13 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/12/2019

Russia has classified a billion dollar loan

In the five months of 2019, Russia allocated 79 billion rubles from the budget for lending to foreign governments. This follows from the data of the Federal Treasury and amendments to the budget, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

In addition, the program of issuing interstate loans increased from 236 to 293 billion rubles. The publication notes that this was the largest lending program in the last five years.

However, borrowers, the purpose of loans and their rates are not disclosed. Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak refused to comment on the situation, saying that this is classified information. The accounts chamber also refused to answer the question about the details.

The external debt of Russia grew by 6.1% in six months

According to the statistics of the Bank of Russia, at the beginning of July 2019, the external debt of the Russian Federation amounted to $482.4 billion Thus, for six months it grew by $27.7 billion, or 6.1%. Such data are the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

“The external debt of the Russian Federation as of July 1, 2019, according to the Bank of Russia, amounted to $482.4 billion, an increase from the beginning of the year by $27.7 billion, or 6.1%”, — stated on the website of the regulator.

The Ministry of labor of Russia proposed to increase the subsistence minimum

The Ministry of labor proposed to increase the subsistence minimum by an average of four percent, depending on the socio-demographic status, follows from the document published on the portal of draft normative legal acts. The Department explained the need for such a decision by the increase in prices for products.

“The draft order provides to set the subsistence minimum for the II quarter of 2019 per capita in the amount of 11 185 rubles, for the working-age population — 12 130 rubles, pensioners — 9236 rubles, children — 11 004 rubles,” the document says.

Thus, the subsistence minimum will increase compared to the previous quarter: on average per capita and for children — by four percent, for the working-age population — by 4.1 percent, for pensioners — by 3.8 percent.

Dubai has introduced a free 30-day alcohol license for tourists

Dubai authorities have approved the introduction of a 30-day free alcohol license for foreign tourists, buyers of alcohol should be at least 21 years, the newspaper Khaleej Times.

TV channels are obliged to provide broadcasting for the hearing impaired until 2020

Russian TV channels, regardless of the broadcast environment and subject matter, are obliged to ensure the availability of their products to the hearing impaired by 2020, according to the website of Roskomnadzor.

Spy scandals continue in Kaliningrad

On suspicion of state treason, the second resident of the Kaliningrad region — the head of the NGO “Baltic center for dialogue of cultures” Konstantin Antonets was detained.

The first, as we remember, was the assistant to the Ural presidential envoy Alexander Vorobyov, who is a native of Kaliningrad.

But, to tell the truth, Antonets even not the second, and already the third “Kaliningrad” spy: earlier on charge of state treason of FSB detained his spouse — Antonina Zimina.

The woman accused of espionage in favor of Latvia. Official Vorobyov — in favor of Poland. Who worked for the head of the NGO Antonets is not yet said.

Fight against “garbage” protest in the Arkhangelsk region

In order to prevent the July 14 rally against the landfill in Shies, the authorities broke the asphalt, turning the area into ruins with a pile of construction debris. The plan is to repair the area only in 2020, so until the middle of next year there will officially be a pogrom. Residents of Kotlas appreciated the trick of the local administration and in response to the area are funeral wreaths.

The term of preferential payment of fines for traffic violations proposed to extend

The term of payment of fines for violation of traffic rules with a 50 percent discount can be extended. Now the grace period is 20 days from the date of sentencing, but the state Duma will consider a bill to increase it to 30 days.

Irkutsk authorities are asking for another 2 billion rubles. The government of the Irkutsk region appealed to the Federal Cabinet of Ministers with a request for additional allocation of more than 2 billion rubles for compensation to victims of the flood.

What holiday is celebrated on July 12

According to ToDay News Ufa, July 12 is the world day of civil aviation flight attendant May seem surprising, but this profession has almost a century of history.

New measures of pressure on non-payers of traffic fines are proposed

In 2019, the number of decisions on unpaid traffic fines increased in Russia. Compared to the same period last year, the number of fines increased by 20% — 3.5 million, Respectively, and the number of non-payers. Currently, another possibility of pressure on debtors is being considered — they may be restricted access to certain public services.

Residents of Baikalsk complained to Putin about the lack of hot water in the summer

Residents of Baikalsk complained to Vladimir Putin and the Prosecutor General’s office that in the city for 4 years in the summer turn off hot water, said July 11, “Vesti-Irkutsk”. The heat source in the city was built for production purposes — maintenance of the Baikal pulp and paper mill (bcbc).

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to expand the experiment on tests of drones

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation proposes to expand the action of the state experiment on tests of highly automated vehicles for another nine regions of the country, follows from the document published on the portal of draft regulations

The railway won the court from the company “Russian coal” for forgery of the consignment note and a heavy car

Arbitration court of Khakassia considered the claim of open joint stock company “Russian Railways” to the joint stock company “Russian coal” to collect a fine for exceeding the load capacity of the car and for distortion in the consignment note information about the mass of the cargo.

A fine of 1.3 mln rubles for the lack of information on free care

The Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health in the first half of 2019 has imposed on the Russian medical institutions 1.3 million rubles. fines for the lack of information about free medical care. About it reports a press-service of Roszdravnadzor

The law on pensions found insulting language for women

Chairman of the state Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) proposed to change the wording “retirement” to “retirement”, calling it incorrect in relation to women, which in this formulation put old.

The government approved the draft law on the liberalization of CTP

The Russian government during a meeting on Thursday approved a bill on the liberalization of CTP, will soon submit it to the state Duma, the report said on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

“The draft law “On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners” was considered and approved at a meeting of the government, it will soon be submitted to the state Duma. The draft Federal law is aimed at individualization of insurance tariffs for a particular policyholder and creates conditions for the transition to regulation that provides conditions for competition of insurers not only at a price, but also at non-price factors,” the Ministry of Finance reports.

The Russian tax authorities are unable to collect the money

According to the Deputy head of the Federal tax service Svetlana Bondarchuk, the Agency can not calculate the tax on 800,000 land plots and capital construction projects, because the service is completely missing data on the right holders or are present in insufficient volume

Banks will not be allowed to mislead customers

The joint working group of SRO NFA and NAUFOR with the participation of the Central Bank has developed and will present an internal standard that sets requirements for sales during the week. In particular, the introduction of a financial product passport is expected, as well as a ban for consultants to make recommendations and conceal risks when investing in it. The document was developed in the framework of combating misselling, have informed “news” in the Central Bank. In February–June, the regulator received more than 1.7 thousand complaints on this subject.

Belarus would like to receive more for the transit of Russian oil

Belarusian homeltransneft Druzhba informed Transneft in writing that it wants to increase the current tariff for oil transportation through pipes in Belarus by 21.7% from August this year, Interfax reported.

According to Interfax-Belarus, which has a copy of the relevant letter, Minsk insists that due to the largest oil pollution of the main oil pipeline of Russia, the Belarusian company suffered large losses and received less than 1.5 billion rubles ($23.7 million)

Annual inflation in the US in June slowed to 1.6%

Consumer prices (CPI) in the US in June increased by 0.1% compared to the previous month, according to data from the Ministry of labor. In may, the price increase was also 0.1%. The dynamics of the indicator coincided with the consensus forecast of experts, according to MarketWatch.

Consumer prices in June compared to the same month last year increased by 1.6%, the pace slowed compared to 1.8% a month earlier.

Consumer prices excluding the cost of energy and food (core CPI) rose 0.3% for the month (the maximum increase in a year and a half) and 2.1% for the year. Experts on average expected an increase of 0.2% and 2%, respectively. In may, the growth was 0.1% and 2%, respectively.

Energy prices in the United States in June fell by 2.3% compared to the previous month, gasoline fell by 3.6%. At the same time the cost of food has not changed.

Clothes rose by 1.1%, used cars – by 1.6%.

Real hourly earnings for Americans rose 1.5 percent in June from a year earlier, following a 1.3 percent increase in may.

It became known how the Russians save on products

The share of Russians trying to save on expensive food decreased by 3 percentage points in the second quarter to 68%, according to a study by Sberbank of consumer sentiment of Russians (“Ivanovs”) for the second quarter of 2019.

“The trend towards the outflow of consumers in relatively low price segments is becoming less pronounced. The share of Ivanovs trying to save on expensive food products decreased by 3 percentage points to 68% compared to the first quarter of 2019,” the Bank said. It is added that retailers, in turn, have not increased the share of promotions.

Mining of cryptocurrencies in Iran will be legalized

Local media reported that the country’s Central Bank plans to lift the ban on the production of cryptocurrencies. This should happen after the government recalculates electricity tariffs. In 2018, the mining of cryptocurrencies was banned precisely because of concerns about electricity consumption.
Russia this year increased chocolate exports by a quarter
National Agrarian Agency yesterday at 21:05

In January-may this year, Russian confectioners increased chocolate exports by a quarter of the same period in 2018 or up to 224.7 thousand tons. It is reported News.ru with reference to the Association of the confectionery industry (ASCOND).

China accelerates the development of its own digital currency

China is thinking about accelerating the development of the national digital currency, bitcryptonews reports. It is noted that the people’s Bank of China fears the rapid development of the cryptocurrency Facebook, which may be a threat to the financial system of the country.

“Naftogaz” will reduce gas prices for Ukrainians

Ukrainian state-owned company “Naftogaz” will reduce the cost of gas for the population in July due to lower prices in the foreign market, said the head of the gas division of the company Andrei Favorov.

Mortgage rates in the US continue to stay at a minimum

As reported in the review of the state mortgage Corporation Freddie Mac, the average fixed interest rate on a 30-year mortgage has not changed over the past week — 3.75% per annum. A year ago, the rate was at 4.52%. Fifteen-year loans are now provided at an average of 3.22% against 3.18% in the previous week and 4.02% on the same date last year. The rates do not take into account the potential commissions and other payments related to the mortgage, the report says.

The US postponed the imposition of sanctions against the Iranian foreign Minister

The US authorities have decided not to impose sanctions against Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Such information on Thursday was distributed by Reuters, citing its sources.

The President of Brazil wants to appoint his son Ambassador to the United States

Brazilian President Air Bolsonaro is considering the appointment of his son to the post of Ambassador of Brazil in the United States. He said this at a press conference.

“This possibility is being considered, I do not rule it out,” he said.

China will provide other countries heavy duty supermicroscope

The Academy of Sciences of China (ANC) will provide other countries with the opportunity to make new breakthrough discoveries through the use of the Chinese nuclear fission neutron source (CSNS) – a supermicroscope in the South of China.

Amazon will spend more than $700 million on retraining employees in the United States

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has decided to allocate more than $700 million for the retraining of 100 thousand employees in the US until 2025, according to a statement published on Thursday on the company’s website.

China commissioned the first icebreaker of its own construction

Icebreaker “Xuelun 2” (“Snow dragon 2”) – the first built by China independently – commissioned. The corresponding ceremony, as reported by the information portal “Panpi”, was held Thursday at the port of Shanghai. Earlier it was reported that after the commissioning of “Xuelun 2” together with the icebreaker “Xuelun” should before the end of the year to go on an expedition to the South pole.

Half of the new drugs were no better

Specialists studied new drugs and tested their effectiveness. As a result, they came to the conclusion that new products are no better or more effective than old drugs. At the same time, supposedly new or improved drugs are estimated much more expensive than the old ones.

EU prepares sanctions against Turkey

The European Union is considering the introduction of restrictive measures against Turkey due to illegal exploration off the coast of Cyprus.

Due to the continuation of illegal exploration of Turkey, the EU decided to abandon further meetings at a high level for an indefinite time, — reports Reuters.

The EU Council also intends to suspend negotiations on a Comprehensive air transport agreement, reduce financial support to Turkey next year and call on the European investment Bank to review its activities in relation to this country.

China going to compete with Google in OS development

As you know, the cooperation between Google and Huawei has been broken completely and irrevocably. Trading smartphones on the Android operating system will be prohibited, and all other Google services will be unavailable to the Chinese Corporation….

Unemployment claims in the United States decreased by 13 thousand

The average number of initial claims over the past four weeks decreased by 3.25 thousand from the level of the previous week to 219,25 thousand the previous week Level was revised up to 222,5 thousand 222,25 thousand, the Number receiving unemployment benefits in the U.S. for the week ended June 29, increased by 27 thousand from the level of the revised index of the previous week to 1,723 million people

Captain and XO of the Iranian tanker detained in Gibraltar

Gibraltar police arrested the captain and chief officer of the Iranian-owned grace 1 tanker, who was detained on suspicion of delivering oil to Syria.

The Pentagon called the priority areas of military modernization of the United States

The priority areas of military modernization of the United States is the development of nuclear and hypersonic weapons, space systems and artificial intelligence, this was stated by the candidate for the post of head of the Committee of chiefs of staff of the US armed forces mark Millie.

Putin and Zelensky first talked on the phone

The presidents of Russia and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky held telephone talks on the initiative of Kiev. The heads of the two countries discussed the settlement of the conflict in Donbass. Zelensky said that the main topic of conversation was “the release of Ukrainian sailors”

Putin dismissed the Governor of Sevastopol Ovsyannikov

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. The corresponding decree was published on the Kremlin website.

The President issued a decree accepted the resignation Ovsyannikov at his own request and was appointed acting Governor Michael Razvozhaeva. — Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

The mayor of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Klimov resigned

Edinoross Klimov resigns for the second time. In September 2018, during the elections of the head of the Khabarovsk territory, the former Governor Vyacheslav Shport recommended Klimov to resign because of shortcomings in the work, and he wrote a statement

In Sudan reported an attempted coup

The transitional military Council of the Sudan announced the prevention of a coup attempt in the country. On 11 July, informs “RIA Novosti”.

The Federation Council of Russia discussed the “moral wars” of the West

The Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state confidence treats “moral wars” as well-planned provocations, the roots of which go far beyond the ocean, directed against the Russian Federation, and one such example is the situation in Georgia.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov noted that such provocations may look like events taking place in other countries, for example, in Georgia, Ukraine, or even in Greek Athos, but all this is part of the same chain, the parliamentarian stressed.

The state Department denied information about the easing of sanctions against North Korea

The us state Department denied information about the possibility of easing sanctions against North Korea. The us side noted that the information that the US is allegedly ready to temporarily stop the action of some sanctions against the DPRK in response to certain measures on their part is not true.

As reported by the Agency “Yonhap” with reference to familiar with the results of the meeting in the White house on the DPRK source, it was about sanctions on the export of coal and textiles — the main source of income of the Asian state

Medvedev announced a reduction in VAT on berries and fruits to 10%

VAT on fruit and berry products will be reduced to 10%. This decision was announced on Twitter by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Putin and Morales discussed prospects for cooperation between Russia and Bolivia

Presidents of Russia and Bolivia Vladimir Putin and Evo Morales on Thursday discussed the prospects of cooperation between the two countries. At the meeting in the Kremlin, the heads of state spoke, in particular — about military-technical cooperation and investments, Interfax reports»

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Bolivian President Evo Morales on awarding him the title of honorary doctor of the peoples ‘ friendship University of Russia, noting that this is a recognition of his contribution to the deepening of Russian-Bolivian relations

Putin hopes to start soon the supply of products from Bolivia to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope that in the near future on the territory of the Russian state will start the supply of food from Bolivia.

I hope that in the near future agricultural products of Bolivia, livestock products, including beef, will be able to enter the Russian market. — Vladimir Putin

The new bill may lead to the withdrawal of international payment systems from Russia

The state Duma included in the calendar for July 23 consideration in the second reading of the bill amending the law “On the national payment system”. They are aimed at maintaining the continuity of card payments in Russia and, in fact, provide for a ban for Russian subsidiaries of international payment systems to suspend payments on cards of banks under sanctions. The bill introduces the concept of “foreign payment system” (IPS) in such a way that the IPS registered with the Central Bank do not fall under it. Therefore, they must obey the rules for just “payment systems”. And for them, the bill introduces a ban on the establishment of “criteria for suspension, termination of participation in the payment system at the initiative of the operator of the payment system, associated, respectively, with the suspension, termination of participation in a foreign payment system.”

Thus, international payment systems operating in Russia will have to make changes to the rules of operation in our market. This applies to all major foreign systems. At the moment, the subsidiaries included in the registry of operators of payment systems of the Central Bank, have Visa, MasterCard, China Union Pay, JCB, etc.

In the West pointed to the “radioactive” version of the death of 14 Russian sailors

According to official data, the fire on the submarine type “as-31”, which was called “Losharik”, killed 14 sailors. All divers were posthumously awarded. The defense Ministry said that the tragedy occurred during deep-sea research.

North Korea plans to create weapons against f-35 fighters

South Korea has purchased 40 f-35 fighters, two of them arrived at the South Korean air base in the spring of 2019. The democratic people’s Republic of Korea announced the development of its own special weapons for the “destruction” of F-35 aircraft

PCR X-35U adapted for use with ships

The basic equipment of the missile is used in the Russian army in the aviation version. However, it became known that the designers are working on adapting it to the use of ships. On completion of works, the missile will actually “Maracana” and will replace the X-35

The United States refused to negotiate the non-deployment of weapons in space

Head of the main operational Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Federation Andrei Sterlin spoke about the refusal of the US to negotiate with Russia and China on the non-deployment of weapons in space. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. Sterlin added that the US authorities intend to make space a theater of war

Russian equipment will take part in the exercises on the territory of Venezuela

Russian military equipment will take part in the military exercises of Venezuela, which will be held in the country on July 24. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

The head of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin said that in Russia the courts are bribed

“I have a favorite piece — “Dubrovsky”. Nevertheless remember romantic history between Masha and Dubrovsky, but in the novel there is also a lawsuit between two landowners. Landowner Troyekurov remember? He bribed the judge and took the estate from the neighbor, and there were big consequences then, rebels were. I want to say that it was a long time ago, but similar situations are still encountered [in Russia]. More than 55% of businessmen do not trust our judicial system, two-thirds consider it not independent and biased, a survey by Boris Titov recently showed,” Kudrin began his speech at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

The US imposed sanctions against the military counterintelligence of Venezuela

The United States has included in the sanctions list of the General Directorate of military counterintelligence of Venezuela. This is evidenced by the data of the American Ministry of Finance. Earlier, the us Treasury imposed sanctions against Nicholas Ernesto Maduro Guerra — the son of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro.

The state Duma proposes to punish for false examination

As explained by one of the authors of the initiative, the head of the Duma Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, now the criminal liability of experts and specialists for giving false information is provided at the stage when a criminal case has already been initiated. However, expert testimony is often required at the verification stage of a crime report. False information provided by the expert creates conditions either for unjustified criminal prosecution of an innocent person or for illegal refusal to initiate criminal proceedings.

The Kremlin made a statement about the trust of Russians to law enforcement

According to the news Agency, according to the statesman, law enforcement officers are actively working every day to ensure the safety of citizens of the Russian Federation. Thus, according to Peskov, they return the trust of the Russians towards themselves.

In itself, the work of law enforcement agencies – it ultimately returns the trust of the Russians. You know that we are talking about individual cases – cases that are highly undesirable for repetition and are absolutely unacceptable. — Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Most Russians believe the usual throwing drugs by the police

The majority of Russians (66%) consider it common practice in today’s Russia to throw drugs by the police. This is evidenced by the survey “Levada center”, writes RBC. It is noted that the survey was conducted in connection with the case of the correspondent of the publication “Medusa” Ivan Golunov.

The idea of total corruption of law enforcement agencies and all authorities has taken root in the public consciousness. — Lev Gudkov, sociologist

In Moldova can’t find the person for a position of the head of police

Six candidates for the post of head of the police of Moldova failed the first stage of the competition — a written test. According to IA REGNUM, the interior Ministry reported that none of the candidates scored the required number of points to go to the second stage of the competition — the interview.

Mattel released a Barbie doll in the image of David Bowie

American toy manufacturer Mattel introduced the latest version of the Barbie doll, which is dressed as the cult alter ego singer David Bowie ziggy Stardust.

Metallica will release a children’s book

Rock band Metallica releases its biography in the format of a children’s book, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The book is called “the ABCs of Metallica”.

Disney and Facebook announced a partnership

Disney in Russia and the CIS and Vkontakte announced a strategic partnership. Now users of social networks will be able to receive the latest news about movies and heroes and learn about the events of the Studio on the official disney page.

Zen-funk Quartet of nick birch “Ronin” will perform in Moscow

Cult Zen-funk Quartet of nick birch “Ronin” will perform on October 4 in Moscow, in the cultural center of ZIL. Ronin in Japanese culture — a lone warrior who was left without an influential patron-an aristocrat

Dexter Fletcher will shoot the last part of “Sherlock Holmes»

Director of “Rocketman” Dexter Fletcher will shoot the third part of the film “Sherlock Holmes” with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude law.

In Japan, put on a play by Persona 5

Studio Atlus is preparing another stage production based on his game. Japanese viewers will see the theatrical performance of Persona 5 the Stage in December. Performances will be held in Osaka and Tokyo.

Out teaser and trailer for the continuation of the Japanese “Call»

Alternately, the Network appeared the teaser and the trailer of the new ribbon, designed to demonstrate that despite the desire to conform to the spirit of the time, the classics roll forward, too, to forget is not intended. The first screen version of “Call” Suzuki appeared on Japanese TV in 1995

The band Cats Park in the cluster’s premises will present songs from the new album Slow Diving

Some of the songs from their new album Slow Diving will present a concert in the Museum of modern art, the cluster’s premises, which will be held in mid-July. St. Petersburg group Cats Park on July 11 releases a new album called Slow Diving.

Google admitted the data breach Google Assistant

Google has admitted to leaking votes of customers using Google Assistant. According to representatives of the company, the cause of the incident was a mistake in the action of one of the contractors.

File you created a bomb that can destroy any computer

Programmer David Fifield (David Fifield) has developed a zip-bomb capable of a package of 46 MB unzipped into a set of files weighing 4.5 petabytes. This will disable any computer. The process of unpacking such an archive creates a huge load on the processor.

The LEDs on the keyboard were used to steal data

Israeli researchers have shown that computer keyboards can be used to transmit data from isolated systems. They suggested using the LEDs on the keyboard to transmit data, and a smartphone, a smart watch with a camera, a surveillance camera or a simple light sensor to receive them.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro screen will have curved sides

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro screen will have curved sides, but its shape may be somewhat unique — the supposed image of the glass screen shows that the sides bend almost 90 degrees, which is much more than the phones that are currently on the market.

Apple supplies Europe iPhone Indian Assembly

Initially, the Indian-built smartphones were offered only in the Indian market, but now their deliveries are organized in Europe. In particular, we are talking only about the models iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, the Assembly of which is organized at the company Wistron.

Google has launched an experimental social network

The service, released from the depths of the experimental laboratory Area 120, is a hyperlocal social network that allows you to find people living nearby for going to the movies, concerts and other events. So far, Shoelace is only available in new York.

Some fish can change their sex

An international group of scientists from New Zealand and Australia found out the genetic mechanism of sex change in one of the species of coral fish living in the Caribbean – blue-headed guban. Researchers found that to change the behavior of the “male” individual begins in a matter of minutes, and a few hours later it acquires the external features of the fish-boy.

Metalise will be able to structure the light in arbitrary shapes

The scientists were able to give accurate theoretical calculations, according to which metalens can focus the light not in a point and in an arbitrary shape. They demonstrated their development in practice, by the example of lenses with focuses in the form of letters U and M.

The distribution of responsibilities helped the robots to move the cargo accurately

Scientists from Switzerland and Japan have developed a robot that can crawl on a flat and inclined surface, and in addition to jumping with a load “on the back.” Full description and capabilities of the robot are described in Nature.

Scientists have created a GMO bacterium that eats plastic

A new bacterium has developed a young professionals Miranda Wang and Jenny Yao. As they said they managed to create a GMO bacterium that is able to eat plastic. This bacterium allows to divide plastic into simple polymers and carbon dioxide

Mechanisms of regulation of sleep of fish and terrestrial vertebrates coincide

By analogy with more developed animals, the sleep States of fish were called “slow discontinuous sleep” and “phase of the spreading wave”. It is noteworthy that the fish do not move their eyes during REM sleep.

Scientists have found a way to provide the inhabitants of the Earth with water and electricity

A group of researchers from the king Abdullah University of technology, located in Saudi Arabia, reported on their device, which will greatly facilitate the future of the entire population of our planet. The results of the scientific work were published on the pages of Nature Communications.

The article reports that the new technology works like a solar panel crossed with a seawater purifier and distiller. According to the developers, the device can change the world, because today more than 700 million people do not have free access to clean water.

Scientists have told why people of a different race seem to us the same person

Psychologists from California and Stanford universities have found out why people of another race often seem to us outwardly the same. It turns out that the first visual contact with people who look different, the brain does not perceive the physical differences between them. The work was published in the journal Proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences

Hubble discovers a mysterious disk around a black hole

Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble space telescope (Hubble) observed an unexpectedly thin disk of material surrounding a supermassive black hole located in the center of the spiral galaxy NGC 3147, lying at a distance of 130 million light years from us.

Japanese probe “Hayabusa-2” made a second landing on the asteroid Ryuga

Japanese probe “Hayabusa-2” (“Falcon-2”) on Thursday made a second landing on a remote asteroid Ryuga, which is 280 million km from the Earth, in order to take samples of rocks from this space body. This was reported by the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA).

Virgin Orbit prepares rocket LauncherOne for the first test

The rocket will be delivered to the required height on a modified Boeing 747. The company says that the upcoming test is a serious test for the entire development team.

Scientists for the first time received an image of a star being born

A detailed image of the star being born for the first time received an array of radio telescopes ALMA, said the lead author of the study from the University of Yamaguchi (Japan) Kazuhito Motogi may 29 in the astrophysical journal letters

NASA has successfully tested the device on “green” fuel

American experts said that they were able to test the device called Green Propellant Infusion Mission, running five of its turbines. This device was created specifically for the use of new “green” fuel.

Green Propellant Infusion Mission is a project of the National Aeronautics and space administration of the United States. The aim of the project is to test a new “green” fuel. American experts hope to replace the currently used hydrazine, because the fuel is very toxic. It is planned that the new fuel will not only be less harmful to the environment, but also for the people who work with them.

In space found a Golden asteroid

NASA scientists have discovered the asteroid “Psyche 16”, consisting of platinum, iron, Nickel and gold. According to experts, its cost is equal to about 10 thousand quadrillion dollars, and this is more than enough to make every Earthman a billionaire, according to “Voice of America»

In the center of the Galaxy discovered cold ionized hydrogen

Astronomers for the first time in the history of space exploration discovered a cloud of cold ionized hydrogen in the Central region of our Galaxy. The existence of such an environment was previously assumed, but it was only at the level of theories. New studies have confirmed these assumptions.

The launch of the Vega launch vehicle ended in an accident

YouTube channel SciNews published a video of the launch of the Vega launch vehicle with the reconnaissance satellite of the United Arab Emirates Falcon Eye 1, which ended in an accident.

Rare convertible Ferrari 250 GT series I put up for auction

Stunning luxury convertible Ferrari 250 GT series I from the tuning Studio Pininfarina, who left the conveyor 61 years ago, are going to sell at an auction organized by Gooding & Company within the Week of cars in Monterey in California.H

Mercedes will recall cars in Russia due to cracks in the steering mechanism

Mercedes-Benz company recalls in Russia 52 Mercedes-Benz C-Slass, E-Class and GLK due to a defect in the steering system. Free repair are subject to machine types 205, 213 and 238, released in 2016 – 2018.

Toyota is developing a new crossover

Toyota is preparing to release a new compact crossover. Details about the new product yet, but it is already known that the production model will establish a joint venture Mazda-Toyota in Huntsville (Alabama, USA), which will begin its work in 2021.

“Toyota is changing plans for the future at the plant of the joint venture Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA (MTMUS) to create a new, not yet announced SUV,” – said in a statement

New crossover Honda XR-V went on sale

Honda has announced the start of sales of the updated compact crossover XR-V. the Novelty can already be ordered in the showrooms of official dealers of the brand in China.

The European premiere of the Jeep Gladiator version

In turn, European customers can approach the new version of Gladiator before the vehicle becomes available in dealerships. A group of Jeep owners will hold an annual event called Camp Jeep on the territory of San Martino di Castrozza

Bugatti released two hundred Chiron

Car company Bugatti has released a two-hundredth hypercar Bugatti Chiron, which will receive a more exclusive performance of the body. In particular, experts put on the body three colors symbolizing the French flag.

In Dubai sell a rare Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

In Dubai, for sale, exclusive Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. The Italian manufacturer produced only 9 copies of this model. The car for sale was released in 2013.