2 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/01/2019

“No reduction in tariffs” for Chinese goods yet

Us President Donald trump after a meeting with Chinese leader XI Jinping said that he was in no hurry to conclude a trade agreement with China, even though the negotiations with the head of China were “better than expected.”

“The quality of the deal is much more important to me than the speed of its conclusion»

The day before, the head of state reminded, he had a “great meeting” with XI Jinping in Osaka. At it, the us President, while the parties continue negotiations, agreed not to increase the already existing tariffs for Chinese goods. China, in turn, said trump, agreed to start purchasing a large number of agricultural products from American farmers.

Trump said, despite the fact that relations between the US and China, in his opinion, “remain very good”, “no reduction in tariffs” in respect of Chinese goods yet.

What will change in Russian laws from July 1, 2019

Since July, the retirement of those who fell in the first place of the pension reform adopted last year — women who were born in January 1964, and men born in January 1959-begins.

Since July 1, monthly benefits for the care of disabled children and disabled children from childhood of the first group for non-working parents (adoptive parents) or guardians (Trustees) will amount to 10 thousand rubles instead of 5.5 thousand

Since July 1, according to the order of the government, the experiment on the marking of shoes produced in Russia or imported into the country begins. The transition to mandatory marking should be completed by March 2020.

From July 1, 2019, online cash desks become mandatory for:

  • all organizations and individual entrepreneurs providing services to the population, regardless of the tax regime;
  • IP working on UTII (single tax on imputed income) in trade and catering without the use of hired labor;
  • SP using vending machines, without hired labor;
  • carriers selling travel documents in the cabin of public transport.

Since July 1, the daily interest rate on consumer loans and credits is limited to 1%, that is, can not exceed 365% per annum, or the average market value of the total cost of consumer credit (loan) by more than one third. The value of the total cost of consumer credit is calculated quarterly by the Bank of Russia

Since July 1, the law on project financing of housing, which is designed to protect shareholders, comes into force. Now the developer will use for the construction of their own or borrowed funds, not the money of shareholders. Those will transfer them to escrow accounts, which the developer will be able to receive only after the commissioning of the facility.

From July 1, all hotels with more than 50 rooms will need to have a certificate of assignment of stars. Without this certificate it will be forbidden to work. The certificate will be valid for three years from the date of assignment. A similar prohibition applies to ski slopes and beaches. If the hotel will indicate in its advertising more stars than it is assigned, it expects an administrative fine.

On July 31, the law on mortgage holidays comes into force. In accordance with it, a borrower who finds himself in a difficult life situation and is unable to provide payments for the loan will be able to demand from the Bank to reduce or suspend payments for up to six months. The suspension will not be considered a delay and will not be reflected in the credit history, but the total amount of interest will be increased.

From 1 July, the requirement to equip buses, trolleybuses, specialized passenger vehicles (vehicles of categories M2 and M3), as well as vehicles of category N intended for the transport of dangerous goods, GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation equipment comes into force.

Since July 1, a restriction on the admission of wines of foreign production to procurement for state and municipal needs. This applies to wines, sparkling wines, liqueur and fruit (fruit) wines.

Since July 8, flights to Georgia of Russian airlines are suspended. In addition, a temporary ban on flights of Georgian airlines to Russia comes into force.

Increased tariff rates of the system “Platon»

According to TASS, in February 2020, the current legislation prescribes an increase in the tariff rate for the Plato system to 2.2 rubles per kilometer, and from February 1, 2021, it will increase to 2.35 rubles per kilometer.

Results of the first half: new buildings in all major cities rose

For six months, the square meter in the primary market of the country increased by an average of 9%. Such high growth rates have not been for several years, experts of the Federal portal “WORLD of APARTMENTS”. And the reason for this was the legislative regulation of the market of new buildings. Experts recorded a rise in prices in the primary market in all major cities of the country with a population of more than 300 thousand people.

The strongest growth in the first half of the square meters in Penza (+18.2%), Tula (+17.8%), Omsk (+17.6%), Samara (+17.3%) and Tver (+17.2%). Ever-growing Sochi took this time only seventh place with 15.3%, losing to Novokuznetsk (+16.3%).

The organizers of the G20 designated the southern Kuriles as part of Japan

The official website of the G20 posted a video showing a map of Japan with the Russian Kuril Islands included in it. The video dedicated to the city of Osaka, where the next G20 summit was held at the end of June, was posted on the YouTube channel of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on February 19.

Factory premises and warehouses of the KLA will be sold

The United aircraft Corporation is currently faced with the task of optimizing the administrative apparatus of the company, which, according to the head of Rostec, is “very bloated”, because the area of the UAC exceeds the area of the aircraft company Airbus.

“There’s half of you can safely to cut and sell,” — said General Director of “Rostec” Chemezov. “We will sell, of course,” Chemezov said decisively.

Rostec will discuss with the banks the debt restructuring of the KLA

Rostec will negotiate with banks on the restructuring of debt obligations of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC), said the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov

Ukraine together with the United States begins large-scale exercises in the Black sea.

Destroyer of the American Navy (Navy) class “Arly Burke” USS Carney (DDG 64) will take part in the us-Ukrainian military exercises Sea Breeze. They will be held near Odessa. Maneuvers will start on July 1. This time, according to the us military, representatives of 19 countries (including Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey and the UK), 32 ships, 24 aircraft and more than 3 thousand soldiers will take part in them. Exercises Sea Breeze Ukraine and the United States carried out since 1997

Japan has left the International whaling Commission (IWC)

Japan waited until the end of the G20 summit and immediately left the International whaling Commission (IWC), of which it had been a member for more than 60 years. Now the Japanese authorities will resume commercial whaling, which is opposed by the entire civilized world. This has been banned in Japan for over 30 years.

The decision came after Tokyo’s last offer to resume whaling was rejected at the IWC annual meeting last September. After that, Japan threatened to leave the international organization.

Previously, the Japanese authorities hunted whales allegedly for “research purposes” (this happened in 1987 and 1994). The international community then criticized these actions, noting that they are a cover for commercial whaling. It is known that the meat caught whales, says the Agency, was sold on the domestic market.

California has blocked the allocation of funds for the construction of the wall

The Federal court of the us state of California has blocked the allocation of Pentagon funds for the construction of the wall on the us border with Mexico. On it the President of the United States Donald trump has announced its intention to challenge the court’s decision.

“We immediately appeal and we think we will win the appeal. There was no reason why this should have happened.”

The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico was one of trump’s main campaign promises.

Information and explanatory work for 949 million rubles of budget funds

Rosstat plans to spend 949 million rubles of budget funds on carrying out information and explanatory work on the all-Russian population census and popularization of its results.

The census will be held in 2020. The contractor is to carry out information and explanatory work on it in 2019-2020, and in 2021 — information support and promotion of its results.

According to the documents, part of the campaign, which includes the placement of materials in the media and social networks, the creation of thematic accounts in YouTube, Instagram, advertising and organization of various events

One part of the campaign will be the release of a humorous number about the census on the air of a humorous show. In the terms of reference stated that the customer will approach the Comedy Club or the WHC.

It is planned to assess not only the population, but also migration flows. The project may cost the state 1.2 billion rubles. as possible responsible companies are Sberbank, OneFactor, “Outpost” (part of “X holding”) and Telecom operators, among the authorities — the Ministry of economy and Rosstat.

The damage from the flood roads in the Irkutsk region was estimated at 800 million rubles

In the Irkutsk region, the damage caused by the flood to the roads of the region was calculated. According to preliminary data, it is about 800 million rubles, according to TASS, referring to the Deputy Minister of construction, road economy of the region Yevgeny Lipatov.

The Russian Ministry of health sent two specialists to the flood zone in the Angara region

The Ministry of health of Russia sent two specialists to help flood victims in the Irkutsk region, reported June 30 on the Agency’s website.

Oil in Georgian fire

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko called unacceptable the attack on the Russian Deputy and supported the Russian foreign Ministry, who recommended the Russians not to go to Georgia, explaining this concern for their safety. According to her, while Georgia “will not show power, will not bring order, will not stop Russophobic wave, which raised radicals, there is nothing to talk about.”

“Let them apologize for what happened,” Matvienko said. “Then dialogue is possible.”

As the speaker added, “there is no conflict between Russia and Georgia, we did not initiate anything.”

Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN met on the border of the two Koreas

The leaders shook hands in the demilitarized zone between the two Korean States. Trump became the first acting President of the United States to set foot on North Korean territory – he made a symbolic step across the border with Kim. Trump called it a “great honor.”

Trump called the meeting “a great day for the whole world” and stressed that between him and the North Korean leader “a great friendship is being forged.” They invited Kim Jong UN to Washington.

Money is enough only for food and clothing, it follows from the data of Rosstat

Kommersant learned about the resignation of Regardie

A letter of resignation filed by the first Deputy of the head of service Colonel-General Sergei Melikov, and Lieutenant-General Sergei Mileiko, the Deputy Director who oversaw logistical issues, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to informed sources.

Most Russians spend their leisure time watching TV

More than half of Russians never go to theaters, concerts and cafes. Instead, they prefer to take a break from everyday Affairs at the TV watching movies and TV series, according to the results of the survey of the Levada center, which appeared at the disposal of Izvestia.

Skobeeva and the Nightingale argued over trump about Putin:

“Not a lovely, rather – the great! Why be shy?”replied Skobeeva.

Soloviev disagreed with his colleague, noting that the word used by trump can be translated as “a great guy, no more, but no less.”

“I do not want to hear anything about the style, and Putin is really great,” – did not agree to the lady.

Fuji climbing season opens in Japan

Official trails leading to the top of Fuji, open from July 1 and will work on September 10, according to the tourism office of Japan in Russia. Since July 10, the shelter huts open on all routes leading to the top from different sides.

The rise is very gentle, you can drive halfway – buses and cars reach the fifth station. From it to the top is quite comfortable trail length of about seven thousand meters. However, about ten months of the year the top is covered with snow.

January and may are the most dangerous months for heart health

Scientists from the Tomsk Institute of cardiology analyzed more than 9 thousand cases of acute cardiac dysfunction in 10 years, comparing them with the weather conditions in the region. It turned out that most often myocardial infarction affected residents of Tomsk in January and may, at least — in November

Cardiologists believe that the reason for this may be the may and new year holidays, when Russians eat and drink a lot.

In Russia entered into force new rules on “star” hotels

According to the introduced norms, Russian hotels with more than 50 rooms should receive a certificate of assignment of a certain category of “star”from July 1. As pointed out by Prime Ministers of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, the new rules are introduced to tourists traveling around the country could be sure of what level of service they will receive.

Beijing built the world’s largest airport

Dasin airport is located in the South of Beijing, 46 kilometers from the city center. The main reason for its construction was the desire to unload the international airport Beijing capital, one of the busiest Airways in the world. The distance between the two airports will be about 67 kilometers.

In Sheremetyevo formed a huge queue

Passengers faced huge queues for check-in at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. The corresponding photos appeared on the social network Instagram. Representatives of the airport did not comment on the situation.

Earlier, on June 28, it was reported that the aircraft Parking at terminal B of the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport was flooded with rainwater. The press service of Sheremetyevo reported that the flooding on the departures of aircraft did not affect.

The state Duma may ban private cameras recording traffic violations

The bill regulating requirements to the cameras fixing violations of traffic rules (SDA), imposition of fines and their appeal, was submitted to the state Duma by the deputies of the LDPR faction headed by Igor Lebedev and Yaroslav Nilov, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

Tourists in Thailand will be forced to buy insurance

Thai authorities this year will introduce mandatory health insurance for foreign tourists. The cost of insurance will be 20 baht (65 cents). Travelers who come to the Kingdom from abroad will have to pay for the policy at the immigration offices at the airports.

The Russian interior Ministry has proposed to establish a new payment for working foreigners

The interior Ministry proposes to introduce additional payments for migrants working in Russia on the basis of a residence permit (residence permit) or a temporary residence permit (TRP), but are not required to pay for a patent, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the document.

The Ministry of construction plans to revise the standards for heating

The Ministry of construction launched monitoring in the regions of Russia to decide on the establishment of standards for heating. This was reported on Friday by the Director of the Department of housing and communal services of the Ministry of construction Svetlana Nikonova at the expert Council in the state Duma.

“We have launched monitoring with a request of the current situation in the regions to carefully analyze it and see what the cost implications [can be] for consumers [of heat] specific regions. [This is necessary] for the correct assessment of the impact and further decision-making,” she said.

The Russian Orthodox Church and the Ministry of labor will create a Commission for the promotion of social projects

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation will create a joint Commission on the development of Church volunteering and social projects, the text of the agreement on cooperation in the field of social services is published on Friday by the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate

The Ministry of transport has developed regulations carpooling

The Ministry of transport of Russia has prepared regulations carpooling (using a car using online search services companions). This was reported by the newspaper “Kommersant”on July 1.

33 stations and 72 kilometers of lines by 2035

To 2035 in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas is planned to construct 72 km of metro lines with 33 stations and four depots. This was reported by the head of the Department of development of new territories of the capital Vladimir Zhidkin.

In Russia approved the procedure for the provision of palliative care

The Ministry of health and the Ministry of labour have developed and approved a Regulation on the provision of palliative care, which includes the procedure for cooperation between medical organizations, social service organizations, public associations and other non-profit organizations operating in the field of health protection.

The pestilence of fish in the Volga

In the Ulyanovsk region from mid-June in the Volga began to die EN masse fish. Photos with their carcasses on the Bank of the river laid out and laid out still weekly. Of course, “mass death” — loudly said, but people are in a panic and are not happy. In a panic, because nobody knows the true cause of death: poor environment or a natural phenomenon. Not happy, because the fish is on the beaches, and no one cleans it. She was lying (so), prevents people to swim and exudes a fetid smell.

German scientists: spinach promotes muscle growth

Researchers from the Free University of Berlin spoke about vegetable “doping”, which increases the weight and performance of muscles. They turned out to be an ordinary spinach, writes the German edition of Focus.

It was found that the vegetable has the ability to strengthen muscles and promotes the growth of muscle tissue. It contains ecdysterone, which is also called a plant steroid.

Athletes plan to ban the use of spinach

The subjects strength has tripled. In this regard, athletes may be banned from taking pills based on vegetable extract. The spinach itself will not be banned, because to achieve the desired effect, you need to eat it five kilograms a day.

The Russians spoke about the desired level of income in retirement

RBC with reference to NPF “Sberbank” reports on the results of a survey of Russians who spoke about the desired level of income in retirement. The majority of respondents (36%) noted that they need about 30 thousand rubles a month for a comfortable life. 28% called the amount of 45-60 thousand rubles, and 15% said that they are enough and 20 thousand rubles.

The largest amount was announced by the military – 20% said that they need to get more than 100 thousand rubles per month for comfort.

From July 1 in Russia increased payments for housing

Since July 1 in Russia the payment for housing and communal services again grew. Despite the desire of officials to keep the increase in utility tariffs within the target inflation rate (about 4%), in some regions the increase will be significant

The Finnish company will build two ships for cruises in the Arctic by 2022

The Finnish company Helsinki Shipyard Oy will build the first expedition vessel for Arctic cruises on the order of Vodohod in 2021, the construction of the second will be completed in 2022, the corresponding agreement was signed in mid-June.

The company from Vietnam intends to implement a project in Tyumen for 17 billion

The complex of dairy farming and milk processing plant is planned to be built in the Tyumen region. The Vietnamese company “TH true milk”intends to implement an investment project worth 17 billion rubles. This RBC Tyumen reported in the Fund “Investment Agency of the Tyumen region»

Duty on oil exports from Russia from July 1 reduced

The duty on oil exports from Russia from July 1 is reduced to $ 100.3 from $ 110.4 per ton in June, follows from the documents of the Ministry of economic development.

Reconstruction of the port of Tiksi in the North of Yakutia was estimated at 2.5 billion rubles

Reconstruction of the port infrastructure of the sea port of Tiksi in the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles, reports TASS with reference to the representative of the press service of the regional government. The importance of the port is due to the promising industrial development of the Arctic territory.

Central Bank: the economy is growing only due to loans to the population

In the first quarter, according to Rosstat, the Russian economy slowed by 5.5 times, adding only 0.5%, and by may growth almost stopped: the MAYOR estimated it at 0.2%, and Vnesheconombank – at 0%.

If the banks did not give the population 1.5 trillion rubles of loans in the last 12 months, the economic growth would have remained zero, according to the Bank of Russia

“According to our estimates, in the first quarter of 2019, GDP growth could fall to zero in the absence of such support,” the Central Bank writes.

Russians want to limit the issuance of consumer loans

Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshnik believes that the Central Bank should regulate the number of consumer loans. According to the official, it is necessary to limit those loans that bring social problems.

It became known how much pensions will be indexed in 2020

Insurance pensions in 2020 are planned to increase by 6.6 percent, and the size of the pension point will increase to 93 rubles (now it costs 87 rubles 24 kopecks). This is stated in the Main characteristics of the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) for 2020-2022 (at the disposal of “RG”).

Since July 1, gas prices for consumers have increased

Since July 1, according to the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly service in Russia will increase regulated gas prices “Gazprom” for all categories of consumers. This was reported on the FAS website. Gas prices, both for industry and for the population, are indexed annually taking into account inflation. In 2019, prices increased by 1.4%. In 2018, gas prices were indexed by 3.4%.

Gasoline prices in Russia in annual terms increased by 7.9%

In may, the increase in the cost of gasoline at gas stations by 0.4% or more was observed in 32 subjects of the Russian Federation, Rosstat explains. Most prices rose in Tuva — by 4.9%, the Kirov region — by 1.6%, the Republic of Mari El and Khabarovsk Krai — by 1.5% , and the decline in prices in some regions is Crimea and Dagestan — by 0.9% and 0.8%, respectively. In Moscow, gasoline fell by 0.1% in may, in St. Petersburg — rose by 0.1%.

Gas “Power of Siberia” will go in December 2019

The fields for the gas pipeline within the Eastern gas program are almost ready In December 2019, gas supplies from Russia to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline will begin, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said at the General annual meeting of shareholders.

Samsung claims to build tankers for NOVATEK’s Arctic LNG – 2 plant»

The South Korean company can implement the project jointly with the plant “Zvezda” the Contract to build 15 to 20 LNG plant “Arctic LNG 2” YANAO can to Samsung Heavy Industries Co. The estimated cost of construction of tankers ranges from 3 to 4 billion us dollars.

Belarus insists on equal gas price with Russia

Belarus considers it necessary to gradually bring natural gas prices closer to the Russian Federation and to enter the single gas market by 2025 within the framework of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU), Belarusian energy Minister Viktor Karankevich Told reporters.

Power engineers on Sakhalin owed more than 1.2 billion rubles for electricity

According to the press service, the most problematic groups of debtors are: the population (debt is 368.4 million rubles), management companies (332.9 million rubles) and utilities (145.1 million rubles).

“Low payment discipline of consumers has a negative impact on the performance of repairs, timely purchase of fuel and equipment. To ensure stable operation of the power system in the winter, Sakhalinenergo is forced to attract credit resources,” the press service said.

Minsk intends to raise the tariff for the transit of Russian oil

Belarus proposes to increase the tariff for the transit of Russian oil by 21.7%. This was stated by the General Director of JSC “Gomeltransneft Druzhba” Oleg Borisenko. The reason for the increase in the tariff is called compensation for losses that were caused by the pollution of the Druzhba pipeline with substandard oil.

“In April-June, the reduction in oil transportation volumes due to the incident amounted to more than 4.7 million tons, which in monetary terms is more than 23 million dollars,” Oleg Borisenko told BelTA.

Mortgage bankrupt forgive debts if they have already taken the apartment

The Central Bank made recommendations to banks to consider mortgage debt repaid in full if the debtor seized collateral housing. This applies even when the debt is greater than the proceeds from the sale of the apartment amount.

Britain will prove to Russian President Vladimir Putin the value of liberalism

The former British foreign Minister wrote an article in the daily Telegraph, entering into a debate with Russian President Vladimir Putin about whether liberalism has outlived its usefulness.

In his article, the former British foreign Minister stressed that it is liberalism that provides Western countries with “prosperity at a level that previous generations could not even imagine.”

“Vladimir, there are some countries where capitalism is a system in which everything is in the hands of the oligarchs and especially close to the leader of persons where journalists are shot, where they mock liberal values, where according to Rosstat, every third resident of the country can not afford more than two pairs of shoes a year, where 12% of the population enjoys the convenience on the street, where real incomes have decreased over the past five years,” – said Johnson

Seven countries will prepare a draft joint resolution in PACE

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Georgia adopted a joint statement. It said that the restoration of Russia’s rights to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

“is the wrong signal to a country that has resorted to armed aggression, poisoning people, which does not respect human rights against its own citizens and which is trying not to promote, but to undermine democracy in Europe.”

List of countries for the “safe” vacation Regardie

Regardie in the Novosibirsk region has compiled a list of countries for the “safe” leave of their employees, which got only 14 States.

According to the report, this list includes countries where the military-political,natural and climatic conditions ensure the safe stay of employees of Regardie and their families.

Libya announced a General mobilization against Turkey

In Libya, in connection with threats from Turkey, General mobilization is announced, the speaker of the Libyan Parliament Agila Salah ISA said. Sky News Arabia reports that the speaker of the house of representatives announced the mobilization as commander-in-chief, RIA “Novosti”.

Russia will provide Serbia with a loan of €172.5 million

Russia will provide Serbia with an export credit of €172.5 million, the agreement can be concluded soon, said Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Kharchenko

The head of Turkey said that the S-400 will be delivered to the country within 10 days

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that deliveries of Russian s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems will be carried out within 10 days.

China is building a bridge with a height of 100-storey building

The route will connect 2 major centers in the same southwestern province of China – Guizhou. This area has a complex mountainous terrain, which demanded from the engineers of China unprecedented audacity of thought and imagination. The height of the main tower of the supporting structure will be 328 meters.

In Copenhagen can limit the number of electric scooters

Copenhagen authorities plan to limit the number of electric scooters that can be rented in the center, according to “Europuls”. According to city hall estimates, in the Central areas of the Danish capital should be no more than three thousand electric scooters and bicycles rented

Vietnam won the us-China trade war

Vietnam’s GDP grew by 6.71 percent year-on-year in the second quarter, exceeding analysts ‘ forecasts for a decline to 6.61 percent. This result was achieved mainly due to the development of the manufacturing sector, which grew by 9.14 per cent. U.S. imports from Vietnam increased by almost 40 percent in the first four months of 2019 compared to the same period last year, while Chinese imports fell by 13 percent.

China develops domestic tourism

In terms of tourism development until 2020, adopted in 2014, the State Council of China set the task of achieving the tourism industry 5% of GDP and total revenues of 5.5 trillion yuan. Each Chinese, according to the plan, should annually make 4,5 tourist trips.

In 2017, each Chinese made 3.7 trips, and the industry revenues amounted to 5.4 trillion yuan. According to official statistics, domestic tourism accounts for 4.57 trillion yuan in this figure.

In Shanghai began to produce electricity by burning waste

According to the newspaper, the station can process a third of household waste of all residents. The first decree on sorting and recycling of household waste begins to operate in Shanghai on July 1.

China began preparations for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of China 

It is reported by Xinhua…. Chinese police should make every effort to ensure security during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the formation of China, said Chinese Minister of public security Zhao Keji.

The Minister also stressed the mandatory subordination of the police to the full and unconditional party leadership, which requires the guards to counteract the violation of public order and Subversion, sabotage and penetration by external forces….

The Finnish company has created a product of air, water and electricity

The Finnish company Solar Foods presented the development of a new product for supermarkets. Experts have created an unusual supply line Solein of air, water and electric current. The appearance of the product resembles ordinary flour and can be added to different dishes

An experienced solar plant for the production of synthetic fuel was opened

A pilot plant for the production of synthetic fuels using solar energy was opened on the territory of the Spanish Energy Institute IMDEA in Madrid. The basis of the enterprise is the solar concentrator, which increases the energy density of solar radiation by 2.5 thousand times.

The US will build a military port in the Arctic to “deter” Russia

The United States plans to build a port in the Arctic to declare Russia’s interests in the region. According to Heise, Washington’s discontent caused the strengthening of Moscow’s influence in the Arctic

Ministry of education approved new Federal programs

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of education of the Russian Federation Tatyana sinugina. According to her, teachers will be able to receive standard programs with which they will be able to receive forms and methods. According to her, with these methods, the teacher can enter the class, and they will not be limited in the forms and methods of teaching children.

The Pacific fleet will receive two of the newest Corvette of the project 20380

The Pacific fleet will receive the latest corvettes of the project 20380 “Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov” and “Sharp” in 2020 and 2021, the official representative of the top captain of the 2nd rank Nikolai Voskresensky.

Huawei will remain in the list of suspicious organizations

Advisor to the administration of the us President praised the actions of the Chinese side in “their desire to stand on the protection of national security.” He added that the removal of restrictions on Huawei does not mean a full Amnesty for the company, and it will remain in the “black list”.

In the United States announced the failure of the RD-180 engine at the launch of the rocket Atlas-5

The emergency situation occurred with the Russian rd-180 engine at the launch of the Atlas-5 launch vehicle in 2018, it did not affect the flight of the rocket, the payload was put into orbit, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the representative of the press service of the American company United Launch Alliance (ULA) Julie Arnold.

Chinese drones will throw the enemy “garlic»

In China, a new combat drone capable of scattering “garlic”has been developed. This half-forgotten name called spikes, is designed to slow-moving groups of the enemy and causing him injuries.

Drones of the Russian armed forces will switch to domestic oil

According to the interlocutor of the edition, on the majority of UAVs which are used in Armed Forces of Russia, engines of foreign production are established. During their operation, oils that are approved by engine manufacturers are used

The Russian military will be engaged in processing of garbage

In Russia, military units will provide garbage processing plants to reduce the burden on the regions. This was in an interview with the TV channel “Star” on Sunday, June 30, said Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“Now I came from the current facility, which is called the plant for garbage processing. We will start a large program to provide military units with such plants, so that the garrisons in this regard are not a burden for the subjects,” Shoigu said.

In Poland will build a training center for American soldiers

The United States and Poland agreed in early June on the deployment on Polish territory of the reconnaissance squadron of the American drone MQ-9, the extra thousands of troops and the construction of a military airfield “for training exercises and emergency incidents”.

Cyprus will not close ports for Russian ships at the request of the United States

Cyprus will not cease to provide ports and infrastructure for Russian ships, despite the requirements of the United States, said the head of the Ministry of defense of Cyprus Savvas Andelis.

Zelensky’s team announced the condition of using the Russian language in Donbass

The head of administration of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky Andrey Bogdan told about the position of the team of the President in relation to the state language, writes the Ukrainian media. Answering the question about the introduction of the Russian language as the second state language, he said that he opposed it.

“I don’t think he solves this issue. It deepens the conflict. In this case, I am against it,” Bogdan said.

He noted that he would allow Donetsk and Lugansk Russian as a regional language “provided that after that they are the territory of Ukraine”.

Israel launched a missile attack on Damascus

Israeli air force fighters attacked the vicinity of HOMS and Damascus. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the source. According to the Agency, Israeli planes launched missile attacks on the positions of the military SAR.

Turkey has transferred military equipment to the border with Syria

In the Turkish province of Hatay, which is located near the border with Syria, arrived convoy of armored vehicles with special forces. It is reported Anadolu Ajansi with reference to its sources

Ukraine will receive 20 patrol boats from France

France plans to transfer to Ukraine 20 patrol boats OCEA FPB 98. This was reported on the page of the press service of the government of Ukraine in the social network Facebook.

Trump said five options for us action on Venezuela

The United States is considering five options for further action to resolve the crisis in Venezuela. This was stated by the head of the White house Donald trump at a press conference following the G20 summit in Japan.

“We are following Venezuela very closely. It’s a disaster. That’s what socialism can do,” trump said.

“I have 5 different strategies, I can change them at any time,” trump said. “We are currently helping in terms of (humanitarian) aid,” he added.

Putin proposed to give to the officials of the smartphones on the “Aurora»

Each Russian official should be given a smartphone on the Russian operating system “Aurora” (in the past — Sailfish OS Mobile Rus). Such a proposal from the owner of the mobile OS, “Rostelecom” and the Ministry of communications gave President Vladimir Putin Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov.

Five companies accused Yandex of restricting access to their services

Five sites, according to which Yandex restricts access to their services, accused the search engine of violating the law on competition. The corresponding note prepared by the sites of ads Avito, property search CYANOGEN, search professionals profi.ru, maps 2GIS and online cinema ivi, write “Vedomosti”.

Google will release an analogue of AirDrop for Android smartphones

Smartphone users have long known that Android Beam will soon be removed, but there was no information what replacement will be offered by the company. It turned out that Google has developed a new way to quickly transfer data, called Fast Share.

Google allowed the Russians to make a reservation through a search engine

Google has added a new opportunity for the Russian region. Users were allowed to book tables in the restaurant from the search results page. The first reservation service, working with Google, was “Tomato” connected 1.3 thousand restaurants in 20 cities of the country.

Android game in the horror genre steals credentials from Google, Facebook

The game is called “Scary Granny ZOMBYE Mod: The Horror Game 2019 (Scary Granny)” for the mobile operating system Android, which has already been installed 50 thousand users, steals accounts from Google and Facebook accounts. In addition, the application sends information about users to attackers.

Third-party programs will lose access to Gmail from July 15

Google will soon block access to Gmail data from some third-party applications. The new policy in relation to the API will take effect from July 15. In particular, many applications will lose access.

MTS will launch a chatbot for lawyers

MTS PJSC started work on a chatbot, which, in particular, will perform the functions of a lawyer. For the most part, the chatbot will be focused on solving internal tasks of MTS, but in the autumn of 2019 the operator will present it to the external market.

Apple has secretly withdrawn MacBook Air 2018

On Saturday, June 29, the portal MacRumors reported with reference to the internal document of the Corporation. The reason for the recall were problems with motherboards, which the company is ready to replace for free.

Google has opened a website for developers Fuchsia

Google presented a website for Fuchsia developers.dev. It contains information about the Fuchsia operating system, which should be a “replacement” for Android.The website is still being developed, but the information provided is located in a more convenient order and belongs to the Google domain.

Noblechairs together with Mercedes released a gaming chair for F1 fans

Noblechairs in partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorspot has released a special gaming chair for formula 1 fans. The new gaming chair will be part of the Epic series and will cost $ 449.

New update to Windows 10 EN masse breaks the graphics card

After updating the man saw not a habitual desktop, and “the blue screen of death”. In the comments, a large number of users stated about the same problem, and as it turned out, the new update of Windows 10 breaks the graphics card literally massively.

Apple intends to move Mac Pro production to China

The new model of Mac Pro will be produced in China, the wall Street Journal reports, citing informed sources. Apple’s chosen contractor — Quanta Computer — will assemble Mac Pro computers at a factory near Shanghai.

Multi-page smartphone-book from Google

The corresponding patent was registered by Google Corporation in the world intellectual property organization under the name “Device with folding multi-page screen”. According to the patent, Google invented an e-book with several flexible pages that are fixed by a Central hinge and can, like the pages of an ordinary book, turn over. If the “book” from Google is in a closed state, it is, thanks to the usual displays on the “cover”, can be used approximately as a smartphone

Collections of museums of Uzbekistan are presented on Google Arts&Culture

Google Arts & Culture is an online collection of exhibits from 1,200 museums, galleries and other organizations in 70 countries. Google Arts & Culture service provides an opportunity to visit world exhibitions and study works of art in great detail.

Google will turn Android Messages into a competitor Instagram and Snapchat

Google can turn a standard messaging app in the Android operating system into a kind of competitor to Instagram and Snapchat. Members of the XDA Developers community have discovered new augmented reality effects that are being tested in the messenger.

YouTube will give you the opportunity to clean up the recommendations

It is reported that to do this, you need to block the web channel, and the content will be cleaned up by the neural network of the resource. For example, if there are videos in the recommendation tape that are not interesting to the user, they have the opportunity to remove them.

Google has set up automatic deletion of location history

The automatic cleaning of location history will be available to users in the next few weeks.

“We are working to maintain the security of users’ data, and we have heard many requests to develop easier ways to manage and delete personal information,” Google reported.

“Undressing” girls application hacked and leaked to the public

The Creator of the acclaimed app DeepNude removed his brainchild. But, despite this, the network has a hacked version of the program, which allows you to “undress” the girls in the photo without any watermarks and inscriptions. One of the users of Reddit managed to hack the program and develop a key that provides free access to the premium version of the application

Updated Firefox Preview released for Android

Developers from Mozilla released the first public Assembly of the updated browser Firefox Preview, which previously appeared under the name Fenix. The new product will be released in the fall, but for now you can download the “pilot” version of the application. The novelty is positioned as a kind of replacement and development of Firefox Focus.

Microsoft Edge got the lock surveillance by the sites

Microsoft has announced a new feature for its chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. We are talking about blocking the tracking systems of sites that collect data about users. This opportunity arose in the Assembly Microsoft Edge Canary number

In Google-search it became possible to share GIF-files

Users will be able to send “gifs” to friends, for example, via Gmail or WhatsApp, simply by clicking on the “Share”button.Gifs make conversations more fun and funny, and Google developers try to make it easier to share them through Google Pictures.

Safari in iOS 13 won’t allow you to open the same site twice

Cult of Mac found that iOS 13 Safari won’t allow users to open a second tab with the same website if it detects that you already have it open. This doesn’t mean that users won’t be able to open new tabs, just that Safari will prompt them to go to a tab with the website already open.

Maps 2GIS learned show public transport

In the application for maps 2GIS added a function to track transport. To find out where the transport goes, you need to: click on The stop icon. Enter the route number in the search box

Analogue Botox made weapons against malaria mosquitoes

Studied by an international team of researchers, the neurotoxin, which resembles botulinum toxin (Botox) in its properties, is an effective weapon against malaria mosquitoes. Dedicated to this interesting discovery material appeared on the pages of the scientific publication Nature Communications.

Raboroko has given the ability to detect hazardous substances in water

Scientists have attached to the robotic arm module that allows you to determine the presence of pollutants in the water. It is reported by Science Robotics. The new device is based on the principle of determining the tastes of people.

Off the coast of Cyprus found a sunken Roman ship with amphorae

Off the coast of Sunny Cyprus, the researchers found a sunken Roman huge ship with a lot of different amphorae, according to information and news publication evo-rus.com ahhh!

The Pentagon has developed a remote heartbeat scanner

The us Department of defense (Pentagon) has developed a special laser with which the identity of a person can be established at a distance by analyzing the heartbeat, writes MIT Technology Review.

Since each person has their own unique heartbeat, having a database of recorded signatures, it is possible with a high degree of probability to identify the object. Note that in the long term, this technology can find much more applications.

Scientists have discovered a new property of light

Scientists from Spain and the United States of America have discovered a new property of light radiation — light, as it turned out, has a so-called “self-twisting moment.” The scientific work on physical discovery was published in the authoritative edition of Science.

Neurons of the visual cortex were universal

Scientists from the Institute of biological research Salk conducted an experiment on primates, finding that the color, shape and orientation of visible objects are treated by the same neurons of the primary visual cortex

“AvtoVAZ” has changed his mind to raise prices for some models

“AvtoVAZ” from July 1 will raise prices not for its entire line of cars, but only for three models out of five. Lada Vesta, Lada Granta and Lada Largus cars will rise in price, and the recommended retail prices of Lada Xray and Lada 4×4 will remain the same.

For the first time scientists were able to create metallic hydrogen

Researchers from France for the first time created in the laboratory a substance called “metallic hydrogen”. The peculiarity of this matter is that it is an exotic substance and is contained in the thickness of the gas giant planets.

Created a bracelet to help control emotions

Researchers at the School of computing and communications of the University of Lancaster in the UK have created a “smart” device that responds to any changes in the emotional state of the owner

The elastic polymer fabric printed on a 3D printer

Scientists have used this principle to change the elasticity of the structure and more accurately match the properties of soft tissues. As a test, the engineers printed on a 3D printer long strips with a lattice structure — they were used to support the ankle of healthy volunteers

China will deploy a group of 192 smart satellites by 2021

The group was named Leo in honor of the constellation Leo. It is assumed that satellites equipped with artificial intelligence elements will analyze images of the earth’s surface, revealing defects or distortions of the image.

In Russia, two private companies will create a light carrier rocket “Adler»

In Russia, the two companies United to create an innovative light vehicle — the carrier rocket “Adler”. The correspondent of the edition “Ecology of regions” reports about it with reference to the signed agreement.

“Hubble” photographed the “burning” galaxy

Using the space telescope “Hubble”, astronomers have images of the magnificent “flaming” galaxy NGC 972, located at a distance of about 70 million light years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Aries

The mystery of unexplained black holes is revealed

Astronomers at the Western University in Ontario (Canada) explained the mechanism of supermassive black holes, according to which in the very early Universe, these objects were in the active growth stage. Unlike conventional black holes, supermassive ones are not formed as a result of a supernova outbreak, but the reasons for their appearance are still not known. The article was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

NASA will send the device to Saturn’s moon Titan to search for life

The national Board of the USA on Aeronautics and research of space administration (NASA) plans to send a spacecraft Dragonfly (“Dragonfly”) to study the largest moon of Saturn — Titan, reported on the organization’s website. According to the Director of the Department James Bridenstein, the device will be equipped with various tools that will help to explore the surface of the satellite.