28 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/27/2020

Residents of the Chechen Republic, supporting the head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov after the introduction of restrictive measures against him by the United States, consider themselves included in the sanctions list. This was stated by Kadyrov himself on the Vesti program on the Rossiya-1 TV channel.

“Those who see me tell me: “If you and your family are on the [us] sanctions list, then we are on that list, too.” They say that the Chechens were scared, Kadyrov. Never in our lives can we be scared and forced, ” he said.

German foreign Minister opposed Russia’s return to the G7

German foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that he is against Russia’s participation in the meetings of the “big seven” until the Ukrainian issue is resolved. In an interview with the Rheinische Post, he noted that “the annexation of Crimea and the intervention in Eastern Ukraine” were the reasons for Russia’s exclusion from the group of eight, until these issues are resolved, in his opinion, there is “no chance” for its return.

Vietnam has postponed a regional forum of the Association of South-East Asia

Vietnam postponed the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) regional security forum and annual meetings of foreign Ministers due to the coronavirus, the Associated Press reports.

Two South-East Asian diplomats, whose names were not given, told the Agency that a face-to-face meeting was expected in September. The ASEAN regional security forum is attended by 10 countries from the Association, the EU and 16 other States. Among them are Russia, China, the United States, Japan, and others.

Telegram launched video calls in test mode

Telegram messenger has released an updated version of the app for iOS, in which it is now possible to make video calls in test mode. According to the publication “Durov Code”, you can activate the function as follows:

  • download version 6.3;
  • click the settings icon 10 times, and then the Debug menu opens.
  • enable “experimental feature” in the menu.
  • After that, the “Video call”icon will appear in the user profiles.

However, interlocutors should also activate experimental functions for making video calls, the publication adds.

More than 30 million people receive unemployment benefits in the United States

Of these, 17 million are under standard programs, and 14 million are under special programs introduced during the pandemic. In addition to this, most of these people receive $ 600 a week of special benefits introduced for the duration of the pandemic.


In Khabarovsk, the 17th day of rallies in support of the arrested Governor Sergei Furgal is taking place. Several thousand people took to the streets


Remove the name of General Vlasov from the memorial of the battle of Moscow asked the defense Ministry.

“We were asked by the Ministry of defense to remove his last name “for proven treason and betrayal of the Motherland”. In this regard, the surname was erased. This is not something that we wanted and erased,” a source in the administration of Dmitrov, where the monument is located, told the newspaper “Rise”.

A memorial plaque dedicated to participants in the defense of Moscow in 1941 at Peremilovsky heights near Dmitrov was installed in 2005. Andrey Vlasov’s name appeared on it, as he participated in the defense of the capital as the commander of the 20th Soviet army. Recently, residents of Dmitrov noticed that it disappeared from the memorial

The Russian accounting chamber checked the Ministry of communications

Last year, the Ministry of communications spent 77.1% of the 74.8 billion rubles allocated to it, according to the conclusion of the accounting chamber based on the results of verification of the Ministry’s implementation of the law “On the Federal budget for 2019 and the planning period of 2020 and 2021”. The main part of the funds — 66.7 billion rubles-was allocated for the implementation of the national program “Digital economy”. The Ministry of communications spent 75% of this amount.

Of the six Federal projects included in the national program, “Information security” (39.8%), “Personnel for the digital economy” (41.2%) and “Regulatory regulation of the digital environment” (48.8%) have the lowest cash execution, according to the report (in addition to those listed in the national program, the projects “Information infrastructure”, “Digital technologies” and “Digital public administration”are also included). At the same time, out of 64 results of the national program with a deadline of 31 December 2019, only 36 were achieved.

Unemployment in Russia in the 2nd quarter of 2020

According to official data, the unemployment rate in June 2020 continued to grow, reaching 6.2% (6.1% in may, 5.8% in April). For comparison, the entire 2019 unemployment rate was in the range of 4.3% to 4.9%, so the growth is quite serious.

If you look at the Russian regions, the most difficult situation is (traditionally) in the Caucasus: unemployment is 30% in Ingushetia, about 17% in North Ossetia and Dagestan, 16% each in Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Chechnya. Of the non-Caucasian regions, problems are in Tuva (19.4% – a very high level), in Altai (12%) and in Buryatia (11%). Kalmykia, Khakassia, Omsk and Transbaikalia-10% each. Unemployment is easiest in traditionally rich regions: 2% in Moscow, 2.4% in YANAO, 2.7% in St. Petersburg.

“United Russia” has not found violations of ethical standards in jewelry Anastasia Rakova

Appearing in public in outfits worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of rubles, the Vice-mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova does not violate the ethical norms of United Russia, because she does not tell others how much her wardrobe costs, said Yevgeny Revenko, Executive Secretary of the party’s ethics Commission, to Open media.

And in General, Alexey Navalny’s information about expensive dresses of Rakova is unreliable, because Navalny and employees of the anti-corruption Fund are not experts in the field of elite jewelry and premium clothing, Revenko concludes

Almost 300 million rubles will be spent on cars for Gazprom

The tender for the purchase of cars for a state-owned company is published on the public procurement portal. As MBH media notes, the purchase is made from a single supplier, so most of the information is hidden. The purchase involves the delivery of 62 new cars at an average price of 4.6 million rubles. A year earlier, Gazprom had already spent 376 million rubles to buy 98 cars.

“For this price, you can buy a Mercedes-Benz E-Class in the “rich” configuration or a V-Class in the standard configuration. ALSO in this price range fit the CLA, C-Class models and other, more budget options, ” the publication writes.

Former Vedomosti journalists have announced the launch of a new publication.

The new VTimes project will cover both traditional topics for Vedomosti and several new ones, including health and ecology, the team said in a statement. The publication plans to earn money through crowdfunding and advertising. The project is expected to start working in the fall. It is also known that the founder of Vedomosti, derk Sauer, will be an adviser to the new project (not an investor or Manager, journalists specify).

For illegal technical inspection in Russia will introduce criminal liability

While the procedure of technical inspection remains the same for taxi cars-a mandatory visit to the point ONCE every six months. The state traffic Inspectorate has received the right to control the purchase of diagnostic cards if it is suspected that the operator of the inspection sells them without carrying out diagnostics of the car.

In Russia, it was proposed to introduce a criminal article for tax fraud

Russian law enforcement officers have developed a draft of a new article of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation “Tax fraud”. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia, Colonel General Elena Leonenko.

“Now the issue of improving criminal legislation is relevant. We have a discussion with our colleagues to suggest that the lawmaker introduce a new crime – “Tax fraud”,” she said. Leonenko clarified that the project is under discussion.

The study showed the difference in salaries in Moscow and the regions

Doctors, teachers, sellers, security guards and drivers can earn 40-50% more in Moscow than in the regions, a July study of the service ” Work.ru”. So, according to its data, drivers in Moscow and the Moscow region are offered an average of about 79 thousand rubles.

Steven Seagal wants to do business on the “far Eastern hectare” in Buryatia

Steven Seagal, who previously made a trip to Buryatia, wants to develop his business project within the framework of the “far Eastern hectare” program, teach children martial arts and protect lake Baikal, the press service of the government of the Republic reports with reference to the actor himself.

A third of the Russian economy worked at a loss

The crisis in the Russian economy in the first half of the year led to a third of companies (36 percent) working at a loss. About it with reference to data of Rosstat writes the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Russia has increased sugar exports four times

In the season from October 2019 to the end of September 2020, Russia will supply almost 1.8 million tons of sugar abroad and will take the seventh place in world exports, according to the presentation of the International sugar organization with the may forecast of the world sugar balance. Previously, Russia was not among the top ten exporters. This season, sugar exports from Russia exceed the supply of Cuba (1 million tons) and the European Union (1.1 million tons). The leader in deliveries will be Brazil (24 million tons), according to RBC.

Russia in June outstripped the United States in LNG supplies to China

Russia in June outstripped the United States in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China, writes the Bloomberg Agency, citing data From the General customs administration of China. Russia in June delivered 396 thousand tons against 67 thousand tons for the same period last year

LUKOIL to start producing hydrocarbons in Senegal

Russian company LUKOIL will participate in the development of the field and production of hydrocarbons in Senegal. As stated in the company on July 27, the corresponding agreement for the acquisition of a 40% stake in the rssd project (Rufisque, Sangomar and Sangomar Deep) in the Republic of Senegal was concluded with Cairn Energy.

Apple producers ask for compensation for crop loss

Compensation for crop losses due to frosts was offered by the national fruit and vegetable Union (NPS) on July 26, the Kommersant newspaper reports. We are talking about Apple producers from the southern Federal district and the North Caucasus Federal district, who lost up to 85% of their crop due to frosts. The national fruit and vegetable Union offers to compensate fruit producers not only for the loss of trees and planting material, but also for the loss of crops. The Union sent a letter with a corresponding proposal to the Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture Elena Fastova.

Investors withdrew seven billion dollars from Turkey

The Central Bank of the Republic has already thrown several billion dollars and euros out of its reserves on the market to contain the fall of the Lira (in may, the Lira’s exchange rate against the dollar reached a record low). Thus, it has become more difficult for the Turkish authorities to attract foreign debt.

OTKRITIE Bank reduced its net profit in January-June

Earlier it was reported that OTKRITIE received 28.9 billion rubles of net profit in January-June 2019. Thus, the Bank’s net profit in January-June decreased by 17% compared to the first half of last year.

India increased its investment in US government bonds

The record level of investment by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI, which serves as the Central Bank) in US government bonds was marked in February this year and amounted to $ 177.5 billion. In March, India’s investment fell sharply to $156.5 billion and rose slightly in April to $157.4 billion.

China imported the most oil from Saudi Arabia in June

China’s oil imports from Saudi Arabia in June rose by 15% in annual terms, to 8.88 million tons, Reuters reported, citing Chinese customs data.

In kot-d’The coast announced the resumption of commercial production of diamonds

It was decided to resume industrial diamond mining in kot-d’Ivorian, July 24 writes Africa Intelligence. Mining will occur on four mines near the town of Séguéla (region Worodougou, côte d’Ivoire). The diamond miner Transactysglasol will start working in November

The US has threatened Haftar with sanctions

According to sources of the publication from among American officials, this information was passed to Haftar by representatives of the US state Department. Washington threatened sanctions because of the commander’s refusal to resume oil exports.


Chinese afibia aircraft first tested at sea

Chinese seaplane AG600 “Keelung” for the first time in the test program landed in the sea on July 26, according to the newspaper China Daily. The AG600 plane took off from Rizhao airport, and after 46 minutes of flight, it landed in a special selected area of the Yellow sea near the city of Qingdao. After that, the Keelung was lifted off the water and returned to the airport.

A new method of treating the herpes virus has been developed

A team of researchers from the United States and Sweden has proposed a new way to fight the herpes virus, as well as possibly other viral infections. The drug developed by researchers allows you to affect the herpes virus at the physical level and neutralizes the pressure inside it, which prevents the genes from leaving the virus. Preclinical studies have already shown that the new drug was significantly more effective than previous methods of fighting herpes.

The UK has made an announcement of the next generation fighter

In the social network “Twitter” appeared a video announcing the sixth-generation fighter, which will be adopted by the British air force. The new aircraft is called Tempest. Its creation will be handled by specialists of 7 military companies at once

Japan has created plastic bags that decompose in seawater

It is noted that the bags are made of a special material that does not differ in touch and texture from ordinary polyethylene, and its composition includes, in particular, sugar cane. According to the Japanese company, such packages are able to completely decompose in seawater in just one year.

Turkey has strengthened its air defense in Libya

Turkey has begun to strengthen its air defense grouping on the territory of Libya. According to ANNA-News, air defense systems and electronic warfare equipment have been deployed to the al-Watyya air base, which is controlled by the army of the Government of national accord.

Five NATO ships entered the port of Odessa

It is assumed that the ships will be in the port of Odessa until July 28. Sea Breeze exercises have been taking place in The black sea since July 20, with an expected end date of July 27

The first trailer for the American version of the series “Utopia” was released

The first trailer for the American version of the series “Utopia”was released. The video is published on the Amazon Prime Video YouTube channel. In the center of the story is a story about a rogue scientist who unleashed a biological war

The United States has developed a quantum Internet project

Seventeen us national laboratories have teamed up to create a single quantum Internet that is virtually impossible to hack. According to the Wall Street Journal, development began in 2018.

Three new Nokia smartphones have been certified

According to online sources, HMD Global is preparing to release three smartphones – Nokia 2.4, Nokia 6.3 and Nokia 7.3. the Models have passed the appropriate certification. According to the latest data, at least two of the smartphones listed above will enter the market very soon, this year.

Instagram caught in the hidden use of a smartphone camera

Users caught Instagram in covert use of the smartphone camera. The beta version of iOS 14 with a useful feature helped them notice the app’s strange behavior. Users reported that they noticed the green camera on indicator (“camera on”) during a normal scrolling feed in Instagram.

Google update steals data from Android apps

Researchers from ThreatFabric have warned of a fake Google update called BlackRock that could steal the personal data of Android smartphone users from 337 apps.

Published the first teaser of the series “Helstrom” by Marvel comics

The network has the first teaser of the series “Helstrom” by Marvel comics. The video is published on the YouTube channel of Marvel Entertainment. It will premiere on Hulu on October 16, 2020.

Xiaomi will update 23 models of its smartphones to MIUI 12

It became known that one of the most famous and popular companies Xiaomi is going to update twenty-three models of its smartphones to the miui 12 branded shell. According to today News Ufa, a well-known company Xiaomi told the public about the launch in the near future of another new wave of updates to its own branded shell Xiaomi MIUI 12.

Google was caught in the surveillance of the use of other people’s apps

Journalists have accused Google of spying on the use of other people’s apps on Android smartphones. This is how the company monitors its competitors. This was reported by the Information, citing internal Google documents and sources.

Amazon Alexa Skills can teach children bad things

A group of scientists in the US recently completed a year-long experiment to test the Amazon Alexa Skills store for compliance with the company’s skills policy. It turned out that the certification of skills is still poorly organized.

Instagram has launched a function for collecting donations

Instagram has announced the launch of a new feature that allows users of the social network to collect donations for personal needs and projects. Previously, fundraising was only available to organizations such as Greenpeace. The service will be available to users over the age of 18. According to the rules, you can use the new function to collect donations for social projects, training, business support, or assistance in an emergency.

Support for Baidu’s AI platform has been added to the Chinese server OS

Support for the AI platform is implemented for servers based on Chinese processors Kunpeng and Phytium. Thus, the AI platform from Baidu became the first supported by the most popular Chinese OS. Baidu PaddlePaddle is an open source deep learning platform.

A new method of biometric identification of a person has been developed

Scientists at the University of Lagos have developed a way to recognize a person by human laughter. Experts explained that laughter is almost not imitated, unlike the manner of speech and the human voice

The area of forest fires in Russia has more than doubled in a week

A TASS source in the forest services said that the most difficult situation is developing in Siberia and the far East.

We are ready to use these technologies in full scale and further

The last all-Russian vote allowed us to test the technology of remote voting. And the figures and indicators that we received during the course of this event indicate that we are ready to use these technologies on a full scale and further — head of the Ministry of communications Maksut shadayev

Russia ranked 20th in Europe for the availability of gasoline for the population

RIA Novosti Agency has compiled a rating of European countries on the availability of gasoline for the population. Luxembourg took the first place, Russia was in the 20th position, between the Czech Republic and Greece. Closes the list of the Ukraine.

When compiling the rating, we used statistics from European countries on AI-95 gasoline prices by the beginning of July 2020. To assess the availability of fuel in various countries, experts calculated the amount of gasoline that can be purchased on their average monthly salaries of residents of European countries.

The price of gold has updated the historical record

Quotations of a Troy ounce of gold rose by 1.63%, to $ 1928.4, RBC writes with reference to trading data on the Comex exchange (data at 9:34 Moscow time). The price went up to $ 1938. Quotes broke the record in 2011 ($ 1923.7), reaching a new historical high. Since the beginning of the year, gold has risen in price by more than 25%: in conditions of uncertainty, investors are always dangerous for the second wave of coronavirus.