments, initially there was evidence that they went to China, but it seems that Chinese customs officers do not recommend taking this oil. However, this is not a ban, but a recommendation. Nevertheless, it is possible to redirect tankers, there is mobility. The only question is what discount will be on these volumes. As for the attempt to present the situation as a relapse, it was reported that the excess of organochlorine was again recorded on 19 June. Belarus explained the incident by the fact that there were some residual volumes that provoked the sensors to react. In fact, there is no problem, because just a few hours have passed, and we already knew that almost all other European contractors took oil and stated that everything is clean, there is a conditioned raw material. The main thing, of course, is not to repeat the situation. Now almost in hourly mode, there is monitoring, control of the reception quality of the oil. “Transneft” is entirely the situation was taken under control.”

Lightyear company presented electric car on solar batteries

It is assumed that their impact will not be impressive, which is why the dynamics of the machine also does not claim to record: up to 100 km/h Lightyear One accelerates in 10 seconds. But the main feature of the Dutch startup is its ability to move due to solar energy.

To fine cyclists for speeding

Mounted police guarding Park areas in the American city of Denver, Colorado, armed with radar to catch cyclists for speeding, writes June 25 The Drive.

In Italy, more than 120 people were arrested on charges of mafia activity

During the special operation, more than 120 people were arrested in various parts of Italy on charges of involvement in the activities of “Camorra” — the Neapolitan mafia gang. According to Rai, a total of 126 arrests were carried out.

In China, the bride rose sharply

In China, the bride rose sharply. Today, the average size of the ransom, which the groom’s family must pay to the bride’s parents, reached 250 thousand yuan (about $37 thousand). This is twice more than five years ago, writes the global Times.

British teenager nearly died because of the tablet is left to charge overnight

A boy from the UK left a tablet connected to a charger on the bed for the night. The machine burned through the bed. This was reported by Manchester Evening News

Canadian authorities called the date of the meeting with Trudeau Zelensky in Toronto

The press service of the Prime Minister of Canada issued a message saying that the meeting of Justin Trudeau with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will be held in Toronto on July 2

Japanese physicists have learned to predict lightning strikes

Lightning flashes precede almost imperceptible bursts of gamma radiation, observations of which allow us to accurately predict the next shock of electricity. This conclusion was made by Japanese scientists who published the results of their observations in the journal communications Physics.

In Lugansk, said the retreat of Ukraine from positions in the Donbass

The Ukrainian military began to retreat from the forefront near the village of Sokolniki, located in the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic (LPR). This was reported by press Secretary of the people’s militia LNR Ivan Filimonenko, reports “Lugansk information center”.

The US will allocate $4 million to Ukraine for the construction of ammunition depots

The United States and Ukraine signed a Memorandum of understanding in the field of conventional weapons. This is stated in the message on the state Department website. According to the document, Washington will allocate to Kiev within two years $4 million for the construction of six ammunition depots

The Russian foreign Ministry gathered to look at the biolaboratory of neighboring countries

The Russian foreign Ministry is developing protocols that will allow to obtain data on the activities of biolaboratories of neighboring countries. The corresponding statement was made by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, reports “Interfax”.

In Russia there will be an analogue of the American flying battery AC-130

In Russia, working on the creation of an analogue of the American aircraft direct support of ground forces on the battlefield as-130. According to a TASS source in the military-industrial complex on June 26, the advance project has already been developed on the basis of the an-12 transport vehicle with 57 mm guns.

Russians began to treat Ukraine better

In Russia, the number of residents who are well-related to Ukraine has slightly increased, and at the same time there are fewer citizens who negatively perceive the neighboring country, according to a survey of Levada center, received by Interfax.

Matvienko criticized the development of the Far East

Valentina Matvienko addressed the indignation personally to the Minister of profile Department Alexander Kozlov, having declared that for a year of his work on the post, she had a feeling that Minvostokrazvitiya as if would switch off information.

I would like to hear what you have to offer, what’s new in this time in Ministry. How to effectively establish information work to inform business, investors, citizens: come to the far East and get this. This information is not yet available. — Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

The state Duma of Russia approved the easing of the ban on the display of Nazi symbols

Deputies of the State Duma at the plenary session on Tuesday, June 25, supported in the first reading amendments to the Law “On amendments to certain legislative acts in terms of improving the legal regulation of the use of Nazi symbols in works of science, literature, art.” This was reported on the website of the lower house of Parliament.

According to the adopted document, Nazi symbols can be used in science, literature, art, the media, for educational and educational purposes by educational organizations “provided that Nazism is condemned, a negative attitude to the ideology of Nazism is formed, and there are no signs of propaganda.”

At the same time, the document introduced a bill abolishing administrative punishment for the demonstration of Nazi symbols in textbooks, works of art, in the media and so on. It is also adopted in the first reading.

Air defense system S-500 will enter service before the plan

The s-500 air defense system will go into service before the plan: passed successful tests. Today, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that successful tests prompted the Russian defense Ministry to reduce the duration of the launch of serial deliveries of the latest missile systems.

Abe decided to meet Putin at the G20

The time and program of the meeting of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin, scheduled for June 29, is still under negotiation, a source in the Japanese foreign Ministry said.

As noted, Abe also intends to hold a meeting with us President Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping. At the same time, talks between Abe and trump are scheduled for June 28.

The President of Iraq ruled out the possibility of using its territory to strike on Iran

Under no circumstances will Baghdad allow the United States to use American bases in Iraq to launch a military strike on Iran. This was stated in an interview published on Tuesday by CNN Iraqi President Barham Saleh.

Israel began to threaten air strikes on the Russian military

The Lebanese edition of “Al Masdar News”, citing its own sources who attended the meeting of representatives of Russia, Israel and the United States, reports that the Secretary of the security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev said that Israel began to threaten the Russian military in Syria air strikes

Regardie received a car for reconnaissance on the basis of the armored car “Tiger»

Regardie received a new special combat reconnaissance vehicle (SBRM), which was developed on the basis of the armored car “Tiger”. This ABN told the press service of the state Corporation “rostec”.

The Kremlin officially refused to release Ukrainian sailors

The Kremlin said that they are not going to fulfill the requirement of the UN Maritime Tribunal for the release of Ukrainian sailors detained in the Kerch Strait for violating the sea border of the Russian Federation in November last year.

This case in the Kerch Strait is not the jurisdiction of this court. This is Russia’s position. Of course, the powers of the court simply do not apply to this situation. — Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Ukrainian military boats “Nikopol” and “Berdyansk” together with the tow “Yana KAPA” detained in the Kerch Strait suddenly disappeared. As reported by “the Crimea. Realities”, the ships disappeared from the waters of the camp “Genma” in Kerch. The FSB of Russia did not comment on the information about the movement of ships.

The Russian foreign Ministry told about the preparation of the meeting of the NATO – Russia Council

The Russian side rejected the accusation and suspended participation in the agreement. The US permanent representative to NATO, Kay-Bailey Hutchison, said on June 25 that the Alliance had sent a proposal to Russia to hold a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in the near future.

Trump has approved the Pentagon’s cyberattack against Iran

The President of the United States Donald trump endorsed the holding of the Pentagon of a cyber attack to disable Iran’s computer systems used to control the missile launch. This is with reference to sources in American intelligence reported the newspaper The Washington Post.

Rosreestr changed information about the mansion of the head of the Moscow FSB

According to Novaya Gazeta, now in the statement the owner of the property instead of Alexei Dorofeev indicated the Russian Federation. Also changed data on another site in the same cottage – it is owned by the family assistant Dorofeev, Marat Medoev. At the same time, as journalists have found out from the “Novaya Gazeta”, the wife of Leo Mazaraki Anastasia in another suburban village was a neighbor of Alexei Dorofeev (who is from the FSB)

Carriers of dangerous “superbugs” were all sick flies

Scientists have found that hospital flies carry a variety of dangerous bacteria and they are resistant to drugs

Eucalyptus trees can become a source of “green” graphene

Scientists have tested the resulting “green” graphene as a supercapacitor and found that it has the same characteristics as graphene obtained by traditional means.

Additional chromosomes can be a “factory” of new genes

Scientists have studied B-chromosomes (additional elements of the genome) in foxes, raccoon dogs, ROE deer, rodents, fish and reptiles. Geneticists have found that, in contrast to what was previously thought, B-chromosomes contain not just clusters of heterochromatin, non-functional in the implementation of hereditary information, and include entirely some protein-coding genes, their fragments, as well as segments of duplication (doubling chromosome sites), according to the publication “Science in Siberia”. Details are published in several articles, a special issue of Genes magazine and a recently published monograph.

Scientists have discovered a new mechanism of aging

Scientists at the University of Monash (Australia) identified factors that affect the aging of the immune system. They found that the reduction in the production of specific proteins undermines the function of stem cells in the thymus (thymus) — the body in which the maturation and immunological training of lymphocytes.

As reported in a press release on the website MedicalXpress, thymus is most productive after birth and produces a variety of lymphocytes, but with age its effectiveness decreases. Dysfunction of this organ leads to less effective functioning of the immune system in the elderly, including increased susceptibility to infections and cancer.

New data on the hormone leptin have been obtained

The authors of the new study proposed a new understanding of leptin, a hormone that plays a key role in appetite, overeating, and obesity. Researchers have received new data that can help in the development of methods to combat obesity. The hormone leptin is secreted by fat cells.

Scientists: the cannabis-based Compound is a powerful antibiotic

As it turned out, the compound, prepared on the basis of cannabis, is not just a powerful antibiotic. It remains effective and long-term use. Cannabidiol is the main non-psychoactive chemical compound.

In the forests of Honduras found a lost city with rare animals

In the tropical forest, Mosquitoes in Honduras have discovered a thriving ecosystem with hundreds of species of different living creatures. Some of them were officially considered extinct, according to The Independent.

Insurers did not want to insure the launch of the satellite “meteor»

To participate in the request for proposals on risk insurance during the launch of the Soyuz 2.1 b launch vehicle, the Fregat upper stage and the meteor-M spacecraft No. 2-2, no applications were submitted from insurers. The launch of the satellite is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

NASA told about the emergency situation when landing “Union»

When the crew of the International space station (ISS) returned to Earth, an emergency situation occurred in the propulsion system of the Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft, the National Aeronautics and space administration of the United States (NASA) reported. According to the Agency, a set of fuel tanks with highways and valves of the ship’s propulsion system failed the ship after the descent from orbit, the system successfully switched to a backup collector. As a result, the incident did not affect the descent of Soyuz.

Apple confirmed the purchase of the bankrupt startup Drive.ai

On Tuesday, Apple confirmed earlier rumors about the company’s intentions to buy a startup Drive.ai for the development of self-driving cars. Thus, Apple has once again declared itself as a company that aims to bring to the road cars with autopilots.

Created an application that erases people from photos

Bye Bye Camera is positioned by the authors as a frivolous project designed to draw users ‘ attention to the availability of AI tools and how they can be used, according to TechCrunch.

In Russia created the radio for negotiation under water

Concern “Automatics” presented at the forum radio complex IVA S/W, which allows you to transmit voice messages at a distance of up to 500 m under water. The mobile radio station is intended for Russian special services and private companies that are engaged in exploration of underwater fields

Presented glasses augmented reality Vivo AR

At MWC Shanghai 2019 the company Vivo introduced the technology of fast charging power of 120 W and iQOO smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation. In addition, vivo AR augmented reality glasses were announced.

Intel and Microsoft confirmed support for Huawei laptops

Intel and Microsoft have confirmed that they will continue to support Huawei laptops, despite the ban in obtaining us technologies. This means that Huawei does not have access to the necessary components and technologies, so it will not be able to create new systems.

VIN Diesel showed the video from the filming of “fast and Furious-9»

VIN Diesel told about the first shooting day of the ninth part of the movie series “fast and furious”. Reflections on the 51-year-old artist shared with subscribers in his account on the social network Instagram, posing on the background of the set together with a colleague in the film Studio Michelle Rodriguez.

“Wow! I can’t believe. We just finished the first day of filming. Thanks to Universal studios and the team and, most importantly, the audience, who are looking forward to the continuation of the franchise”, — said the actor to all fans of the film series.

There was a trailer for the film “the War of currents” with Benedict Cumberbatch

The network has a trailer for the film “the War of currents” with Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon in the lead roles. The plot tells about the competition between electric titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. The video was published on the YouTube channel 101 Studios.

Judy Dench stood up for Kevin spacey and Harvey Weinstein.

The great actress was horrified at the thought that the work of great people can be forgotten. British theater and film actress Judy Dench urged to remember the creative merits of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin spacey, accused of sexual harassment, writes The Guardian.

Stan Lee’s posthumous project will be published as a book

Posthumous project Creator of the universe Marvel Stan Lee – the novel “Trick of light” (A Trick of the Light) will be published as a book, according to The Guardian.

Tomasz kot will play Nikola Tesla in Anand Tucker’s biopic

Polish actor Tomasz kot will play the role of Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla in a film about the life of a scientist.

R. E. M. lead singer Michael Stipe will release his first solo album

The leader of the band R. E. M. Michael Stipe is working on his first solo project. The group completed its career in 2011. Stipe said that he has already prepared 18 songs for the new album.

Caravaggio painting sold before the auction

The painting “Judith and Holofernes”, attributed to the famous Italian painter Caravaggio, removed from the auction in France and sold to a private collector, according to the newspaper Tribune de l’art with reference to the communiqué of the auction house Labarbe.

George Clooney will shoot post-apocalyptic drama for Netflix

In the center of the plot will be a lonely scientist who is stuck in the Arctic. He tries to contact the team of the spaceship that holds the path to the Ground. The film will be released on Netflix and will be the first project Cluny, filmed for streaming service.

In the Peter and Paul fortress starts the festival “Etoeto»

Star cast of the festival will be headed by Emir Kusturica, The No Smoking Orchestra and Goran Bregovic. Under the end of the first day of the festival, several of his compositions performed by Russian group TheHatters. The festival will open on June 26 and will last until June 29 in the green zone of the Peter and Paul fortress. Entrance to the festival is free.

Parkway Drive group will come to Russia

Australian heavy metal band Parkway Drive will come to Russia. This is stated in a press release received by the editor of “Tape.ru.» In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the musicians will present their sixth Studio album Reverence, released last spring.

Symphony open-air “SOVA” will be held in Belgorod in Utark castle

The event will feature well-known artists and musicians, including conductor from China Yan Jiang. Symphony open-air festival “SOVA” will be held in Belgorod on July 6.7 and 8 in Utark castle.

Paintings by Hieronymus Bosch revived canadian artists

At the Moscow theater of the musical, the Russian premiere of “the play-journey through the universe of the great artist” by Hieronymus Bosch called “Bosch’s Dreams”was held. Put it is already well known to us canadian Director Samuel Tetro, has repeatedly come to Russia with the theater-circus “7 fingers”.

Audi presented the updated crossover Audi Q7

Audi has introduced an updated crossover Audi Q7. The car received a new line of engines, as well as seriously transformed both externally and internally, coming close to the flagship model Q8.

Changan called the price of the updated cross CS35 for Russia

The updated crossover in our country will cost about 900 thousand rubles for a modification with a front-wheel drive and a 1.6-liter engine and a capacity of about 130 HP. Now the cost for this model of 2019 starts from 869 900 for the basic version of Comfort.

Mercedes-Benz Vito and Sprinter received special equipment

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van in a special configuration also received a special suspension design for a bad road, a reinforced front axle and a side wind stabilization system as part of the Adaptive ESP stabilization system.

BMW introduced the concept of electric motorcycle Vision DC Roadster

System elements sladenia, stylized cylinder engine, move to the side when you start moving. The motor itself is under the battery in the center of the bike. The main components of Vision DC Roadster are made of carbon fiber and aluminum,which significantly reduced the weight of the vehicle.

Mazda in 2020 will release the first production electric car

This edition of Automotive News said the head of the Japanese company Akira Marumoto. According to him, first the engines of the SkyActive-X family will be launched, and in 2020 the first Mazda with fully electric units will appear. In 2021 or 2022 will be released hybrid models with the possibility of recharging batteries from the household power supply.

Hans Zimmer will create engine noise for BMW electric vehicles

The sound that the composer creates for BMW together with designer Renzo Vitale, should cause the driver and passengers no less pleasant emotions. The first car that will receive sound from Zimmer, will be the concept car BMW Vision M NEXT

The Genesis brand will present six new models until 2021

“We will have an expansion of our product line to 2021 that involves the release of six new cars, of which we will have the first SUV, and soon after that will be the second SUV. Then we will have more exciting body shapes that I will not disclose at this stage, which will appear later,” said the head of the Genesis brand Manfred Fitzgerald.

Introduced the new Ford Puma: now it’s a crossover

Gradually, Puma will replace EcoSport in other markets, although this is no longer relevant for Russia: Ford has stopped producing cars and will close the business after the sale of stocks.

Release of the new SUV “Chevrolet Niva” agreed

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation in the framework of a special investment contract (SPIC) with the joint American-Russian company “GM-AVTOVAZ” agreed on a project for the production of a new Chevrolet Niva. No details as to if we are waiting for an entirely new generation “Snowy” or the update yet.

BMW showed 720-horsepower electric car based on the 5-Series

The Bavarian company BMW introduced an experimental electric car, created on the basis of the 5-Series model. In the equipment of the new item will be three new generation electric motors, the total performance of which will reach 720 horsepower.

Chevrolet will complete production of the Camaro after 2023

General Motors does not confirm or deny the inevitable demise of the Camaro. A new report by Muscle Cars and Trucks argues that the cessation of production may well happen, as the next generation Camaro project is suspended without a visible future after 2023.