18 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/17/2020

Russians arriving from abroad on regular flights will have to fill out a special form on the portal of public services, according to the website of Rospotrebnadzor. All such questionnaires will have to be sent within a day to the territorial body of Rospotrebnadzor at the place where the citizen is sent.

“Russian citizens arriving on regular flights from foreign countries, when registering for a flight on the portal of public services, fill out a special form, within three calendar days upload the results of testing for coronavirus to the specified form, and on Board the aircraft, fill out a questionnaire on the attached form in Russian,” the report says.

About social distances inside the plane

The management of the Emirati airline Emirates considers maintaining a distance in the aircraft to avoid infection with coronavirus, an unrealistic scenario due to a significant increase in the cost of tickets in this scenario.

“All this talk about social distances inside the plane is good, but the economy of the plane is built on filling it, filling seats. Having empty seats is not an option, unless the passenger wants to pay for it. What we want is one thing, but reality is another,” said Boutros Boutros, head of corporate communications at Emirates, at a business conference in Dubai.

Mastercard will convert the debit at the exchange rate on the day of the transaction

The international payment system Mastercard from August 11 when paying for purchases with cards in euros or dollars will convert the debit at the exchange rate on the day of the transaction

Currently, conversion and debiting occur a few days after the purchase — at the exchange rate of the payment system on the date of clearing the transaction. Thus, the client may face a larger charge than expected if the exchange rate has changed during this time.

Representative Trutnev: meetings in Khabarovsk will not affect the court

“People can go out for any reason, and go out, and no one, as you know, does not interfere. But at the same time, if you want to know my opinion, whether the rallies will affect the justice system of the Russian Federation — they will not. No one will cancel the criminal code, ” – thus the presidential Plenipotentiary commented on the rallies held in Khabarovsk in support of the arrested Governor Sergei Furgal.

The Pentagon reported successful tests of a hypersonic missile

A new American hypersonic missile on tests exceeded the speed of sound by 17 times, the Pentagon said. According to the representative of the military Department, it was about it that US President Donald trump spoke in may 2020, calling it a “super-duper missile”(“super-duper missile”).

It is dangerous to fly in Iranian airspace

The European aviation safety Agency (EASA) has issued a warning about the dangers of flying in Iranian airspace. As stated in the document, there is a danger of activation of air defense systems. Pilots are recommended to fly at least 250 (7600 m). CNN reported that the Pentagon has “several” signs that Iran has put its air defense on high alert.

Rosneft has withdrawn a lawsuit against RBC for 43 billion rubles

The company said that this was possible after consulting with the publication. Earlier, the editorial Board of RBC said that it “regrets” that the article “Ryazan PSC received a share in the former Venezuelan project of Rosneft”,” could cause incorrect interpretations”.

“The editorial Board of RBC had no intention to question the fact of the transaction and the legitimacy of the transaction, and after receiving clarifying information, took measures to change the above-mentioned title. RBC confirms its commitment to the basic principles of journalistic ethics and “its intention to provide information to its readers, including Rosneft shareholders, in accordance with editorial principles — reliably and objectively.”

Changed the name and moved to Moscow

Ryazan PSC, which became the direct owner of the Venezuelan assets of Rosneft, changed its name and moved to Moscow, Open media found. Although this company has been owned by a completely different state-owned company since the spring of this year, it has chosen a business center where several Rosneft structures are located as the place of registration in Moscow. She also had a CEO appointed before any deals, who had also worked for the state-owned oil company for several years in a row.

The investigation Committee announced the names of businessmen accused of murder of Sergey Furgala.

The work on solving crimes has never stopped, but it was significantly complicated by the fact that people who may have been aware of what happened, for the most part, were intimidated and refused to give detailed testimony on Furgal and his accomplices,” said Svetlana Petrenko, a representative of the IC of the Russian Federation.

According to the investigation, the murder of entrepreneur Eugene Zor was connected with the proceedings concerning the reinforced concrete plant purchased by the entrepreneur. Zor was killed the day before the court decision was made.

The second victim of Furgal was his partner Oleg Bulatov, who suspected Furgal of involvement in the murder of Zor. Fearing exposure, Furgal organized the murder of Bulatov, according to the investigation.

Later, according to the TFR, Furgal opened a metal receiving point in the Amur region. There, he tried to eliminate a competitor, businessman Alexander Smolsky, by organizing his murder. Grenades were thrown at Smolsky’s garage, but he survived.

The Romanov memorial procession was held in Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, about 10 thousand people passed the Romanov memorial procession. The procession completed the Orthodox festival “Tsar’s days”. The faithful followed the traditional route used to transport the dead members of the Imperial family in 1918. The diocese did not cancel the course, but suggested that participants wear masks and keep a distance, and the temperature was measured for the pilgrims.

Earlier, the TFR announced new details of the murder of the family of Nicholas II. Since the resumption of the criminal case, investigators have appointed 37 examinations. Experiments have confirmed that the remains found in 1979 belong to Nicholas II, his family and his inner circle. At the same time, the investigators refuted the version about the destruction of the bodies with the help of sulfuric acid.

In Baikal, fuel got from a ship that tilted due to the storm.

The case is handled by the Prosecutor’s office. The incident occurred near the island of Olkhon. The volume of leaked fuel is still unknown, experts have already taken water samples.

“In connection with the bottling of petroleum products near the village of Khuzhir, the environmental Prosecutor’s office has organized a check. According to operational information, as a result of the storm, a private vessel moored to the pier in the village of Huzhir, leaned heavily, which led to a leak of fuel into the water.”

RUSAL plant left an entire city without water

At the Achinsk alumina plant, an accident occurred – a gust on the water supply networks. Residents of the city complain about the shutdown of cold water throughout the municipality – now only boiling water flows from their taps. The authorities sent 6 teams of specialists and 10 units of equipment to the plant and promise to eliminate the accident by 17: 00. Fresh water is now delivered only to social institutions

In Tomsk, the Vice-mayor was arrested for a large bribe

Yevgeny Surikov has been in the mayor’s office since 2016. Responsible FOR anti-corruption! And before that, he served 15 years in the police: he led the fight against organized crime, a couple of years-the Ministry of internal Affairs in Tomsk!

Russia delays issuing entry permits for foreign specialists

Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, said there was a delay in issuing entry permits for foreign specialists prepared by the Federal security service and the Ministry of internal Affairs, as well as approvals for the arrival of charters (issued by the Federal air transport Agency). All this carries high risks of disrupting major investment projects, the head of the RSPP points out in his letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Shokhin asked the Prime Minister to instruct the agencies to issue explanations on the procedure for entry of foreign specialists to Russia with the regulation of the timing of all procedures, including sending lists to the FSB, border service and Ministry of internal Affairs and obtaining permission to fly on Charter flights.

In Rostov the chief of the Rostov station on fight against animal diseases is detained

Vladimir Gavrilov, the head of the Rostov animal disease control station, was detained in Rostov. The man is suspected of bribery. Security forces detained Gavrilov on Tuesday, July 14, at his workplace. Searches were conducted at the man’s place of work and residence. On June 15, Vladimir Gavrilov was taken into custody by the decision of the Kirov district court.

The chief veterinary doctor of the city is suspected of extorting money for processing documents from entrepreneurs engaged in the meat trade. Instead, Gavrilov’s subordinates did not check the products.

In Moscow, the head of the anti-drug Department was detained

According to RBC, FSB officers detained the head of the sixth Department of the interior Ministry’s drug control Department, Sergei Dmitriev. The press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported that he received a bribe for stopping the check against one of the Moscow organizations. Now the police officer is on his own recognizance.

“If found guilty, he will be dismissed from the police Department for misconduct that discredits the honor of a police officer and will be punished in accordance with the law, and his managers will be brought to strict disciplinary responsibility.”

Putin at a meeting on the Federal budget for 2021 and 2023

“…taking into account the experience we have gained over the past months, it is very important to allocate additional resources to our long-term strategic plans and national projects, including the development of such basic areas as health, education, infrastructure, and defense capability.”

Scare residents with an epidemic and arrests

According to the telegram channel BAZA, the authorities of Primorye ordered local journalists to scare residents with the epidemic, so that they did not gather for rallies for Furgal. Those who refuse to work on the topic were promised to be fired. And they are already fulfilling their promise: an employee of one of the publications told about the document from the authorities in their social networks, after which the authorities asked her to resign

The terms of reference for journalists were sent out a few days ago — a rally in support of the arrested Governor Sergei Furgal was planned for July 18 in Vladivostok. The document clearly sets tasks for journalists: to frighten residents with an epidemic and arrests, to discredit the organizers. Employees of two local publications confirmed the authenticity of the document to the Database.

On behalf of Putin in Russia began a sudden check of troops

A surprise inspection of the South-Eastern MILITARY district, ZVO, airborne forces and Marines of the Northern and Pacific fleets has begun, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on July 17 during a meeting with the senior staff of the military Department at the National defense management center

In Ufa, the production of helicopter engine assemblies was opened

The new industrial site is focused on the production of units of serial and advanced helicopter engines in the power class up to 5 thousand horsepower-VK-2500, TV3-117, VK-650V, VK-1600V for civil and combat helicopters, including the world’s most popular Mi-8/17 series, mi-28 and Ka-52 shock engines, as well as multi-purpose Ka-226T and Ka-62

The Duma proposes to raise the fine for violation of silence

The maximum fine for breaking the silence in an apartment building can be increased. The state Duma will consider setting the upper limit at 50 thousand rubles. The state Duma will consider the bill on “noisy neighbors” during the autumn session.

To prison for failing to complete homework

Authorities in the state of Michigan are fighting for the release of a 15-year-old schoolgirl sent to prison for failing to complete homework. This was reported by the Detroit Metro Times on Thursday, July 16.

Last year, grace (the girl’s last name is not reported) was charged with assault and theft, while being released on probation. However, in may this year, a judge sent a 15-year-old girl to a complex for juvenile offenders, finding that failure to complete homework during distance learning, introduced at school due to the pandemic, is a violation of the conditions. It is known that the girl suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and it was especially difficult for her to take online classes

A bill on crimes against senior citizens has been submitted to the state Duma

The state Duma proposes to consider crimes against people over 75 years of age as an aggravating circumstance. A draft law has been submitted to the government that provides for appropriate amendments to the criminal code.

RusHydro is looking for investors for construction in the far East

As found out by “Kommersant”, “RusHydro” plans to select investors for the construction of 63 MW of power plants on renewable energy sources (RES) in Yakutia and the Kamchatka territory by the end of the year. The winners of the contests will receive a ten-year tariff for the payback of stations. Experts estimate the total cost of the program at 8 billion rubles. However, large investors in RES are unlikely to be interested in such modest volumes, according to market participants.

The budget deficit of the regions during a pandemic

According to the Federal Treasury, in April—may, revenues fell for more than a third of the regions — 37. At the end of five months (since the beginning of the year), a quarter of the regions had a deficit. In comparison with 2019 and 2018, their number has doubled from 11 to 22. the amount of accumulated deficit has increased more than tenfold, to 147 billion rubles.

Netflix shares fell after the release of the second quarter report

Netflix quotes fell 9.14% to $479.20 after the main trading session ended on July 16. This is evidenced by data from the us exchange NASDAQ. Investors are pessimistic about the release of the streaming service’s second quarter report

Chinese Mars mission rocket delivered to launch pad

According to a press release, the rocket arrived at the Wenchang cosmodrome in late may, where it passed the final stage of preparatory work, including Assembly and pre-launch tests. On the morning of July 17, Changzheng-5 was installed on the launch pad.

In Europe, they started giving away electric cars for free

The authorities of France and Germany increased subsidies for the purchase of electric cars due to the pandemic to stimulate the economic activity of citizens. In Germany, an electric car can be purchased for less than the average cost of communication services or almost free of charge. The state subsidy almost completely covers the rent of the Renault Zoe model. According to dealers, in July, about three thousand people were interested in the service, almost 300 of them signed contracts.

“Invisible” deep-sea fish found off the coast of California

In the Atlantic Gulf of Mexico and Monterey Bay off the California coast of the Pacific ocean, oceanologists found 16 species of deep-sea coal-black fish. The structure of their skin cells reflects only 0.04% of the light falling on it

Tesla will temporarily shut down the main plant in California

The company plans to modernize production and increase capacity. According to the Electrek website, the American company intends to temporarily stop working at its plant in Fremont, California, to install a new conveyor line.

The US will launch a military space station “Shooting star”

Sierra Nevada has received a contract from the United States Department of defense to develop an Autonomous space station based on the shooting Star vehicle (cargo module), according to the American aerospace company.

Three countries have accused Russia of trying to steal data on the vaccine

The UK’s cyber security center said hackers linked to Russia tried to steal data from the US, the United Kingdom and Canada on the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

The state Duma adopted a law on three-day voting in all elections

The state Duma of Russia adopted a draft law in the second reading, which is aimed, among other things, at allowing the relevant election Commission to conduct voting in elections for several days in a row, but no more than three

The trailer for “New mutants” with “Arya stark” was released

In the center of the story – a group of young mutants, forcibly held in a secret research Institute. At some point, the characters are no longer satisfied with the prison regime, and they, realizing their power, decide to escape. Directed and co-written by Josh Boone. Cast: Macy “Arya stark” Williams, Anya Taylor-joy, Antonio Banderas, Alessi Braga, Charlie Heaton, happy Anderson, Henry Zaga, Sarah Bennani . The premiere date is August 28.

A series based on the novel by Aldous Huxley was released

On July 16, the series “brave new world”, based on the dystopian novel of the same name by Aldous Huxley, premiered. According to the creators, the picture does not copy the book, but is only an interpretation of it.

Mercedes-Benz has announced a number of updates for the g-Class SUV

From autumn, restrictions will be lifted on the purchase of the most powerful diesel version of the G 400d, which is equipped with a 3.0-liter “biturbosherka” with a capacity of 330 HP and 700 Nm of torque. The restrictions were due to the fact that such a modification was sold only in a limited version.

Also, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class of the new model year included a widescreen display as standard, which includes two combined screens — one of them is responsible for the dashboard, and the other — for the MBUX media system. In addition, the list of equipment includes a Parking assistant with a rear-view camera and a frameless interior rearview mirror.

Another update for the “Gelendvagen” was the appearance of an additional driving mode — Desert. This mode optimizes all the car’s systems for more efficient movement on the sand. The SUV also got updated trim packages, including the antichromic Night Package. And the color scheme has three new shades: Classic Grey, Deep Green and China Blue, previously available for the classic G-Class.

Rebel builders of the runway at Sheremetyevo.

More than 100 workers have gathered at the construction site since early morning. According to eyewitnesses, the workers are usually demanding to be paid the promised overtime — they are repairing the strip at terminal B. In place now the police duty and Asgardia, but serious clashes were not (even though several people were detained). The management of the construction company went out to the rioters, but the conflict has not yet been extinguished.

About salary arrears in June 2020

According to data on July 1, in total, employers in Russia have overdue 2.2 billion rubles of salary. Almost all of them are due to the lack of their own funds, although there are 8.4 million in Ingushetia that are owed by the regional budget.

The largest debts were accumulated by companies in the Kemerovo region: almost 530 million rubles. 112 million salaries were overdue in the Pskov region (second place), 95 million in Krasnoyarsk. In General, in June, the salary arrears decreased by almost 10%

At Lakhta Center, more than 2,000 workers rebelled. They started a strike.

This is the third day of unrest. Today, migrants shouted, whistled, demanded money, broke down doors, threw stones at the copter from which they were removed.

According to information from our source, it all started because of kovid. The employer sent the builders on vacation for a couple of months: paid them 10,000, fed them and put them in a Dorm. But it seemed to the boys that this was not enough. The press service of Gazprom says that no one delayed their salaries — the rioters demanded bonuses.

All temporarily occupied territories must be returned

The head of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, during a solemn session of the Verkhovna Rada on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on state sovereignty of the country, declared the need to return all temporarily occupied territories.

Today, for the sixth year in a row, we are defending our sovereignty from Russian aggression. We pay a high price for this-the lives of our citizens,” the head of state said, noting that the entire civilized world recognizes Ukraine’s attempts to do everything to achieve the desired and just peace. It is a world where state sovereignty will prevail in reality, and not on paper

The Ukrainian authorities consider some areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions temporarily occupied, which fell out of Kiev’s control after the formation of the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR in 2014, as well as Sevastopol and Crimea

The office of the anti corruption Foundation was searched

The office of the anti-corruption Fund (FBK) was searched, said the organization’s spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh. The search is being conducted at the same time as the interrogation of Alexey Navalny, she said.

Navalny later said on Instagram that the investigation will conduct searches at his place of residence and apartment at the place of residence. The libel case is handled by 15 investigators, the politician added.

On July 17, Navalny was to be questioned by the Investigative Committee in a libel case (part 2 of article 128.1 of the criminal code). Earlier, the politician said that he was elected a measure of restraint in the form of a subscription not to leave. According to the opposition leader, this is done so that he “could not travel to the regions, supporting the “Smart vote”.

There were clashes between the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities in London.

In the center of London, there was a clash between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, when they held actions in the capital’s Kensington district in connection with the military escalation on the border of the two Transcaucasian republics. This is reported by the information and analytical portal VERELQ

“Chinese Uber” will launch in the first city in Russia in August

The Chinese company Didi Chuxing, which owns the taxi aggregator DiDi, is looking for drivers in Kazan through an intermediary. The service may launch in Russia as early as August

Moscow has started spending money on landscaping again

The Moscow city hall signs contracts for the improvement of the capital — since the beginning of may, city structures have distributed contracts for the improvement and repair of roads for at least 56 billion rubles, Open media calculated, having studied the data of the public procurement portal.

VK will recognize obscene gestures in the video clip service.

“VKontakte trains algorithms to recognize obscene gestures in Clips. Testing takes place as part of an experiment: the platform team assumes that this solution will make viewing videos more comfortable for the audience, and also help not to face negativity.”

Now the service allows you to create videos up to a minute long and manage them with ten gestures. You can use gestures to start recording, stop it, start or stop watching videos, or enable various effects or interactivity with viewers.

Kadyrov obliged state employees to subscribe to the TV channel “Grozny” in social networks.

“I don’t understand if a person has a page on Instagram, how can they not subscribe to the channel of chgtrk “Grozny”. All the information is there. A civil servant, an employee who is not interested in the situation in his homeland — what decisions are being made, improvements and changes are taking place, what speeches are being made — he is not an employee. If he doesn’t care about it, he can’t be called an employee, much less a comrade on our path. If he is in social networks and does not subscribe to the channel “Grozny” in YouTube, Vkontakte, and other social networks, then this is a dangerous person for us, “the head of Chechnya said.

Area of forest fires since the beginning of the fire season

The area of forest fires since the beginning of the fire season in Russia this year is 21% less than last year. Currently, there is no threat to localities and economic objects, the press service of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Victoria Abramchenko reports.

“In 2020, the average area covered by fire per day is one and a half times less than the average for the past 10 years. This means that the forest fire forces manage to eliminate fires,” the Deputy Prime Minister is quoted as saying during a working trip to the Arkhangelsk region. The government has also allocated an additional 2.6 billion rubles for air patrol and forest fire fighting to prevent the threat of fire spread.

The cast of the relaunch of the movie home Alone is named

According to the Comicbook portal, Kenan Thompson, ally Mackie and Chris Parnell joined the cast. The main role in the film will be played by Archie Yates, who is known for the film “Jojo Rabbit”. It is known that Aisling B, Timothy Simons, Pete Holmes and Mikey Day will also appear in the relaunch. The film is directed by Dan Mazer, who previously directed the film “grandfather of easy behavior”. The release date of the film is unknown..

Paul McCartney records new mini-album with Ringo Starr

Two members of the legendary four together prepared a new version of the song “A Beautiful Night” by McCartney, which will be released simultaneously with the reissue of his album “Flaming Pie” in 1997. Thanks to Starr, there will also be a music video for “A Beautiful Night” and a new mini-album with this track.

The world’s thinnest optical mirror has been created

A team of German physicists was able to produce the thinnest and lightest mirror on the planet, which is impossible to see without special devices. The thickness of this mirror is noticeably less than that of a human hair, but you can still see your reflection in it.

The trailer for the final season of the Scandinavian Netflix series “Rain” has been released

The plot of the series “Rain” is set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which due to a terrible virus, ordinary rain becomes deadly. The main characters are a brother and sister who go in search of their father. The series starred Alba August, Lucas Tennesen, Mikkel boe Felsher and other actors. The premiere is announced for August 6.

Microsoft refused to produce the Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles

The company intends to free up production capacity for the release of the new Xbox Series x console. for Some time, the Xbox One S models will produce peripheral productions, so consumers will still have a chance to buy a set-top box.

Xiaomi has introduced a compact set-top box

Xiaomi has shown a new set-top box model Mi TV Stick. The main advantages of the device are low price and compact size. According to the manufacturer, the retail price of the Mi TV Stick will be 40 euros.

Lenovo announced gaming laptops

Lenovo officially introduced several gaming laptops with AMD Ryzen 4000 processors. The company announced a new 17-inch model of the Legion 5 and 15.6-inch laptop IdeaPad Gaming 3. Despite the fact that the two laptops are announced together, the release dates will be different in the sense that the IdeaPad Gaming 3 will go on sale at the end of July, and the Legion 5 will only be available for purchase in September.

At the University of Washington created video cameras for insects

The University of Washington has introduced miniature video cameras that can be easily mounted on the back of an ordinary live beetle. The weight of the gadget is only 0.248 grams, so the insect can easily cope with its transfer. In this case, the operator who monitors the image receives a signal via Bluetooth.

Apple Glass glasses will be able to control your eyes

According to rumors, Apple Glass will get a lot of interesting and completely new features. One of them, according to a new report, will be the ability to control glasses with the eyes. Today, the network has a patent describing the principle of operation of this technology

Instagram has developed a new feature to simplify online shopping

Instagram Facebook, an American social network, has developed a new feature for its app that significantly facilitates the process of making purchases on the Internet. The new service is called Instagram Shop.

Google caught cheating with search results

Users and experts have accused Google of fraud with search results, which are more focused on advertising than on independent content. Similar precedents have been noted on the YouTube platform.

Australian scientists are closer to creating organic supercomputers

Experts from the Australian National University have identified the properties of an organic flexible semiconductor that can be used to create powerful fast-decomposing computers. The composition of the new semiconductor includes carbon and hydrogen, due to which devices made of it can be biologically decomposed and easily processed. Instead of electricity, the new devices will be able to use photons of light.

Nissan introduced the smallest crossover

The car is built on the upgraded CMF-A platform and in the model range will stand a step lower than the Juke. At the same time, the Magnite will be the smallest SUV in the line of the Japanese brand.

Light and nanoparticles against cancer

Xuequan Zhou, a student at the Leiden Institute of chemistry, has developed a promising new molecule that effectively kills cancer cells but does not harm healthy tissues. Trick: the drug is active only when irradiated with light. The new Zhou compound does this more effectively by deftly self-organizing into nanoparticles. The study made the cover of the journal of the American chemical society.

New solar panels that respond to light intensity have been developed

The new solution is based on a dye that changes color when exposed to light, says the journal Nature Energy. Back in 2014, researchers developed organic dyes for use in solar cells (DSSC) with Solaronix.