20 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/19/2019

Personal data of Russians will be allowed to use without their knowledge

Russia plans to allow the use of information about citizens without their consent. Deputy speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak submitted amendments to the law “On personal data” to the government.

The document, which was read by “Izvestia”, has already received a positive response from the Cabinet, said the representative of Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. The amendments say that the owner of the data will be obliged to depersonalize them so as to disclose the person did not help any additional information.

Under the information that can be anonymized, means data on the location of the person, his gender, age, as well as the average cell phone bill (ARPU), said “Izvestia” head of the legal Committee of the Association of big data market participants Nikita Danilov.

Russian special services will be able to cancel the departure of any international flights

Airlines will be obliged to provide detailed information about each international flight and its passengers no later than half an hour before departure. In the event of a threat to the security of the country Rosaviatsia at the request of the FSB will have to cancel the suspected intelligence flight abroad.

The new head of the European Commission urged to maintain sanctions against Russia

The new head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said “hostile attitude on the part of Russia” and the need from a position of force to maintain anti-Russian sanctions of the West.

“For a long time we have been witnessing a hostile attitude on the part of Russia, which extends from the infringement of international law, such as the annexation of Crimea, to an attempt to divide Europe as much as possible,” said von der Leyen

Instagram began to hide the number of likes under posts in seven countries

Social network Instagram began to hide the number of likes under user publications in Australia, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand and Japan, according to TechCrunch. Now they see only the author of the post, but not his subscribers

Total loss of Russian airlines in the first quarter of 2019

The total loss of Russian airlines in the first quarter of 2019 amounted to a record 45.3 billion rubles. (for comparison, the total loss for the entire 2018 year — about 50 billion rubles.). The average cost of fuel was 43.26 thousand rubles per ton, which is 12.3% higher than the price for the same period in 2018, according to the report of the Association of air transport operators. The Finance Ministry is working on the issue of creating a mechanism to curb the growth of air ticket prices and compensation payments to airlines.

The cost of creating a yacht Marina in Sevastopol has almost doubled

The cost of establishing a yacht Marina in Sevastopol in less than a year increased almost two times — from RUB 3.8 bn to RUB 7.2 billion to Build the Marina in Balaklava Bay of Sevastopol in 2016 ordered by President Vladimir Putin.

What the world will look like in 2100.

North America currently has the highest average age among all regions of the world, although Latin America is projected to become older than all regions, reaching an average age of 49, a jump from 20th century trends

In Russia offered to equip shopping centers with fire-resistant walls

All objects with mass stay of people, including shopping centers, are planned to be equipped with fire-resistant walls, and the signals of fire occurrence are duplicated in the fire protection units. The draft law is published on the Federal portal of draft normative legal acts.

“Add part 1 of article 2 with the subparagraph 51 of the following contents: the screen wall – the self-supporting construction design or filling of an aperture in a construction design with the normalized limit of fire resistance intended for prevention of distribution of the fire”, – it is told in the text of the document.

The court demanded to remove the test about corruption on the website “Snob»

The Kirovsky district court of Tomsk demanded from Roskomnadzor to limit access to the test about officials-bribe takers, which is posted on the website of “Snob”. About it writes the edition.

The court found the information in the test prohibited, because “for the actions” specified in it, provides for administrative and criminal liability. The court considers that the dissemination of this information has a negative impact on the morality of citizens and violates their constitutional rights.

The test was published in 2017. It is an instruction for a novice official on how to take and give bribes. According to “Snob”, in 2016 the budget of Russia lost 19 billion rubles due to bribes ― this was the reason for the publication.

In the Kuban tourists began to be fined for non-payment of the resort fee

Returning from vacation in the Krasnodar region, tourists began to receive notifications of a fine of five thousand rubles for unpaid resort fee, told Interfax on Thursday in the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR). Tourists do not pay the fee for various reasons.

Sometimes children disappear: the New trailer for ” Dark beginnings»

The plot of the first book of the trilogy “the Dark beginnings” titled “Northern lights”, the orphan Lyra Belaqua (Daphne kin), living in Oxford, discovers that her uncle, the powerful Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), found a mystical Dust, and intends to study it.

Public transport does not attract Russian citizens

The attractiveness of public transport has decreased over the past year. For example, route taxis were used by 2.3% of Russians less, and trams — by 6.85%. The popularity of water transport also decreased by 24%. At the same time, interest in car sharing increased, the market for this service only in Moscow grew four times in 2018 compared to 2017, according to the annual report of the Ministry of transport. The document is at the disposal of the Federal news Agency.

“The decrease in the mobility of the population in terms of road transport was caused by the switching of passenger traffic to personal transport, taxi services and car sharing,” the report said.

More than 80% of Russian roads meet the standard

More than 80% of Federal highways currently meet the standards. This is evidenced by the data of the final report of the Ministry of transport

Experts believe that the figures may be overstated. The real share is probably around 65%, no more, I’m sure a member of the regional headquarters of the popular front, Armen Oganesyan.

“Yes, the state of roads in Russia has recently changed in a positive way, but changes are not enough, it is necessary to apply international practices, we are far behind the world level,” the expert added.

The Ministry of health of Russia commented on the situation with unregistered drug “, Frisium»

The press service of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation explained the rights of Russians to import unregistered medicines from abroad. According to the representative of the Ministry, it is allowed to import such drugs if they were prescribed to the patient. The same applies to drugs included in the list of psychotropic substances with limited circulation.

Accordingly, for the import of such drugs, it is necessary to have medical documents confirming the fact of medical prescription of drugs to an individual, RBC reports with reference to the Ministry of health.

Putin instructed the government to find housing for the poor

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian government until October 10 to develop mechanisms to provide housing for citizens with low incomes, on the terms of its preservation in public ownership, according to the Kremlin website. We are talking about providing low-income citizens of property without transfer of its property.

Salaries of half of Russians were below 35 thousand rubles

Half of Russians working at large and medium-sized enterprises receive less than 34,335 rubles per month. This was the median value of wages in April 2019, according to a study by Rosstat

The possibility of citizens to change the NPF proposed to radically limit

One of the pension lobbyists proposed to radically limit the early transitions of citizens in order to protect the rights of customers. In the Memorandum proposed by him, the conclusion of a contract with a non-state pension Fund (NPF) is possible only on a personal visit to the Central office of such NPF. At the same time, most of the largest funds are concentrated in Moscow, which means that only residents of the capital region will be able to change the NPF. This does not protect, but limits the rights of clients of private foundations, experts say.

The state Duma adopted in the second reading the bill on card payments

The state Duma approved in the second reading amendments to the law “On the national payment system”, giving the Central Bank the right to introduce maximum fees for acquiring. In addition, the regulator will be able to fine processing centers for suspension or termination of transactions. The ban also applies to Russian subsidiaries of international payment systems (IPS).

James Herald to lead EVRAZ North America

Just before coming to EVRAZ, James Herald was CEO of service company AXIP Energy. Conrad Winkler, who headed EVRAZ North America since July 2013, decided to continue his career outside the company

ALROSA increased diamond production by 10% in the first half of the year

“ALROSA” in the first half of 2019 increased diamond production by 10% compared to the same period last year — to 17,558 million carats, follows from the company’s message

Total Chinese debt exceeded 300% of GDP

China’s total debt in the first quarter of this year reached 304% of GDP, an increase of 7 percentage points for the year. It is reported by the South China Morning Post, citing data from the Institute of international Finance.

In absolute terms, the debt exceeded $40 trillion, which is about 15% of the global debt. The debt of Chinese citizens is estimated at 54% of GDP, which is 4.3 percentage points higher than a year ago. Public debt is 51% of GDP (47.4%), financial sector debt is 43% of GDP (41.3%). Only the non-financial sector experienced a slowdown in debt growth. Here, the debt decreased from 158.3% to 155.6% of GDP.

The Russian government is preparing to lend from the Fund of the Russian export

The government at its meeting approved amendments to the draft law, which has been in the state Duma since the beginning of 2019 — they will allow in the future to spend the income of the national welfare Fund (NWF) on the provision of export credits. According to calculations the web.Of the Russian Federation, which consults the government, the balance of available funds of the NWF in 2020 at current prices for oil will exceed 8.9% of the GDP. In 2021, we can talk about spending 1.5–2 trillion rubles, which will strengthen the ruble by more than 10% and increase GDP growth by 1 p. p. the Effect of export credit, according to VEB.RF, will be stronger and shorter.

In the U.S. Congress introduced a draft on new sanctions against Russia

A group of congressmen from the Republican and Democratic parties of the United States submitted to the house of representatives a bill providing for sanctions against employees of the “Russian security service” because of the detention of Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait.

Poland called inappropriate Putin’s presence on the anniversary of the Second world war

Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Jacek Sasin confirmed that the Polish leadership has not invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to events related to the 80th anniversary of the Second world war.

“It would be inappropriate to celebrate the anniversary of the armed aggression against Poland with the participation of the leader, who today acts in this way in relation to a neighbor,” – said Sasin in the Studio portal “Virtual Poland”.

In India called the conditions of purchase of the su-57

Chief air Marshal of the Indian air force Birender Singh Dhanoa in an interview with the newspaper of the Russian armed forces “Red star” spoke about the conditions of purchase of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57. He noted that India will be ready to consider the su-57 for acquisition after seeing a new fighter in the case.

“If you mean the fifth generation aircraft, the issue has not yet been considered. When it is already put into service to you — only then we will be able to make a decision for themselves,” – said the Marshal.

India is looking for a replacement for Russian weapons from Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to India is being actively worked out in Israel. This was confirmed News.ru two Israeli sources familiar with the preparation process. One of the topics for discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi will be military-technical cooperation (PTS). New Delhi plans to replace Russian air-to-air missiles with Israeli ones: during the last battles in Kashmir, the goods from Russia did not justify themselves, the Indians say.

Denmark gave the first permission to lay the gas pipeline Baltic Pipe

Denmark gave the first permission for the construction of the Norwegian gas pipeline Baltic Pipe to Poland. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the Danish Agency for environmental protection.

Tajik authorities told about large reserves of oil and gas

In 20 fields of Tajikistan at a depth of 3-5 thousand meters there are large reserves of oil and gas. In General, the country’s oil volume is more than 2 million tons, and gas — more than 3 billion cubic meters.

In Tyumen did not find the builders of the house for the police

In Tyumen could not find a contractor for the construction of an apartment building for police officers. The auction was declared invalid. According to the materials posted on the website of public procurement, two applications were submitted to the auction. According to the decision of the auction Committee, the second part of the applications and documents of both companies were found to be non-compliant. In particular, there are claims to “the experience associated with the subject of the contract, and business reputation.” In this regard, the electronic auction was declared invalid. The date of the new auction is unknown.

Putin signed the law on small and medium-sized businesses created by organizations of disabled people

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be recognized as organizations created by public associations of persons with disabilities, whose authorized capital consists entirely of contributions from such organizations. The average number of persons with disabilities in such organizations in relation to other employees should be at least 50%, and the share of wages of persons with disabilities in the wage Fund should be at least 25%.

The Ministry of health of Russia abandoned the goal to reduce the number of smokers by 2035

Earlier in the concept of the Department for combating Smoking, it was said about reducing the number of Smoking Russians to 5% by 2035, and now this figure is 21%. According to Rosstat, now in the country smokers are 22.5% of citizens.

Pensioners of the Sverdlovsk region will raise the subsistence minimum

The Sverdlovsk legislative Assembly is preparing to discuss and adopt draft laws related to the formation of the budget for 2020. This includes the establishment of a subsistence minimum for pensioners. According to Facebook Deputy of the legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region Vyacheslav Wegner, the government of the region offers elderly 9173 rubles. This amount is more than that voiced by Sverdlovsk In may (9064 rubles), 109 rubles

Gas for Ukraine fell by 9%

In may, the average price of imported gas was $215.19 per thousand cubic meters. Earlier, Naftogaz of Ukraine calculated the new July gas price for the population and thermal power companies at the level of 4905.67 UAH per thousand cubic meters without VAT and transportation costs for trunk and distribution pipelines.

Astrakhans refuel with gasoline in Kazakhstan

Information portal sm-news.ru I calculated what makes up the cost of gasoline in Russia. According to his calculations, the cost of a liter of AI-92 is only 12 rubles at an average price of 43 rubles. All that is above is the profit of sellers (about 10%), excise taxes (21.34 % of the cost of fuel), VAT (20% recently) and mineral extraction tax (23.2%).

At the same time, a liter of Russian gasoline sold in Kazakhstan costs 145 TNG, which is equivalent to 24, 16 rubles. That is why, our colleagues write, the citizens of Astrakhan like to refuel in a friendly Republic

“Rosneft” wanted to make due to the budget

Last Tuesday at a meeting in the Ministry of energy together with representatives of the Winks authorized Sechina Vice President Karimov on behalf of Rosneft proposed to take over the monopoly oil trade with excess of organochlorine from the port of Ust-Luga, writes TLG-channel “Raw needle»

Assuming that the discount to the market will be compensated by Transneft. Since this oil is supposed to be sent to the plants of Rosneft itself in Europe, where it will be perfectly processed after compounding. Sechin will receive an additional overdraft –both from Transneft in the form of compensation and from customs in the form of an unpaid duty, since the price of oil will obviously be lower. And all this money of the Russian budget.

In Vilnius detained the defendant in the case of pollution “Friendship»

Former Director General “Smartasset-terminal” Roman Ruzicka detained in Lithuania. He is one of the defendants in the case of contamination of the pipeline “Friendship”. This was reported by a source in law enforcement

A U.S. Navy ship shot down an Iranian drone

The us Navy ship was shot down by an Iranian drone approaching it in the Strait of Hormuz, President Donald trump told reporters. His statement is transmitted to Reuters. According to him, the drone was at a distance of less than 1 km from the American ship.

There was the first trailer for the movie “Jay and silent Bob: Reboot»

On the Internet published the first trailer of Kevin Smith’s film “Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot”, writes “Kinoafisha”. For the first time friends Jay and Silent Bob appeared in the movie “Clerks”, filmed by Smith. He also played the role of Bob in the tape.

Shell has not found oil and gas on the black sea shelf of Bulgaria

Exploration drilling in the Silistar block on the Bulgarian black sea shelf, which is carried out by an international consortium led by the British-Dutch company Shell, did not show results applicable for commercial purposes. It is reported by the Bulgarian newspaper “Diary”.

The plant “Siberian gourmet” in Novosibirsk conducted searches

At the plant “Siberian Gourmet”, located in the village of Krasny Vostok in the Novosibirsk region, investigators and security officers work in masks, writes NGS with reference to the words of eyewitnesses.

Zarif suggested that the U.S. decision to lift the sanctions against Iran

Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif proposed that the US sign a Protocol that provides for expanded inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities in response to the lifting of Washington’s sanctions.

“If trump wants more for more, we can ratify the Additional Protocol, and he can lift the sanctions he imposed,” the Guardian quoted Zarif as saying.

“Lift the sanctions and you will have an Additional Protocol before 2023,” the Iranian foreign Minister added.

Out the trailer for “top gun 2” Tom cruise

In the Internet appeared the trailer of the sequel of the movie “top gun” (Top Gun) with Tom cruise in the lead role. The video shows a fighter that takes place on a low-flying flight over the desert, and then makes a sharp jerk up.

Ukraine wants to buy from Poland decommissioned missile boats

Ukraine is considering the possibility of buying more missile boats Metalowiec ORP and ORP Rolnik project 1241РЭ were transferred from Poland in late 2013.

Russia has declared its readiness to supply su-35 fighters to Turkey

Su-35 fighters can be delivered to Turkey, reports TASS with reference to the head of rostec Sergei Chemezov. According to the politician, Russia is ready to work out the supply of fighter jets to Turkey, if the authorities of this country so wish.

The White House has already said that Turkey’s acquisition of Russian SAMS will not allow the country to participate in the development of new American f-35 fighters.

Tripoli airport resumed work after a rocket attack

The international airport of Mitiga in the Libyan capital Tripoli was urgently closed due to rocket fire. The air force of the Libyan national army fired at a suspicious aircraft at a military base near the air Harbor. As a result of shelling no one was hurt.

Ukraine has introduced special duties on Russian diesel fuel

The government of Ukraine has introduced special duties on Russian fuel. On July 18, said the representative of the Ukrainian President in the Cabinet Andrei Gerus, RIA Novosti reported. According to him, this decision concerns diesel fuel, which comes through gas pipelines, as well as liquefied gas

For the protection of Kaliningrad have formed a new helicopter regiment

In Kaliningrad, a new helicopter regiment was formed, which included marine anti-submarine and rescue helicopters Ka-27 and transport-strike Mi-8 and Mi-24.

Sweden strengthens the defense of the island of Gotland

Gotland, the largest Swedish island in the Baltic sea, is strengthened by radar and anti-aircraft batteries BAMSE, as the authorities are afraid of Russian paratroopers, writes the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

The European Parliament again demanded from Russia to release Ukrainian sailors

The European Parliament demanded the release of Ukrainian sailors and “peaceful demonstrators” from Russia, according to the resolution of July 18 on the official website of the European Parliament.

HRC proposed to allow for the elections to the Moscow city Duma all collected signatures

The permanent Commission on electoral rights of the presidential Council for civil society development and human rights (HRC) called for the registration of all candidates for deputies of the Moscow city Duma, who passed the required number of signatures. This was reported on the website of the HRC.

The network has a trailer for the movie version of the musical “Cats»

Published the first trailer for the film version of the Broadway musical “Cats”, writes film.ru ahhh! The film will play the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, and the Director made the film “the King says” Tom Hooper. The main roles in the film played Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen and Judy Dench.

Ed Sheeran’s first Russian concert will be held in Moscow

Exactly a week before the Moscow concert was presented a collection of duets 28-year-old Briton with other popular artists No.6 Collaborations Project. While Russian fans are preparing for the first meeting with the idol, at the entrance to Gorky Park is a five-meter figure of the singer.

In Chelyabinsk will host a film festival “Premonition»

In Chelyabinsk began preparations for the second international film festival “Premonition”, which will be held from 5 to 12 September this year. This year the festival will present four venues, but which are still unknown. Revealed only one location of the festival, the cinema “Banner”.
It became known when the “Irishman” Martin Scorsese

The film tells the story of Frank Sheeran, nicknamed “the Irishman”, who was accused of killing 25 gangsters, including Jimmy Hoffa. It is known that the plot will develop in two time intervals.

Iggy Pop announced the release of a new album

Iggy Pop announced the release date of the new album Free and published a small fragment of it, according to France Info. The album will be released via Loma Vista/Caroline International on September 6. This is the first release of the musician after the 2016 Post Pop Depression.

Released a new trailer for the movie “To the stars” with brad pitt

The company 20th Century Fox has released another trailer for the film. The plot at first glance is not unique. Research engineer Roy McBride performed charismatic Brad pitt travels the Galaxy in search of his father Clifford McBride, whose image embodied Tommy Lee Jones.

In San Diego opened the festival Comic-Con

In fact, it is an exhibition of comics and everything connected with them. But, over the past decade, the imagination of fans and organizers played out so much that turned Comic-Con into a show. Viewers sew themselves costumes, repeating in detail the images of comic book characters, and wear them all the days that the festival lasts. So now in San Diego you can meet pokemon in human growth and more than a dozen superheroes.

Import substitution in the it market of Russia

In the state Duma introduced a bill requiring installation on smartphones, computers and televisions with the Smart TV apps, oriented on the Russian audience. The document is placed in the system of ensuring legislative activity.

“The bill provides Russian companies with legal mechanisms to promote their programs and services in the field of information technology for Russian users»

According to the bill, a fine of 30 thousand — 50 thousand rubles for officials and 50 thousand — 200 thousand rubles for legal entities will be imposed for the sale of gadgets without pre-installed applications.

Deputies Sergey Zhigarev, Vladimir Gutenev, Oleg Nikolaev, Alexander Yushchenko became authors of the bill.

Group TattooIN released a new clip-cartoon to the song “Ghost

The band TattooIN released a new video cartoon for the song “Ghost”, recorded together with Maria Makarova. “Ghost” was painted by the cartoonist Kol Belov. The preliminary version of the cartoon immediately made a strong impression on me, – says the leader of the group Roman Kuzmin

Google has tripled the payout for Chrome vulnerability

In 2010, Google launched a reward program for vulnerabilities found in Chrome. Nine years later, the Internet giant decided to increase the amount of payments by 2-3 times. About the nuances that affect the amount of payments, you can read the rules of Google. Nevertheless, the new rewards look much more attractive. Judge for yourself: for the minimum report the amount of payment increased from $5,000 to $15,000. And for a full report — from $15 000 to $30 000.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro will get the “Matrix” camera and the “Cine-Lens” function»

Huawei reports four main cameras for the Mate 30 Pro. One of them will record video of cinematic quality. Having a matrix camera with a movie lens most likely means that the Mate 30 Pro will have the ability to shoot high quality video.

The developers of push-button phones Xiaomi has created a touchscreen smartphone

The company Duoqin, part of the ecosystem of Xiaomi and releasing the push-button phones of the family of Qin, unveiled its first touchscreen smartphone – Qin 2. The price of new items in China is about 4600 rubles.

The network has the first pictures of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The network has the first pictures of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. While the developers do not call the official release date of new items, but experts are confident that the device will be presented in the near future. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet has a 10.5-inch high resolution display

Volvo Group has an agreement with Samsung SDI

The companies announced a strategic partnership to develop battery packs for electric vehicles. Volvo Group decided to accelerate the pace of technology development for commercial use of electric trucks and entered into a partnership with Samsung SDI.

The day of the release of the very strange mouse Apple

On June 19, 2000, Apple demonstrated an unusual computer mouse, Apple Pro Mouse. In it instead of a typical ball had an optical sensor to track movements (then it was still a novelty). In addition, the mouse had no buttons — none. The manipulator was supplied with the computer Power Mac G4 Cube.

Huawei will continue to use Android OS for smartphones

Huawei Hongmeng operating system is not designed for smartphones, the company intends to continue to use Android, said senior Vice President, Board member of Huawei Technologies Chen Lifan.

“Hongmeng operating system is not designed for smartphones, so the company intends to continue to use the Android OS”, – quotes Xinhua news Agency Chen Lifan

She explained that Hongmeng, a brand recently registered, was designed for industrial use and had been developed long before there was any discussion about finding an alternative to Android.

Funky decoration blocks face recognition

Designer Eva Novak has created a strange looking piece of jewelry that is able to counteract the facial recognition system. It consists of two copper circles descending from the cheekbones and a long copper strip running up the forehead. There is a similar decoration in the form of glasses. The designer sees his work as a work of art, not a mass product. This is not the first attempt to bypass facial recognition.

Satechi Aluminum USB-C Multiport Pro Adapter works only with Apple devices

Satechi is known for its hubs and adapters, which are focused on Apple technology. However, they can often be used without problems with a PC running Windows. The Aluminum USB-C Multiport Pro Adapter is an exception.

Google removed 7 spyware apps from Google Play

Most likely, the applications were developed by a Russian developer. All applications were subsequently removed by Google, before deleting a total of app has been installed more than 130,000 times. Two apps, Spy Tracker and SMS Tracker, have been installed more than 50,000 times each.

Microsoft invests in partner ecosystem development

Microsoft has announced new investments in technology and programs to support its partner ecosystem. They are designed to optimize the interaction of partners with the company in the era of cloud computing.

Liquid drops of permanent magnet were made from nanoparticles

Physicists have come up with how to combine the properties of solid permanent magnets (ferromagnets) and the suspension of magnetic particles in a liquid, which is generally paramagnetic. To do this, scientists have placed ferromagnetic nanoparticles on the surface of water droplets surrounded by oil.

Asian tiger mosquitoes nearly wiped out in China with the help of radiation

Chinese scientists, together with colleagues from other countries, managed to reduce the population of Asian tiger mosquitoes on the two Islands by 94 percent. To achieve this result was applied to infected males of bacteria Wolbachia, in connection with what has become impossible female reproduction.

Neuroscientists have figured out how previous experience distorts perception

Scientists have long known that perception depends on our expectations. The process of combining previous knowledge with new data is known as Bayesian integration. A new study by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology has identified signals that encode the original beliefs. In addition, neurobiological mechanisms for their use in decision-making have been identified. It turned out that the original beliefs distort the perception of time, changing the strength of connections between neurons. In other words, the brain integrates previous experience into the structure of synaptic connections.

A specially designed computer model confirmed the team’s findings. As in the real brain, previous experience distorted the perception of time. By removing the model from the original representation, scientists were able to get rid of this feature. According to a new study, sleep plays an important role in learning. During night rest, the brain weakens the existing connections between synapses, allowing a person to learn something new.

Scientists first removed the HIV from the body of the animal

American scientists conducted an experiment at the Medical center of the University of Nebraska, which resulted in the complete removal of HIV from the DNA of mice, according to the journal Nature Communication.

Created material for batteries of the future

Scientists from the Catholic University of Leuven created a material having the formula LiTi2(PS4)3. It is in solid aggregate state and has the highest lithium mobility coefficient ever measured