23 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/22/2019

Iran reported the defeat of the spy network

Iranian authorities reported the detention of 17 people who worked for the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. All arrests were made within a year, Interfax notes. Spies have already been sentenced, some of them are facing the death penalty.

In Russia allowed to open branches of correctional colonies in factories

The law allowing the establishment of settlement colonies and correctional centers for those sentenced to forced labor came into force, and its interpretation was published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta on July 21. Relevant amendments were made to the Criminal Executive code of the Russian Federation.

The defendant in the investigation Golunova got rid of Russian assets

One of the heroes of the investigation of journalist Ivan Golunov about the funeral business in Moscow, 19-year-old Yegor Mazaraki (nephew of Valery Mazaraki, first Deputy GBU “Ritual”) got rid of their assets in Russia, drew the attention of “Medusa”.

Patients of the hospital in Transbaikalia have to wash dirty bandages

Patients of the hospital in the village of Vershino-Darasunskoye of the TRANS-Baikal territory are forced to wash the used bandages due to lack of medicines from doctors. This was reported by residents of the village during a meeting with the acting Governor of the TRANS-Baikal territory Alexander Osipov.

“The situation in the local hospital of the village of Vershino-Darasunskoye is under my personal control. Monthly expenses in the medical organization are more than 170 thousand rubles, the stock of all medicines is designed for almost eight months, in particular bandages in the hospital today 184 pieces. Therefore, we will carefully check the information about the “washing of bandages by patients”, – said the Minister of health of the TRANS-Baikal territory Valery Kozhevnikov, quoted by the press service.

The Ministry of industry and trade has developed a strategy for trade development until 2025

The Ministry of industry and trade of Russia has developed the project of strategy of development of trade in the years 2019-2025. The document, a copy of which RBC has, consists of seven chapters and has 90 pages.

The press service of the Ministry of industry and trade confirmed the authenticity of the document, specifying that it should be sent for approval to the relevant departments.

The goal of the strategy is to create a comfortable consumer environment, Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov told RBC. To do this, according to the Minister, the state should “maintain a balance between trade networks and small trade businesses, eliminating administrative barriers and bureaucratic obstacles.”

The shells of locusts will enrich the products for the Russians

Biotechnologists have started to develop a nutritional Supplement based on chitin obtained from the shell of the locust. It will be able to replace traditional fillers from the waste of the meat industry, which are introduced into the sausage and semi-finished products to increase nutritional value.

The moment of Belarus joining Russia is getting closer.

Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko announced the idea of introducing a single currency between Russia and Belarus within the Union state.

“It should be a full-fledged Union from the point of view of equally developing economies, because it will be difficult to integrate otherwise. This is a Union that should have a single currency at one stage or another, because it is very difficult to determine a single financial and monetary policy with different currencies»

In her opinion, Belarus and Russia should have the same approaches to the taxation system in the economic sector.

“This is a Union of States, but it should be a full-fledged Union,” said the Chairman of the Federation Council.

Earlier, the idea of creating a single currency between the countries was supported by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. However, he noted that it should not be the Russian ruble, but the currency that will be issued by the emission center created on equal rights.

Damage to the farmers of flood in Irkutsk region

The damage to the agricultural company in the flood zone in the Irkutsk region experts estimated at 250 million rubles. The Governor of the region Sergey Levchenko told about it.

Accused of meeting for appearance in the city in identical t-shirts

The mayor of Kungur Sergey Gordeev complained to the Prosecutor’s office of local residents who came to the city festival in t-shirts with slogans for the preservation of a specialized school for children with disabilities (ovz).

A good half of the kunguryaks during the mass events dedicated to the “Heavenly fair”, was dressed in the same clothes, but, unfortunately, the mayor did not notice, and noticed us — in t-shirts with a set of letters and the same picture. — Svetlana Agapitova

The head of Novokuznetsk Sergey Gordeev angered not the same jerseys, the same as hashtags on t-shirts in defence, closed with a mayor special schools for children with disabilities: «#отстоимшколукунгур», «#ШколуДляДетейОВЗ», «#ДаешьЗданиеШколеВцентре». According to the mayor’s opinion, appearance in all identical violates the law “About meetings..”Now, “participants” boxed in for questioning to the police.

Western Union has introduced a new restriction on transfers abroad

Western Union payment system has set a maximum limit for cross-border transfers by one client to one country at the level of 600 thousand rubles per month. The new rules come into force on July 22.

Russia and Belarus have agreed to create common industry markets by 2021

Belarus and Russia intend by 2021 to come to a single industry markets, in particular, energy, transport, agricultural and industrial products, said the Minister of economy of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy.

Russia plans to abolish a direct ban on the participation of foreigners in the state order

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak instructed the Ministry of industry, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of communications and FAS to replace the direct ban on the participation of foreigners in the state order for other ways to support domestic producers.

The Ministry of Finance offers a new way to support the self-employed

The Ministry of Finance has published a bill giving self-employed the same benefits enjoyed by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the procurement of state-owned companies

Purchases of state-owned companies amounted to 13 trillion rubles in 2018, state-owned companies are required to allocate to small and medium-sized businesses at least 18% of the order, and 15% of purchases should be played at direct auctions without the participation of large enterprises.

The volume of “free money” Russians in June increased by 11.4%

The amount of “free money” from the citizens of the Russian Federation last month has increased by 11,4% compared to may indices. In June, it amounted to 33.1 thousand rubles. This writes the Agency RIA Novosti with reference to the study of the holding “ROMIR”.

“In June, the average Russian household after buying all the necessary goods of daily demand and payment for services remained about 33.1 thousand rubles of “free money”, – said in a comment to the study.

The size of consumer loans in Russia increased by 6.9%

The national Bureau of credit histories estimated that in the second quarter of 2019 the average size of the consumer credit made 188,4 thousand rubles. This is 6.9% higher than in the first quarter.

American retail chains massively go online

According to Coresight Research, which monitors the situation with the closure and opening of physical stores, 7426 points of sale were closed in the US by July 18. This is about a quarter more than for the entire 2018 year. Moreover, in the second quarter, the pace of retailers leaving the streets was the highest in the last nine years.

At the end of 2019, the number of closed stores can reach 12 thousand, analysts say Coresight Research, is twice as much as last year.

Investment advisors require identification

Investment advisors want to get access to remote identification of clients in order to comply with the anti-wash legislation. Now identification is possible only on the document proving the identity, that is at personal presence with the passport.

China stock exchange for technology companies starts operating in Shanghai

The Chinese equivalent of Nasdaq — the stock exchange SSE STAR Market begins work on Monday, a new platform, the creation of which was announced personally by the Chinese leader XI Jinping, is designed to become an important platform to attract investment for Chinese technological enterprises.

Perm moves to a new transport model

In the transition to the new transport model, which involves the transfer of revenue from the sale of tickets to the budget, the cost of maintaining conductors plans to take over the municipality. According to the calculations of the Perm administration, 619.3 million rubles should be allocated for this purpose in 2020

Banks began to leave customers without remuneration

A number of large Russian banks refuse to charge cashback rubles. Money is replaced by bonuses. Banks save on costs. In this regard, there was a trend — the transition from direct cashback, involving the return of “live money” to the accrual of bonuses (points).

EuroChem placed RUB 10 billion in exchange-traded bonds

EuroChem placed exchange-traded bonds worth 10 billion rubles at face value, the Issuer said in a statement. The company placed 10 million bonds of BO-001R-05 series with a nominal value of 1000 rubles each by open subscription. The term of circulation of papers – 4 years, the offer is not exposed.

VTB begins to refinance car loans

VTB launches a new program to refinance loans for cars. Customers can renew existing loans of any Bank at a lower rate – from 3% per annum, with the possibility of replacing the vehicle. The minimum price parameters of 3% are available in the trade-in program.

Countries with the largest public debt.

According to the International monetary Fund (IMF), Japan ranks first among the countries with the highest level of public debt (237.5% of GDP). This is the worst rate among the G7 countries, which also includes the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA and France

The Bank of Russia bought the currency for the Ministry of Finance at 12.82 billion rubles

CBR July 17 bought the currency for the Ministry of Finance under the budget rule for 12.82 billion rubles, follows from the data of the Bank of Russia. The Ministry of Finance from July 5 to August 6 plans to purchase currency for 231 billion rubles. The daily volume of purchase during this period was to reach 10 billion rubles.

Belneftekhim reduced exports due to “dirty” Russian oil

Delivery to Belarus contaminated oil from Russia is reflected in the decrease of exports of the enterprises of concern “Belneftekhim” on $800 million this was stated by the head of the Ministry of economy of the country Dmitry Steep.

Putin explained the danger of limiting the growth of fuel prices

“At some point can give a very large surge in prices,” — Putin added. In addition, the head of state noted that currently the price growth is below inflation, and shows a smaller increase compared to last year.

Gasoline AI-92 in Kazakhstan fell to 146.8 tenge per liter

The average cost of gasoline AI-92 in Kazakhstan at the end of June 2019 amounted to 146.8 tenge (24 rubles) per liter, which is 6.8% less than a year earlier. On July 22, the Agency Energyprom Reports with reference to the data of the Committee on statistics of the Ministry of national economy of the Republic.

In Ufa, once again increased the cost of gasoline at local gas stations.

According to the results of a sample weekly monitoring of Bashkortostan, it was found that the price of diesel fuel compared to July 8 increased by 0.1 percent, now the average cost is 45 rubles 42 kopecks per liter. The price of one liter of gasoline AI-92 and AI-98 also became higher during this period by 0.1 percent: AI-92 – 41 rubles 87 kopecks, AI-98 – 49 rubles 73 kopecks. The cost of gasoline AI-95 remains at the same level and an average of 44 rubles 78 cents.

Germany for the first time received most of the energy from “green” sources

In Germany, according to data for the first half of the year, the balance of energy production for the first time shifted towards renewable sources — 47.3%. This includes installations that generate wind, solar, water and biomass energy.

In Russia there will be a mortgage program for private homes

JSC “HOUSE.Russia” is preparing a program for the use of mortgage loans for the construction of individual houses, said the head of the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation Alexander Plutnik on meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In Britain, the Seagull stole Chihuahua

Seagull in the British city of Paynton in the South-West of England stole a Chihuahua from the garden of the hostess and flew away with the dog, according to local news portal Devon Live. The incident occurred in Devon County in Southwestern England.

In Japan published the results of parliamentary elections

Led by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the ruling coalition won the election to the upper house of advisers in the Japanese Parliament, RIA Novosti reported, citing the results of the vote. As noted, the coalition was not able to get two-thirds of the seats that are needed for the revision of the Constitution.

Shinzo Abe decided to conclude a peace Treaty with Russia until 2021

Japan is going to conclude a peace Treaty with Russia. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he plans to move the negotiations forward until 2021. Just at this time, the term of the head of government ends.

“I would like to move forward on the issue of signing (a peace Treaty with Russia – Approx. ed.) during his term,” Abe said in an interview with NHK.

China needs Antarctica

Recently in the port of Shanghai (China) was held a solemn commissioning of the Chinese icebreaker “Xuelong 2” — “Snow dragon 2”. The first “Snow dragon”, we recall, was built not in China, but in Ukraine in 1993 and for twenty-five years managed to make 9 Arctic and 22 Antarctic expeditions.

The appearance of China’s second icebreaker indicates only one thing — in Beijing, seriously decided to engage in the development of those spaces where it will be necessary to use such ships. In the ambitious plans of the Chinese leadership, not only the Northern sea route occupies an important place. No less attention is paid to the development of Antarctica.

The terms of replacement of surgeons by robots are named

By 2023, the cost of cloud medicine in China will reach 16.9 billion yuan (about 2.5 billion dollars). This is 27.3% more than last year. Such conclusions were reached by IDC consulting Agency on the basis of its own research.

Augmented reality applications and robots for medicine are developing on the basis of new technologies. By 2020, about 15% of the data used by physicians for diagnosis and treatment will be provided by patients themselves. At the same time, 25% of Chinese hospitals will use robots to perform labor-intensive tasks, as well as to reduce manual labor.

China to expand the world’s deepest underground laboratory

In the Chinese underground laboratory CJPL in Sichuan province began work on the construction of a new large facility for research in the field of physics. It is reported by the newspaper China Daily.

The CJPL laboratory is located at a depth of 2400 meters, making it the deepest physical laboratory in the world. Among the experiments conducted in this laboratory, we can distinguish two projects related to dark matter — there are detectors of particles CDEX and PandaX.

China imposes anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel from the EU and Japan

The rate of duties is not specified yet. An anti-dumping investigation into imports of billets, hot-rolled sheets and stainless steel rolls imported into China from the EU, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan was initiated a year ago, on 23 July 2018.

HBO has released a trailer of the series “the Guardians»

The series is scheduled to premiere in autumn 2019. The network has the first teaser trailer for the upcoming series “Keepers”, based on the eponymous graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons . The video was published on the official YouTube channel of HBO Studio.

Most Americans prefer trailers instead of renting an apartment

According to motor magazine, in the United States, more and more people refuse to rent apartments and move into trailers. Renting a trailer costs about a hundred dollars a month, while renting the most modest apartment is worth four zeros.

In Russia there are more children with disabilities

According to the Ministry of labor, in 2016-2018 the number of citizens with disabilities in Russia significantly decreased. Both the number of issued certificates of disability and the number of applicants to the Bureau of medical and social examination decreased.

According to the Agency, 15-25 thousand cases of children’s disability are registered in the country every year. So, in 2016, there were 617 thousand children with disabilities in Russia, in 2018 — 651 thousand, and by January 1, 2019 — already 670 thousand.

Volvo recalls 500 thousand cars around the world

Volvo Cars company recalls about 500 thousand cars sold worldwide, of which 86 thousand – in Sweden itself. According to TT Agency, this decision was made because of the threat of fire in the engine compartment of cars.

The United States is developing a combat laser power of 100 kilowatts

The network distributed information from the military news resource Defense-aerospace.com, which published the words of Lieutenant General of the us army Paul Ostrovsky on the work on the creation of laser weapons with a capacity of 100 kilowatts. It is assumed that the latest weapons will be used in the field of air and missile defense

The platform for the new laser weapons will serve as a fighting machine “Stryker”. The new combat laser was called the High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator, a shorter name HEL TVD.

Cambodia has made China a secret offer

The Cambodian authorities secretly offered China to share the ream naval base in the Gulf of Thailand. This opportunity is given to China for 30 years with the automatic extension of the agreement every 10 years, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal writes.

“Springboard” for manned flights to Mars

Vice President Mike Pence said that the United States is going to send astronauts to the moon in 2024. He added that it is a question of long-term stay of the person on the moon. The lunar base can be used as a ” springboard” for manned flights to Mars, pence said in an interview with CBS News.

The European Union is ready to zero duties on American cars

The European Union is ready to reduce duties on the import of cars from the US to zero, said the head of the Ministry of economy and energy of Germany Peter Altmeyer.

We have declared our readiness to reduce duties on important industrial goods to zero <…> Thus reproaches that the American duties on cars are lower, than European, would be disproved, — quotes the official the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

The European UNION will help Ireland in the case of rigid Brexit

The European Commission (EC) plans to transfer Ireland several billion pounds in the event of Britain’s exit from the EU without a deal. This is reported by the Times, citing senior officials within the EU.

The Russian foreign Ministry allowed the sending of Russian military specialists in Venezuela

Russian military experts have fulfilled their tasks in Venezuela. Their return will depend on current needs, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters.

Chinese companies are asked to cancel duties on agricultural products from the United States

Chinese companies asked the authorities to cancel duties on the purchase of American agricultural products. This is reported by Xinhua news Agency with reference to the data of the Chinese customs Committee.

The Pentagon accused the Venezuelan su-30 threat to us air force intelligence

The su-30 fighter of the Venezuelan Air force (air force) “aggressively accompanied” the American aircraft EP-3 Aries II. This is stated in the statement of the southern command of the Armed forces (AF) of the United States, published on his Facebook page.

According to the us military, the flight took place on July 19 in the airspace over the Caribbean sea, where the US air force aircraft performed “an internationally recognized and approved mission.” The command noted that the escort was carried out at an unsafe distance and threatened the crew of the American aircraft and the aircraft itself.

First U.S. drone shot down special jammers

Recently, the USS Boxer landing ship shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. The Wall Street Journal reports that this was the first use of the new American anti-drone system MADIS, which simply jammed the signals of the enemy’s unmanned aerial vehicle.

Poland intends to modernize its t-72 tanks

The Ministry of national defense of Poland reported that the contract in the amount of 545 million us dollars includes the possibility of repair work by the military and defense industry of the country. Repair work is planned to start this year. The service in the Polish army, composed of some 500 T-72 tanks….

The defense Ministry strengthens the position of the Russian army in the Kaliningrad region

In the Kaliningrad region formed a new helicopter regiment of mixed composition. According to the defense Ministry, combat vehicles will be able to operate over the sea and over land, which is very important for the Russian enclave, as the largest naval base of the Baltic fleet is located in Baltiysk.

The concept of a new American tank of the future

It is expected that three variants of a special Robotic Combat Vehicle will be developed to work with a manned vehicle. The first option, called RCV-Light, will weigh approximately seven tons. The RCV-Medium will weigh about 10 tons and will be equipped with a medium caliber gun and an anti-tank guided missile. And RCV-Heavy will weigh about 20 tons with direct fire capabilities. It is assumed that the pictures of the article show a variant of RCV-Heavy.

Official representatives of the army suggest that the lightweight version will be transported by aircraft. The medium variant can be placed on the C-130 plane, and the heavy variant – on the C-17 plane.

The network announced plans to amend the Disciplinary Charter of the armed forces

It is intended to introduce disciplinary responsibility for providing the media and Internet resources with any information about the service. Also, disciplinary responsibility is supposed to be introduced for the publication of information that allows to determine the place of service of a soldier, his colleagues, other soldiers and persons undergoing military training, for the presence of electronic devices that allow shooting, store the information received about the service.

It is planned to include the dissemination of information about participation in military exercises, military operations, military training camps, campaigns of ships, participation in measures to eliminate the consequences of man-made disasters and natural disasters.

Putin will leave, and the problems will remain: the inhabitants of the Angara region talked about the show

The repeated visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Irkutsk region, which suffered from a powerful flood, provoked a wide public response.

According to eyewitnesses, on the way of the presidential motorcade brought “marathon”. For example, until recently, a three-kilometer section of the street River in Tulun was littered with destroyed houses and trees. But five days before the arrival of Vladimir Putin, everything was completely dismantled, the road was leveled, fresh soil was brought and even new trees were planted.

“This is the road on which Putin’s motorcade was traveling,” Elena said.

But most of the victims are interested in who are the six lucky ones who were issued housing certificates in Tulun in a hurry before the arrival of the Russian President?

“The documents were issued to them in a solemn atmosphere. The event was attended by Deputy Governor of the Irkutsk region Ruslan Bolotov, flowers were presented by the mayor of Tulun Yuri Karih. The event was filmed by local journalists. Videos quickly spread on social networks, they were thrown off in local public. Report back. Naturally, this caused outrage among local residents. People were even more angry: they say, why one issued certificates, and others still unfortunate 10 thousand rubles of compensation can’t receive? Immediately fell questions: how to select the lucky? And then Putin was led to communicate to these people”. – The Inhabitant Of Tulun Elena.

The US imposed new sanctions against Venezuelan officials

“Today, the US announced the introduction of new sanctions against Venezuelan officials responsible for the repressive actions and torture of innocent Venezuelan citizens,” the Deputy head of the us administration said on his Twitter. But against whom specific sanctions, Pence said.

The US confirmed its intention to put pressure on Venezuela to the end

“The United States will not rest until you are tyrannical Maduro and corrupt officials will not stop the abuses against Venezuelans,” wrote Bolton, commenting on the introduction by the Ministry of Finance of new US sanctions against Venezuela.

The US refused to participate in the talks on Syria in Nur Sultan

The United States will not “in any form” participate in the negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian conflict within the framework of the Astana process. This statement was made by the representative of the us state Department. He stressed that the only platform for political progress in Syria is the UN.

Washington plans to negotiate on Syria with Turkish representatives

The delegation from the United States led by the country’s special representative for Syria James Jeffrey arrived in Turkey for talks on the situation in Syria on July 22-23. This is stated in the statement of the us state Department, published on Sunday, July 21.

British Finance Minister Hammond announced his resignation

British Finance Minister Philip Hammond announced that he would resign before the change of Prime Minister, which will take place on Wednesday, July 24. He told about it on Sunday, July 21, in the program “Andrew Marr Show” on BBC TV channel.

FSB detained an employee of the Ministry of emergency situations at a meeting in Chita city hall

FSB officers at a meeting with the acting head of the administration of Chita Alexander Sapozhnikov detained an employee of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia, suspected of embezzlement of budgetary funds in a particularly large size as part of a group of persons. This is reported by the local portal “Zabmedia”.

Metallica sang in Moscow “blood Group” Tsoi

American rock band Metallica performed the song “blood Group”by Victor Tsoi at a big concert in Moscow. The video, filmed by fans, heard that the audience was speechless with surprise. However, the chorus, the entire stadium was singing along with the musicians in the Russian language.

Marvel announced the fourth phase of its film universe

Marvel Studios has announced plans to release new films about the adventures of superheroes of its film universe. So in the next few years, viewers will see the continuation of stories about the Torah, the Black widow, Hawkeye and many other characters. About it reports “Evening Moscow”.

Published the first trailer for the series “Star Trek: Picard»

Streaming service Amazon Prime Video has published the first trailer of the series “Star Trek: Picard”. Amazon Prime Video has published the first trailer for “Star Trek: Picard”on its YouTube channel. The series will be a continuation of the program “star Trek: the Next generation”.

Robomobile for delivery of projectiles for throwing at the Olympics in Tokyo

Japanese automaker Toyota presented on Monday a prototype of its next generation robot for the technical support service of the competition — a miniature device in the form of a Shuttle based on the developed vehicle “e-Palette”, which will be used at the Olympics in Tokyo

Became available the first trailer of the series “Through the snow»

This is an adaptation of the 2013 film of the same name with Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton. Events in it will unfold seven years after the man-made disaster that led to a new ice age. The surviving people travel by train, where there is a strict class hierarchy: from the ruling elite in the first cars to the oppressed in the tail. A group of desperate last wagons is attempting to take power into their own hands. In the series played by: laureate of the “Oscar” Jennifer Connelly, David Diggs, Alison Wright, Sheila Vend, Mickey Sumner and other advocates show-run Graeme Manson (“orphan black”).

LG smart speaker

The novelty comes in a series of audio systems LG XBOOM with the suffix AI ThinQ, which indicates the manufacturer is equipped with artificial intelligence and the ability to connect to the system of “smart” home. The speaker plays a high-resolution sound

Xiaomi will release mechanical watch

Chinese company Xiaomi, which produces electronic equipment, has released a mechanical watch, the model was named T-Series CIGA Design.

Cultural center for Magadan

The Federal state institution “Directorate for construction and reconstruction” has placed a purchase for the design of a cultural center in Magadan. The initial price of the contract – 14.89 million rubles (this also includes survey work). The deadline is October 2020.

The complex will combine two halls, club and cinema-lecture part, rooms for choral groups and orchestras, rooms for craft and creative workshops, exhibition hall-transformer. The preliminary cost of construction is 3223.9 million rubles.

Vincent Kassel will play detective Vidocq

The main role went to the unconditional premiere of the French screen, Vincent Cassel. Besides him, the film starred Olga Kurylenko and Denis Lavant. Directed by Jean-Francois Richet — he has worked with Kassel on “the Enemy of the state number one.”

Redmi will release the world’s first smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera

The official announcement of the release of a smartphone with a unique camera head of Redmi published in the social network Weibo. The post noted that the company is now developing a gadget in the main camera which will build a sensor with a resolution of 64 MP

In the iPhone 2020 will be screens with a frame rate of 120 Hz

According to the insider, hiding in Twitter under the nickname Ice Universe, Apple is negotiating with Samsung and LG to supply for the iPhone 2020 sample screens with variable frame rate — 60 or 120 Hz. Apparently, users will be able to change the display frequency in the settings.

Honor 9X and 9X Pro smartphones will get liquid cooling

Huawei has published a new advertising teaser for Honor 9X and 9X Pro smartphones, in which it reports that the new products will receive an “eSports” liquid cooling system.

Opportunities Tor want to implement in the form of extensions for Firefox

Firefox and Tor developers are expected to be able to work together to track and fix performance and integration issues. Familiar to users mode “Super Private Browsing” will be implemented as a separate extension for Firefox.

Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera

Sony a few days ago introduced a mirrorless camera a7R IV, which debuted a full-frame image sensor with a resolution of 61 MP with back light. According to rumors, a similar matrix will get a promising model Nikon Z8. The release date of this model has not yet been reported

The VAIO brand has announced a portable computer SX12

The VAIO brand, introduced the SX12 laptop with Windows 10. The device received a 12.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Google has issued a patent for a hybrid laptop “2 in 1»

Google has received a new patent for a hybrid laptop, transforming into a tablet computer. It is reported by PatentlyApple with reference to the U.S. patent and trademark Office.

According to the patent application submitted, the potential Google device refers to a 2-in-1 computer that can be used as a laptop or tablet computer in different configurations. The screen of the patented device can bend backwards, which turns it into a tablet. Also in the application describes the technology of “hinge mechanism, including levers and clamps, allowing to completely separate the screen from the base of the device.”

TikTok in Instagram style

The popular short video sharing app TikTok is planning to launch a whole host of new features that seem to have been created based on Instagram. The features were discovered by reengineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong, who posted screenshots of the features on Twitter.

Top managers leave Xiaomi

Just two representatives of the Chinese company Xiaomi announced their departure. We are talking about the head of the brand Poco Jai Mani and the international Director of products and marketing Donovan Sunge. Both employees are very important links in Xiaomi’s work.

Huawei is preparing for the sales of flexible smartphone Mate X

It is assumed that the Chinese company has already begun preparations for the launch of the smartphone on sale. It is likely that the device will appear on the home market a little earlier. According to the data presented on TENAA, the new Huawei Mate X will run on the Android 9 Pie operating system with EMUI 9.1 shell.

Lenovo has announced a new monitor Legion Y27gq

Lenovo has announced a new monitor under its gaming brand Legion. Legion Y27gq, a 27-inch model that combines relatively high resolution with a very high refresh rate: 1440p at 240 Hz. G-Sync technology from Nvidia is also present.

Hyperloop capsule was able to accelerate to a record speed

This year, as in the past, the engineers from the Munich technical University won, who dispersed their capsule driven by eight electric motors to 463 km/h. Last year, the same capsule was able to accelerate to 457 km/h, but this time the record was broken.

Visual images scientists implanted in the brain of mice

American neuroscientists have learned to control the activity of individual neurons of the primary visual cortex of the mouse, according to Science. Optogenetics stimulating a few dozen cells at the same time, they evoked in rodents, the same reaction as when viewing certain drawings. We can say that the artificial activation of neurons in the visual cortex of rodents introduced into their brain hallucinations.

FDA approved “stock drug” for treatment of multiple myeloma

The U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the drug Xpovio for the treatment of patients with recurrent and/or refractory multiple myeloma.

The new method quickly identified antigen-specific T cells

Scientists have presented a new concept that allows you to accurately and quickly identify antigen-specific T-cells in their large populations, bypassing the previously existing restrictions. The use of the new method makes it possible to create large libraries for the identification of T-cells and testing of potential biological products. Two articles in the journal Science Immunology are devoted to the method: in one of the works, the authors demonstrated its capabilities in detecting antigen-specific T cells in a patient with melanoma, in another, scientists focused on the potential of its use in drug testing.

The lack of iron in interstellar gas was explained by the formation of complex compounds

Iron — one of the most common elements in the Universe: on this indicator, it is just behind the five light atoms of hydrogen, helium and so on. Iron is found in the bowels of stars like the Sun, and in the nuclei of planets, including Earth. Quite often it should occur in the composition of interstellar gas, but observations do not allow to detect it.

The search for this “hidden” iron conducted astronomers from the University of Arizona, led by Professor Pilarasetti Tarakeshwar (Pilarasetti Tarakeshwar). In an article published in the Astrophysical Journal, they report successful detection of a missing element in the form of unusual compounds with carbon — “pseudoterminal”. Their spectra are very similar to those of ordinary carbon chains, which appear in many astronomical observations. It seems that some of them should be attributed to the iron.

Created a library of images inaccessible to artificial intelligence

A new dataset researchers from the University of California at Berkeley presented in an article published in the online library of preprints ArXiv.Org ahhh! According to the authors, the set contains about 7500 ordinary images, the recognition of which neural networks are wrong in 98 cases out of 100.

Scientists for the first time measured the heat transfer of a single molecule

According to scientists, the faster heat can dissipate from chains of molecules, the more reliable will be molecular computing devices. Researchers at the University of Michigan first set up an experiment in which they measured the transfer of heat through a single molecule.

Ultrasound allowed the laser to look inside the body

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh presented a new method for obtaining intra-tissue images without the use of invasive procedures. This will get rid of endoscopic cameras for the study, for example, brain tissue.

Physicists managed to increase the speed of the quantum computer

Recently, employees of the University of New South Wales reported that they were able to increase the speed of the quantum computer 200 times. This was achieved by combining two quantum memory cells in one device.

In the human body found “cells-healers»

Canadian scientists have studied cells of a previously unknown type found in the heart’s surrounding pericardial fluid. These cells, as researchers from the University of calgary found out, are real “healers” who can heal the damage that appears on the heart as a result of heart attacks. We are talking about cells, Gata6+, which, as shown by experiments in mouse models can repair your damaged heart. Now scientists are working to get these cells to work with maximum efficiency.

Mysterious crystals were found in the stomach of the bear

Looking at the tardy in the microscope, biologist Rafael Martin-Ledo noticed in the stomach of this tiny animal strange shiny material. Researchers do not yet know what this material is, but there are certain assumptions.

Martin-Ledo believes that the mysterious shiny crystals, which he found in the stomach of the tardigrades can be aragonite — a mineral, which is formed mouthparts microscopic animals.

“Tarders shed their jaws in the process of molting, and I think that this particular tardy accidentally swallowed their aragonite teeth,” says the scientist.

Human nerve cells survived the invasion of genetic parasites

Diseases of the nervous system may be associated with the breakdown of the gene, “locking” retrotransposons in the precursors of nerve cells. Mobile genetic elements interfere with the work of genes, so cells usually suppress them by methylation of DNA, and in case of failure — die. Swedish and German scientists have found human cells, which, however, survive under the onslaught of escaped retrotransposons – are precursors of nerve cells. Researchers believe that such an attack of genetic parasites may be associated with the development of epilepsy and autism.

Wi-Fi signal adversely affects the nutritional behavior of bees

Scientists told about the action of Wi-Fi networks on honeybees in the journal Entomological Review. During the study, experts studied the effect of wireless networks on several groups of bees. The conclusion that was made on its results, was not the best.

A phenomenon that should not have existed

Scientists used the Hubble telescope to observe a black hole located in the Central part of a star cluster codenamed NGC3147. Suddenly, at 130 million light-years away, they discovered thin matter.

The discovery opens up huge opportunities for researchers. Now astronomers will have an opportunity to study two Einstein’s theories more thoroughly. The General theory of relativity says that gravity is the curvature of space, and the special tells about the relationship between it and time. According to Marco Chiaberge until now, scientists did not observe the specific effects of these assumptions in visible light with such intense clarity.

Hubble spotted a rare spiral galaxy

Astronomers are particularly interested in them. And this beautiful image is another significant contribution to the Treasury of information about galaxies. This is not the first image of rare beauty and importance of space objects, made using the Hubble space telescope.

In the US will open a plant of the British company OneWeb

The British company OneWeb opens a plant in the US to produce communication satellites for its global orbital group, the company said on Friday.

NASA will Finance the project on 3D printing of solar panels in orbit

The American space Agency has decided to invest more than $ 70 million in a project that will test the printing technology in space solar panels. With funds allocated by NASA, the company Made in Space will produce the satellite Archinaut One with a 3D printer on Board.

Toyota and JAXA will create a Lunokhod based on a production car

On July 20, the automaker announced that it had officially signed a three-year agreement with the Japanese space Agency JAXA to develop a pressurized lunar Rover that would be launched in ten years. Production will start in 2020 and testing is expected to take place in 2021. In 2022, the partners plan to start testing the prototype control systems, and by 2024 Toyota will start designing the actual flight model. The Duo aims to launch the Rover in 2029.

NASA announced the readiness of the Orion spacecraft to fly to the moon

The United States has completed work on the ship “Orion” to fly to the moon. Vice President Mike Pence said that. He spoke the day before, when it was exactly 50 years since the landing of American astronauts on the moon.

Since 2020, Ukraine will ban the import of Lada cars

The government of Ukraine decided to postpone the ban on the import of Russian-made cars to the country for six months, until the beginning of 2020. So, earlier it was reported that in Ukraine a ban on the import of some Russian goods, which hit and cars.

Announced Russian prices for three-row Mitsubishi Outlander

The novelty in the minimum configuration was estimated, it is 50 thousand rubles more than the younger version of the five-seater performance.

At the start of sales, Russian buyers will be able to purchase only two variants of the Outlander for 7 seats. This is Intense+ at a price of 2 million 73 thousand rubles and Ultimate, which was estimated at 2 369 000 rubles. Both complete sets received all-wheel drive and transmission-variator. The difference in the engines. “Junior” version is equipped with a two-liter gasoline engine, and more powerful – the unit on 2.4 L.

UAZ “Patriot” will receive a diesel engine from Ford Transit

Updated SUV UAZ “Patriot” 2020 model year will receive a 2.2-liter turbodiesel from Ford Transit. Equipment car “Ford” Duratorq engine will be possible thanks to the cooperation with Ford Sollers. About it reports “the Russian newspaper” with reference to the Belgian dealer of UAZ.

Tesla will show hypercar with missile technology in 2020

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX said that at the end of 2020 will begin to test the hypercar Tesla Roadster. It can accelerate to 96 kilometers in 1.9 seconds. The machine can operate without charging 997 kilometers.

Inspectors from Russia will drive cars from car dealers

Information on nine state contracts of the Center of special purpose in the field of traffic safety (tssn BDD) of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia concluded at the beginning of July is available on the website of public procurement. It is planned to purchase 3.8 thousand new patrol cars for a total of 6.98 billion rubles (1.8 million rubles per car). Specific models in the documentation is not called, but the TTX car most coincides with the Skoda Octavia: white front-wheel drive sedan size 4659 / 1814/ 1554 with 1.8 liter engine up to 180 HP, outdoor surveillance cameras. A source familiar with the situation, confirmed “Kommersant” that the inspectors will ride on Skoda sedans. This model has been used by the capital’s inspectors since 2015.

Audi presented the updated crossover SQ7

The car received other bumpers, grille and light elements. The modification can be distinguished from the more “civil” due to the presence of four exhaust pipes, 20-inch wheels and silver side mirrors. But under the hood, everything remained unchanged. So all the same is a 4.0-liter turbocharged diesel with an electric supercharger based on a 48-volt network. The power of the unit is 435 HP and 900 Nm, so the acceleration to 100 km/h is 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed is limited at around 250 kilometers per hour. The new product will be on sale in September at a price of 94.9 thousand euros. On the supply in Russia is not reported.

Named regions of Russia with the most difficult situation in the labor market

Labor market tension ratio — the ratio of the number of unemployed to the number of vacancies in large and medium-sized organizations in the region.

The highest coefficient of tension in the labor market recorded in Ingushetia — 118.4. For comparison: across Russia this factor is 0.5. 24.3 thousand officially unemployed in Ingushetia have 206 job openings.

In second place — Chechnya (coefficient 23.8). Followed by Dagestan (18,6), North Ossetia (6,1), Tuva (5,2).

The lowest coefficient of tension in the labor market (0.1) was recorded in the Amur region and the Jewish Autonomous region.

In Russia will toughen the receipt of a hunting ticket

The Ministry of natural resources is going to test the knowledge of hunting. It is possible that the emergence of a knowledge test exam will lead to the emergence of courses and schools. The Department believes that the current rules do not guarantee that citizens will have the necessary minimum of knowledge and skills for hunting.

“Without the necessary training, we now have an army of shooters who do not know either the biology of animals or their value,” — said in Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz.

Currently, to obtain a hunting ticket, Russians must prove their legal capacity, have no outstanding criminal record and get acquainted with the hunting minimum.