26 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/25/2019

The Russians do not have enough money to pay

The majority of Russians need additional funds to get wages, RIA Novosti reported, citing a study of online service-crediting “Robot Timer”.

  • 38.4% – requires about 10 thousand rubles
  • 6.8% – need additional 6-8 thousand rubles
  • 8.4% – in five thousand rubles
  • 10.2% – need 3-4 thousand rubles
  • 11.4% – usually no more than 1-2 thousand rubles
  • 6.1%, the Russians do not have a hundred rubles
  • 7.1 per cent is sufficient for the amount received monthly in the framework of wages or benefits.
  • 5% – remain surplus to make savings.
  • 6.6% – does not depend on the receipt of regular income, the company says.

More than two million hectares of forest are already burning in Siberia

In the Krasnoyarsk region, the fire covered about 850 thousand hectares of forest, in the Irkutsk region — 448 thousand hectares, as well as in Yakutia, where the fire covered more than 650 thousand hectares. Such data with reference to the regional “forest Fire center” leads Rosbalt.

Almost 1.1 million hectares are under control, but the fire is not extinguished by the decision of the regional emergency Commission. The head of the government of Krasnoyarsk region Yuri Lapshin explained that in order to save money Rosleskhoz ordered not to extinguish the fire, if there is no threat to the economy.

Note that smog from forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk region has already spread to Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo region, Khakassia and Altai Krai. In the Altai region, Kuzbass and Novosibirsk region established a “black sky mode” to reduce emissions of industrial enterprises

The state Duma adopted a law on the payment of child benefits up to three years

The state Duma adopted in the third final reading a bill that allows needy families to receive monthly benefits for children up to the age of three, not one and a half, as it was before. On Wednesday, July 24, writes TASS.

The bill also provides that parents will receive a monthly payment until the child reaches 3 years. — Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

VTSIOM: about one-third of Russians would like to buy a cottage

More than 30% of Russians would like to buy a cottage in the future, the report said VTSIOM on the results of a survey on the ownership of suburban real estate. In message VTSIOM said that the desire to buy a cottage, as a rule, motivated by the desire to grow on a plot of fruits and vegetables – this was stated by 59% of respondents. 48% of respondents explained their desire to buy suburban real estate with the opportunity to relax and have fun in the country, 30% – with interest in the decorative design of the site. Refusal to buy a cottage is usually associated with a lack of funds (19%) or a state of health (16%).

Aeroflot unreasonably raised the tariff for cargo transportation to Magadan

Group “Aeroflot” (“Aeroflot” and JSC “Russia”) was established monopolistically high prices for services of air transportation of cargo and mail in April, may, and June 2018. This is reported by the press service of the Magadan UFAS. According to the Agency, Aeroflot group increased the price by an average of 53%.

Nuclear power plants in Europe were threatened by the heat

Extreme heat, established in European countries, in addition to the fact that provoked forest fires and falling river levels, led to the shutdown of reactors of a number of nuclear power plants, writes Bloomberg.

Thus, due to the weather of the French company Électricité de France, which generates about 3/4 of the electricity for the country and manages 59 nuclear power units, it was necessary to reduce production. Two reactors have been stopped, and in the near future it is planned to reduce the capacity of two more by half due to the fact that the water in the rivers is so hot that it can no longer cool the station.

In the Roman metro “exchange” plastic bottles for a discount on travel

In the Roman metro installed the first machine that takes on the processing of plastic bottles, said Tuesday, July 23, the mayor of Virginia Raji, reports Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Chinese youth goes to computer games

Psychological dependence of Chinese youth on computer games has reached alarming proportions and threatens physical and mental condition. Mental disorders on the basis of computer games are common throughout the world, but in China, these manifestations are observed especially sharply, writes the Director of the hospital at Beijing University in China Daily.

The Ministry of labor proposed to make the issuance of maternity capital indefinite

The maternity capital program should not only be extended until 2025, but become indefinite. This was stated by the first Deputy Minister of labor Alexei Vovchenko

VIN Diesel showed the finished script of the new “Riddick»

American actor VIN Diesel informed that the work on the script of the film “Riddick 4: Fury” has been completed. He wrote about it on his instagram page. In a comment to the post, he noted that he was glad to receive the finished script for his birthday, which took place on July 18.

Sberbank and Mail.ru Group will create a joint venture

“Sberbank and Mail.ru the Group plans to create a leading Russian platform of O2O-services (online-to-offline) in the field of food and transport,” the Bank said in a press release.

It is noted that the companies plan to invest up to 64 billion rubles in a joint venture. They will own it on a parity basis.

North Korea launched two missiles

Launched missiles were short-range, writes Kyodo, citing a source in the Japanese government. They did not reach the exclusive economic zone of Japan and did not threaten the security of the country, the source added. The last time North Korea conducted missile launches in may.

Cancer drugs generate most of the pharmaceutical income.

Cancer drugs are extremely expensive and therefore bring high returns, with the cost of cancer treatment being more than us $ 100,000 per patient. Cancer rates themselves are also rising, and people are increasing life expectancy.

Global sales of anti-cancer drugs are already well ahead of sales of other drugs and are expected to grow even more by 2024.

Retailers have threatened the Central Bank with a boycott of the system of fast payments

Large retailers have refused to participate in the system of fast payments (SBP), the project of the Central Bank, which involves the ability to pay for purchases in stores using QR codes, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to a letter from the Association Of retail companies (ACORT) and the Association of Internet trade companies (AKIT) to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

The associations said that they are already testing the system with banks, and explain this “positive movement” by the fact that initially the Central Bank spoke about the tariff of 0.3–0.4%. However, the goals and objectives of the fast payment system were discredited by banks, which insisted on raising the tariff to 1-1.5%, according to AKIT and akort.

Russian banks have dramatically increased the currency reserves

The growth of foreign currency liquidity reserves occurred despite the impressive outflow of foreign currency funds from the accounts of legal entities in the amount of $8 billion In the accounts of individuals, on the contrary, there was an inflow of currency, but it was insignificant ($1.5 billion).

The Russian government introduced a bill on non-financial reporting of companies

The requirements of the law may affect some companies already in the reporting for 2019, the Agency writes. Together with the law on PNO, the Ministry of economic development prepares a list of basic indicators of such reporting. The concept of development of public non-financial reporting was approved by the government in may 2017.

Russian MiG-35 was the worst aircraft in the ranking of fighters for India

In the publication “Free press” say that the Indian side is interested in buying combat aircraft F-21, produced in the United States, instead of Russian MiG-35, as it needs modern technology and effective simulators.

The ex-President of Kyrgyzstan Atambayev flew to Moscow

Former President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev flew a SuperJet-100 from the territory of the Russian Kant airbase to Moscow. This was reported by the Agency “24.kg”. Three members of Parliament and official representatives of the Social democratic party of Kyrgyzstan accompany the ex-President. The departure from the military air base, Atambayev said, was caused by the desire to “avoid provocations” at the capital’s Manas airport.

Parliament on June 27 deprived Almazbek Atambayev of the status of ex-President and immunity. The reason was the conclusion of the Deputy Commission, which brought him six charges, five of which were supported by the Prosecutor General’s office. Atambayev himself rejects the charges and stated his intention to defend himself when trying to detain him.

Ministry of health: infant mortality exceeds projected figures

Infant mortality in the Russian Federation according to data for January-April 2019 amounted to 4.7 cases per thousand born in 2018, this figure for the same period was 5.1 cases.

“According to Rosstat, in five months, the infant mortality rate of 4.7 cases per 1 thousand births, lower than the projections. We, having received data for 5 months, are very concerned, we have 15 regions in which the infant mortality rate is significantly higher than the forecast indicators of the regions that we expect for the Federal project,” she said, speaking at the State Duma Committee on health protection on legislative support and monitoring of the implementation of the national project “Health”.

Revenue Mail.ru Group for the second quarter increased by 22.9%

Mail.ru the Group published unaudited IFRS statements for the second quarter of 2019. Total segment revenue grew by 22.9% year-on-year and amounted to 20,045 million rubles EBITDA increased by 21.6% year-on-year and amounted to 7.2 million rubles.

VTB will open an online store seized from debtors cars and apartments

VTB Bank in 2020 will launch a marketplace for the sale of retail non-core assets, where it will sell apartments and cars seized from debtors, as well as provide a full range of services related to the purchase, registration and operation of the acquired property.

TechnipFMC received a contract for $7.6 billion for the Arctic LNG-2 project

The Arctic LNG-2 project provides for the construction of three LNG production lines with a capacity of 6.6 million tons per year each. NOVATEK owns 60% of the project

In Udmurtia, the number of issued credit cards increased by almost a quarter

Banks of Udmurtia issued almost 24% more credit cards in April-June 2019 than in the same period last year. This is reported by the national Bureau of credit histories. For the second quarter was issued 33482 credit cards.

At the same time, the highest rate of growth in the issuance of new credit cards in April-June 2019 compared to the same period last year was recorded in Khanty-Mansiysk JSC (+33.3%), the Republic of Crimea (+26.4%), the Udmurt Republic (+23.3%), St. Petersburg (+21.7%) and Krasnodar region (+19.0%).

Residents of Russia began to save on washing powder

According to a study by Nielsen, residents of our country have become less likely to buy washing powder and other household chemicals. Thus, for the year (from June 2018) sales of washing powders decreased by 6 percent.

According to the General Manager of the Russian office Henkel (brands Persil, Losk, “Weasel”, Bref) Tomasz Duffek, the Russian market of household chemicals is declining since the third quarter of 2016, writes RBC

Rosstat as the regions with the highest debts under the salary

The total wage arrears as of July 1, 2019 amounted to 2.57 billion rubles, Rosstat reported. The data are presented on the official website. Of this amount, debts on wages, formed in 2019, account for 862 million rubles (33.6%).

“Rosneft” requires that tax benefits from the transaction OPEC+

Rosneft requires 460 billion rubles of tax benefits for the Priobskoye field due to production cuts in accordance with the OPEC+ deal, Kommersant newspaper reported on Thursday.

New gas reserves have been discovered at the largest field in Uzbekistan

The average daily flow of gas is 300 thousand cubic meters reserves “of Mustaqillikning 25 yilligi” today is estimated at more than 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

For light, heat and gas Saratov owed more than 12 billion rubles

The total debt of the population, enterprises of the budgetary sphere and municipal complex as of July 19 of the current year for the electric power made three billion rubles, for heat energy – 6,2 billion rubles, for gas – 3,1 billion rubles.

Transneft will pay up to $15 per barrel for oil pollution

The Board of Directors of Transneft agreed on the maximum amount and procedure of payments to shippers for oil pollution in the Druzhba pipeline. The company’s press release says that compensation will be paid at the rate of $15 per barrel of substandard oil, but “shippers must document the losses incurred,” the company said

Agalarov abandoned the construction of the Vostochny space centre

Entrepreneur Araz Agalarov, whose company Crocus Group was previously named among the contenders for the construction of the second stage of the Vostochny cosmodrome, said in an interview with The Bell that he refused to participate in the project if the cost of the project is not increased.

Ukraine is preparing to introduce new sanctions against Russia.

The government of Ukraine will submit for consideration of the Council of national security and defense of the country proposal for the extension of sanctions against Russia, according to the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

24 Russian companies and a number of enterprises registered in other countries should be subject to sanctions. Among the legal entities that should be subject to sanctions, six are registered in the Crimea and another 18 in the rest of Russia. Also, the government proposes to expand the sanctions list of enterprises registered in the territory of China, the Republic of Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of them are involved in the construction of the main gas pipeline Krasnodar region — Crimea.

Deputy Governor of the Urals advises to insulate the first-aid posts with wet Newspapers

Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region for social policy Tatyana Menshchikova, outraged by the complaint of the rural paramedic on a small salary and a cold room of the first-aid station. The medic said that gets less than the cleaner, reports Ura.ru. But instead of recognizing it, Tatyana Menshchikova declared that in such small settlement of the paramedic “can’t be” and advised to wet the newspaper and to stick cracks

Matvienko criticized the elections to the Verkhovna Rada

Elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine did not meet international democratic standards. Voters in the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and citizens of Ukraine, located in Russia, had no opportunity to vote, said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

Searches of opposition candidates in the Moscow city Duma

Late on the evening of 24 July and on the night of Thursday, the security forces came to search to many representatives of the liberal opposition in Moscow. Investigative actions take place in the framework of a criminal case initiated under the article “Obstruction of the work of election commissions»

  • Have Gudkov (summoned to the investigator)
  • Zhdanov (taken away for questioning)
  • Balandina.
  • Solovyov
  • Halamine and Sable was summoned for interrogation in SK
  • Gennady Gudkov also called for questioning
  • Navalny has been sentenced to 30 days
  • Halperin 30 days
  • Activists of Cats and Archakov 10 days
  • Coordinator Stepanov Bulk – 8 days

Putin congratulated the investigators on the holiday

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff and veterans of the investigation on their professional holiday. The video message of the head of state is published on the Kremlin website. The head of state said that “since Peter’s time” the activities of the Investigative Committee, the interior Ministry and the FSB are based on honesty, legality and justice.

“It is necessary to improve, constantly improve investigative practice, persistently and firmly fight against crime, terrorism, corruption, introduce new technologies of examination, search and consolidation of evidence,” he said.

Most Russians approve of Putin’s activities

About 68% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s work as President of the Russian Federation. This is evidenced by the survey of the Levada Center. According to the study, 31% of respondents do not approve of the activities of the head of state.

The Governor of Puerto Rico resigned after a week of mass protests.

They began because of the publication of his correspondence in the telegram. In the conversation, he and his assistants allowed themselves sexist and homophobic comments and rude jokes against politicians and show business stars — in particular, singer Ricky Martin. In addition, they joked about the victims of hurricane Maria. Up to 200 thousand inhabitants of the island with 3.8 million population took part in the actions.

In what situation is a fresh graduate of the orphanage?

At the end of the 2018 Russian accounts chamber conducted an audit of the regions of responsibilities for provision of housing for orphaned children, graduates of orphanages. According to the accounts chamber, the country has almost 260 thousand children left without parental care, are in the queue for housing. Most of them have long been 18 years old, they left orphanages, but their corner has not got and are now forced to wander and sue the state for apartments that they are supposed by law.

In Turkey, a wounded Belarusian diplomat

According to the newspaper, we are talking about Alexander Pogosheva. The website of the Belarusian Embassy in Turkey says that he is an adviser on administrative issues. The foreign Ministry of Belarus confirmed the information about the injury of an Embassy employee, the Belarusian newspaper writes TUT.BY ahhh!

The diplomat was taken to the hospital, where he successfully underwent surgery. Now he is in the intensive care unit, but tomorrow he can be transferred to an ordinary ward. Our President Tayyip Erdogan, representatives of the foreign Ministry and the interior Ministry are following the situation. — Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish politician

China for the first time held a successful private space launch

Chinese company Beijing Starcraft Glory July 24, 2019 held a successful launch of the carrier rocket SQX-1 Y1. According to ZDNet, thus Beijing Starcraft Glory became the first Chinese private company to successfully carry out a space launch.

Saudi Arabia increased oil exports to China

It is reported that the export of Saudi oil to China in March 2019 amounted to 1.7 million barrels per day, which is a record figure since 2004. There is also an increase in supplies to other Asian countries — Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The new head of the Pentagon urged Iran to negotiate

Washington does not want to further increase tensions in the Persian Gulf, the us administration is ready to negotiate with the Iranian authorities without preconditions. This was stated by the head of the defense Ministry of the United States mark Esper in an interview with the media.

Mueller confirmed Russia’s interference in the American elections

Former us special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who investigated the “Russian case”, confirmed the accusations of Russian interference in the us elections in 2016.

In the US revealed the secret of the secret mini-Shuttle X-37B

American unmanned space mini-Shuttle X-37B is able to actively maneuver in near-earth space and out of the observation area of telescopes. This was stated at the forum on security in aspen, the President of the University of Texas Heather Wilson, who until recently held a high post in the US air force.

“It means that our opponents don’t know, and it happens on the other side of the Earth from our opponents where it will appear after that. And we know it drives them crazy. And I am very happy about it,” she said.

The state Duma will consider the size of bonuses of top managers of state corporations

The state Duma plans to develop legislative restrictions on the payment of bonuses to top managers of state corporations, the leader of the Duma faction “United Russia” Sergei Neverov told reporters.

Philippines refused to buy Russian helicopters

The representative of the diplomatic mission of the Philippines to the United States Jose Manuel romualdes, said about the desire to buy American helicopters instead of Russian. According to him, the main reason is not anti-Russian sanctions. He explains this decision by the fact that the means of military aircraft from Russia are incompatible with the equipment that is already at the disposal of the Philippine military. Us military Chinook transport helicopters to the Philippines was recognized as much easier than their Russian counterparts. This is due to the fact that it can be used not only to transport personnel, but also to carry out rescue work during natural disasters.

“Our military personnel chose us helicopters. We have nothing against Russian or Chinese products. However, the choice was influenced by such a factor as compatibility, it is very important,” the diplomat said.

13 international military exhibitions in 2020-2021

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order that provides for 13 international exhibitions of military products in Russia in 2020-2021. The relevant document was published on Wednesday on the government website.

Missile cruiser of the U.S. Navy passed through the Taiwan Strait

Missile cruiser Antietam, owned by the United States, passed through the Taiwan Strait. According to the representative of the 7th fleet of the US Navy clay Doss, these actions were again demonstrated Washington’s commitment to “free and open navigation in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Journalist in Yakutia fined for abuse of freedom of information

The Yakutsk court punished journalist Mikhail Romanov in the case of abuse of freedom of information (Romanov specifically made in his article “hidden inserts that affect the subconscious of people and have a harmful influence on them”), the correspondent of IA REGNUM. The court on July 25 considered Romanov’s case on the merits and sentenced him to a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

The case of the limits of the continental shelf in the Arctic ocean

Leningrad district military court announced the verdict in the case of multimillion-dollar theft of funds allocated under the state contract for the establishment of the outer limits of the continental shelf of Russia in the Arctic ocean

The organization was to supply satellite images and maps of the area, made by aerial photography. But the contract was understated requirements, as pictures and photographic plans obviously could not be used for the publication of new maps. However, the company still received 69 million rubles. The investigation believes that the money men shared with each other. The court gave to two persons involved on 7 and 6 years of a colony and appointed penalties. Two more participants received suspended sentences.

Public man Alexey Bezzub was beaten in Yekaterinburg

Alexey Bezzub is the coordinator of the project”Rosyama” and controls the improvement and repair of roads. He carefully monitors the Yekaterinburg city hall and criticizes its work. Whether the attack was the result of his professional activities is still unknown.

Jennifer Lawrence will star in a new film by Paolo Sorrento

Jennifer Lawrence will play a major role in the new film Paolo Sorrento, which was named Mob Girl. The project is based on the biography of Teresa carpenter, who was the wife of a gangster in the middle of the XX century. The film will be a story about a girl who is attracted to the luxurious life of gangsters in new York.

Released a new trailer for the movie “Dandy” with Nicole Kidman

The new trailer for the film “Goldfinch” – the adaptation of the novel of the same name Donna Tartt, who received a Pulitzer prize for it. Transfer to the screen the events that unfolded in the pages of the book – not the easiest task, but the Director John Crowley (“Brooklyn”) is not afraid of difficulties.

Ufa composer became the winner of the II all-Russian competition of composers Avanti

The jury of the Second all-Russian Avanti composers competition summed up the results. More than 200 members of the Union of composers of Russia sent applications to the competition. One of the winners was Valery Skobelkin from Ufa.

“Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” turned into a series

The series tells the story of a resident of the Earth Arthur Denga, whose house stands in the way of construction of the galactic route.

Book festival “Freestyle” will be held again in Irkutsk

On the square in front of the stadium “Trud” will work sixty fair tents, where books will present more than a hundred Russian and foreign publishers. There will also be three lectures, they will meet with writers, publishers, literary critics, lectures, workshops and discussions

Taylor swift has released the music video for the song “the Archer»

Taylor swift posted on YouTube a new song Archer (“Shooter”). The song will be the fifth track on the upcoming album of the singer called Lover, which is scheduled for August 23.

The Bug and The Body will give their first joint concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The project of British musician and producer Kevin Martin The Bug and American experimental metal Duo The Body will give joint concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Moscow concert will take place on July 26, 2019 at the Mutabor club, and on July 27 they will take the stage of the St. Petersburg Opera Concert Club.

Xiaomi has unveiled a budget laptop RedmiBook 14 Core i3

Xiaomi has unveiled a budget laptop RedmiBook 14 with Core i3 and 4GB RAM for just 30 000. Display and housing the New RedmiBook 14 has a 14-inch Full HD display, occupying 81.2% of the top panel thanks to its thin frame. The thickness of the metal case is only 17.95 mm

Gallery Go — another lightweight Google app

Google has decided to give Android users another application. It’s called Gallery Go, and it’s a gallery for viewing photos and images.

Nokia introduced a new 4G push-button phone

The new Nokia 105 will be on sale in the third quarter of this year. The Nokia 220 4G is already equipped with a 2.4-inch screen and 1200 mAh battery, moreover, you can go online and play “Snake”from this smartphone.

The Russian government has increased preferences for Russian radio electronics

According to the Minister, the document envisages the creation of a unified register of Russian electronic products, the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade. Public procurement of foreign equipment will now be available only if its domestic counterpart is not in the register.

In Regardie banned the use of smartphones

Servicemen by conscription in the army national guard is prohibited to use smartphones, said “Interfax” acting head of the main organizational-mobilization Department of the Ministry Dmitry Varuhin.

Japanese company Nagaoka Trading introduced a new series of audio cassettes

Audio cassettes are still produced and used for their intended purpose. The demand for such a product is still quite high, especially in Japan, because it was here that the new CT-series cassettes from Nagaoka Trading were presented. The company specializiruetsya on the audio equipment, and now she offers audio tapes CT10, CT20, and CT60 CT90. The numbers indicate the number of minutes that can be recorded on one side of the cassette. Buy CT10, CT20, CT60 and CT90 in Japan can be from 150 yen, in terms of 88 rubles.

Fujifilm introduced a camera that recognizes the number of cars for 1 kilometer

FujiFilm’s surveillance camera model is called the SX800, and its feature is a 40-fold zoom, which will allow you to recognize the license plates of cars at a distance of one kilometer. The camera only needs 0.3 seconds to focus on the subject.

Smart screen Google Nest Hub Max will be released in September

In may, Google introduced Google’s Nest Hub Max, many people enthusiastically greeted the 10-inch smart screen with a speaker system. However, only now it became known when the device will go on sale.

Inside the Apple counted one hundred million bacteria

Scientists have calculated that one large Apple contains about a hundred million bacteria, of which 90% is concentrated in the bones, and the share of skins accounts for only a few percent. Separately, they studied the microbiome of “organic” apples, and it was as large in number of bacteria as in conventional, but noticeably richer in species composition.

A tiny implant will help protect against HIV

The pharmaceutical company Merck has developed a new implant that provides protection against HIV for up to a year for people who do not have the virus. The device has proved its effectiveness among rodents and monkeys.

Three-fan hybrid aircraft will receive a turboprop engine

The promising American hybrid three-fan Trifan 600, developed by XTI Aircraft, will receive a helicopter turboprop engine Catalyst.

Human heat to electricity

Russian scientists have developed a thermoelectric material that allows you to charge gadgets directly from the human body, without the use of network chargers and mobile batteries. The creation of the album was done by specialists of the Department of Functional nanosystems and high temperature materials of the National research technological University (nust) “MISIS” together with colleagues and Technology at the University of Lulea (Sweden) and University of Jena Friedrich Schiller (Germany). An article about the development was published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Animal body sizes are decreasing due to climate change

Modern animals are rapidly shrinking because of the climate changes that have fallen on our century, which are most clearly manifested in the form of global warming. A study confirming the reduction in the size of animals, published by scientists from South Africa