14 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/13/2020

During a meeting on national projects, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare a draft decree on national development goals until 2030.

“I ask the presidential administration, together with the relevant departments and the government as a whole, to prepare a draft decree that will fix the national development goals for the period up to 2030,” Putin said.

The Central Bank told about a new scheme of fraud through advertising

Valery Lyakh, head of the Bank of Russia’s Department for countering unfair practices, noted that hackers have started using financial advertising, which is intended for a wide audience. According to him, such advertising does not provide certain information, but contains a call like “Earn with us!”.

He added that now scammers play on the desire of a person to get rich, leaving” behind the scenes ” the method itself, specifying that in previous schemes, advertising almost always stipulated certain services or products, which allegedly can be obtained to get rich.

Russians were released from payment for the installation of electricity meters

Russian consumers were exempted from the costs associated with electricity metering devices. This will allow them to save 5-20 thousand rubles. This was reported on June 11 by Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the Ministry of energy.

TSMC asked the US authorities for permission to work with Huawei

Taiwan’s TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) for the production of semiconductor products sent a letter to the us authorities with a request to allow the firm to work with the Chinese Corporation Huawei, according to the ithome portal

Putin said about the historical chance to solve the housing issue in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council for strategic development and national projects said that the country has a chance to solve issues with providing citizens with housing.

  • Never in history has the mortgage rate on new buildings been so low (about 6%)
  • The industry has adapted to the new financing conditions. Support measures should lead to a dramatic increase in construction volumes
  • A rise in household income will spur demand for housing
  • Serious potential – in the development of partnership between developers and authorities, co-financing projects

It is not profitable for Altai developers to work on project financing.

The cost of building apartments in Barnaul’s new buildings is 40 thousand rubles per square meter, says the head of the “Housing initiative” Yuri Gatilov. Another 8-10 thousand rubles from each “square” companies working on project financing pay banks for using the loan. Thus, in order to make a profit and not go into the negative, developers of Barnaul must sell housing for at least 50 thousand rubles per square. Now the average market price is 45-48 thousand rubles.

This is slavery, racketeering. One developer told me: “I invested 60 million in construction, I will definitely not get a profit, I would like to return 60 million back.” In Moscow, for example, the price of a new building is 240 thousand rubles per square meter, and the share of project financing is 20-40 thousand. they Sneezed at everything. It’s even easier for them. We have a different situation, and it has not yet been fully revealed. When the companies working on project financing complete their homes and survive, this will be an indicator, ” says Gatilov.

New cars in Egypt will be registered only if there is gas equipment

The Egyptian authorities stop registering new cars that run only on gasoline, licenses will be issued to cars equipped to run on gas fuel, said the country’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

VTB increased cash lending in June

VTB Bank in June issued about 100 thousand cash loans totaling more than 65 billion rubles, which is 1.5 times more than in may this year. This is reported in the press release of the credit organization

The BBC will Finance foreign language media

The BBC media Corporation plans to spend 26.6 billion rubles to Finance foreign-language media in 2020-2021. This is stated in the report of the British company. Funds are allocated to fight for information influence

Russian insurance companies missed their premiums

According to analysts, in April—may, the total premiums of insurers decreased by 14.5% compared to the same period last year. Such results were shown by the Agency’s survey of 18 major insurance companies.

Severstal reduced steel output in the first half of the year

“Severstal” in the first half of 2020 reduced steel output relative to the same period last year by 7%, to 5.657 million tons, according to the company’s message. The negative dynamics in the company is associated with the sale of a varietal plant in Balakovo in 2019.

The Russian government will allocate subsidies to shipping companies

“According to the new order of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, 320 million rubles will be allocated for subsidies to shipping companies that are engaged in sea and river cruises,” the Cabinet’s website says. These funds can be spent on payments under leasing agreements.

Russia is rapidly losing export revenues

Russia is experiencing a shock reduction in foreign currency inflows and has to spend reserves to maintain the ruble. According to the results of the second quarter of 2020, the net inflow of foreign currency to Russia amounted to only 0.6 billion dollars, while the export of capital – 12.1 billion dollars. The Central Bank had to spend $ 12.9 billion from the national welfare Fund and gold and foreign exchange reserves to close the hole in currency flows and meet the demand for dollars. Thus, the regulator did not allow a shortage of currency in the market and supported the ruble exchange rate.

Compared to last year, revenue from oil fell from 30 to 12.8 billion dollars, and exports of petroleum products – from 16.5 to 9.5 billion dollars. Gazprom brought in just $ 3.5 billion – half as much as in the first quarter and three times as much as in 2019. Non-oil exports decreased by 7.6% to $ 40 billion

The trailer for the new animated series has been released

Streaming service CBS All Access released a trailer for the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks (“Star trek: Lower decks”). The premiere is scheduled for August 6.

The program for converting cars to gas can be expanded to the whole country

By July 20, regions that have entered the program for the preferential transfer of vehicles from gasoline to gas should provide people with this opportunity. Now there are only 27 of them, but soon the program can be extended to the whole country, Deputy head of the Ministry of energy Anton Inyutsin said in an interview with RG

Russian coal increased its coal production

Russian coal company (part of Mikhail Gutseriev’s Safmar group) increased its coal production by 16% (up to 3.6 million tons) in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

NOVATEK reported a decrease in gas sales in the first half of the year

The volume of gas production in the first half of the year was 37.58 billion cubic meters, which corresponds to the indicator for the first half of 2019. Production of liquid hydrocarbons (oil and gas condensate) decreased by 0.9% during the reporting period and amounted to 5.969 million tons.

Azerbaijan produced less oil and more gas

Azerbaijan reduced oil production by 5.3% (by 1 million tons) and increased gas production by 11% (by 2 billion m3) in the first half of 2020. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of energy of the country. In just 6 months of 2020, the country produced 17.8 million tons of oil and 19.3 billion m3 of gas, including condensate.

Turkey receives gas from Azerbaijan via TANAP

Azerbaijani gas supplies from the Shah Deniz field to Turkey via the TRANS-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP) totaled 5.8 billion cubic meters over two years. This was reported in the Ministry of energy

Gazprom’s share in the EU market is declining

Gazprom’s share in the gas markets of North-Western Europe and Italy for the first half of 2020 fell by 4% in annual terms – to 34%, according to Refinitiv data. Exports along the three main routes – Nord Stream, Mallnow and Velke Kapusany-fell by 14 billion cubic meters.

In the US reported on surrendered to the West scientists from the laboratory of Wuhan

Former national security adviser to US President Donald trump, Steve Bannon, said that scientists from the Wuhan laboratory surrendered to Western intelligence and shared information about the origin of the coronavirus. Thanks to this information, Western intelligence agencies are building an accusation against China

China has imposed sanctions on us lawmakers

China is imposing sanctions on us lawmakers in response to US measures against officials in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region of China. This was reported by the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

The second line of defense is located in the center of the capital of Japan.

Tokyo has deployed upgraded PAC-3 MSE interceptor missiles. This weapon is created on the basis of the American military-industrial company Lockheed Martin. The missiles are an updated version of the PAC-3. It is known that PAC-3 MSE missiles have a firing range of 20,000 meters with an intercept radius of 32 kilometers. Missile DEFENSE systems are located on the territory of a military base in the capital of Japan. This installation was the first in the center of Tokyo.

A virologist who escaped to the US from China revealed the truth about the coronavirus

A virologist from Hong Kong, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who fled to the United States, told Fox News in an interview about the concealment by the Chinese authorities of the truth about the danger of the coronavirus. The woman claims that she may be among the” disappeared ” informants.

Yan explained that, in her opinion, the Chinese authorities knew about the new coronavirus long before they announced it. She also explained that her managers, known as some of the leading experts in the field, ignored her research at the beginning of the pandemic, which she believed could have saved lives.

Russia will strengthen the protection of the Urals and Volga region with S-400 missile systems

The Russian defense Ministry will strengthen the protection of the Urals and Volga region with s-400 missile systems. This was reported by Izvestia journalists with reference to the military Department. They explained that the army plans to expand the air defense of the two regions.

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Russia says possible war with Armenia

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbul-oglu said that he does not rule out the transition of the conflict with Armenia to major clashes. He said this in an interview with the radio station “Says Moscow”. He said that as long as the Azerbaijani territory is occupied, such incidents will not stop.

Indian army to buy American assault rifles

The Indian armed forces are going to buy 72 thousand SIG 716 assault rifles from the United States. This will be the second batch of such weapons ordered by new Delhi. This was reported by the Indian news Agency ANI.

An American spy plane has arrived in Japan

The United States has moved a strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135S Cobra Ball to Kadena air base on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Presumably, this was done to strengthen monitoring of the situation in North Korea, according to South Korean news Agency Yonhap. According to the Agency, the plane arrived in Japan from Nebraska.

Stephen king sold the film rights to three novels for three dollars

The film rights to three works from the collection of American writer Stephen king “If it bleeds” (If It Bleeds) bought Netflix and Blumhouse. The cost of each story was one dollar. Stephen king has repeatedly sold the rights to film adaptations of his works on the program Dollar Baby. Three works will be directed by Ben Stiller, Darren Aronofsky and Ryan Murphy. HBO is interested in buying the latest story.

The trailer for the biographical drama about Marie Curie “Dangerous element”

The Network has released the first trailer for the biographical drama “Dangerous element” about the scientist, winner of the Nobel prize in physics and chemistry, Marie Curie. The trailer is published on the YouTube channel of the Amazon Studio. The main role in the film was played by Rosamund pike.

Apple warned about the consequences of sealing the MacBook webcam

The market has even appeared protective curtains and linings. But Apple warns that if you close the cover of a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air with such an accessory, you can damage the display.

Asus ZenFone 7 smartphone has received a proprietary rotary camera

Early next week, representatives of the Taiwanese company Asus has officially presented its new gaming smartphone called ROG Phone 3, will host this event on July 22, and after a certain period of time will be presented the next line of devices – ZenFone 7.

Windows 10 can now sync with multiple smartphones

The Windows 10 operating system has mastered syncing with several smartphones at once. This software solution is a breakthrough and expands the capabilities of the PC when interacting with mobile devices. Microsoft has started testing an app called “Your phone”.

Nokia has developed a new operating system SR Linux

The new operating system was developed by the well-known Nokia company. So, the specialists worked together with colleagues from Apple and other major companies. Nokia Service Router Linux (SR Linux) NOS is the first network operating system that is built on the latest microservices. In particular, Nokia’s solution in its proprietary cloud data center is already being deployed in Apple

China Telecom has launched the first “smart power transmission network” in China

The launch of the first section of the “smart power transmission network” 5G was made by one of the largest Chinese mobile operators, China Telecom, the cntechpost portal reported on July 12. The first phase of the joint project between China Telecom, the State network Corporation of China and Huawei has been completed

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the course of theft is among the richest people in the country.

This was stated by the Director, member of the human rights Council under the President Alexander Sokurov.According to Sokurov, Putin “knows everything perfectly”, including the actions of Russian “rich guys”. “When I once said a famous name, he (Putin) said: Yes, he is a thief. He told me this directly, ” the Director said.

Earlier, the Russian President said that the country “no longer has oligarchs.” He noted that the difference between modern Russian businessmen and the oligarchs of the 1990s is that the former can no longer influence Russian politics.


Builders of the Amur gas processing plant destroyed the contractor’s office due to financial claims, RIA Novosti reported in the press center of the plant


Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called on Armenia to come to its senses

Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called on Armenia to “come to its senses” in connection with the armed incident on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border

“Armenia should be aware of its actions. Turkey and the Turkish people are always close to Azerbaijan, “Anadolu news Agency quoted the Turkish foreign Minister as saying.

The effects on the body of 4G and 5G were tested on fish

As reported Ufanotes.ru with reference to today News Ufa, the impact of 4G and 5G radio waves was tested on the embryos of Danio-rerio fish. The eggs of these popular and unpretentious fish were placed in a special container. Then it 48 hours was carried out the impact waves with a frequency of 3.5 GHz. Then the larvae were studied. No special abnormalities were found, except for sensorimotor impairment.

BYD unveils the world’s first 5G-enabled car

The Chinese company has introduced a new version of the BYD Han electric sedan, equipped with the HiCar system based on Huawei’s HarmonyOS software platform. The new car was the first in the world with a pre-installed 5g communication module.

5 functions that the brain performs during sleep

The need to sleep every day for a full third of the day must be justified, right? Scientists have studied sleep for many decades and can now explain some of the processes that occur in sleep.

Makes decisions – a Study published in the journal Current Biology suggests that the brain is more than capable of making decisions during sleep

Sorts memories – during sleep, the brain processes new memories, checks connections with old ones, and sorts the memory so that the person does not forget the necessary moments.

Creates associations – during sleep, the brain builds associative connections between seemingly unrelated things. This can lead to unusual ideas or a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Gets rid of toxins – a Series of studies shows that during sleep, the brain of mice is cleared of neurodegenerative cells and toxins, increasing the concentration of which can lead to the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

It is trained in physical labor – during the REM sleep phase, new information about the motor function of the body is transmitted from the cortex of the brain, which is responsible for motor skills, to the temporal lobe. This helps us “comprehend” and perform tasks related to physical activity more effectively

The level of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is approaching the figure of 15 million years ago

British scientists working at the University of Southampton have found tiny fossils on the bottom of the Caribbean sea and using analysis revealed what their level of boron is. It turned out that the CO2 indicators are almost identical to the climate optimum of the middle Miocene. Experts believe that just in those distant times, humanity was separated into a separate branch. Then the climate on the planet was warmer, the sea level was higher by twenty centimeters.

America was discovered before Columbus

A genetic study confirmed that 200 years before Columbus, native Americans interacted with other peoples, and the” discovery ” of America does not belong to Europeans, said scientists from the Stanford University Medical center.

Astronomers from Japan have discovered a super-flare on a dwarf star

A group of researchers at Kyoto University recorded a super-flare on the star AD Leonis, located in the constellation Leo. Remote from Earth at a distance of 16 light years, the space object is positioned by astronomers as a red dwarf. It is less bright than the Sun, but colder at the same time.


More than 80 millionaires from the United States, Britain, Germany and several other countries have called on their governments to introduce an indefinite tax increase for them – to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic, writes the Guardian


Andrzej Duda re-elected President of Poland

Incumbent Polish President Andrzej Duda won the second round of the presidential election with 51.21 percent of the vote. This is evidenced by the preliminary results of the vote, published by the state election Commission of Poland.

The Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation approved the indictment for the Khachaturian sisters

The Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation has approved an indictment for two older Khachaturian sisters – Krestina and angelina, accused of murdering their father, the lawyer of one of the girls, Alexey lipzer, told Interfax.

Moscow has lifted almost all remaining restrictions today

  • All employees will be able to return to their offices
  • Children’s camps will open their doors. Attractions, entertainment centers, clubs and clubs – and discos (but with a 50% load) will start working
  • Educational institutions will be able to work full-time. Classes are resumed in sports, music and art schools and courses. Students will be able to attend universities, applicants and graduates will be able to pass exams
  • Any services are allowed

While they remain banned:

  • Mass and outdoor entertainment events
  • Cinemas, theaters, concert halls (will open on August 1 with a capacity of 50%)

Mask and glove mode:

  • On the street canceled (saved as a recommendation). In the premises and on transport remains

People have the right to Express their opinion on the current events in Khabarovsk

“People have the right to Express their opinions. The event is, let’s say, hard, rather non-trivial, so there is some reaction. Sergei Ivanovich (Furgal-Governor of the Khabarovsk territory) was supported and is supported by a large number of people,” said Deputy Prime Minister – presidential envoy to the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev in Khabarovsk.

The LDPR supports those who protest the arrest of the Governor of the Khabarovsk territory, Sergei Furgal, while the party will never ask citizens to participate in unauthorized protests-Zhirinovsky

Judge of the Krasnodar regional court Elena Khakhaleva was stripped of her status

The higher qualification Board of judges has stripped the status of the judge of the Krasnodar regional court Elena Khakhaleva, TASS reported in the Board. Elena Khakhaleva was stripped of her status for absenteeism. She was absent from work for a total of 128 working days.

The scandal around the judge of the Krasnodar regional court began to flare up after information about her daughter’s wedding spread in the summer of 2017. According to a number of media reports, the guests were allegedly entertained by singers Vera Brezhneva, Iosif Kobzon, Nikolai Baskov and Valery Meladze. Lawyer Sergey Zhorin, calculating the average fee of the guest stars, wrote in social networks that the expenses for the celebration cost about $ 2 million. In addition, a number of publications appeared in the media that Khakhaleva’s diploma is fake.

In March, the judge wrote an open letter to Putin, in which she complained of harassment. Khakhaleva claimed that the information distributed about her in the press was unreliable, and official denials did not help to clear her name and restore her reputation.

Lefortovo pre-trial detention center had detentions

At the Lefortovo jail, where media employees came to support the Roscosmos adviser and former journalist Ivan Safronov, suspected of high treason, they were detained. Sofia Rusova, a journalist who stood up with a poster, was detained. Maria Karpenko, a special correspondent of the Kholod newspaper, Alla Pugacheva, a correspondent of Kommersant-FM radio, Anna Vasilyeva, a journalist of the Kommersant newspaper, and several other girls were also detained. They were wearing t-shirts with messages in support of Safronov.

NATO notes the extraordinary activity of Russian submarines in the Atlantic

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg notes the extraordinary activity of Russian submarines in the Atlantic, and also supports new global agreements on disarmament.

“The Atlantic remains the center for us, we are a regional Union. By the way, there is a lot going on here.in recent years, we have recorded the largest activity of Russian submarines in the Atlantic in history,” Stoltenberg said in an interview with the publishing group Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. According to him, Russia is currently upgrading its military capabilities and shows its readiness to use them

In the current period, the most important thing is the problem of coronavirus

The Israeli government is now not going to extend sovereignty over part of the territory of the West Bank of the Jordan river, said the Minister for immigration and integration of Israel Pnina Tamano-Shata.

“We understand that the most important issue in the current period is the problem of coronavirus. All other problems are relegated to the background, ” Tamano-Shata stressed.

The Russian Supreme court has allowed Facebook to be sued in Russian courts.

It all started with the fact that several people asked the Tverskoy court of Moscow to restore the blocked accounts, but it refused – citing the lack of jurisdiction of the case. The Supreme court decided otherwise.


a Resident of the Samara region received a receipt for heat for 30 billion rubles, RIA Novosti local power sales


In support of Ivan Safronov was made by the Kremlin pool of journalists.

Colleagues in the pool, who personally know Safronov, speak of him as a professional of the highest class and do not believe that he could commit treason. They demand to make public the evidence available to the FSB.

The audit found violations of RUSADA’s financial activities

An in-depth audit found violations of the financial activities of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA), said Stanislav Pozdnyakov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC).

Earlier, one of the Telegram channels accused the CEO of RUSADA and his employees of abuse of office, corruption and misuse of funds, including within the framework of business trips. It was mentioned, in particular, about 110 million rubles allegedly appropriated by RUSADA CEO Yuri Ganus in 2018-2019. Ganus himself denied the charges, citing an audit of financial statements conducted in 2018-2019.

Import substitution is not a panacea

Putin held the first meeting with the government on Russia’s strategic development since the beginning of the pandemic, where he said that it is necessary to improve the business climate and encourage the emergence of new national projects, while Putin stressed that import substitution is not a panacea and there is no need to try to “replace all imports”.

In addition, according to the President, Russia needs to achieve sustainable population growth, increase life expectancy, support employment and income of citizens, and make the primary health care system more flexible.

The abbess of the Moscow monastery bought a Mercedes-Benz S-class for 10 million rubles.

According to Open media, abbess Feofania (in the world Olga Miskina) has replaced at least four Mercedes cars over the past 13 years.

Feofania has been the head of the Pokrovsky convent on Taganskaya street for 25 years, where the relics of Saint Matrona of Moscow are located. In addition, she manages the five-star Pokrovskaya hotel, built according to the program of hotels for pilgrims, and the Danilovskaya hotel. In 2018, the President awarded Feofania the order of merit for the Fatherland, IV degree.

We were forbidden to leave, there were no doctors left

An ambulance dispatcher in Norilsk refused to send doctors to a woman with a fever. On the recording, the girl is crying, asks to pick her up and offers to pay money for calling medics.

“Kovid, not kovid, the ambulance does not go to such calls. What causes hysteria? You understand that we are forbidden, there is an order. No one is dragging their feet, the whole city is sick. We have an epidemic in the city, there will be no one to save people. We’ll all be dead soon, I guess. Don’t let me cry, we have orders. Call a doctor at home and that’s it.”

The Ministry of health of the Krasnoyarsk territory confirmed the authenticity of the recording.They reported that the ambulance dispatcher had a nervous breakdown, now the employee was suspended from work. The Ministry stressed that there is no order in the Norilsk ambulance station that would prohibit doctors from visiting patients with fever.


The budget deficit for the first half of the year reached 956 billion rubles, the Ministry of Finance said. Expenses accounted for 51% of the annual plan, while revenues accounted for only 44%.


Detained activists opposed to the construction of the South-Eastern chord

In Moscow, the police detained activists who oppose the construction of the South-Eastern chord. A two — year-old child is among the detainees. As one of the detainees, municipal Deputy of the Pechatniki district Sergey Vlasov, told the newspaper “Rise”, a woman with a child – “this is an activist of” Antichord”and her child is a girl, Sasha”.

Several police officers arrived. They said that there are numerous complaints about ” 02 ” that suspicious people gathered near a suspicious car. And on this basis, we were asked to proceed to the police Department. We were 8 people and one child. Brought to the police Department, we gave an explanation, the inspector of the Commission on juvenile Affairs spoke with Oksana Malashina, because this is her child. She was required to sign an appearance, apparently to put on record. She didn’t sign anything. And they let us go

Turkish Airlines will resume flights to six Russian cities from August 1.

“We are pleased to announce that from June we will provide a wider choice of destinations for safe international and domestic flights,” the company said in a statement.

The flight schedule is published on the website: from August 1 to 5, flights to Moscow, Rostov-on-don, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar and Sochi will be resumed. Previously, the company also flew to Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Ufa and Samara, but there is no information about flights to these cities yet.

The main purpose of the who expert group’s work in China

The main goal of the world health organization (who) expert group, which went earlier to China, is to determine whether the COVID-19 coronavirus is of animal origin.

“One of the most serious questions for us is to find out whether the coronavirus was transmitted to humans from an animal, and what kind of animal it was,” the who representative said. At the end of last week, a group of who experts arrived in China to deal with the origin of the coronavirus.

Russian business is asking the Government for help.

Mikhail Mishustin was again approached by the Russian Council of shopping centers (RSTC) with a request to postpone the payment of taxes for 2020 to the next 2021. Oleg Wojciechowski, managing Director of RSTC, said that there is virtually no revenue in the industry, and sales have yet to recover. The industry has not received any subsidies or compensation for lost rental income from the state, and all proposals to support the industry are invariably rejected. All payments received from tenants, which is approximately 10-20% of the previous year’s figures, are directed to maintaining the facilities in working order: security, cleaning, utilities, etc., discounts and installments are not provided.

In Khabarovsk, for the third day in a row, actions are held in support of Sergei Furgal

Actions in support of the Khabarovsk Governor Furgal are held for the third day in a row. On July 13, several hundred people gathered outside the regional administration building and began chanting “Freedom!” and “Furgal is our choice”

Unemployment growth in may 2020

In may, there were 800,000 more unemployed people in Russia compared to April and 1,750,000 more than in may last year.

If you look at the change over the year, there is not a single region in Russia where there are fewer unemployed people. The number of unemployed people in Chukotka has not changed, and it has grown in all other regions. In Moscow, 127 thousand unemployed people were added, and in the Moscow region another 80 thousand. In 3rd place is the Krasnodar territory: + 64 thousand unemployed. 60 is added in St. Petersburg (and another 16 thousand in the Leningrad region), almost 48 thousand in the Sverdlovsk region.

The relative figures look even bigger: over the year, Moscow has 5 times more unemployed, the Krasnodar region 4.5 times more, St. Petersburg 5.5 times more, and the Sverdlovsk region 3 times more.