10 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/09/2019

Russia recorded inflation 0%

For the first time in the history of modern Russia recorded inflation of 0%, according to Rosstat. This was the first time since 1991. Such dynamics came as a surprise to both analysts and the Ministry of economic development.

President of Ukraine offered Russia to hold a meeting in Minsk

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to hold a meeting in Minsk with the participation of the United States, great Britain, Germany and France.

“Need to talk? About. Let’s discuss who and who is not there in the Donbass»

The leader of Ukraine offered as mediators in the negotiations us President Donald trump, British Prime Minister Theresa may, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

“We do not change or refuse any diplomatic formats. We offer to talk,” concluded Zelensky.

Commenting on this initiative, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that it is “a completely new format.”

“We need to understand whether there is a prospect for such a meeting, we need to understand what kind of new format is proposed. The United States is not a party to the Normandy process. What about the Minsk agreements, which are signed by the participants of the Normandy process, but there is no us signature? Of course, it will be considered (initiative)»

Elena Serova at a meeting of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly

MP hero of Russia, cosmonaut Elena Serova in the OSCE said that from orbit through the window saw Ukrainian troops allegedly bombed civilians of Donbass.

In some cases, the employee may be denied leave

The employer has the right to postpone the leave of his employee to the next working year, if the provision of leave in the current year will adversely affect the progress of the enterprise. At the same time, the consent of the employee is required, and the deferred leave should be used no later than 12 months after the end of the year for which it is provided, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta in Rostrud.

Roskoshestvo found traces of antibiotics in burgers, is there any reason for concern?

Roskoshestvo conducted a special project to study burgers and found traces of antibiotics in them, but their number was insignificant and did not exceed the established technical regulations. This is stated in the message of the organization.

The problem is that when you consume meat with antibiotics and they get into your body, it can cause its resistance to their effect in the treatment of various diseases, – said the leading researcher of the National research center for epidemiology and Microbiology named after honorary academician N. F. Gamalei Victor Larichev

Hazardous areas of activity in Russia

In 2018, 5.1 thousand cases of occupational diseases were registered in Russia. This is 3 thousand less than in 2013 (8.1 thousand). Almost half (47.5%) of the registered cases of occupational diseases fell on employees of mining enterprises.

On the second place — staff of the manufacturing industries (27.3% of newly reported cases). The ranking of the most affected by occupational diseases are the representatives of the enterprises of transportation and storage (10.5 per cent), construction (5%) and enterprises agriculture, forestry, hunting, fisheries and aquaculture (3.9 percent).

Sberbank called the countries in which Russians are dangerous to use ATMs

Sberbank advises Russians when visiting the UK, India, Indonesia, Canada and the United States to be careful when using ATMs, because in these countries there is a high risk of becoming a victim of skimming, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the Bank.

Yekaterinburg meets Putin a bus drivers ‘ strike

The Director of the transport enterprise LLC Vostok Alexey karpychev didn’t begin to deny a problem. According to him, in the morning on each line about 10 cars as drivers decided to strike didn’t leave. They are not satisfied with the level of wages, which decreased in the summer due to the fall in passenger traffic. And it fell quite significantly – 300 rubles per shift. To understand: before reducing payments drivers received an average of 2 500-2 700 rubles per day

Raiffeisenbank began to issue loans through social networks and messengers

How does the issuance of loans: In social networks Raiffeisenbank appeared chatbot, writing to which, you can get a questionnaire-application for a loan. If the completed application is approved, a courier will come to the client to check the passport and sign the documents.

In Magadan, they will begin to fine for feeding pigeons

The authorities of Magadan imposed a fine for feeding birds in the city, said the head of the municipal budget institution “green economy Plant” Alexei Gavrilov. He said that the relevant order was given by the mayor of the city, who instructed to install prohibiting signs and fine violators.

Belarus found a shortage of sunflower oil in imports from Russia

Belarus found in imported from Russia sunflower oil shortage in 80% of the tested parties, the press service of the state standard of the country.

EMERCOM experts called the most common cause of the fire

“The causes of many fires, as statistics show, are non-standard sockets, as well as extension cords and wires of poor quality”, — reminds RIA Novosti.

Geographers of Moscow state University published Atlas “Medicinal springs and plants»

Editor-in-chief of the Atlas, MSU Professor Svetlana Malkhazova said that this is the first cartographic generalization of data on mineral waters, mud and medicinal plants on a national scale and will include statistics on morbidity in the Federal districts of the country.

Together with the overview maps of Russia, the Atlas includes medical and geographical maps of model regions (Caucasus, Crimea, Kamchatka, Tuva, etc.), prepared on the basis of author’s developments together with regional services.

Russian hospitals were forbidden to buy imported medical products

Russian hospitals will no longer be able to purchase imported diapers, bandages, gauze and disposable diapers. Thus, the authorities want to support the domestic producer of these goods.

The relevant decree of the government of the Russian Federation came into force on July 9. The document specifies 14 types of medical products that must be strictly domestic production. The list includes medical masks, plasters, products containing antiseptic and disinfectants, reagents for analysis and much more.

Named the country in which tourists are most often in contact with the police

Most often, Russian tourists faced with the police in Italy, Spain and Germany, according to Aviasales. Also, the Russians had to contact the police during trips to the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Austria, Armenia, Philippines, Cyprus, Norway, China, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Croatia, Montenegro, Mexico and Georgia.

Mobile gas station with resting started to work on open sections of the route “Tavrida»

The first mobile gas stations with places for rest were put into operation on the open sections of the Tavrida route. This was reported to Kryminform by Denis Milovanov, Deputy Manager of the contractor company for the installation of mobile gas stations-fuel Alliance LLC.

Drug test will be part of the procedure for obtaining a driver’s license

When obtaining and extending the rights of drivers will be tested for drugs, the website of the traffic police. For introduction of new rules of passing of the medical Commission the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation prepared on behalf of the President Vladimir Putin amendments to the order N 344.

But we propose to introduce a delay in obtaining a driver’s license if the test confirms abuse. In a month a person will be able to pass the test again, it would be illegal to completely prohibit obtaining rights. — Eugene Brun, a psychiatrist

Forbes named the richest officials and deputies in Russia

The first place in it was taken by the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region Pavel Antov, the founder of group of companies “Vladimir standard”. In 2018, its income amounted to about 9.97 billion rubles.

On the second line of the rating was Vice-Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region and co-owner of the company “Yuzhuralzoloto” Konstantin Strukov, whose fortune is estimated at 1.9 billion dollars. And a year earlier, he declared an income of 4.46 billion rubles.

In third place — the Deputy of the Belgorod regional Duma Sergey Gusev, the owner of the confectionery factory “Slavyanka”. His income amounted to 2.84 billion rubles.

It is noted that the rating was based on data on the total family income declared by officials and deputies, as well as their spouses and minor children. In General, the families of one hundred rating participants last year declared an income of 71 billion rubles.

Mortality from cancer in Bashkiria for 10 years increased by almost 20%

The incidence of cancer in the region increased over 10 years by 20.3% — to 334 people per 100 thousand population. The leaders in the number of cancer patients identified in 2018 were sterlibashevsky district (502 people per 100 thousand population) and Salavat (410.6 per 100 thousand people).)

Without waiting for the public hearings have already cut down trees

On July 24, the administration of Primorsk will hold public hearings on the project of Primorsky universal loading complex LLC. The new port will be located on 760 hectares of the Gulf of Finland, between the villages of Karasevka and Ermilovo. Projected capacity — 1740 cars per day

While the residents are raising funds for environmental expertise, the clear cutting of the forest began with the approval of President Vladimir Putin. That ticklish moment that the wood cut down long before examination of the project, bypassed beautifully: it was simply “preparation of wood” which “had no relation” to future port.

Russia will raise excise taxes on wine

The government proposed to increase the excise rates for wine from 2020: for still wines – from 18 to 31 rubles per 1 liter, for sparkling wines – from 36 to 40 rubles per 1 liter, follows from the draft amendments to the Tax code, which was read by Vedomosti.

Almost all the water on the Russian shelves was fake

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko called for a tough fight with companies producing counterfeit mineral water, as its market share has already approached 80%.

“There is a lot of mineral water of unknown origin on the shelves. According to experts, up to 80% of the mineral water on the shelves does not match the name. (…) We keep this topic on hearing (..) and already taking the necessary measures in this regard, including the fight against counterfeiting,” – said Matvienko in Stavropol during a meeting with the authorities of the region on Monday.

Turkish company to build cargo terminal at Kazan airport

Turkish company Kozuva Group will build a cargo terminal at Kazan airport. The relevant agreement with Tatarstan investment development Agency was concluded during the Russian-Turkish industrial forum held within the framework of the international industrial exhibition “Innoprom-2019” in Yekaterinburg

Transport reform can cost St. Petersburg 23 billion rubles

The cost of public passenger transport reform may cost St. Petersburg 23 billion rubles. This amount will have to pay carriers if the government will stop on the “expensive” version of the reform

Tomsk police officers have arrested a ton of beer for the back taxes

Bailiffs in repayment of tax payments seized almost a ton of beer belonging to the manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in the Kozhevnikovsky district of the Tomsk region. According to NIA Tomsk, the press service of the Ministry, the organization owed more than 100 million rubles to the budgets of different levels.

The Ministry of industry and trade offered to subsidize the purchase of wooden houses

The Ministry of industry and trade offered to subsidize the banks half of the down payment on the loan for the purchase of a wooden house. It is reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Sberbank is aimed at the purchase of Ozon or Avito

Sberbank is considering the possibility of purchasing online retailer Ozon or online service Avito, said July 8 edition of The Bell, citing its own sources. The companies did not comment on this information, but did not deny the fact of the negotiations.

Banks have lost interest in deposits in euros

Bank Avangard decided to completely abandon deposits in the Euro: it does not accept new ones, and does not prolong the old ones. At the end of the Deposit, the Bank will charge a monthly fee for the storage of funds, that is, its customers will face a negative return. Experts note that it is unprofitable for banks to attract deposits in euros, since they have nowhere to send these funds — foreign currency borrowers, as a rule, are credited in dollars.

Erich Krause was accused of withdrawing money offshore

Stationery brand and a former sponsor of the program “jeopardy” Erich Krause moved 298,3 million rubles in one-day firms in Cyprus under the form of payment of advertising in the transmission. The tax authorities have required the company to pay 44,6 million rubles in unpaid taxes and fines, indicates the court’s decision.

“The disputed counterparty actually did not provide services and could not provide, was a technical company established in an offshore jurisdiction for the withdrawal of funds from circulation in Finland and Russia,” the decision of the Arbitration court of Moscow notes.

China’s foreign exchange reserves grow for the second month in a row

China’s foreign exchange reserves, the largest in the world, increased in June 2019 by $18.23 billion compared to the previous month to $3 trillion 119.23 billion This is the maximum level since April 2018, Finmarket reports.

Oil production in the U.S. set a new record

Oil and condensate production in the US in April reached 12.2 million barrels per day, setting a new record. This is stated in the message of the energy information Administration of the us Department of energy (EIA).

Became known the main ways of stealing money from the accounts of Russians

The main reason for the loss of money from Bank accounts was the carelessness of citizens, according to “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the Central Bank. The victims of fraud are often Russians who use mobile devices when paying.

How much to 1 July rose in price of fuel in Russia

Rosstat calculated how the cost of fuel increased in the last week of June. The center for research of real economy with reference to the Federal statistical office reports that from 25 to 30 June, the price of fuel on average in Russia increased by 0.1%.

China protested against the U.S. approval of the sale of weapons to Taiwan

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of China made a presentation of the United States after approval by the state Department of the sale of Taiwan tanks M1A2T Abrams and portable anti-aircraft missile systems Stinger worth more than $2 billion This was stated by foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

Chinese automaker JAC Motors fined for fraud

Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp. Ltd. (JAC Motors) was fined 170 million yuan ($24.7 million) due to fraud around air emissions, Xinhua news Agency reported on July 8.

It became known about the offer Assange to escape to Russia

Spanish private security Agency, which dealt with the security of the Embassy of Ecuador in the UK in 2012-2018, led surveillance of the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange. It is reported by El Pais. The newspaper was able to obtain materials proving the video and audio surveillance of the private company Undercover Global S. L.

The footage recorded meetings of the Internet whistleblower with his lawyers and other visitors. From these data, the newspaper found out about the plans of the associates of Assange to bring him in disguise from the Embassy and send to Russia, or Cuba. They were thwarted by the refusal of the Australian.

In Antarctica have awakened from a dream of ancient life, of which 1.5 thousand years

Evolutionary biologist Catherine La Farge in the permafrost of Antarctica managed to unearth samples of ancient moss Aulacomnium turgidum, fifteen hundred years lain in the ice captivity — and yet retained the green color — and therefore, with high probability, and the ability to photosynthesis

High-speed rail network China “braided” even Islands

In Haikou, the capital of China’s southern island province of Hainan, launched the first high-speed railway line, according to the newspaper China Daily. The length of the line is 38 km. the Speed of trains exceeds 150 km/h. Trains run every 15 minutes from early morning to late evening. The last train leaves at eleven o’clock in the morning. With the launch of high-speed traffic, the travel time between the two stations has been reduced to 30 minutes. For comparison, earlier the same route took at least two hours.

At the moment, China has the world’s longest network of high-speed Railways. According to the plans of the Chinese authorities, by the end of 2020 their length should increase to 30 thousand kilometers, and by 2025 — up to 38 thousand kilometers.

Norwegian scientists examine the sunken submarine “Komsomolets”

Norwegian research vessel “G. O. Sars is now in the Norwegian Sea, above the Komsomolets nuclear submarine, which sank on April 7, 1989.

The Norwegian Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety posted on Twitter a photograph of the boat, which lies at a depth of about 1.7 thousand meters. Earlier research “Komsomoltsa” held deep-water unmanned vehicle. It is noted that the radiation level in the region of the reactor compartment is 100,000 times higher than the norm

Lukashenka said there are no plans to unite Belarus and Russia

According to Lukashenka, during the meeting with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the heads of state outlined “those frames, points, milestones, placed flags, as hunters say, for which we should not go out”.

“We answered the most important question, which, you know, was thrown from all sides (I do not know for what purpose): whether Russia will become part of Belarus or Belarus will become part of Russia or not. We replied that this should not be done at all today. Even talk about it,” BelTA quotes Lukashenka.

British air force aircraft conducted reconnaissance off the black sea coast of Russia

According to the portal Plane Radar, the scout Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R. 1 with the tail number ZJ694 at 06.25 Moscow time made a circle in the area of Novorossiysk at a distance of 61.3 kilometers from the coastal zone. After an hour and a half, the reconnaissance aircraft flew around the black sea coast, approaching the shore near Sevastopol at a distance of about a hundred kilometers and returned to the departure airport.

Zelensky outlined the end of the war in the Donbass

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said he hoped that the conflict in Donbass will end in a year. On Monday, July 8, he reported about it during a briefing at the summit Ukraine — the European Union, transfers UNIAN. According to him, the parties are moving towards a sustainable ceasefire.

Part of the employees of DVZ “Zvezda” is transferred to a reduced working week

The representative of the factory trade Union told RIA Novosti that the reduction of the working week is due to “the lack of one hundred percent load in all departments”

“In order to preserve the labor collective of the far Eastern Zvezda plant and prevent violations of the legal rights of employees from August to December 2019, some specialists will be transferred to a part-time working week. Such measures are caused by underutilization of the enterprise because of temporary absence of the state defense order. All rights of employees in accordance with the Labor code of the Russian Federation will be respected,” the press service said.

Ministry of education plans to monitor the level of teachers ‘ salaries

The Ministry of education and the Ministry of labor are working on the creation of a working group that will monitor the level of teachers ‘ salaries. This was reported by Deputy Minister of education Tatiana sinyugina.

Warrant for the detention of 176 military issued in Turkey

Istanbul Prosecutor’s office issued a warrant for the detention of 176 military. They are suspected of involvement in banned in Turkey “Terrorist organization of fethullahists” (FETO). According to the Agency Anadolu, among the suspects there are high-ranking military.

UAE withdraws troops from Yemen

The United Arab Emirates is reducing the number of troops in Yemen and moving from a military strategy to a peace plan. This was reported to journalists on Monday by a senior representative of the UAE.

The cabin of the American b-2 bomber first came on video

The cabin of the heavy American strategic bomber B-2, which became the first modern production aircraft with the scheme “flying wing”, first came on video. Permission to show the public the secret stealth inside managed to get journalist Jeff Bolton

Large-scale exercises of paratroopers and aircraft began in the South of Russia

Aviation units from the Tver, Pskov and Orenburg regions were relocated to the training grounds in the Krasnodar territory, two thousand paratroopers from Novorossiysk went to the Kostroma and Ulyanovsk regions, the Russian defense Ministry reported today.

Russia will take part in the repair of the Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya»

Russia next year will take part in the repair of the Indian aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya”, the former “Admiral Gorshkov”, said Monday the General Director of “Rosoboronexport” Alexander Mikheev.

The state Duma has prepared a draft on sanctions against Georgia

State Duma deputies asked the government to impose sanctions against Georgia. The relevant document is published in the database of the lower house of Parliament.

Julia Latynina commented on the death of 14 sailors submariners

“Drowned “Losharik” already with 7 captains of the 1st rank on Board. A total of 14 people drowned. The others were — who are not civil — captains of the 2nd and 3rd grade. Of course, it’s black humor, but the more the number of captains, the less chance of survival,” – said Latynina.

Advisor to the defense Ministry Alexander Ilnitsky commented on the statement Latynina

“This is beyond good and evil. People have lost all sense of morality. For some HYIP or it is not clear at all what. Such notions as conscience or shame or shame are simply unknown to them, in my opinion. That real officers of the Russian, heroes-submariners who saved lives and unique equipment at the cost of the life which prevented more serious consequences, she dares to mock somehow still over it. Unfortunately, this creature is female. Therefore here it is necessary as-that to limit yourself in expressions. But, in General, all I wanted to say about it,” — said the adviser to the Minister of defense. – “A very bad man. It is a pity that such people work in the media, which are financed by the state. I have actually not to these people a question, and a question to those who continues financing of such mass media which conducts obviously anti-state policy. This is my personal position,” Ilnitsky said.

Yakut journalist accused of influencing the subconscious of readers

In Yakutsk, the district Commissioner major Rushan Alimov accused journalist Mikhail Romanov of using hidden inserts in publications that affect the subconscious of people and badly affect them.

The new Prime Minister of Greece took the oath

Earlier, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos gave Kiriakos Mitsotakis the mandate to form a new government, as the New democracy won the parliamentary elections. Parliamentary elections were held in Greece the day before.

The ECHR awarded the Russian woman €25 thousand on a complaint of domestic violence

The European court of human rights (ECHR) has decided to award €25 thousand Russian citizen Valeria Volodina, who complained of violence by a roommate. The woman said about the inaction of the Russian law enforcement authorities, and also about absence in Russia “of the legal system to combat violence.”

Ryan Reynolds will play in the action movie “Red notice»

Ryan Reynolds, known for his role as Deadpool, will play in the Comedy Thriller “Red notice”. The main roles in the movie Rawson Marshall Thurber will also play Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot.

Tickets for the festival “Bitter holiday” will be issued from July 15

Free tickets for the screenings of the festival of new Russian cinema “Bitter holiday” will be issued from July 15, said the mayor of Nizhny Novgorod Vladimir Panov.
Tickets for the festival will be available in four city cinemas: “Eaglet”, “Petrel”, “Change”, “Record”. In addition, tickets can be picked up at the offices of MTS PJSC and on the website ticketland.ru ahhh!

The festival will be held from 19 to 25 July, the opening ceremony will begin at the Nizhny Novgorod drama theater at 18:00

Tsoi’s wife in the new film by Alexei Uchitel will play Paulina Andreeva

The teacher notes that the main character of his film will be the driver of “Icarus”, who participated in an accident that ended the life of the musician. In this role Evgeny Tsyganov will appear before the audience. As for the close vocalist of the group “Cinema”, Paulina Andreeva will play the role of the wife of the deceased.

Started shooting spy Thriller “355” with Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain announced on Instagram about the beginning of the filming of the spy Thriller “355”, where she will play a major role. The actress published a video where he meets with film Director Simon Kinberg in Paris.

Marilyn Manson will play in the series “Confrontation” by Stephen king

The series will be based on the novel of the same name by Stephen king. The musician said that his team even recorded for the future series a cover version of the famous composition of the end of the group of doors. It is reported that we are talking about the post-apocalyptic novel “Confrontation” 1978.

Samuel L. Jackson will star in a new “Saw»

Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock will star in the new film of the franchise “Saw”. About it with reference to own sources the portal bloody swindle writes.

On screens leaves a new film of Luc Besson

In the world the picture was received with applause, mixed with whistles. Interestingly, after “Kursk”, where he was a producer, Besson again turned to the Russian material – as a writer and Director

For a dark-skinned Mermaid as a Prince offered a Korean singer

Fans of the Korean group BTS offered to take the soloist of the band Park Chimin for the role of Prince Eric in the remake of the cartoon “the little Mermaid” in 1989. They created a petition for Change.org and also started posting pictures of the singer on Twitter, saying Disney wouldn’t find a better candidate.

“”BC” became popular only thanks to the activity in social networks” — said the media

BC is considered to be the most popular Korean group, which received recognition not only at home, but also in Europe and America. Many ill-wishers, however, reduce their success only to active work on advance in social networks.

Add photographed some clips Lil Wayne

Add released clip on track-dedication “Lightskin Lil Wayne” (“light-Skinned Lil Wayne”). Flow the flow, the rapper filmed a time-lapse video hits the main colleagues – “a Milli”, “Lollipop”, “fire” and others, putting them in one movie

Instagram will introduce new features to combat bullying on the Internet

A few days ago we started testing one of them. With the help of artificial intelligence service allows you to analyze the comment that the user wants to leave under someone else’s record. If it can be regarded as offensive, a warning is displayed with the ability to delete your message.

The development of the Restrict function has also started. Thanks to it, users faced with bullying can protect your account from unwanted communication. The innovation will have to limit visibility of offensive comments so that they could be read only by the person who left them.

Pirate sites are suggested to delete entire

Remove from search engines individual pages with pirated links is not enough, insist TV channels, online cinemas and producers: if the site regularly distributes illegal content, the search engine should not give him links

In 2020, Apple will release four new iPhones

Experts of the analytical Agency JP Morgan reported that Apple may release 4 new iPhone smartphones next year. According to analysts, the American company will create 3 devices with OLED screens, the diagonal of which will vary from 5.4 to 6.7 inches.

Named the main drawback of the screens of modern smartphones

Smartphone manufacturers should solve the problem of display behavior in natural light, ice Univerce Reports, citing a statement by Raymond Soneira, the founder of DisplayMate, which is busy testing screens and producing equipment for their calibration.

Russia has created a system of signals that reduces the likelihood of plane crashes

Concern “Electronic technologies” has created a new system of air signals (SHS-L), which reduces the likelihood of accidents and plane crashes, told RIA Novosti CEO Nikolai Kolesov.

As explained by the interlocutor of the Agency, the new system for the first time used a laser speed meter that consumes less power for heating than the full pressure receivers, which are now equipped with aircraft.

Xiaomi introduced led makeup mirror with touch control for $20

Around the perimeter are LEDs that have three degrees of brightness. The peculiarity of this model is that the brightness is adjusted using the touch button on the mirror.

New Fund of the state Corporation “rostec»

The industry 4.0 Fund will specialize in investments in industrial technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, the creation of “digital twins” and new materials, the representative of the state Corporation said. The Fund is registered in the form of an investment partnership. RT – business development, a subsidiary of Rostec, has created a special management company to manage it. The Fund’s capital will be 5 billion rubles., part of the money is planned to attract from external investors (corporations, development institutions or financial institutions), says the General Director of the management company Alexander Loktev. He did not disclose the proportions of the external and equity capital of the state Corporation. By the end of 2019, the total capital of the Fund should reach 3 billion rubles., hopes Loktev.

Rosatom has delivered a batch of nuclear fuel to China

The fuel company of the state Corporation Rosatom TVEL delivered to China a batch of nuclear fuel for the experimental fast neutron reactor CEFR, the operation of which is very important for the development of the Chinese nuclear industry.

Russia tests combat robot Token

This is a crawler platform on which you can put different modules. Collected and tested two experimental samples, said TASS head of the Foundation for advanced research Andrei Grigoriev. According to him, now the control system of the robot allows him to navigate the route and avoid obstacles.

Ability of the seller to “sell” additional goods to the client

In one of the thematic groups in “Vkontakte” the user invited former and current employees of the network electronics store to show their best checks. One of the checks, for example, showed how, together with the iPhone XR, the client purchased insurance, accessories, advice, several SIM cards and various additional devices for an extra 46 thousand rubles.

It is no secret that additional sales in many companies are one of the KPIs for employees. Therefore, employees of stores with mobile devices are trying to sell smartphone accessories, SIM cards and other additional services to customers.

HP will equip new ProDesk mini-computers with ninth-generation Intel Core chip

As for the model ProDesk 600 G5 Desktop Mini PC, its characteristics are not fully disclosed. But it is known that it is allowed to use Intel Core processor of the ninth generation and up to 32 GB of ddr4 RAM.

The world’s first TVs with the technology of Dual-Image

Company Hisense has announced a TV series U9e: it is alleged that the world’s first panel of the Dual-Image. The device display is essentially a combination of a traditional color LCD display and an optional monochrome display

Eye diseases will be detected using the nozzle on the smartphone

Brazilian company Phelcom Technologies has developed a portable device that allows you to obtain accurate images of the retina and detect ophthalmic diseases. This writes MPO Magazine.The device called Eyer is made in the form of a nozzle on the smartphone

Scientists named the main reason for the high life expectancy

As reported by the publication EurekAlert telomere length helped Spanish researchers of the national center for cancer research to predict life expectancy in vertebrates.

As it turned out, the main role is played by the speed of shortening telomeres — structures that protect chromosomes from genetic damage during division. Using the formula they learned to predict the life expectancy of the individual. Experts studied telomeres of mice, goats, dolphins, gulls, reindeer, vultures, flamingos, elephants and people.

Physicists are trying to open a hole in the mirror Universe

A scientist who is about to penetrate the wall between our Universe and the next is trying to send a beam of subatomic particles past a giant magnet through a solid wall. They will enter the mirror Universe and knock their mirror colleagues out of it on the other side of the wall. According to physicist Leah Broussard, this is a fairly simple experiment. It actually dates back to the 1990s, when scientists discovered that identical neutrons decay into protons at slightly different speeds depending on whether they do so naturally or in a particle beam.

Aerogel with nanotubes turned into a solar steam generator

Scientists under the leadership of Hao Bai (Hao Bai) from Zhejiang University have created an aerogel structure capable of like trees due to the capillary effect of lifting the liquid up to the area with a layer of carbon nanotubes, effectively absorbing sunlight and heating water.

Created the world’s first complete map of the nervous system of a living creature

The nervous system, which became the material for the first of its kind complete map, belongs to the round worm Caenorhabditis elegans, which has a rich history as a “model” for biologists.

The dates of the first flight of the return stage of the krylo-SV rocket are named»

General Director of the Foundation for advanced research (FPI) Andrei Grigoriev said that the first flight of the Russian return stage of the carrier rocket “Krylo-SV” is scheduled for 2021-2022.

Unique radio-optical telescope to be restored in Armenia

Armenia is going to restore the world’s only radio-optical telescope capable of viewing the sky in two bands at once. It was created more than 30 years ago by the unique project of the Soviet scientist Paris geruni

AI will be to simulate quantum systems

Scientists believe that artificial intelligence will help them cope with this problem. Researchers have developed a computational method that uses neural networks to model quantum systems of “significant” sizes, regardless of their geometry.

Developed an application that assesses the condition of the spine

Russian experts have developed a unique mobile application that quickly assesses the condition of the spine. Using this development, patients will be able to understand whether they need a course of treatment.

Space company Richard Branson will place shares on the stock exchange

British billionaire Richard Branson plans to bring its aerospace company Virgin Galactic on the stock exchange before the end of the year, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing sources. The publication notes that this will be the first IPO of the company engaged in the organization of space tourism.

NASA engineers have successfully extended the life of “Voyager-2»

NASA experts have successfully extended the life of the probe veteran “Voyager-2”, turning off the heating system of its cosmic ray sensor, as well as “reviving” part of the engines used for the last time 30 years ago.

The US will send to the ISS printer to print human tissue

3D bioprinter BioFabrication Facility, created by Techshot, will deliver the cargo ship Dragon. Its dispatch is scheduled for the end of July. The novelty is designed to print human tissue in orbit, RIA Novosti reports.

Artificial intelligence will help China to repeat the mission of “Apollo»

According to Ouyang ziyuan of the scientific programme Manager of China to explore the moon, the AI will help them to make a soft landing on the lunar surface and to return the unit to the Ground. Automatic interplanetary station “Chang’e-5” will be planted in one thousand kilometers from the place where the landing “Apollo”.

Chinese “ladybugs” threaten the Empire Mask

The research Institute Of the Academy of Sciences of China (ANC) announced a plan to create a constellation of 72 small communication satellites for the Internet of things by the end of 2022. The plan will be implemented by the private space company Commsat. Previously, it was funded by the XI’an Institute of optics and precision mechanics at the APK. In 2019, as part of the project, eight ladybeetle satellites (“ladybug”) were launched into earth orbit, with the help of which they test closed-loop systems of the Internet of things. Except for the satellites included in each of the cloud computing platform, ground control station and the terminals.

Amazon has requested permission to launch 3236 satellites to distribute the Internet

Amazon’s bid says the satellites will be launched into a low-earth orbit ranging in height from 590 to 630 kilometers. Note that the FCC approved the launch of about 13 thousand spacecraft, including almost 12 thousand satellites belonging to the StarLink group of SpaceX.

Organic solar panels will be able to work in space for 10 years

The devices can withstand doses of ɣ-rays more than 6000 gray, which allows us to count on their stable operation in near-earth orbit for more than 10 years. The results of the research are published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

NASA has successfully tested the device on “green” fuel

NASA has successfully tested the device called Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM), running five of its turbines. GPIM is a NASA project created to test the new “green” fuel developed by the Agency. Them NASA hopes to replace the currently used highly toxic hydrazine.

Mini company released the first production electric car Cooper SE

Serial MINI Cooper SE received an electric motor from BMW i3S, which develops 184 HP power and 270 Nm of torque. The engine allows the hatchback to accelerate from the spot to 60 km/h in 3.9 seconds, and the hatchback takes 7.3 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h. Maximum speed is electronically limited to 150 km/h.

A set of lithium-ion batteries installed under the floor of the car provides a power reserve of 235-270 km, depending on the modification. With 11 kW charging, the power reserve can be replenished up to 80% in 2.5 hours, and with a 50 kilowatt system — in just 35 minutes

Brazilian Ford Bronco received an extreme special version of the Trail

While the United States is waiting for the long-awaited SUV Bronco, Ford is actively offering it in the Brazilian market. The Brazilian Ford Bronco is called the Troller T4, and it just got a fresh version of the “Trail”, which is based on a shortened version of the Ford Ranger pickup platform.

Off-road version of Suzuki Ertiga Cross will be released in August

Suzuki has decided on the time to market the off-road compact van Ertiga Cross. The new product will be on sale in August this year. Earlier, cross-van was repeatedly seen during the test tests in India.

Nissan introduced the upgraded Navara pickup

The 2.3-liter turbo diesel has been updated (increased fuel injection pressure, reduced compression ratio, improved cooling and exhaust system). The 163-and 190-horsepower variants are available with both the new 6-speed manual transmission and the 7-speed automatic transmission.

The cars received a rear spring suspension and disc brakes on the rear axle. Other upgrades — tinted led headlights in the top-end configuration and an improved multimedia system