16 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/15/2020

Trump signed the law on anti-Chinese sanctions

Trump signed a law on anti-Chinese sanctions and a presidential decree to hold China accountable for its actions against Hong Kong. It also abolished economic privileges for Hong Kong itself

Protests against amendments to the Constitution in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Participants of the “NO!” campaign organized a collection of signatures under a class – action lawsuit demanding to cancel the results of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

In Moscow, the action began at 19: 00 on Pushkin square, in St. Petersburg — at the same time on Malaya Sadovaya. In both cities, people stood in long lines to leave signatures. The audience chanted slogans — for example, in support of the arrested Governor Sergei Furgal, activist Yulia Tsvetkova and other political prisoners.

About two hours after the start of the rally in Moscow, the protesters went for a walk. They entered the roadway, after which the police began to detain them. The detentions were very harsh, and police officers seized everyone indiscriminately, including journalists and passers-by who did not participate in the action.

The action in St. Petersburg was peaceful. The organizers collected 2500-3000 signatures. But people are still waiting in line.

Streaming service Spotify has officially announced its launch in Russia

The streaming service Spotify has officially announced its launch in Russia from July 15. As well as in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The basic version of Spotify with ad inserts will be free. Spotify Premium without ads and with the ability to download tracks will cost 169 rubles a month in Russia. In addition, users will have access to two group rates: family (up to 6 people) for 269 rubles per month and for two for 219 rubles.

Prohibition of marriage and adoption of children

A group of Federation Council members led by Elena Mizulina introduced a package of bills on family and marriage to the state Duma.
The state Duma introduced a package of amendments concerning family relations, adoption and custody of children.

  • Ban on removing children from the family without a court decision
  • Guardianship authorities will be banned from visiting homes without parental consent
  • Parents are guaranteed the right to involve relatives for the upbringing of their children without registering their authority. Also, relatives will not be prohibited from adopting children left without care due to low income
  • The amendments guarantee the joint arrangement of siblings left without parental care
  • The bill prohibits returning a child to an orphanage three years after adoption
  • Children are not allowed to be adopted by persons of the same sex, including those who have changed their gender

Russian DJ Denis Kaznacheyev will be released on bail

A court in Berlin decided to release Russian musician and DJ Denis Kaznacheyev, who was arrested at the request of the US justice Department, on bail of 20 thousand euros. According to the court’s decision, Kaznacheyev cannot leave Berlin and must report to the police three times a week.

In the US, Denis Kaznacheyev is accused of fraud and laundering more than one million dollars in the darknet in 2010-2020.

In the United States, a person convicted of Federal crimes was executed

In the United States, on July 13, for the first time since 2003, a person convicted of Federal crimes was executed. In a Federal prison in Indiana, 47-year-old Daniel Lewis Lee was given a lethal injection. In 1999, he was sentenced on several counts, including the murder of a family of three in Arkansas. Just before the execution, he said that he was innocent.

On the Omsk pensioner opened a case of extremism.

Vladimir Beskhlebny, a 72-year-old pensioner with a disability from Omsk, was charged with creating an extremist community. This was reported to Novaya Gazeta by Beskhlebny’s relatives.

The pensioner denies the collapse of the USSR and is the Chairman of the Omsk “Executive Committee of the Council of people’s deputies of the RSFSR”. He himself, five of his associates, and two Omsk offices of the movement were searched.

Bezkhlebny’s apartment was searched last week. The decree on the search said that according to the FSB office for the Omsk region, the pensioner is preparing an “armed seizure of power” in the country.

During the search, Beskhlebny’s computer, phone, Soviet-style passport (he did not change it to Russian), “state seals of the RSFSR and other important state documents” were seized, Novaya Gazeta writes.

On July 11, the Central court of Omsk placed the pensioner under house arrest.

Took bribes from soldiers for sending them to Syria.

As have informed in United a press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg, Nikolay Zaikin held the position of chief automotive service and spent a decent selection of military specialties armored service to send on a business trip to Syria. Together with another officer from the unit from March to December 2018, he received 280 thousand rubles from five military men as a bribe. Zaikin was stripped of his rank and sent to serve time in a high-security colony.

There have been protests in Bulgaria for a week.

Supporters of President Radev took to the streets after the detention of two of his advisers on corruption cases. Supporters of Prime Minister Borisov hold alternative actions, demanding the resignation of the President. This night, the rally in support of the President turned into attempts to break into the Parliament and into clashes with the police, several security officers were injured.

Germany will refuse to use brown and hard coal

According to the new law, the use of coal for electricity production can completely stop in 2035, according to Deutsche Welle.

How much money do different countries lose due to the withdrawal of profits abroad?

According to the calculations of a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Copenhagen, due to the withdrawal of taxes to offshore countries, Germany suffers the most, losing 26% of income tax revenues, the United Kingdom (losing 25%) and France (22% of losses).

In General, it is the European countries that lose the most (except those that themselves operate in the mode of tax havens). The US also loses a lot: 19%, and the countries of South America. Asia is doing very well: China is losing 3%, while Japan is losing only 2%. In Russia, only 5% of potential income tax flows abroad.

Third debt restructuring

The Russian state Duma at a meeting on Tuesday ratified a bill on the restructuring of a loan issued to Venezuela.The third restructuring in the last 4 years will again delay the repayment of the principal amount of debt, which at the beginning of this year was $ 3.4 billion.

In the next three years, Venezuela will repay only interest on the loan – two tranches a year of 66.5 million dollars each, according to a document posted in the Duma database. Payments on the” body ” of debt are postponed to 2023-26. During this period, the size of the six-month tranche increases to 342 million dollars, and annual payments, respectively, to 684 million dollars. The last payment is due on September 30, 2026.

Gazprom received a record loss for 6 years

Following Rosneft, which reported a loss of 156 billion rubles for the first quarter, Gazprom went into negative territory by international standards. In January-March, the company, which has a monopoly on the export of Russian pipeline gas, received a net loss under IFRS in the amount of 116.2 billion rubles.

Gazprom to increase gas prices in Russia

The decision to index gas prices in Russia has been made, and it is currently being processed. This was stated by the head of the Department of Gazprom Alexey Andreev.

“At the moment, when working with regulatory authorities, the issue of gas price indexation has been worked out. This decision has been made, and it is currently being processed, ” Andreev said.

In the first quarter of 2020, the average cost of gas supplied by Gazprom to European countries fell by more than a third compared to the same period last year — from $259.1 to $162.1 per 1,000 cubic meters. This follows from the presentation published on the company’s website. Thus, the price of Russian gas has fallen by more than 37% over the past year.

Draft law on youth policy in Russia

The draft law on youth policy increases the age of youth to 35 years, said Nikolay Burmatov, Chairman of the Chamber of young legislators under the Federation Council, in an interview with THE Russian government.

He noted that the document will be submitted to the State Duma in June—July this year. By this time, it will be necessary to collect proposals from the regions, make a financial and economic justification, conduct legal expertise and finalize the explanatory note.


The state Duma adopted the bill on multi-day elections in the second, main reading. It will not apply to elections this September. How many days will be held which elections will be decided by the election commissions in each case. The maximum duration of voting is 3 days.


Russia has increased defense spending to a new record

According to the results of the first half of the year, every fourth ruble of the Federal Treasury went to law enforcement agencies, according to a preliminary assessment of budget execution published by the Ministry of Finance

The fifth day of protest in Khabarovsk. People don’t give up

Residents of Khabarovsk for the fifth day in a row go on a March in support of the arrested Governor Sergei Furgal. People walked from Lenin square along Muravyov-Amursky street to Komsomolskaya square. Then we turned onto Turgenev street, to the square of Glory. The column is supported by signals from motorists. The procession is accompanied by police, but does not interfere.

More whites than blacks die at the hands of police officers in the United States

“White people, too. White people, too. What a stupid question! White people, too. Even more white people!”, – said President Donald trump in response to a question from a journalist “why are African-Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country.”

Sberbank bought 80% of Soyuzmultfilm and invests in animation

Sberbank and the Federal state unitary enterprise Soyuzmultfilm film Studio have created a joint venture, Soyuzmultfilm LLC, the Bank has received 80% of it and at the first stage intends to invest 1 billion rubles in the development of Russian animation. This was announced at a meeting with journalists by the first Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Lev Khasis, writes RBC.

Sberbank’s press service said in a statement that it plans to create “unique content” within the framework of cooperation, including cartoons for children, TV series for preschoolers and schoolchildren, and full-length films for family audiences.

Aeroflot has banned its employees flying to China from using their Luggage.

In early July, the pilots and flight attendants of Aeroflot received a letter of happiness. It was reported that now crew members flying to China and Hong Kong are only allowed to carry one hand Luggage. Why so strict?

The fact is that for flights to China, Aeroflot has long formed a kind of queue. Many people want to get there, because you can buy smartphones cheap from Chinese brothers and sell them more expensive in Moscow. According to rumors, gadget sellers even know which hotels the crew members stay in, go there themselves and start a disorderly trade in Huavei and Honors.

Roskomsvoboda: digital surveillance will continue after the pandemic

Russia was the leader among the CIS countries in terms of bans and restrictions on digital rights of citizens imposed in connection with the pandemic, according to a joint report by Roskomsvobody and Human Constanta, which was at the disposal of Open media. In Russia, there are seven out of eight possible types of restrictions on digital rights.

“The laws on fake news have become a new weapon against dissent and are now in serious competition with anti-extremist norms, “says roskomsvoboda lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan. — And the use of biometrics and tracking mobile apps has created incredible opportunities to control the movement of citizens. Many of the measures taken under the pretext of fighting the virus will stay with us for a long time and change our usual life.”

Yuri Shevchuk released a video in the genre of cartoon horror

Musician Yuri Shevchuk released an animated video for the song “Dead man”. The video is published on the DDT YouTube channel. The author of animation in the genre of cartoon horror was KolBelov.

Draft laws on punishment for land alienation submitted to the state Duma

Co-chairs of the working group on preparing amendments to the Constitution, Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov and Senator Andrey Klishas introduced a bill to the state Duma on sanctions for calls and actions to alienate territories, RIA Novosti reports. The initiative proposes to amend the criminal code, the code of Criminal procedure, and the code of administrative offences. The changes have already been supported by the government and the Supreme court.

According to the draft, for public calls in the media and the Internet to alienate territories, citizens will face a fine of 70 to 100 thousand rubles, officials — from 100 to 200 thousand rubles, legal entities — from 100 to 200 thousand rubles.

Russia allowed transit transportation of sanctioned goods

As of today, the previously prohibited transit of sanctioned goods through Russia by road and rail has been opened. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of transport. The Agency clarified that transit cargo will be tracked using electronic navigation seals based on GLONASS. The sealing operator is the company “center for development of digital platforms”.


Even if you disable tracking in your account settings, Google will still monitor your activity. Because of this, the search giant was sued again


Putin signed a law guaranteeing payments to employees in case of reduction

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law guaranteeing the right of employees to receive statutory payments when liquidating legal entities or reducing their staff. The document appeared on the legal information website.

Boeing will cut aircraft production by half

Boeing aircraft Corporation intends to halve production of narrow-and wide-body aircraft amid the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, reports Kommersant.

Google to invest in Indian company Jio Platforms

The us Corporation Google will invest more than 4.4 billion dollars in the Indian telecommunications giant Jio Platform and will receive 7.7% of the company’s shares, said the Chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani

European court overturns record fine for Apple

The European court of justice overturned the decision of the European Commission in 2016 on a record fine for Apple of €13 billion for violating the law on taxes and state subsidies, writes TASS

Child support arrears in Russia

Speaker of the Council of federations Valentina Matvienko said that the total debt on alimony in Russia reached 156 billion rubles. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The collection rate has improved, but the total debt for collecting alimony is 156 billion rubles, which is a lot, ” she said.

Net capital inflows in June

In June 2020, net capital inflows to Russia totaled $4.6 billion, down 41.8% ($7.9 billion) from June 2019. This is evidenced by preliminary data from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Russian oil and gas were unclaimed

Russian oil and gas in the first half of 2020 proved to be unclaimed on the domestic and foreign markets. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the study (available ” Tape.ru”) of the Institute of problems of natural monopolies (IPEM).

Georgia and Turkey step up oil production in the Black sea

Two countries at once, Turkey and Georgia, have stepped up their oil production activities in the Black sea. In the second decade of July, the Fatih exploration vessel will start drilling new wells in the interests of Turkey. This country already owns a dozen fields on the black sea shelf.

Venezuela’s oil production in June

Oil production in Venezuela decreased in June 2020 by 199 thousand barrels per day compared to may and amounted to 356 thousand barrels per day, according to OPEC data.

Amazon has introduced “smart” shopping carts in supermarkets

Amazon has introduced” smart ” carts Dash Carts, which independently scan the products selected by the user and automatically deduct money from the Bank card when leaving the store

China has created a new modification of the j-20 fighter

China has created a new modification of the fifth-generation j-20 fighter. In addition, the car has already been mass-produced. About this, with a link to a message on Twitter, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Nick cave showed the trailer of his concert in an empty hall

The trailer for nick cave’s concert “Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace”, which will be shown on July 23, 2020, has been published.

Russia has tested an electric motor based on superconductivity technologies

Russia was the first in the world to test an electric power plant based on high-temperature superconductivity technologies and powered entirely by a battery, the Foundation for advanced research told RIA Novosti.

Phison to sell Kingston Technology shares in joint venture

Kingston Technology today announced that Phison will sell its shares in the Kingston Solutions Inc (KSI) joint venture. The deal will allow Kingston to become the majority shareholder of KSI.

A new virus disguised as a messenger steals user data

The international company ESET, specializing in the development of antivirus software, has discovered a new malware that disguises itself as the Welcome Chat app, available for users of Android devices.

Yandex.Messenger is now available in Zen

Yandex has announced that Yandex is now available on the Zen blogging platform.Instant messenger. Users can ask the authors a question via private messages. You can also start a conversation with other users directly from the comments

China’s ZTE unveils 5g wireless hotspot in South Africa

The Chinese company ZTE installed its first wireless router for 5G networks in South Africa, cnTechPost reported on July 14. The MC801A router is designed to provide users with Wi-Fi access to 5G networks.

Flight of the Andean Condor

Scientists from the UK found that the Andean Condor spends only 1% of the flight time flapping its wings. All the rest of the time, it is able to fly due to ascending air currents.

It is believed that the Andean Condor is the heaviest bird in the world, which, despite its large size, is able to soar. Its body weight can be 15 kilograms, and its wingspan is three meters.

The foot of an unknown species of dinosaur was found in Brazil

Researchers have found the fossilized remains of a dinosaur that lived 115 million years ago. Presumably, it could be the ancestor of modern birds. The foot of an unknown dinosaur was discovered by Brazilian paleontologists.

Created health sensors that are applied to the skin with a simple pencil

Engineers from the University of Missouri have developed a simple way to apply a device to the skin to monitor health indicators in real time. Instead of the usual “tattoo”sensors of plastics, new organic materials and nanomaterials applied to polymers, scientists suggested using ordinary office paper. Lines drawn on it with an ordinary graphite pencil rod will serve as conducting paths and sensitive “electrodes”. The innovative solution is presented in an article published in the proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences of the United States

A new, most complete sequence of the human genome was obtained

The full sequence of the human chromosome was determined by a group of scientists from the United States, July 14, the journal Nature reports. Karen MIGA, a researcher at the genomics Institute of California in Santa Cruz, said that his group has made a leap into sequencing technologies. Thanks to nanoporous sequencing technology, it became possible to obtain ultra-long reads of several hundred thousand base pairs, which allowed simultaneously covering the entire repeating region in the genome and obtaining the so-called sequence (telomere-b-telomere) of the complete human X chromosome.

Cash loans in the first half of 2020

According to preliminary data from the United credit Bureau (OKB), banks in June 2020 issued more than 1 million non-target consumer loans (cash loans) totaling 328 billion rubles. In comparison with the previous month, the number of issues increased by 27% and by 33% in volume. These indicators are still significantly lower than last year – compared to June 2019, loans decreased by 24% in terms of the number of loans and by 17% in terms of the total amount of issued amounts.

Ivan Golunov filed a civil lawsuit against the accused in his case

Medusa journalist Ivan Golunov, who was recognized as a victim in the case of falsification of evidence by the police against him, filed a civil claim for 5 million rubles to the five accused in his case.

“My lawyer Sergey Badamshin and I filed a civil lawsuit against five police officers for illegal detention and poor-quality work in the framework of the criminal case. I believe that their work was not related to the fight against drug trafficking – they were engaged in its formal execution,” Golunov told Interfax.

FIFA has published the schedule of matches for the 2022 world Cup

The calendar is published on the official website of the organization. The opening match will take place on November 21, 2022 in the city of al-Haur.the host of the tournament, the Qatar national team, will take part in this meeting. The group stage matches will last until December 2, the 1/8 finals will be held from December 3 to 6, the 1/4 finals-December 9-10, and the 1/2 finals-December 13-14. The third-place game will take place on December 17 at the Khalifa stadium in Doha, with the final scheduled for December 18 in the city of lusail at The stadium of the same name.

Poklonskaya complained to the head of Crimea about paid beaches in the Saki district.

The Deputy said in her Telegram channel that she told Sergey Aksenov about the situation with fencing and charging for passage to the beach in Orekhovsky, and also prepared requests to the Prosecutor of the Crimea. Vacationers said that they are required to pay 100 rubles for entering the beach, and setting up a tent on the beach for a day costs 200 rubles. The authorities at the same time accuse tourists of impurity

“I promise that in my free time I will personally visit the Crimean beaches with a similar visit. And such ridiculous excuses that “the watchman himself installed the barrier and takes money for passage to the sea” (as in the Saki district) are not accepted.”