16 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/15/2019

France imposes a tax on the digital economy

The French Senate voted to impose a 3% tax on income earned in France by technology companies, including such giants of the Internet sector as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

The French government has conceived this tax as a concession to the movement of “yellow vests”, because the demonstrators protested against the harm that the digital economy causes to traditional sectors of the market, such as taxis or small businesses. Another goal of Macron was to collect new taxes faster in order to Finance other concessions to the protest movement with this money.

St. Petersburg authorities demanded a certificate of merit of Boris Strugatsky

The St. Petersburg Committee of culture demanded to provide the reference about merits of the known writer Boris Strugatsky that it was possible to erect to the science fiction writer a memorial Board on his house. It is reported by TASS.

This certificate was obliged to provide the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the city Boris Vishnevsky. The representative of the Committee explained that a certificate of merit Strugatsky needed, as required by the law “On plaques in St. Petersburg.”

“In relation to the outstanding personalities of the requirements… seem to be… offensive. But these requirements are necessary,” the representative added.

Russians supported the ban on phones in schools

About 62% of respondents believe that the ban on mobile phones in schools will have a positive impact on the educational process, while support for the idea of the ban has decreased by 6% over the past year. These are the results of the available TASS survey of the all-Russian center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM).

The government will propose to introduce a new output

The Ministry of labor has proposed to introduce a new day off, which Russian citizens will have to spend for medical examination, said Monday, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The proposal of the Ministry of labor provides for a special law enshrining the right to a day off for medical examinations

Russians in South Korea have problems with visas

Tourists from Russia spent almost a week at the airport in Seoul, the TV channel “Russia 24”. Vacationers from Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Orsk and Rostov could not leave the territory of the Republic of Korea because of problems with visas.

In Russia will expand the experiment on cash withdrawals at the box office stores

In Russia, they plan to expand the experiment, which allows you to withdraw cash from Bank cards directly at the cash desks of shops. So far, this opportunity can take advantage of the inhabitants of sparsely populated areas.

The number of non-travel debtors reached 3% of the adult population of Russia

The number of debtors, limited in leaving Russia, by the beginning of the summer reached 3% of the adult population (3,429 million people). This is evidenced by the data of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) of the Russian Federation, which was studied by the correspondent of TASS.

In Britain, prisoners for good behavior will receive the keys to their cell

For good behavior British prisoners will receive the keys to their cells. This decision was taken by the Ministry of justice of the country, the newspaper The Guardian.

In Vladivostok looking for vandals

Last weekend, unknown vandals destroyed a marble fence on the Sports Embankment. This crime caused a serious resonance in the city hall. The head of the city Oleg Gumenyuk is ready to pay personally remuneration to the one who will be able to specify the violator. The city hall has already appealed to the police with a statement, the press service of the Vladivostok city hall reported.

On the Kolyma, on the shore EN masse beached salmon

This past weekend, July 13 and 14, on Kuklinski spit it was possible to observe an unusual phenomenon — the shore was strewn with pink. The fish was of good quality, females and males. Of commercials on the Internet shows that someone pink salmon collected, someone just watched.

As in Turkish hotels deceive the Russians

Employees of Turkish hotels deceive Russian tourists. The scheme saving on campers revealed the Director “the Ural tourism Association” Mikhail Maltsev. According to him, on deception go, first of all, employees of restaurants and bars.

“In addition to the reuse of food in Turkish hotels dilute alcoholic cocktails,” — said the expert on tourism in a conversation with URA.RU ahhh!

He advised tourists to pay attention to the bottle from which they pour alcohol, and ask the bartender to use the drinks listed in the price list. If the bar staff continue to dilute the cocktails, Maltsev recommends complaining to the hotel Manager and leave a review on the website.

The main task of the Russian Orthodox Church

Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for external Church relations, said that the main task of the clergy now is to involve Russian citizens in the life of the Church

Putin trained the pilot was killed in a plane crash in the suburbs

The head of the Federation of ultralight aviation Igor Nikitin died in the crash of a Robinson helicopter near Moscow Solnechnogorsk. This TASS reported in the leadership of the organization. According to the telegram channel “112”, it was Nikitin who taught Russian President Vladimir Putin to manage the Delta.

Sechin asks 2.6 trillion rubles of benefits for the development of the Arctic

Oil companies are ready to invest from 5 trillion to 8.5 trillion rubles in the development of the Arctic, but for this they need unprecedented tax benefits at the cost of 2.6 trillion rubles. the plan of The new project is set out in a letter from the chief Executive Director of Rosneft Igor Sechin, which he wrote to President Vladimir Putin on June 26, and in the accompanying calculations of KPMG.

Negotiations with the DPR and LPR are meaningless

The war in the Donbass can be completed through negotiations with the leadership of Russia, and not with the leadership of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). This was stated by the head of the party “Servant of the people” Dmitry Razumkov July 14 on ICTV.

“Dialogue should be conducted with those who really make decisions. I am sure that today the representatives of the so-called LPR and DPR are absolutely not independent,” he stressed.

The government of Lithuania has approved the legalization of hemp products

The government of Lithuania approved the amendments, according to which it is allowed to use for processing the entire hemp plant and supply to the market any hemp products, not only fibers and seeds, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture.

Magadan cows were offered to feed Kamchatka crabs

Specialists of the Magadan research Institute of agriculture have developed a technology that will improve the reproductive functions of local cows. We are talking about the introduction of crab flour and lichens into the main diet of animals. Such supplements cows should receive daily for two months before calving and after. According to the Magadan experts, will allow to strengthen the immune system of cattle.

Yekaterinburg wanted because of the theft of 160 million rubles

Yekaterinburg police are looking for a woman suspected of a particularly large fraud. The total amount of damage exceeded 160 million rubles. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Ural capital, in may of this year received about 15 statements of citizens that in April-may, their friend 48-year-old Olga Khoroshun borrowed large sums allegedly for a major real estate transaction, and then disappeared and ceased to communicate.

Police dispersed the protesters have Mosgorizbirkoma

Detention began when protesters started to set up tents to stay in front of the Mosgorizbirkoma for the night. The action in support of independent candidates to the Moscow city Duma was held in the center of Moscow.


The Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk home for the elderly save buying a crossover

Announcement of the upcoming auction posted on the website of public procurement on July 12. Judging by the specifications and mandatory requirements for the lot, the management of the nursing home is going to spend almost 2 million rubles on a crossover.

The growth rate of China’s GDP in the first half of the year amounted to 6.3%

The growth rate of China’s GDP in the first half of this year amounted to 6.3% in annual terms. This is stated in a report published on Monday by the State statistical office of the PRC.

“According to preliminary estimates, China’s GDP in the first half of 2019 amounted to 45,093 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.3% in annual terms. In particular, in the first quarter, the growth was 6.4%, in the second indicator decreased to 6.2%,” the document says.

Visa has notified banks about preferential rates when buying cars and apartments

Visa payment system reduces the interbank Commission for accepting cards for payment for sellers of social goods, cars and real estate, according to RBC, citing sources in the market. Representatives of VTB, Alfa-Bank and FC Otkrytie confirmed that they had received such a letter.

The Ministry of construction is ready to return HBC to the housing market

The Ministry of construction is ready to return to HBC on the market of housing construction the Ministry of construction intends to revive the virtually left the market, housing construction cooperatives (ZHSK). The Ministry has published a bill that should make it easier for participants to obtain mortgage loans on the security of shares.

In Russia since July 15 enhanced “anti-wash” banking supervision

Since July 15, the Central Bank of Russia strengthens control over non-cash monetary transactions of individuals. the Amount of the transaction, which may cause suspicion in the Bank, reduced to 300 thousand rubles.

The US Congress is going to undermine a deal with the Russian public debt

The house of representatives of the American Congress approved the amendment concerning Russia to the draft defense budget of the country, which is designed for the fiscal year 2020. It involves the introduction of new sanctions against transactions with Russian sovereign debt in response to the alleged intervention of the Kremlin in the us presidential election. According to this document, no American will no longer be able to make transactions with the debt of the Russian Federation.

The authors of the sanctions amendment were members of the Democratic party Bradley Sherman and Maxine waters. As follows from the statement of Sherman, the amendment is designed to ensure that the scheduled 2020 elections of the head of the American state.

“We need a serious mechanism to punish Russia for what it has done in the previous elections, and to contain it,” – said the legislator during the hearing.

Unified requirements will be developed for state information systems

For state informsystem will develop the unified requirements of the Ministry of communications offers to create a single requirements to information systems of the authorities and to introduce the post of the chief state of the IT architect, who will control them

Russia remains the world leader in wheat exports

Russia won the first place in the world in wheat supplies for the 2018-2019 agricultural year (from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019). Grain exports amounted to 43.3 million tons, of which wheat — 35.2 million tons. Russia for the supply of wheat surpassed the United States and other countries of the European Union

The provision of subsidies to the Factory, project financing

The Ministry of economic development and the state Corporation VEB.Russia signed an agreement on granting subsidies within the framework of the Factory of project financing in the form of asset contributions from the Russian Federation, VEB.Of the Russian Federation. The subsidy will be granted for reimbursement of the Corporation in connection with the provision of loans under the project Factory, told TASS in the press service of the VEB.Of the Russian Federation.

“State subsidies are hedging interest rate risk. The program “project financing Factory” creates conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation of commercial banks in the organization of financing of capital-intensive projects. For all tranches in rubles, including tranches of partner banks, the state subsidy for compensation of the growth of the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is provided for the entire loan term,” the first Deputy Chairman of VEB SAID.Russian Federation Nikolay Tsekhomsky, whose words are quoted by the press service of the state Corporation.

The Central Bank will limit lending to Bank mergers and acquisitions

The Central Bank will introduce from October 1, 2019 restrictions for banks on lending to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), said in a statement on the website of the Central Bank. The new rules will only apply to new loans.

The liquidity surplus of Russian banks in June fell to 2.3 trillion rubles

Structural liquidity surplus of Russian banks, which characterizes the excess money in the banking system, in June decreased by 0.3 trillion rubles compared to may and amounted to 2.3 trillion rubles, according to the materials of the Central Bank.

“Naftogaz” places Eurobonds in the amount of $ 300 million and 500 million euros

According to IFR, the demand for bonds in dollars exceeded $850 million, for Eurobonds – exceeded 1.5 billion euros.

In China, the volume of new Bank lending has increased dramatically

The volume of new Bank lending in China in the national currency increased by 40.7% in June 2019 and reached 1.66 trillion yuan ($241.47 billion) compared to the may result of 1.18 trillion yuan.

Uzbekistan will transfer about 50 oil fields to foreign companies

Uzbekistan intends to transfer more than 50 fields with falling oil production for the development of foreign companies in the form of risk-service contracts, reports Podrobno.uz ahhh!

In Tashkent, the basic norm for electricity consumption will be introduced

The basic norm for electricity consumption will be introduced throughout Tashkent by the end of the year, Minister of energy of Uzbekistan Alisher Sultanov said in an interview with UzA.

Maduro ordered to ensure the export of products of the Venezuelan automotive industry

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on July 12 ordered to ensure the supply of part of the country’s automotive industry products for Petro cryptocurrency worldwide. About it reports “RIA Novosti”. According to him, Venezuela should sell up to 50% of automotive products of its own production, as well as to establish the production of the Chinese model Chery QQ. In addition, Maduro said he wanted to turn Petro into a convertible currency.

“I want to sign a decree with this decision to facilitate the sale of cars,” he said.

Russian oil and gas giants to pay $ 22 billion in dividends

Nine major Russian oil and gas companies will pay 1.396 trillion rubles ($ 22.1 billion) dividends in 2018, according to RNS, citing materials from the nine largest companies of the fuel and energy complex.

In Uzbekistan, power plants are transferred to the management of a foreign private company.

The Uzbek authorities intend to transfer two thermal power plants to the management of a foreign private company. About it reports Sputnik Agency with reference to the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Thermal power plants” Ruslan Mubarakshin. We are talking about the Angren and new-Angren TPP, the management of which will be transferred to the Kazakh company “Mining”.

R. Mubarakshin admitted that earlier Uzbek power plants were not transferred to private hands, especially foreign ones. Such a step is being taken in Tashkent for the first time, thus creating a precedent.

Cargo turnover of Taganrog sea port decreased by 22% in 2019

The total cargo turnover of JSC “Taganrog sea commercial port” (TMTP, part of UCL Holding) for January—June 2019 amounted to 1.15 million tons, which is 22% lower than the same period last year.

«Yandex.Taxi” buys assets of the group of companies “Lucky»

«Yandex.Taxi” signed an agreement on the purchase of software and call centers of the group of companies “Vezet” (taxi brands “Vezet”, “Leader”, Red Taxi and Fasten), the press service of Yandex. The deal was approved by the boards of Directors of global Yandex and Lucky group»

The Ministry of labor offered to pay state aid from the Federal budget

The Ministry of labor of Russia made a proposal to increase payments on social contracts with the help of funds from the Federal budget of Russia. About it in the office told “Izvestia”.

In 2018, the Russians received from the state an average of 37.8 thousand rubles, subject to employment, retraining for another profession or opening their own business. However, in most cases, this money did not help people to get out of poverty. Only 33.3% of Russians who signed the contract were able to cross the poverty line. Initially, it was expected that significant improvements would occur in the lives of almost half of the poor — 47%. The reason for this, according to officials, is the reduction in the size of a one-time payment from 38.2 thousand rubles in 2017 to 37.8 thousand rubles in 2018.

Why startups in Russia are not interesting for investors

One of the main problems in the Russian venture capital market is the lack of demand for startups from investors, this is due to the fact that large companies do not know how to work with innovation, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of the Internet initiatives development Fund (IIDF) Kirill Varlamov.

“Red& White” goes from Russia to offshore

Founder Alcochete “Red& White” billionaire from Chelyabinsk Sergey Studennikov continues to take their business offshore. Owner, OOO “alpha Perm”, where Studennikova owned 100% of the assets, became the company “AMELIOR INVESTMENTS LIMITED” (Cyprus).

In Moscow recorded the lack of growth of transactions in the secondary housing

In Moscow, in June 2019, 11,011 transitions of rights were registered on the basis of contracts of sale (barter) of secondary housing, which is commensurate with the previous month (in may, 11,000 transactions were concluded — 26% less than in April).

Democrats accused trump of racism and xenophobia

Earlier, trump wrote on Twitter that “progressive” female Democrats from the us Congress, who came from countries whose governments are “a total disaster, the worst, the most corrupt and incapable in the world, are now loudly telling people in the US, the greatest and strongest nation on Earth, how to run a government.”

“Instead of attacking members of Congress, he should be working with us on a humane migration policy that reflects American values When President trump tells four American Congresswoman women to return to their countries, he confirms that his plan to “Make America great again” has always been about making America white again,” Pelosi wrote on Twitter

Ukraine has become one of the main suppliers of doctors in the Czech Republic

According to Czech media, foreign doctors in the Czech Republic are dominated by doctors from Slovakia and Ukraine. The influx of Ukrainian doctors in the country caused by economic reasons, while in Prague, this situation is considered beneficial for the country. On 14 July, reported the website of “Radio Prague»

Huawei plans to reduce the number of employees in the US

Huawei Technologies Corporation intends to fire some of its employees in the research division of Futurewei Technologies, based in the United States. Thus, it is planned to solve the problems associated with restrictions for American companies to cooperate with it, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

In the United States studied the causes of failures of American troops in Afghanistan

As stated in the report of the American Center for strategic and international studies (CSIS), dedicated to the “endless war” in the country of Central Asia.

“The inability of the us armed forces to correctly assess the duration and intensity of the conflict in Afghanistan is due to many reasons. Thus were strongly affected by pride due to the superpower status, militarily superior,” reads the report authored by Colonel USMC retired mark Cancian.

The 11-year-old girl in the hands of the iPhone 6 caught fire

In California, 11-year-old Kayla Ramos caught fire in the hands of the iPhone 6. Apple has already launched an investigation, ktnv Channel 13 reports. At that moment, when it happened, the girl was sitting in her room and holding a gadget. At some point, sparks suddenly flew out of him.

China looks like the world’s largest shadow lender

China looks like the world’s largest shadow lender Against the background of China’s dominance in world trade, the country’s growing role in global financial flows remains in the shadows, although the export of Chinese capital around the world in recent decades has reached record proportions, according to the work of a group of economists from Harvard, the University of Munich and

Artificial Intelligence was trained to recognize dogs on the “prints” noses

Chinese programmers from startup Megvii engaged in the development of neural networks for recognition of a person’s face. Recently, however, craftsmen have trained AI to obtain information about the dog on the print of her nose.

In Spain, the flights of 320 trains canceled because of the strike

The flights of about 320 trains have been canceled due to the strike of workers of the Spanish railway operator Renfe, which began on Monday. This was reported by the newspaper El Pais.

Relatives forcibly took the Muscovite to the groom in Chechnya

Relatives forcibly took away to Chechnya 20-the summer girl who ran away from the house to the Moscow women’s crisis center “Kitezh” from-for coercion to marriage, the activist Daria Serenko told “Mediazone”. The girl’s name is not given for security reasons.

Stoltenberg said the “full responsibility” of the Russian Federation for the destruction of the INF

Russia will bear full responsibility for the possible collapse of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range missiles (INF), from which the United States previously withdrew, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in his article for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Britain and Italy will perform an observation flight over Russia

Italian and British servicemen will perform a joint observation flight on July 15-19 in the Russian Federation and Belarus within the framework of the open skies Treaty. This was told by the head of the Russian center for reducing nuclear danger Sergey Ryzhkov in an interview with the armed forces “Red star”. According to the newspaper, the flight of foreign troops will be carried out on the Romanian aircraft an-30 observation from the airport near Moscow “Kubinka”.

At the Large hadron Collider discovered a new particle

Scientists have discovered two new excited States of the charming baryon, which can be a new particle. Studies to Refine the quark model are necessary to obtain complete information about what the universe consists of

Iran was accused of attacking a column of Russian military.

Militants of the Free Syrian army published a material in which it is reported that the attack on a column of Russian military in the Syrian province of Daraa are Pro-Iranian units.

Disposable Russian fleet

Russian “mosquito fleet” is able to protect the country in coastal waters, but does not give “the possibility of geopolitical influence in the regions of the world,” says military observer TASS Dmitry Litovkin. In his opinion, small ships, in comparison with large ones, are distinguished by limited autonomy, as a result of which the first to travel from Kronstadt to Gibraltar will need two or three weeks.

“This ship goes only to one point — of no return, and in case of military operations it at all not to return. He needs bases and supply ships. He is not an independent combat unit,” the observer said.

Litovkin noted that the advantages of the ships “mosquito fleet” can be attributed to their low cost.

Military space command of France will be placed in Toulouse

The center of the Military space command of France, the upcoming creation of which was announced on Saturday by President Emmanuel macron, will be located in Toulouse in the South of the country, said Sunday the Minister of the armed forces Florence parley. She performed on the radio station France Inter.

The US refused to participate in the discussion of the Minsk agreements

The United States did not support the change in the format of international negotiations on the situation in the Donbas proposed by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and refused to participate in the discussion of the Minsk agreements. This was reported by the representative of the us state Department.

“We fully support the efforts of President Zelensky to intensify the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” she said.

The representative of the diplomatic Department also added that Ukraine fully complies with its obligations under the Minsk agreements, and the main obstacle to their implementation is “the lack of political will on the part of Russia.”

“Ukraine fulfills its obligations under the Minsk agreements to the maximum extent possible. Russia should do the same»

U.S. companies will be allowed to sell Huawei products

The US may allow its companies to do business with Chinese Huawei in a few weeks, Reuters reports. According to two officials, the US will soon approve licenses to restore sales.

Microsoft will start deleting inactive accounts

Microsoft has changed the deadline for deleting inactive accounts. The developers have reduced it from five to two years, and users will need to log in to the account at least once every 24 months. Otherwise, when Microsoft notices that the account has been abandoned, it will close it.

Facebook embeds a hidden code tracker in users ‘ uploaded photos

Australian researcher in the field of cybersecurity Edin Yusupovich claims that Facebook embeds a “hidden codes” in the user-uploaded photos. This helps the social network keep track of who is viewing your photos and who is sharing them.

OS from Huawei got a new name

About the OS has been reported repeatedly, and always it was mentioned under the name Hongmeng, but still featured the names Ark and Oak. However, according to the latest data, the operating system will be called Harmony, because it is such a trademark Huawei registered in the European patent office.
The release of the miniature music keyboard LUMI has already collected 1.8 million dollars

On the website KickStarter completed the fundraising for the production of miniature musical keyboard with colorful backlight

Retailer H-E-B will launch a pilot program of unmanned delivery

In Texas, the delivery service “Udelv” signed an agreement to launch a new pilot project of unmanned delivery of orders with the supermarket chain “H-E-B”. The pilot will serve customers in Olmos Park, near the center of San Antonio. The pilot launch is scheduled for the end of this year.

In St. Petersburg showed an industrial computer

We are talking about the PC-2 based modification of highly integrated processor “Elbrus-1C”. The management of the industrial computer is protected by the operating system real-time (SERV) “Neutrino-uh”.

Philips Xenium E219

The new Philips folding push-button phone has got a large screen and a battery capacity of 1800 mAh, which is quite a lot for a push-button phone (although there are more). The price of Philips Xenium E219 in China is about 45 dollars.

Sony announced the fastest SD card reader

Sony has introduced the world’s fastest USB splitter MRW-S3. The new product is combined with a device for working with SD and micro-SD cards that support UHS-II.

Xiaomi revealed cheap wireless headphones

Xiaomi company keeps its word. As promised earlier, the manufacturer announced a new device – wireless headphones Mi Superbass Wireless Headphones.

How cybercriminals use passport data

Many users may never know that a copy of their passport “walks” on the darknet and is used by cybercriminals for fraudulent purposes.

New species of lizards found in the stomach of the Cretaceous microraptor

Paleontologists in the process of studying the remains of the ancient dinosaur-microraptor discovered an unknown species of lizards. Such an amazing discovery was made in the territory of modern China, which experts recognize as extremely rich in paleontological finds.

Published the first ever photo image of quantum entanglement

For the first time in history, physicists managed to take a picture of quantum entanglement, according to the scientific publication Science Advances.

Quantum entanglement occurs when two particles become inextricably linked — and what happens to one immediately affects the other, despite the distance between them. This phenomenon is so strange that even the great theoretical physicist of the XX century albert Einstein called it “a terrible action at a distance”.

In Brazil found the Lily surviving the age of 115 million years

As stated in the article of the journal Nature Plants, experts found the oldest fully preserved Lily in the fossils of the Museum of natural science in Berlin. A piece of limestone, in which a Lily was found about 113-115 million years old, was brought to the Museum from the North-East of Brazil.

Procrastination in women is associated with low levels of dopamine

In the experiment, experts studied the genotype of 143 men and 135 women, focusing on the site called rs10770141. It is responsible for the release of substances necessary for the saturation of the body with dopamine. It is established that in women the lack of dopamine is the cause of procrastination.

Existing psychiatric diagnoses called “scientifically meaningless»

The authors of the study, published in the journal Psychiatry Research, concluded that many of the currently used psychiatric diagnoses are scientifically useless as tools for identifying mental disorders.

In China, 33 million hectares of new forests have appeared in 20 years

This year, China marks the 20th anniversary of the state program for the restoration of forests and grassy cover on arable land. Results reports Sibnovosti.ru with reference to “China radio International” (ISC). Under this program, China has spent more than 500 billion yuan since 1999

In the snow-covered area found a lake of liquid lava

The lake is located on the remote, snow-covered island of Saunders in the extreme South Atlantic, in the crater of the active volcano of mount Michel. The lake of liquid lava remains stable for several years, experts say.

South whales whispering to protect offspring

The females and cubs of the southern smooth whales were able to develop a special way of communication that helps them to maintain safety and prevent the attack of killer whales.

Mechanisms of regulation of sleep of fish and terrestrial vertebrates coincide

Scientists from Stanford University (USA), by observing the brain activity of sleeping fish, ustanovili divide their sleep into phases, similar to mammals.

Deep-sea fish polipron swallowed the shark

A group of young and small sharks were eating dead swordfish lying on the bottom. This process continued for some time, but then turned out to be nearby polipron. After some time in the frame of this fish with barbed fins already appeared with a small shark in his mouth.

Artificial intelligence beat the best poker players in the world

Artificial intelligence beat Texas hold’em the best players in the world. The program was tested in two rounds, science reports. Texas hold’em is a type of poker in which six people participate

The US will refuse to deliver astronauts to the “Unions” in 2020

Since may 2020, it is planned to start delivering American astronauts to the International space station on American-made manned spacecraft. Thus, the United States will abandon the use of Russian ships “Union”

NASA is testing 3D printing technology in space

The company Made In Space specializes in the development of 3D printers that can be used in low gravity. One of these printers will be tested under a contract with NASA

“Voyager 2” turned off the heating of one of the scientific instruments

The team of the mission “Voyager-2” turned off the heaters of one of the scientific devices installed on the machine. This was done as part of a new energy consumption program adopted in connection with the decrease in the power of RTGs, according to the website of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

NASA is going to send to Mars robots climbers

Previously, scientists were limited to the smooth surface of Mars and smooth depressions, but now they will be able to study those places where they could not get before. For the same purpose, NASA is developing a robot Ice Worm.

Astronomers have discovered near the Earth asteroid-“invisible»

Astronomers have found a rare near-earth asteroid with the shortest period of rotation around the Sun – 151 days. This was reported on the website of the California Institute of technology.

NASA scientists showed the anniversary video of all 4000 exoplanets

NASA scientists have compiled a video card of all exoplanets discovered since 1991. To date, astronomers have confirmed the discovery of 4000 thousand planets potentially suitable for the existence of life.

“Hayabusa-2” for the second time landed on the asteroid Ryugu

According to representatives of JAXA, the landing of the probe was “more than ideal.” This is the second landing of the Japanese probe on the surface of the Ryugu. He first landed on an asteroid on February 22 this year to collect soil samples from the surface.

Explained unsolvable space mystery

An international group of astronomers has announced the discovery of the mystery why most of the major exoplanets, belonging to the type of “hot Jupiter”, no moon. According to the researchers, the satellites were ejected from orbits around the gas giants and remained in the outer regions of planetary systems, becoming analogues of Pluto. This was reported in a press release on Phys.org

Hyundai Tucson for Russia will receive a new motor

Hyundai may start selling Tucson in Russia with a new 2.4 liter gasoline engine – the company received approval for such a modification of the vehicle type, which appeared in the base of Rospatent.

Lada 4×4 Bronto will get restyled

The first image of the new item was published by the portal lada4x4.net ahhh! It is known that the SUV will receive several new elements, but in the picture you can see only the grille with an interesting “hypnotic” pattern. Production of this version will begin in the near future

Porsche opened the ring of backgammon after reconstruction

The structure of the Nardo Technical Center includes the main ring and several different routes and structures located on the territory of 700 hectares. There are testing more than 90 automotive companies. The permanent staff of the center is more than 150 people

Five stainless steel machines for 300 000 rubles

The two most expensive components of the car — the body and the engine. And if the engine in my old age it is still possible to do something (to atypicality, supply contract), then the body there is no such option. That is why so much attention is paid to the body when buying.

  1. Skoda Octavia Tour
  2. Peugeot 308
  3. Audi A6 C5
  4. Nissan Tiida
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5

The quality of cars should be reduced — they serve too long

According to Mike Rutherford, the quality of cars today is so good that customers drive them longer, and it hurts the sales of new cars. The durability of the produced cars leads to the fact that their mileage began to exceed 160 thousand km, says the expert edition of Autoexpress.

A cheap version of Renault Koleos appeared on the market

Sales will start in China. The most affordable crossover Dongfeng will cost 650 thousand rubles, when the most serious modification will have to pay a little more than a million. For comparison, the cost of Renault Koleos 2019 is not less than 2 million rubles.

BMW presented a special version of the motorcycle R nine T

The German company BMW presented to the public a special version of the motorcycle R nine T on the occasion of the anniversary – the 50th anniversary of the release of these bikes at the Berlin plant Spandau. Anniversary version is almost indistinguishable from the original model in technical characteristics.

Agent 007 will be a black woman

Previously, the role of agent 007 predicted Scottish actor Richard Madden. It is also known that in the 25th edition of the film about James bond will play Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Rory Kinnear, Gave Bensalah, Lashana Lynch and David Dencik.

He closes his fond PODDERZHKI Kino

Non-profit Foundation for supporting cinema “Example of intonation” will be closed, said its founder Alexander Sokurov during a discussion at the film school “industry on Strelka”.

“We will close our Foundation “Example of intonation” next year due to lack of livelihood,” he said.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr sang together at a concert in Los Angeles

Paul McCartney as part of the Freshen Up tour gave a concert in Los Angeles with another former member of The Beatles Ringo Starr, reports CNN. It is reported that the last concert of McCartney’s tour Took place at the Dodger Stadium sports arena

Publisher Insight will release a comic about the career of David Bowie

Publisher Insight announced the biographical comic Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams about the famous actor and musician David Bowie

In St. Petersburg will be another “Mayakovsky-fest»

In the library Mayakovsky called the “Mayakovsky-fest.” The event dedicated to the work of the futurist poet will last from 15 to 19 July. About it reports TV channel “St. Petersburg”.

A hundred years ago was born iris Murdoch – the largest British novelist of the twentieth century

The first novel was written in 1954: “Under the network.” This novel in 1998 was recognized as one of the 100 best English-language novels of the twentieth century by the publishing company Modern Library. Murdock’s last novel, Jackson’s Dilemma, was published in 1995.

Trailer and release date of the full-length fan-adaptation of “the Witcher»

A team of Polish enthusiasts has published a new trailer for his feature film based on the Saga of the Witcher Andrzej Sapkowski. In Polish, the painting is called Pół Wieku Poezji Później (“Half a century of poetry later”), and in English — alzur’s Legacy (“Alzur’s Legacy”). In the video, fans revealed the release date — November 30 this year (Russian subtitles are available).

In the UK found three unknown scenario Stanley Kubrick

The Guardian newspaper reported that new sketches and drafts of Stanley Kubrick entered the Director’s archive at the London University of arts. The found texts date back to between 1954 and 1956. In them, the Director is focused on the themes of marriage, treason and jealousy.

Elizabeth banks will shoot a new version of ” Flintstones»

Director and actress Elizabeth banks took up the shooting of the remake of “Flintstones”. Warner Bros. will also be responsible for the animated series.

Apple will remove the rival of the series “Game of thrones»

Apple has announced its decision to create a sci-Fi drama See, which will compete with the popular series “Game of thrones”. The company noted that Stephen knight is working on the show. The project budget is estimated at $ 150 million.

Anton Shipulin moved to the elections to the state Duma

Olympic champion of Sochi Anton Shipulin handed over to the election Commission of the Sverdlovsk region documents for participation in the by-elections to the state Duma. The athlete himself said this in his instagram account.

The collapse of the Turkish economy began

International rating Agency Fitch ahead of schedule lowered the long-term default rating of the Turkish Issuer in foreign currency from “BB” to “BB-“. The Outlook on the rating is negative.

Among the key factors that influenced the rating decision, Fitch experts call the dismissal of the head of the Central Bank of Turkey, as well as the supply of Russian S-400.

“While Fitch expects any possible sanctions to be relatively mild with minimal direct economic effect, the impact on sentiment could be significant»

The growing share of expenses of Russians on food

For food grew in the second quarter of 2019 in annual terms and amounted to 38.9% against 38.2% for the same period of 2018. It is noted that food accounts for the highest share of expenditure in the structure of consumption.

In the first half of the year, food inflation, according to Rosstat, amounted to 5.9%. The real cash income of Russians decreased by 2.3% in the first quarter. In second place in the share of spending are utilities – 15.2%. The share of spending on clothes also decreased from 10 to 9.7%. Russians simply do not have the opportunity to buy it now.

Turkmenistan can become one of the main gas partners of Europe.

The EU and Turkmenistan are working on a framework agreement on the supply of Turkmen gas to Europe, said the chargé d’affaires of the EU delegation to Turkmenistan Lubomir Frebort.

The Declaration on the development of cooperation in the field of energy between Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and the EU, signed on may 1, 2015, serves as the basis for cooperation on the preparation of a framework agreement on future natural gas supplies from Turkmenistan to Europe

Donald trump refused to set quotas for uranium production in the country

In the document, the head of state said that he did not agree with the conclusions of the us Department of Commerce that the import of uranium from abroad threatens national security. Trump pointed out that they cause “significant concern” and require more in-depth study of the issue. According to him, at the moment “there is a need for a more complete analysis of the aspects of national security in relation to the entire nuclear fuel supply chain”.

As of 2017, the share of domestically produced uranium in fuel for civilian nuclear reactors was 7%. The rest of it comes from Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan and Russia.

In the Tver region leading children’s holiday broke his nose

The scandal happened yesterday on the Volga river during the festival of colors “Conalvias”. When they started handing out prizes, the children rushed to the stage without a line, pissed off the organizer and host of Anatolia Pleshanova. He called all the “cattle” and “the riders. The father of one of the boys was offended, climbed onto the stage and laid the host with a hook on the right!

Insulting the power of Latin dance reggaeton

Police in Bryansk checks the video in which the local 21-year-old resident Alena Chervyakova dancing Latin dance reggaeton. They find out if he violates the law on insulting the authorities.

Earlier Chervyakova was fined for dancing on the background of the monument to the victims of the great Patriotic war. The head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov told about the call of Chervyakova to the police in a telegram. According to him, the police officer has notified the lawyer Chervyakova about check of July video where she dances with six other people, on article about disrespect to the power. Approval chikova, the police informed the lawyer that the check all the videos that she has ever published.