25 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/24/2020

The Russian government is working on the idea of hedging price risks for oil and gas revenues, similar to the mechanism used by Mexico to buy put options.

President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to consider this possibility in order to protect state revenues from a sharp drop in energy prices. According to the authors of the initiative, the government can buy oil put options at the expense of the national welfare Fund, which receives budget revenues from oil prices exceeding the level of $ 42.4/bbl. (the cut-off price for the budget rule for 2020).

How hedging works:

The main tool is the purchase of put options. The option buyer gets the right to sell oil at a certain fairly high price (for example, $50). The second party undertakes to buy oil at this price. If the market price of oil is already high (for example, $70), the owner of the option may not use it, but simply sell the oil on the market – at $70. But if prices fall (for example, to $20), he can use the option – and sell oil at the agreed price of $50, softening the failure.

Put options are expensive. For example, Mexico paid about $1 billion in 2020 to hedge revenue from its oil and gas exports. Russia exports three times as much, and options have not yet been bought in such volumes. In addition, if oil prices do not sink – it turns out that the money to buy options is spent in vain, so the Ministry of Finance may not support this idea.

Kadyrov said that Putin awarded him the military rank of major General

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov the military rank of major General. Kadyrov wrote about this on his page in Vkontakte.

“I am grateful to Vladimir Putin for conferring a new title, as well as for everything he does for the development of our great state. I have always said and repeat that I am a loyal foot soldier of our President, ready to fulfill his orders of the highest complexity on any continent, ” Kadyrov said.

On pension indexing as a goal of national projects

A document signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday corrects the goals of national projects that the Kremlin launched in 2018, promising an economic and technological breakthrough.

Putin’s may decree of 3 years ago set 9 goals that need to be implemented by 2024, including “increasing the level of pension provision above the level of inflation”.

This wording has been removed from the decree-2020. Now the government is required to ensure ” a steady increase in the level of pension security not lower than inflation.”

Let it hang for everyone’s happiness

Ella Pamfilova, who yesterday called the appearance of the poll in the CEC’s Twitter about the multi-day vote (after which it was deleted) “stupid”, today presented a new version of its disappearance and sudden reappearance.

Just a poor girl, inexperienced, who was sitting as an administrator when obscenities went on Twitter, got scared and wanted to delete them, and as a result, everything was deleted. I didn’t know about it, we didn’t even know that they had posted these polls, much less that they had removed them. So I said it was stupid to put it up, but it was even more stupid to clean it up. I gave the command: let it hang. We are not afraid of this, we know the value of these so-called polls. Let it hang for everyone’s happiness, ” the head of the CEC said.


St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov signed a law prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages in bars and cafes with halls less than 50 square meters.


Beijing does not recognize the passport of a British citizen abroad

Beijing may not recognize the passport of a British national abroad (BN (O)) held by some Hong Kong residents as a valid document for leaving China. This was stated at a briefing by Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. We are talking about residents of Hong Kong who were born before its transfer to China in 1997.

Russia opens borders:

  • On August 1, flights to Britain, Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul) and Tanzania resume
  • Flights to Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman (Turkey) will resume on August 10
  • The flights will only serve the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don
  • To enter Russia you need to have a negative test for coronavirus

The government approved the procedure for transferring tours:

  • those whose vacation was disrupted will be offered to reschedule the trip until December 31, 2021, without additional payments
  • tour operators will notify travel agents about the possibility of postponing the trip until September 24, and they will immediately inform tourists if they do not have time – they will have to return the money to the client
  • a tourist can refuse to transfer – then they will simply get their money back, also until December 31, 2021

Severodvinsk supports residents of the Khabarovsk territory

Not indifferent people came to the Central square of Severodvinsk — in solidarity with the protest of Khabarovsk residents, against another insult and lawlessness of our Supreme power in relation to its people

Parking in Sheremetyevo can be paid for with Aeroflot miles

There is another way to spend Aeroflot miles: you can now use them to pay for Parking at Sheremetyevo airport. This is done via the mobile app – in the “Spend miles” section, the “Parking for miles” section has appeared. Here you need to scan the Parking ticket with your smartphone camera, after which the Parking will be considered paid and you will be able to leave through the barrier. You can also enter the ticket number (ParkID) manually.

Russia’s plans for collecting taxes and fees

The Ministry of Finance of Russia plans to increase the collection of taxes and fees to a level of at least 99% in 2024, according to the draft plan of the Ministry for 2020-2025. According to the plan, in the coming years, the collection of taxes and fees will grow smoothly: in 2020, it should be 98.72%, in 2021 — 98.79%, in 2022 — 98.86%, in 2023 — 98.93%.

“According to the aggregated tax reports, the collection rate for the main taxes varies, but in 2019 the total was above 100%. You can calculate a value greater than 100%. for example, if the payment did not occur during the accrual period or a partial refund is expected, there are other options. We must understand that in many respects these figures, as well as the target 99%, are conditional”

Even the borders closed to Russians didn’t prevent it

The daughter of the presidential press Secretary, Elizabeth Peskova, who was in Russia in recent months, boasted of fresh photos from Paris on her Instagram, “Open media” noticed. For Russians, entry to Europe is still officially closed, but Peskova turned out to have a residence permit in France, she explained to her subscribers.

But there is one subtlety: Peskova assures that she has a special residence permit for foreigners-graduates of French universities — they are issued to former students to find work in this country (nothing was known about the fact that Elizabeth planned to work in France). Moreover, such documents are issued to graduates of master’s programs — but Peskova graduated in Paris only with a bachelor’s degree, and to study for a master’s degree, she returned to Russia and entered MGIMO

Steven Seagal left the joint business with Senator Alexander Babakov

Steven Seagal got rid of a stake in a Russian company that he founded less than two weeks ago. The actor’s partner was a member of the Federation Council, Alexander Babakov, who has been sanctioned by the US Treasury since 2017. Now both businessmen have resigned from the company’s shareholders, “Open media” has learned.

China demanded to close the us Consulate General in Chengdu

China has demanded that the US Consulate General in Chengdu, Sichuan province, cease operations, according to a statement on the Chinese foreign Ministry’s website.

Earlier, the US demanded that China close the Consulate General in Houston. The Chinese foreign Ministry called the decision a political provocation and said it would take retaliatory actions.

️The Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce an income tax on robots

The Institute of progressive education suggested that the Ministry of Finance introduce an income tax on working robots that replace people, Izvestia writes.

It is assumed that employers will be required to pay a tax comparable to 13% of the average salary in a profession performed by robots. The funds received will be sent to the Fund for retraining vulnerable professions.

Which of the Russian billionaires according to Forbes got rich the most during the pandemic

Leonid Boguslavsky. Was: $1.5 billion, became: $2.8 billion (growth + 88%)

Suleiman Kerimov and family. Was: $10 billion, became: $18.6 billion (growth + 86%)

Arkady Volozh. Was: $1.2 billion, became: $2.1 billion (+75% growth)

Oleg Tinkov. Was: $1.6 billion, became: $2.6 billion (growth + 63%)

Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Was: $1.5 billion, became: $2.3 billion (growth +53%)

Increase in draft evasion from service in the Russian army

Military investigators have noted a sharp spike in this year’s cases of conscripts evading service in the Russian army, the press service of the Main military investigative Department (GVSU) Investigative Committee (IC).

“Among crimes against military service, the number of cases of evasion from military service by simulating illness or otherwise has increased significantly (by 1.7 times),” the press service said.

The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict took place this night in Moscow.

According to eyewitnesses, groups of Azerbaijanis stopped and beat cars with Armenian license plates and people who were in them. Several people were taken to the hospital, including with stab wounds. After the conflict, representatives of the Armenian Diaspora came out to patrol the streets.

The Crimean authorities reported on a million tourists who arrived in the Republic

Sergey Aksenov said in his ” VK ” that many 4-5-star hotels sold 100% of the rooms for July-August inclusive, and the average number of rooms in the Crimea is filled by 70%. In total, 727 resorts and hotels in Crimea have committed themselves to work during the holiday season.

“The level and depth of hotel and sanatorium reservations for September-October continue to grow. As of today, July 24, Crimea has received the first million tourists. The volume of tourist traffic is unprecedented. According to the Ministry of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Crimea, the occupancy rate of hotels on the South Bank reaches 95%.”

Ramzan Kadyrov imposed sanctions on Mike Pompeo.

Up to the point of blocking his accounts in local banks. Also, the head of Chechnya said that the American politician organized the murder of George Floyd.

Recover damages for the accident in Norilsk from the personal funds of the shareholders of Norilsk Nickel.

Valentina Matvienko said that no money will be received from the income tax, since the government promised that neither the regional nor municipal budget will suffer from compensation. Senators are going to organize a field meeting in Norilsk with the participation of Norilsk Nickel shareholders for a thorough review of the emergency.


The Chef of the Ulyanovsk restaurant went with his menu to the building of the regional government to draw attention to the problems of the restaurant business. The police considered the action a single picket, and now he faces a fine of 30 thousand rubles.


In Italy, the network of organizers of fake weddings is revealed

The financial guard of Italian Livorno uncovered a network of organizers of fake weddings that allowed foreigners to get a residence permit in Italy. The suspects in the investigation were 56 people – among them Italian citizens, people from North Africa and South America. The organizer of the scheme-a 55-year-old Dominican-was arrested. For five years of working as a “wedding agent”, he combined a fictitious marriage of 24 couples, which, according to investigators, brought him 150-200 thousand euros of income.

New trailer for “bill and Ted” with Keanu Reeves has been published

A new trailer for the third part of the Comedy film series “bill and Ted”, which has been released since 1989, has been released. The main roles were again played by Keanu Reeves and Alex winter.

A consumer crisis is brewing in Russia

Russia was among the five European countries with the worst consumer sentiment-along with Greece, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain. The consumer confidence index of Russians in the second quarter of this year fell by 19% compared to the first to minus 30%.

According to the HSE, in previous crises, the index fell more strongly: for example, in 2015 – to minus 32%, in 2009-to minus 35%, and in 1998-1999 – to minus 45%. But the peculiarity of this year is in the rapidity of the fall: the indicator collapsed in just one quarter.

The state Duma adopted the law on tax maneuver in the IT industry in the 3rd reading

The state Duma of Russia adopted the law on tax maneuver in the IT industry in the third and final reading. The bill was prepared by the Federal government on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President announced the tax maneuver in the IT sphere on June 23 in his address to the citizens of Russia.

Starting from January 1, 2021, income tax rates for IT firms will be significantly reduced (from the current 20% to 3%). Also, starting next year, IT companies will pay 7.6% to state extra-budgetary funds instead of 14%. The Pension Fund will be paid 6%, 1.5% in social insurance and 0.1% in the MMI. The benefit on insurance premiums will be unlimited.


Russian IT companies have threatened to move abroad

The Association of the largest Russian it companies in an open letter warned of the threat of transferring their activities abroad due to the persecution of business. The organization offered to conduct a “legal maneuver” in the industry

We are talking about searches in the National computer Corporation, as well as in the companies Merlion, “jet Infosystems”, “AI-Teko” and Maykor, which were reported by the publication TAdviser on June 15. As the reason for the investigative actions, a case of cartel collusion in the supply of equipment for the Central election Commission, opened by the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) in 2016, was named.

Russian Finance Ministry plans to reduce the number of state-owned companies

By 2025, the number of companies with state participation should be reduced by about one and a half times — to 961, RIA Novosti reports, referring to the draft plan of the Ministry of Finance for 2020-2025. According to this document, the number of state — owned companies should decrease every year: in 2020 to 1,465, in 2021 to 1,319, in 2022 to 1,187, and in 2023 to 1,068.

Ice class tanker delivered LNG from Yamal to Japan for the first time

For the first time, the ice class Arc7 Vladimir Rusanov tanker delivered liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Yamal field to the Japanese port of Yokohama. This was reported by NHK on July 24. The ship covered the route from Yamal to Japan in two weeks, passing also by the Northern sea route.

Russia proposes to introduce a new levy on sales of alcohol and tobacco

Sultan khamzaev, a member of the Public chamber of Russia and head of the Federal project “Sober Russia”, proposed to levy an additional fee for the development of health care from the profit from sales of alcohol and tobacco. A copy of the letter addressed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is available to RT.

“Gazprom” has finally gone from Latvia

Gazprom has sold its stake in Conexus Baltic Grid, the operator of Latvia’s gas transmission system. He owned 34% of GTS shares, the energy company said in a statement.

Russian software will cost banks 150 billion rubles

ADB estimated the cost of the banking system to switch to domestic SOFTWARE at 5-7% of its own funds. In monetary terms, the costs for a number of banks will range from 90 million to 150 billion rubles. On average, spending on the market is estimated at more than 700 billion rubles.

Zelensky together with the Swiss President visited the Donbass

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the head of Switzerland Simonetta Sommaruga called for the Ukraine-controlled part of Donbass on a working visit. During the visit, the heads of state met with representatives of the OSCE Special monitoring mission and the International Committee of the red cross.

Mitsubishi will stop producing the Pajero SUV in 2021

It is worth noting that the fourth Pajero has been assembled for 14 years, and due to reduced demand, it was decided to withdraw it from production. By the way, the SUV is still being exported from this car factory. The last batch was sent to Russia in 2019.

Putin instructed to create the national Park “Salair” in the Altai

President Vladimir Putin issued an instruction to the government and regional authorities to create the Salair national Park in the Altai territory. Earlier, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin ordered the creation of the “Bear Islands” reserve in Yakutia.

The European Commission is going to allocate 1.2 billion euros to Ukraine

Deputy head of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis and Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal signed an agreement on the allocation of macroeconomic assistance of 1.2 billion euros in order to combat the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, TASS reports.

The Russian army will receive a new Barguzin missile system

Russian missile forces will receive a new Barguzin missile system in the next 3-5 years. This was stated by Vladimir Evseev, an expert in the field of strategic weapons. Previously, it was assumed that the missile system would be created before 2018, but in 2017, work was suspended.

Poland is concerned about Kaliningrad’s “fullness” of weapons

This was told to local journalists by an employee Of the center for Eastern studies in Warsaw, Andrzej Wilk. The specialist added that officials are dissatisfied with the expansion of the Russian army’s capabilities in recent years. Vilk noted that most of the Russian airborne troops are located in the Western military district.

Amazon has renewed the series “Boys” for a third season

American TV series about superheroes ” Boys” has been renewed for a third season. The display will take place on the Amazon service. According to ToDay News Ufa, producer Seth Rogen announced the extension of the popular series. The audience also got the opportunity to see an excerpt from the second season. It will premiere on September 4.

Released the trailer for the mystical Comedy series ” Seekers of truth»

Streaming service Amazon Prime Video published a trailer for the Comedy series Truth Seekers (“Seekers of truth”). The main roles in the show were played by British actors Simon Pegg and Nick frost, known for the films “Zombies named Sean “”Type of cool cops”.

The ancestors of American crocodiles crossed the Atlantic ocean by swimming

Experts from the Autonomous University of Barcelona found out that the precursors of modern crocodiles appeared in America from the African continent. This was determined thanks to the restored picture of evolution, as well as the main migrations of ancient reptiles.

Android 11 received the internal name Red Velvet Cake

Despite Google’s refusal to assign a second name to different versions of the Android mobile platform, developers continue to use them internally. It turned out that Android 11, which is expected to launch later this year, has the internal name Red Velvet Cake.

Four companies will build Skyborg for the Pentagon

The development and construction of the Skyborg unmanned aerial vehicle and control system will be handled by four American corporations: Boeing, General Atomics, Kratos and Northrop Grumman. Each of them received a contract from the us Department of defense worth $ 400 million, which involves the development, creation of a prototype of the device and conducting its flight tests.

Tesla plans to use new steel in cybertruck release

Even while working on the project, Elon Musk reported that the release of the electric pickup will use the same alloy as for The next SpaceX interplanetary spacecraft. However, now the head of Tesla and SpaceX said that the alloy, which was planned to be used in the construction of the spacecraft, has changed. At the same time, he confirmed that the new alloy will also be used in the creation of Tesla Cybertruck.

Microsoft will release Windows 10X in 2021

Microsoft has moved the release of Windows 10X designed for devices with two displays. This delay is due to improvements to the operating system (OS) and the coronavirus pandemic, writes ZDNet. The operating system will not be released until 2021.

Facebook Messenger now offers face ID or fingerprint unlocking

Facebook has added the ability to unlock the Messenger app by Face ID or fingerprint. The company said this in its blog. For now, the new feature is only available to iPhone and iPad users.

In Belgium, they decided to monitor the population using a mobile app

An agreement on manual tracking of the population was reached between the subjects of the Federation of Belgium, on July 23, the SUDINFO news Agency reports.

“This cooperation agreement, which opens the way to a single digital application for all of Belgium to track infected contacts, must be signed by all parties and will come into force at the end of July,” said Yves — Alexandre Montjoy, a Professor at Imperial College London.

According to him, the new application for digital tracking is enough to download on a voluntary basis, and give your consent to the exchange of data. The app will start sharing itself with other phones and detect infected people on the beach, in a restaurant, and even if you are standing in a queue.

On the Islands of Tonga found the remains of a half-meter extinct pigeon

Paleontologists have found on the Pacific Islands of Tonga the fossil bones of very large pigeons, which reached a length of more than half a meter and weighed five times more than ordinary blue doves. The new species, named Tongoenas burleyi, lived in trees and fed on fruit. Its disappearance is attributed by the authors of the study to the settlement of the archipelago by Polynesians about 2850 years ago. As noted in an article in the journal Zootaxa, other native species have also been affected by humans: of the nine species of pigeons that inhabited the Islands of Tonga before colonization, only four have survived to modern times.

New dream management Protocol increases creativity

American experts have developed a Protocol for “targeted dream incubation”, which allows you not only to record sleep data, but also to set a specific topic for it. Thus, scientists were able to direct the work of the brain in sleep in the right direction. Such an experiment can increase people’s creativity

Developed a drug for heart attack

Scientists from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) have developed a drug that can prevent a heart attack. The drug can be used for chest pain as a preventive measure. The drug has been tested on human cells and laboratory mice.

The basis for fast optical memory has been created

Russian scientists have created photochromic materials that can be used to develop stable and fast memory elements in light computers of the future. The materials were created on the basis of compounds of bismuth, chlorine and aromatic hydrocarbons.

A breath test for pneumonia and lung cancer has been developed

MIT engineers have developed a way to diagnose pneumonia, lung cancer and other diseases by analyzing the air that the patient releases, according to the scientific journal Nature.

According to scientists, the essence of the new method of detecting pneumonia and lung cancer is very simple. The spectrometer will be able to accurately show the presence of these diseases in 10 minutes by just analyzing the breath after the patient inhaled a special drug-sensor. In addition, the new method can evaluate the effectiveness of the course of treatment that was prescribed to the patient.