4 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/03/2019

Media learned about the problems with the concept of “new pension reform»

The Finance Ministry and the Central Bank cannot find a common point of view on the launch of the individual pension capital system (IPC). According to experts, if the agreement between the Agency and the regulator is not reached by October, the new pension reform will not start working next year.

According to sources “Izvestia”, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina believes that provided voluntary participation in the IPC system will not work. The Ministry of Finance insists on the implementation of the concept proposed by the President. It is this contradiction that hinders the final decision.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin gave the go-ahead for the implementation of the IPC concept, which will save the funded part of the pension and increase payments. In his view, the system should be voluntary.

AvtoVAZ stopped the production of cars

At the plants in Togliatti and Izhevsk, due to the lack of supply of components for cars, stopped the production of cars. Since October 2018, the company and AVTOVAZ have been negotiating a new level of prices for the supplied components. AvtoVAZ eventually leads the negotiations to a standstill.

“The current price level does not allow to cover the costs associated with the production of components and their delivery to the AVTOVAZ conveyor. The current situation was not unexpected, it is the result of protracted negotiations, which are not currently completed»

Delivery terminated c Nizhny Novgorod OOO “Zavod Avtokomponent”. Autocomponent is the only supplier of a wide range of parts for AVTOVAZ, such as interior parts.

When the work of enterprises will resume, it is not yet known.

Ministry of industry and trade signed contracts with automakers

“The signed Spics will help to attract more than 100 billion rubles of private investment of the world’s leading automakers to the Russian economy and to localize the production of key engine components, gearboxes and car control systems.”- leads “Interfax” excerpt from the press release of the Ministry.

President of Ukraine Zelensky agreed with Canada on the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

A principled agreement was reached on the sale of “defensive weapons and the latest military equipment”to Kiev. In particular, Canada is ready to supply Ukraine with armored vehicles.

The President of Ukraine added that it is possible to achieve peace in Donbass by political and diplomatic means.

“I am sure that in the end we will force Russia to stop the escalation, to ensure a sustainable ceasefire, to ensure the withdrawal of forces and the release of all our Ukrainian prisoners,” Zelensky said.

Russia catastrophically loses population

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that Russia is catastrophically losing population. This opinion she expressed at a meeting with members of the medical cluster of the NWFO “Western”.

“For four months, the natural decline of the population was about 149 thousand people. This means that our birth rate is falling and mortality is falling at a rate that is not what we would like.” – Tatiana Golikova

Golikova added that many subjects of the Russian Federation “in pursuit of quality indicators” reduced the death rate from cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as external causes.

Peskov said that some of the information about the incident with the submarine is a state secret

The Kremlin believes it is absolutely normal that not all information about the incident with submariners in the Barents sea is disclosed, it complies with the law on state secrets. This was stated by the press Secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

The all-Russian scandal is gaining momentum

The chief physician of the Kaliningrad maternity hospital Elena Belaya and neonatologist Elina Sushkevich are accused of killing a premature baby, but the medical community of Russia believes that in such cases the professional opinion of experts from medicine, not the investigator, should be decisive.

Russian doctors started in networking flash mob, which today joined doctors of Bryansk. Earlier, the chief physicians of Moscow hospitals, Kursk, Kaliningrad and other regions of the country supported them. The incentive of solidarity of physicians is powerful: any of them can be in place of Kaliningrad doctors… Managers of medical institutions are encouraged to establish a state Commission.

Named the city with the highest wage growth in the second quarter

According to RIA Novosti, the average salary in 23 Russian cities studied in the second quarter increased by 6% compared to April-June last year and amounted to 37 thousand rubles. In several cities, the figure exceeded the all-Russian: in Moscow, the average salary was 57.9 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 47.4 thousand, in Yekaterinburg – 39.3 thousand, in Novosibirsk – 37.4 thousand rubles. The level of wages in Krasnodar in the second quarter coincided with the average Russian.

The lowest salaries experts recorded in Togliatti (29.2 thousand rubles), Volgograd (29.3 thousand), Ulyanovsk (29.4 thousand), Barnaul (29.9 thousand) and Izhevsk (30.4 thousand rubles).

Among the most popular among employers groups of professions in Russia included sellers, manufacturers, builders, carriers and employees of the automotive business – specialists in these areas accounted for 68.1% of all current vacancies.

Traffic police is preparing a revision of the rules of the road

The state traffic Inspectorate intends to create the working group which will be engaged in the detailed analysis and improvement of traffic rules (SDA). It is reported by TASS. It is noted that this group will discuss the issues of normative legal regulation of road safety and make recommendations for their improvement, if necessary.

“…our staff today is quite difficult to find subparagraphs and paragraphs, sections [in the SDA]. What can we ask from road users?”— said Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy.

Medinsky has proposed to create a ranking of cinefication of the regions of Russia

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky proposed to make a rating of the regions in which the project is carried out film. The proposal was made at a meeting on the effectiveness of cinemas opened with the support of the state

Last June was the hottest in the world in history

June 2019 was the hottest first summer month in the history of observations, writes the Independent.

Germany fined Facebook € 2 million

The Federal Department of justice of Germany has issued a decision to impose a fine on the company Facebook Ireland Limited 2.3 million dollars (2 million euros). The social network was punished for violations of the law on the protection of the Network when publishing a report on working with illegal content in 2018 and for incomplete response to user complaints.. The report published on the Agency’s website says that the company has committed to submit an annual report on the consideration of complaints against illegal publications.

Appeared the official trailer for detective “Knives naked”

Film Studio Lionsgate has published the official trailer for Ryan Johnson’s movie “Knives Bald,” which will premiere in November 2019. The picture is made in the spirit of the classic detectives of Agatha Christie, transferred to the modern world.

The future spouses has proposed to require to visit a psychiatrist

The number of people with mental illness in Russia is growing steadily. In order to protect future spouses from domestic violence, aggression and homicides during their life together, the Ministry of health has proposed to oblige them to test for mental disorders.

Independence day of the Republic of Belarus

The main state holiday is timed to the anniversary of the liberation of Minsk from Nazi invaders in 1944. Since then, 75 years have passed. In the first half of the 1990s, independence Day was celebrated on July 27, when the Declaration on state sovereignty was adopted.

How to protect Belarus. A possible variant of development of events, Lukashenka said, for accession of Belarus into Russia. However, he was skeptical about the idea.

“Do you want Russia to protect us? No. And I don’t want»

One option is to seek protection from NATO.

“If we ask too much, they will promise us. And those who pee on the Internet, would be happy to accept it. Do you want this option? I don’t»

Russian oligarchs are learning a new way to withdraw capital from Russia.

For this super-expensive rented properties in Europe to conduct certain activities. The Russian oligarch, whose name is hidden, rented for his birthday the site of the French TV show “Fort Boyard” and his technical team of more than a hundred people. According to the information, the tenant is a Russian metallurgical magnate, who will soon turn 50 years old.

In Tatarstan scandal over the installation of video cameras in mosques, transmitting a signal to the FSB

The spiritual leaders of the Muslims of Kazan said that they are against the installation of cameras in the courtyards of mosques, that they have their own internal cameras and their leadership, and “the FSB and the interior Ministry do not decree us.” Kazan lawyers ask Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to check the situation for compliance with the laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Road map of ecoproduction brands approved in Russia

To promote eco-products on the market, a special concept of the domestic brand will be developed. As reported IA REGNUM, to create a road map of protected brands of environmentally friendly agricultural products previously instructed the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

In Krasnoyarsk closed the online store of banned cheeses

Cheese is prohibited to be imported into the territory of the Russian Federation from countries that have imposed economic sanctions against Russian companies. The transport Prosecutor sent an application to the Oktyabrsky district court for the recognition of the distributed information as prohibited. As a result, by a court decision, access to the site was closed.

In Russia became more regions of the HIV epidemic

In 13 regions of Russia, more than 1% of the population infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, follows from the materials “On the epidemiological situation of HIV infection in the Russian Federation, the prevention of HIV infection in the workplace”, directed by Rospotrebnadzor to the tripartite Commission on regulation of social and labor relations

In 2018, the Irkutsk region became the region with the highest prevalence of HIV — 1.8 percent of the population (1814 people per 100 thousand inhabitants) are infected there. The second place was taken by Sverdlovsk region — there live 1804 people with HIV per 100 thousand population.

U.S. Embassy in Moscow engaged in reducing the terms of issuing visas

The U.S. Embassy in Russia plans to optimize the visa process, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported on Tuesday, citing the press service of the diplomatic mission. The queue for an interview for a visa in the Consulate General of Yekaterinburg has already decreased to 45 days, in Vladivostok — to 14 days.

The Network put up for sale a business card of Vladimir Putin

Grandson of the former Chairman of the Volgograd regional Duma Viktor Pripisnov sells online business card of Vladimir Putin, which he gave his grandfather in the late 1980s. He explained that his grandfather worked all his life in the authorities and met the future President when he worked in the city hall.

Then my grandfather and Vladimir Putin exchanged business cards. The card itself lay for a long time and was not interesting to anyone, then I accidentally found it. Thought, that there is fans, which BA qualified such a thing have themselves and decided to sell. Personally, I do not need a piece of paper and a piece of paper. — Victor Pripisnov, politician

According to Pripisnov, while the highest price called a potential buyer from Moscow — 55 000 rubles.

Entry to the historic center of Venice will be paid from 2020

The introduction of fees for entrance to the historical centre of Venice, which was initially scheduled to occur on may 1, postponed to 1 January 2020, a decision was adopted on Monday by the Giunta (the administrative and Executive body) of the city on the water.

To explore the underwater world, the company offers Seabourn

Seabourn company announces the start of a new project. The expedition ships will use special submarines for those wishing to explore the underwater world. This offer is not new, but tourists find it interesting. Passengers will sit on the swivel seats with a hemispherical view of the underwater world. A pair of u-Boat Worx Cruise Sub 7 submarines will be standard equipment for Seabourn Venture

Russia and Switzerland decided to increase the number of flights

Russia and Switzerland will increase the number of flight permits between the two countries from 14 to 21 per week. The corresponding agreement was reached at the aviation consultations held in Moscow between the representatives of the two countries, the press service of the Russian Ministry of transport informed TASS

More than 13 thousand new paid Parking spaces will appear in St. Petersburg

Paid Parking space in the city center consists of 2.8 thousand cars. By 2020, the number of Parking spaces will increase by more than 30 thousand. Earlier it was planned that this figure will be 60 thousand seats.

The Prosecutor General’s office called the state of Russian roads deplorable

According to the assistant Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Buksman, the state of roads in most regions of Russia is in a “deplorable state.” Most of all, the Prosecutor General’s office is concerned about the state of regional and local roads in Russia.

Putin proposed to reconstruct the river to prevent floods

In Russia, it is proposed to reconstruct the rivers into cascades of reservoirs. The need for this is evidenced by the large-scale destruction in the Irkutsk region from the flood, as well as the incident with the shallowing of the Volga. Appropriate treatment (available News.ru) Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yuri Krupnov sent to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

French doctors resumed the process of euthanasia of the patient in a coma

The man is in a coma for over 10 years. The attending physician Lambert announced the patient’s family to resume the procedure of termination of medical care, adding that the process of stopping the maintenance of life of men will be carried out as gently as possible, writes Agence France-Presse.

Transneft refused to pay for the oil spill in the Chelyabinsk region

The state company refused to pay, citing multimillion-dollar costs, which went to eliminate the consequences of the emergency. However, even after the reclamation and importation of a new fertile layer of the earth, the level of oil content in the soil is much higher than normal.

Bank “Otkrytie” filed a lawsuit against the former owners

As follows from the files of arbitration cases. Bank Otkrytie filed a lawsuit against its former owners and top managers for 289.5 billion rubles. The date of preliminary consideration of the case is not appointed.

Among the defendants is the founder of “Opening” Vadim Beljaev, the former President of the Bank, Ruben Aganbegyan, the former head of the Bank Evgeny Dankevich, former members of the management Board Elena Budnik and Gennady Zhuzhlev and JSC “OTKRITIE holding”.

Microsoft announced a completely new Windows 1.0

There are suggestions that this is a system that is called Lite OS. But it is possible that Microsoft has prepared something else and Windows 1.0 is a new operating system that will replace Windows 10

Russia may receive a new air navigation network

Officials of the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of defense and the FSB should soon agree on how to modernize the air navigation system in Russia under the concession.

“[Deputy Prime Minister Maxim] Akimov wrote to [Russian Prime Minister Dmitry] Medvedev that there should be 6 thousand 663 stations in the MPSN network, their deployment in 2019-2027 will cost more than 102 billion rubles, and operation – 5.5 billion rubles a year, ” the newspaper writes, referring to the interlocutors. – There are different options, the cost of its creation and operation with the service of loans reaches 400 billion rubles.”

For a new system of air navigation, a struggle between the concern “Almaz-Antey”, the sole supplier of equipment for the state Corporation for organization of air traffic, and Rostelecom with its multiple network monitoring systems (MSN).

The equipment needed for the project is also used for military purposes, the military met the idea to transfer the air navigation system to a concession with hostility, said a man close to the defense Ministry, and two people close to different sides of the MPSN network project.

Banks will teach people to resist social engineering

The Bank of Russia has noticed a surge in financial fraud using social engineering techniques: fraudsters trick victims into transferring money to them or fishing out of them confidential information.

The Central Bank intends to study the problem and find mechanisms to combat it, the representative of the regulator said in response to the request of Vedomosti, a working group was created, which included representatives of retail banks. The group is going to prepare materials informing the population about methods of counteraction to swindlers.

The CPS proposed to label mineral water

Rospotrebnadzor proposed to mark mineral water to prevent the production and circulation of counterfeit products in Russia. The relevant proposal was sent to the Ministry of industry and trade, writes TASS.

Support for small business in Primorye has not gone according to plan

The structure of support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Primorye has moved in the wrong direction. Now more and more attention of the authorities focused not on direct payment directly to the business, and the development of the organizations forming infrastructure of support of subjects of SMEs

RUB 40 billion to update the “Olympic»

Sberbank will allocate 39 billion rubles on upgrading of the sports complex “Olympic”, reported Agency city news “Moscow” in the press service of the credit institution

Powers to regulate the market of wild plants

The authority to develop state policy and regulation of the market of wild plants offered to give the Ministry of agriculture. The corresponding draft resolution of kambin, developed by the Department, is posted on the portal of draft normative legal acts

Sberbank will launch a Depository system for accounting of mortgages on the blockchain

Sberbank will soon start commercial operation of the Depository accounting system of the mortgage certificates on the blockchain based on the platform of Mastercam. This was reported to journalists by the Director of the Depositary of Sberbank Yuri Dubin

The Ministry of economic development refused to raise duties on imports of electronics

The Russian Ministry of economic development refused to support the initiative of the Association of developers and manufacturers of electronics (ARPE), which offered to raise import duties on the products of its foreign competitors.

In Mexico, the national drink of tequila is becoming more expensive

Fans of the Mexican national alcoholic beverage tequila over the past four years had to 23% increase their spending on its purchase due to rising production prices and high demand for this type of alcohol, according to the portal Financiero.

New residents of the TOP will be engaged in the development of deposits in Chukotka

The company “Maple” and JSC “Base metals” became residents of the TOP “Chukotka”. Today, they signed an agreement with the far East development Corporation on the implementation of two anchor investment projects for the development of the Baim ore zone — the gold deposits of Maple and kekura.

Only every fourth resident of Russia controlling your expenses

Only every fourth resident of Russia is constantly monitoring their spending, and every tenth does not care about personal spending. 1200 residents of Russia from different regions took part in the survey.

Milonov proposed to create a state travel company

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to create a state tourism company in Russia.

Large consumers of electricity suspected price collusion in the market

Large Russian consumers of electricity suspected price collusion of generating companies. In January-April, the market prices for the day ahead (one day before the actual supply of electricity) increased by 10.2% in the European part of Russia and by 11.4% in Siberia.

Banks were offered to increase tax payments to the budgets of the regions

The Russian government supported the initiative of regional deputies, who proposed to oblige credit and non-credit financial organizations to pay property tax, which is not used in the main activity.

Debts of Russians pass for a critical level, said the Ministry of Finance

The alarm was sounded even in the Ministry of Finance: the debt burden of Russians goes beyond the critical level. The growth of mandatory payments of Russians to the state and loans has reached a record level since 2014.

American stock index S&P 500 updated record

Tuesday ended in the United States stock market growth of all major indices. At the same time, the s&P 500 broad market index managed to set another record.

The Ministry of Finance of Korea has reduced the GDP forecast for 2019 to a minimum of 7 years

South Korea’s economy is the fourth largest in Asia, with about half of the country’s GDP accounted for by exports. According to the Ministry’s forecast, business investment in 2019 will fall by 4%, while consumer spending will grow by 2.4%

Net inflows in mutual Funds have increased five-fold

In June 2019, the net inflow to mutual funds (mutual Funds) was 6.5 billion rubles, an increase of five times (1.3 billion rubles) compared to may. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to data of Investfunds. Moreover, June was the best month since July last year (7.3 billion rubles).

NOVATEK has proposed to Gazprom to help with Ukraine

The company is ready to sell LNG to supply contracts of “Gazprom”, the Head of NOVATEK Leonid Mikhelson has expressed willingness to help Gazprom to fulfill contracts with European customers in the event of termination of transit through Ukraine.

Nabiullina spoke about the scenarios of the use of funds of the NWF

According to the Central Bank, the national welfare Fund (NWF) next year can overcome the threshold of 7% of GDP, after which the funds from it can be invested. This was recalled by the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina in an interview with Reuters.

The regulator is considering several scenarios of how the funds of the NWF can be used, Nabiullina said. In her opinion, the most unfavorable option is to invest all the funds of the Fund beyond the threshold of 7% of GDP.

“It is not so important what the money will be invested in, because in this situation, the dependence of economic and financial parameters, the ruble exchange rate on fluctuations in oil prices will be fully restored,” the Central Bank Chairman explained.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands spoke about the conversation with Putin on MH17

Dutch Prime Minister mark Rutte said that he discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Osaka crash in the Donbass Malaysian Boeing, following the flight MH17. It is reported by the NL Times, with reference to RTL Nieuws.

“I talked to President Putin about the mh17 flight. For the Netherlands, as well as for many other countries, it remains an open wound,” Rutte said.

Press Secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed with Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte crash in the Donbass Malaysian Boeing, EN route flight MH17. Peskov said that it was a brief conversation “on his feet.”

Indeed, the question of the President’s position and the position of the Russian side was raised. It is very clear, it is consistent and, of course, it is based on the fact that it is hardly possible to perceive an investigation that is carried out without the participation of the Russian Federation. — Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Canada will ban the entry of residents of the DPR and LPR with Russian passports

Canada has decided to ban the entry of residents of the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics with Russian passports. It on a press-conferences were declared by the head of the foreign Ministry of the country Chrystia Freeland.

The Chinese secret service install in the tourists ‘ cell phones spyware

The Network has information that Chinese border guards began to spy on tourists crossing the border in the Xinjiang region (Xinjiang). According to some reports, the security services require foreigners to hand over phones for inspection. Travelers, suspecting nothing, give gadgets.

The US plans to introduce duties on steel imported from Vietnam

According to the Ministry, duties of up to 456% will be imposed on corrosion-resistant and cold-rolled steel, which is produced in South Korea or Taiwan – steel from which is subject to import duties – after which it undergoes minor revision in Vietnam and is exported to the United States.

Volodin demanded to prevent the revival of neocolonialism in Africa

The speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin urged to join efforts and prevent the revival of neocolonialism and predatory attitude to resources in Africa. He made this statement at the Russia-Africa conference at the Duma forum on parliamentary development

China continues to “conquer” Africa

China is actively continuing to “develop” the African continent, in this case it has overtaken the United States, becoming the largest trading partner of Africa. The region has huge reserves of natural resources, about 60% of unprocessed agricultural land, a large domestic market with growing purchasing power. According to Xinhua news Agency, the China development Bank /DBK/ provided loans in the amount of $ 3.2 billion. for 40 African financial institutions.

The United States recognized the “liberation Army of Balochistan” terrorist

The us administration has included the “Balochistan liberation Army” in the list of dangerous terrorist structures. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Pakistan, where the majority of the group believes that this solution would “limit her activities.”

Released a new trailer for the second season of the series “Terror”

The network has a new trailer for the second season of the series Ridley Scott “The Terror”. The continuation of the project will tell about the forced relocation of the Japanese during World War II.

In China, experienced unmanned seaplane mail delivery to the Islands

The Chinese company UVS Intelligence System has tested the u650 unmanned seaplane by delivering mail to one of the Islands of the Shansa archipelago. According to Flightglobal, the tests took place at the end of may this year, but the company announced them only now.

Zelensky announced the cost of the restoration of Donbass

Ukrainian President Zelensky during his visit to Canada said that, according to preliminary estimates, Ukraine will need more than 10 billion euros to restore Donbass after the war. This was reported by the press service of the President on Wednesday, July 3

Us authorities approved a protest in Washington on July 4

The US authorities approved the application of activists of the American anti-war movement CodePink to hold a protest in Washington on independence Day on July 4, but refused to agree to launch into the air a huge inflatable figure depicting us President Donald trump in the form of an angry baby in a diaper and with a mobile phone in his hands.

The Parliament introduced a bill to “denaturaciei language»

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered the draft law “On counteraction to profanity” (the “denaturaciei language” — Ed.) number 10414. The author of the project was the people’s Deputy Olga Bogomolets. Victoria syumar’s Committee on freedom of speech and information policy has been appointed as the main Committee to consider the initiative.

The future of jet aircraft was under threat

The problem with jet aircraft is that due to their high speeds in the atmosphere remains a significant carbon footprint. Many military and civilian vessels used now were created in those days when the issue of ecology was not so acute. Then the developers of the aircraft pursued completely different tasks and goals: they sought to increase power, reduce fuel consumption, increase payload, maneuverability and improve other similar qualities. Now to all this list was added one more – environmental friendliness.

Japan launches automated system for customs control

Due to the influx of foreign tourists, customs procedures are often very slow, forcing visitors to stand in long queues at airports in Japan.

The Ministry of defense of Russia and the DPRK has increased its interaction

Interdepartmental cooperation between the ministries of defense of Russia and North Korea has recently intensified at all levels. This was told by Deputy defense Minister Colonel-General Alexander Fomin.

Russian defense Ministry launched a program of rearmament of air defense of Ground forces

The armed forces of the Russian Federation from 2022 intend to start a large-scale replacement of obsolete air defense systems of Land forces (SV). A new line of anti-aircraft missile systems will be developed

In Italy planted a group of recruiters who sent mercenaries to the Donbass

In Genoa, Italy, the court sentenced to prison three members of a group of recruiters who were engaged in hiring foreign hired soldiers to serve in Eastern Ukraine. About it on July 3 reports La Stampa.

The Russians are buying up real estate in Georgia

The strained relations between Moscow and Tbilisi do not affect the increase in the number of applications for the selection of real estate in the Republic of Transcaucasia. The popularity rating among Russians, Georgia has moved from 23rd place to 15th. it is reported by “Kommersant”, citing data from research Prian.ru.

Canada will continue to impose sanctions against Russia

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the canadian side will continue the policy of sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Ukraine.

XI Jinping urged trump to soften sanctions against North Korea

Chinese President XI Jinping called on us President Donald trump to show flexibility and timely ease sanctions against the DPRK. This happened during The G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, said July 2, Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi

Iranian Parliament doubts the possibility of dialogue with the United States

The Iranian Parliament doubts that it is possible to conduct a dialogue with the US, which came out of the nuclear deal and put pressure on Tehran, Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament Mahmoud peseshkian Said.

In Israel, more than 110 police officers were injured during the protests

More than 110 Israeli police officers were injured in clashes with members of the Ethiopian community the day before, more than 130 of whom were detained, law enforcement spokesman Miki Rosenfeld said on Wednesday.

Physics made MRI the individual atoms

Scientists have studied a record small object using magnetic resonance imaging — they were able to determine the magnetic properties of individual atoms. The development of the method will allow to directly study the interaction of spins and magnetic properties of flat molecules, the authors write in the journal nature Physics.

Scientists first removed the HIV from the DNA of mice

To completely remove HIV cells, researchers at the Lewis Katz school of Medicine at temple University and the University of Nebraska Medical center (UNMC) combined genome editing technology with a drug to suppress the virus. Scientists have successfully erased the virus in 23 mice.

In Russia, a prototype aircraft with a composite wing

As the Director of the Siberian research Institute of aviation (SibNIA) named after Chaplygin Vladimir Badger, completed work on the aircraft, which may replace the Yak-40. A composite wing will be installed on the aircraft. This is reported by “RIA Novosti”.

Scientists first recorded the birth of seven peonies on the Russian Collider

Specialists from the Institute of nuclear physics SB RAS, working on the electron-positron Collider VEPP-2000, for the first time recorded the birth of seven PI-mesons (pions) at electron-positron annihilation.

Tiny insect robot makes 170 flaps of wings per second

Six tiny solar cells weigh only 10 mg each. It is assumed that the robot insect can be used to monitor the environment, reports the Daily Mail

Drugs to reduce cholesterol contribute to the development of diabetes

After studying the health of more than a thousand middle-aged patients, the researchers found the following pattern: taking statins, drugs that reduce cholesterol in the blood, increases the risk of developing type II diabetes.

Drugs to reduce cholesterol contribute to the development of diabetes

After studying the health of more than a thousand middle-aged patients, the researchers found the following pattern: taking statins, drugs that reduce cholesterol in the blood, increases the risk of developing type II diabetes.

Scientists have identified a blood group of natural leaders

According to the voiced data, this applies to the owners of the first group of blood. They best cope with a large team – successfully lead people, never give up and always strive to achieve goals. The owners of the first group of blood are the best managers.

The new model recreates the lost continents of the early Earth

Scientists at the University of Adelaide have published two studies on the rock radioactivity model over billions of years, which found that the earth’s continental crust may have been thicker than current models suggest, with continents possibly present for another four billion years.

How to double the shelf life of products

Recently it became known that scientists have developed special equipment for processing food, which allows you to keep them fresh for a longer period. It is reported that one of the research and production enterprises in Moscow has already begun to supply it for mass use

Scientists have explained the phenomenon of the Dead sea

Scientists at the University of California at Santa Barbara have identified the mechanism of “salt rains” in the Dead sea, when flakes of salt fall out of the warm top layer of water. This publication reports Science Alert.

The study found that the top layer of the sea is heated by sunlight and becomes warmer than the water under it. Water begins to evaporate from the surface – this increases the salinity of the layer and promotes the formation of microscopic salt crystals. In this process, warm water is mixed with cold layers, resulting in flakes of salt grow and sink to the bottom, where there is an accumulation of large structures of halite. It is this process that explains the occurrence of salt deposits up to a kilometer thick in the earth’s crust.

Russian blockchain needs 700 million

The emergence of a quantum computer threatens the security of distributed registry systems: it can be used to break their protection. In this regard, it is necessary to develop cryptographic algorithms that are resistant to quantum computing. Stimulating relevant research will require investments in the amount of 700 million rubles, of which 300 million rubles are proposed to be allocated to the Federal budget, and 400 million rubles to extra-budgetary funds.

In Yekaterinburg allocated 250 million rubles for the design of the second metro line

In Yekaterinburg, 250 million rubles are provided for the design of the second line of the subway. The funds are included in the city budget and can be spent in 2019, follows from the amendments to the municipal metro development program for 2014-2020. The program was approved in 2013.

NASA has tested a system of emergency rescue of the Orion spacecraft

NASA has successfully tested the emergency rescue system of the new Orion manned spacecraft at the launch site. The launch and test of the system were broadcast on the official website of the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA).

Scientists are developing an effective method of rehabilitation after a stroke

To accelerate the maturation of the precursors of neurons transplanted into the brain of patients for rehabilitation after stroke, scientists have proposed to act on these cells with light, which will simulate the influence of the environment on young neurons in the development of the nervous system. The method is similar to optogenetic, but the light in this case is generated in the brain itself, and does not come there from external sources. The scientific article is published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Glasses with automatic autofocus will make life easier for a billion people

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a prototype of smart glasses with autofocal lenses that help patients with presbyopia better than traditional approaches. According to the principle of operation, these liquid-filled lenses resemble a real lens.

The bacterium will help to increase the strength and endurance of a person

Employees of Harvard medical school have found a new way to improve the “productivity” of man, increasing his strength and endurance.

On growing new tooth tissue work, scientists FEFU

Cells, which are probably responsible for the process of formation of dental tissue in humans, found a group of histologists and dentists of the Department of basic medicine of the School of Biomedicine of the far Eastern Federal University (SBM FEFU) in cooperation with Russian and Japanese colleagues.

Spinach promotes active muscle growth

Employees of the Free University of Berlin said that spinach is able to increase the weight and performance of muscles, that is, is a natural “doping”. This is explained by the included vegetable ecdysterone, which are often called plant steroid.

The new design Bureau will appear at the head Institute of Roscosmos

The experimental design Bureau named after Bartini will be created at the main research Institute of Roscosmos TsNIIMash. It will be based on young professionals and part of the retired engineers “Ilyushin”, reports TASS.

“Hubble” photographed a star capable of destroying the Earth

The Hubble space telescope was able to photograph a double star capable of destroying the Earth. It is located in the constellation of Kiel and has every chance to cause global catastrophes on the planet. The star of Kiel was discovered in 1677 by Edmund Halley.

Models of “Federation” for testing parachute landing will make in 2021

“Development and production of housing for the mass layouts of the return apparatus for testing the parachute system for the manned transport spacecraft”, – stated in the plan.

It is noted that the maximum cost of the work will be 25 million rubles, and it is planned to finish them in December 2021.

NASA scientists have installed a robotic arm on the Rover “Mars 2020»

The American space Agency has installed new modules that will make it possible to produce fences and explore the soil ” as a specialist geologist would do,” the information letter says. The robotic arm is also equipped with a universal camera.

In addition to the Mars Rover, equipped with a robotic module and a camera, it is planned to send to Mars an unmanned aerial vehicle “Mars Helicopter”, which should confirm the possibility of flights in the atmosphere of the planet and make a series of pictures from a height.

Apple received more than 600 requests from the Russian authorities in six months

Apple received more than 600 requests from the Russian authorities in the second half of 2018. This is stated in the report of the company. 579 requests related to access to devices — as a rule, such requests are submitted by the police in case the device was lost or stolen.

Kaspersky lab will continue to help Interpol

The company was the first manufacturer of security solutions to provide law enforcement agencies with a free service to expand knowledge about the formation of reports of Kaspersky Lab and the fight against cybercrime and complex cyber threats.

The scheme of fraud by means of a calendar is revealed

Experts in the IT industry have identified a new scheme of fraud, which is used by cybercriminals using the online calendar Google. It is specified that fraudsters through special programs first send notifications with an important event or an offer to receive money

LG in Russia introduced a new line of TVs with NanoCell

Based on the new technology, new models of TVs were created. The model LG SM98 with a 65-by domowym the screen is complete blackout of the black, and the younger versions of the new series used fewer gradations of darkness of the dark areas. In Russia LG SM98 with 65-inch screen was estimated at 200 thousand rubles.

Rosstat for the first time in 20 years updated the site

Rosstat has launched an updated version of the portal with a “friendly interface”, which will facilitate the search for statistics, said the head of the Federal state statistics service Pavel Malkov, reports RBC.

Another risk is created for Russian businessmen.

The Russian government has approved a program to combat cartels. Its key — amendments to the criminal code, which should be made to the State Duma in September. We are talking about amendments to article 178 of the criminal code (“Restriction of competition”), published by the FAS at the end of 2017. The justification for the FAS proposals was the calculations according to which the damage from the activities of cartels allegedly amounts to 1.5–2% of Russian GDP.

After the amendments to article 178, the law enforcement officer will no longer have to prove in each case the damage from the restriction of competition, it is enough to establish the existence of income from participation in the cartel, and the income of the companies suspected of cartel is always there. Moreover, the violation of the article becomes a crime is not small, as it is now, but of medium gravity, which increases the likelihood of getting a real term.

The Supreme Court of Russia forbade calling cocktails by the names of gods.

About this newspaper “MK”. The highest authority stresses that this offends the feelings of believers. For example, the Supreme Court brought the case to the bar owner, who in his drinking establishment set up two Buddha statues to create an atmosphere. In addition, the businessman gave the name to the cocktails “Buddha” and Buddha-2. “Visitors sued, and the judge decided to remove the statues and rename drinks.

Quentin Tarantino plans to complete a movie career

Earlier, Tarantino said that he would say goodbye to the movie after filming the tenth film. He is still listed as a director and screenwriter for the new “Star Trek” from producer JJ Abrams. It is still unknown whether the director will change his plans and make another project.

Singer Yegor Creed will play a robot in the new film Marius Weisberg

The director was Weissberg, known for the comedy films “Love in the City”, “Grandma of Easy Conduct” and others. The main female role will be played by Yulia Alexandrova. Filming will continue until mid-July.

Artists from Moscow and the region will write pictures for the 80th anniversary of VDNH

The Exhibition of Economic Achievements will hold a contest for beginners and experienced artists from Moscow and the Moscow region, dedicated to the 80th anniversary and transformation of the exhibition. 60 best works will be presented to the public in August, TASS was informed by the press service of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

Oliver Stone will make a film about Donald Trump

Oliver Stone has promised to make a film about the current US President Donald Trump. The director made such a statement during a film festival in Sicily in the city of Taormina.

The Kursk NPP has completed the filming of the film by Danila Kozlovsky

At the Kursk NPP in Kurchatov, the shooting of the film by Danila Kozlovsky, dedicated to the events at the Chernobyl NPP, was completed. A part of the city of atomic lobbyists on this occasion turned into Pripyat – the corresponding scenery was installed on the embankment. Danila Kozlovsky himself starred in the title role.

“Toy Story 2” lost the scene of sexual harassment

The American company Disney cut out a comedy scene from its cartoon “Toy Story 2”, in which you can notice a hint of sexual harassment. Fans of the cartoon noticed that in the reissue of the animation tape in high quality, one of the scenes in the credits was cut out

The media learned about the series on “Harry Potter” with new characters

This is a series of prequel, which tells about the events that unfolded several years before the main story. Heroes of the picture will also be students and employees of Hogwarts, but they will not be associated with the heroes of full-length tapes.

Soyuzmultfilm will create cartoons about outdated Russian words

Soyuzmultfilm Studio and artist Mikhail Shemyakin will create a cycle of children’s cartoons about outdated Russian words, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of Russia reports.

The creators of “The Walking Dead” announced the completion of the comics

The number got the name “Farmhouse”. Completion of the series will not affect the series “The Walking Dead” and its spin-off “Be afraid of the walking dead” from the AMC channel. Comics created by American writer Robert Kirkman, published since October 2003

Rodnyansky will present the mystical thriller “The Ninth” at VK Fest

Producer Alexander Rodnyansky will perform on VK Fest and for the first time will show the trailer for the mystical thriller “The Ninth.” This was reported by the press service of “VKontakte”. The film takes place at the end of the 19th century in St. Petersburg — strange murders of girls take place in the city.

The trailer for the cartoon “Camouflage and espionage” appeared on the Web.

The official YouTube-channel of the American film company 20th Century Fox has a new trailer for the cartoon “Camouflage and espionage.” See the video below on the page. The original title of the cartoon “Camouflage and espionage” – “Spies in Disguise”.

“Suicide squad” will return to the screens

The movie Suicide Squad 2, much loved by many, with the most dangerous criminals will return to the screens in the near future. The release date of the film is already known. In 2016, the first part of the film “Suicide Squad”.

Mariinka goes on tour to Germany

The soloist will be the winner of this year’s Tchaikovsky competition, Alexander Kantorov. The Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by Valery Gergiev. The program also includes Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony and Siegfried’s Mourning March for the Death of the Gods opera by Richard Wagner.

Nino Katamadze’s albums were removed from Russian iTunes, Play Music and Yandex.Music.

Albums and singles of Georgian jazz singer Nino Katamadze are removed from Russian media players iTunes, Google Play Music, as well as from Yandex.Music and VKontakte. They could previously be found in media players, but listening was banned in Russia.

BMW has officially unveiled the new BMW X6

BMW introduced the third generation X6 crossover, which received a new line of engines. The car became the most technologically advanced X6 in history. The new car of the third generation BMW X6 is created on the modern CLAR platform.

Tesla Model 3 set a new crash test record Euro NCAP

Electric Tesla Model 3 sedan, which recently appeared on the European market, passed the crash test of the Euro NCAP organization. The car was able to set an absolute record of tests, gaining 94 percent in terms of the performance of active safety systems.

Chevrolet Camaro received special versions for Russia

Chevrolet introduced two new versions of the Camaro sport car for the Russian market. The coupe is available in the Shock Edition with a yellow body and black décor, as well as in the Black Edition version, which is distinguished by its dark design.

New Ford technologies will allow to find a parking space.

Other features that Ford and Vodafone experience with KoMoD include a system for scanning traffic lights, road signs and tunnels, a Vario display, traffic control systems and a bad weather warning.

Lexus announced the release of its luxury yacht LY 650

Back in 2017, Lexus presented a unique concept, simply called the Sport Yacht. Now the company is ready to go further and even showed the teaser of the serial version of the luxury yacht, called the LY 650. The new ship will not be just an edited version of a beautiful concept.

Tesla has sold a record number of electric cars

Most of all, Model 3 cars were sold – about 78,000 electric cars. Model S and Model X accounted for about 18,000 sales. In the second quarter of 2019, Tesla produced a record number of cars – more than 87,000 units, according to Tesla materials

Harley-Davidson has registered a new brand Bareknuckle

The first newcomers are expected in 2020. A trademark registered on June 19, 2019 gives the company rights to the name “Bareknuckle”. The large H-D plan includes the addition of a streetfighter with a 975 cm³ engine, and it can be assumed that a new name has been patented for it.

Genesis plans to launch a compact crossover

In an interview with foreign journalists, Chief Operating Officer of the South Korean brand Erwin Rafael announced his debut in early 2020, the first crossover of the company – this is a GV80.

Updated JAC S3 will appear in Russia not earlier than 2021

The novelty has received quite serious changes. Recall that at the moment one of the first modifications of the model, released in 2014, is presented on the Russian market. Deliveries of the model are adjusted by their Kazakhstan from the SaryarkaAvtoProm plant

Renault introduced a new generation of Captur

The car is built on the new CMF-B platform, which the latest generation Renault Clio compact hatchback is already using. The design of the crossover is designed in the corporate style of modern models of the brand – Captur became the first car with C-shaped lanterns, which will later appear on other Renault.

Honda called the characteristics of the serial electric car Honda e

The miniature Honda E will be presented for the first time in the production version this year, but in some parts of Europe the novelty is already available for pre-order. A city car with zero emissions will be driven by an electric motor installed on the rear axle with a power of about 148 hp and its torque will exceed 300 Nm. E will use a 35.5 kWh battery, considered to be one of the most compact in its class. He will have enough charge for more than 200 kilometers.