2 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/01/2020

The number of billionaires in the world and the total value of their fortunes in 2019 increased significantly after a decline a year earlier, reaching record levels, according to data from the analytical company Wealth-X.

According to the” Census of billionaires ” published by the company on Tuesday, there were 2,825 billionaires in the world last year, which is 221, or 8.5% more than in 2018. The total value of their wealth increased by 10.3% in annual terms and reached $9.4 trillion. Among the countries, the leaders in the number of billionaires in 2019 were the United States (788 people) and China (342 people). In new York, there were 113 billionaires with a fortune of $1 billion. Next are Hong Kong (96 people) and San Francisco (77 people). Beijing ranked sixth with 57 billionaires

Kadyrov called for Vladimir Putin to be made President for life.

I always say: we should elect Vladimir Putin as President for life. Today, who can replace him? Well, such a political leader on a global scale. We should be proud of this, ” Kadyrov said at a meeting of the Republican operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus.

The United States will continue to supply oil to Belarus on a long-term program

The supply of oil from the United States was not a one-time step, but will continue as part of a long-term program. Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei told reporters on Tuesday. Makei reminded that the Belarusian head of state has set a goal to ensure at least 30% of oil supplies from alternative sources.

On June 11, the first batch of American oil of 77 thousand tons of Bakken grade arrived from Klaipeda by rail to Novopolotsk and began to arrive at the Naftan refinery.

China imposes restrictions on the work of American media on its territory

China is imposing restrictions on the operation of a number of American media outlets on its territory as a response to Washington’s actions, Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian said.

“China requires the news agencies Associated Press, United Press International, CBS, National Public Radio to provide the Chinese side with written information about all employees working in the territory of China, their finances and other activities within seven days from today,” said a representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

New US sanctions against Nord stream 2 will block investment

“The additional sanctions proposed by the US will directly affect more than 120 companies from more than 12 European countries. In a difficult economic situation, the sanctions will block about €700 million of investment in completing the construction of the gas pipeline, ” the project operator, Nord Stream 2 AG, said.

Gazprom export complied with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court

Gazprom export complied with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court and transferred to the Polish company PGNiG the overpayment for gas supplied via the Yamal — Europe gas pipeline. The compensation amount was $1.5 billion.

“At the same time, Gazprom PJSC and Gazprom export LLC continue to appeal this decision of the arbitration Tribunal in accordance with the established procedure. The transfer of funds does not affect the position of PJSC Gazprom and LLC Gazprom export in the course of the appeal»

The Stockholm arbitration delivered its decision on March 30, 2020. The gas supply contract was signed in 1996 and runs until 2022, with the possibility of extension. In 2012, Gazprom and PGNiG signed an additional agreement to this contract, which changes the price conditions. PGNiG indicated at the time that the price of Russian gas would eventually fall by more than 10%. However, Poland later announced that it would seek further discounts on Russian gas.

Russia has introduced mandatory labeling of medicines, cigarettes and shoes

Now cigarettes and footwear products can’t be sold on Russian counters if they don’t have a label. And unmarked medicines produced before July of this year are allowed to remain in circulation until the expiration date, Interfax clarifies.

Homeless people began to take over the homes of Russians in Spain

Russians who have real estate in Spain, reported more frequent cases of squatting — unauthorized seizure of other people’s empty homes. The number of such complaints increased sharply after the borders were closed due to quarantine, when owners could not come to their homes in another country.

Hong Kong protests against the new law

Hong Kong law enforcement officers on Wednesday detained more than 180 people on suspicion of participating in illegal gatherings and violating the national security law, police said.

Activists took to the streets of Hong Kong to oppose the new law, despite the ban on gatherings. The police used water cannons against protesters gathered near the building of the fire station on Hennessy road.

PayPal stops internal transfers in Russia from August

The international payment system PayPal is changing the business model in Russia-since August, The company stops internal transfers in Russia, a market source told TASS.

The UK economy showed a record fall

The UK economy has shown a record decline for 40 years, since 1979. GDP fell by a record 2.2 percent between January and March this year. This is reported by Reuters with reference to data from the country’s Office for national statistics (ONS).

New gold Deposit discovered in Egypt

A new gold Deposit with reserves of more than one million ounces has been discovered in the Eastern desert in Egypt, RIA Novosti reports. According to the Ministry of oil and mineral resources of the country, the degree of gold recovery here is 95%. This is one of the highest indicators.

The last satellite of the Chinese Beidou system has been commissioned

Chinese experts have commissioned the recently launched Beidou satellite, completing the formation of an orbital grouping. On July 1, this was reported by the Xinhua news Agency, with reference to the XI’an satellite measurement and control center.

China unveils electromagnetic weapons of the future

Unlike conventional firearms, which use the ignition of gunpowder to push the bullet out of the gun barrel at high speed, a spiral or rail gun uses electromagnetic force to accelerate the projectile as it moves along the gun barrel

The US has officially recognized Huawei and ZTE as a threat to national security

The us Federal communications Commission (FCC) officially attributed China’s Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. companies that pose a threat to the national security of the United States.

Beijing forcibly controls the birth rate of Uighurs in Xinjiang

The AP investigation reports that Chinese authorities are constantly testing hundreds of thousands of Uighur and other minority women in Xinjiang for pregnancy, forcing them to undergo sterilization and abortions. Violators of birth control measures can be sent to camps if they do not pay huge fines. From 2015 to 2018 the birth rate in Uighur regions fell by 60%

The French armed a reconnaissance drone with missiles

The French company Safran Electronics & Defense has developed a strike version of the tactical reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle Patroller, which is being created by order of the French ground forces. According to Jane’s, the official presentation of the device was planned to be held at the French exhibition Eurosatory 2020, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Netflix has unveiled an epic trailer for the new fantasy series “Cursed”

Streaming service Netflix has published the first full-fledged trailer for the new multi-series project “Cursed”. The series will tell an alternative version of the well-known legend of King Arthur.

Nickelodeon will release a new cartoon about teenage mutant ninja Turtles

Several animated series and feature films have been made about the adventures of turtles. Also based on the comics created video games that were played by no generation of Russian children.

Xiaomi introduced a compact column for 7 dollars

Xiaomi, which has already released several smart speakers in its home market in China, today released another speaker-Xiaomi XiaoAI Portable Speaker. As the name suggests, this is a compact portable speaker that can be easily carried around.

Microsoft will launch a free training program

Microsoft will launch a new training program that will help 25 million people acquire digital skills — that is, learn how to use information technology to work at a professional level, according to a press release on the company’s website

The new Google app will inform you about the purpose of a call from an unknown number

Google experts have developed an app that tells you what purpose a particular number of different companies calls for. Often, because of Intrusive advertising, users are forced to skip calls or turn off their phones altogether. The new app will help you avoid unnecessary ad imposition.

Google has updated the Google Photos app

Google has unveiled a long-awaited update to its Google Photos app. The new version has a structure with three tabs: “Photo”, “Search” and”Library”. For a long period of time, Google specialists have been working on updating their proprietary Google Photo app.

Apple TV+ will release a series about the greatest athletes of our time

On July 10, a 7-episode documentary mini-series about the best athletes of our time will be released on Apple TV+. The project is called Greatness Code, and its trailer is already available Online.



An overabundance of particles responsible for transmitting information was found in the brain’s genes

Specialists from the Institute of mathematical problems of biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and MIPT during their new research work discovered previously unknown features of genes. These genes may well explain the excess of special long introns in the human brain

Lifting heavy objects strengthens the nervous system

During the first few weeks of weightlifting, experts say, the human nervous system is strengthened, but not the muscular one. The researchers published their research in the journal JNeurosci.

Scientists have found out how fish get into individual reservoirs

It has long been a mystery how fish colonize individual ponds. The softness of the caviar called into question the idea that it could be carried and survive in the digestive system of birds. But, as it turns out, a tiny 0.2 percent of caviar is actually able to survive getting into the stomach, being attacked by digestive enzymes, and getting out of the bird.

Scientists from the United States have proved the possibility of creating a vaccine against Staphylococcus

Scientists from the Grossman school of Medicine at new York University (USA) have proved the possibility of creating a vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus, which most drugs are not effective against. The possibility of creating a vaccine against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has been shown by experiments on laboratory mice. Before that, it was not possible to create a drug to fight this strain.

The process of clearing the brain of dead neurons was captured on video

Scientists Robert hill and Jaime Grutzendler from Yale University Yemisi of Damis recorded on video the process of cleansing the brain of dead neurons. Apoptosis (predictable death of a neuron from old age) is a natural process. In order for the nervous system to work normally, dendrites and dead cells should be removed in a timely manner. If this process is not timely, it can lead to various kinds of disorders in the nervous system and cognitive disorders.

NHL players will be able to participate in the Olympic games

National hockey League (NHL) players will be able to participate in the 2022 and 2026 Olympic games. This possibility will be spelled out in a new collective agreement between the League and the players ‘ Union (NHLPA), according to TSN journalist Pierre Lebrun

The presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran adopted a joint statement on Syria

  • they confirmed that Syria should remain United and independent, and the conflict has no military solution,
  • rejected attempts to create new realities “on the ground” under the pretext of fighting terrorism, including illegal self-government initiatives, and expressed their determination to resist separatist plans,
  • rejected Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan and called the Israeli attacks in Syria destabilizing,
  • they expressed their rejection of the illegal seizure of oil revenues that should belong to Syria,
  • declared the need for calm in Idlib,
  • they expressed concern about the humanitarian situation and stated the need to ensure humanitarian access throughout Syria and help the return of refugees.