30 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/29/2019

“Regardie” ordered monitoring of publications about themselves.

Search various references on the activities of asguardian need 1500 1000 Federal and regional mass media. In addition, the monitoring should include news agencies (at least 20) and online media (10,000 resources).

It is also proposed to monitor the sites of “mandatory all-Russian public TV channels and radio channels”. The only exception specified in the terms of reference: TV channel “Carousel»

In addition to licensed media, posts in Telegram channels, publications in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, My World and others will be analyzed. Not ignored in Regardie and YouTube, various blogs and even “forums and review sites.”

All materials in the monthly reports should be structured according to the key: positive, informational, problematic, negative. In the analytical help, the leadership of Regardie wants to see which of them is more popular in terms of the number of mentions, as well as the ratio of positive and negative articles. Even in Regardie asked to specify the publication with the largest number of publications and the “most active authors”.

The price of the contract between Regardie and the contractor is 1.78 million rubles (the contract is concluded for a year). Will perform order Regardie company “M 13”.

Russian authorities admitted that the pension system is a failure.

Despite all the measures taken by the state, it was not possible to create an effective pension system in Russia, said the auditor of the accounts chamber Svetlana Orlova.

It was not possible to implement the plan to reduce the deficit of FIU due to the abolition of indexation of pensions for working pensioners. Pensions for those who continue to work ceased to be indexed in 2016, but the expected effect was not achieved.

According to Rosstat, the number of working pensioners in Russia fell sharply after the abolition of indexation of their pensions. If on January 1, 2016 there were 15.26 million, then a year later it was a third less — only 9.88 million.

“In the coming years, the volume of transfer to the payment of insurance pensions, although it will decrease, the dependence of the Pension Fund on the Federal budget will still remain. The transfer of insurance pensions from the Federal budget to the FIU in 2020 will be almost 2 trillion rubles.»

The US authorities have taken the owners of cryptocurrencies under control.

The U.S. internal revenue service (IRS) began to circulate to the owners of the cryptocurrency warning about a possible violation of Federal laws.

The IRC did not specify what specific violations are in question, but cryptocurrency holders can be subject to various taxes, including capital gains.

“Taxpayers should take these letters very seriously,” said Chuck Rettig, head of the IRC. According to him, now the tax service will make more efforts in the field related to cryptocurrencies.

The IRS is concerned that cryptocurrencies can be used for tax evasion. The Ministry said that all holders of the crypt should receive letters before the end of August. The IRS representative refused to report how the tax service received information about cryptocurrency holders and their transactions.

Which countries read the news the most?

Australians are among the least avid readers of news sources in the world. In a 2019 survey, only 52 percent of Australians said they check the news more often than once a day, compared to 85 percent in Sweden, 78 percent in Turkey, and 67 percent in the UK.

Transneft costs will need to be included in the tariffs for pumping

Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the costs of Transneft in connection with the strengthening of monitoring of chlorides in oil will need to be included in the tariffs for pumping.

“Well, at the expense of what it (daily monitoring of the content of chlorides in the delivered oil) should be? If there are such costs and they are additional, but this can not escape in order to ensure normal control over such cases»

He pointed out that previously it was enough to check every 10 days, but after the April incident there was a need for daily tests.

Go to the issue of “digital tax” at the G7 summit

French President Emmanuel macron in a conversation with us President Donald trump said that the G7 summit in French Biarritz will be an opportunity for progress on the issue of “digital tax”.

“The French President also stressed that the G7 summit will be a good opportunity to make progress on the issue of the global tax on digital activities, which is of common interest for us and for which we need to continue to work to achieve a large-scale international agreement”

As reported by Bloomberg, France previously introduced a tax of 3% on digital services such as Facebook, Amazon and Google. Trump has threatened to respond to a new tax on digital companies and is known as the “Google tax.”

Cuba is facing an economic crisis

The United States will continue its policy of restrictions against Cuba in connection with serious violations of human rights by Havana.

“We will continue to limit the Cuban regime in the inflow of dollars in response to its disregard for human rights, suppression of the voice of the opposition and efforts to destabilize Venezuela»

On the eve of the United States imposed new sanctions against Cuba, which should significantly complicate the island’s cooperation with the South. In addition, visa sanctions had been imposed on a number of officials in Havana in connection with the practice of sending health-care personnel abroad. Washington believes that doctors are “actually forced to work in other countries.” In Havana, these accusations are denied.

The initiative aims at increasing state control over “Yandex” and Mail.Ru

Introduction in the state Duma of the bill limiting the share of foreign capital in Internet companies. The share of foreigners in such resources may not exceed 20%. The decision whether a particular site is significant should be made by a special government Commission on the proposal of Roskomnadzor. The service, in turn, will assess the number of users of the resource, the volume and composition of the accumulated information, the expected effect for the development of information and communication infrastructure and data processing technologies in Russia.

The leading analyst of the Russian Association of electronic communications (RAEC) Karen Ghazaryan, who analyzed the bill, notes that the wording of the document implies that foreign resources, such as international Google or Facebook, may be banned from selling advertising

There is no coincidence, pure coincidence

The acting mayor of Argun, who is the second most populous city in Chechnya, was appointed Khas-Magomed Kadyrov. This was reported by the Agency “Grozny-inform”. The former mayor of Argun Ibrahim Temirbayev resigned, wishing to move to another job.

“By its decision, the Council of deputies of Argun entrusted these powers to Khas-Magomed Kadyrov. Despite his young age, Khas-Magomed Kadyrov has experience in senior positions,” said the speaker of the Chechen Parliament, Magomed Daudov, who introduced him to the staff of the city hall.

As the “Caucasian knot” notes, the new Argun mayor is 28 years old, and he is a close relative of the head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov.

The area of fires in the Krasnoyarsk region continues to grow

According to “AIF-Krasnoyarsk”, now the area covered by fires is estimated at 938.7 hectares. Of these, according to rescuers, 930 hectares are under control, 8.7 hectares operate in a protected and specially protected area. At the same time, dry and windy weather can aggravate the situation. Fire near the settlements there, according to rescuers. About 700 people were involved in extinguishing fires.

Krasnoyarsk Governor said that to extinguish forest fires is harmful

The Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS said that putting out forest fires in protected areas is harmful. According to him, the spread of fire in the forests is a natural and controlled process. This opinion was expressed by the head of the region, communicating with students of the Siberian Federal University.

It never occurs to anybody to sink icebergs that we had warmer. Here is something similar, I think, in relation to forest fires in the control zone. This is a common natural phenomenon, which is pointless to fight, and maybe even harmful. — Alexander USS, Russian politician

In Crimea called the reason of rudeness of drivers of minibuses

The Crimean carriers sell to private traders of permission to service of a route, and those don’t observe the requirements provided by the legislation to passenger traffic. Vladislav Antonov, an expert in the field of passenger transportation, told about this on the radio “Sputnik in Crimea”. Such actions, the social worker called illegal.

“The carrier, which receives permission to service the route, does not have its own rolling stock, and attracts a rental one. He has no right to do this. “Renter” gives the carrier a monetary reward for using this route. And the carrier does not control it,” Antonov explained.

According to the public man, the private owner, by carriage, Hamit beneficiaries violates the schedule may not go on the route.

“He doesn’t care — beneficiaries, schedule. He wanted — went on a route, wanted — didn’t leave. And the carrier writes that flights were carried out, you will pay compensation from the state budget. We have the evidence base,” he stressed.

The investigative Committee opened the first criminal case following the meeting on July 27

The case, under the article “the Use of violence against a representative of the authorities”, brought on 48-year-old Yevgeny Kovalenko – investigators believe that he threw an urn at a member of Regardie during the rally, which caused him “physical pain and moral harm.” The victim of the ballot box – the OMON fighter Saliev.

“…motivated by political hatred of the authorities… used violence not dangerous for life or health against a fighter of OMON… acting in the interests of society and the state.”

The head of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk decided to increase his salary

As it became known KONKURENT.RU, the head of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk introduced to the city Parliament the draft municipal legal act “Regulations on the monetary maintenance of persons holding municipal positions in the city of Vladivostok”. According to the document, the salaries of the mayor, deputies and members of the election Commission can grow significantly. So, Gumenyuk’s salary will make about 120 thousand rubles. Despite the fact that its predecessors received twice less

“The amount of monthly remuneration for municipal positions is indexed in connection with the increase in consumer prices for goods and services in accordance with the municipal legal act of the city of Vladivostok on the budget of the Vladivostok city district… the amounts are subject to rounding up to a whole ruble in the direction of increase,” the IPA says.

To raise the salary will try in 2019, the Budget expenditures of Vladivostok will increase by 2.4 million rubles. “the Source of funding is expected to be found through savings from competitive procedures and the redistribution of budget allocations between the main budget managers,” the financial and economic justification already says.

The Russian labour market is facing difficulties.

More than half of the recruiters surveyed said that they face a lack or lack of necessary skills and qualifications when searching for employees for the positions of the head of the organization and his deputies (64%), heads of departments (55%), line managers and middle managers (55%), sales professionals (55%).

Similar problems were reported by specialists in recruitment for positions of qualified specialists with higher technical education (50%), qualified specialists with higher non-technical education (49%), workers with secondary or secondary special education (38%), administrative staff (32%).

The Ministry of health offered to reward doctors for cancer detection

The Ministry of health of Russia has proposed to allocate from the Federal budget additional bonuses to doctors for the detection of cancer in patients during medical examination or professional examination.

More than half of Russian citizens do not trust e-passport

According to a similar survey conducted by the VTSIOM a year earlier, the number of citizens who know about the possibility to issue an electronic passport increased from 60% to 85%. At the same time, the number of those who are not going to issue it increased from 55 to 59%, with the same number of applicants (31%).

Who in Russia the most wily – he or we

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (“United Russia”) calls to send to the correctional work of citizens who appear in public places in clothes with inscriptions that use words similar in sound or writing to obscene.

Does he think he’s the trickiest? And we on 15 days, a broom in hands, and corrective works. And let’s see which one of us is the most cunning – he or we. — Vitaly Milonov, the Russian politician

The mayor doubled the cost of repairing the bridge over the Yinu in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk city hall will allocate an additional 600 thousand rubles for the repair of the bridge across the river Inya in Pervomaisky district, which before just painted and propped bottles, according to the official response Sibnet.ru administration.

Tickets for ships in Krasnoyarsk can be bought online

In the Krasnoyarsk region it is possible to buy tickets for river transport via the Internet. So far, only one route from Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka is available for selection, but in the future their number may increase. The press service of the regional Ministry of transport reported about the start of ticket sales.

The Russian economy will grow fines

At the end of 2018, the revenues of regional budgets from fines for traffic violations were replenished by 71.3 billion rubles, increasing by 3.38 percent compared to 2017 (by 2.33 billion rubles, analysts of the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza calculated

Most collected fines Moscow (14.75 billion), Moscow region (5.37 billion) and the Republic of Tatarstan (2.97 billion).

In 47 regions, budget revenues under this item grew and added a total of 6.1 billion rubles, and in the remaining 38 regions decreased (minus 3.77 billion rubles). The least revenue brought fines for violation of traffic rules to the budgets of the Chukotka Autonomous district – 8.83 million rubles, the Nenets Autonomous district – 18.17 million and the Magadan region – almost 56 million rubles.

Israel and the United States have experienced in Alaska the latest Israeli missile DEFENSE system

Israel and the United States completed a series of tests of the latest Israeli missile DEFENSE system “HEC-3” (“Arrow-3” ), informs on Sunday the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, citing a communiqué of the Israeli Ministry of defense.

The technical Director of Tesla left the post after the quarterly report

Currently, the company is going through hard times — in the second quarter of 2019 Tesla again failed to achieve profitability, and the company’s shares fell by 14%. In this regard, Jeffrey Strobel decided to leave the post of technical Director and become an Advisor to the company.

Indian scientists have discovered new stars of the milky Way

The current Director of the Indian research Institute Aryabhata Wahab Uddin recently spoke about a rare discovery. As it turned out in the course of observations of the starry sky, Indian scientists from the above institutions found 28 new variable stars, while finding them was not easy.

The FOMS called the maximum waiting time for a doctor

The program of state guarantees of medical care clearly spelled out the waiting time for a doctor. Reception of the district physician-therapist, pediatrician, General practitioner – no more than twenty-four hours. Specialists – no more than 14 days.

The Urals arrange in the forest spontaneous landfills

Blogger Ilya Varlamov was horrified after a trip to the protected forests of the Sverdlovsk region. On his page on Instagram, he noted that in places where he had been “not even a normal connection. But garbage is everywhere.” Varlamov noted that the dump can be found even in the most remote corners of the forest.

“Entire villages just take out their waste in the woods… They are despicable to hide the debris under the trees as the gifts under the tree,” writes Varlamov.

According to the blogger, villagers organize spontaneous dumps in the forests, where garbage accumulates from year to year. There you can find old tires, glass and plastic bottles, pieces of polyethylene and so on

In the US, there was a slowdown in economic growth

Us GDP growth in the second quarter of 2019 slowed to 2.1%, but exceeded the forecasts of experts, according to the Bureau of economic analysis of the us Department of Commerce. Economists polled by Reuters had expected an increase of 1.8%. At the same time, GDP grew by 3.1% in the first quarter.

Quarterly revenues of “Yandex” has grown by 41%

Net profit increased by 31% to RUB 6.9 billion Adjusted EBITDA excluding Yandex.Market” grew by 48% and amounted to 13.1 billion rubles. the Company increases its revenue growth forecast for 2019 without taking into account The indicators of Yandex.Market” to 32-36%.

Georgia began to export more goods abroad

Georgia continues to trade successfully – the export of Georgian products from January to June 2019 increased by 11.5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to about 1.8 billion dollars. At the same time, net exports (without exports) increased by 0.8% compared to the first half of 2018 and exceeded 1.1 billion dollars.

At the same time, imports to Georgia since the beginning of 2019 decreased by 4.9% and amounted to about 4.2 billion dollars. Imports are falling mainly due to a 15.1% reduction in the supply of petroleum products to Georgia.

North Korea experienced the strongest economic downturn in the last 20 years

Crop failure and sanctions have caused the strongest economic downturn in North Korea in the last 20 years, the Associated Press reported on Friday, citing the Central Bank of South Korea. According to the South Korean Central Bank, North Korea’s GDP in 2018 compared to last year decreased by 4.1%.

Amazon Prime showed the trailer for the series “Modern love»

Streaming service Amazon Prime published on its official YouTube channel teaser of the series “Modern love” (“Modern Love”).

Senators approved the law on stabilization of gasoline prices

Senators approved the law, which introduces a new mechanism for regulating the price of gasoline, designed to stabilize the cost of fuel. This decision was made during a meeting of the upper house of Parliament. Earlier it was adopted by the lower house of Parliament in the third, final reading.

In Ufa for the second time in a month rising gasoline prices

AI-95 Ecto has risen in price by 20 cents – now a liter of fuel will cost 46.53 rubles. Added to the price and AI-100 Ecto, a liter of which will rise to 53.21 rubles. However, diesel fuel now costs 46.71 rubles per liter, the price increased by 12 cents

The cost of insurance of tankers has increased by 10 times

The costs of Japanese companies to insure tankers when transporting petroleum products through the Strait of Hormuz increased 10 times due to the aggravation of the situation around Iran, Sankei reported.

FIU called the date of “unfreezing” of the funded part of the pension

The FIU called the approximate date of “unfreezing” of the funded part of the pension. It turned out that the moratorium is planned to be lifted not earlier than 2022. When forming the budget of the pension Fund for a three-year period, the refusal to pay insurance premiums in favor of a funded pension is taken into account.

In the cities of Romania are protests

In Bucharest and the cities of Romania there are protests against the poor quality of police work, which resulted in the death of a girl at the hands of a serial rapist-killer. Under their pressure, the police leadership resigned.

The state Duma adopted the law “On the national payment system”in the third reading.

Now the Central Bank will limit the size of Bank fees when paying for goods with plastic cards Visa and Mastercard, which in turn will ruin cashback and other additional services. So Elvira plans to force the Russians to give up those cards and go to WORLD. All her previous attempts to do so had failed.

Retailers claim that too high rates on acquiring reduce the overall marginality of their business and with any changes in the price policy of producers, they are forced to raise prices for goods in order not to work at a loss. The reduction of these rates, according to sellers, would allow them to create a kind of damper that would allow to restrain rising prices.

Bankers also insist that the current size of the commissions allow them to develop additional banking products like the same cashback. And if the rates are artificially reduced, consumers of services will have to forget about miles, bonuses and other useful services.

Iran resumes operation of a heavy water nuclear reactor in the city of Arak.

This was stated by the head of the atomic energy Organization (the state structure that controls the country’s nuclear facilities) Ali Akbar Salehi. He said that the country has the necessary infrastructure for the production of nuclear energy. At the same time, the reactor in Arak can produce plutonium, which is used in nuclear warheads.

After the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal (AGREEMENT) with Iran and the resumption of sanctions against Iran related to the supply of oil, Tehran in early July, has announced that it will bring the level of enrichment of uranium above the maximum, which provides the deal. In addition, the country threatened to refuse to fulfill part of the obligations under the JCPOA every 60 days.

“About people no one thinks, goes»

The EMERCOM pilot from Krasnoyarsk region on the rights of anonymity told the journalists of “Krasnoyarsk TVK” that for all the time of the dangerous season in the North of the region they have never been given the command to fly to extinguish forest fires.

“Every day I and the whole team just on duty. There are four planes. Since the beginning of fires, no specialized Be-200 did not rise into the air. Around all the lights and the smoke. There was talk that they were about to fly, but there were no orders,” the rescuer explained.

“I have lived in the North for a long time — there were fires before, but such as this year, I have not seen. Yes, the fire far from the person, for example, in Vanavara, but there’s so much smoke! About people, no one thinks out,” — said the rescuers.

In Russia will forbid to anonymously Deposit “Yandex.Money” and QIWI wallet

Clients “Yandex.Money”, QIWI, WebMoney, PayPal and VK Pay will not be able to replenish wallets without identification, follows from the amendments to the law on the national payment system, which was approved by the Federation Council on July 26.

Ranking of European countries on the availability of gasoline

The average monthly salary of a resident of Luxembourg can buy 2.9 thousand liters of gasoline. The top 5 also includes countries whose residents can buy more than 1.9 thousand liters of gasoline for a salary. Among them: Norway, Austria, Ireland great Britain.

Russia is located on the 16th line, on an average salary in Russia, you can buy about 927 liters of petrol AI-95. The last place on the availability of gasoline took Ukraine. On the average monthly salary Ukrainians can buy 279 liters of gasoline.

Experts also named the countries with the cheapest gasoline. Among them is Kazakhstan (AI-95 dropped to 27.9 RUB), Russia ( 45,5 RUB.), Belarus (52 roubles). The most expensive gasoline in Europe in the Netherlands (118.7 rubles). In Norway, Denmark, Greece and Italy for a liter of gasoline ask for more than 113 rubles.

In Russia proposed to create a register of suspects in money laundering

In Russia, there may be a register of Bank customers who were denied service because of suspicions of violation of anti-money laundering legislation, write “Izvestia” with reference to the conclusion of the NP “national Council of the financial market” on the bill of the Ministry of Finance.

Self-employed in Russia has become more than 100 thousand

From 1 January in the app “My tax” created more than 107 thousand of self-employed residents of Russia As speak in the Ministry of Finance, the experiment is considered successful and is now being worked out proposals on expansion of the list of regions participating in the experiment on introduction of a preferential tax regime NAPs

The US sent millions of tons of soybeans to China after the meeting of the leaders of the two countries

The US sent millions of tons of soybeans to China after the meeting of us President Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, RIA “Novosti”. At the meeting in Osaka, the leaders of the two countries resumed negotiations on a trade deal.

China has approved the application for IPO of the two companies in the energy sector

Applications of two Chinese companies for IPO on the stock market — CGN Power NPP operator and electrical equipment manufacturer Anfu CE LINK Ltd. — approved by the Chinese securities control Committee, Xinhua reported July 28.

NOVATEK has asked for subsidies for “Arctic LNG 2»

The head of PJSC NOVATEK Leonid Mikhelson sent a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request to subsidize interest rates in the construction of gas carriers for the Arctic LNG-2 project. The ships will be built at the shipyard “Zvezda”, and will Finance the leasing scheme of the state Corporation VEB.RF, according to “Vedomosti”.

Jennifer Lopez will play a major role in the film “Godmother»

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez will perform a major role in the film “the Godmother” about the Colombian drug Lord Griselda Blanco, reports THR

Grain in the first half of the year rose by a third

During the first half of the grain rose by 30%. From 10 thousand per ton to 13 thousand rubles. This Business FM reported in the Russian grain Union. This is due to the record harvest of the year before last, which was exported last year. As a result, little grain remained, and it rose in price, said the President of the Union Arkady Zlochevsky.

“Exported in the first half of the season, that is, in the second half of last year, quite a lot for export. Export rates exceeded all resource possibilities and broke all records. As a result, in the second half of the season there were few stocks, prices and grew. That’s all.”

Azerbaijan increases electricity exports to Europe

Construction of modern enterprises and reconstruction of existing generating facilities of azərenerji OJSC allows to increase the export of electricity to European countries.

At the end of the first half of 2019, Azerbaijan exported 1,212 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is 56 million kilowatt-hours, or 4.6% more than in the same reporting period in 2018, according to the report of the State customs Committee (SCC).

American LNG is a third cheaper than Russian gas

The leader of the ruling party in Poland “Law and justice” Jaroslav Kaczynski said that the country buys from the United States liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is cheaper than supplied by Russia through the pipeline.

“The price of gas supplied from the US after accounting for all costs associated with its processing and transportation is almost a third lower than the price of Russian gas imported by Poland,” Kaczynski said in a letter read at the ceremony of the first tanker meeting with LNG from the US in Poland, reports TASS with reference to the “Polish press Agency”.

The ship “Gazprom” for the gasification of Kaliningrad went to Europe

The regasification vessel Marshal Vasilevsky, owned by Gazprom and designed to ensure the gas security of Kaliningrad, is off the coast of Denmark and should be in the port of Rotterdam. Information about this follows from the marine Traffic database. The creation of an alternative gas supply system in the region cost Gazprom about 85 billion rubles, Kommersant wrote.

Sources of RBC in the companies trading in gas and close to “Gazprom” explain movements of “Marshal Vasilevsky” with “sea trials” or leasing of the vessel for reduction of losses from idle time. Expert of the energy Agency ICIS Energy Daniel Stemler claims that the floating installation was rented by a partner of Gazprom — Austrian OMV, which at the St. Petersburg economic forum signed a contract for the purchase of 1 million tons of LNG from the Russian company.

BP put up for sale a tanker with dirty Russian oil

BP Plc is trying to sell a batch of contaminated Russian oil loaded in one of the ports of the Baltic sea, which has been in the tanker for more than 2.5 months. According to a copy of the tender document, which was reviewed by Bloomberg, the British oil giant headquartered in London put up for sale 100 thousand tons of crude oil Urals.

The Bank illegally sold the owner’s apartment

In the Altai region, a Bank in which a mother of many children issued a mortgage, illegally sold the owner’s apartment. The total cost of the apartment at registration of the mortgage made more than two million rubles, thus the woman remained to pay only 500 thousand from this sum. These half a million rubles and were issued for a gradual payment. Most of the amount was paid with the help of maternity capital. To close the mortgage contract it was necessary to pay 120 thousand for several months, but due to financial difficulties the owner partially overdue payments.

The Bank decided to sell the apartment at auction, and the amount was much less than the real cost of the apartment – only 1.5 million rubles. Plus, despite the fact that the Bank had all the contact details of the borrower, the employees did not bother to inform the woman about their decision.

“Rosgeology” proposes to create a new state program

As it became known to Kommersant, rosgeology proposes to create a new state program on geological exploration in the Arctic for the “revival of the Northern sea route.” The volume of its financing in 2020-2024 can make almost 90 billion rubles and about 200 billion rubles— till 2045. As a source of funds, the state company offers funds from the budget and the national welfare Fund. This is one of the first initiatives of the new head of “Rosgeology” Sergei Gorkov, which coincided with the attack of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev against the Ministry of natural resources relatively slow exploration in the Arctic.

Trump is going to change the head of us National intelligence

Us President Donald trump will nominate Republican member of the house of representatives John Radcliffe as Director of National intelligence, he announced on Twitter.

Johnson will spend over $120 million on advertising “hard” Brexit

As noted, we are talking about 100 million pounds (more than $120 million), which will be spent in the next three months. It clarifies that soon to be released a plan for additional costs for the preparation of “hard” Brexit in the amount of 1 billion pounds, a tenth of which will go to the advertising campaign.

British destroyer Duncan arrives in the Strait of Hormuz

The British destroyer type 45 Duncan arrived in the Strait of Hormuz to continue to defend British Maritime interests. Earlier in the waters of the Strait of Iran detained marching under the English flag tanker Stena Impero

Lotus Evora GT will appear in the USA in 2020

In the U.S. automotive market next year will be launched sales of Lotus Evora GT. This vehicle is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, the volume of which is 3.5 liters, and the power level is 416 horsepower.

Lamborghini shows at Frankfurt a 1000 HP hypercar

The schedule of press conferences at the Frankfurt motor show shows that Lamborghini plans to hold a special event on September 10 at 11:00 local time

China has allowed the import of soy from all regions of Russia

China has allowed the import of soybeans from all regions of Russia. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the General customs administration of China.

“Everything here belongs to China”: Russia has become a leader in deforestation

Russia has already become a world leader in deforestation. “Everything here belongs to China.” Locals say that they often hear such words from Chinese workers. This applies to the hundreds of sawmills that have emerged in recent years near the TRANS-Siberian railway.

There are frequent complaints that Chinese entrepreneurs do not pay any attention to the possibility of environmental consequences, and do not invest in the development of local production. Their goal is the same – the removal of the greatest possible volume of wood.

The Germans introduced the electro-optical modulator for networks 6G

German scientists are not lagging behind in this process. In particular, a group of specialists from leading German research institutes presented a project of an unusual electro-optical modulator for the next generation of cellular cable infrastructure

In Germany, it is allowed to upgrade diesel cars

On the roads of Germany today there are more than 5 million diesel cars that meet the Euro-5 standard. On the territory of many cities they face a ban on driving. This scenario can be prevented if the upgrade is successful. The price of the relevant procedures is about 3 thousand euros. Part of the car manufacturers have agreed to compensate for some share of the costs of the relevant work.

Trump proposed to equate anti-fascists to terrorists

The President of the United States Donald trump proposed to equate the movement of American antifascists in the United States (ANTIFA) to the status of a terrorist organization. He tweeted about it. It is noted that the American head called the representatives of the movement “crazy cowardly left-wing radicals”.

Nicotine from secondary smoke can enter the body through the skin

Danish researchers from the Technical University have long studied how nicotine can enter the body of a non-smoker. It turned out that the skin absorbs it perfectly, which can be confirmed not only by nicotine patches, but also by numerous cases of cancer by factory workers who process tobacco leaves with their hands.

The penalty for blasphemy was introduced in Italy

The authorities of the Italian city Saonara decided to impose a fine for insulting the religious feelings of believers. The amount of 400 euros will be charged to persons who will allow in public places disrespectful statements to the Church

Xiaomi starts producing cars

This could be realized through the use of Xiaomi Youpin – crowdfunding platform, which raised funds. And hence it follows quite natural conclusion that the owner of the SUV model FAW Pentium T77 will be a trademark of Xiaomi. In this car from the Chinese manufacturer only voice assistant integrated into the system. Regarding the SUV, it is quite an exclusive design of the car, the weight of which is 1 500 kilograms and you can buy it for 13 000 us dollars.

Companies from the United States are going to extract minerals from asteroids

NASA scientists have developed a concept by which today you can start mining from asteroids. in 2012, two companies were established in the United States that plan to do this – Planetary Resource and Deep Space Industries.

Pompeo said Iran refused to accept him

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said he wanted to visit Tehran and “talk directly to the Iranian people.” He said this on Twitter. However, according to him, the Iranian authorities refused him and did not want to accept him in their country.

“The regime did not accept my offer,” Pompeo said.

He added that Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif often comes to the United States, where he can “speak freely”. In this regard, Pompeo expressed surprise that the head of state Ali Khamenei could not do the same for him. He explained this by the fact that the leader of Iran may be afraid that his people will hear the “unfiltered and uncut” truth.

The first trailer of the special: “a New life Rocco»

The Network has a trailer for the full-length special edition of “New life Rocco” – restart of the popular animated series, released on Nickelodeon channel from 1993 to 1996, according to the portal GeekFeed.

Ryabkov reported on the first operations through INSTEX

The first transactions through the system of trade settlements with Iran INSTEX have already been made, said on Sunday, July 28, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov. According to him, European countries have expressed interest in participating in this mechanism, RIA Novosti reports.

China called Sakhalin a great loss for Beijing

In ancient times, Sakhalin was under the jurisdiction of China, but later in exchange for a promise to support China in the fight against Britain and France, the Russian Empire received significant territories in the North-East, including Sakhalin.

The journalist of the Chinese portal Sohu said that Beijing regrets the loss of Sakhalin as the island is rich in natural resources — in particular, the oil fields found there contain about 7 billion tons of black gold.

“These reserves can bring Russia $500 billion So the loss of Sakhalin is a great loss for China,” he wrote.

Spy planes, the United States invaded Venezuela’s airspace

The strategic command of the Venezuelan Armed forces said on the night of Sunday, July 28, that American reconnaissance aircraft once again invaded the country’s airspace.

Released the trailer for the film Kirill Mikhanovsky “Giv mi liberty»

The Network published a trailer for the film “Giv mi liberty” directed by Kirill Mikhanovsky. American Director, born in the USSR, is known for his work on the film “Dubrovsky” with Danila Kozlovsky in the title role. The painting “Give me liberty” tells the story of Russian immigrants who settled in the United States

The Russian army facilitated the transfer of military equipment abroad

Since July 29, 2019, the FSB and the Russian armed forces will no longer require special permits for international transportation of weapons and military equipment. The transfer can be carried out on the basis of a military pass. The relevant Federal law No. 192-FZ of 18 July 2019 “On amendments to the Federal law “On state control over the implementation of international road transport and on liability for violation of the procedure for their implementation”came into force.

Venezuela’s new path of economic development

A new path of economic development in Venezuela will reduce the country’s dependence on oil revenues. This was stated by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, RIA Novosti reported.

“Venezuela had a deformed model, a model of oil-dependent economy, and we are starting a road that does not depend on oil rents,” he said.

Venezuela’s economy has shrunk by almost half during Maduro’s time in power. So, for five years of his reign, the country’s GDP decreased by 47.7 percent, and the inflation rate at the end of 2018 amounted to slightly more than 130 thousand percent. Venezuela’s oil revenues fell from $ 85.6 billion to $ 29.9 billion in five years, and oil production fell to a historic low of 740,000 barrels per day.

Detention at hospital Bulk

Police detained 21 people at the city clinical hospital №64, where the head of the Anti-corruption Fund (FBK) Alexei Navalny Was taken from a special reception, reports “ATS-info”. Among the detainees, the correspondent of the TV channel “Rain” Daniil Sotnikov

According to “ATS-info”, they were given a summons to appear in the Department for the preparation of protocols under part 5 of article 20.2 of the administrative Code (violation of the established order of the meeting).

He repented, admitted his guilt and gave the investigation dirt on colleagues

Former head of the presidential administration Department to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens, FSB Colonel Mikhail Gorbatov was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. About it reports “Kommersant”. Gorbatov was found guilty of a particularly large fraud. Once in jail, the Colonel had repented, admitted his guilt and, moreover, gave the result of dirt on colleagues from the security services, thus giving start large-scale investigation of corruption among current and former security officers headed by the officer-billionaire Lord of Carolinum.

Orlando bloom will not return to the role of elf Legolas

Orlando bloom commented on the possibility of returning to the role of the elf Legolas. This character actor played in Peter Jackson’s trilogy “the Lord of the rings” and “the Hobbit”. Bloom noted that it is unlikely will play an elf, so is not suitable for this role by age.

The trailer for the second season of “Jack Ryan” appeared on the Network

The Network published the trailer for the second season of the series “Jack Ryan”. The video is posted on the official YouTube channel Amazon Prime Video.

The Network appeared render crossover Corvette C8

The image is a visualization of what a possible Corvette SUV might look like, taking into account the design tips that debuted in the Corvette 2020.

Anime about monsters-idols “Zombieland Saga” will be continued

About the sequel of the original series is known only that it will be called “Zombieland Saga: Revenge”/Zombie Land Saga Revenge. The first “Zombieland Saga” was a story about how a few girls with the makings of pop singers were brought back to life by some manic producer-stylist who was going to create an unprecedented show with their participation. Moreover, all the girls were taken by him from different historical periods of Japan

Teplokommunenergo helps the blind to get acquainted with the art

Tiflo-commentary, or Teflon, is a concise description of objects, events and actions, without which it is difficult to perceive a film, a painting or a play. Tiflokommentarii can be written (for example, in the form of handouts in museums) or sound — in the latter case, the term “audio description”is also used. In fact, the radio broadcast of a football match — this is tiflo-commentary, but it is not limited to sports. Comments can be prepared (the voice itself is recorded in advance or the commentator already has the text, script or other supporting materials) or “hot” when the work of the commentator is most reminiscent of simultaneous translation.

The Kostroma Museum-reserve hosts the exhibition “the Century for the eternal»

The exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the largest in Russia restoration center Igor Grabar, according to the website of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. The exhibition presents archival photographs about the history of the center.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the festival “Rock of clean water»

This year, the sounds of rock poured on the new site of the lower Volga embankment. 14 Russian and foreign bands performed their hits non-stop. As the organizers of the music and environmental festival assured, it was visited by more than 20 000 Nizhny Novgorod residents and guests.

The trailer for the documentary “Being Harvey Weinstein»

The film commissioned by the BBC stage Director Ursula MacFarlane. In Russian hire “Be Harvey Weinstein” will be released on August 22

For the first time in Hainan province held a festival of animation

Specialist in the history of animation and organizer of the event Li Baochuan said that the festival will demonstrate a large number of works that have never been exhibited in the country.

The series “The story of the maid” was extended for the fourth season

Streaming service Hulu decided to extend the series “The story of the maid” for the fourth season, before the end of the third.

In Sochi will pass the international Jazz festival Sochi

The tenth Sochi Jazz festival will be held from 1 to 4 August in Sochi, in the program – jazz parade and performances of world stars, reported on the website of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. “From 1 to 4 August with the support of the Ministry of culture of Russia Sochi will host the anniversary Sochi Jazz Festival”, – said in a statement.

Dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Krylov festival was held in Munich

In Munich, a festival dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the fable writer Ivan Krylov, according to “Russian field”. The event was held in the Munich hall Anton Fingerle of Bildungszentrum. Guests of the festival listened to the famous fables of Krylov, the evening also sounded the musical works of the poet’s contemporaries.

All models of the iPhone next year will get a modem 5G

According to numerous rumors, next year Apple smartphones will receive 5g modems. And if it was previously said that only older models will be able to boast of such a feature, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) now believes that all the iPhones of the 2020 model year will be equipped with 5g modems.

KamAZ will be equipped with mail from Mail.ru

Russian Mail.ru the Group will introduce its postal service into the onboard system of KAMAZ trucks produced by the same name Tatarstan company. Machines with the system will be produced in the autumn of 2019. With the help of the service implemented in it, drivers will be able to pay traffic fines, utilities, communications or send a money transfer.

Sony has announced a competitor headphones AirPods

The Japanese company Sony has announced the release of new wireless headphones WF-1000XM3, which should “shift from the throne” AirPods from Apple, leading in this segment, according to “Version-info”. Experts note that the novelty of the Japanese in many characteristics superior to “Apple” competitors.

For PUBG came a large-scale update Season 4

The developers reported that the update playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – Season 4 PC gamers got access, and it added significant changes to the popular game. In particular, we are talking about updating the original map, as well as a new Survivor Pass having new missions.

“Samsung can monitor users via battery»

So recently the Russians found the hidden device on the Samsung, the gadget keeps track of their users. The surveillance device carried out its functions through the battery, directly feeding from it. From the extra attention it was hiding behind the sticker on the battery, which a normal user will not touch under normal circumstances. The user himself called the device a “listening chip”. The company can use the obtained data for any purpose, but it is mainly used to sell its products through advertising.

Acer Nitro XV273X: monitor with a response time of 1 MS for gaming systems

Acer, according to network sources, has prepared for the release of the monitor Nitro XV273X, designed for use in the game class systems. The panel is made on IPS matrix.

Smart TV Huawei Smart Screen

Huawei held a press conference in Shenzhen, inviting representatives of the media, who were presented with a smart TV Huawei Smart Screen. As expected, Huawei Smart Screen will work under control of operating system Hongmeng. In addition, the TV will be equipped with a high-quality audio system, a retractable front camera, as well as a large number of different services, including Huawei Music and Huawei Video. Huawei’s Smart Screen will be available in three sizes: 55, 65 and 75 inches. TV sets will be available for sale in August.

WhatsApp app will appear for iPad

The official WhatsApp app will appear for iPad. This is reported by the portal Phone Arena with reference to its own sources.

“Domy” launches its own VR app

Telecom operator “Domy” first among pay-TV operators in Russia launches its own app for virtual reality glasses. In the application “Domy Movix VR” the user, wearing VR glasses, gets into a virtual living room with a screen size of 150 inches.

Acronis released a new version of Cyber Infrastructure solution

Acronis announced the release of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0, an important update to its universal software-defined infrastructure solution. This solution, which can be deployed on any standard hardware, allows you to run virtual machines and store data

Australian authorities can create a body that monitors Google and Facebook

This proposal is presented in the 623-page report of the Australian competition and consumer Commission (ACCC). A special unit will be taught what algorithms are used by the companies to display advertisements to users…. This writes the portal Engadget.

Polygon for Hyperloop will be built in Saudi Arabia

The Saudis decided to make a serious bid on the field of new technologies. The government of Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with Virgin Hyperloop One, the contract provides for the construction of a 35-kilometer test tunnel for the implementation of the first stage of the futuristic transport concept.

The molecular map of Hydra is made

Scientists from the University of California analyzed the RNA transcriptomes of 25,000 Hydra cells to find out how the process of differentiation at the molecular level. The study was published in the journal Science.

Astrophysicists have developed tomography for supernovae

A group of researchers at the Australian University of New South Wales in an article posted on the pages of the journal Physical Review Letters, reported on a new method of observation, called tomography of supernova residues.

In New Zealand, the undying stump survived thanks to neighboring trees

In New Zealand, scientists have discovered in the forest cowrie undying stump, which leads a special way of life. Experts suggested that the plant was able to survive thanks to the neighboring trees and the process of dividing the water between them.

Alaska glaciers are melting 100 times faster than forecast

The rate of ice loss in the vicinity of Alaska was much higher than predicted by climate scientists. The lekont underwater glacier (South of the state capital) is losing mass a hundred times faster than the predicted rate.

Scientists have invented a technology that allows people to see in the dark

Chinese scientists have created nanoparticles that give people night vision. We are talking about special microscopic particles that are attached to the photosensitive cells of the retina and allow it to capture infrared waves.

So far, it is unclear how exactly scientists plan to deliver their miracle nanoparticles to the retina. Plus, it is unknown how safe this modification is. But in the future, as you can be sure, such technologies will be widespread, and people, respectively, will see in the dark as day.

Atoms will weaken the laser without absorption of photons

Thanks to postselection, the cloud of atoms in the ground state can extinguish and amplify the laser beam incident on it even if the state of the atoms does not change. A key role in this effect is played by a variable and previously unknown number of photons contained in the incident beam.

Australia has created a unique filter for sea water

Scientists have created a tiny disk of superhydrophilic filter paper coated with carbon nanotubes to absorb light. It works exclusively on solar energy and is able to remove almost 100% of the salt from the water — in fact, it is an ideal desalinator.

Scientists have created a bionic eye, who returned sight to the blind

The company Pixium Vision has successfully tested its new device designed to return the ability to see people suffering from macular degeneration, a disease that develops in old age.

The proto-oncogene made mouse stem cell to become a neuron

The ability of nerve tissue to regenerate has long been shown in mice. However, what exactly is the signal to differentiation for the progenitor cells of neurons remained unclear. Belgian scientists together with British colleagues found that such a “trigger” for the formation of new neurons in the cerebral cortex can serve as a protein Bcl6. Researchers believe that in the same way, most likely, any stem cells can be forced to differentiate.

Dark feathers of birds help them to fly more effectively

People have been studying birds and other flying creatures since time immemorial to find out how these animals manage to stay in the air. In a new study, scientists wondered whether the color of the wings of a bird affects the efficiency of its flight.

The extinction of elephants will increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

A biologist at the University of St. Louis and his colleagues found that the elephant population in the forests of Central Africa contributes to the growth of slow-growing trees with a high density of wood. These trees absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than fast-growing species — elephant food. Thus, these large mammals contribute to the utilization of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The article was published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Researchers have found a new cause of aging

A research team at the University of South Carolina discovered that as cells age, they stop producing a number of chemicals called nucleotides, which are the “building blocks” of DNA and RNA. When scientists took young cells and forced them to stop creating nucleotides, they began to age.

Scientists have called a way to combat the most dangerous cancer

Specialists of the Salk Institute in the United States have found a way to combat dangerous types of cancer. It is reported Lenta.ru with reference to MedicalXpress. As it turned out, drugs aimed at the protein CREB, regulating the activity of specific genes, prevent tumor growth, which makes it possible to deal with intractable types of cancer.

Discovered rocky exoplanet with three red suns

Astronomers using the space telescope TESS discovered an exoplanet with three suns, which was called LTT 1445Ab. It revolves around one of the three red dwarfs that make up the LTT 1445 system, located at a distance of 22.5 light years from us and 1.38 times the Earth.

In Russia offered to drill a well on the dark side of the moon

The inventors are already developing a drilling rig capable of working on an earth satellite. A scientist from the Institute of Geochemistry and analytical chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny slyuta reported that at the moment is to develop a rig that will be able to function in appropriate conditions.

Chinese devices on the moon “woke up” and started to work

Launched by China, the landing module “Chang’e-4” and the Lunokhod “Yutu-2” successfully came out of sleep mode and began the eighth month of work on the back of the moon. They were in “hibernation” since July 9

China has put into orbit a new group of satellites

China has put into orbit three remote sensing satellites “Yaogan-30”. This was stated in the Corporation for space science and technology (CASC). The carrier rocket “Changzheng-2S” went from the Xichang spaceport in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan.

The astronomical satellite NASA for a year of work opened more than 20 exoplanets

NASA’s satellite called TESS, which is actually a space telescope, has discovered more than 20 exoplanets during the year of its operation. Although he was preparing for such studies, he had to deal with others, for example, to study asteroids and comets, including not from our system.

NASA will Finance the creation of an orbital shipyard

The company is developing the world’s first orbital shipyard for the construction of spacecraft in orbit. Made In Space received from NASA 73 million dollars – these funds should be enough to create the first spacecraft of the company

NASA explained the reason for the emergence of a Land of frequent earthquakes

NASA experts explained the reason for the activation of seismic activity on Earth. The occurrence of frequent earthquakes may be due to the distance of the moon from the planet, which affects the speed of rotation.

NASA has decided on the orbit of the future lunar station

The challenge is to position Lunar Orbital Platform — Gateway (LOP-G) in an optimal way, providing regular and fast flights to the Earth and to the moon, and with minimal own fuel consumption — thanks to the use of gravity of both celestial bodies.

Audi introduced the new A1 Citycarver

The exterior of the A1 Citycarver has undergone some changes — the car received the protection of the bottom, as well as steel elements in front and behind, plastic wheel arch linings and massive side panels. The grille also has an octagonal shape, corresponding to the design of Audi SUVs.