23 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/22/2020

Sberbank became the owner of 100% of the company ” Yandex.Money”

Sberbank bought 25% of Yandex.Money”, having consolidated 100% of shares, follows from the information on the website of the unified state register of legal entities. 25% share ” Yandex.Money” is on the balance sheet of Sberbank’s subsidiary “Digital assets”. Sberbank itself owns 75% of Yandex.Moneys'”.

The state Duma of Russia increased the maximum fine for selling tobacco to children

Citizens for the sale of tobacco products or tobacco products to minors will be fined from 20 to 40 thousand rubles. Legal entities will face a fine of 150-300 thousand rubles for this. Fines for trading snus and nasvay for citizens will grow to 15-20 thousand rubles. Legal entities will be fined 100-150 thousand rubles for this.

The Russians were found guilty of organizing illegal migration

A court in Greece has sentenced two Russian sailors to 253 years in prison each for transporting illegal migrants. The Russians were found guilty of organizing illegal migration, human trafficking and illegally crossing the border of Greece. According to the prosecution, they tried to smuggle more than 20 migrants into the country — for each of them, the Russians received from 7 to 12 years in prison.

The sailors pleaded not guilty. According to them, their employer hired them to transport tourists, and then forced them to let illegal immigrants on Board, threatening them with violence.

Putin has abandoned the goal of putting Russia in the top 5 economies in the world

One of the main goals that Putin announced in 2018 has disappeared from the plan completely: if the decree of 3 years ago required to enter the top 5 economies of the world by 2024, surpassing Germany in terms of GDP (taking into account purchasing power parity), then the document 2020 does not say a word about it. It only refers to the need to “ensure the growth rate of the country’s gross domestic product above the global average while maintaining macroeconomic stability.”

The Russian state Duma banned FSB employees from publishing information about their work

The state Duma banned former and current employees of the FSB from publishing information about the work of the Department without the approval of the leadership. Corresponding amendments are being made to the law “on the Federal security service”.

The list of information constituting a professional secret, as well as the procedure for conducting expert evaluation of materials constituting a professional secret, will be determined by the head of the FSB.


Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche – a total of 17 sports cars and rare cars received the Turin Museum from The Italian financial guard. This is how the collection of a malicious tax evader was disposed of


The US air force decided to buy back fighters intended for delivery to Turkey

The US air force decided to buy the fifth-generation f-35 fighter jets that were intended for delivery to Turkey, Defense News reported, citing sources in the Pentagon.

According to him, the US defense Ministry confirmed that it will purchase eight fighters built by Lockheed Martin Corporation for Turkey under a contract worth $ 862 million.

Which industries in Russia have the highest and lowest salaries?

According to the most recent data (for may 2020), oil workers earned the most, more than 200 thousand rubles a month. In second place with a very large margin is pipeline transport (well, the same oil and gas) – 128 thousand per month. In the top five also, quite a dense group, workers in the fishing industry, tobacco and air transport. Mail opens the top five anti-leaders with an average salary of almost 29 thousand rubles a month.

And light industry workers earn the least, and in General, workers in industries with the word “production”:

  • Clothing – 20107 rubles per month
  • Leather and leather products – 21800
  • Furniture – 23989
  • Textiles – 26481

Yakut shaman Gabyshev released from a psychiatric hospital

The medical Commission decided to discharge Alexander Gabyshev, who calls himself a shaman, from the Yakut psychoneurological dispensary. The day before, at the request of Gabyshev’s defense, a psychological and psychiatric examination was conducted. The shaman does not give up his plans and is ready to continue his campaign

Travel on the M-12 from Moscow to Kazan

According to Avtodor, the cost of construction of the m-12 highway will amount to 690.9 billion rubles. The project is planned to attract extra-budgetary funding in the amount of 267.8 billion rubles. Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the government will allocate 150 billion rubles from the Federal budget for the construction of the road.

The cost of travel along the entire length of the highway from Moscow to Kazan for a car will be 1,6 thousand rubles at the rate of 2.5 rubles per km, said the Chairman of the Board of the state company Avtodor Vyacheslav Petushenko on the air of the TV channel” Russia 1″.

In Russia, it was proposed to create a state housing Fund for single pensioners.

They will receive an annuity depending on the “term of survival”. According to Izvestia, the consumers ‘ Union addressed the government with such an initiative.

“The state Fund for its own funds will assess the cost of housing (apartment or private house) for pensioners who want to conclude an agreement. Depending on the estimated life expectancy of an elderly person calculated by the insurance company, the monthly payment due to them will be determined.”

Chairman of the Union of Russia Peter Shelishch suggested that the first stage will have to limit the minimum age of applicants for rent, while the earlier the contract is concluded, the less the payment, and Vice versa.

The Russian government will pay compensation to tourists for their holidays in Russia

Those who decide to rest in the country before the end of the year will receive from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. Earlier it was reported that the amount of compensation will increase for every 25 thousand rubles spent by a tourist on a trip. For payments, the hotel reservation period must be 5 or more nights. In addition, you need to have a Mir payment card with you, which will be used for transferring money.

“It was decided to allocate an additional 15 billion rubles for the development of domestic tourism,” Mishustin said.

“We are not drunken trash”: the Russians demanded to dismiss and put Solovyov in jail for insulting residents of the Far East

A petition with this appeal appeared on the portal Change.org. The author of the petition noted that this case is not the only one when the host showed disrespect to the residents of Russia. In particular, he recalls, on may 28, 2019, Solovyov spoke about the residents of Yekaterinburg who opposed the construction of a temple in the square near the drama theater, calling them “demons” and ” goats»

Japan plans to use American missile surveillance systems

Japan is considering using American systems to monitor ballistic and hypersonic missiles. We are talking about the HBTSS project, which is still under development. The government of the country previously refused to place aegis Ashore complexes, also produced in the United States.

Cyprus opened to tourists from 50 countries

The authorities of the Republic of Cyprus decided on Monday to allow access to the island for tourists from fifty countries, but with different conditions, which will come into force on July 23. This is stated in a statement released on Monday by the Cyprus Ministry of health

Mishustin named the main goal and five principles of the government’s work

Speaking with the first report on the government’s activities before the state Duma deputies, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin formulated the main goal of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“We have formulated the main goal of the government. This is an improvement in the quality of life of every person in the country. By growing the economy and developing the social sphere, which means achieving the national goals set by the President, ” Mishustin said.

The Prime Minister also said that the government started its work “based on five basic values”

“To build all the services of the state around the needs of people. Act openly. Conduct a dialogue based on mutual respect and trust. Further. Set an example of ethical behavior. Next — work, regardless of departmental boundaries, teams. And it is very important that the result should be more important than formal procedures and regulations, ” the head of government said.

The US has accused two Chinese citizens of hacking the networks of American companies

The us Department of justice has accused two Chinese citizens of collaborating with Chinese intelligence services to hack the computers of a dozen and a half American companies and trying to steal research on COVID-19.

The Armenian defense Ministry reported on the attack of Azerbaijani special forces

The Azerbaijani armed forces attacked the “anvah” (“Fearless”) combat position in the Tavush region of North-Eastern Armenia, Armenian defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan said.

Today at 22.30 (21.30 Moscow time), the enemy’s special forces unit launched another attack on the stronghold of “Fearless” (in the Tavush region of Armenia – ed.). The Armenian armed forces unit repelled the enemy’s attack, causing significant losses, Stepanyan wrote on Facebook.

The Indian military was forbidden to be in groups in WhatsApp

Members of the Indian air force have been banned from joining groups in the WhatsApp messenger due to concerns that the app may be vulnerable. This is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to a source in the Ministry of defense of India. According to him, you can communicate in the app, but not in groups.

Russia has completed tests of a gun capable of shooting down satellites

Russian experts have tested the latest electromagnetic gun, which can be used to hit drones, helicopters, planes and even spacecraft. It is expected that the Russian army will receive this gun for service in 3-4 years

Hummer will become an electric pickup truck for the army

The Hummer EV can be delivered to the Assembly line at the end of next year. First on the market will be a pickup truck, and then only an SUV. Both models will be produced under the GMC brand

Brazil is preparing for military conflicts in South America

The Brazilian army is preparing for armed conflicts in South America. According to the Ministry of defense, the region is no longer conflict-free. This conclusion is contained in the draft of the new National defense policy, which the government will present to Congress this week, the Rio Times reported on July 22

Turkey has transferred MLRS and ACS to the Libyan Sirte

Turkey has deployed t-122 Sakarya multiple rocket launchers and T-155 Fırtına self-propelled artillery systems to the besieged port city of Sirte in Libya.

Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington will star in the new

The streaming platform Netflix is preparing to make a film called “Break out of the world”. This information is reported by the popular publication Variety. The main roles in this film will be played by Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. The plot will be based on the book by Rumaan Alam.

According to the source, the film will be directed by Sam Esmail. The plot of the film will be based on the story of two unfamiliar married couples who will be forced to spend a weekend in the same house. The drama is expected to raise numerous issues related to parenting, class inequality and racism.

Netflix released a series based on the legends of king Arthur

The First season of Cursed is available for viewing on Netflix. The fantasy drama is based on the novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The project was directed by Daniel Nettheim, John East and Zetn Fuentes.

The first trailer for the movie “Outcast” with Megan Fox has been released

The video is published on the YouTube channel Movieclips Trailers. In the story, a group of mercenaries are sent to Africa to rescue a woman who was captured by militants. As a result, the team is locked in a building with an aggressive lioness.The film is scheduled to premiere in the United States on August 28, 2020.

Microsoft has shown the concept of the Office interface of the future

Microsoft Corporation introduced the future interface and design of the Office text editor of the future. This is reported on the company’s website. It is noted that the goal of developers and designers is to make Microsoft Office faster and more convenient, to adapt it to different platforms

AMD introduced Ryzen 4000 processors

The developer stressed that the chips are not intended for retail today. At first, they will not be available to everyone. AMD promised that the chips will go on retail sale in a few months.

Tesla is going to update the model S and model X

The design solutions concern electric vehicles of the s and x models. To date, we only know that a new production line is being built, and the car bodies will be made of palladium.

In addition, the design will be updated for these models, since it has not changed since the first samples were rolled off the Assembly line. Also, “trains” will be equipped with new batteries. The manufacturer promises to share other details at a special event in September 2020.

Unihertz introduced a 3-inch mini smartphone for Android 10

On the Kickstarter platform, fundraising has started for the Assembly of the Jelly 2 model – the smallest device running Android 10. Compared to the previous model, the new product has undergone work on errors and is characterized by an enlarged display (3 inches) and a resolution of 480 x 384 pixels.

The new polymer electrolyte will increase the power reserve of electric vehicles

Specialists from the Berkeley National laboratory together with colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University reported on the creation of a new class of solid electrolyte, made of polymers and ceramics. It suppresses the formation of dendrites in the embryo, even before they begin to grow. Thanks to this it is able to provide electric transport with a range of several hundred miles

Scientists from Scotland have revealed the secret of genetic immortality

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh were able to identify the key role of the SPOCD1 protein in protecting spermatozoa from damage in the early stages of embryo development and, as a result, in ensuring the continuity of the transmission of inherited information from generation to generation.

In Germany, a giant underground earth motion sensor was launched

In Germany, a giant underground earth motion sensor — a device called ROMY, designed to measure the tilt and rotation of our planet-has started working. It is assumed that ROMY will increase the accuracy of satellite positioning systems (for example, GPS).

A generator has been created that converts Solar energy into electricity and steam

A team of engineers consisting of researchers from Tulane University, the University of San Diego, Boeing-Spectrolab and Otherlab have developed a new type of hybrid solar energy Converter that uses the energy of the Sun to create both electricity and steam. The device is highly efficient and operates at low energy costs, which will allow you to use a wider range of solar energy for industrial purposes.