10 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/10/2019

Cost of the USA Independence Day Parade

President Trump’s “Salute to America” Fourth of July celebration cost the Department of Defense $1.2 million, the Pentagon told CBS News on Tuesday.

That figure does not represent the full cost of the event to taxpayers, but it does include the cost of flying hours and transportation for tanks and fighting vehicle platforms. Funding for the demonstrations, a Pentagon spokesman says, came from the services’ training budgets for flying hours, and additional funds were used for the transportation of equipment.

The Pentagon noted it’s spent comparable amounts, if not more, on other events. The Pentagon noted that San Francisco Fleet Week cost $1.8 million in 2017, and Los Angeles Fleet Week cost $1.6 million.

A new explanation for the fall in real incomes of Russians

First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov found a new explanation for the fall in real incomes. Now he believes that this is due to the reduction of the shadow sector.

“This affects the decline in real incomes,” Siluanov said.

Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister linked the fall in real incomes with rising costs of servicing and repayment of loans.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova in June estimated the shadow sector at 15-21% of GDP, and the loss of extra-budgetary funds – 2.3 trillion rubles annually. Recall, the real incomes of Russians are falling for the fifth year in a row. In the first quarter of 2019, revenues decreased by 2.3%.

Capital outflow from Russia in the first half of the year increased 2.5 times

Net capital outflow from Russia in the first half of 2019, according to the Central Bank, increased 2.5 times to $27.3 billion, compared to the same period in 2018, when it amounted to $11.1 billion, according to the materials of the Bank of Russia.

Russia will offer to cancel visas for Georgia in exchange for normal behavior.

The foreign Ministry does not exclude that if the Russophobia in Georgia stops, and the authorities of the country will be consistent, it will be possible to talk about the resumption of air traffic, and then return to the topic of the abolition of the visa regime for Georgian citizens.

The government also stated that the probability of imposing economic sanctions against Georgia is close to zero after the relevant statement of the President.

“The final decision on sanctions was to be taken by the President. And how will he sign the decree on sanctions against which he spoke?”.

Residents of Kamchatka came to protest against super-pensions of officials

Recall that the Kamchatka deputies have raised his pension to 150,000 rubles in the last year — just when all the attention of the Russians was focused on pension reform.

The Prosecutor’s office initially wanted to challenge the scandalous law, and the Chairman of the General Council of the EP Andrei Turchak took the topic of “personal control”. But then it got blown away and I don’t want it.

The local opposition which prepares a series of pickets for resignation of the Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin doesn’t give up. But in Kamchatka four times (!) tightened the law “On the recall of the Governor”! Now it is unrealistic to recall the Governor from below.

A resident of Buryatia 55 years standing in line for housing and was refused

The Prosecutor of the Soviet district of Ulan-Ude challenged in court the decision of the city administration to exclude a local resident from the number of those in need of housing. She was denied an apartment because she does not have the status of “poor”

Russian military personnel and military specialists are still in Venezuela.

This was at the hearings in the Senate said the Admiral Craig Fuller, head of the southern command of the Armed forces of the United States. Foller said that Russia did not withdraw its military from Venezuela, and President Vladimir Putin continues to “protect his faithful friend Nicholas Maduro,” providing loans to Caracas, providing support equipment.

At the same time, Foller noted that the largest creditor of Venezuela is China, to which Caracas owed about $60 billion.

The Admiral also noted that the problems of Latin America remain weak governments, large criminal communities, drug trafficking, illegal migration, corruption and armed extremists.

The terms of introduction of the first electronic passports in Russia are named

The introduction of electronic passports in Russia will begin in 2022, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said in an interview with “Moscow says.” According to the Minister, the authorities are not going to force the process.

I think that from 2022 we will be ready for an electronic passport, but this is a time that is being discussed, a decision on it has not yet been made. We will move very carefully and focus primarily on the desire of people. — Maxim Akimov, Russian politician

In Norilsk began the invasion of rats due to problems with garbage collection

In Norilsk dramatically increased the number of rats. Now local authorities are trying to fight rodents, Interfax reports. It is noted that information about rats residents began to publish in social networks, the topic was picked up by local media.

Sailors in the far East paid debts on wages

The sailors of the Far East with the assistance of the far Eastern regional organization of the Russian trade Union of seamen (DVRO rpsm) for the first half of 2019 has returned over 500 thousand dollars back salary, told RIA Novosti the Chairman DVRO rpsm Nikolay Sukhanov.

Schools of Yekaterinburg bought sour cream with a margin of 7000%

Emup “School-basic dining room №11”, engaged in the supply of products to schools in Yekaterinburg, inflated the price of sour cream by almost 7000%. This was reported on the website of the Regional energy Commission (REC) of the Sverdlovsk region.

Victims of the flood residents of the Irkutsk region will increase payments for the loss of the crop

As deputies consider, people need compensation for the lost crop and death of farm animals. The document provides for compensation in the amount of five thousand rubles for each hundred affected crops, but not more than 15 acres. There are also payments for cattle, small farm animals, damaged buildings for livestock and so on.

Putin recalled Obama’s unfulfilled agreements on Ukraine

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the agreement with holding then a post of the head of the United States Barack Obama concerning Ukraine, which has not been executed by the American side.

“You know, Obama is no longer the President, but, nevertheless, there are certain things that we do not talk about publicly. In any case, I can say that our agreements that were reached in this telephone conversation were not fulfilled on the American side. I would limit myself to this and would not go into details,” he said in an interview for the new film by American Director Oliver stone “In the struggle for Ukraine” (Revealing Ukraine), which was shown at the festival in Italian Taormina.

On the telephone conversation with Obama had previously said Sergey Lavrov. He said that the us President in 2014 called Putin and asked him not to dissuade Viktor Yanukovych from signing an agreement with the opposition, in which he agreed not to use force against protesters and promised to hold early presidential elections.

“The Americans probably felt that it was too much. We are not discouraged. Putin said that if Yanukovych, as a legitimate President, decides to sign it — it is his sovereign right»

Russia has simplified the procedure for obtaining disability

Citizens with disabilities will no longer have to prove their disability on paper. Help for social support and public services can be submitted to the relevant authorities in electronic form. The corresponding draft law was adopted by the state Duma in the third reading.

After the entry into force of the law, regional and municipal authorities will have to check with the data of the Federal register themselves, and since the summer of 2020 there will be no need to obtain a separate local permit for free Parking and the threat of a fine for non-payment on ignorance — Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

In Adygea, the abolition of restrictions on pickets after complaints from human rights defenders

In Adygea, the regional law on public events removed the restriction on single pickets, which was contrary to Federal law. The text of the relevant law is posted on the website of the regional Parliament, reports “ATS-info”.

GD had circulated “far Eastern hectare” in Buryatia and Transbaikalia

Deputies of the state Duma adopted a law on inclusion in the program “far Eastern hectare” of Buryatia and TRANS-Baikal territory. According to politicians, this measure is necessary to combat the outflow of the local population and the involvement of unused land in the economic turnover.

Another two essential parts, first, this land cannot be sold, and secondly, it can flaw. And to decide whether to leave you the allocated land, the official has to. If he decides that you did not try hard enough to develop the site, you will lose it

The state Duma forbade to transfer to collectors debts of Russians for housing and communal services

The state Duma approved in the third, final reading of the bill providing for the introduction of a ban on the transfer to collectors of debt collection of citizens for housing and communal services (HCS), reports RBC with reference to the database of the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament.

We believe it would be right to prohibit the transfer of debts of citizens on housing and communal services. This problem, unfortunately, exists: call people, especially elderly, with threats up to use of physical force. Citizens regularly address to deputies with the requirement to make the corresponding decisions. — Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The state Duma increases fines for driving without inspection

The state Duma in the second reading adopted a package of bills toughening the punishment for driving without passed inspection, reports ia REGNUM July 9. Amendments to the administrative Code increases the penalty for driving a vehicle without inspection — up to 2 thousand rubles.

Less and less foreign tourists come to Russia

The number of foreign tourists who came to Russia in January-March 2019 decreased in comparison with the same period of 2018. the Disappointing trend follows from the data published by the Federal state statistics service.

In the first 3 months of this year, the number of tourist trips of foreigners decreased by more than 30 thousand: up to 4 million 277 thousand more Often than other foreigners visit Russia Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Chinese: 1.4 million, 0.67 million and 0.25 million people respectively. Moreover, the flow of tourists from Ukraine for the year decreased by 8 %.

Russia will develop a service to appeal fines for traffic violations

Russia is developing a digital service, through which it will be possible to appeal incorrectly issued fines for traffic violations via the Internet. The application will be available to users of the single portal of public services (EPSU).

Russians began to save on medicines

In January–may, the Russians bought 2.1 billion packages of medicines — 3.7% less than a year ago. This is stated in the report of the DSM Group, which was read by Izvestia. According to Rosstat, in the first quarter of 2019, the figure decreased by 2.3% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. The fall in the market is due to the fact that citizens began to save on medicines, analysts believe.

The export of waste from the US to poor countries: an investigation of The Guardian

As a result of this work, journalists were able to find out that America continues to annually send more than 1 million tons of plastic for recycling to poor countries that can not cope with their own waste.

Rosneft asks for major tax breaks in the Arctic

By 2025, the cargo flow of the Northern sea route will increase by 10 times, “our task is to make it a global competitive transit artery,” President Vladimir Putin told the Federal Assembly shortly before his re-election. Igor Sechin, chief Executive officer of Rosneft, promised to help Putin in this on April 1 this year – by 2030, to send 100 million tons of oil per year to the North sea Route. But Rosneft is ready to do this with the help of the budget.

Deliveries of Boeing 737 fell after the ban on the flights of the model MAX

Deliveries of Boeing 737 aircraft decreased in the second quarter of 2019 more than twice compared to the first, according to the report of the company. In total, the manufacturer has sent 239 commercial aircraft to customers since the beginning of the year, and only 90 of them were delivered in the second quarter.

Medvedev eliminated the state program of development of the pension system

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has removed the unapproved program for the development of the pension system from the list of state programs, the relevant document was published on July 9 on the official Internet portal of legal information

In turn, the Ministry of labor said that all the key issues of improving the pension system are regulated by the Strategy of long-term development of the pension system, RIA Novosti writes.

Media called the main suppliers of chips in Russia

In 2018, most of the imports fell on China — 605 million dollars, in second place was Taiwan — 328 million In third place among importers was Malaysia — the turnover with the country reached 268.4 million dollars. These countries have maintained their leadership as of 2019.

En+ Group was re-registered from Jersey to the territory of Russia

En+ Group was re-registered in the Kaliningrad region and received a notification from the “development Corporation” of The region.

“Since July 9, 2019, the company has been registered as an international company of a public joint stock company in the Unified state register of legal entities of the Russian Federation,” the company reports.

We will remind, in April 2018, RUSAL, En+ and “EvroSibEnergo” Oleg Deripaska fell in the black list of the USA. In January 2019, the restrictions were lifted in exchange for the loss of control over the companies by Mr. Deripaska. In spring, the companies launched the process of re-registration in Russia.

Sputnikу and RT refused accreditation

The Russian side gave London a day to provide explanations on this issue. Earlier it became known that the organizers of the Global conference on freedom of the media, which will be held in London from 10 to 11 July, denied accreditation to the correspondent of Sputnik and RT.

It could be, let’s say, a quasi-conference. There can be no serious discussion of freedom of the press in an environment where journalists are denied access. And this is probably the most vivid manifestation of the absurdity of what is happening. — Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Czech shareholder will sell shares of gold-mining is estimated at $267 million

The package of shares offered to investors is approximately 4.5% of the authorized capital of the company. Prior to the placement, PPF’s share in Polymetal was 11%, according to a July 5 disclosure on the London stock exchange.

Belarus decided to take loans from China instead of Russia

Belarus is finalizing talks with the China development Bank on a $ 600 million loan to replace the Russian state loan. About it write “Vedomosti” with reference to the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic Andrey Belkovets.

“We were counting on a loan from Russia. Today, the issue of granting a Russian loan is a little delayed, but as an alternative, we have found an option with Chinese creditors,” the politician explained.

In April, first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov said that the issue of granting a loan to Minsk has already been resolved — Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the allocation of funds

National Bank of Ukraine lifted restrictions on repatriation of dividends

“Business with foreign capital is no longer restricted to a limit on the transfer of dividends abroad or on the accounts of non-residents in Ukraine in the amount of 12 million euros per month for a single legal entity”, – stated in the message of the Central Bank.

Tax of the Crimea reported about his work

In the first six months of 2019, the tax authorities of the Republic of Crimea provided more than 53 billion rubles of revenues to all levels of the budget system of the Russian Federation and state extra-budgetary funds, including 34.2 billion rubles of revenues of the budget system.

China raises retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel

China raises retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel since July 9, reported the National development and reform Commission (NDRC), reports July 9 Xinhua news Agency

As noted by the main Chinese state planning body, international oil prices have increased, and therefore will increase retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel by 150 yuan (about $22) and 140 yuan per ton, respectively.

Nord stream will suspend operations

The Nord stream gas pipeline will be stopped from 16 to 30 July 2019, according to the statement of the pipeline operator — Nord Stream. As the company notes, the planned repair will be carried out on the gas pipeline system.

Saudi Aramco signed 34 contracts for the development of two fields

The state energy company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco has signed 34 contracts for $18 billion in the development of oil fields “Marjan” and “berry”, the company said.

The regions with the most unaffordable mortgage

How much you need to spend percent of the income of the average Russian to buy an apartment of 40 square meters. m mortgage for a period of 15 years with a down payment of 20%.

In the first place of this rating is Sevastopol, where the average resident will have to send to the mortgage 80.4% of their income. And if you give half of the money, it will be enough to buy an apartment with an area of 24.9 square meters.

In second place Primorsky Krai (76.6% of income), the third – Moscow (73%), the fourth – the Republic of Crimea (69.5%), the fifth – Nizhny Novgorod region (66.2%). Also included in the top ten are Tatarstan, Dagestan, Altai Krai, North Ossetia and St. Petersburg.

Regions with the most affordable mortgage steel

Magadan region (the ratio of mortgage payment to salary is 19.4%), Yamal-Nenets Autonomous region (19.9%), Nenets Autonomous region (23%), Kamchatka region (29.3%), Yugra (29.6%), Murmansk region (30%), Jewish Autonomous region (34.2%), Chelyabinsk region (35.7%), Krasnoyarsk region (36.3%), Kemerovo region (36.7%).

The parade on independence Day cost the Pentagon $1.2 million

The celebration of independence Day on July 4 cost the Ministry of defense of the country 1.2 million dollars, reports CBS, citing the Pentagon. This amount includes the cost of transportation of tanks and military vehicles and demonstration flights of fighters. Funds were allocated from the budget of military services, the Pentagon said.

The US intends to create a coalition to protect waters near Iran and Yemen

The administration of US President Donald trump plans to create an international coalition to patrol the waters around Iran and Yemen, reports Defense One, citing the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the United States General Joseph Dunford.

Monaco became the first state in Europe with 5G across the country

Mobile network 5G has earned throughout Monaco, reported the Agency France Presse, citing a statement by the President of Monaco Telecom Etienne Franzi. Thus, Monaco became the first state in Europe with a 5G connection throughout the country.

The new international airport in Beijing will open in September

The new international airport “dasin” in Beijing is planned to open on September 30, 2019 — on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the PRC. It is reported by TASS with reference to the newspaper China Daily. The airport will be the largest transportation hub in China and one of the largest in the world.

Chinese media showed the design drawings of the checkpoint in Heihe

How will the checkpoint at the automobile bridge across the Amur look like in Heihe, Chinese media showed. The design drawing was published by The Jinji publication, it reports that the construction of the facility will be completed at the end of October.

The FSIN and the HRC is suggested not to take prisoners in the overcrowded jail

Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) and the Council on human rights under the President of Russia (HRC) offer to give the right of the chiefs of the prison to refuse to accept new detainees, if they are overcrowded detention center, reported TASS with reference to the press-Bureau FSIN

Ex-employee of the state Department caught in collusion with the intelligence of China

In the United States court for the capital of the district of Columbia sentenced a former employee of the us Department of state candice-Marie Clayborne to 40 months in prison for conspiracy with the Chinese intelligence service. This was reported on the Agency’s website.

Zelensky canceled the parade on independence Day of Ukraine because of the high cost

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky canceled the military parade, which usually takes place on the independence Day of Ukraine, because of the high cost of the event. He said this in a video message published on the official Facebook page.

The owners of millions of rubles selected by FSB employees became known

The money suspected of kidnapping FSB officers belonged to Chinese citizens. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to sources. According to the publication, the owners of the money were Chinese businessmen working in the shopping complex “Gardener”. They expected to exchange them for $ 2.5 million.

In Germany, demanded the demolition of the monument to those killed in the battle of Prokhorovka

The leading editor of the historical section of the German newspaper Die Welt Sven Felix Kellerhoff called to demolish the victory monument on the Prokhorovsky field, erected in memory of those killed in the tank battle in this place in July 1943. According to the journalist, there was no big fight there

Zelensky fired more than 70 heads of district administrations during the day

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky removed from a position 71 heads of regional public administrations during the last Tuesday. The relevant orders are posted on the website of the head of state.

Almost 70% of Ukrainians positively assess Zelensky

Almost 70% of residents of Ukraine positively perceive President Vladimir Zelensky as a politician, the same negative attitude to the former head of state Petro Poroshenko, according to a survey conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS).

Revealed details of the case caught on the treason of the assistant to the Plenipotentiary

Assistant Plenipotentiary of the Russian President in the Ural Federal district (UrFO) Alexander Vorobyov, who was accused of treason, could transmit important data from the meetings of the security Council in Poland. Writes about this site Znak.com with reference to the sources.

U.S. authorities are discussing the renewal of the license Chevron for work in Venezuela

The US authorities are discussing the possibility of extending the license of the us oil and gas company Chevron to operate in Venezuela. This was stated on Tuesday by the head of the National economic Council of the White house Lawrence Cadlow.

Haftar Air strikes on the city of Garyan

The combat aircraft of the Libyan national army (LNA) under the command of field Marshal Khalifa Haftar carried out intense attacks on the city of Garyan in preparation for a ground operation to regain control of the settlement. This was reported on Wednesday by Al-Hadath.

China found their engines through Ukraine

Today, in addition to China, no one in the world has machines similar to the 20 series – a j-20 fighter, a heavy military transport aircraft Y-20 and a z-20 attack helicopter. At the same time, it was possible to create its own advanced aircraft engines, such as Taihang and EMEI. This became possible not least thanks to the Ukrainian technologies transferred by the company “Motorsich”. This is stated by the Chinese edition of Sohu.

The defense industry of Ukraine is known all over the world. Many countries know that its economy is in a difficult situation, so they went there to buy weapons, technology, hire scientific and technical personnel, we consider Ukraine as a Treasury, technological and personnel reserve.” – indicates Sohu

Putin: I know about the participation of Georgian snipers in the events on the Maidan

President Vladimir Putin is aware of the participation of “Georgian snipers” in the events on the Maidan in 2014. He said this in a new interview with Director Oliver stone, reports “RIA Novosti”.

I completely exclude that he could have done it. But those who were looking for an excuse for a coup, those, of course, could. — Vladimir Putin

France and Britain will increase the contingent in Syria

Britain and France intend to expand their military presence in Syria. There will be sent an additional military contingent to change the outgoing us troops. According to Foreign Policy, citing sources, the number of French and British troops will grow from 10 to 15 percent.

Solovki hosts an exhibition of contemporary Russian art

Gorky Film Studio will sell the land in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Gorky Film Studio will put up for sale land in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Kommersant newspaper reported. In general, the cost of non-core assets planned for sale by the studio, among which, for example, is the abandoned Burevestnik summer camp (6.5 hectares in the Serpukhov District), is estimated at about 4 billion rubles. With the proceeds, the studio is going to reconstruct and double its production capacity, its representative told the publication. As noted in the article, the film studio is also considering options for the implementation of land plots in the form of investment contracts with large developers.

Iranian metal workers Confess sentenced to 14 years in prison

Participants of the Iranian heavy metal band Confess Nikan “Siyanor” Arash Khosravi and “Chemical” of Ilkhani sentenced to 14 years in prison and 74 lashes for the performance of his music

Star “RAID” Joe taslim Will play Sub-zero in the film adaptation of Mortal Kombat

Indonesian judoka and actor Joe Taslim, whom you may know from films such as “RAID”, “fast and furious 6” and “star Trek: Infinity”, will play Sub-zero in the film adaptation of Mortal Kombat.

“Friends” will leave Netflix for hbo online cinema

The series “Friends” will get a new home — the cult sitcom will leave the Netflix platform and will be available to subscribers of the new online cinema WarnerMedia, called HBO Max.

Sarah Paulson is gone from “American horror stories»

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters starred in nine seasons of “American horror stories”. The new, tenth season of the project was subtitled “1984”. The new season will be a horror slasher in the style of the 80s of the last century.

In September, an unprecedented exhibition of Tiffany & Co jewelry will open in Shanghai

The exhibition is an unprecedented project and is conceived as a journey through the ages, a study of the Tiffany brand codes and a look into its future. The choice of Shanghai as a venue is conditioned by its place among the main megacities of the world with rich cultural heritage and international influence.

Nicki Minaj refused a concert in Saudi Arabia because of the LGBT

Singer Niki Minaj canceled her concert in Saudi Arabia in support of women’s rights and representatives of the LGBT community

The Museum-gallery Yevtushenko will be awarded the prize “More than a poet»

Friends and relatives Yevgeny Yevtushenko announced the establishment of the award “More than a poet”, which will be awarded every two years in peredelkin. The award is intended for writers and poets known for their “civic stand and active social work”.

“We want to go beyond the literary award and give it not only for creativity, but also for educational activities,” Maria Yevtushenko explained.

The award ceremony will be held on July 21 at 17:00 in the “Museum-gallery of Yevtushenko”. The first award will be given to bard Alexander Gorodnitsky.

Jim Carrey replaced Jack Nicholson in the movie “Shining” Kubrick

The video features an excerpt from Stanley Kubrick’s film the Shining, in which actor Jim Carrey is portrayed as the lead actor instead of Jack Nicholson in the original film.

The new Joker movie won’t be associated with DC comics

The Joker-themed film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is a stand-alone project and is not based on any of DC’s comics. This was told in an interview with the Empire Online film Director Todd Phillips.

Rock festival in memory of Yegor Letov near Omsk postponed to 2020

Rock festival in memory of the leader of the group “Civil defense” Yegor Letov, which was planned to be held in the summer at a private airport named after Letov near Omsk, postponed to the end of may 2020. This was reported by TASS on Tuesday, the owner of the airport Alexander Anisimov

“The rock festival had to be [planned] early to have a good event, to invite rock stars. But we did not succeed, because everything was already planned. We decided to move it to the next year. With the organizers of the [festival] from St. Petersburg, we have already discussed everything, next year it will be with us. We plan for the end of may, ” Anisimov said.

According to him, it takes at least nine months to organize the festival.

In Kuzbass BelAZ will be the backdrop of a rock festival

In mid-June, the construction of a large-scale site on the site of the rock festival began, the beginning of the work was announced in the group “Vkontakte” dedicated to the event: the future site was poured gravel, leveled and surrounded by a fence. And recently there appeared BelAZ.

Apple updated MacBook laptops

Apple updated the MacBook Air with True Tone technology and reduced prices to $1099 and $999 for students, the company said. The $1299 13-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with 8th-generation Quad-core processors that make it twice as powerful as before.

Rostec will replace glass in transport with transparent displays

Holding “shvabe” (part of rostec) and LG Electronics have created an innovative glass with OLED-matrix, which can replace the glazing in transport, at bus stops and in shop Windows, told RIA Novosti in the press service of Rostec.

Huawei is trying to buy Russian technology

Huawei is in talks with several Russian companies about buying a business, creating joint ventures and using their technologies. According to RBC, in recent months, Huawei has appealed to several market participants about cooperation, including the developer of domestic processors “Elbrus”, the Creator of the line of operating systems “Alt”, as well as the developer of software and equipment in the field of information security and to control communication networks

Nokia has released an inexpensive Wi-Fi router

Nokia has released a new Wi-Fi router Beacon 1 as a budget alternative to the Beacon 3 that appeared last year. According to The Verge, the model has already gone on sale for $ 129, while the cost of the Beacon 3 is $ 199.

Huami is preparing a “smart” watch Amazfit GTR with autonomy of 24 days

Huami company is preparing to release another new product – “smart” watch called Amazfit GTR, as evidenced by the teaser.

«Yandex.The market” has entered the authorization through “Sberbank ID»

«Yandex.Market” launched authorization on the marketplace “I Take” through “Sberbank ID” — users will be able to access the site using the credentials from “Sberbank Online”, told the press service of “Yandex.Market.»

Mastercase H100 case for Mini-ITX boards will cost €653

Cooler Master company has completely declassified the compact computer case MasterCase H100, the first information about which was published during the exhibition Computex 2019. The novelty is designed to work with motherboards size Mini ITX.

Honor introduced the budget smartphone Honor Play 8

Honor introduced the new budget smartphone Play 8. According to iXBT, the cost of new item is $ 120. The phone is equipped with SoC MediaTek Helio A22, which is the most simple and accessible among the manufacturer’s platforms.

Android caught in the massive drain of user data

Owners of smartphones based on Android today thought to change the device. Their personal data were threatened, in particular, geolocation and other information that is stored in the memory of the gadget. It can be accessed by thousands of applications.

ESET found a backdoor that was attacking the users of torrents

International antivirus company ESET has detected malicious activity aimed at users of South Korean and Chinese torrent sites. Attackers distribute the backdoor GoBot2/GoBotKR under the guise of pirated versions of movies, games and TV series

Russian companies can provide access to state data

A business can obtain the right to extract additional value from data contained in state systems. Companies will be able to obtain data for analytical studies, freely provide services based on the results of the analysis done or use them for their own purposes. The relevant draft law on the national data management system (NMS) was sent to the Ministry of economic development for consideration

Presented cheap folding push-button phone with water and shock protection

The Chinese company Ulefone introduced one of its first push-button phones – it was a protected folding model Ulefone Armor Flip. The device is enclosed in a plastic and rubber housing that complies with IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810G standards.

It has been possible to record 150 GB on DVD for a long time.

On July 9, 2005 Philips managed to record 150 GB of information on a two-layer DVD. For this purpose, the near-field optical recording technology was used, the essence of which is to achieve a minimum distance between the read/write head and the data carrier — only 25 nm.

Why didn’t such DVDs become available over time? Everything is quite prosaic. First, the technology turned out to be expensive in production. Secondly, as time has shown, the film industry (the main consumer of optical media) eventually chose the Blu-Ray standard (again for economic reasons).

Dropbox has implemented fast file sharing of up to 100 gigabytes

The cloud service Dropbox has a new feature — Dropbox Transfer. It allows a couple of clicks to transfer large files — up to 100 gigabytes.

Created an application to select a movie based on emotions

Student of the Moscow Institute of physics and technology Daniel dhavan created an application for the selection of films based on Emoji. The service over the past four days scored 40 thousand downloads and hit the tops of the App Store and Google Play, told TASS on Tuesday in the press service of the University.

Apple is testing a beta version of biometric authorization for the site iCloud.com

The browser version of iCloud cloud service will support biometric authorization via Face ID or Touch ID. This feature will be available in future versions of the company’s operating systems.

Neural network of glass will be able to recognize images without cameras and algorithms

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin, located in Madison, presented a prototype of the so-called “smart” glass that can instantly remember and recognize images and at the same time without any kind of cameras, processors, or connection to the Internet.

In rice and rape turned off the genes of male sterility

Japanese scientists have edited the mitochondrial genome of rice and rapeseed. Through mitotalen proteins, they turned off the genes in plants that lead to cytoplasmic male sterility, and the resulting plants were capable of self-pollination.

Scientists have found that cockroaches can not be destroyed

American scientists University Purdue six months poisoned cockroaches, but even the most strong poisons on bugs not worked. It was only possible to restrain the growth of their population.

The Parking fines in a week after the death

Journalist Sergei Dorenko sent a fine for Parking a week after his death in an accident, it follows from the information in the database of enforcement proceedings of the FSSP. In the document placed in the database of Executive productions, it is specified that Dorenko committed violation on may 16 for what was fined by the Moscow administrative road inspector for 3 thousand rubles.

We will remind, the known journalist, the editor-in-chief of radio station “Speaks Moscow” Sergey Dorenko died on may 9 after falling from a motorcycle in the center of Moscow.

Found a bacterium that can change blood groups

Canadian scientists have discovered a bacterium that can convert group A blood into group zero blood. We are talking about the bacterium Flavonifractor plautii, enzymes which not only break down some complex sugars, and most effectively act on A-agglutinogens — those that are present in red blood cells of the second group of blood, A.

As noted by researchers from the University of British Columbia, this transformation allows you to make blood suitable for transfusion to everyone. Blood treated with an enzyme of intestinal bacteria can be transfused to any person, as well as blood of the zero group. Thus, it potentially increases the supply of universal donor blood almost twice.

In outer space, iron is in a gaseous state

One of the most common chemical elements that are present in the Universe is iron. This conclusion was made by astrophysicists from the University of Arizona. They believe that the iron in the space present in molecular chains, which are called iron pseudoterminal. Their carbon chains are abundant in interstellar space. The researchers said that this is a completely new kind of molecules, it is actively distributed in the interstellar environment.

The expansion of the Universe was measured by the fusion of neutron stars

Speed divided by distance gives the acceleration with which the universe expands. To get an accurate figure, you need to carry out many such measurements at different distances. In their work, the scientists used the data obtained from the observation of the fusion of neutron stars discovered in 2017.

Asteroids can play a key role in the spread of life in the Universe

Scientists conducted a study in which they concluded that asteroids can play a key role in the spread of life in the Universe.

Discovered wandering the galaxy star-zombie

An international team of scientists has discovered several objects that belong to the remains of a supernova outbreak, but are not neutron stars or black holes. These zombie stars will eventually turn into oxygen-rich white dwarfs. This was reported in a press release on Phys.org ahhh!

Mitsubishi showed a new SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi has published the official teaser and video of the updated Pajero Sport, which will debut on July 25 this year in Thailand.

Named Russian prices and configuration for the new Volkswagen Passat

In the range of engines includes two petrol engines volume of 2.0 liters capacity of 187 и268 HP Pair of motors is 7-skorodna RCP DSG. The actuator front or full. Also, the novelty will receive diesel modifications with 1.6-and 2.0-liter engines with a capacity of 118, 178 and 237 HP. Later, there will be economical versions with a 1.5-liter gasoline unit with turbocharged and recoil in 148 HP and 2.0-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 148 HP.

In addition, the car will receive a hybrid version of Passat GTE. The list of equipment will include a semi-Autonomous system of the 2nd level IQ.Drive, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system and safety package.

In total, customers will be offered 4 versions of the new product: SE, SEL, R-Line and limited R-Line Edition Estate. The starting price of Volkswagen Passat in the basic modification is 2.2 million rubles. Sales in the Russian market will start at the end of this year. Prices for the model for Russia will be announced later

Renault Triber will go on sale in August 2019

Sales of the new 7-seater compact van Renault Triber will start in late July – early August this year. Recall, the model was presented three weeks ago. The car is built on the same platform with cross-hatch Renault Kwid and Datsun redi-GO.

Rules of import of right-hand drive cars will change in 2020

The Eurasian economic Commission postponed the introduction of GOST 33670-2015 of July 1, 2020 due to the unavailability of the infrastructure to the tightening of the rules of import of used cars with the right wheel.

BMW M4 convertible spotted for the first time on tests

A more powerful version of Competition will be presented later. It is expected that the premiere of the BMW M4 convertible will take place closer to the middle of next year.

Ford F-150 Tremor pickup will add to the range of special versions

A strange Ford pickup was seen recently on tests. Initially, the audience suspected it was a prototype for testing the units of the future Ford Bronco SUV, but the Ford Authority resource assures: this hypothesis is wrong. In fact, we see a test pattern foreshadowing the model F-150 Tremor