12 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/11/2019

Due to the leakage of alcohol in Kentucky began to die fish

In Kentucky caught fire two warehouses with barrels, which Matures the famous corn whiskey Jim Beam. As a result of the fire were destroyed 45 thousand barrels of Bourbon, but even more sad fact is that alcohol in large quantities fell into the nearby rivers. This inevitably led to a strong drop in the level of oxygen in the water and caused mass death of fish. The authorities are trying to saturate the water with oxygen and reduce the scale of the ecological disaster. Meanwhile, the alcohol stain in the Kentucky river has reached 28 kilometers in length and is now moving toward the larger Ohio river.

Growth of real incomes of the population of Russia in 2019 looks too optimistic

The scenario of growth of real disposable income of the population in 2019 at the level of 1% looks too optimistic. This opinion was expressed by the head of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin during the meeting of the Federation Council.

“It would seem that not so much — 1%, but in the first quarter the real incomes of the population decreased by 2.2%, so the achievement of even this modest figure will be problematic»

The head of the accounts chamber also questioned the achievement of the poverty reduction indicator in 2019 to 12% of the total population of the country.

“This year, the forecast was originally supposed to reduce the number of poor from 12.9 to 10.5% of the total population. Now in support of this project, this figure has been reduced to 12%. This is also a lot — 1.5 million is expected to reduce the number of poor in our country this year,” he said.

Putin urged to speed up the pace of economic growth

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he was pleased with the economic trends in Russia. However, he demanded to increase the growth rate.

“Russia maintains positive economic growth rates, it continues for 13 consecutive quarters,” the head of state said at a meeting on economic issues on July 10.

In particular, he noted that in January-may this year GDP “added 0.6%” and industrial production — 2.4%.

The growth of the negative opinions of Russians about the activities of officials again recorded in the polls.

For below the poverty line, a large part of the population, the people see the prosperity and wellbeing of individual public servants. It is the feeling of injustice that creates new “boiling points”. Civil service as a social Elevator to personal enrichment.

Opinion of Russians about the idea of a 4-day working week on the survey VTSIOM.

The transition to a 4-day working week does not suit 48%. Only 29% of Russians liked the idea of working less. About 17% of the population noted that they do not care how many days a week to work.

Among those who support the proposal to reduce the working week, it is mainly Muscovites and residents of St. Petersburg (36%), as well as million cities (34%). The age structure of the supporters is 25-34-year-old Russians (39%).

How to successfully counteract Russia.

The foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin called three conditions under which Kiev can successfully oppose Moscow.

“To systematically counteract Russia, we need three things — a clear strategy, coherence and support of international partners»

According to Klimkin, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not respond to emotional appeals, but “understands only the power and concrete actions.” Thus, he concluded, the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky should not communicate with the Russian President in the same manner as he communicated with the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the election campaign. Klimkin also noted that “politics is changing” and there are new formats of communication, such as tweets by US President Donald trump.

In Kamchatka, an apartment building tilted because of the abnormal heat

In Kamchatka, in the village of Ayanka, which is in the permafrost zone, and because of the prolonged abnormal heat, the top layer of soil began to melt. As a result, the house began to shift piles, and the building tilted.

The us damage from climate disasters in 2019 exceeded $1 billion

The consequences of climate disasters that have occurred in the United States since the beginning of this year, cost the country’s budget more than $1 billion. This is reported by the American National oceanic and atmospheric administration.

“Since the beginning of 2019 (as of July 9), six weather and climate disasters have occurred in the US with losses exceeding $1 billion,” the statement said.

To tighten control over the implementation of KPI in the state-owned companies

The Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin decided to tighten control over the implementation and implementation of key performance indicators (KPI) in companies in which the state’s share exceeds 50%. The decision was explained by the need to improve the quality of corporate governance in organizations with state participation.

“Based on the results of the monitoring, personnel decisions will be made regarding the management of companies and the composition of the boards of Directors will change»

The Agency explained that Rosimushchestvo will have to report quarterly on the implementation of KPI in state-owned companies and their subsidiaries.

“New guidelines of the government for the implementation of KPI in state-owned companies require a new level of control. Currently, we are not satisfied with this level. The new report forms will allow us to pay attention to companies with poor financial situation at the early stages, to form plans for their recovery»

Countries by share of recycled waste

Germany is the leader in waste processing in the European Union. But in Germany, the following problem is noted – the inhabitants of the country produce more garbage than the average in Europe. According to the researchers, this is due to the overall level of well-being in the country.

Responsibility for animal cruelty

The legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg proposed to prosecute for cruelty to animals from 14, not from 16 years. The initiative to amend the criminal code is published in the legislative framework of the state Duma.

According to the authors of the bill, currently minors aged 14 to 16 years are not responsible for animal cruelty. This includes crimes committed by a group of persons in the presence of minors, using sadistic methods or broadcasting on the Internet.

The Ministry of justice has developed amendments to anti-corruption legislation

The amendments establish a legal mechanism that allows the official to pay money to the Treasury, if he has not confirmed their legal receipt and at the same time his personal income, as well as the income of the spouse (spouse) and minor children exceed the total income of the couple for the reporting period and the previous two years. The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation or his subordinate prosecutors shall apply to the court.

Anti-corruption amendment applies to persons holding positions specified in paragraph 1 of part 1 of article 2 of the Federal law “On control over the compliance of expenses of persons substituting state debt, and other persons to their income.” These are Federal and municipal officials, employees of state corporations, Central Bank, FIU, etc.

The main thing is not disclosed crimes and the collection of fines

Russian police are forced to spend less time solving crimes in order to collect fines. On Thursday, July 11, “Tape.ru” on condition of anonymity told the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

“Everyone knows that the country has a plan for “sticks”, the main thing in which is not solved crimes, but the collection of fines. Because of this, the police actually turned into collectors,” he said.

According to the police, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia should collect at least 70 percent of all issued fines, and this standard should be fulfilled in any case. Otherwise, the claims will be more serious than for an unsolved crime.

Gazprom’s revenues from gas exports for the quarter fell by 40%

Gazprom received 38% less revenue in the second quarter of 2019 from gas exports, according to open media on the basis of statistics of the balance of payments of Russia, published by the Central Bank

For comparison, in 2018, revenues from natural gas exports in the first and second quarters amounted, respectively, to $12.7 billion and $11 billion, Which is associated with a decrease in revenues from Russian gas exports, the Central Bank does not specify in the materials. Gazprom itself has not yet reported for the second quarter of this year.

Krasnoyarsk Department of Regardie announced the purchase of Souvenirs

Krasnoyarsk Regardie needed branded gifts — all Souvenirs should be a sign of regional management and the corresponding inscription. They are ready to allocate almost 400 thousand rubles from the Federal budget, it follows from the documents of public procurement.

Resguardar will purchase four of the NKVD knife with blade from Damascus steel for 7 thousand roubles and 19 knives Tayga 2.2 thousand rubles. In addition, the office needs five Desk clocks “George” for 6 thousand rubles.

Russian tourists on the border of Israel instead of the hotel was sent to prison

Citizens of the Russian Federation refused to rest in Israel, despite the availability of all necessary travel documents. About 50 citizens of the Russian Federation were denied entry and sent to the deportation prison without explanation, — said the tourist from Sochi Damir Romodanov.

In Scotland, there was a route with places for whale watching

In Western Scotland released a map, which indicates more than thirty places where tourists can watch whales, dolphins and porpoises, according to Travel and Leisure.

Pobeda launches flights to the middle East

The airline “Victory” in the winter schedule opens flights to Dubai and Eilat, according to “Vedomosti”. In the near future, ticket sales will open, flights will start in October. Pobeda planes will fly to Dubai on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Traffic police raised a balloon over the route Novosibirsk – Omsk

The aircraft is equipped with cameras that record traffic violations, including exit to the oncoming lane. At a distance of several kilometers, the system records the make and state number of the car. All violators will be fined

China commissioned the first self-built icebreaker

Icebreaker “Xuelun 2” (“Snow dragon 2”) – the first built by China independently – commissioned. The corresponding ceremony, as reported by the information portal “Panpi”, was held Thursday at the port of Shanghai

Iranian ships tried to stop the British tanker

In the Strait of Hormuz, five armed Iranian warships of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) tried to stop the British tanker, CNN reports, citing sources. According to sources, the British ship was attacked by the Iranian side at the time when it came out of the Persian Gulf and was going to the Strait of Hormuz.

The United Kingdom Department of defense confirmed that Iranian boats were attempting to stop a British merchant ship in the Strait of Hormuz. This was reported on Thursday by Reuters, citing a statement by the British government.

“The frigate of the British Navy Montrose was forced to settle between the Iranian ships and the merchant ship British Heritage and make an oral warning, after which they turned around,” the authorities said. As noted in the Department, the incident involved three Iranian boats, not five.

Contractor “Rosavtodor” suspected of embezzlement

Crocus international used the money received from the state not for the construction of new roads, but for profit from the placement of funds on Bank deposits. This was stated by representatives of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to law enforcement, we are talking about the amount of 14.6 billion rubles, which were transferred to the company from 2015 to 2017. The funds were used to generate income in the form of interest on deposits, and not for the construction of the first section of the Central ring road (CCAD) in the Moscow region.

The law on beekeeping will be corrected after the mass death of bees in the Altai

It is supposed to correct point 8 of article 13 “the Organization of protection, rational use of honey bees and sources of honey collection” of the Law of Altai Krai of December 6, 2010 N 110-ZS “About beekeeping”. The use of chemicals in agriculture and forestry, in the case of changes, will be allowed only at a distance of 8 km from the settlement. The current version of the law provides for a sanitary protection zone 300 m from settlements.

Roskomnadzor has compiled a list of complaints against Telecom operators

According to the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to these agencies, mostly users are dissatisfied with the Intrusive offer of additional paid services (19 — 38%) and overstatement of the bill (21 — 40%).

“The quality of communication care of the citizens is considerably less than fee-for-service (12 — 25%)… In the second quarter, the Supervisory authority received 1,648 complaints against the mobile companies of the “big four”, — specified in the text.

The representative of the Agency in an interview with the publication explained that the parameters of the quality of cellular communication is not fixed by the norms of existing legislation in Russia, and therefore Roskomnadzor can not apply measures to “violators”.

Altai Ministry of health: hire pensioners and residents of the near abroad

At the disposal of the Taiga.info was a document of the Ministry of health of the Altai territory signed by Minister Dmitry Popov. The paper is addressed to the heads of medical organizations in the region.

The official asks the chief physicians “to work out the issue of attracting pensioners, residents of the near abroad to the profession.” Besides, Popov asks to consider possibility of return of the Altai physicians who left hospitals earlier.

The head of the GMC Rosstat resigned after the early publication of inflation data

The head of the interregional center for processing and dissemination of statistical information of Rosstat Evgeny Sychev resigned because of the early publication of inflation data. It is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Ministry of economic development. The Agency said that Sychev has resigned.

The average Russian check in the store increased to 556 rubles in June

Compared to June last year, the figure increased by 2.4%. “In Moscow, the average check in June lost 1.8%. Thus, it fell to 706 rubles from the may figure of 719 rubles,” ROMIR reports.

“A small increase in the size of the average check in June, even against the background of again modest, but the growth of total daily expenses only suggests that the Russians continue to save,” said the President of romira Andrey Milekhin, whose words are given in the release.

Oil production in the Gulf of Mexico temporarily reduced

In total, production will be reduced by 31.9%, gas — by 18%. During the storm, personnel were evacuated from the production facilities. Recall, oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico are several companies, including Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP.

Fast payments wind interest

A number of large banks are seeking to increase the minimum Commission in the system of fast payments (SBP) in settlements with legal entities from the proposed CB 0.4% to 1%. Moreover, credit institutions intend to introduce additional fees for legal entities, which will make the cost of payments comparable to the rates when paying by cards — an average of 1.85%.

Incomes of insurance companies in Kazakhstan increased by 25%

In the first five months of 2019, the revenues of insurance companies in Kazakhstan amounted to 176.7 billion tenge ($460 million), which is 25.1% more than in the same period of 2018. On July 11, the analytical portal Finprom reports with reference to the data of the National Bank of the Republic.

The head of OMV said about the interest in the mega-project “Gazprom Neft” in the Arctic

Austrian OMV can become a partner of Gazprom Neft in a new mega-project in the Arctic for the development of Achimov rims of the Yamburg field in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (YANAO), said in an interview with RBC the head of OMV Rainer Zele.

The head of Disney in Russia will take the position of senior Vice President of Sberbank

The head of Disney in Russia and the CIS Marina Zhigalova-Ozkan from September will become a senior Vice President of Sberbank and will head the Department of marketing, advertising and communications, the report said on the website of the organization.

St. Petersburg will buy a controlling stake in the “heating Network” for 14.5 billion rubles

St. Petersburg will acquire a controlling stake in JSC “heating network of St. Petersburg” for 14.5 billion rubles by 2024. At the moment, the city owns 25% of the shares, the remaining 75% belong to Gazprom. This was reported by “TASS” with reference to the government of St. Petersburg.

After contamination of “Friendship” businesses found nearly 250 violations

Rostekhnadzor as a result of inspections in connection with the pollution of the Druzhba oil pipeline found about 250 violations of safety requirements at hazardous production facilities of enterprises. This head of Department Alexei Aleshin said in an interview with “Kommersant»

The tax counted tobacco companies debts of 60 billion rubles

The Federal tax service (FTS) has been actively vetting tobacco companies for the past two years. The service drew attention to the sharply increased production of cigarettes in the fourth quarter, which manufacturers tried to ship in the same period to their affiliated distributors.

Russia’s budget surplus for the first half amounted to 3.1% of GDP

The surplus of the Federal budget of Russia for the first half of 2019 amounted to 3.1% of GDP. In monetary terms, the figure was 1,561 trillion rubles. For the six months of 2019, budget revenues amounted to 9,548 trillion rubles.

The economic growth rate of South Korea in 2019 will be 2%

The economic growth rate of South Korea in 2019 will be 2%. This is reported by Yonhap News, citing representatives of the American company Standard & poor’s (S&P), engaged in analytical research of financial markets.

VTB introduced a fee for cash withdrawal at the cash Desk

On the official website of VTB, in the section “Tariffs and fees”, there is information about 10% Commission for withdrawals at the Bank’s cash Desk. That is, if you withdraw from the account, for example, 100,000 rubles, without using a plastic card, not through an ATM, the Bank will hold 1000 rubles.

Share of foreign investors in Russian OFZs increased volume slowed

The share of foreign investors in Federal loan bonds (OFZ) of the Russian Federation increased from 29.3% to 30% in June. At the same time, the dynamics of growth in the volume of purchases OFZ by non-residents slowed down, the Bank of Russia reports.

“The growth of the share of investment balances in OFZ of non-residents in the accounts of foreign depositories in the National settlement Depository in the total OFZ market slowed: in June, the share increased by 0.7 PP (from 29.3% to 30%) after an increase in may by 2.2 PP,” the regulator notes.

China decided to build 23 new gas storage facilities

China national oil and gas Corporation (CNPC) will spend up to 2030 about 7.26 billion dollars to build 23 new and expand ten existing gas storage facilities, media reported

Prices per square rise

On average, in Russia the price per square meter of housing to the level of last year increased by 11% and amounted to 70 360 rubles. Most of all, the price of the “square” increased in the Amur (by 31.7%, from 49 405 to 65 054 rubles), Kemerovo (by 22.93%, from 32 366 to 39 789 rubles) regions and the Kamchatka territory (by 18.57%, from 72 583 to 86 064 rubles).

In the U.S. Congress started talking about sanctions against Saudi Arabia

U.S. senators have proposed sanctions against Saudi Arabia. One of the reasons is the murder of journalist Jamal Casucci. According to the authors of the bill submitted to the us Congress, the state in the Arabian Peninsula does not respect human rights.

Scientists have advised fat people to lose weight differently

American scientists said that those who want to lose weight and protect themselves from diseases (diabetes, heart problems and blood vessels), which can be provoked by obesity, should focus not on fat loss, but on strengthening the muscles.

Russia was suspected of trying to Finance “European trump»

BuzzFeed published a transcript of the audio conversation between representatives of the right Italian party “League of the North” with the Russians about getting “Russian oil millions of dollars»

Under the terms of the deal, Russia had to transfer tens of millions of dollars to the Salvini party, which the publication calls “European Donald trump”, in exchange for political loyalty. The Italian side announced its intention to change Europe and restore friendly relations with Russia.

Rambler Group will invest in the series about the adventures of Ostap Bender

Rambler Group became an investor and co-producer of the film series “Bender” based on the novel “Twelve chairs” Ilya Ilf and Eugene Petrov, who shoots Studio “Wednesday” Alexander Tsekalo. This is written “Vedomosti” with reference to the Director of repertory strategy and content Rambler Group Sophia Kvashilava and representatives of the production Studio. A new series about the adventures of Ostap Bender will be released in theaters in early 2020, said Kvashilava

The US revealed the real purpose of its invasion of Syria

American media published a document on the strategic goals of the United States in Syria. A number of regional specialists, who were selected by the Congress and eventually formed a whole research group on ATS, had a hand in its creation. Judging by the published document, he is wrong — the Americans have a whole list of tasks, and the main one is to ensure the security of Israel.

Latvia has protested to Russia because of the salute in honor of the liberation of Riga

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia called the chargé d’affaires of Russia Vadim Vasiliev and protested because of the salute, which is scheduled for October 13, the anniversary of the liberation of Riga from the Nazis.

Welcoming the defeat of Nazism, we remind the world that for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the restoration of freedom and independence took place 45 years later, because the introduction of the red army meant the restoration of Soviet occupation, the foreign Ministry said.

Deputy head of the FIU detained in the case of bribery

The head of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov confirmed the detention of Deputy Chairman of the Board of the FIU Alexei Ivanov in the case of a bribe, RIA “Novosti”.

Aware of the situation. We provide assistance to the authorities. The FIU is operating normally… They have him in custody. Throughout the situation, we provide assistance. — Anton Drozdov, Russian economist

Have declared a penny Deputy found hidden income

The Deputy of the legislative Assembly of the Amur region Sergey Trush, who declared three kopecks, found hidden incomes. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to regional Prosecutor’s office.

According to the Supervisory authority, the parliamentarian for the year received from his work more than 92 thousand rubles. The speaker of the legislative Assembly made a presentation to eliminate violations of anti-corruption legislation.

In advertising Shawarma in Perm used Christian images

The office of the Federal Antimonopoly service for the Perm region will discuss advertising cafe with “divine Shawarma” on the expert Council to decide on the presence or absence of a violation of the law, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Department

The penalty for a tea party in the backyard …

Kuzbass residents who sought asylum in Canada were forbidden to gather. We are talking about a group of residents of Kiselevsk in the South of the Kemerovo region. Earlier, they published a video message to canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in which they were asked to grant them refugee status in Canada because of the bad environmental situation in their city.

The fact that these people are now having problems, according to the Kuzbass edition of “Lampshade”. Now they have published in the media and social networks an invitation to “tea party”, where it was planned to discuss further plans to “save our city and all the inhabitants.” The police were also invited, if, according to the initiators of the tea party, they “wish to observe”.

But to one of inhabitants where the meeting was planned, from the chief of city police in reply the letter-the prevention in which it was noted came that the plan to gather on a private farmstead violates the Law on meetings according to which it is necessary to notify local governments no later than in a week.

“We have that now guests can not call neighbors? The penalty for a tea party in the backyard?”, – citizens are surprised, saying that didn’t consider a meeting behind a mug of tea as a political action

51% of businessmen expect deterioration of working conditions in Russia

71% of Russian entrepreneurs believe that Russia has unfavorable conditions for doing business, and 51% – that in the next five the situation will worsen. These are the results of the survey, which VTSIOM conducted from 11 to 17 June among 500 businessmen commissioned by the center “Platform”.

The state Duma allowed to serve in the police force to 60 years

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that increases the age limit of service in the internal Affairs bodies by five years, the correspondent of Rosbalta reports. Employees in the middle, senior and senior management categories will be able to use the new norm.

Ten customs officers of Domodedovo arrested for bribes

Ten employees of the Domodedovo customs detained for large bribes. On July 9 and 10, the Basmanny court of Moscow sent eight of them into custody, and three were placed under house arrest. A criminal case was initiated under article 290 of the criminal code (“bribery”).

“The court in respect of ten detainees were elected preventive measures in the form of detention, as well as in the form of house arrest for a period until September,” – said “Interfax” press Secretary of the court Juno Tsareva.

David Fincher will make a film about the screenwriter Herman Mankevich

David Fincher will make a film about Herman Mankevich, screenwriter of “Citizen Kane”, whose role will be played by Gary Oldman, reports Screenenrant. The tape will be called “Monk” (short for the name of the main character).

Storm Reid will star in “suicide Squad»

The young actress storm Reid (“Break time”) got the role in “Detachment of snowbiz” by James Gunn. She will play the daughter of the character Idris Elba. The actor was to replace will Smith as Deadshot.

Screenwriter Derek Colstad will write the series Marvel “Falcon and the Winter Soldier»

Marvel Studio has connected Derek Colstad, known for the action franchise “John Wick”, to work on the mini-series Disney+ “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Colstad will write the script of the six-part project together with the first screenwriter Malcolm Spellman.

Stallone has taken for the new “the Expendables»

As a result, Stallone left the franchise he created, and AVI Lerner said that it does not mean anything, they can remove the new part without it. But it’s been 2 years and now, according to the performer of the role of Barney Ross, he begins to work on a new adventure.

Released Russian trailer for the film “Ophelia” by Shakespeare

After Rosencrantz and Guildenstern “solo” film got another character “hamlet” – Ophelia. And, unlike the tragicomedy of Stoppard, Claire McCarthy’s picture is solved in the format of an ominous, extremely gloomy Thriller. Localized trailer published on YouTube-channel Capella Film.

The next festival “Gavrosh” will be dedicated to Holland

XIII international festival of performances “Gavrosh” will be dedicated to Holland. Will present their performances in the theatres of Amsterdam, the Hague, Utrecht, Groningen, Leiden, Valenda, den Bosch and Rotterdam. In the poster of the show – musical and dramatic performances, clowning, puppet, plastic, Comedy performances and street theater of illusions. For 10 days of the festival will be a record for “Gavrosh” the number of shows – more than 80. In addition to performances, the audience will enjoy creative lessons about Dutch art and theater workshops from foreign guests.

The trailer for the life-affirming film Netflix about sons and mothers

Streaming service Netflix shared the trailer for the new film Motherhood, starring Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett and felicity Huffman. In the center of the plot will be three mothers who decide to go to new York to his grown sons.

New Holland launches international debut film festival

The project “New Holland: cultural urbanization” launches “international festival of debut cinema in New Holland”. The first competition program will be shown in 2020, and the preview of the event will be held in July this year — in the program of premiere screenings, dialogues with Directors and presentations of works of students of Moscow and St. Petersburg schools of new cinema.

In the sequel “It” clown Pennywise will be “angrier and scarier»

According to bill Skarsgard, the performer of the role of the demonic clown Pennywise in the movie “It”, in the continuation of horror his character will be even angrier and scarier.

“In the film he does a couple of very cruel things,” — said the actor in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In the center of the plot “It” — a group of guys from the town of Derry, in the sewers of which lives an ancient demon. In the image of dancing clown Pennywise, he kidnaps children to feed on their fear. In the end, the friends of the “club of losers” manage to overcome their own terrors, and to banish the monster. 27 years after the first meeting with Pennywise, they will return to their hometown and face the ancient evil again.

About Internet character Momo will make a horror film

The film company Orion Pictures launched a horror film about Momo — an Internet character who allegedly gave dangerous tasks to children in whatsapp messenger.

Announced the program of the film festival Strelka Film Festival by Okko

In Moscow the Strelka Institute will host the annual festival Strelka Film Festival by Okko with the support of the online cinema Okko. This was reported in a press release received by the editor. The event will be held from 19 to 28 July.

It will feature the winning films and participants of the Cannes film festival, kinotavra, Tribeca and the Toronto film festival. Among them — the tape Yesterday, Danny Boyle, “Young Ahmed” Dardanov, “Sorry, we did not find” Ken Loach, “Vivarium” Lorcan Finnegan, “lake of the wild goose” of Dao Inana, “Give me liberty” by Kirill Mikhanovsky, “portrait of a girl in the fire” Celine Sciamma, “Termination” Lava Diaz and “let’s get a divorce” Anna Parmas. The film “Death and life of John F. Donovan” directed by Xavier Dolan will close the festival.

Luke Besson made a movie about a Russian spy

In the Russian hire came spy Thriller “Anna” Luc Besson — shameless remake of “Nikita”, his own hit 30 years ago, but with a fashionable Russian flavor. In the title role of the Soviet superspy — European top model originally from Magadan Sasha Luss

The walkie-Talkie app on the Apple Watch allowed you to listen to your iPhone

Apple disabled the app “Radio station” on the “smart” clock Apple Watch is due to unspecified vulnerability. It allowed you to listen to another user’s iPhone without his consent.

Usernames and passwords of Ozon users leaked to the Internet

The database with e-mail addresses and passwords from 500 thousand accounts of users of the online store Ozon was posted on one of the sites that collect data leaks. According to RBC expert in the field of cybersecurity, the leak could have happened six months ago.

Last winter, the company’s technical Director Anatoly Orlov told TJ that Ozon has strengthened the password protection system, adding encryption.

In Russia began to develop equipment for 5g networks

Concern “Constellation” (part of “Roselectronics” state Corporation “rostec”) began the development of domestic equipment for the fifth generation of mobile communication 5G, told RIA Novosti CEO Alexey Bocharov.

Binance launches margin trading

Despite the rather high chances of losing everything, the exchange added that margin trading is one of the most requested functions in the history of the site. Six cryptocurrencies will be available for margin trading: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Binance Coin (BNB), Tron (TRX) and Tether (USDT).

Spy software has learned to read secret chats on IOS devices

“Kaspersky lab” has described a new version of the spy program FinSpy – it, as before, collects information from the memory of the gadget, such as correspondence, contacts, files and programs, but now FinSpy is also taught to read chats, including secret ones, in messengers Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal and Threema on gadgets with old versions of iOS.

Roskomnadzor introduces technology that accelerates the blocking of illegal content

Roskomnadzor is introducing a new technology on the networks of Telecom operators, which will speed up the process of blocking prohibited content. According to the Agency, its most important advantage is to get only new or changed records from the Unified register.

Russians available Google facial recognition service for photos

Google has sent notifications to Russian users of the application. Previously, the service only worked in the US. Photos grouped by faces are available in the “Albums” section, the user can name them himself. The service recognizes not only the faces of people, but also the faces of Pets

Google and Amazon will release their tokens by 2021

The launch of cryptocurrency from companies of the group FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) — it is only a matter of time, say the billionaires Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who founded the Gemini exchange.

In Russia, found a way to detect hidden submarines USA

Scientists Krylov state scientific center (KGNC) began the development and implementation of a fundamentally new method of detecting submarines – on the trail that remains in the water from the work of their screws.

The coyotes have successfully learned new skills from relatives

Not only younger individuals can be trained (by observing the older ones): often knowledge and skills are transferred between already adult individuals, and in particular — from the dominant individual to others standing lower in the hierarchy.

Caterpillars neutralized poisonous vegetable juice with a mixture of acids

The caterpillars of moths Theroa zethus neutralized poisonous to them latex of Euphorbia using a mixture of formic and butyric acids, reported in PLoS ONE. These substances are kept in secret, which caterpillars lubricate plants, after which the release of latex decreases.

Human embryo model assembled from human stem cells

The authors of the described work placed dissociated, that is, separated, or separate, human embryonic stem cells on a Petri dish with a hydrogel and a framework similar to an extracellular matrix, and saw their self-organization into balls similar to a 10-day human embryo, the epiblast stage.

One of the loudest sounds in the ocean is made by a small worm

Tiny worms, which are no more than three centimeters long, can make sounds of up to 157 decibels. We are talking about polychaete worms, which were discovered just a few years ago near Japan….

For example, the sound that produces a huge whale is 188 decibels in strength, and the loudest in nature is recognized as a sperm whale, the sound index of which is 230 decibels. Scientists have concluded that the three-centimeter worm is one of the loudest inhabitants of the ocean.

The genetic basis of sex change in coral fish has been established

Scientists from New Zealand and Australia have identified the genetic mechanism of sex change in one of the species of Caribbean coral fish. It is assumed that the same process can be arranged in some reptiles. Sex change in adulthood is known in about five hundred species of fish.

Scientists have obtained fundamental data on 90 silver compounds

Given that silver compounds are widely used in different areas of our lives — they can be used to disinfect water and wounds, take photos or make the clouds rain at the right time in the right place, the data will be of great importance for application