17 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/16/2019

Russia is preparing an “unexpected blow»

Russia continues to be armed with “prohibited” missiles and is preparing to conduct regional wars in Europe, forcing NATO to act, writes the German newspaper Die Welt. In his article, the publication cites the report of the Lieutenant General of the Bundeswehr, retired, former Deputy Secretary General of NATO Heinrich of Browse and Director of the Institute for security policy at the University of Kiel Joachim Krause.

The Russian government intends to extend the freezing of the funded part of the pension

The design of the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) for 2020 and the planning period 2021-2022 are formed on the basis of a moratorium on the formation of the funded part of the pension until 2022 inclusive, Interfax reports, citing materials from the Ministry of labor on the main characteristics of the budget of the pension Fund

The first “freeze” of pensions occurred in 2014. All this money was spent on anti-crisis measures and the development of Crimea. Since that time, it is annually extended

820 million people are starving in the world

Food shortages in 2018 were experienced by 820 million people, and a year earlier – 811 million people, according to the annual report of the Food and agriculture organization (FAO) “the State of food security and nutrition in the world.” At the same time, overweight and obesity are increasing in all regions of the world, especially among school-age children and adults, the report says.

“Hunger is increasing in many countries where economic growth is slowing, especially in middle – income countries and those that are heavily dependent on international commodity trade,” FAO analysts say.

Dirty oil in addition to Europe went to the domestic market.

Russian refineries received oil with a high concentration of chlorides even before the situation with oil pollution in the Druzhba pipeline. All this has been happening since the first half of April.

In particular, the Volgograd refinery of LUKOIL faced an increase in the concentration of organochlorine compounds in oil on April 4. In this regard, LUKOIL’s structure made a comment to Transneft Volga Region. It is noted that the events unfolded two weeks before the Belarusian Belneftekhim complained about the receipt of poor-quality oil through the Druzhba oil pipeline.

Transneft and LUKOIL confirmed the information about the excess of norms on organochlorine. Traces of compounds were in the delivered batch of oil of one of LUKOIL’s subsidiaries.

Divers took a photo of a jellyfish the size of a man

British divers found in the area of the coast of Cornwall giant jellyfish the size of a human growth. Jellyfish photo posted on Twitter by the diver Lizzie Daly

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ugra has offered to recognize the day of rejoicing a day

Head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Khanty-Mansiysk Pavel Fokin invited the authorities of the region to recognize the day of rejoicing day in Yugra, reported in the public chamber. The request for the adoption of a regional legal act Fokin reinforces the requests of the Orthodox inhabitants of the Khanty-Mansiysk.

Maria Matuska returned to Russia and intends to live in Petersburg

The Barnaul student Maria Matuska, known for his fight for free reposts in social networks, returned from the Baltic States to Russia.

Recall that the Barnaul activist left the country in the middle of last year. First she went to Ukraine, where she asked for political asylum, and then moved to Lithuania. Now that the criminal case against her is over, she intends to live in St. Petersburg.

The city of Yekaterinburg wins the land from the growers

The mayor of Yekaterinburg Alexander Vysokinsky signed the resolution, destructive for several gardens near the Big Equestrian Peninsula. The city administration withdraws land from owners for the sake of municipal needs.

Minor shield of wapow and hookahs

The Russian government supported the initiative to ban the sale of electronic Smoking products to minors and to limit the use of hookahs. The bill also provides for the introduction of the concept of “electronic Smoking product” and a number of amendments to the law “On protection of public health from exposure to tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption”, Interfax reports.

What does a typical Russian train passenger look like

A typical Russian passenger train – a woman of 32 years, traveling alone, according to OneTwoTrip. Experts of the service have made a portrait of a typical passenger on the basis of data on reservations of railway tickets from June 30, 2018 to July 1, 2019.

Banking secrecy will cease to exist in Russia

Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin proposed to open the investigators access to Bank secrecy at the stage of pre-investigation checks. This is one of the measures for a more effective fight against corruption, he said.

He also proposed to return the confiscation of property as an additional form of punishment and introduce the institution of criminal liability of legal entities.

A quarter of Russians have neither the desire nor the opportunity to save for retirement

To save more money for retirement, Russians are ready to consider various alternatives to mandatory contributions of part of income to the Pension Fund, but the main conditions for this they consider state guarantees for savings and strict control over them by the state. Thus, the Russians confirm the absolute lack of independence in financial matters, especially in long-term savings.

23% of Russians want to make a Bank Deposit, 21% — intend to save their own in cash rubles or currency, 18% — to invest in real estate. Another 10% of respondents consider investment life insurance or contributions to non-state pension funds.

The number of Russians who understand how to create their own investment portfolio and how to manage it tends to zero.

Turkey responded to EU statements on sanctions against Ankara

The decision of the European Union to stop high-level talks with Turkey will not affect Ankara’s work on hydrocarbon production in the Mediterranean, the Turkish foreign Ministry said.

“The decisions taken by the EU external relations Council yesterday will in no way affect Turkey’s determination to continue hydrocarbon-related activities in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Anadolu quotes the Ministry’s statement.

As noted in the Department, the EU decisions do not mention the Turkish Cypriots, who “have equal rights to the resources of Cyprus.”

Scooters and gyrometer can formally be equated to the transport

In the Center of the organization of traffic in Moscow announced the decision to equate electric scooters with vehicles. The reason for this was the frequent cases of accidents involving so-called riders who consider themselves full participants in the road.

In the state Duma have found a way to protect drivers from unreasonable penalties

The deputies of the state Duma proposed to return the powers of the state traffic Inspectorate to coordinate traffic schemes. According to the authors of the initiative, the measure will save drivers from unreasonable fines with a sharp change in traffic patterns

In Russia will make mandatory iodized salt

In force the new regulation will have to join from 1 June 2020. From this date, only iodized salt will be used in the manufacture of bakery products. The year 2021 is sure to be enriched with iodide of potassium there are all kinds of salt with the exception of some of the individual list. Since June 1, 2022, all food products will have to be manufactured using iodized salt.

In Russia will simplify the procedure for issuing narcotic drugs

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova appealed to the Ministry of health with the instruction to simplify the procedure of discharge of narcotic drugs at home. Also, the Ministry of health, together with Regardie and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia will have to optimize the rules of storage of potent painkillers. In addition, the Ministry was instructed to explain the order of transportation of narcotic and psychotropic drugs to medical organizations and pharmacies, RIA Novosti reported

“Gazprom Neft” faced problems in Kazakhstan because of the sanctions

Russian companies under sanctions are beginning to experience problems even in the most loyal jurisdictions. As it became known to Kommersant, ArcelorMittal Temirtau, Kazakhstan’s ArcelorMittal structure, terminated the contract with the local distributor of Gazpromneft — lubricants due to sanctions of Ukraine and the EU. In the “AMT Temirtau” felt that a contract creates reputational risks for its CEO Paramita Kalona, who also heads the Ukrainian “AMT Krivoy Rog”. This is the first such case in Kazakhstan, known “Kommersant”. Gazprom Neft calls the situation a “misunderstanding”, but the company’s lawyers are studying the AMT decision.

Hainan creates artificial reefs for fishing in the South China sea

According to its management, these artificial objects are made of stainless steel frames. For the implementation of the project, a sea area of 350 hectares, about 15 km from the coastline, where there will be small Islands for fishing, the area of which will total 200 thousand square meters.

Russians began to issue electronic building permits

A pilot project for issuing electronic construction permits has been launched in Russia. The first permit of this format was issued in Orenburg to the developer “USK-real Estate”. Project to issue electronic documents started throughout Russia

Private banks withdrew from the capital of “exchange for sub-banking companies»

Alfa-Bank and Bank Saint Petersburg (No. 1 and No. 9 among the largest non-state banks in Russia) withdrew from the capital of the Saint Petersburg currency exchange (spvb), on the basis of which an exchange for sub-banking companies can be established. About it RBC were informed by the representatives of the banks.

Aeroflot will buy six Airbus A320neo aircraft

Aeroflot will order six medium-haul Airliners of the new generation Airbus A320neo in 2020. As they say on the website of public procurement, the competition is divided into two lots. The first involves the operational leasing of two cars, the maximum value of the contract – $188.6 million.

Gazprom: 2156 km of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline built»

Gazprom has built 2,156 km of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, through which gas supplies to China are planned. The company has tested 90% of the pipeline and plans to start filling it with gas. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Oleg aksiutin on the TV channel “Russia-24”

Novolipetsk steel reduced steel production by 6%

NLMK reduced steel production by 6% to 8.2 million tonnes in the first half of 2019 due to the start of major repairs of NLMK’s blast furnace and Converter production.

The volume of issue of Rosmorport bonds will be 25 billion rubles

FSUE “Rosmorport” is planning a debut bond issue with a volume of 25 billion rubles, pilot tranche will amount to 4-5 billion rubles. This was reported to journalists by the Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance Yakov Bykov.

Bloomberg: Venezuela sold $40 million worth of gold last week

Venezuelan authorities sold gold worth $40 million last week, despite the current sanctions of the United States. This was reported on Monday by Bloomberg, citing its sources. According to him, the Central Bank (CB) of Venezuela sold about 1 ton of gold on July 12

Enterprises of Kuzbass for a month doubled the debt under the salary

Kuzbass enterprises for the month doubled the wage arrears to employees – up to 110.5 million rubles. At the beginning of June, the amount of wage arrears in the region was about 59 million rubles, among the debtors there are large city-forming enterprises in single-industry towns, said on Monday at a staff meeting in the regional administration, the head of the regional Department of labor and employment Denis Shamgunov. 15 Kuzbass enterprises have wage arrears, six of which are in bankruptcy proceedings.

The Ministry of justice has developed a bill on simplified collection of debts on wages

Director of the Department of organization and control of the Ministry of justice Andrei Chumakov told TASS about the new bill. According to it, bailiffs will be able to write off funds from employers ‘ accounts in a simplified manner to repay debts to employees.

Industrial production in Kazakhstan for the first half increased by 2.6%

The volume of industrial production in Kazakhstan in the first half of 2019 amounted to 14.293 trillion tenge ($37.3 billion), which is 2.6% more than in January-may 2018.

“Tyumenstalmost” owed employees more than 40 million rubles

Employees of the plant are massively dismissed because of salary debts As reported in the press service of the Prosecutor’s office of the Tyumen region, for April and may 2019, the company did not pay employees more than forty million rubles. The salary was not accrued to 762 employees.

The investment fee in the ports of Russia will start working this year

An additional economic burden in the form of an investment fee in the ports of Russia may be tested in 2019, said the General Director of Rosmorport Andrey Lavrishchev, July 15, according to TASS. The largest amount that is planned to be obtained through the collection is 8.5 billion rubles.

Russian car market faces a shortage of cars

Automakers can reduce their supplies to Russia and create an artificial shortage of cars in the country, Kommersant warns. Cars in Russia continue to rise in price, and discounts and shares do not save the market from falling. Falling demand may force some producers to leave the Russian market. According to the publication, for the first half of 2019, the sales of cars in the country decreased by more than 2%, although at the beginning of the year the automakers expected a moderate growth.

Experts estimate that in July the range of machines on the Russian market fell to the level of the mid-2000s. At the moment, only 48 brands offer for sale 275 models of cars

The Ministry of transport has chosen investors for the port of Taman

The Ministry of transport has selected “Kuzbassrazrezugol” (Crewe) Andrey Bokareva, “metalloinvest” Alisher Usmanov, SUEK Andrey Melnichenko and Railways as investors of the project on construction of dry cargo port of Taman

Mining of gold ore in Kazakhstan for six months increased by 25%

During the reporting period, copper ore production increased by 17%, to 58.9 million tons, gold ore — by 25%, to 11.74 million tons, chromium concentrate — by 5.7%, to 2.486 million tons.

Kazakhstan compensates Tajikistan for water production by electricity

Kazakhstan compensates for the additional water from the Syrdarya river in Tajikistan with electricity, said at a press conference the Minister of energy and water resources of Tajikistan Usmonali Ponsoda

Mail.ru Group has found a partner for the development of eSports business

Internet company Mail.ru the Group agreed to transfer 51% in eSports holding Esforce to the manufacturer of racing computer games Modern Pick, told “Vedomosti” representative Mail.ru Group. Assessment of the share that will make Mail.ru Group, is $56 million, the entire e-sports holding company in a transaction valued at $110 million the United company Modern Pick and Esforce is estimated at $350 million, it Turns out that Mail.ru Group will receive 16% of the Modern Pick.

The offshore oil terminal will be built on Taimyr

The sea terminal in The North Bay will be built on Taimyr, at a distance of 40 km from the village of Dixon. It will be used for shipment and transportation of oil produced during the development of a new oil cluster.

Britain refused to give Assange to the death penalty

British authorities have decided not to expel Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to a country where he will face the death penalty. This was told by Deputy foreign Minister of great Britain, Minister for Europe and America Alan Duncan. In addition, the Minister noted that Britain cares about the health of Assange

Canada wants to postpone the decision on Huawei and 5G

Canada is likely to postpone the decision on whether to allow Chinese Huawei Technologies to supply equipment for 5G networks until the Federal elections, which are scheduled for October. Reuters learned about this from three sources familiar with the situation.

The US will tighten rules for migrants arriving from Mexico

Refugees would be denied asylum if they had not previously applied for asylum in that Latin American Republic or in other countries on their way. This is stated in the document published on the website of official acts of the American government.

In German schools banned Microsoft Office 365

Hesse — a land in Central Germany — has banned the use of Office 365 in local schools. According to the decree of the Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information of the Republic, the use of the web version of the Microsoft package in the standard configuration opens the “us authorities potential access” to the personal data of students and teachers.

In the U.S. Congress urged to declare Trump impeachment

A member of the U.S. Congress, Ilham Omar, representing the Democratic party from Minnesota and is an American of Somali origin accused the President of Donald trump in the violation of human rights and urged to impeach him

China revealed a new stealth drone

In the American journal Military watch reported on the new development of the Chinese defense company Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.

The new development is a stealth drone, which is designed according to the scheme “flying wing”. This he has some similarities with the American b-2 Spirit bomber. At the moment, the development has not yet received a name. The publication notes that the new UAV has folding wings. It was created for use with aircraft carriers. Also, observers pointed to its large size, which suggests that it is able to perform its tasks over long distances.

Pakistan has opened its airspace to civil aviation

Pakistan opened its airspace to civilian aircraft after several months of restrictions due to the conflict with India, the Times of India reports.

The US, Russia and China may conclude a trilateral nuclear agreement

Reuters, citing senior us officials, reports that a trilateral us-Russian-Chinese nuclear Treaty may be considered at talks with Russia in Geneva. The new agreement should limit the use of nuclear weapons.

Russians can offer a new method of payment for garbage collection

The government is considering introducing a new method of calculating the cost of garbage collection for residents: for the number of tanks that will be installed on the container site. This was told by TASS Executive Director of the Russian environmental operator Alexei Makrushin

From Krasnodar opened flights to Beirut

Regular flights to the capital of Lebanon from July 16 began to perform airline “Rusline”. Flights will be carried out once every two weeks every Sunday, reported the Internet portal “Kuban 24” in the press service of the International airport Krasnodar named after Catherine II.

In Regardie said about the right not to introduce myself to examine the contents of citizens ‘ phones

Employees of Regardie are not required to introduce themselves and have the right to ask for a citizen’s phone number. As reported by “Echo of Moscow”, said in response to the press-service of the Ministry on the request of the publication “Provladimir”.

Earlier, the online publication published material about how an employee of the Department, who did not identify himself, demanded a phone from one of the journalists to get acquainted with its contents.

Amsterdam court postponed the decision in the case of Scythian gold

The court of appeal of Amsterdam postponed the verdict in the case of Scythian gold. The corresponding decision was made on Tuesday by the court.

Roskomnadzor ordered Instagram to remove the offending flag image

At the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia Roskomnadzor has made the register of prohibited information page with an image insulting the national flag of Russia, posted on the social network Instagram.

Ukraine has extended a ban on Russian goods

The Ukrainian Cabinet extended the ban on the import of goods from Russia to December 31, 2020. The previous term of restrictions ended on 31 December this year. In may, Ukraine imposed new economic sanctions against Russia

Russia launched into space telescope

Roscosmos reported that the Spectr-RG telescope was delivered to orbit, from where it will fly to its final destination: the Lagrange point L2. Lagrange points are unique places in the Solar system where objects can maintain their position relative to the Sun and planets. The purpose of the telescope is to conduct a full x-ray of the sky by 2025. It will be the first space telescope to perform this task.

The EU canceled the meeting of the Association Council EU — Turkey

The European Union has cancelled the meeting of the EU-Turkey Association Council, as well as suspend any high-level meetings in the framework of the EU-Turkey dialogue in connection with the drilling of Turkey’s shelf off the coast of Cyprus.

In addition, the EU member States have agreed to reduce the amount of assistance to Turkey until the country’s accession to the EU and invites the European investment Bank to reconsider its lending activities in Turkey.

“In light of Turkey’s ongoing and new illegal drilling activities, the Council decides to suspend negotiations on a Comprehensive air transport agreement, not to hold the Association Council and further high-level meetings in the framework of the EU-Turkey dialogue»

The Council for the development of biotechnology was established under the government

The main tasks of the new body include the discussion of problems and practices in the implementation of measures for the development of biotechnology, as well as the preparation, consideration and expert evaluation of proposals in this area. The composition of the Council will be approved by the government. It will be headed by one of the Deputy Prime Ministers.

South Korea received from the United States two fighter-“invisible»

According to sources in the military Department of the Republic of Korea, on July 15 in the afternoon, two f-35A fighters with Board numbers 007 and 008 and signs of belonging to the air force of Kazakhstan arrived at the South Korean air force base in Cheongju.

The Russian military will be forbidden to talk about themselves

The Russian defense Ministry has prepared a project that will update the disciplinary Statute of the Armed forces, as well as prohibit the military to talk about themselves on the Internet and the media. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

The warring parties in Yemen again sat down at the negotiating table

The conflicting parties in Yemen agreed to once again sit down at the negotiating table in order to ensure a ceasefire in the port city of hodeida, al Jazeera reported on July 15. The meeting was held in the Red sea on the UN ship

Latvia reported the approach to the border of five Russian military aircraft

Near the sea border of Latvia over the neutral waters of the Baltic sea patrol aircraft of the Republic identified five Russian aircraft – “two su-27, two Tu-160 and A-50 of the Russian Armed forces.” It is noted that two of them are bombers.

CNN reported on Iran’s capture of the UAE oil tanker

Correspondents of the channel believe that Iranian troops seized the vessel in order to exchange it for the tanker of Iran, which was recently detained by the British marine corps.

Israeli Prime Minister said he is ready to attack Iran

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that today Israel is ready to strike at Iran alone, despite the entire world community.

Freddy Krueger will return to the screens

Restart “Nightmare on elm street” will be a French producer and Director Alexander Azha, known for horror films “On the other side of the door”, “The hills have eyes”, “Mirrors” and “Bloody harvest”.

“Nightmare on elm street” – one of the most traumatic films of my childhood, and I would very much like to explore it, it’s a whole world that can be explored,” – quotes the Director of the edition of Screen Rant.

In 1984, the first version of the film directed by Wes Craven was released. In 2010, a remake of the film was released by Director Samuel Bayer. In addition, several of the films, Freddy Krueger was produced in the period from 1985 to 2003.

The first trailer for king’s man: the Beginning»

The Network has the first trailer for the film “King’s man: the Beginning”, the prequel “Kingsman: the Secret service”, informs the movie Poster. This is the story of the formation of the first independent intelligence Agency.

Abramovich Foundation will support the film adaptation of the novel “Dorm-on-Blood»

Just yesterday in the news there was information that the crew broke the “plate” and began work on the adaptation of the novel by Alexei Ivanov “Dorm-on-Blood”. This film, which takes place in 1984, debuts in the direction of the operator Roman vasyanov.

The new screen version of Doom will be released in October

The authors of the second film adaptation of Doom, which received the subtitle “Annihilation”, announced the exact date of release of the picture — October 1, 2019. The film will pass cinemas and will be released immediately on DVD and Blu-Ray and in digital form.

Boston hosts a Symposium of the International Dostoevsky Society

From 15 to 19 July at Boston University in the United States will be held XVII Symposium of the International Dostoevsky Society. The main theme of the scientific meeting will be the 150th anniversary of the first publication of the novel “Idiot”. This was reported on the official website of the Ministry of culture of Russia.

Leading experts from many countries will share the latest research of the great Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. Among the reports — “Idiot” during the life of Dostoevsky and 150 years later”, “Dostoevsky and information technology (Digital Dostoevsky), “Late Dostoevsky and “the Life of the great sinner”, “Dostoevsky and the West” and many others.

Photo exhibition RTД “Stories worth telling»

In the garden of “Hermitage” will be held a photo exhibition of the documentary channel RTД “Stories worth telling”. The exhibition will be held from July 17 to August 2.

Found an actor for the role of Elvis Presley

It became known that the role of Elvis Presley in the upcoming nameless biopic Base Luhrman went to Austin Butler (“the Dead do not die”). Previously, a shortlist of five contenders for the main role was published, including miles teller, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Harry Stiles and Ansel Elgort.

The Window to Europe festival will be held in Vyborg in early August

The traditional Russian film festival “Window to Europe” will be held in Vyborg for 27 times. From 2 to 8 August 2019, the city will live in the atmosphere of this exciting art form.

Out the trailer for “Ode to joy” with Martin Freeman

The trailer of the romantic Comedy “Ode to joy” by Jason Winer is published in YouTube. The world premiere is scheduled for April 9.

Swedish band Arch Enemy will present the album Will To Power in Moscow

Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy on Monday will give a concert on the stage of the Moscow “Glavklub Green Concert”, said at a press conference in TASS founder and guitarist Michael emott.

Montreux Jazz Festival announced the continuation

The 53rd international jazz festival ended in Montreux, Switzerland. On the last day of the Montreux Jazz Festival, the dates of the next festival were announced. It will be held from 3 to 18 July 2020. This means that the ongoing debate about the need to repair the complex Montreux Music & Convention Center (2m2c), which hosts most of the concerts of the annual Montreux Jazz Festival, will not affect the festival.

Facebook instagram hacker hacked in 10 minutes and got $30 thousand from Facebook

Specialist Laxman Mutiya was able to detect in Instagram annoying vulnerability that allowed him to access any account in the social network for ten minutes. He wrote about it in his blog Zero Hack. Mutya have used imperfect system password recovery. When you change it to the user’s smartphone or e – mail is usually sent a digital code to make sure that the password change is made by him.

Microsoft will close the Remix 3D platform for sharing 3D models

Microsoft announced that January 10, 2020 will close Remix3D.com ahhh! Moreover, already on August 7, 2019, the sending of new three-dimensional models to the site will be blocked — as an alternative for the exchange, the company offers to use OneDrive.

“We recommend that all users who wish to keep their uploaded content, to take action and to download three-dimensional model Remix3D.com to another file storage and sharing platform files as soon as possible, since the service Remix3D.com will be available after January 10. …After website closure Remix3D.com we hope to optimize our offerings in this area and provide you with a more uniform working environment. We appreciate your service support and your patience during this transition process.”

Filter for “aging” returned the FaceApp application into the App Store top

Faceapp has returned to the top places in app Store and Google Play stores in Russia, USA and other countries. It happened after a filter that “sostarivayut” of photos, again began to gain popularity, writes vc.ru.

Sony has introduced a powerful audio system for parties outdoors

Sony introduced five new models of audio systems. They are, according to the company, ideal for playing music in large rooms and outdoors. Of the models provide high sound quality the Omni-directional sound and technologies Jet Bass Booster.

Xiaomi released Redmi Note 7 in new colors

Redmi Note 7 will now be available in Twilight Gold, Fantasy Blue, Bright Black and a light gradient shade. The sale of new color options should appear in the near future. And perhaps with their release, the number of sales of Redmi Note 7 will increase even more

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC learned to open doors

Smart lock MIJIA Smart Door Lock also supports opening by fingerprint, password, Bluetooth gadget and so on. In Russia fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 officially began to be sold last week at the recommended retail price of 2990 rubles, but the version with NFC is not offered.

Xiaomi actively breaks into semiconductors

Xiaomi has acquired approximately 6% of verisilicon Holdings chip manufacturer shares, thus supporting the reorganization of its strategy, in which it sees semiconductors as the center of innovation.

Realme introduced a new low-cost smartphone Realme 3i

The Realme 3i features a 6.22-inch screen with a drop-out cutout for the front camera, which has a resolution of 13 MP with an f/2.0 aperture. The main camera in the smartphone is dual with the main photo sensor at 13 MP (f/1,8) and an auxiliary at 2 MP (f/2,4). Also on the back is a classic fingerprint scanner.

A layer of silicate aerogel can make Mars habitable

40 years ago, scientists thought they could change the atmosphere on Mars and populate this planet, but now the socialists understand that with the current technology to create an atmosphere on Mars as on earth is impossible. Instead, it is proposed to make local climate change.

Dark matter turned out to be easier previously observed

American scientists have found that dark matter was easier than previously recorded indicators. It interacts even less with normal matter. Dark matter occupies 85% of the space of the entire cosmos, but it is difficult to determine.

Artificial intelligence created the first influenza vaccine

According to Business Insider, a team from Flinders University used artificial intelligence SAM, designed to analyze a huge number of molecules. At the first stage, the algorithm was loaded with data on substances that activate the human immune system.

The risk of dementia will decrease if you lead a healthy lifestyle

According to The Guardian, citing a study published in the journal of the American medical Association, people with a genetic predisposition to dementia risk of its occurrence was reduced by 32% in the case of a healthy lifestyle, sports, proper and balanced diet, Smoking cessation and drinking in reasonable measures

Scientists have learned how in the bowels of the Earth appeared “underground ocean»

According to scientists, the migration of lithospheric plates helps to maintain life on Earth, dumping excess heat. Samples of special fossils from South Africa confirm the hypothesis that there is a large amount of moisture in the deep depths of the mantle.

Neural network for two days learned to look for the shortest solution of Rubik’s cube and pyatnashek

In 2010, a group of mathematicians showed that a cube of any configuration can be solved in no more than 20 moves, and a few years ago, Steven Mcalir’s group created a DeepCube machine learning algorithm that learned to solve a Rubik’s cube in an average of 30 moves in 44 hours

Cucumber has inspired scientists at MIT to create artificial muscles

A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) presented its new development — artificial muscles for robots, created in the likeness of cucumber tendrils. According to the latest tests, the material can withstand a weight of 650 times more than the weight of artificial muscles. Engineers explained that they were inspired to create muscles thanks to cucumbers.

As the cucumber grows, it appears curled antennae that are looking for support to pull the plant up. They help the vegetable to get more sunlight and grow to normal size,

Mit experts decided to repeat this mechanism, and created an artificial “mustache”. They imitated a winding and pulling mechanism to create Contracting fibers that could be used as muscles for robots in the future. To create artificial muscles, engineers needed only two polymers with different thermal expansion coefficients. So they will have a different rate of expansion when heated.

Protozoa talk with the help of water

Researchers from Stanford studied the simplest called Spirostomum ambiguum, whose elongated and fairly large (up to 1.3 mm) cells are similar to microscopic worms and as a result of experiments found that the simplest with the help of water flows transmitted signals to each other about the danger. The results of the research are published in Nature.

Female mammals killed other people’s children for status and resources

Researchers have figured out why female mammals quite often kill other people’s cubs, according to Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. Thus, they eliminate competitors for resources or territory, protect their social status or provide their offspring with better care.

The human brain takes petroglyphs for objects

Scientists at the University of Bordeaux found that the human brain perceives the petroglyphs of the Paleolithic for objects. This means that the ancient drawings on the stone Homo habilis (skilled man) used to transmit information

DNA analysis pointed to the mysterious disappearance of human ancestors

The ancestors of modern humans who migrated from Africa to Eurasia interbred with at least five different archaic human groups. These are the data of genetic analysis conducted by employees of the University of Adelaide (Australia).

On sale there was a house on wheels in case of the Apocalypse

On the video hosting YouTube there was a very interesting video, which demonstrated a military camper of very impressive size. User Big Truck Big RV, who published the video reports that the mobile home has a mileage of about 14.5 thousand kilometers, and its price is 349.9 thousand dollars.

Pickup Mercedes X-Class: the project will close

Mercedes-Benz company plans to remove from production the pickup X-Class, which was presented only two years ago. According to sources of Automotive News, Daimler group, which includes Mercedes-Benz, insists on reducing the model range, and the reason is simple – a serious drop in profits.

GAS announced the release of “Sadko-Next»

Issued certification documents mean only one thing – off-road trucks of the new generation “Sadko” will soon appear on the market. The appearance of the new model is different (and significantly) from the “Lawn-Next” . Its carrying capacity – 3 tons – per ton more than its predecessor GAZ-33088 “Sadko»

Supra announced a new concept car

Brand Supra, allocated by Seat in a separate sub-brand, announced a new concept car. On the official YouTube channel, the Spanish automaker published a short video teaser of the upcoming new item.

Crossover Hyundai Creta Sport will go on sale in September

Representatives of the Hyundai brand announced the imminent arrival on the market of the updated crossover Hyundai Creta, which is in high demand around the world. It is also indicated that the name of the car will be the prefix Sport Edition and the first to be able to purchase new items only in the Indian market

In Japan, officially presented the updated Nissan Skyline

The 13th generation model has been produced since 2013, so fans of the car were waiting for a completely new version, but the Japanese manufacturer limited itself to a small change in appearance and the addition of new options.

The updated Skyline will be offered in three versions: a hybrid with a 3.5-liter V6 with a capacity of 306 HP and 350 Nm in conjunction with an electric motor (68 HP and 290 Nm), with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 unit with a capacity of 304 HP and 400 Nm, as well as a top version of 400R with the same 3.0-liter turbo engine, but with a return of 405 HP and 475 Nm.

Sales of the updated Nissan Skyline will start in Japan in September this year. Prices start from 4 274 640 yen, which is approximately 2 482 000 rubles at the current rate.