24 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/23/2019

In Rosstat called the real salary of the majority of Russian citizens

The most common salary in Russia is 23.5 thousand rubles. On July 22 reported “Izvestia” with reference to the data of Rosstat

It is noted that this amount corresponds to the modal (that is, the most common) indicator of earnings in Russia in April 2019 and most objectively reflects the level of income of the population in the country.

The Ministry of labour, the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of Finance refrained from commenting on these data.

In St. Petersburg killed a civil activist

In St. Petersburg on the night of July 20, activist of democratic, anti-war and LGBT movements Elena Grigorieva was killed, human rights activist Dinar Idrissov said in social networks. According to Idrissov, Grigorieva repeatedly threatened because of what she with the lawyer contacted the police.

According to “Fontanka”, her body was found on Pulkovo street in the Moscow district. The alleged murderer, a 40-year-old resident of Bashkortostan, was detained.

The story continues in Sergiev Posad

During his visit, Patriarch Kirill traffic police blocked the roads and forbade ambulances to leave the territory of the only local substation.

The first injured senior doctor substation Svetlana Mass. She confirmed the information about the problems with challenges – she was reprimanded and demoted. Now she is an ordinary worker “on the line”.

The second victim – dispatcher Ekaterina Eremenko. It was she who shot and published the video that caused resonance. After the scandal, she managed to go on sick leave – and only this saved her, at least for a while. The girl has already been informed that she will be fired immediately after she enters the service.

In Russia collected about 250 million rubles resort fee

About 250 million rubles resort fee managed to collect in Russia since the beginning of the year. Such data were provided by the Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs. The Agency notes that in 2018 this figure amounted to 313 million rubles.

The champion of “Chinese NASDAQ” has risen by 400% in first day of trading

The first day of trading was held against the background of a great excitement. The record was the manufacturer of chips and chips Anji Microelectronics, securities which rose by the end of trading by 400%. At the peak during the day, the increase reached 520%.

Financing of national projects in Tatarstan will increase by 7.4 billion rubles

According to the Ministry of economy of the region, the authorities of the Republic decided to increase spending from the regional budget by 7.4 billion rubles. Additional funds will be allocated for the implementation of projects “Demography” and “Health”

The movement of investments for the month

Cavusoglu warned the US about the response to sanctions because of the S-400

Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara is interested in developing cooperation with the United States, but is ready to take retaliatory measures in case of sanctions imposed by Washington because of the purchase of Russian s-400 sams.

China buys oil from Iran without violating sanctions

Tankers deliver Iranian oil to China, unloading millions of barrels of raw materials in customs warehouses in Chinese ports, which formally does not violate us sanctions, Bloomberg reported, citing sources

The US imposed sanctions against a Chinese company for buying oil from Iran

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo told reporters that the sanctions were imposed because of the Chinese company’s purchases of Iranian oil, reports Reuters.

“We have previously stated that we will impose sanctions for any sanctioned actions,” Pompeo stressed

In Denmark, complicated the divorce process

In Denmark, a package of laws had come into force requiring couples wishing to divorce to attend consultations for three months before making a final decision. On Monday, July 22, writes The Guardian.

Denmark has one of the highest divorce rates in Europe, and until recently, the people of the country could divorce by simply filling out a simple online form. According to the authorities, in 2018, 15 thousand divorces were registered, which is almost half of marriages, in connection with which it was decided to take measures.

Chinese investment in the United States when trump dropped by 90%

The research company Rhodium Group reported that from 2016 to 2018 — during the tenure of us President Donald trump — direct Chinese investment in the us economy decreased from 46 to 5 billion dollars, the newspaper New York Times

In Britain have started to promote antiradicalism

The British company has started a project, the essence of which is to stop attempts to involve people in radical organizations. About it reports the Guardian edition.

Iran reported the defeat of the spy network

Iranian authorities reported the detention of 17 people who worked for the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. All arrests were made within a year, Interfax notes. Spies have already been sentenced, some of them are facing the death penalty.

The Committee on budget and tax presented the order of Stolypin

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev awarded the Stolypin medal of the first degree to the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrei Makarov, as well as the Stolypin medal of the second degree of Deputy Chairman of the Committee Leonid Simanovsky. The relevant document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The awards were given for merits in legislative activity aimed at solving strategic tasks in the sphere of social and economic development of Russia.

The British and Swedes engaged in the development of the sixth generation fighter

The Ministry of defence of Sweden has joined the British project to develop a sixth-generation fighter Tempest. According to Flightglobal, the parties signed a Memorandum of understanding and began to develop joint requirements for a promising combat aircraft.

Center-invest Bank increased its profit by 220% in 2019%

The profit of the Bank “Center-invest” for six months of 2019 amounted to 2.9 billion rubles, told the press service of the credit and financial structure. Compared to the first half of 2018, the Bank’s profit increased 3.2 times.

NOVATEK sold shares in Arctic LNG-2 to Chinese and Japanese companies

NOVATEK closed the deal on selling shares in the project “Arctic LNG 2” Chinese companies CNPC and CNOOC, as well as the consortium of the Japanese state Corporation JOGMEC and Mitsui. They received 10% in the joint venture, as before the French Total.

Gazprom will continue construction of the “South stream»

Gazprom reported that the construction of the linear part of the gas pipeline will increase the productivity of the gas transportation system in the direction of the Krasnodar region and will provide a growing demand for gas in the region, as well as in the Crimea and Stavropol.

In the US came up with the shortest IQ-test

Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) Shane Frederick came up with the shortest IQ test, consisting of only three questions, writes the British tabloid Mirror.

The new test includes the following questions:

1. A tennis racket and a tennis ball together cost $ 1.10. Racket ball more than a dollar. How much is the ball?

2. Five machines of the textile factory produce five things in five minutes. How long will 100 machines make 100 things?

3. Water lilies grow on the lake. Every day their number is doubled. It is known that the water lilies completely cover the entire surface of the lake for 48 days. How many days will it take the water lilies to cover half of the lake?

The most common answers to this test are 10 cents, 100 minutes and 24 days respectively, but they are incorrect. In fact, the correct answers are five cents, five minutes and 47 days.

In Rosstandart offered to narrow Parking spaces on the streets

It is noted that the standard size of Parking can be reduced by half a meter in width and 0.3 meters in length. So, according to the edition, the Parking places located along the road, can narrow to two meters and shorten to 5,5 meters. The width of the passage should not be less than three meters.

The Russian government has approved a single ban on tobacco and electronic cigarettes

The Russian government has supported the project on the distribution of tobacco and electronic cigarettes is no single law regulating their trafficking, consumption and advertising, appropriate feedback is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Bank employees can be banned from using smartphones at work

Bank employees may limit the use of smartphones in the workplace. The initiative to tighten control over employees of financial institutions are the specialized associations — banks of Russia (ADB) and Russian banks (ARB), told “Izvestia” representatives of associations.

More than a quarter of jobs in Russia are provided by small businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) employ 18.3 million people, which is 25.6% of all jobs in the country. Also, 18.6% are legal entities and 7% of workplaces are created by individual entrepreneurs

At the same time, half of the people employed in small and medium-sized businesses are concentrated in only 10 regions of the country. More than 20% of the total are in Moscow, 8% in St. Petersburg.

Entrepreneurs create the most jobs in trade — 31.4%, almost 15% — in manufacturing and 10% — in construction. In some industries, SMEs account for more than half of employment, for example in real estate (95.6 per cent) or in science and technology (more than 50 per cent). There is almost no representation of SMEs in public administration, social security and education.

Usually there are three employees in the micro business, 27 in a small company and 97 in an average one.

In Russia, the number of complaints about the illegal use of personal data has increased

Experts of Roskomnadzor recorded an increase in the number of complaints about the illegal processing of personal data of users, the press service of the Department reported. In particular, it is noted that for the first half of 2019 from citizens and legal list received about 25 thousand complaints about the actions of operators

Solovyov told about the residence permit in Italy

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov responded to the statement of blogger Alexei Navalny about the presence of his residence permit in Italy. The journalist wrote about it in his telegram channel. According to Soloviev, a residence permit in Italy does not give him the right to work and citizenship in this country. He also noted that he has an Italian residence permit for more than 10 years.

70% of Russian citizens do not have a passport

It turns out that not many Russian citizens go to rest abroad. Migration authorities of the Russian Federation report that only about 30% of Russians have a foreign passport. As statistics show, most people go abroad at the age of 25 to 40 years.

The salary of the worker of education

Almost a quarter (23 percent) of education workers in Russia are paid less than 15,000 rubles a month. This writes belonging to Gregory Berezkin edition RBC with reference to the study of Rosstat.

Less than the minimum wage (11.28 thousand rubles) receive 7% of employees of educational institutions in the country. More than 50 thousand RUB receive only 15% of education workers, more than 100 thousand rubles — 3%.

From Yekaterinburg left another major European air carrier

From Yekaterinburg leaves a major European air carrier — airline Finnair from Finland. On October 10, the airline stops flights on the route Helsinki — Ekaterinburg, said the Executive Director of the Ural Association of tourism Mikhail Maltsev Znak.com!

According to Mikhail Maltsev, Finnair remained one of the last European air carriers operating independent flights to Yekaterinburg. Earlier, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air Moldova and other carriers left Koltsovo

Croatia will arrange a nuclear waste dump on the border with Bosnia

Croatia has made the final decision to build a nuclear waste warehouse on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will endanger more than two hundred thousand people

Putin imposed a moratorium on state support for oil field development

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to impose a moratorium on new measures of state support for the development of oil fields before the completion of their inventory, the report said on the Kremlin website.

Manufacturers secretly reduce the size of the packaging of goods

From 2012 to 2018, manufacturers of consumer goods reduced the size of packages by 7-20% depending on the category, analysts found GfK Rus, examining the purchase of 20,000 households. We are talking about packages that differ from the standard liter or kilogram

At the same time, most often manufacturers, reducing the weight or volume of a unit of product, only slightly reduce its cost or even keep the same, experts point out GfK Rus. For example, milk has been sold in retail for many years in packages of 920-985 ml, juices – 900 ml, chocolates – 95-90 g, cereals – 900 g, etc.

In the US, Facebook will charge $5 billion

Recall that in the States in relation to Facebook is a criminal investigation due to a number of transactions concluded with Apple, Amazon and other large companies. Presumably, the transactions involved the transfer of users ‘ personal data to companies.

The Central Bank in the first half of the year revealed more than 80 illegal Forex dealers

The CBR in the first half of 2019 identified more than 80 illegal companies offering services in the Forex market. This was in an interview with TASS said the Director of the Department of combating unfair practices of the Central Bank Valery Lyakh.

“In the first half of the year, we identified seven illegal brokers who were engaged in pseudo-investment of funds in the financial market. 81 the organization illegally offered services in the Forex market, 38 of them operated from abroad, but their sites were designed for the Russian-speaking audience,” he explained.

Released the trailer for the series “Catherine the Great” with Helen Mirren

The official channel HBO published a trailer for the series “Catherine the Great” with Helen Mirren in the title role. The historical mini-series reflects “the turbulent reign of Catherine the great — the monarch and the politician who changed the place of the Russian Empire in the world in the XVIII century,” the channel said.

The Ministry of agriculture of Russia is seeking new benefits for agricultural exports

For the development of agricultural exports, the Ministry of agriculture of Russia is seeking from the government the return of subsidies to support the lending of such supplies, the expansion of tariff benefits for the transportation of grain, as well as the inclusion of a number of logistics investment projects in the sector in a comprehensive plan for the development of backbone infrastructure.

Exporters of agricultural products were deprived of this support against the background of high volumes of agricultural exports at the end of the record harvest of 2017 — in 2018, agricultural exports grew by almost 20%, to $25.8 billion, of which more than 40% were for grain; its annual supplies to foreign markets amounted to 54.8 million tons — with such volumes, the government preferred not to spend state funds on its support.

The accounts chamber opposed the spending of the NWF on export loans

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation warned of the need to postpone the adoption of an amendment to the Budget code, which allows the government to send funds to the national welfare Fund (NWF) for export loans.

79 billion rubles will be spent on the Universiade in Yekaterinburg

More than 79 billion rubles will be spent on the Universiade-2023 in Yekaterinburg. This amount was called the Minister of sports of Sverdlovsk region Leonid Rapoport at a meeting of the budget Committee of the legislative Assembly of the region, writes Znak. Of this amount, 53 billion rubles should come from the Federal budget.

Net profit of Rostec in 2018 increased by 6%

In 2018, rostec increased its net profit by 6% to 128.1 billion rubles. This was announced by the head of the state Corporation Sergey Chemezov at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chemezov asked Putin to recapitalize the UAC for more than 300 billion rubles

The head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to recapitalize the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) for more than 300 billion rubles to cover debts and to create the Russian MS-21 liner. UAC is currently in the process of integration into a “market”.

Rosatom wants to create a Russian geosteering system for oil and gas production

Specialists of the Russian nuclear industry plan within two years to create a modern import-substituting geonavigation system that would be used for the development of oil and gas fields, its development was ordered by the enterprise of the state Corporation “Rosatom” FSUE “electrokhimpribor Combine (Forest, Sverdlovsk region), follows from the materials on the procurement site of Rosatom.

In Russia, there is practically no production of equipment and equipment for modern technologies of directional drilling, and only imported equipment is used for drilling horizontal wells. At the same time, modern technologies for the construction of horizontal wells are based on the use of complex equipment for well research during drilling, according to the terms of reference.

“Only four leading world oil service companies (Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford) have such technologies, which sell only premium services in the oil service market. Thus, there is a situation when the oil and gas industry in Russia is almost completely dependent on foreign technologies in terms of field development, and with the increasing sanctions policy, there are significant restrictions on the development of the industry. Thus, there are prerequisites and incentives for the creation of domestic equipment and equipment for directional and horizontal drilling,” the document says.

“Gazprom” has concluded with “Ushastaya” contract for 51 billion rubles

“Gazprom” and “Rushanabutsu” signed a contract for the construction of “turnkey” for the Kirinskoye gas condensate field, which is part of the complex “Sakhalin-3»

Rating of European countries on the terms of accumulation on the apartment

Analysts of the international consulting company Deloitte investigated how many residents of the European Union will have to pay average salaries for an apartment with an area of 70 “squares”.

In the first place – the citizens of the Czech Republic: for a new apartment in the property should give an average of 11 annual salaries. In second place — the inhabitants of Latvia: they will have to pay an average of 10.1 annual salaries. This is followed by British citizens, whose housing will cost an average salary for 9.4 years. Fourth place — Croatia (7.9 annual salary) and Poland (7.5 annual salary). Sixth place — the inhabitants of Hungary, they will have to pay for the apartment 7.1 annual salary. It is followed by Italy (6.2), Austria (5.7), Denmark (5.1), Norway (5), Belgium (4) and Portugal (3.8), follows from the materials Deloitte.

“Renaissance Credit” increased profits by 35%

Assets at the end of the reporting period reached RUB 162.3 billion Also compared to the first half of 2018, net interest income for the first half of 2019 amounted to RUB 12.4 billion – 30% more, and Commission income increased by 7% and amounted to RUB 4.0 billion.

In 2019, Turkish research institutes received $15.5 billion

According to the published information, in 2018 the Turkish research Institute from the Central budget was transferred 13,024 billion dollars, and allocated in 2019 funds according to initial estimates amounted to 15.5 billion dollars

In accordance with the stated socio-economic objectives, 40.4% of the total allocated for the Institute budget will be spent on the development of the General education system, and 34.4% will be used for research and development in the defense sector, 6.8% — in the sphere of industry and technologies.

U.S. creates a coalition to patrol the Strait of Hormuz

“We are creating a coalition that will ensure the work of sea routes,” us Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. “the President made it clear that we do not want a war with Iran, we just want them to abandon terrorist activity around the world,” the Secretary of state stressed.

He also denied information about the connection of 17 detained Iranians with the CIA.

“Take everything Iran says with skepticism,” Mike Pompeo said.

Trump has agreed with Congress on the ceiling of the us national debt

“I am pleased to announce that with the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi and minority leader in the house of representatives Kevin McCarthy has agreed to the biennial budget and the debt ceiling … it was a real compromise in order to secure another big victory of our great military and the veterans,” trump wrote in his microblog on Twitter

Poland invited Germany to the 80th anniversary of the second world war

The Polish side officially invited Germany to celebrate the beginning of world war II. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the head of Poland Andrzej Duda.

Poland refused to invite Russia to the commemorative events scheduled for September 1 due to the violation of international law in 1939.

In Norway detained desecrated monument to victims of Breivik

In Norway, police detained two people on suspicion of desecrating the monument to the victims of the terrorist attacks of July 22, 2011, committed by Anders Breivik. This is stated in the message of the South-Eastern police district on Twitter.

In the U.S. division of Huawei reduced more than 70% of employees

In the us division of the Chinese company Huawei began large-scale layoffs, reports Reuters, citing information received from the dismissed employees. According to them, the cuts affected more than 70% of the staff of the US-based research center Futurewei Technologies.

In Tokyo presented a robotic mascots of the Olympic games-2020

It remains a year before the Olympic games in Tokyo — in honor of this in Japan organized a special event. It was opened by official robots-talismans Miraitowa and Someity — they were developed by Toyota Motor Corp. The Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020.

The largest Italian Bank will fire thousands of people

The Agency specifies that it is a question of reduction of 10 thousand employees, however the final number isn’t established yet and after approval can appear below. As of the end of the first quarter of this year, the company employed more than 86.2 thousand people.

Putin headed the Council of the organization “Russia – a country of opportunities»

Russian President Vladimir Putin headed the Supervisory Board of Russia is a country of opportunities. The corresponding decree was published on the Kremlin website. In addition to the Supervisory Board of this organization, Putin heads only the Supervisory Board of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI), but he began to oversee this organization as Prime Minister in 2011.

Council members also appointed Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, the Chairman of the Board of Sberbank German Gref, first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Kiriyenko, Minister of science and higher education Mikhail Kotyukov, the Russian presidential aide Andrei Fursenko, the ASI General Director Svetlana Cuphea, as well as the head of the educational Foundation “Talent and success” Elena Shmeleva

Country of opportunity for immigrants

In the Fortune 500 American companies ranking (includes 500 companies with the highest revenue), about 45% were founded by immigrants or their children. This is the study reports in support of immigration group New American Economy (NAE).

Among the largest “immigrant” companies are AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Alphabet, Facebook and, for example, Procter & Gamble. Children of immigrants, in turn, created companies such as Apple, Amazon or Ford Motor. In the list of companies that founded the born in the USA businessmen, Walmart, Exxon and Chevron.

In the amount of such companies over the past year earned $6.1 trillion, estimated by NAE. It’s more than the GDP of Japan, Germany or the UK. In companies of immigrants now working 13.5 million people. On average, they employ 11% more people than companies on the list whose founders were not immigrants, the study notes.

South Korea has accused Russia of violating airspace

Russian aerospace forces bombers twice violated the airspace of South Korea in the sea of Japan, the press service of the Committee of chiefs of staff of the armed forces of the Republic of Korea. The message of the South Korean military leads the local Agency “Yonhap”.

In response to the interception of bombers, South Korean air force fighters were raised. The fighters fired warning shots, the Agency said.

In Venezuela again there was a large-scale power outage

Mass power outage occurred in 16 States of Venezuela, the newspaper El Nacional. It is reported that without electricity remained a number of areas of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, as well as 15 States of the country. It is noted that three of the five metro lines of the Venezuelan capital also stopped working.

Medvedev: Russia has solved the problem of food security

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says that the country’s food security problems have been resolved. At the meeting on the promotion of exports of agricultural products, he noted that the agro-industrial complex in Russia “is growing rapidly” and “it can be seen with the naked eye.”

And now we have the widest choice of products of the Russian production, and our agricultural producers not only can, but also want to enter the foreign markets. That’s understandable. — Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Lukashenko urged the EU to help Ukraine

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called Ukraine a “common misfortune” of Brussels and Minsk, calling on the EU to help stabilize the situation.

“The fact is that this problem is ours with you – we, Ukrainians and you live in the same region. This boil, this headache for the European Union should be eliminated as soon as possible. Therefore, I urge you, no matter how difficult it is for you now, leaving for another country, to convey this signal to the European Union: Ukraine needs support,” Lukashenka said, addressing the head of the EU mission in Belarus Andrea Victorin, BelTA Agency reports.

Trump discussed with the heads of Google, Intel and Cisco the situation around Huawei

The President of the United States Donald trump met Monday with heads of such companies as Google, Intel, Cisco and others to discuss the situation around Huawei, and agreed promptly to consider the question of issuing licenses to trade with her a number of companies, said in a statement the White house

Huawei secretly helped North Korea to create a wireless network

The American newspaper The Washington Post suspected the Chinese company Huawei that it “secretly helped the DPRK authorities to create a wireless network.” As reported by the publication with reference to “internal documents” and sources, Huawei used Panda International Information Technology as a supply channel for equipment to North Korea.

Revealed the location of the secret satellites of the United States

The European space Agency (ESA), based on information from Russia, showed the location of the secret American satellites in geostationary orbit. This is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the relevant document.

Kim Jong UN inspected the new submarine, created in DPRK

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN inspected a new submarine designed for the Navy of the Republic. This was reported on Tuesday by the Agency ctac. It placed a photo of the leader of the country against the background of the submarine, located in the dock, but it can be seen only partially.

The punishment for a fake of mineral water is proposed to increase

Russia has offered to toughen responsibility for a fake of mineral water. This was told to journalists by the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia”, a member Of the state Duma Committee on security and anti-corruption Adalbi Shkhagoshev.

Putin abolished the Russian sanctions against Eritrea

Vladimir Putin signed a decree to lift sanctions against Eritrea. The document was published on the official portal of legal information. Restrictive measures against the African country acted in accordance with the UN security Council resolution 1907 adopted on December 23, 2009.

Russia and China decided to agree on military cooperation

The Russian defense Ministry will hold talks with China on the conclusion of an agreement on military cooperation. This is stated in the order signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and published on the official portal of legal information

In the Kaliningrad region formed a division of the Maritime police

The unit moves on high-speed boats BL-680, equipped with firearms, traumatic pistols and other modern weapons

German Navy adopted the latest helicopter NH90 Sea Lion

Prizvodit helicopter company Airbus Helicopters. The new NH90 Sea Lion will replace the obsolete British helicopter Westland Sea King Mk.41, which has been in service since 1973. It is expected that the German Navy will receive 18 combat vehicles from 2019 to 2022

Slipknot released a new music video for the song of the Solway Firth

The song will be included on the band’s new album, “We Are Not Your Kind”. Murder, masks, madness, shooting, aggression, cheering – all of this can be found in the new clip of the American band Slipknot, which was published on the official page of the band on YouTube on July 22.

Britain will send a nuclear submarine to Iran

We are talking about the submarine type “Estyut” displacement of 7.8 thousand tons. This nuclear-powered submarine is equipped with six bow torpedo tubes and is also capable of carrying cruise and anti-ship missiles. It is also reported that the Bay will send Marines.

The CEC will recheck the signatures of unregistered candidates to the Moscow city Duma

The head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova said that the Agency will recheck the signatures of unregistered candidates for the elections to the Moscow city Duma.

“Of course, because of the protest, which was held on Saturday, many Muscovites learned about the future elections to the Moscow city Duma, but this may not affect the final turnout. Everything will depend on how the election events will develop further,” Pamfilova explained.

Four-year-old girl died from beatings in Dagestan

The four-year-old girl died as a result of beatings in January of the current year in Dagestan, on suspicion of deliberate causing serious harm to health which entailed death, the stepmother of the dead is detained. On Monday, the Republican interior Ministry reported on its page in Instagram.

India launched the moon probe and Rover station

It is planned that the station will reach the moon in at least five weeks. The carrier rocket will deliver the satellite of the Earth the spacecraft from the interplanetary space station, spokeman device and šestikolesnym a Rover with instruments to study the local soil, according to The New York Times.

The Russian woman sued 100 thousand rubles for a criminal case because of memes

Accused of extremism because of the publication of memes in a social network “Vkontakte” the inhabitant of Barnaul Maria Matuska achieved compensation for illegal criminal prosecution.

The Ministry of culture of Russia will allocate money for cartoons

The Ministry of culture supported the creation of 50 new cartoons for children. The Department allocated money from the state budget for their production. The amount of funds is not specified.

“50 cartoons for children will receive state support. This, in particular, new issues of “Merry-go-round”, as well as “the adventures of Peter and the wolf” and “Umka”, – said on the website of the Ministry of culture.

The British revived the legendary Jaguar XJ13 in 1966

Ecurie Cars introduced the LM69, which will be a rethinking of the Jaguar XJ13 concept. Representatives of the company said that the new model was built as if the team Ecurie Ecosse found an abandoned prototype XJ13 and prepared it for the race in Le Mans in 1969.

Christina Aguilera will give her first solo concert in Moscow

American pop singer Christina Aguilera will perform a solo concert in Moscow for the first time. The winner of five Grammy awards will give a concert at the VTB arena stadium, the press service of the organizer (SAV Entertainment company) told reporters.

The first concept art of the eternal Is presented

The art Director of Marvel Studio Thomas Polito presented the first concept art to the screen version of comics under the name “Eternal”. The illustration was published on his official Twitter channel. The film will star Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, MA don-SOK and other actors.

Tom Hiddleston has announced a release date for the series is “Loki»

British actor Tom Hiddleston, who played the role of God Loki in the marvel film universe, said that a separate television series about his character will be released on may 7, 2021, according to The Guardian.

In Novokuznetsk opened “street art Week»

In total, about 20 guests from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Germany received an invitation to the festival, the KYRGYZ Republic reports. When the festival is over, the new look will be boring economic blocks, arches in houses, trolleybuses and trams.

Announced the competition program of the festival “Shorter»

The competition program of the festival “Shorter” included 37 films. Only two paintings were shown at other sites, the rest of the tape viewers will see for the first time. 1649 tapes from 49 regions of Russia and 43 countries participated in the selection.

“023-St Paris — Moscow”, the Director of Miloslava Elected
Blink, directed by Polina Liske
Memorio, Director Vadim Gord
S, Director Ilya Sherstobitov
Terra Incognita, directed by Anton Mamykin
“White on black”, directed by Anton Mamykin
“Blank”, directed by Nikita Vlasov
“Rise”, Director Eugene Kowalski
“Bugler and drummer”, directed by Ilya Tikhanovich
“Thesis”, directed by Richard Ramos
“Wild”, Director Irina Hodjush
“Woman”, directed by Anna Zaytseva
“Incognito”, directed by Maxim Rozhkov
“Interview”, directed by Ivan Sosnin
“What do you mean”, directed by Vasilis Brankova, Nadia Krutko
“Guard”, Director Raul Heydarov
“Buy Dollhouse”, Director Maxim Kulkov
“The course of positive thinking”, directed by Dasha Virov
“Manifesto”, directed by Tikhon Penguin, Daniil Zinchenko
“Marina”, directed by Gregory Kalinin, Alexey Ilyin
“The exchange”, directed by Aksinya Gog
“Robbery at the rate”, directed by Andrey Bulatov
“Careful, fragile!”directed by Gleb sukovatykh
“Reflection”, directed by Nikita Chvanov
“Dad”, directed by Karina Chuvikova
“Daddy’s daughter”, directed by Evgeny Chubarov
“Submariner”, directed by Alexander N. Nazarov
“Powder, go!”directed by Sasha Potapova
“Hello, weapons”, directed by Elena Nodel
“Goodbye Amsterdam”, Director Natalia Shinelev
“Happiness in the form of poverty”, directed by Aigul Shamsutdinova
“Calf”, directed by Victoria Rozova
“Drop Dead, Juliet!”directed by Maxim Shabalin
“Factor”, Director Vitaly Dudnik
“The format of the butterfly”, directed Love Knyazeva
“Honest word”, directed by Polina Torshilova
“Ether”, directed by Daria Sviridenko

On the grave of the writer Voynovich installed sculpture soldier Chonkin

The sculpture of the main character of the novel by Vladimir Voinovich “Life and extraordinary adventures of soldier Ivan Chonkin” appeared on the grave of the writer at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow. TASS reported on Monday the widow of the writer Svetlana Kolesnichenko.

Trailer for “Beautiful day next door” with Tom Hanks

The first trailer of the biographical drama “Beautiful day in the neighborhood” was published in YouTube. The main roles in the film were played by Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese. The Director of the movie was made by Marielle Heller, the writers — Mika Fitterman-blue and Noah Harpster

In the Kazan Kremlin will host a festival of TAT CULT FEST

The Kazan Kremlin will host the festival of new Tatar culture TAT CULT FEST on August 30. The program of one of the main summer events – more than 30 live performances, performances, film screenings, lectures, art objects, design market, activity from bloggers, children’s program. This was reported by the press service of the festival.

Performers from different cities of Russia and countries of the world will take the stage. Among them are representatives of Australia, Austria, Finland and Poland. Much attention will also be paid to the theatrical stage

Apple is ready to pay a billion us dollars for Intel modem business

Apple is in talks to purchase a division of Intel engaged in the production of modems for smartphones. This was reported by the wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the issue.

Roskomnadzor did not see violations in the leakage of customer data Ozon

Earlier it became known about the appearance of an open access database with e-mail addresses and passwords of 450 thousand customers of the online store. In a statement, Ozon said that 390 thousand accounts were created by bots.

Scammers are spreading fake versions of the FaceApp application

According to ESET, scammers attract users with the promise of “free” installation of faceapp application on the smartphone. For this purpose, specially created fake sites are used, as a rule, with the extension “.pro”. But several fraudulent offers were found in Google Play and YouTube.

Apple will release new Apple Watch next year

Thanks to the new microLED displays, Apple watches will become brighter, thinner, and will reduce battery consumption. Apple is discussing with Taiwanese display manufacturer the use of microLED in the new Apple Watch, which should appear in 2020

Dell G5 and G7 gaming laptops

Two gaming laptops that fit perfectly in the room and in the Dorm. The G5 features a 15.6-inch FHD display, an Intel Core i7 processor, an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, a 256 GB SSD boot drive, a 1 TB hard drive, and 16 GB of RAM.

QuickBit stock exchange confirmed the leakage of data of 300 thousand customers

Marketplace QuickBit from Sweden confirmed the data breach 300 thousand customers, writes CoinDesk, citing investor information of the company. The publication says that the vulnerability appeared during the security update, which was carried out by a third-party contractor.

Google Pixel 4 will get a separate sensor for gesture control

The Network posted images of the front panel of the new item, which provides holes for various sensors. One of them is located on the right and larger than the others – it will be located sensors project Soli system, which will read the gestures of the user.

Human faces for a five-dollar coupon

In the process of working on the next generation of Pixel smartphones, Google collects data to improve the face recognition function. Employees of the Corporation go to public places in major American cities and offer to make a selfie on their phone to some people. Those who agreed, in return, are given a coupon for a discount of five dollars when buying at Amazon or Starbucks.

Released the most powerful smartphone in the world

ASUS has produced a gaming smartphone ROG Phone II, which experts called the most powerful smartphone in the world. Sales of this gadget are expected to start in September 2019. Its cost can range from $900.

Apple patents mixed reality headset

Apple has filed a patent for a complex mixed-reality headset, potentially including sensors that track the user’s facial features, eyes, and hands.


The Estonian company Nobe announced one of the most extraordinary cars of our time — Nobe 100. The novelty is strikingly different from the classic cars and interesting in several ways. One of its main features is the ability to Park directly on the wall.

Patriot Memory introduced SSD P200 with capacity up to 2 TB

The modern SMI 2258XT controller (used for 256 GB – 1 TB capacities, 2 TB disks are available with the MAXIMO controller), provides SSD P200 data transfer rate up to 530 MB/s (read) and up to 460 MB/s (write), increasing system performance.

Tesla opened the first station with almost 40 supercharger V3 charges

Tesla introduced the Supercharger V3 charging station in early March. Since then, Tesla has installed two such charges, and one of them is simply at the company’s factory. And now we can say that supercharger V3 stations have become available to ordinary consumers.

Google Assistant will allow you to send messages from the lock screen

In the latest beta version of the application appeared the command “Send text”, which works directly from the lock screen, writes the resource iXBT.Now Google Assistant can tell the assistant to send a message to any contact, and dictate the text, while the smartphone will remain locked.

Whatsapp spyware can steal data

Earlier this year, there was news that a vulnerability in WhatsApp allowed the introduction of spyware into phones with a simple call that does not need to be answered, as well as leaving no trace. The software was developed by a secretive Israeli firm called the NSO Group.

Hyperloop capsule dispersed to record speed

Last year at the competition Hyperloop Pod record was also set by a team from the Munich technical University — it was 457 km/h (by the way, the same team set a record in 2017). Now the contestants were able to improve the time by accelerating the capsule to 463 km/h.

Still not hatched Chicks can warn each other about the danger

Birds warn their young screams. But scientists were able to determine that alarms and recognize an unhatched Chicks. Moreover, if an adult gull is not around, then the Chicks who sensed the danger can warn their brethren with the vibration of eggs.

Received new connection form helium and water

Chinese experts, together with British scientists, have found previously unknown phases of water – helium connection. The new substance simultaneously exhibits the properties of liquid and solid, being stable even under atmospheric pressure. The results are described in Nature Physics.

“We have identified several new superionic phases of water with helium — the behavior of the substance in some of them is very unusual and requires further research,” the project participants from the PRC report.

Doctors debunked popular myths about testosterone

Experts have studied how testosterone affects the male body. With the help of research, experts were able to debunk a number of the most popular myths about this hormone. So, scientists said that testosterone does affect the excitement of men, but the very sexual attraction is formed in the head.

In St. Petersburg created a robot that reads lips

In St. Petersburg, experts managed to create a robot that understands sign language, reads lips. It is expected that this technology will be used to help deaf and dumb people and consult them in supermarkets.

The neural network was trained to recognize fake photos

To recognize the neural network checks the pixel boundaries of objects in the image, the Problem of fake photos on the Internet is quite acute, so the ability to quickly identify questionable images is extremely important for checking news and messages.

The brightest fluorescent protein found

Scientists from the US, France and Australia have discovered, cloned and described nine new fluorescent proteins from aequorea victoria jellyfish and related species. Among them, the most striking of the now well-known. The article devoted to the opening was published on the bioRxiv Preprint server.

Scientists from Cambridge taught the robot to collect lettuce

British engineers have created a robot farmer who can recognize the Mature heads of lettuce and carefully cut them. Field tests have shown that he is wrong only in 15% of cases.

The state Duma adopted a law on the register of deprived parental rights

The state Duma in the third reading adopted a law on the creation of a register of unscrupulous guardians, reports ia REGNUM July 23. In the register will fall and citizens deprived of parental rights. Thus, the state Duma adopted the law proposed by the President of the Russian Federation in 2017.

Cars will be assigned a license plate for the region of registration of owners

The state Duma adopted a bill under which cars will be assigned state numbers for the region of registration of the owner.

Telegram showed the best sales growth among social networks and messengers

Experts explain the demand for advertising in Telegram as “progressive, active and solvent audience”. In social networks, half of online sales accounted for “Vkontakte”, and in six months they increased by 53%. As an advertising platform, Russian Twitter showed good growth — 141%.

The list of principles of healthy nutrition developed for Russians

Experts of Rospotrebnadzor have developed a list of principles of healthy eating, which must be followed by all Russians to preserve and promote health. The list of recommendations is published on the Agency’s website

Became known the details of the tragedy at the deep-sea station as-31

According to the newspaper “Kommersant” all the crew after the fire on Board could still be evacuated to the carrier boat, but chose to act in strict accordance with the “Guidelines for the struggle for survivability.” Submariners, according to participants of investigation, to the last struggled for survival stations, spending on suppression of fires all onboard tools. Died hydronauts from the explosion of the battery, when their aid came the members of the relief crew.

Deep-water stations such as as-31 for a long time were equipped with silver-zinc batteries, which were produced in Ukraine. After the complication of relations with this country, the batteries AC-31, which is under warranty service of the manufacturer, was replaced by Russian lithium-ion batteries.

That day the music stopped playing on Iranian radio and television

On this day in 1979, the spiritual leader of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini banned the broadcast of music due to the fact that it corrupts young people.

“Western music is no different from opium; it dulls the senses of the people who listen to it and makes their minds inactive”

Higher education and successful career in Russia

The majority (70%) of Russians believe that it is not necessary to have a higher education to get a high-paying job, according to a survey conducted by the VTSIOM. It is reported by TASS.

In addition, 68% of respondents doubt that education is necessary in principle for a successful career, and 65% believe that the lack of a diploma does not lead to low-paid non-prestigious work.

Post office six years delivered a postcard from Vietnam to Magnitogorsk

Family from Magnitogorsk in 2013 went to rest in Vietnam. There, the townspeople celebrate the New year. The Magnitogorsk has a tradition – to send postcards from the resorts to their homeland.

“In 2013, we celebrated the New year in Vietnam. Traditionally, we sent ourselves a postcard. July 2019, the card came,” — said in a statement published by a resident of Magnitogorsk on the portal Pikabu.

Residents of Yekaterinburg went to the rally because of heating bills

Residents of Vtorchermet came bills for July, which are offered to pay the debts of December. After that citizens came to meeting. The utility bills with the recalculation on the graph “heating” received hundreds of residents of Vtorchermet — houses on the streets Agronomic, health, 32-go a military camp.

Russians will be left without payment terminals

Some regions of Russia may be left without payment terminals. This is due to the new requirements for cash registers (CCT), suggested the head of the legal Department of the Association of banks of Russia (ADB) Sergey Klimenko. His words leads RIA Novosti

The Central Bank has proposed to cancel the tax deduction for the purchase of foreign shares

The Central Bank is discussing with deputies and participants of the financial market the possibility to prohibit citizens from purchasing securities of foreign companies on individual investment accounts (IIS), three sources in the financial market told RBC.

The influx of migrants to Russia has updated the maximum for the last 10 years

Migration population growth increased sharply in the first months of 2019, from 57.1 thousand people in January-April 2018 to 98 thousand in January-April 2019, the study said. According to experts, the reason for such a sharp increase could be the underestimation of migrants in 2018.

Putin instructed to check the scheme of reverse leasing of cars for individuals

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General’s office with the participation of Rosfinmonitoring and the Central Bank to check the scheme of reverse leasing of cars for individuals, the report said on the Kremlin website.

Business will be able to move to Russia from any country

The SARS were created in the summer of 2018 to support sanctioned companies registered abroad. They should invest in Russia at least 50 million rubles for six months after registration. In return, they are promised low tax rates and easing of control.

Russia has adopted a bill to stimulate the extraction of rare metals

Under the new rules, from January 1, 2020, the mineral extraction tax (met) will decrease from 8% to 4.8%. This tax is levied on 37 rare metals, including:

  • Lithium
  • Rubidium
  • Cesium
  • Beryllium
  • Strontium
  • Bismuth

Now Russian companies are buying rare metals abroad. Deputies believe that because of this, domestic companies do not extract metals in Russia. And in the extraction of other minerals, rare metals are disposed of together with waste.

In China since the beginning of the year more than 250 thousand officials punished for corruption

The Chinese authorities in the first half of 2019 brought to justice 254 thousand officials, including 20 high-ranking civil servants, for corruption and disciplinary offenses, according to the report of the Central Commission for the inspection of discipline of the Central Committee of the CPC and the state Committee for supervision.

China started exporting used cars to Russia

Guangdong province (South China) was the first in China to export used cars to Russia, Cambodia, Nigeria and Myanmar. On Tuesday, the newspaper China Daily, citing the Ministry of Commerce of China. According to the Agency, the first batch included 300 cars

In new York forbade to remove claws from cats

New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law prohibiting the removal of claws in cats. According to the politician, this is an inhumane procedure, the new York Daily News reports.

Boris Johnson will be the new Prime Minister of great Britain

During the vote, Johnson scored 92 153 votes, and his rival, the current British foreign Minister Jeremy hunt – 46 656 votes. On Wednesday, July 24, Johnson will become Prime Minister of the country — after the current Prime Minister Theresa may resigns.

Carriers of Internet rumors in China will soon be able to wean from the Internet

Those blacklisted will be excluded from access to the Internet, use of information services or the opportunity to return to business activity in a particular area for up to three years.

Who will simplify obtaining a residence permit in Russia

The state Duma in the third reading adopted a law that simplifies the provision of certain categories of foreign citizens a temporary residence permit and a residence permit in Russia, according to the Agency’s website.

“Those who are connected with our country by their roots and speak Russian, who have relatives here, who have received education here and are ready to work for the benefit of Russia, should not face bureaucratic red tape. All necessary documents for the residence of such citizens in Russia should be issued as soon as possible,” – said the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

The state Duma of Russia approved the bill on “all-Russian renovation»

Today, the lower house of the Russian Parliament approved a scandalous bill, which in social networks has already been called the “all-Russian renovation” for the seizure of land from citizens. As the correspondent of RIA “New Day”, the document was adopted in the second reading 321 votes “for” at 56 “against»

Russian Duma passed a bill to ban unjustified arrest of businessmen

The state Duma in the third reading adopted a bill banning extend the period of detention of entrepreneurs if the criminal case is not conducted active investigations, according to the website of the lower house of Parliament.

Former state Duma Deputy, Konstantin Borovoy asked for political asylum in the United States

The former Chairman of the economic freedom Party, Konstantin Borovoy, sought political asylum in the United States. He said this in an interview with the radio station “Voice of America”. According to him, at the end of 2014, he “decided not to tempt fate” and moved to Los Angeles. The former state Duma Deputy claims that he was constantly being followed in Russia, which is why he had to leave the country urgently.

The state Duma adopted a law on benefits for the militias of Dagestan

The state Duma adopted in the third reading the law on giving the militias of Dagestan the status of veterans, providing for their monthly cash payments. The law concerns citizens who fought with militants in Dagestan in 1999. The document was introduced following the results of the “Direct line” of the Russian President.

Pakistan called the condition of renunciation of nuclear weapons

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that Islamabad is ready to give up nuclear weapons if new Delhi takes the same steps, Fox News reports.

“Yes,” Khan said in an interview with the TV channel, answering the question whether Pakistan is ready to mirror the possible refusal of India from nuclear weapons.

“Because nuclear war is not an option. And the idea of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan means self-destruction,” the Prime Minister added, Recalling that the length of the border between India and Pakistan is almost 3 thousand kilometers.

South Korea will build its own aircraft carrier

South Korea has already purchased 40 F-35A fighters and received the first batch of four units of such machines. Therefore, it is highly likely that the Koreans will continue to acquire these models for aircraft carriers.

The first armored car with an electric motor is being tested in Turkey

The Turkish defence company Otokar has started demonstration tests of the first armored vehicle equipped with an electric motor, called “Akrep IIe” (“Scorpion”), which is the first representative of the promising family of armored vehicles “Akrep II”.