3 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/02/2020

Kirill Serebrennikov said that he had no money for compensation for the Ministry of culture. We are talking about the amount of 129 million rubles, which the court decided to recover from the defendants in the case of “Seventh Studio” at the request of the Ministry.

“I’m not a thief, I’m not a fraud. I am sure that some day the circumstances will change and an acquittal will be issued. But it’s only a matter of time. I live in Moscow and can go anywhere in Russia, but I can’t leave the country until I pay the Ministry of culture a lot of money, which I definitely don’t have.”

Serebrennikov added that people write to him from different countries-Austria, Germany, France, and say that they have started saving money to help him “buy off”.

Aeroflot tightened the admission of passengers to export flights to Istanbul

The airline has warned that it will only allow passengers with a residence permit or Turkish citizenship, diplomats or those who are going for treatment (with supporting certificates) to Board. “Other types of citizens will not be allowed to be transported,” the report says.

Earlier, some passengers decided to use export flights to get to Turkey on vacation. The warning caused panic among tourists who learned of the sudden changes.

Goa opens to tourists

250 hotels were allowed to resume their activities. In order for a tourist to enter Goa, they must have a negative COVID-19 certificate obtained no later than 48 hours before the trip or pass a mandatory test in Goa: M Ajgaonkar, Minister of tourism of Goa.

Tesla has become the most expensive carmaker in the world

The American manufacturer of electric cars Tesla overtook the Japanese carmaker Toyota by capitalization and became the world’s most expensive automaker, writes Bloomberg

The Central Bank of Russia reminded Russians about blocking deposits in wartime

According to “Finanz”, the Bank of Russia decided to remind citizens that in wartime, the state can block deposits in banks. Cash withdrawals from accounts were restricted in the first days of the great Patriotic war, the Central Bank writes on its Facebook page

Well, this full “hands up” is called

Russia in February 2019 proposed that Belarus transfer 95% of its powers to the supranational level, said Belarus ‘ Ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko.

“When we looked at it and passed it (the Russian proposal) to the President, the President invited me, and I say: well, this is a complete “hands up”,” the Ambassador said.” in the document that we were offered on February 13, 2019, I counted 95% of the functions of supranational, ” the Belarusian representative said. According to him, the document offered to “give everything up”, leaving Belarus only a few points, such as the right to call law enforcement agencies the police, and not the police, as in Russia.

As a positive example of integration of different States, the Ambassador called the European Union, in which 18% of functions are assigned to the supranational level, according to his assessment.

In Moscow, Parking has been simplified for the disabled

The separate Metropolitan register was completely abolished. Both people with disabilities and those who transport them can now leave their car in special places for the disabled without special permission.

Delivery of goods from AliExpress and Tmall will be free

The logistics operator Tsainiao and AliExpress Russia, which is part of the Alibaba Group, will send up to 500 million rubles for subsidies to sellers working on the latter’s platforms during the year until July 2021. About this “Vedomosti” said the representative of “Zinaa”.

AliExpress Russia-joint venture of Alibaba Group, Mail.ru Group, MegaFon, and RDIF. It includes the Russian platforms AliExpress and Tmall.

In Western Mongolia quarantined because of bubonic plague

In Western Mongolia, which borders Russia, an outbreak of bubonic plague was recorded, after which the region was quarantined. On Wednesday, July 1, CentralAsia reports. The bodies of bubonic plague were found in two local residents, a woman and a man.

The checkpoint to the Republic of Altai from Mongolia has not yet changed its work due to the plague in the neighboring country, a source in the region’s security agencies told RIA Novosti

The ban on foreigners entering Russia has been extended until August 1

RBC writes about this with reference to a telegram sent by Rosaviatsia to airports and airlines.

“Until 23:59 local time on 31.07.2020, there is a temporary restriction on the entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons into the Russian Federation,” the telegram reads.

From the telegram, RBC concludes that the ban on international flights will also be extended, although it does not provide quotes confirming this. With reference to a source in the White house, the Agency notes that such telegrams are issued every month since air traffic was suspended — and thus, according to the source, it is not only a restriction on entry to Russia, but also on the departure of Russians abroad.

The Ministry of construction of Russia has launched a system for monitoring accidents in the housing and utilities sector

According to Deputy head of the Ministry of construction of Russia Maxim Yegorov, the system is currently launched in six regions: St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Saratov, Sakhalin regions and Yakutia. The system allows you to track accidents on main networks and engineering infrastructure. The Deputy Minister added that in the future the system will allow to monitor the state of networks inside apartment buildings

In Russia, transfers from companies to citizens by phone number have started

Russian banks have started money transfers from legal entities to citizens by phone number in the quick payment system (SBP). You can transfer up to 100,000 rubles a month for free within the system. VTB was one of the first to make such a payment.

Saudi Arabia has threatened an oil war

Saudi Arabia has threatened an oil war with OPEC+ countries if they do not comply with the agreement to reduce production, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The fortune of the world’s richest person has reached 172 billion dollars

The fortune of the world’s richest man has changed again. The fortune of the head of the American Corporation Amazon Jeff Bezos reached $171.6 billion.

According to Forbes magazine, among the wealthiest people in the world – Microsoft founder bill gates with a fortune of $ 98 billion and the CEO of the French group of companies LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) Bernard Arnault, whose fortune is estimated at $76 billion.

“Maria-RA” buys up the stores of the bankrupt “Holiday”

Altai retail chain “Maria-RA” bought at auction several stores of the bankrupt retailer “holiday”. This is reported on the website of the unified Federal register of bankruptcy information

The exchange price of AI-95 gasoline has updated the historical record

The cost of AI-95 gasoline on the St. Petersburg international commodity exchange has set a historical record, according to trading data published on the exchange’s website

As of June 30, 2020, the cost of gasoline delivered in the European part of Russia according to the national index increased to 58,324 rubles per ton. Compared with the previous day’s trading, it increased by 0.26%.

Gazprom Neft and Zarubezhneft signed documents to establish a joint venture

Gazprom Neft and Zarubezhneft signed binding agreements on the creation of a joint venture for the search, exploration and production of hard-to-recover oil reserves (TRIZ) in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district (KHMAO) and the development of effective technologies for their development. The company was informed about this on July 2, 2020

Ukraine has increased gas imports from Europe

Ukraine has increased gas imports from the European Union by 24%. This is stated in the message of the company “Operator of GTS of Ukraine”. This increase has occurred since the beginning of 2020 within six months.

Montenegro’s Parliament legalizes same-sex marriage

41 deputies were required to pass the law. As a result, 42 people’s deputies voted in favor of same-sex partnerships. Now in Montenegro, same-sex couples will enjoy the same rights as heterosexual unions. The possibility of adopting children is not provided.

In St. Petersburg, a military expert was convicted of high treason

Military expert Vladimir Neelov was sentenced to seven years in a high-security prison on charges of high treason. The corresponding sentence was passed by the Saint Petersburg city court. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

“The court found that Neelov for money transferred to a German consulting firm data on the process of training and retraining of operational employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation,” the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg said in a statement.

Clandestine helicopter production facility discovered in Moldova

A mini-factory for the production of helicopters for illegal deliveries to the CIS countries was found in Moldova, Interfax reports. An underground helicopter factory operated 50 km from Chisinau. The Assembly of helicopters similar in modification to the Ka-26 took place here

Honor introduced the 7-inch smartphone Honor X10 Max

Honor showed its new 7.09-inch smartphone Honor X10 Max, which became the successor to the Honor X8 Max model, released back in 2018. The main feature of the new product is a huge display that is ideal for playing games and watching videos.

The big WhatsApp update is now available for installation

As part of the latest big update of WhatsApp messenger, Internet users will be able to install new dark themes, add animated stickers and other features offered in the stable version. We remind you that the first animation packages appeared in the beta version of the app a few days ago.

Facebook admitted to transferring user data to third parties

Facebook has revealed another case where developers received user data that they shouldn’t have. According to published data, several thousand apps received personal data from users who had not logged in to the Facebook social network for more than 90 days.

In Russia they started developing a domestic analog Zoom

In the future, the monetization model assumes an annual or monthly subscription to the service. At the same time, up to 100 people can participate in a video conference via Webinar Meetings (the same restriction exists in Zoom)

Facebook has increased the priority of exclusive news in the feed

Social network Facebook has changed the algorithm for ranking news in the feed to improve the rating of exclusive texts, June 30 reported the publication Axios, citing a source in the company.

Amber helped scientists learn the color of ancient insects

Chinese paleontologists were able to find out what insects about 99 million years old looked like. To do this, they used an electron microscope, through which they enlightened 30 pieces of amber found in the North of Myanmar from this period.

Australian scientists have discovered differences in the composition of parts of The earth’s mantle

Scientists believed that the Pacific and African parts of The earth’s mantle are separated by a volcanic ring of fire. Australian researchers have found differences in the composition of segments of this structure, which will help to understand the process of its origin and formation

A new particle was found at the Large hadron Collider

Physicists from the LHCb collaboration have discovered a new tetraquark consisting of two charmed quarks and two charmed antiquarks. This is the first particle, where the interaction of gluon associated pair diquark and antidiquark. The results were presented at the CERN-LHC workshop

A laser beam in a soap bubble creates an incredible light show

Physicists from the Israel Institute of technology and the University of Central Florida aimed a laser beam at the soapy membrane and got an incredible beauty spectacle. But in addition to aesthetic pleasure, this experiment has wide scientific possibilities. In particular, to study the effect of optical forces on the branched flow.

If you thicken the membrane, you can get a phenomenon that has never been observed before, which is considered hypothetical-a branched flow in three dimensions. It is also possible to form the membranes of a soap bubble into various curved surfaces – and this will give prospects for the study of branched flow in curved space, which, for sure, would have been very happy to albert Einstein.



Seven planets will line up on July 4 in a big parade of the Solar system

Conventionally, an unusual phenomenon can be observed on the 4th, but in fact the parade will continue for the entire month. It is generally impossible to arrange the planets in a single row, since they move in different planes, but to an observer from Earth they seem to be arranged in a single line.

“Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be visible at night. Venus is visible, but only in the morning. Since July 4, we can observe Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at night, and Venus in the morning. Until the 14th, the visibility of Saturn and Jupiter will only improve, because they will just enter (Jupiter on July 14, and Saturn on July 21) into a confrontation with the Sun,” experts said.

A huge planet near a distant star turned out to be the core of a gas giant

Astronomers from the University of Warwick in the UK have discovered the surviving core of a gas giant in the orbit of a distant star. In size, it can be compared to Neptune. It is possible that the planet either lost its gas shell, or failed to form it, reports Nature

The exact center of gravity of the Solar system has been established

When we imagine the Solar system, it seems to us that the Sun is stationary and constantly in the center, and everything else revolves around it. But every body in our system also exerts a gravitational pull on the star, causing it to move just a little bit. The search for a gravitational center (barycenter) is a fairly complex task, which involves taking into account the attraction of each planet, asteroid, and moon in a star system. Given all the gravitational data, the real center of gravity of our Solar system is above the surface of the Sun, according to research published in the Astrophysical Journal.

NASA has planned six more lunar missions

The Agency has begun preparing for the possibility of carrying out six more missions as part of the Artemis project, which consists of returning American astronauts to the moon. It is known that NASA has already ordered Northrop Grumman to produce parts for SLS missiles that can provide the Agency with six more lunar flights.

The first flight of the Artemis mission is scheduled to take place automatically in 2021. The manned flight is scheduled for 2023 — when the astronauts will reach the moon, and then return back. And only as part of the third Artemis mission will astronauts land on the surface of the moon in 2024.