28 Jun, 2019

News digest for 06/27/2019

S-500 will be able to shoot down enemy combat satellites

About the successful testing of the C-500 was announced by the Vice Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov, reports the June 26 “Constantinople”. Military expert Viktor Litovkin said that the main difference between the S-500 and the S-400 — the ability to shoot down targets in near space. The expert said that meant the enemy’s military satellites.

The Finance Ministry raised the plan to collect fines, VAT and income tax

The Ministry of Finance of Russia increased the plan to collect VAT, income tax and fines for legal entities by 302 billion rubles. the Corresponding amendments to the budget law 2019 were approved by the state Duma in the second reading on Tuesday.

Additional funds should compensate for the shortage of taxes from the commodity sector of the economy and the next failure of the plan for dividends from state corporations, follows from the explanatory note to the amendments posted on the Duma website.

Kudrin Committee: Every seventh mayor in Russia is a criminal

The authors of the report “Peculiarities of rotation of the mayors ‘corps in modern Russia” (RBC) recorded three main trends: the mayors are often subject to criminal prosecution, the level of their education due to the almost complete abolition of direct elections decreased, and women in these positions are rarely allowed

Of the 109 people criminal cases have been filed by 39 former mayors. The report notes that this may indicate a systemic fight against corruption and conflicts within the ruling elites. For 10 years, 359 people held the posts of mayors, of which 263 left their positions by the time of the study (2018).

With such speed the Internet worked in the mid-1990s

The Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) found in the documents on the implementation of the so-called law on sovereign Runet threat to free access to the Internet and new spending for companies, writes RBC.

The working group at the RSPP communications Commission noted that under the law, Telecom operators must install special equipment that Roskomnadzor will provide them. In case of threats through this equipment, the Agency will be able to manage Internet traffic and block access to banned sites in Russia, which is now provided by providers.

It is planned to conduct exercises to ensure the sustainable functioning of the Internet, which can entail new expenses, lost profits and damage to organizations, the RSPP noted.

The draft law on the Autonomous operation of the Runet can slow down the speed by more than 600 times. With such speed the Internet worked in the mid-1990s, experts say.

The Governor of the Irkutsk region called tourists on lake Baikal “wild»

The head of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko supported the idea to limit the access of tourists to Baikal in order to improve the environmental situation in the area of this unique lake. The official noted that the flow of tourists to particularly popular locations is ten times higher than the number of local residents.

“After the high season is over, everyone is doing what they clean up after these tourists, they can be called in different ways, but the word “wild” is most suitable. We need to attract those who would normally conduct themselves,” – said the Federal media the words of Sergey Levchenko.

In Greenpeace called the cause of the poisoning of lake Baikal

About it on air of radio station “Moscow speaking” said the head of the special programs of Greenpeace in Russia Ivan Blokov.

“In reality, the discharge of waste waters without treatment, and 90% of sewage is discharged into the lake without treatment is very dangerous. But all this is absolutely solved. You need to build a sewage treatment plant. This is a matter of political will and tight regulation of small amounts of money, at least nationally.

In order to eliminate or reduce toxicity, it is necessary to stop selling detergents containing phosphates, phosphorus. Well, it’s easy to do. This is not a problem, it does not cause much damage to finances. That’s quite normal.”

Spending on environmental protection in the regions decreased by almost 20%

At the beginning of the year, the regions of Russia sharply, by almost 20%, reduced the cost of environmental protection. In fact, this is the only item in the structure of spending of consolidated budgets of the Russian Federation, which has been reduced.

Ukrainians kicked out of the hotel in Greece for hanging flags

Ukrainian tourists were evicted from the hotel in Greece because of the demonstration of the country’s flags. This is reported by the portal “Browser”. The incident occurred on the island of Kalamos.

Education in universities of Russia for the year rose from 15 to 19%

Over the past year, the cost of training at paid departments in universities increased by 15-19% on average in the country. This follows from the data of Rosstat and the Unified interdepartmental information and statistical system (EMISS), which analyzed “Izvestia”.

Do not study – give birth to children

Deputy Director of the Department of health of the Vladimir region Yulia Arsenina urged Russians to give birth to children as soon as possible and not to believe that first you need to get an education. She stated this during the round table on practical issues of support for motherhood, childhood and increasing the birth rate on June 25.

“Most, I guess, the mom and the people we meet and talk, tell (children. — Red.) — this is a burden, and different pretexts will find, and different epithets to this situation. And this set the inner need to change” — quoted by the official portal of Vladimir “Zebra.TV.»

Reuters reported attacks by Chinese hackers on major IT companies

Hackers of the Chinese group Cloud Hopper conducted large-scale cyber attacks on 8 major global IT companies, Reuters reported, citing sources related to the investigation of the group.

In Australia, cheap Souvenirs were given for works of art

The Federal court of Australia fined 2.3 million dollars a company that forged works of art of indigenous peoples, according to The Guardian.

Russians can start giving away free food

According to a member of the state Duma Committee on Federal and local government, stores are obliged to give such products to charitable organizations free of charge.

Zhirinovsky proposed to rename St. Petersburg to Petrograd

The leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to unite in one region Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg, and renaming it to Petrograd. According to Zhirinovsky, 85 regions are a lot, it would be easier to manage 40 provinces.

“Moscow and the region, what is this subject? This one subject. The Muscovite has a rest in area, and the Moscow resident works in Moscow, but they have different status and different rules, different governing bodies. I think we need to remove, as well as St. Petersburg, first, in Russian call — Petrograd, and secondly, to unite with the region. This division of the region/city is nowhere in the world,” he said at the state Council for the development of the road network.

According to him, the Association of regions is directly related to the construction of roads.

“How to build a road, if we have a hundred kilometers ends subject, there is another subject, there is a different budget? And the budgets themselves should be withdrawn, made extra-budgetary: the Federal road Fund and the regional. Otherwise how to transfer money?”he said.

ROC proposed to consolidate the rights of the embryo in the legislation

The right to human identity, life and development is proposed to be legally enshrined in the human embryo in the draft document “On the inviolability of human life from the moment of conception”, developed by the inter-Council presence of the Russian Orthodox Church. ROC in the framework of the bill proposes to consider abortion at any stage of pregnancy murder. The document also points to the inadmissibility of scientific experiments with embryos, in particular with regard to artificial insemination (IVF).

In Bryansk the girl for the first time in Russia was punished for contempt for society

The Soviet district court of Bryansk fined a resident of the city 30 thousand rubles for disrespect to society. The reason for this was the video of the dance on the background of the monument “mound of Immortality”, which she posted on Instagram on April 28.

Named the safest and most dangerous for tourists regions of Russia

Biletix Agency has made a rating of the safest and most dangerous Russian regions for travel. The list was headed by St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The third place in the ranking was Moscow. The list of safe destinations for tourists also includes the Moscow region, Tatarstan, Krasnodar region and the Republic of Altai.

Three regions are included in the list of not only safe, but also dangerous for travel destinations. The most dangerous survey participants also called Dagestan, Chechnya and Sverdlovsk region.

Israel refused to fly to the moon

Israeli non-profit company SpaceIL announced that it refuses plans for a second flight to the moon. This spring there was an emergency landing of their first lunar mission

Residents of Vladivostok for three months deprived of hot water

Residents of more than 140 houses in Vladivostok are disconnected from hot water for three months, reports PRIMPRESS with reference to vl.ru ahhh!

Russian Railways canceled the sale of tickets to the station Shies

It is no longer possible to buy a train ticket to the shies Station in the Arkhangelsk region, where mass protests against the construction of a landfill have been held for almost a year. Russian Railways stopped selling them and canceled the stop for passengers.

As reported in the departmental telegram of the Northern railway administration, distributed by eco-activists in social networks, “the train number 375/376 Vorkuta-Moscow departure from Moscow and Vorkuta from June 25, 2019 Parking for boarding/disembarking passengers at the station Shies is replaced by a technical in accordance with the regulatory schedule of trains.”

The Ministry of transport proposed to cancel the control of Rostekhnadzor over the acceptance of roads

The Ministry of transport proposes to abolish the control of Rostekhnadzor over the acceptance of built roads, said the head of the Ministry Yevgeny Dietrich at the state Council for the development of the road network. The state Council is held on Wednesday in Moscow under the chairmanship of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“On acceptance of works. Now, in addition to the construction control of the customer controlling the acceptance, there is a technical supervision of Rostekhnadzor, which, in fact, duplicates the construction control. We propose to cancel it for the roads,” Dietrich said.

The shortage of doctors in the Altai region exceeded 50%

According to the profile Minister, first of all in the region there are not enough local therapists and pediatricians. At the same time, the level of average wages in the industry remains the lowest in the Siberian Federal district, which significantly reduces the attractiveness of the region in the all-Russian labor market. Akzs Deputy and surgeon of the highest category Pavel Shumikhin says that this is because Russia has forgotten about the key figure of health care — the doctor.

Russia. Salary by region.

Blue +40t. Green 28 – 40t. Light green 24 – 28T. Yellow 22 – 24T. Orange 20 – 22T. Red 18 – 20t. Brown 16 – 18T. Burgundy < 16t.

Cleaning the home can replace training in the gym

In General, home cleaning can replace training in the gym with very good loads. In this case, even the pumping of muscles on the back of the thigh is available. Cleaning gives no less load in comparison with running, training and any physical work, when certain muscles are involved.

The accounts chamber found violations of 1 billion rubles from customs

The accounts chamber checked the work of the Central basic customs (CBT) and revealed financial violations worth more than 1 billion rubles, including signs of abuse in the conclusion of contracts worth more than 106 million rubles. In particular, the CBT overstated the cost of design and estimate documentation for the overhaul of customs facilities. Thus, the cost of work on one administrative building in Moscow increased by 27.2 million rubles due to the purchase of expensive interior items and racing simulators.

CBT also signed a contract with “Cyberengineering” worth only 1.18 rubles. For this amount, the company carries out construction control, as well as a number of other works, including the preparation of project documentation, which has already been done.

Preferential loans for import substitution for other purposes

“Kommersant” became aware of the results of the audit chamber (JV) subordinated to the Ministry of industry and trade of the Industrial development Fund (FRP). The Fund is an instrument of import substitution: it issues preferential loans for the organization of such productions. However, the state auditors found that with all the success of the FRP regularly reduced the targets of its work with the constant growth of budget subsidies or did not determine them and did not evaluate the effectiveness of state support. Its borrowers, in turn, repeatedly overestimated the cost of their participation in the projects and disrupted the timing of their implementation, de facto using preferential loans FRP for other purposes.

In may, Russian banks reduced issuing mortgage loans at 31%

Banks in may 2019 issued mortgage loans for 150 billion rubles, which is 31% less than in the same period last year, when the figure was 218.5 billion rubles. These data were provided by TASS in the press service of the joint credit Bureau (OKB).

Mail Bank intends to engage in car loans

Mail Bank is considering entering the market of car loans, said the Banks.ru the Chairman of the Board of the credit organization Dmitry Rudenko. According to him, the Bank is now analyzing the situation with the sales of cars and the issuance of such loans.

Huawei has signed 50 commercial contracts in the field of 5G all over the world

Within the limits of passing these days in the Shanghai summit, devoted to networks fifth generation (5G), managing Director of Huawei and President of the business division of the company Ding Wei (Wei Ding) spoke about the latest developments. Currently, the company has signed 50 commercial contracts in the field of 5G worldwide. It was noted that the volume of deliveries of telecommunication equipment for the construction of 5G-networks exceeded 150 000 sets. As for the contracts related to the development of fifth-generation communication networks, Mr. Wei’s report referred to the agreements concluded with South Korea, great Britain, Switzerland, Finland and some other countries.

Sberbank and the Agency for the auction will sell the property of debtors

Sberbank and the Agency launched the project for the sale of debtor’s property, which was mortgaged to the Bank. The new project is still being tested, and in order to use the right to participate in the bidding for the purchase of property, the participant must open a letter of credit in favor of Rosimushchestvo in Sberbank and apply for bidding.

In case of a victory at auction the customer enters into with the Federal property management Agency the contract of purchase and sale and pays the amount on the letter of credit. Rosimushchestvo transfers the amount to the Bank account and removes the encumbrance from the property. The Federal bailiff service removes the encumbrance from the property, and the client will receive the property free from restrictions of the right in the form of a “problem” mortgage. Accordingly, the Bank returns its funds. As noted, the letter of credit can make both own funds and borrowed.

More than 40% of borrowers in Russia have two or more loans

As of may this year, about 42.3% of borrowers in Russia had two or more loans. This is stated in the study of the credit Bureau “Equifax”. According to the company, almost 20% of Bank customers served at least three loans at the same time

The Ministry of education and science considers a successful program to create high-tech industries

The Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov called the successful results of the state program for support of integrated projects, which aim at establishing high – tech production. In 2010-2018, more than 42.9 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes, the press service of the Ministry of education and science reported on Wednesday.

Rosstat “lost” every third monument

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation checked the control of cultural heritage of Federal significance and revealed the discrepancy between the data of Rosstat and the Ministry of culture. Also in the reports of the Russian regions there is no data on the state of monuments, and therefore there is no opportunity to assess the likely loss. This was reported on the website of Rosstat.

According to data for 2017, Rosstat has not counted a third of Federal cultural heritage sites.So, Rosstat listed 98,662 thousand monuments, and in the documents of the Ministry of culture is listed on 45% more — 143,876 thousand objects of cultural heritage.

In addition, the accounts chamber revealed underfunding of the regions for the protection of monuments. Thus, in 2016, the regions received less than 32.2 million, in 2017 — 15.8 million rubles.

Russians go to Kazakhstan for cheap Russian gasoline

Practical Russians have found a way to save on refueling their cars and go for Russian gasoline in neighboring Kazakhstan. The fact is that in the neighboring country the fuel is almost two times cheaper. About it writes portal Znak.com.

Friedman and Aven will receive $ 1 million at the end of the work of Alfa-Bank in 2018

Co-owners of Alfa-Bank Mikhail Fridman and Peter Aven will be paid one million dollars as a reward for the results of the Bank’s work in 2018, according to the materials of the credit organization. The decision was adopted unanimously at the annual meeting of shareholders.

Greek national debt in 2018 increased by 9.2%

In 2019, Greece’s public debt increased by 30,245 billion euros or 9.2% and as of December 31, 2018 amounted to 358,948 billion euros. This is about 180% of GDP, according to the Ministry of Finance. The increase in public debt is due to the receipt of the so-called “airbag” from European creditors

Independent gas stations announced the hit of the gasoline market in the “regulatory vise»

The letter States that these regulatory clutches doom the industry to degradation. The Union of independent gas stations offers the Minister of Finance to reduce excise taxes and transfer the tax burden from the oil refining industry and retailers to the mining sector.

Oil workers can be compensated for the supply of fuel to the far Eastern Federal district

The Russian government proposes to introduce additional compensation to oil refining companies for the supply of fuel to the far East. Given the lack of processing capacity in the far Eastern Federal district, the authorities want to stimulate refineries from other regions to increase supplies to the East.

Yamal LNG delivered its first LNG shipment to Japan

Yamal LNG shipped the first tanker shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Japan under a long-term contract with total. In full compliance with the schedule, the tanker shipment was unloaded at the Tobat terminal.

The start of LNG shipments to the Japanese market is an important event for the company, as Japan is a significant LNG market and one of the priorities of our marketing strategy. — Leonid Mikhelson, a Russian entrepreneur

The mayor of new York called Russia the main threat to the US

During the first televised debates of us presidential candidates from the Democratic party, only the mayor of new York, bill de Blasio, called Russia the main geopolitical threat to Washington.

Russia. Because she’s trying to undermine our democracy. We have to stop them, — quotes it “Policy Today”.

Service risk assessment for driving style will appear in Russia in 2021

Service assessment of the quality and style of driving in Russia will appear in Russia in 2021, with its help, insurers will be able to refer drivers to the risk group, which will depend on the cost of the policy, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the working group of the National technological initiative (NTI) “AutoNet”.

The service will collect statistics on events involving the car (accident, traffic violations, calls for technical assistance or rescue services), as well as analytical data on the quality of driving with on-Board telematics devices of the car according to identification data (VIN or license plate).

Kitty Hawk Boeing and become strategic partners to create aerocarb

Boeing has entered into a strategic agreement with Kitty Hawk. The newfound partners will work together to create an Autonomous individual flying vehicle.

China Mobile to begin construction of 50 thousand 5g base stations in China

The well-known Corporation China Mobile, which is the main Chinese operator, plans to build more than 50 thousand stations with a new 5G network in China this year. This was announced in an official statement by representatives of China Mobile Corporation.

Oppo MeshTalk allows you to call and chat without Wi-Fi and cellular networks

Oppo has announced a new patented communication technology that allows people to call or communicate over medium distances without the use of cellular networks, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Cooler Master will release widescreen monitors for gaming systems

The company Cooler Master in the second half of this year, according to network sources, will bring to the market monitors GM219-30 and GM219-35, designed for use in gaming desktop systems. The size of the new products will be 30 inches and 35 inches diagonal, respectively.

A new bug in Windows 10 seriously slows down the shutdown of the computer

Experts have found an error in the operating system from Microsoft. We are talking about the latest version — with an update released in October 2018. A new bug in Windows 10 seriously slows down the shutdown of the computer if the device was removed from the USB port at the time of saving the session.

Intel will auction its patents related to 5G

It is known that patents, as well as the Intel business itself, will be sold separately, but the company does not exclude that it is possible to sell everything at once, if there is a buyer who will offer a favorable price. In total, the company has almost 8,500 patents, of which about 1,700 patents are associated with wireless networks, and the rest with 3G, 4G and 5G. There is evidence that some Intel assets can be purchased by Apple, which is developing its own modem.

Renault Zoe 2020 has a range of up to 389 kilometers

Zoe 2020 competes with the newcomers Peugeot e-208 and Opel/Vauxhall Corsa-e. It has a 52 kW/h battery, providing a range of up to 389 km. With a 30% higher capacity compared to the old version and identical dimensions, this Li-ion battery supports fast charging.

Mozilla has introduced a tool how to cheat targeted advertising

Experts from Mozilla and the well-known Studio mschf came up with a way that allows you to cheat the tracking tool targeted advertising. About this June 26, reported the news portal Vice. They launched a service called Track THIS for the Firefox browser. The principle of its operation is that the service opens in the browser about 100 tabs that allow the user to “confuse the tracks.”

Google will automatically clean your browser history

Google has taken the security of its users seriously. Now the history of movement and web surfing will be automatically deleted after 3 or 18 months, depending on the settings.

Hackers have found a way to bypass two-factor authentication

Hackers have found a way to access one-time passwords to bypass two-factor authentication. Relevant malware analysts antivirus company ESET found in the app store Google Play, the press service of the company

In the new Microsoft Edge, you can now pin sites to the taskbar

Microsoft has released a new update for Microsoft Edge Canary that includes a new feature that allows you to pin websites to your taskbar. This feature was previously implemented in the classic Microsoft Edge based on the EdgeHTML engine. Now it has been added to the Chromium Assembly.

You won $2.5 million for using Google services

During the new phishing campaign, attackers send emails disguised as notifications from Google. They claim that the user won $2.5 million for using online services of the Internet giant. Attached to the letter is an attachment named “Official Winning Letter by Google and mastercard visa 2019.pdf”. The user will have to fill out a special form and send it to the attackers. After that, the phishers will request additional information: Bank card details, social security number and any other important data. BEWARE

Austrian physicists created the first quantum “loudspeaker»

Scientists from Austria for the first time were able to confuse the sources of electromagnetic waves and mechanical resonator, creating a quantum “loudspeaker”, a generator of entangled radiation. It will accelerate the search for gravitational waves and unite quantum computers in the network, physicists write in the journal Nature.

The speed limited on the autobahn in Germany because of the heat

The speed of movement was limited on the autobahn in Germany because of the heat. This step was taken by the authorities of the Federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. They explained that due to high temperatures, the concrete can expand, slightly lift the individual plates of the roadway

Bloomberg: Huawei collaborated with China’s military

Part of the employees of the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei collaborated with the military of the country while working on research projects. It is reported by Bloomberg.

“Over the past 10 years, Huawei employees have joined forces with various bodies of the people’s liberation army of China (PLA),” the material says.

China plans to become a world space power by 2030

The Chinese aerospace science and technology Corporation (CASC) intends to bring its country to the ranks of the world’s space powers by 2030, Xinhua writes. Chairman of the Board of the Corporation U Yanshen noted that CASC in the coming years will pay special attention to the development of advanced technologies.

The Ambassador of Japan called the discussion of Putin and Abe in Osaka

What will be discussed at the summit In the agenda of the June 28 start of the G20 summit in Osaka Japan attaches great importance to three themes — the development of free trade to stimulate the world economy through innovation and environmental issues, told RBC Ambassador of Japan in Russia Touchesa Kozuki.

Twitter will ban political advertising in Canada

Twitter will ban political advertising on its social network in Canada prior to the election campaign of candidates and parties participating in the parliamentary elections. On Wednesday, the CBC said the representative of the company in Canada, Michelle Austin. Elections are scheduled for 21 October this year.

Delegations from seven countries left the PACE session because of Russia

The delegations of Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland after Ukraine decided to leave the PACE session, the corresponding statement on Facebook was published by the head of the Ukrainian delegation Vladimir Aryev.

“We are returning home to consult with our parliaments and governments on joint action in the Assembly during the next sessions,” the statement said.

The Kremlin said the details of trump’s meeting with Putin

The meeting of Russian and US presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trapm will be held in Japan on June 28. Approximately the meeting will begin at 14:00 local time, it is given about an hour. This was reported by the assistant to the President of Russia Yuri Ushakov, reports “RIA Novosti”. The leaders will talk in the presence of delegations, each of the parties will have four or five attendants, the assistant to the President said.

Among the topics discussed, according to Ushakov, there will be issues of strategic stability, regional conflicts, including in Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine. The leaders also plan to discuss the Iranian problem. The Kremlin spokesman added that much will depend on how the leaders build the conversation.

Maduro: participants in the coup attempt in Venezuela caught

Earlier, the Minister of communications and information of Venezuela reported that on 23 and 24 June, representatives of the opposition, acting with the support of the United States, Colombia and Chile, intended to organize a coup in the country, the murder of President Nicolas Maduro, his wife Celia Flores and the head of the National constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello.

The Russian defense Ministry warned of information attacks on the command of the armed forces

“In the near future, it is expected to increase the information pressure directed against the representatives of the leadership of the armed forces at all levels — from the command of formations, associations, branches of troops and species to the military-political leadership,” Konashenkov said.

The West is waging an information war with Russia to make it manageable, and then subordinate the whole world, said Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“The main and main goal of this war — the desire to rule Russia and ultimately the world,” — quotes Shoigu RIA Novosti.

The Russian Federation Council approved the suspension of the INF

The Federation Council approved the law on the suspension of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range missiles (INF), RIA “Novosti”. As noted, the bill was submitted to the state Duma by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The law was passed to Putin for signature.

The decision on suspension of validity of the contract is a forced and necessary measure, the appropriate approach to the regime prevailing in the area of arms control. The law is in the interests of ensuring the defence security of our country. — Viktor Bondarev, Russian military leader

NATO approved a package of measures to deter Russia

NATO defence Ministers approved a package of military measures to contain Russia at a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. It will be activated on 2 August when the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles (INF) ceases to be in force.

The Ministers decided today that NATO will respond if Russia does not return to the implementation of the Treaty. NATO will take a balanced and defensive approach to everything we do. — Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

Russia will help strengthen Tajikistan’s army

Russia will help to strengthen the army and security services of Tajikistan against the background of threats to the countries of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) posed by international terrorists in Afghanistan, said Russian security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev on Thursday in Bishkek at the meeting of the Committee of secretaries of security councils of the CSTO countries.

Trespassers proposed to deprive property

State Duma Deputy Alexander Sherin (LDPR) has developed a bill that proposes to confiscate property from those who illegally crossed the border of Russia; the initiative will be submitted to the lower house of Parliament in the near future.

In Russia are preparing to confiscate cars from drunk drivers

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the new Code of administrative offences (Cao) to reflect the issue of confiscation of cars from drunk drivers. On Wednesday, June 26, reports “RIA Novosti»

Merkel became ill at a meeting with the President

German Chancellor Angela Merkel felt bad at a meeting with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. As reported by Reuters on Thursday, June 27, during the event Merkel began to tremble.

According to the news Agency, a representative of Merkel denied the assumption of her illness. According to him, Merkel intends to participate in all planned events in the near future, in particular at the ceremony of the inauguration of the new Minister of justice of Germany.

“Everything is going according to plan. The Chancellor feels well”, — said the representative of Merkel.

About malaise 64-year-old Merkel spoke after her meeting with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, which took place on June 18. Then the Chancellor became ill, she started shaking. Later Merkel explained that dehydration and heat became the reason of indisposition.

Ukraine has imposed a ban on the import of cars and wagons from Russia

The Ukrainian authorities have imposed a ban on the import of cars and wagons from Russia, the ban for cars begins to operate from July 1, 2019, for railway and tram cars – from March 1, 2020.

Since July 1, the embargo will also apply to raw materials for cement and cement itself, mineral fertilizers, animal feed, veterinary medicine products, matches, plywood products, Wallpaper, light industry products, including knitwear and shoes, UNIAN reports.

The launch of the Gonets satellites from the Plesetsk cosmodrome is postponed for autumn

The launch of three low-orbit satellites “Gonets-M” with a carrier rocket “Rokot” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, which was previously planned in June, was postponed to autumn due to the lack of equipment of the Ukrainian production control system, RIA Novosti reported.

Georgia said it will replace Russian tourists with Ukrainian ones

Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine Gela Dumbadze noted that Georgian hotels should make special discounts for Ukrainians.

Australian Prime Minister intends to discuss WTO reform at the summit in Osaka

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison intends to discuss the reform of the world trade organization (WTO), the security of content on the Internet, as well as to contribute to the settlement of the trade dispute between the US and China during the G20 summit in Osaka.

The US and China agreed on peace in the trade war

The United States will not impose additional duties on Chinese goods on the eve of the meeting of American President Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit, which will be held this weekend in Osaka, Japan. It is reported by the South China Morning Post, citing sources in Beijing and Washington.

It is not known how long the truce will last — one of the sources called the period of 6 months, but stressed that this is only a forecast, not reliable information. Prior to that, it was reported that States can sign a trade agreement before the end of this year.

Putin and the leader of Egypt will discuss at the G20 full resumption of air traffic

Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss with the leader of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the framework of the G20 summit on June 29 in Osaka Japanese, the issue of restoring the full length of flights between the countries. This was reported by the assistant to the Russian President Yuri Ushakov.

New problems Boeing 737 MAX

The Federal aviation administration (FAA) of the United States has identified a new potential risk for Boeing 737 MAX models, which the company must eliminate on its aircraft before the flights of this family of aircraft can be certified and resumed. What specific critical fault is detected, not reported. But the problem was identified during testing Boeing 737 MAX on the simulator.

The US is experiencing a serious concern due to the plans of India to buy Russian weapons

In October last year, the presidents of Russia and India signed a contract for the supply of five regiments of s-400, its amount — more than $5 billion. Russia plans to start deliveries in 2020. Washington and new Delhi will be able to find a way out of the situation, us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo expressed confidence.

“I do not want to get ahead of ourselves and talk about the decisions we will make in connection with this deal. We have our own concerns about these weapons (we voiced them) and how difficult it is for America to cooperate with people who use this system. This is a very serious concern»

The Kremlin officially refused to release Ukrainian sailors

The Kremlin said that they are not going to fulfill the requirement of the UN Maritime Tribunal for the release of Ukrainian sailors detained in the Kerch Strait for violating the sea border of the Russian Federation in November last year.

This case in the Kerch Strait is not the jurisdiction of this court. This is Russia’s position. Of course, the powers of the court simply do not apply to this situation. — Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

TRANS-Baikal Schoolgirls forced to work as waitresses in China

Pupils of the art school from Krasnokamensk in the South of the TRANS-Baikal territory went to China, where they were promised creative practice: to paint the facades of houses and to paint dolls with a relatively good salary. But in practice, everything turned out to be conditions close to slavery

In the Novosibirsk school for transfer to grade 10 required to pay

Mother of the pupil of one of schools of the Dzerzhinsky district Ekaterina told NGS that for transfer to the tenth class it is necessary to pay ten thousand: on five thousand for 10 and 11 classes. Parents were given contracts and details for payment.

The school explained to parents that the money will be spent on material and technical support of specialized classes, as they in-depth study. However, the usual classes, according to Catherine, is not planned. More than 20 parents signed the document, which was poisoned in all instances.

Snails helped to reveal the secret of a good memory

The researchers found that things that have nothing to do with each other, remembered much better than those that are similar to each other. They established this fact thanks to snails. Scientists from the UK decided to conduct an experiment on shellfish, as they remember things almost as much as people.

New hair follicles grown using a 3D printer

American dermatologists for the first time managed to get a full and healthy hair follicle in the laboratory. The innovative technique can provide an endless source of hair for transplantation to people suffering from baldness

Found a simple way to reduce blood pressure

Scientists advised to go to bed no later than 23:00. Separately, the importance of rest in complete darkness is noted, so it is recommended to completely close the Windows and turn off all gadgets. These simple tips will help reduce the risk of various cardiovascular diseases and improve mood.

Universes with two dimensions can be inhabited

Scientists have concluded that the laws of physics in the Universe with two spatial and one temporal dimensions allow the existence of life. This is stated in a press release on Phys.org

It is believed that three-dimensional space is necessary to maintain life. In a universe with a large number of dimensions, Newton’s laws will not work as necessary. It was also believed that universes with a small number of dimensions are also not suitable for life. The existence of people in three-dimensional space is explained by a strong anthropic principle….

Scientists told how to cope with tinnitus

A group of scientists from the University of Arizona in a new study found that hearing loss is the cause of inflammation in the neural pathway of the brain. In addition, inflammation affects the auditory cortex and provokes the development of annoying tinnitus.

In the end, managed to install that from the ringing in the ears will remove the lock molecules TNF-A, which broke the interaction of neurons, is important to ensure that hearing.

Octopus tentacles decide how to move

Scientists from the American geophysical Union analyzed previous works on the nervous system of octopuses, combined them with their own research and presented the results in a press release issued for a speech at the Astrobiological scientific conference 2019, which takes place from 24 to 28 June in Seattle (USA).

This work is based on the conclusions that octopus tentacle suckers can initiate actions in response to information they receive from the environment and coordinate their movements with neighboring suckers. This phenomenon is unique because it implies a completely different architecture of the nervous system than that of vertebrates

Scientists have found out how there are large mutations in cancer cells

The machine learning system helped HSE biologists find out how large mutations appear in the human genome and how the structure of DNA strands is related to them. Their findings were featured in the BMC Cancer journal.

“The genomes of tumor cells contain a variety of mutations. They can be both point and large. In the first case, one nucleotide disappears from the DNA and another is embedded instead. We studied large mutations in which pieces of the genome, from two to several million nucleotides, are removed, turned over, copied and inserted into another place,” says Maria Poptsova from the Higher school of Economics.

Proteins on Velcro will be able to keep the cure for cancer inside cancer cells

Lumican associated with a cytokine and acts as a kind of Velcro that attaches to a protein of the immune system to cancer cells. The researchers tested the new technology on cancer-infected mice using two cytokines, interleukin-2 and interleukin-12 (IL-2 and IL-12).

Chinese lunar Rover resumed the study of the reverse side of the moon

According to the resource, June 26 at 8:26 Moscow time station independently came out of sleep mode and began to study. Recall that the station “Chang’e-4” launched by China in December 2018. Its main task is to study the soil of the back side of the lunar surface.

Russian cosmonauts will not go into outer space until the end of the year

Russian astronauts before the end of the year will not go into outer space, reports TASS with reference to the statement of Roscosmos. Outside the ship, the crew members of the International space station (ISS) from our country worked once — in may, the Corporation noted.

How Russia will fly to the moon

The Central research Institute of mechanical engineering (TsNIIMash) has found a way to protect astronauts from lunar dust inside the module. About lead engineer Andrey Kolchugin stated in the published “Roscosmos” on the YouTube video.

Scientists have revealed the secret of the birth of the Earth and other planets

Astronomers from the Southwestern research Institute (USA) said they discovered the secret of the birth of the Earth and other planets, watching the outskirts of the Solar system.

According to the researchers, the planet begins to emerge in the middle of a flat gas-dust disk, which is filled with dust and dense gas clubs. Embryos begin to form in the process of collisions within it, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the journal Nature Astronomy. The process ends when the embryos reach the size of Vesta or Ceres or large asteroids or comets.

Physicists have registered gamma photons of record energies

The average photon of visible radiation carries an energy of about 2.5 eV. Much more massive alpha particles formed during nuclear decay — up to 10 million eV, and protons in The large hadron Collider accelerated to 6.5 trillion eV

Telescope “Hubble” found in interstellar space of complex molecules

Using the Hubble space telescope, scientists were able to study the structure of interstellar space in which the ionized buckminsterfullerene was found. It is a complex molecular compound that consists of 60 carbon atoms

Astronomers Discovered the most “heavy” planetary nebula

Quite by chance, experts have found the “heaviest” planetary nebula, whose star-progenitor had a mass of 5.5 times more than the Sun. For scientists it was a real discovery, because the massive stars live quite a bit and die young.

Director “assassin’s Creed” Justin Kurzel will shoot the series “Shantaram»

According to the newspaper Discussing Film, Kurzel will shoot several episodes of the upcoming series of the service Apple TV+ “Shantaram”, which is based on the eponymous world bestseller Australian writer Gregory David Roberts.In a novel released in 2003, Roberts describes the adventures of Lin, who escaped from an Australian prison and dreams of getting lost in the crowded streets of Bombay.

Novel by Alexei Ivanov “Dorm-on-Blood” in the film version will be called “Tenerife»

In St. Petersburg started shooting a film based on the novel by Alexei Ivanov “Dorm-on-Blood.” This was told to TASS by the writer himself. The tape will be called “Tenerife”.

In the story, one of the characters dies in a student hostel. After that, the audience is returned to the past for a few days to understand what preceded this tragic event.

The Director of the film “Tenerife” was Roman vasyanov. He was the operator of such famous paintings as “suicide Squad”, “Rage”, “Brightness”, “Triple border” and others.

Helena Bonham Carter will star in a film about Sherlock Holmes ‘ sister

Helena Bonham Carter joined the cast of detective Enola Holmes. The main role in the film about the sister of Sherlock Holmes will play Millie Bobby brown. The first book of the series about Enola Holmes begins with the disappearance of the mother of the family, which will play Carter

Kusturica will remove his version of “Crime and punishment»

Serbian Director and musician Emir Kusturica plans to write a novel based on the work of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and punishment”, and then make a film on his creation. As the Director himself said, the shooting is planned in Russia

Cooper and Gaga’s album became the best-selling album in the world

Collected in the album soundtrack from the film “a Star is born” (A Star is Born) has sold six million copies worldwide. The compositions are performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The CD was released in 2018 and remains the best-selling music collection to this day.

The Directors Guild has restricted access to the award for films of stream services

According to a new resolution adopted by the leadership of the Guild of Directors, from now on films released in the film distribution simultaneously with digital platforms can not be nominated for the main award of the organization

Korn dedicated the new album to the magic number

The band Korn has announced their new album. The 13th Studio album, “The Nothing”, will be released on September 13, 2019 via Roadrunner Records and will contain, logically, 13 tracks.