27 Jun, 2020

News digest for 06/26/2020

Russian culture Minister Olga Lyubimova said that the development of systematic measures necessary to prevent the repetition of situations like the case of the “Seventh Studio”is already underway.

The Ministry, together with the cultural community, is working on systemic measures that should exclude such tragic stories, when the artist and Creator come into contact with money and estimates. In order to prevent such situations from being repeated in our cultural sphere in the future, we have developed a draft law “on amendments to the basic legislation of the Russian Federation on culture.

A court in Moscow found Kirill Serebrennikov guilty of fraud

Kirill Serebrennikov, Director of the theater and cinema, artistic Director of the Gogol center theater, was found guilty in a criminal case of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the implementation of the Platform project and was sentenced to probation for fraud.

In addition to Serebrennikov, two other defendants in the case received suspended sentences: former Director of the Gogol center theater Alexey Malobrodsky and ex-Director of the Seventh Studio Yuri Itin.

Another person involved in the case, the Director of the Russian academic youth theater, Sofia Apfelbaum, was found not guilty. It follows from the verdict that she did not know about Serebrennikov’s criminal actions.

Meshchansky court of Moscow during the announcement of the verdict of the Director Kirill Serebrennikov called him the head of a criminal group that plundered public money. Judge Olesya Mendeleev noted that the pieces of silver was carried out by “the General leadership of all members of the group and has taken measures to concealment of theft”. This group was noted for “stability, organization, stability of the membership”. There was a clear distribution of roles in the Commission of the crime.

Residents of the Kuzbass village went on a hunger strike

People went on a hunger strike and set up a tent camp at the site of the construction of the coal loading station of the Kuznetsky Yuzhny section in the village of Cheremza. They demand the resignation of the head of Novokuznetsk district Andrey Sharnin, lobbying for the interests of coal miners. Recently, he threatened to deprive the protesters of budget support, but they do not intend to give up.

Applications for unemployment benefits in the United States

The number of US citizens who applied for benefits in the last week was 1.480 million (expected 1.300 million) vs 1.540 million a week earlier (revised up from 1.508). Before the crisis, just over 200,000 Americans applied for benefits every week.

The total number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits was 19.52 million (expected 19.97 million) compared to 20.29 million a week earlier. On the eve of the crisis, 1.7 million people received benefits.

Moscow police officers complained about non-payment of allowances

Employees of the Moscow departments of the Ministry of internal Affairs and Rosgvardiya complained that they are not paid the bonuses promised by the government for public order protection, Open media found out. “Mishustina” allowances introduced after last year’s protests in the capital. For ordinary security officers, they amount to about 13,000 rubles — about a third of the total salary.

They are dissatisfied with the law enforcement agencies and bonuses for working in conditions of coronavirus: many people forgot to include in the lists, and the rest received insignificant amounts — 150 rubles per hour of duty

Former head of Beloretsk Vladislav Mironov faces up to seven years.

In the case of 10 episodes, when the city authorities at space prices with budget money bought unsuitable housing for orphans, where the walls and ceilings were falling down, the heating did not work.

In 2015, one of the orphans who received such a house from officials committed suicide. Azat Ilyasov tried to prove through the courts that it is impossible to live in such conditions. But I couldn’t.

A court in the US ordered Telegram to return $1.22 billion to Gram buyers

The us securities Commission and Telegram have agreed to a settlement agreement. Buyers of Gram tokens will be refunded $1.22 billion, and the company will also pay a fine of $18.5 million

The Russian army will receive five new polygons

Five new military ranges will be created in Russia by 2025, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said. In total, 57 landfills are being developed in the country, he said.

In accordance with the activity plan for 2019-2025, five new polygons are being formed, — he said at the Board of the Ministry of defense, which was broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

The Moscow city court refused to cancel the arrest of Pyotr Verzilov

The Moscow city court upheld the decision on the administrative arrest of the publisher of Mediazona and pussy Riot member Pyotr Verzilov.

Earlier on June 22, the Meshchansky court of Moscow appointed him 15 days of arrest under the article on misdemeanor hooliganism. According to the police, Verzilov “repeatedly expressed obscenities”.

The Russian government will temporarily relax the budget rule

The restrictions imposed by the rule on the amount of total budget expenditures will be relaxed, but other parameters of the budget rule — the cut-off price and the rules for using the NWF — will not be affected, according to Fitch Ratings.

Back in may, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that there is no question of revising (suspending, canceling) the budget rule. At the same time, he confirmed that this year the Ministry of Finance will increase government borrowing relative to the original plan. It follows that a temporary increase in the fixed component of 0.5% of GDP (the so-called primary structural deficit) in the marginal spending formula is possible, which will allow spending to increase this year in excess of the budget rule.

Which countries are most likely to move to the United States on work visas?

Did you hear that trump temporarily suspended the issuance of work visas to the United States? Because we need to save jobs for Americans, stop migration, and everything else

Here’s the story with migration: of the 300-plus thousand recipients of work visas last year, 71.7% are citizens of India. China is in second place, with 13%.

Russia will be one of the last countries

Russia will be one of the last countries with which Finland will open its borders for tourism, said interior Minister Maria Ohisalo.

“First we will open internal borders, then we will move to the so-called third countries. In this regard, Russia is certainly the third country that will be one of the last to open for tourism”

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the decision to fully open the Russian borders will be made by the government headquarters for the fight against coronavirus. So far, it has not been accepted, and there is no information on possible deadlines.

Entry to Russia on the lists of the FSB and the Ministry of internal Affairs

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order allowing entry to Russia for “highly qualified foreign specialists” who have a work permit in the country.

“This was requested by business associations, business and the leadership of diplomatic missions. Foreign specialists are allowed to enter Russia once on the basis of a special list”

This list will be compiled by employees of the FSB and the Ministry of internal Affairs on the basis of data from Federal Executive authorities that are responsible for the employer or customer of a foreign specialist.

A mandatory condition for entry is to specify the checkpoint through which the specialist intends to enter Russia, as well as the date of arrival. In addition to the passport, the foreign employee will have to have a valid employment contract or a contract for performing work/rendering services.

The us military announced the interception of two Russian aircraft in the area of Alaska.

According to the joint us-canadian aerospace defense Command of North America, Russian sea scouts flew to Unimak island in the Eastern part of the Aleutian ridge at a distance of 50 miles (80.5 km).

A canadian province pays people to go to work

The Manitoba government will pay residents up to $ 2,000 if they return to work and stop receiving Federal COVID-19 benefits. The province will give successful candidates for its new program an initial payment of $ 500 plus three payments of $ 500 every two weeks for a six-week period.

Candidates must work at least 30 hours a week to qualify for the first payout, and then declare that they are still working to receive the next payout. They must also receive and voluntarily opt out of canadian emergency response benefit (CERB), Canadian emergency student benefit (CESB), or similar COVID-19-related support from Ottawa, the province said in a press release issued on Tuesday.

Lukashenko said that the new Constitution of Belarus will be prepared in 2 years.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that it is necessary to make changes to the Constitution of the country with the preliminary transfer of powers “down” to the level of local authorities. According to him, the text of the new Basic law will be prepared in two years.

The Ministry of health has kept the old rules for medical examination of drivers

The Ministry of health approved an order to maintain the current rules of medical examination of drivers until the end of the year, TASS reports, citing the press service of the Department. The new rules will be introduced on January 1, 2021

Roman Abramovich acquires a stake in Yandex

Roman Abramovich’s investment company Millhouse becomes one of the shareholders of Yandex. together with the companies of Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov, as well as VTB Capital Bank (VTB’s investment division), they bought a share of Yandex as part of a $1 billion share sale to Finance growth and strategic projects

Unilever will remove the words “white” and “light” from product packaging

Unilever has decided to no longer use the words “pale”, “white” and “light” or their derivatives on the labels of its skin care products. This is stated on the company’s website.

Gazprom will pay 361 billion rubles to its shareholders

Gazprom shareholders at the annual meeting approved the payment of dividends for 2019 in the amount of 15.24 rubles per share, which is 8.24% lower than the record payments for 2018, the company said today, June 26. After this announcement, Gazprom bypassed Sberbank in terms of market capitalization.

In Russia, the maximum rate on deposits in banks has fallen

The average maximum Deposit rate in the top 10 banks by the amount of ruble funds of the population in the second decade of June fell to 4.99%, the Bank of Russia said. This is the minimum value for the entire history of calculating the indicator since 2009, according to statistics from the Central Bank.

First of all, instead of one display case with wine, at least three should appear: for “Russian wines”, for foreign drinks and for “non-wine”. At the same time, the range of shelves with domestic wines risks being the most meager, and the cost of one bottle will surpass many imported analogues: from 1.5 thousand rubles and higher.

The US Federal reserve has imposed restrictions on banks to pay dividends

The us Federal reserve system (FRS) has imposed new restrictions on the US banking sector. It is noted that major banks will be required to suspend share repurchase and limit the payment of dividends to the current level for payments in the third quarter of this year. The regulator also said that it will allow paying dividends only according to a formula that takes into account the Bank’s current profit.

In addition, the banking industry will be subject to constant scrutiny: for the first time in the ten-year history of the stress test, banks will have to resubmit their payment plans later this year. They may have to do this every quarter, the regulator said.

Russian banks began to increase their gold reserves

Russian banks have started increasing their gold reserves for the first time in six months. In may 2020, the volume of precious metals on their balance sheet increased by 15.79 billion rubles, or 5.3% compared to April.

Nike’s quarterly loss was $790 million

The quarterly loss of the American company Nike, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sports clothing and footwear, amounted to $790 million. This is stated in the company’s report published on its website on Thursday. The report covers the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020, which ended may 31.

Almost half of the bookstores failed to open

In “Eksmo” estimated the loss of bookstores in the crisis at 60-70%. Since March, due to the closure of stores, the industry has lost about 70% of revenue every month. by the end of the year, the market may shrink by a quarter and lose about 15 billion rubles.

The robot was first approved for the main role in the film

A robot with artificial intelligence named Erika, which was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa, will play the main role in the new science fiction action film “b”. This is the first such case in the world of cinema, reports THR.

Google will start paying media for news

For “high-quality” news, the media will start making a profit. We intend to launch the program this year. The amount of the content fee is not specified yet. It is known that the company has already signed agreements with publishers in Brazil, Australia and Germany. In addition, the company will monetize free access for users to paid articles. This will allow major publishers to increase their audience.

In the US, white Actresses refused “ethnic” roles

Protests against racist police actions continue in the United States. The riots began after the murder of an African-American man, George Floyd, by law enforcement officers. Two American Actresses, Jenny slate and Kristen bell, who refused “ethnic” roles, decided to support the society.

Trump invoked the wartime law

Us President Donald trump invoked the wartime or emergency defense production act to urgently implement hypersonic weapons and space technology programs, the White house writes.

The trailer for the series “Brave new world”

The streaming service Peacock, which launched the American TV channel NBC on April 15, published a trailer for the series “Brave new world”. The project is based on the dystopian novel “brave new world” by British writer Aldous Huxley

The US called the icebreaker “Ivan Papanin” offensive weapons

Installing Kalibr missiles on icebreakers is not a defensive, but an offensive step, Admiral James Foggo, commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa, said on Thursday. He also drew attention to the deployment of new bases and the deployment of s-400 SAMS there. Russia is aggressively approaching the Arctic

Russia is aggressively approaching the Arctic. They recently presented a new ice breaker “Ivan Papanin”, which can carry cruise missiles “Caliber”. I have asked this question several times and will ask it again: who puts missiles on icebreakers? Some countries put defensive weapons on their icebreakers, but the Kalibr is not a defensive weapon, ” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

The US state Department warned Russia about “isolation in the UN”

If Russia and China continue on the “path to dystopia” and block the US application to extend the ban on arms supplies to Iran, they may find themselves isolated at the United Nations (UN), the us state Department’s special representative for Iran, Brian hook, told Reuters in an interview.

Venezuela has threatened the US with retaliatory measures

The defense Ministry commented on the entry of an American destroyer into the territorial waters of Venezuela. Venezuela has threatened the US with retaliatory measures. This was stated by the country’s defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez in an interview for the new York Times.

In China, it was considered dull

Sad scenery, absurdity and old things from the past-this is how Chinese journalists commented on the latest Russian equipment shown at the Victory Parade on June 24. About this writes Avia.pro, without specifying which Chinese media outlets

At the Victory Parade, Russia presented more than two dozen samples of the latest equipment and weapons. However, in China, the presentation was considered dull, and stated that the Russian Federation still lags far behind the West in the field of precision engineering. And it began with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is noted that the country’s weapons and equipment are outdated, and the main technologies are seriously lagging behind.

Leaders of a Shiite paramilitary organization have been detained in Iraq

Three leaders of the Shiite militant group “Kataib Hezbollah” were detained by Iraqi security forces with the support of US troops, June 26, Reuters reports. The leaders of the Pro-Iranian Kataib Hezbollah group were detained by Iraqi security forces at the organization’s headquarters in Baghdad.

The most affordable iPhone 12

Analyst of investment banking firm Wedbush Daniel Ives called the minimum cost of a smartphone from the new line of iPhone 12, whose release is scheduled for the fall of 2020. We are talking about a model that supports LTE networks and is equipped with 64 GB. This smartphone will cost customers $ 549.

YouTube is testing simplified recording of short videos

Video service YouTube in the update indicated a new ability to record short 15-second videos via the mobile app. The feature is available on both Android and iOS for a limited number of users.

Apple has revealed the updated iOS 14 operating system

The American Apple Corporation has shown a new version of the operating system for mobile devices iOS 14. the Main innovations are home screen updates, widgets and a simultaneous translator. A video about the massive iOS update is available on Apple’s website.

Google Photos now has a map for travel photos

The Library tab contains albums, archive, trash, and favorite photos. In addition, there is a world map where users can post photos from trips. You can zoom in on the map, which allows you to view the images in more detail.

In the Pacific ocean found a giant xenophyophore.

The discovered representatives of xenophyophores were not known to scientists until recently. In a recent scientific paper, scientists described 4 new species. One of them was named Moanammina semicircularis. It has a stem-like and fan-shaped shell. In length, it reaches 7.6 centimeters. The second is called Abyssalia foliformis, it resembles a flat leaf in appearance. The third – Abyssalia sphaerica-has an almost perfect sphere. The fourth species, Psammina tenuis, has a thin shape that consists of several plates. Scientists believe that the bottom hides a lot of different types of xenophyophore.

Xenophiophores are single-celled organisms that can reach up to 20 centimeters. They have an exoskeleton and perfectly tolerate radiation. Xenophyophore accumulate radioactive substances and can be their sources. Organisms live, as a rule, at very great depth, on the bottom of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans.

Scientists have discovered the ability of dolphins to social learning

Indian bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) learn how to pull fish from shellfish shells, from unrelated friendly individuals, according to Current Biology. Such horizontal learning, when knowledge is passed not from parents or older individuals to descendants, but between animals of approximately the same age (and probably experience), in toothed whales has been described evidently for the first time.

A new effective method for desalting seawater has been developed

Experts from the school of engineering and applied Sciences at Columbia University have developed an unconventional approach to desalination of such solutions, which is called TSSE (temperature swing solvent extraction, solvent extraction under temperature fluctuations). An article about this is published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. TSSE uses solvent extraction and does not use membranes or phase transitions (evaporation). This makes the new approach cost-effective, stable, and easy to scale.

Artificial polymers with the properties of “live” muscles have been created

The developers of this material were chemists from northwestern University, located in the us state of Illinois. Scientists have created structures that behave like moving plants turning towards our sun. Experts gave the so-called “living” mechanism the shape of a flower. This artificial polymer, as well as real muscles, is driven by the reduction of polypeptides. However, “artificial muscles” use solar energy, not the body’s chemical energy.

Scientists have created artificial skin to treat wounds and cover robots

A development team from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands was able to develop a material from a liquid crystal polymer. It can become both a new type of clothing and artificial leather. The new invention can effectively absorb liquids through special pores.

Created a touch screen that can be printed on any surface

A team of engineers from Bristol and the Massachusetts Institute of technology’s media lab, led by Olly Hunton, a PhD student, has developed an interactive display that can be sprayed on surfaces of any shape. The technology called “ProtoSpray” was presented at the ACM conference, which is considered the most prestigious in the field of human-computer interaction.