4 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/03/2020

The high court of England and Wales refused to grant the claim of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV, Banco Central de Venezuela), which required the Bank of England to return to it previously placed in British vaults gold worth about $1 billion.

Judge Nigel tyre explained his decision by the need to adhere to the so-called one-vote doctrine due to the fact that the British authorities in early 2019 refused to consider Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate President of Venezuela, recognizing Juan Guaido as the interim head of the Bolivarian Republic.

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine has submitted his resignation

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy submitted his resignation to President Vladimir Zelensky. Smoliy explained his decision by saying that the Bank had been under political pressure for a long time.

This makes it impossible to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the National Bank’s management. By resigning I want to warn against further attempts to undermine the institutional foundations of the Central Bank

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine canceled the placement of Eurobonds

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine canceled the placement of Eurobonds totaling $1.75 billion, after the head of the National Bank of the country Yakov Smoliy resigned. A message about the cancellation of the placement of Eurobonds already agreed with investors is published on the website of the London exchange.

It was previously stated that $750 million of the funds raised as a result of the bond placement will be used for payments on bonds maturing in 2021-2022, and the remaining $1 billion will be used to cover the budget deficit

Opposition teachers will be dismissed from the Higher school of Economics

The management of the Higher school of Economics is going to cut 22 teaching rates at the faculty of Humanities: seven at the school of philosophy and 15 at the School of cultural studies. This is reported by the student publication Doxa, referring to the words of a senior teacher at the HSE school of philosophy Viktor Gorbatov.

Some of the teachers, including Viktor Gorbatov, were included in the list of “unreliable” employees who face redundancy. According to Gorbatov, the list includes oppositional teachers, for example, those who signed letters in support of political prisoners and Professor Hasan Huseynov. The HSE has not yet commented on this.

Details of Russia Today’s lawsuit against Navalny, Sobol and Znak.com.

The TV channel demands half a million rubles from each Respondent. The reason for the appeal to the court was the film Lyubov Sobol about cheating RT views and buying comments on YouTube.

According to the lawsuit, Russia Today disputes several phrases said by Lyubov Sobol in a YouTube video, as well as publications based on this video on Navalny’s blog and website Znak.com. In particular, the plaintiff demands to refute Sobol’s claims that “Margarita Simonyan deceives everyone, including her boss-President Vladimir Putin”, that the TV channel “almost no one watches”, that RT uses “monstrous fraud” and “fantastic budgets that go into the pocket”.

The Russian government has allowed Aeroflot not to pay dividends

The government has allowed Aeroflot not to pay dividends for the past year — so far it is the first state-owned company to be released. In parallel, the authorities are preparing a rescue plan for Aeroflot with an additional 80 billion rubles

India’s defense Ministry approved the purchase of 21 MiG-29 fighters from Russia

According to the PTI Agency, the Indian air force will also acquire an additional 12 su-30 MKI aircraft, which are manufactured by the Indian aircraft Corporation Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd under a Russian license.

The investigative Committee of Russia refused to open a case on the death of a resident of Yekaterinburg

Investigators found no evidence of a crime in the circumstances of the death of a young man shot by employees of Rosgvardiya for stealing Wallpaper. This is stated in the response received by the lawyer of the parents of the murdered Vladimir Taushankov. Lawyer Alex Bashmakov said the “Lift” that will appeal the inaction of the investigating authorities.

In addition, the UK indicated that the arguments set out in the appeal will be thoroughly checked during the investigation of the criminal case of robbery and violence against the security forces, in which the deceased Vladimir Taushankov is listed as a suspect.

Taushankov died in early June: he was suspected of stealing from a construction goods store, witnesses claimed that he grabbed four rolls of Wallpaper and ran out into the street. To storm the apartment where the thief had disappeared, came the fighters. They shot and killed a man.

The US house of representatives approved sanctions against China over Hong Kong.

The US house of representatives has unanimously approved a bill on sanctions against Chinese officials related to the adopted Hong Kong national security law.

Amazon will shoot a series on the computer game Fallout

Amazon Studios and Bethesda have announced the filming of a series based on the cult computer game Fallout. The producers will be Jonathan Nolan and Lisa joy from Kilter Films, who created the popular project “wild West World” for HBO.

Russian post is going to deliver parcels by heavy drones

In the fall of 2020, Russian Post is going to resume testing drones, with which it wants to deliver parcels to hard-to-reach places. The head of the company Maxim Akimov told RBC about this

Glazyev presented a strategy for eliminating poverty in Russia in three years

It is possible to eliminate poverty in Russia within three years, according to academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Glazyev. He presented the strategy of modernization and advanced development of the Russian economy at the online session of the Moscow economic forum.

“It is necessary to stop the export of capital by international speculators, protect their industry with protectionist measures, increase the attractiveness of the ruble and reduce the cost of loans, introduce state strategic planning and market mechanisms of entrepreneurial initiative,” the IEF press service quotes Glazyev’s speech.

The implementation of the proposed strategy allows us to count on putting the Russian economy on the path of advanced sustainable development with an annual GDP growth rate of at least 8%, a 15% increase in investment and the elimination of poverty within three years.

The state Duma approved a ban on imposing additional services when issuing loans

Deputies of the State Duma of Russia supported the project prohibiting banking organizations to impose additional services on customers when making consumer loans, RIA Novosti reports

The Ministry of Finance of Russia is going to increase the volume of borrowings

The Russian Finance Ministry plans to increase the volume of gross borrowings to 5 trillion rubles in 2020, Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev told reporters. Federal budget expenditures will increase to 23 trillion rubles, and the Treasury deficit will reach 5% of GDP by the end of this year.

Us court allows arrest of Iranian tankers bound for Venezuela

The us Prosecutor’s office found that Iranian businessman Mahmoud Madanipour organizes fuel deliveries through a network of shell companies in the UAE to circumvent the sanctions. The court of the capital district of Columbia (USA) gave permission to arrest Iranian oil tankers who are heading to Venezuela.

Production of the Apple iPhone is suspended

Apple’s iPhone in India was stopped because the Indian government blocked shipments from China to India. A lobbying group representing American companies in India has written to India’s Commerce Minister that the delay in deliveries prohibits firms from doing business in the country.

More than 80 tons of gold in China turned out to be fake

Gold bars weighing 83 tons of Chinese gold processing company Wuhan Kingold Jewelry turned out to be fake, according to Caixin news Agency. According to the Agency, the bars are made of a copper alloy and covered with gold on top. The company raised loans worth 20 billion yuan ($2.8 billion), and left these bars as collateral for the Bank.

Wuhan Kingold Jewelry is considered the largest gold processor in Central China. Previously, the factory was owned by the state and managed by the people’s liberation army of China in the person of General Jia Zhihong. Since 2002, the company has been transformed into a joint-stock company.

Sony will be renamed

According to Sony China, at the annual meeting of shareholders last Friday, shareholders approved a proposal to change the company’s name to”Sony Group”. The name change will take effect in April 2021. Sony is a multinational company from Japan.

UK offers asylum to Hong Kong citizens

The UK government will allow all Hong Kong citizens who are eligible for a British passport and their dependents to stay in the country for 5 years. About three million people will be able to take advantage of the opportunity, business Insider says. After the expiration of the term, immigrants will be able to apply for an extension of their stay, as well as obtain full citizenship.

The US forced Intel to suspend deliveries to the server manufacturer

Intel suspended deliveries of its products to Inspur after Inspur was included in a list published last week of companies that the US government believes are owned or controlled by the Chinese military. Recall that in the recently published IDC report for the first quarter, Inspur was named the third largest server provider in the world by market share.

The trailer for “the Immortal guard” with Charlize Theron is published

In the Network appeared the trailer for the new film “Immortal guard”, in which the main role was played by a famous American actress Charlize Theron. The premiere of the film is scheduled for July 10. The film will be shown on the Netflix streaming platform



In Seoul launched the Seoul film festival, the Eco Film Festival

On July 2, the Seoul Eco Film Festival started in the capital of South Korea, KBS reports. This year, the festival, which will last two weeks, will show 57 paintings from 27 countries

The animated series “Beavis and butt-head” will get a relaunch

It is not yet known when the new episodes of the series will appear, but the plot will be based on the fact that Beavis and Butthead will enter a completely new world of generation “Z” (the digital generation — children who master tablets and smartphones from a year old — ed.).

“Beavis and butt-head” appeared on screens in 1992. In 1993-1997, seven seasons of the series were released, and in 2011, the eighth season passed almost unnoticed.

Ellie Goulding released a new single “Slow Grenade”on June 30, 2020.

The song was recorded by her in a duet with American singer Ari Strapans Leff, performing under the pseudonym Lauv. “Slow Grenade “will be included in the second part of Goulding’s new album” Brightest Blue”, which will be released on July 17.

The Dalai Lama presented the second song of the debut album

The Dalai Lama, the leader of Buddhists in Tibet, has unveiled a new track for his recently unveiled album. You can find it on the YouTube video hosting service. The new song was named “One of My Favorite Prayers”.

The Russian segment of the ISS will not receive a medical module

According to Oleg Orlov, Director Of the Institute of medical and biological problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS scientists did not engage in development due to the fact that they are not going to operate the station for a long time. At the moment, the work of the ISS has been extended until 2024. Discussions are underway to extend the service life to 2030. Experts call this a technically feasible term, RIA Novosti reports.

In 2021, the twisting smartphone from LG will debut

According to available information, LG will release a smartphone-scroll. The device is already in the late prototyping stage and goes by the code name “Project B”. Similar developments are already underway and competitors, but it looks like LG will be the first manufacturer of such a smartphone.

Microsoft has released an unscheduled update to Windows 10

The emergency Windows 10 update came out 2 weeks earlier than the standard one, which will arrive on July 14. Experts note that it was necessary to fix the problem before the planned update.

In the US, they created a soft robot-jellyfish

A team of scientists from North Carolina state University has created a soft robot that looks like a jellyfish. This is not the first time that experts have been inspired by nature’s creations – their previous development was a Cheetah robot, according to Advanced Materials Technologies.

Scientists plan to extract lithium from thermal springs

Scientists from Germany believe that from the thermal water, the reservoirs of which are located on the territory of Germany, under the upper Rhine basin, you can get lithium. Thus, this will allow the country not to experience a shortage of this alkali metal.

In France, a lead sarcophagus was found, which is 1.5 thousand years old

Specialists of the National Institute for preventive archaeological research found unknown graves in France. This happened during an excavation in the necropolis of Autun, which is located in the South-West of Dijon. A double sarcophagus was found among the finds.

Twitter will remove racist terms from program codes

The social network Twitter intends to remove the words master, slave, blacklist (“slave”,” master”,” blacklist”), as well as a number of other terms that may contain an indication of race or gender or be offensive to some group of the population, from the program code, as well as exclude their use in work practice.

The court ordered the Sable and Alborov 4.7 million rubles in favor of the police

The court ruled that the defendants were the organizers of uncoordinated public event August 3, which work overtime attracted 3026 employees GU MVD in Moscow.

On Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, the Internet has disappeared

According to Rostelecom, third-party specialists damaged the main cable, depriving the Islands of communication with the mainland

Britain and India saved OneWeb from bankruptcy

The British government and India’s Bharti Global saved OneWeb from bankruptcy – they are buying out a stake in the company, investing $1 billion in it.

OneWeb is one of the few participants in the race to create a global satellite Internet network. The main competitor of the British company is the Starlink project from the American SpaceX.

The Prosecutor requested six years in prison for journalist Svetlana Prokopieva

Svetlana Prokopieva put forward the theory that 17-year-old anarchist Mikhail zhlobitsky blew himself up at the entrance to the FSB building in Arkhangelsk because of violations of the legal rights and freedoms of citizens and repressive actions of law enforcement agencies.

The Prosecutor believes that this is her fault, allegedly the journalist acted in order to form an opinion among the mass audience about the recognition of the ideology and practice of terrorism as correct.

The Ministry of labor will develop a law requiring officials to pass an exam in Russian

Now, before entering the state or municipal service, politicians will write a test on their native language . the President gave instructions to create such a bill in 2019.

Boeing will stop producing 747s in two years

As reported by TASS with reference to the business news Agency Bloomberg, the aerospace Corporation Boeing intends to stop producing two-deck wide-body aircraft Boeing 747. It is noted that the Corporation will assemble the last 747-8 at its plant in Everett, Washington in about 2 years

In Japan, cars with mileage have fallen in price

In Japan, prices in the secondary car market collapsed by an unprecedented 40%, according to local analytical Agency Kobunsha Co. Ltd. The reason for this sharp drop in prices was the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis.

Russia recorded an increase in the average price of cars with mileage

Last month, a used car on the market cost an average of 605.6 thousand rubles, which is 0.5% more than in may, and 4% higher than in the same period last year

Bastrykin spoke about the investigation of Nazi crimes during the second world war

The investigative Committee of Russia conducts cases on crimes of Nazism during the great Patriotic war. This was stated by the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. According to him, work is also being done with classified archives.

The trailer for The film The Tax Collector has been released

In the center of the story-Creeper (Shia LaBeouf), who with his partner David (Bobby Soto) works as a collector on the staff of a local crime boss, collecting debts from smaller bandits and a share of their illegal profits.

And, of course, it ends up escalating – colleagues run into a long-time opponent of their employer, who arrived from Mexico in Los Angeles, and the flywheel of the problem begins to unwind, involving the families of collectors. Digital release – August 7.



Spain will allocate another 50 billion euros to support business

The Spanish government has approved a new package of economic assistance to businesses affected by the consequences of the quarantine imposed due to the coronavirus COVID-19, for 50 billion euros.

Xiaomi presented a 65-inch OLED TV

Today, July 3, sales of the first 65-inch OLED TV from the Chinese giant Xiaomi begin in China. The cost of the new product is 1,840 dollars

Ankara announced the creation of the latest air defense system

The head of the Turkish defense industry Ismail Demir in his Twitter account reported on the successful tests Of the sungur anti-aircraft missile system. According to the report, Turkey’s newest air defense system is ready to enter service and can be used by both the Navy and integrated into ground and air platforms.

The Ministry of natural resources will prescribe the concept of eco tourism in the law

The Ministry of natural resources has published new amendments to the laws “on the basis of tourist activity” and “on specially protected natural territories” on the Federal portal of draft normative legal acts for independent anti-corruption expertise for a clearer organization of eco-tourism in specially protected natural territories (SPNA).

The savings Bank again lowered interest rates on ruble deposits

The largest Russian Bank, Sberbank, has reduced the rates of basic ruble deposits. This is reported today, July 2, on the website of Sberbank. It is reported that the credit institution has reduced the rates of retail basic deposits in rubles by an average of 0.5 percentage points.

South Africa imported Finnish wheat

South Africa in the last week of June, for the first time since February 2014, imported Finnish wheat – 21,878 thousand tons. The Grain Agency reports Online with reference to the SAGIS Agency. In just 9 months of the 2019/20 season, South Africa imported 1.513 million tons of wheat, which is a repeat of the schedule of the record import volumes of the 2015/16 season.

Real estate investment in the background of the pandemic fell to the lowest in 12 years

Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, in the first six months of 2020, the volume of investment transactions in the Russian real estate market decreased by 20% compared to the same period last year, from $1.7 billion to $1.3 billion. This is stated in the report of the consulting company JLL, received by RBC.

Russia will strengthen control over companies ‘ cash

Russia will introduce serious control over the operations of legal entities with cash. The banks will convey to the Federal financial monitoring service information on all operations over 600 thousand rubles. According to the Izvestia newspaper, the draft law on combating money laundering was adopted in may 2019.

The DPR refused to return to Ukraine

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin, said that the Republic had rejected the idea of a possible return to Ukraine. His words are quoted by the radio station ” Says Moscow»