7 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/06/2020

On average in Russia, the share of citizens living below the poverty line in 2019 was 12.3%, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

Regions with the lowest percentage of residents living below the poverty line:

  • Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (5,6%),
  • Moscow (6,6%),
  • Saint Petersburg (6,6%),
  • Republic Of Tatarstan (6.9%),
  • Moscow region (7.3%).

Regions with the highest percentage of residents living below the poverty line:

  • Republic Of Tyva (34.7%),
  • Republic Of Ingushetia (30.5%),
  • Kabardino-Balkar Republic (24.2%),
  • Altai Republic (24.2%),
  • Jewish Autonomous region (23.9%).

Telegram will not disclose Hong Kong user data

Telegram will not disclose Hong Kong users ‘ data, despite a new national security law introduced by Chinese President XI Jinping. Hong Kong residents and a number of Western officials saw in the law Beijing’s desire to tighten control over the autonomy. At the same time, Telegram will cooperate with the Chinese authorities on issues related to terrorism.

Telegram will not disclose Hong Kong users ‘ data, despite a new national security law introduced by Chinese President XI Jinping. Hong Kong residents and a number of Western officials saw in the law Beijing’s desire to tighten control over the autonomy. At the same time, Telegram will cooperate with the Chinese authorities on issues related to terrorism.

F1 drivers held a rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Before the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season in Austria, the drivers held a rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, taking a knee. Six people refused to take part in the action: Russian Daniil Kvyat, Max Verstappen from the Netherlands, Charles LeClair from Monaco, Finn Kimi Raikkonen, Spaniard Carlos Sainz and Italian Antonio Giovinazzi. At the same time, the pilots who refused to take a knee, went to the starting grid in t-shirts with the inscription “End racism”.

“I believe that behavior in our daily lives is more important than formal gestures, “LeClair tweeted, stressing that he is“committed to fighting racism.”

In England, the debate is whether to demolish the monument to the founder of De Beers

Oxford University decided to remove the monument to Cecil Rhodes-the founder of the de Beers diamond company, the “architect of apartheid” in South Africa and the “father of the British Empire”. With money from his inheritance, students from Africa study at Oxford, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson opposes the demolition

Airbnb will restrict rentals for people under 25.

We are talking about customers who have less than three positive reviews on house reservations. The restrictions followed the results of inspections in Canada that began in January after a mass shooting at a Halloween party.


One of the us police officers accused of murdering African-American George Floyd in custody has been released on bail, according to a public database of the prison in Hennepin County. Dismissed from the police, Tu Tao was released on July 4, according to the database.


Trump said that the US will always resist socialism

The US President, congratulating Venezuela on independence Day, noted that its people are suffering under an illegitimate and tyrannical regime that seeks to destroy democratic institutions.

Putin said that the amendments to the Constitution will help Russia avoid the mistakes of the USSR.

According to the President, the right of the republics to secede from the Union, which was enshrined in all Soviet constitutions, is “a time bomb laid back in 1922.”

“Of course, we should avoid such things,” he said in an interview with the Moscow program. Kremlin. Putin “on the TV channel “Russia-1”.

Putin said that since 1908-1909, Lenin had been “running around with an idea” that went back to the idea of the right of Nations to self-determination.

“Then it was transformed into state building in such a way that when creating a single state, the Soviet Union – well, in fact, it was a question of restoring historical Russia to its former borders-the newly created Union republics had the right to withdraw from it. By the way, Stalin held a different point of view,” Vladimir Putin said.

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In Russia, the level of extreme poverty has decreased over the past year

Experts found that in 2019, the share of the population below the poverty line in Russia decreased compared to 2018 and amounted to 12.3% instead of 12.9% . This is stated in the study “RIA Novosti”.

Russian citizens expect a deterioration in their welfare

More than 60% of Russians expect their well-being to deteriorate over the course of 2020. Only 6% assume that the financial situation of their families will improve, writes TASS with reference to the Ranepa study

The ECtHR filed a lawsuit about mass facial recognition at rallies in Moscow

Former Deputy energy Minister Vladimir Milov and public figure Alyona Popova filed a complaint with the European court of human rights (ECHR) about the use of facial recognition technology during a rally in 2019 in Moscow.

Popova and Milov believe that the continuous use of facial recognition technology at the rally on September 29 violated the right of citizens to protect their privacy (article 8 of the European Convention), and the inability to go to the rally to avoid the identification procedure violated the right to freedom of Assembly (article 11)

Since July 1, it is prohibited to transfer social payments to Visa and Mastercard cards

The full transition to mandatory use of Russian payment system cards for payments from the budget is coming to an end. From July 1, 2020, any social benefit will have to be transferred by banks only to Mir cards. This applies to pensions, payments for children, and any subsidies from the state.

A comfortable holiday in the Crimea is close to the price of an apartment in Moscow

Prices for comfortable holidays on the Peninsula are growing rapidly. For example, 20 nights with Breakfast in a famous five-star hotel in Sevastopol will cost 497 thousand rubles. If you book a room from July 16 to August 5.

In a hotel of the same class, but in Yalta, 14 days of rest with a child will cost more than 600 thousand rubles. However, now there are no available places there, you can only book a room from the second half of July. Renting a Villa in Crimea for 14 days will cost 11 million rubles. This was reported by Business FM.

Denmark allowed to complete the “Nord stream-2” with new vessels

The Danish energy Agency (DEA), at the request of Nord Stream 2 AG, granted permission for the use of anchored vessels on the unfinished section of the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline to the South-East of Bornholm island. This was reported on Monday in a press release of the Department.

The optimal amount of oxygen is calculated for better brain function

Scientists from Germany have determined the amount of oxygen that brain cells need to ensure the effective functioning of its structures and cells. It was found that in a calm state, the brain is sufficient for a fourth of the incoming volume of oxygen, and in a working state – a third.

The metro station in Berlin, renamed in honor of the composer Glinka

Glinka street located near the station “Mohrenstrasse”. As a result, the station will be renamed in accordance with the name of Glinka street, named after the Russian composer Mikhail Glinka.

In the US, construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has stopped

Construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), which was estimated at $8 billion, has been stopped, us companies Duke Energy Corp. said. and Dominion Energy (SPB: D) Inc, citing legal uncertainty, Forbes reported on July 5.

We regret that we will not be able to complete the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, ” said Dominion Energy CEO Thomas Farrell and Duke Energy chief Executive Lynn Goodn.

India and China have withdrawn troops from the disputed Galvan river valley

India and China have withdrawn troops from the disputed Galvan river valley. This was reported by journalists of the NDTV channel. Eyewitnesses explained that the parties conducted a mutual withdrawal of armed forces from the territory of the conflict.

The Indian military acknowledged the continued tension in Ladakh

The situation in the Ladakh region remains tense, despite India’s efforts to ease the conflict with China. This was reported on July 6 by the Hindustan Times newspaper with reference to Indian military sources

London will impose sanctions against Russians in the Magnitsky case

The British authorities have created a list of citizens of Russia and Saudi Arabia who fall under individual sanctions under the “Magnitsky law”. So, London believes that it is necessary to freeze assets and ban entry to those who are involved in human rights violations

The Israeli army reported an airstrike on militants in the Gaza strip

In total, three rockets fell from the Gaza strip on the territory of the Jewish state on Sunday, there were no injuries. In response to the militants ‘ actions, the Israeli army (IDF) bombed targets of the Hamas group in Northern Gaza. The operation involved fighters and helicopters.

The Kremlin administration discussed the issue of awarding the title to Vladimir Putin

This was stated by a member of the state Duma Committee on budget and taxes Yevgeny Fedorov during an interview for the capital’s radio station “Says Moscow”. The reason for such a decision, according to the official, may be the President’s recent reform aimed at restoring the Fatherland.

“The last vote is the beginning of the process of restoring the country within the borders of the 45th year and the consent of the people to this. Therefore, when Vladimir Putin completes what he has started, he will already have a title in the centuries, as previously had the leaders of Russia and Russia in their historical past. This is already our tradition, ” Fedorov said.

The Federation Council gave the final answer on the accession of the DPR and LPR to Russia

The Federation Council put a bold end to the issue of joining the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass in Russia. Russia has never considered and does not consider the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics as Russian territories.

Ukraine held large-scale military exercises

In Ukraine, military exercises were held, which the country called one of the most large-scale in recent years. They are organized near the city of Rivne, informs Defense Express.

In the process, the military practiced, among other things, offensive actions on the position of a potential enemy. The operation involved Bayraktar TB2 attack drones created in Turkey. Experts also noticed the American FGM-148 Javelin complex there. Ukrainian tanks, drones and air defense systems were involved in the exercises.

Stallone announced work on the Director’s version of “Rocky 4”

The film premiered in 1985. The famous American actor and film Director Sylvester Stallone announced the beginning of work on the Director’s version of the fourth part of the film about the boxer rocky Balboa. He wrote about this on his official Instagram page.

Xiaomi to release redmibook 16 laptop

The new RedmiBook 16, it will get the 10th-generation Core i7 chip, as well as the Intel platform. In addition, the company plans to release a modification based on Core i5. It is expected that the new product will be presented very soon.

New xiaomi smartphones will get an analog of the Top Shot function

It became known that the new smartphones of the Chinese company Xiaomi in the MIUI Camera app will receive the AI Shutter function, which will become an analog of the Top Shot function. Data about the new smartphone capabilities of the Chinese company was obtained when studying the code of one of the beta versions of MIUI 12.

The us border with Mexico will be protected by artificial intelligence

The administration of Donald trump has signed a five-year contract with Anduril Industries, the new company of Oculus VR founder Palmer Lucky. Cooperation will lead to the creation of a “virtual wall” between Mexico and the United States, which will prevent illegal attempts to cross the border using AI.

Scientists have discovered a new physical phenomenon

Specialists representing the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University concluded that the amplitude of mechanical vibrations of an object can increase without constant external influence on it. According to scientists, this is possible due to the internal thermal resources of the system. The open phenomenon is called “ballistic resonance”. The study was published in the scientific publication Physical Review E.

Scientists have discovered a fossil counterparts of penguins in the Northern hemisphere

New Zealand’s “monster penguins”, which lived more than 60 million years ago, had counterparts that inhabited the territories of modern Japan, the United States and Canada. Scientists said that these birds, which were called plotopterids, did not fly.

Chinese scientist Zhou Tang created a plasma engine

Chinese specialist Zhou Tang reported on the creation of a plasma engine. This engine is based on synthetic diamonds that were grown thanks to microwave energy. According to today News Ufa, Professor Zhou Tang of Wuhan University explained the principle of how microwaves work.

European scientists have studied the phenomenon of the glow of sea waves

Scientists have managed to explain the phenomenon of bioluminescence in single-celled sea creatures, which is the basis of the mysterious glow of water. Research materials on the topic appeared in the publication Physical Review Letters.

A team of researchers from France, Germany and the UK found that the single-celled creature Pyrocystis lunula, which is responsible for the glow of sea waves at night, creates light when its cell walls are affected by mechanical forces generated by water

Журналисты потребовали полностью оправдать Светлану Прокопьеву

Журналистское объединение «Синдикат-100» потребовало отменить «позорный приговор» Светлане Прокопьевой, признанной виновной в оправдании терроризма и приговоренной к штрафу в 500 тысяч рублей, и полностью оправдать журналистку.

«Сегодняшний приговор — это приговор за профессию и предупреждение всем, кто в этой профессии работает», — подчеркнули журналисты.

Кремль — о деле журналистки Светланы Прокопьевой

«Эхо Москвы»: Наверняка в Кремле анализировали то, какой резонанс вызывает это дело. И многие журналисты говорят о том, что это серьезное наступление на свободу слова. Президент как гарант, в том числе и свободы слова и других прав и свобод граждан в Российской Федерации, как реагирует на такие высказывания?

Дмитрий Песков: В данном случае, поскольку здесь сама по себе ситуация ассоциирована с темой террористической угрозы, борьбы с терроризмом, пропагандой терроризма, оправдания терроризма, поэтому здесь определенные нюансы присутствуют, правовые, которые, безусловно, принимались во внимание и обвинением, и защитой, и судом.

Приговор должен быть пересмотрен, а штраф отменен

Глава Союза журналистов России Владимир Соловьев считает, что приговор журналистке Светлане Прокопьевой должен быть пересмотрен, а штраф отменен.

“Конечно, я рад, что она (Прокопьева) останется на свободе, надеюсь, что в этом сыграло свою роль и гражданское и журналистское сообщество. Но штраф в 500 тысяч рублей – за что?”, – сказал Соловьев “Интерфаксу”.

Защита обжаловала приговор по делу «Седьмой студии»

Адвокаты Кирилла Серебренникова и других фигурантов дела «Седьмой студии» обжаловали приговор Мещанского суда Москвы, сообщает «Интерфакс».

Journalists demanded to fully acquit Svetlana Prokopeva

The syndicate-100 journalistic Association demanded to cancel the” shameful verdict ” of Svetlana Prokopieva, who was found guilty of justifying terrorism and sentenced to a fine of 500 thousand rubles, and to fully acquit the journalist.

“Today’s verdict is a sentence for the profession and a warning to everyone who works in this profession,” the journalists stressed.

Kremlin — about the case of journalist Svetlana Prokopieva

Echo of Moscow: The Kremlin must have analyzed the resonance of this case. And many journalists say that this is a serious attack on freedom of speech. The President as a guarantor of freedom of speech and other rights and freedoms of citizens in the Russian Federation, how does he react to such statements?

Dmitry Peskov: In this case, since the situation itself is associated with the topic of the terrorist threat, the fight against terrorism, the propaganda of terrorism, the justification of terrorism, so there are certain nuances here, legal ones that were certainly taken into account by the prosecution, the defense, and the court.

The sentence should be reviewed and the fine canceled

The head of the Union of journalists of Russia Vladimir Solovyov believes that the sentence of journalist Svetlana Prokopieva should be reviewed, and the fine canceled.

“Of course, I am glad that she (Prokopieva) will remain free, I hope that the civil and journalistic community has played a role in this. But a fine of 500 thousand rubles – for what?”, – Solovyov told Interfax.

The defense appealed the verdict in the case of “Seventh Studio”

Lawyers for Kirill Serebrennikov and other defendants in the “Seventh Studio” case have appealed the verdict of the Moscow Meshchansky court, Interfax reports.