17 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/16/2020

Sergei Furgal was forbidden to talk about rallies in support of Him

Members of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow were forbidden to tell the arrested Governor of the Khabarovsk territory, Sergei Furgal, about actions in support of him. This was told by a member of the PMC eve Markachev, who had visited him in jail.

“Furgal knows nothing about the actions in Khabarovsk, his TV does not work, we were forbidden to talk about it [about the rallies]. He is satisfied with the conditions, said, friendly staff is here [in jail],” he told Markachev. The Governor of the Khabarovsk territory, Sergei Furgal, was detained on July 9 on suspicion of organizing murders in 2004-2005. He was taken from Khabarovsk to Moscow and arrested for two months.

The state Duma has allowed continuous logging on lake Baikal

Deputies of the state Duma adopted a bill in the third reading, thanks to which, until December 31, 2024, the construction of the Baikal-Amur (BAM) and TRANS-Siberian railway project is removed from a number of environmental restrictions. In particular, continuous logging on lake Baikal will be allowed. About it reports “Interfax”

A hidden form of collective public events

Sergey Smirnov, editor-in-chief of Mediazona, was fined 15,000 rubles for participating in a single picket in support of journalist Ilya Azar, which the court considered to be “a hidden form of collective public event”.

The Chinese foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador to protest

The Chinese foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador to China, Terry Brenstead, to protest against Washington’s sanctions over the national security law in Hong Kong.

“This is a gross interference in China’s internal Affairs and a serious violation of international law and basic norms in international relations,” the Chinese foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Us Treasury Department sanctions against individuals associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin

The restrictions will affect three people: Igor Lavrenkov, Mikhail Potepkin and Andrey Mandel. The last two are connected, according to the American authorities, with the company “M invest”, registered in St. Petersburg and Sudan. Sanctions are also imposed on this company. In addition, the list includes MEROE GOLD CO. LTD (registered in Sudan), as well as three companies from Hong Kong — all of them, according to the us Treasury, are associated with Eugene Prigozhin.

The US accused the PMCs “Wagner” of importing mines to Libya in circumvention of the UN embargo

According to him, the “wagnerians” violated the UN arms embargo on Libya by bringing and installing anti-personnel mines and improvised explosive devices in the country near Tripoli and Sirte. The number of PMC “Wagner” fighters in Libya was estimated by the US at 2 thousand.

Penalty for sites refusing to delete information

Former adviser to the head of Rosgvardiya, and now again a state Duma Deputy Khinshtein introduced a bill on fines of up to 15 million rubles for refusing to remove sites from information deemed unsuitable by Roskomnadzor. Facebook instagram, Twitter, and Twitter are the Most outraged sites in the world.

Which countries have the most satellites in space?

A total of 2,666 satellites are currently flying around the Earth, almost half of them are American (1,308). In second place is China with 356 satellites, 177 international satellites, 167 Russian, 130 British

If you look at the destination, it turns out that more than half of the satellites are commercial! There are 1,440 of them. Somewhere else, there are 436 state satellites, 339 military satellites (192 of them are American!), 318 mixed – use satellites, and 133 civilian satellites flying above us.

Chrysler changed its name to Stellantis

Last December, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group announced a merger that they plan to complete by the end of the first quarter of 2021. In the meantime, the partners have announced the name of the new Alliance — Stellantis.

The standard for school clothing will appear in November

As told to “Izvestia” in the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry plans to approve a preliminary national standard for school uniforms on November 10. It will be relevant for clothing items such as jackets, jackets, sundresses, trousers, and other items of clothing. It is also planned to establish such characteristics of fabrics that children can comfortably wear things made of them all day. The standard will be voluntary, but in public procurement of school uniforms, customers will be able to refer to it, and then manufacturers will be required to follow the rules of the document.

Free land plots in the Arctic will be available to Russians

On behalf of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, Russia has prepared a bill according to which citizens will be able to get free land plots in the Arctic zone of the country up to one hectare in size. This is reported by RIA Novosti. The land will be given out for use for five years. Free plots of up to 1 hectare will be provided to citizens for development, the press service of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East and the Arctic reports.

the Ministry of Finance promised not to withdraw the savings of Russians

Citizens ‘ savings will not be forcibly used to Finance expenditures or budget deficits in Russia, said Deputy Finance Minister Timur Maksimov. According to mister Maksimova, the background of the crisis there has been some speculation on the use of savings of Russians.

China’s GDP in the first half of 2020

China’s GDP for the first six months of 2020 decreased by 1.6% due to the negative impact of the pandemic, and this indicator increased by 1.6% in the second quarter. This was reported on Thursday by the state statistical office (SSO) of the people’s Republic of China. As noted in the report distributed at the press conference, the country’s GDP for the first half of the year was 45.66 trillion yuan (about $6.52 trillion).

Russia’s GDP in the second quarter

The decline in Russia’s GDP in the second quarter of 2020 is estimated by the Central Bank at 9.5-10% in annual terms, according to the Bulletin “what trends say”, which is published on the regulator’s website.

The review of the Bank of Russia’s analytical Department “what trends are saying” is based mainly on June data on the nature of the economic recovery after a sharp decline in April-may, caused by a combination of lockdowns, the OPEC+ deal and a reduction in consumer activity.

Scammers have learned to send SMS VIA Sberbank’s service

Fraudsters have learned to use Sberbank’s services to send SMS messages from the Bank’s official 900 number to confirm the authenticity of the call. We are talking about a service for remote reservation of a current account for individual entrepreneurs, TASS reports.

The Bank of Russia does not plan to carry out ruble denomination

Bank of Russia Chairman Elvira Nabiullina commented on the publication about the possible denomination of the ruble and denied this possibility. According to her, the regulator did not consider any monetary reforms, since everything is in order in the country with both denominations and a number of banknotes.

The Ministry of labor has set a new living wage

The Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation increased the subsistence minimum for the first quarter of 2020 by 2.2% — from 10,609 thousand to 10,843 thousand rubles, follows from the published order of the Ministry.

For the able-bodied population, it is proposed to increase the subsistence minimum to 11,731 thousand rubles, pensioners-8,944 thousand rubles, children-10,721 thousand rubles.

The Russian government has approved a reduction in the period of tax residency

Some citizens were not able to return to Russia for objective reasons – from a business trip, vacation, study or after treatment. To preserve their income tax conditions, it is proposed to grant them the right to be recognized as tax residents of Russia, if they will actually be in Russia for 90 to 182 calendar days inclusive from January 1 to December 31, 2020, the Minister said. In fact we are talking about reducing the period of stay in Russia for granting tax resident status from six months to three months

The Russian Ministry of Finance has announced a new issue of OFZ for individuals

The Ministry of Finance of Russia will start selling Federal loan bonds for individuals (OFZ-n) issue # 53006RMFS in the amount of 15 billion rubles from July 16, the press service of the Department reports. You will be able to purchase bonds at the branches of agent banks: VTB, Sberbank, Promsvyazbank and Pochta Bank. The minimum number of securities available for purchase by one individual is 10, and the maximum is 15,000.

OFZs of the new series will be issued in the amount of 15 million units, the nominal value of one bond will be 1000 rubles. The maturity date of the bonds is August 2, 2023. The interest rate of the first half-year coupon is set at 4.1%, the second-4.4%, the third-4.7%, the fourth-5%, the fifth-5.3%, and the sixth — 5.73% per annum.

Putin announced the recovery of consumer demand in Russia

We can see how consumer demand is recovering today, as in June–July, the volume of purchases of goods and services exceeds the pre-crisis level in February. In my opinion, there is about 4% already-3.8%, ” Putin said.

Earlier, Rosstat reported that retail trade turnover in the Russian Federation in may 2020 fell by 19.2% in comparable prices compared to may last year, in April the turnover decreased by 23.2%. According to the results of the pre-crisis first quarter, retail turnover in Russia increased by 4.4%.

HeadHunter market value

The capitalization of The Headhunter job search service during the secondary placement of shares (SPO) on the NASDAQ stock exchange exceeded $1 billion. The day before, the company announced that it is placing 5 million American Depositary shares (ADS) through the Goldman Sachs structure at a price of $20.25 per paper.

Gazprom’s gas export price in the first quarter

The export price of Gazprom’s gas in the first quarter of 2020 fell to an average of $162.1 per thousand cubic meters from $259.1 a year earlier, according to the company’s presentation. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the export price for gas averaged $198 per thousand cubic meters.

Gas prices will increase in Tatarstan from August 1

In Tatarstan, from August 1, the retail price of natural gas will be 5.89 rubles per 1 cubic meter. the Decision was made at a meeting of the state Committee of the Republic on tariffs. According to the Agency, the increase in gas prices will not exceed 3%.

Russia’s external debt in the corporate sector

As of July 1, 2020, the external debt of the corporate sector of the Russian economy amounted to $17.25 billion. This follows from the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This figure was the largest in the past six years. Experts note that Russian corporations borrow foreign currency at the expense of favorable offers from foreign banks.

China has increased its hydrocarbon production in six months

According to the results of the first half of 2020, China increased oil production by 1.7% to 97.15 million tons, and natural gas by 10.3% to 94 billion cubic meters. This data is provided in the report of the state statistical office, which is referred to by RIA Novosti.

Oil to the US national reserve

More than 21 million barrels of oil were sent to the US state strategic reserve for storage by producers, according to the July 14 published opening speech of the United States Secretary of energy Dan Brouillette to the report in the US Congress.

The British foreign Ministry accused Russia of trying to interfere in the election

Unknown people tried to influence the outcome of the 2019 elections to the British Parliament, said the foreign Minister of the Kingdom Dominic Raab. According to him, for this purpose, attempts were made to influence the mood of voters by publishing illegally obtained government documents on social networks. The Minister separately noted that they were almost certainly undertaken by Russian agents, according to the BBC.

The members of AC/DC release movies dedicated to the album “Back in black”

Members of the Australian rock band AC / DC have launched a series of short documentaries on YouTube dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the album “Back in black”, reports NME. According to the publication, the musicians will tell you how they created this famous record.

ALROSA reduced its half-year production

During the half-year, the company’s production decreased by 22% to 13.7 million carats. Sales in the second quarter, due to the provision of flexible conditions to customers, decreased to 634 thousand carats (361 thousand carats of jewelry diamonds). Half-year sales decreased by 47% to 10.1 million carats.

Putin signed a law on strengthening control over cash transactions

Now, among other measures, control over cash transactions in the amount of 600 thousand rubles and mandatory control of postal transfers from 100 thousand rubles is being strengthened. Law on the official portal of legal information.

Banks in the US refuse to lend to the oil and gas sector

Major American banks do not want to lend to the country’s oil and gas companies, which are experiencing financial problems after a sharp drop in prices for hydrocarbons. Recall that in April, due to the coronavirus and the slowdown in industrial production around the world, the demand for “black gold” decreased”
Russia’s external debt has decreased in six months

As of July 1, 2020, Russia’s external debt totaled $477.2 billion, down from the beginning of the year by $14.2 billion. This assessment is given on July 13 by the press service of the Bank of Russia.

Assets under management of Alfa-Capital

Since the beginning of the year, their assets have increased by 26%. Client assets in trust management increased by 12%. Alfa-Capital firmly holds the leadership in the market of mutual funds, the total assets of which exceeded 95 billion rubles at the end of the half-year.

The level of production in the US showed a record growth rate in July

The level of industrial production in the United States increased during the month at the fastest pace since 1959, the press service of the Federal reserve said on July 15, according to Bloomberg.

Increased the export duty on oil

The duty on oil exports from Russia from August 1 will be increased by $9.1 to $46.9 per ton from $37.8 per ton, effective this month, according to the materials of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Note that the July duty was increased immediately by $29.5 to $37.8 per ton from June’s $8.3 per ton.

Kazakhstan extends ban on gasoline imports

The Ministry of energy of Kazakhstan extended the ban on the import of fuels and lubricants until September 1, 2020, the press service of the Ministry reported. Deliveries are suspended by road, rail and pipeline transport.

The Ministry noted that today in Kazakhstan there is a high level of stocks of petroleum products. Therefore, the receipt of additional volumes from abroad may negatively affect the domestic market.

Trump refused to negotiate a trade agreement with China

According to trump, Washington and Beijing have signed a trade deal. Before the ink was dry, China “infected America with the plague.” By plague, Donald trump meant coronavirus.

So at the moment, I am not interested in negotiating another agreement with China. — Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

China bought corn in the United States

According to Reuters, 765 thousand tons of corn should be delivered to China by August 31, and another 600 thousand tons will be delivered after September 1, 2020. This is a record batch of corn for the last 25 years, which was purchased by China

Google was sued for spying on users

In the court of the American city of San Jose (California) received a lawsuit from the company Boies Schiller Flexner, demanding to call Google Alphabet Inc. to account. The Corporation is once again accused of illegally collecting user data.

The plaintiff claimed that Google monitors its users even when the browser is operating in privacy mode. The Corporation does this to collect information about what advertising messages and news users are interested in. However, this violates the law on confidentiality, which was followed by an appeal to the court. Boies Schiller Flexner added that Google collects data through the Firebase program – it works inside the app, users do not see it.

The EU has launched an investigation into the activities of the German company Wirecard

The European regulator has launched an investigation related to the activities of the German electronic payment operator Wirecard, after an appeal by Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis. This is reported on Thursday by the British newspaper Financial Times.

The Wirecard scandal broke out in mid-June. According to the results of the audit, the accounts are missing €1.9 billion, which was previously indicated in the financial statements as an asset. After that, it became known that the head of the company, Marcus brown, was resigning. The payment operator has not yet officially explained the lack of funds.

The United States announced the end of testing “Gray wolf”

The us military said that on Tuesday, July 14, the last stage of serial tests of a prototype of the latest aircraft projectile took place. We are talking about a cruise missile created by the project with the code name Gray Wolf. According to sources of the Agency “the Drive”, the tests involved a fourth-generation f-16C fighter.

The new development of American weapons manufacturers is a cheaper analog of the high-precision “stealth”missile AGM-158. The grey wolf is also designed to level enemy air defenses.

The US launched a rocket with intelligence satellites

The Minotaur-4 launch vehicle launched from the Wallops space center in Virginia, which is designed to put four reconnaissance satellites into orbit in the interests of the National office of military and space intelligence of the United States, Space Flight Now reports.

Israel offered to send refugees from Africa to Chechnya

The Israeli non-governmental organization Shah-Dag proposed to build rehabilitation centers for temporary accommodation of African refugees in the Russian republics of the North Caucasus, including Chechnya. This is reported by “Grozny-inform”.

Released a trailer for the action Movie project ” Power“

The main roles in the new film by Henry Just and Ariel Shulman will be played by actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx. The film also stars Rodrigo Santoro, Machine gun Kelly, Amy Landecker and Courtney B. Vance.

Facebook to launch YouTube competitor

It became known that the company Facebook is preparing to launch a new platform inside its social network, which will host licensed music videos. Creating such a service is a direct challenge to YouTube, which has long held a leading position in the segment of broadcasting music videos.

Apple has released a new version of iOS 13.6

The American Corporation Apple has released updates to the operating system-iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6. Owners of Apple gadgets can install updates on smartphones and tablets. A week earlier, developers received the iOS 13.6 GM update version

Russell Crowe hopes to appear in the Gladiator sequel

Russell Crowe hopes that he can appear in the sequel to “Gladiator”, for the role in which he received an Oscar. The 56-year-old actor reminded fans that his alter ego, Maximus, was killed, but did not rule out the possibility that he could still return to the much-discussed sequel to the film.

KFC will print nuggets on a 3D printer “almost without the participation of animals”.

3D Bioprinting Solutions will develop “meat of the future”. KFC explained to the magazine “Rise” that the idea arose in response to the growing popularity of healthy Food and traditional meat substitutes. KFC promises to provide 3D nuggets with breading and spices — for the brand’s taste. It is planned to get the finished product for testing in Moscow in the autumn.

“The result of the development will be the world’s first laboratory-created chicken nuggets, which will taste and look as close as possible to the original KFC product, but will be more environmentally friendly in comparison with conventional meat. As part of the project, 3D Bioprinting Solutions will develop a three-dimensional bioprinting technology using chicken cells and vegetable raw materials, which will allow you to reproduce the taste and texture of chicken meat almost without the participation of animals in this process.”

URALCHEM starts after an idle plant Nitrogen

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a case about the contamination of the Kama river near Berezniki. The Prosecutor’s office confirmed that the permissible concentration of chloride ion was exceeded in the river (now it is normal). UPD the Regional Rosprirodnadzor concluded that the alleged source of contamination is the slime accumulator of the Berezniki soda plant, and intends to bring the company to justice.

The Russian authorities were spying on citizens during a pandemic

Throughout the country, authorities tracked the location of citizens using centralized processing of mobile phone geolocation data. At the regional level, the authors of the report estimated that 61 Federal subjects used additional surveillance technologies; 24 of them introduced digital passes in one form or another, and 16 — analog ones in the form of certificates. In 12 regions, a face recognition system was used to identify quarantine violators. Many of the data were stored with the violations that led to their regular leaks.

Data was collected in violation of the law and regularly leaked. Powers to interfere in the private life of citizens were granted to a very wide range of people — “from medical workers and rescuers to taxi drivers, people’s vigilantes and members of Cossack societies.” According to the law, this can only be done by police officers or Rosgvardiya. This is stated in the report of the human rights group “Agora “”surveillance Pandemic”

Courts in Russia have become more likely to consider cases in closed mode

The closing of the Safronov and Furgal trials to the press is part of a General trend. In the whole country, the number of cases considered in closed mode increased by almost a quarter over the past year, according to Open media. If in 2017-2018, the courts made an average of 13,200 decisions to close cases, in 2019, there were already about 16,700 such processes.

Close not only cases of espionage and treason — non-public were the trials of some bribes from the leadership of the TFR (in the “case of Shakro Young”), Ukrainian sailors, defendants in the “Network”case. Even Kolomenskoye activist Vyacheslav Yegorov, who was accused of repeated violations at rallies, was arrested behind closed doors.

In two Russian regions, people were detained for discussing rallies in Khabarovsk

Over the past day, two people were detained in the Krasnodar territory and the Sakhalin region. According to “OVD-info”, one of them discussed the events in Khabarovsk in a WhatsApp chat, the other – was the initiator of the gathering on the same topic.


the Armenian side should not forget that the most modern missile systems in service with the Azerbaijani army make it possible to hit the Metsamor nuclear power plant with high accuracy, which will lead to a great catastrophe for Armenia. This was stated by the head of the press service of the Azerbaijani defense Ministry Vagif Dargyakhli.


Blood Money presented a new composition for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Legendary composer Jesper Kud serves as one of the authors of the soundtrack for the game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Previously, the musician worked with Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed Revelations, which were released many years ago, but for a significant part of the audience, Kuda’s name is strongly associated with the Hitman series.

Today we have the opportunity to get acquainted with a track that Kyud recorded for “Valhalla”. It is called ” Out of the North” (“from the North”) and tries to convey the mysterious and attractive atmosphere of the era, which permeates the entire game.

The Windows 11 operating system will be free of charge

Microsoft is seriously considering making Windows 11 free for everyone. You can install this operating system on tablets, personal computers, laptops, and monoblocks.

The new line of Samsung galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 flagships.

The younger model of Samsung Galaxy S30 will get a 6.911-inch screen, the middle model will be equipped with a display with a diagonal of 7.076 inches, the older one-7.095 inches. Sources also claim that Samsung intends to abandon the use of too expensive single-chip Snapdragon 875 system in favor of the exynos 1000 series SoC. This step will allow you to reduce costs and increase profits from the sale of smartphones, while keeping the price at the same level

Razer introduced the huntsman Mini compact mechanical keyboard

The keyboard case is made of aluminum, there is a proprietary Razer Chroma backlight and a plug-in USB-C cable is added. Razer Huntsman Mini can be purchased for 120 dollars

Lenovo has released a workstation based on a 64-core AMD processor

The ThinkStation P620 in the Tower form factor is able to handle 8K video streaming in real time. AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO with 64 cores Zen 2 has clock speeds up to 4.0 GHz, 128 PCIe 4.0 bandwidth, and support for 8-channel memory.

50-inch 4K TV Redmi went on sale

According to today News Ufa, sales of 50-inch 4K TV Redmi have started in China. The cost of the device is only 270 dollars

This model has a metal body. And the screen takes up 97% of the front panel. This model has 85% coverage of the NTSC color space. The refresh rate is 60 Hz. The TV has a 4-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of flash memory. To ensure smooth content playback, the devices are equipped with MEMC (Motion Estimate Motion Compensation) technology. There are also 4 speakers with a power of 12.5 W with a subwoofer. Dolby Audio and DTS-HD technologies are supported. There is a possibility of voice control. There is a microphone for this purpose.

The JEDEC Committee published the DDR5 memory standard

As stated by the representatives of the Committee, this standard of memory JESD79-5 type DDR514 is the final one. Now the products can be put into mass production. However, more details will be available when the developers present the gadgets created according to the new standard

Snowrunner now has another region located in Russia

The Search & Recover season adds a new snow-covered region located in Russia to Snowrunner. Here, the players have an important task-to find a bomber from the Second world war.

Xiaomi introduced fully wireless headphones in Europe

The new Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic are made in the style of Apple AirPods, they have become a simpler version of the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 model. the Price of the new headphones for Europe is 40 euros

The new product has a 14.2-inch emitter, two microphones with noise reduction and voice control, as well as support for AAC codecs. Interaction with the smartphone is carried out due to the built-in Bluetooth version 5.0. the Battery is designed to work with headphones for 5 hours of operation, the case features allow you to increase the duration of work to 20 hours.

The available Honor 6 and Honor X6 tablets are presented

The Honor Smart Life conference featured the Honor 6 and Honor X6 tablets. Versions of Honor 6 with 3/32 GB of memory cost $ 185, with 4/64 GB – $ 199, with 4/128 GB – $ 242. They are only equipped with a Wi-Fi module and cannot accept mobile data.

Xiaomi introduced the international version of Mi Smart Band 5

Xiaomi has introduced an international version of the new fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5, which was released in China in early June. One of the main differences between the international version and the “local” version is the absence of contactless payments (NFC).

Mozilla has launched its VPN service

Mozilla launched its own VPN service to protect personal information and anonymous Internet access, according to the company’s website on July 15. “Starting today, there is a VPN on the market from a company you trust,” the report says.