30 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/29/2020

According to experts, as a result of restrictive measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by up to 5%, but “not all measures aimed at countering the coronavirus have had a positive effect on the environment”.

“Our streets, beaches and oceans have been affected by a tsunami of waste, including plastic face masks, gloves, disinfectant bottles and food packaging,” said a report published by the UN conference on trade and development (UNCTAD).

MegaFon starts the system monitoring the health of the patient.

Special medical devices with built-in sim cards will exchange indicators in an impersonal format with the MegaFon Cloud. From there, treating doctors from private and public health clinics will be able to track the patient’s condition, adjust treatment and record them for a personal appointment.

Growth of real pensions in Russia

According to the plan, in 2021-2024, pensions will be indexed above the level of expected inflation. So, from January 1, 2021, the amount of payments will grow by 6.3%, from the beginning of 2022-by 5.9%, from 2023-by 5.6%, from 2024-by 5.5%. The Ministry of labor added that after 2024, insurance pensions will increase depending on the growth of budget revenues of the Pension Fund.

The head of the FBK Zhdanov was sentenced to a fine

The head of the FBK Zhdanov was sentenced to a fine of 100 thousand rubles for refusing to comply with the decision of the Lublin court of Moscow, which ordered the Fund to delete data from its resources that defame the honor of businessman Alisher Usmanov

The list of Emmy nominees has been announced:

  • in the best drama series category: “The crown”, “the handmaid’s Tale”, “Better call Saul”, “Ozark”, “Killing eve”, “Mandalorian”, “the Heirs” and “Very strange things”;
  • in the best Comedy series category: “Moderate your enthusiasm”,” dead to me”, “In a better world”, “White crow”, “the Kominsky Method”, “the Amazing Mrs. Meisel”, “Shitts Creek” and “Real ghouls”;
  • in the short series category: “The keepers, “” Mrs. America,” “the Improbable,” “Unorthodox,”and” and there are fires smouldering everywhere.”

The 72nd Academy awards ceremony will be held on September 20.

The case of the Khachaturian sisters will be considered by a jury

The trial of the younger of the Khachaturian sisters will begin on August 10, RIA Novosti reported in court. The three judges must decide whether to send her to compulsory treatment (outpatient or inpatient). The court also rejected a request to return the case to the Prosecutor for merging with the case of the older sisters. In this scenario, the younger one could count on a jury trial.

The government and separatists in southern Yemen have agreed to:

  • separatist forces leave military bases in Aden;
  • The transitional Council refuses autonomy in southern Yemen;
  • within 30 days, a new government will be created, which will include separatist candidates.

National security law in Hong Kong. Main points:

  • Hong Kong will set up a national security Committee of key local Ministers who will be able to monitor the situation and report to Beijing,
  • Hong Kong will create a special police Department for national security cases and appoint specialized judges,
  • The Beijing government will set up a special state security Department in Hong Kong to investigate crimes that are most dangerous to national security. This Department will also be able to take cases if there is a situation threatening national security,
  • The law explicitly stipulates penalties for 4 categories of crimes (separatism, Subversion of state power, terrorism and creating a threat to national security with support from abroad)-from 3 years to life

The European Union has prepared a package of response measures

The response will include migration issues, exports of equipment and technology for use in Hong Kong, as well as support for civil society, RIA Novosti reports. The EU will restrict the delivery of technology and equipment to this territory when there is reason to believe that these goods will be used for repression and surveillance.

All measures will be implemented at the level of the EU or member States within their respective competences. In this way, the Union wants to Express political support for Hong Kong and its population.

Daria Sosnovskaya, who was hit in the stomach by a police officer, will appeal to the ECHR.

As the “Rise” press service of the “zone of law”, the Moscow city court today left unchanged the decision of the Basmanny district court, which recognized the actions of the SK on the episode with Sosnovskaya.

“Namely, the refusal of the investigator to conduct a check on the statement of the victim, who was hit in the stomach by a police officer at a protest in Moscow on August 10, 2019. Since the legal possibilities at the national level have been exhausted, we will file a complaint with the ECHR for violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, ” lawyer Tatyana Molokanova told Zona Prava.

Pashinyan commented on the aggravation of the conflict with Azerbaijan to RBC TV

  • About the situation on the border. Now it is relatively stable.
  • Why the conflict happened here. A video surveillance system for the Azerbaijani military has been built in Nagorno-Karabakh. There is no such system on the border with the Tavush region.
  • About Russian support. Russia is a co-chair of the OSCE Minsk group and a key mediator. Yerevan does not feel that Russia has withdrawn from the conflict.
  • About the non-recognition of Crimea. Yerevan does not recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh. Under these conditions, it cannot recognize Crimea. This does not affect strategic relations with Russia.
  • About the CSTO. Armenia did not ask for military assistance from the organization.
  • About the clashes between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Moscow. This is an attempt to turn Russia into a field of interethnic conflicts. Russia’s stability is Armenia’s security.

Turkish aviation arrived in Nakhchivan

A group of military personnel and aviation equipment of the Turkish Armed forces, involved in joint Azerbaijani-Turkish large-scale tactical and flight-tactical exercises with live fire, has arrived in Nakhchivan, the press service of the defense Ministry reports. The exercise will last until August 10.

Half of Russians support protests in Khabarovsk territory

According to Levada Center experts, 26% of respondents closely follow what is happening in the region, and 57% have heard something about the protests. Of all the respondents, 45% of Russians have a positive attitude to those who go to the shares, and only 17% — negatively. 30% are ready to take part in protests in their region.

Not only the Khabarovsk territory is protesting, but also Primorye!

Residents of Nakhodka staged a rally to Express their attitude to the United Russia Governor appointed by Putin, Kozhemyako, who, according to them, allowed the construction of a chemical plant (NSMU) and a town for Chinese. The protesters believe that the plant is dangerous for the city: it can poison the air, soil and sea in the area of Nakhodka and negatively affect people’s health. In addition, local residents are outraged that the plant began to be built without providing them with permits.

The 77th Venice film festival will be held.

The opening is just over a month away, and the Italian authorities, as well as the management of the Biennale, confidently say one thing: whatever security measures have to be taken, the event will not be canceled. In masks, gloves, with constant temperature measurements and observing social distance, the filmmakers will still present their films, the public will see them, and the jury will judge them.

Ivan Safronov refused the pre-trial agreement

“The investigator offered him a deal in which he would have to admit guilt and receive no more than two-thirds of the maximum sentence, that is, 10 years,” lawyer Ivan Pavlov told TASS. Safronov refused this offer.

According to Pavlov, the condition of the deal was to disclose the journalistic sources of the adviser to the head of Roscosmos: “This is what the investigator is interested in. At the same time, the investigation categorically denies any connection of the accusation with Ivan’s journalistic activities, and here it turns out that his sources of information are of interest. Here the investigation contradicts itself

Alexey Navalny published a tax return.

Alexey Navalny, the founder of the anti-corruption Fund, has published his tax return. The politician receives all his income as an individual entrepreneur.

“Income consists of transfers under contracts for legal services, organization of work in the ECHR, and so on. These are non-cash payments made by Russian citizens from their accounts in Russian banks, ” Navalny wrote in his blog.

He named entrepreneur Boris Zimin as the main source of his income. For 2019, the income of Navalny’s sole proprietor amounted to 5,440,000 rubles, which is an average of 453,000 rubles per month.

Navalny published his tax return after RT employee Ekaterina Vinokurova promised to disclose the size of her salary if the opposition leader named his

Number of animals killed and injured by wildfires in Australia

About three billion animals were killed and affected by the 2019-2020 wildfires in Australia. Across Australia, 143 million mammals, 2.5 billion reptiles, 180 million birds and 51 million frogs were affected by the fires, according to researchers.

Rosneft will transfer managers to a reduced working week

From October 1, 2020, Rosneft will transfer employees of the Central office to a reduced five-day working week. We are talking about reducing working hours to 30 a week or an average of six hours a day. This decision was made by Rosneft to ” preserve the health of employees in the conditions of restrictions and risks caused by the pandemic.

The government proposed to classify the purchases of Roscosmos

The Russian government has proposed to classify part of the purchases of Roscosmos, as foreign countries analyze open information from contracts of the state Corporation and its enterprises, the explanatory note to the draft resolution says.

The Church supports the postponement of Russia Day celebrations

The Moscow Patriarchate described the initiative to move the celebration of Russia Day from June 12 to July 28, the day of the baptism of Rus, as “interesting”, which can be the beginning of a”deep discussion of healthy social forces”.

Earlier, the public movement “Forty Sorokov” proposed to consider the day of the baptism of Russia on July 28 as “the true Day of Russia”, since “it was on July 28, 988 that Russian statehood began, which grew into a thousand-year-old Russia”.

Russia uses the sites in the English language for the dissemination of disinformation

Russian intelligence is using English-language websites to spread misinformation about the coronavirus epidemic in the United States, the Associated Press (AP) reported, citing sources from official circles.

The Agency names the sites InfoRos.ru, Infobrics.org and OneWorld.press as mouthpieces for Russian intelligence services, citing as an example that from late may to early July, they distributed about 150 articles about the fight against the pandemic, which praised Russia and denigrated the United States.

Bought Venezuelan assets to Rosneft

Former Ryazan chop “Rosneft”, which in the spring became the direct owner of the assets of the Venezuelan state oil company, changed their place of residence for the second time in the last month — and just a week after the “Open media” has noticed that the company changed its name to “Petromost”, registered in the same Moscow business centre where the offices of several “granddaughters” of “Rosneft”.

Fund “Inpractice” updated record

Revenue of the National intellectual development Fund (NIR) increased by 4% to 509.7 million rubles in 2019. This is a record for the organization in its eight years of operation.

The Fund’s net profit last year decreased by 16% — from 61.17 million rubles at the end of 2018 to 51.3 million rubles, according to Kontur-focus data received from Rosstat. At the same time, the Fund reduced the cost of maintaining the management staff — from 46.9 to 41 million rubles. This indicator also includes the salary Fund — Innopraktika reduced it from 43.2 to 28.5 million rubles at the end of 2019.

The global tourism industry lost 320 billion dollars

This figure is three times higher than the losses that the industry suffered as a result of the global financial crisis in 2009.

The Turkish Parliament adopted the law on the social networks

The law requires that messages deemed offensive and defamatory by the authorities be deleted within 2 days without a court decision. The law also requires storing all data of Turkish customers in Turkey. If you violate the new rules, you will face large fines and a significant reduction in traffic.

Russia will expand the possibility of applying sanctions against Ukraine

Companies that are more than 25% controlled by individuals against whom Russia has imposed sanctions should also fall under the sanctions regime, according to the draft law that the Russian government has submitted to the state Duma.

In Russia, they plan to introduce alcoholics for cars

The Ministry of industry and trade plans to introduce alcoholic beverages in Russia . the Ministry intends to develop the corresponding concept by the end of 2020. The devices will be able to block the car’s ignition if alcohol is detected in the driver’s exhalation.

Gazprom no longer owns a pipe-laying device for Nord stream-2

Gazprom no longer owns the only pipe-laying company in Russia with a modern dynamic positioning system, Akademik Chersky. This is reported by RBC.

The vessel continues to stand in the German port of Mukran, the logistics base of Nord stream 2. Earlier it was reported that “Akademik Chersky” is the only pipe — laying company that can complete the construction of the gas pipeline.

“Norilsk Nickel” and “Rosneft” will become partners

Major companies NorNickel and Rosneft have become partners in the field of fuel supply. The company has already sent a joint letter to the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation.

In France, the Assembly of the ITER thermonuclear reactor has begun

French President Emmanuel macron, Rosatom CEO Alexey Likhachev and official representatives of other countries attended the start of the Assembly of the international experimental thermonuclear reactor ITER, the expert online reported to the Country of Soviets.

Korean Air representative office stops working in Irkutsk

On August 1, the Korean Air representative office in Irkutsk stops its work. About this IRK.ru a representative of the airline said

Holidays in hotels in Turkey have become more expensive

Search engine representatives Avianta.ru shared with TourDom.ru data on the cost of tours to some popular 5* hotels in Turkey, which tour operators offer with departure from Moscow in late August-early September. Compared to last year, prices have increased by about 20%, while experts warn that the quality of recreation in the coming season is different from last year.

In Russia, the average receipt for a set of first-graders has grown

In 2020, the average cost of a “first-grader’s kit” in Russia has increased by more than half. In particular, a set of office supplies will cost 55% more. Today, to collect the future student in the first class for the office will have to pay 712 rubles.

The head of Amazon agreed to checks in the US

The world’s richest man and Amazon chief Executive, Jeff Bezos, has asked US authorities to scrutinize him and the company. Bezos ‘ appeal is published on the Corporation’s website. The entrepreneur plans to speak with him at antitrust hearings in Congress

I believe that Amazon should be carefully checked. All major institutions, whether companies, agencies, or non-governmental organizations, should be thoroughly vetted. Our responsibility is to show excellent results, Bezos said.

The volume of mortgage lending in Russia

Russian banks issued 109 thousand mortgage loans totaling 258 billion rubles, which is 28% more than in June 2019, the press service of the United credit Bureau reported on July 27. In comparison with may 2020, the volume of loans issued increased by 39%.

The accounting chamber named the number of violations in public procurement in 2019

“According to the results of 2019, the accounting chamber revealed 839 violations in the implementation of procurement and execution of state contracts in accordance with Federal law No. 44-FZ for a total of 236.6 billion rubles,” TASS quotes the text of the report.

State purchases (FZ-44) and state-owned companies (FZ-223) accounted for about a third of Russia’s GDP in 2014-2019, according to the audit chamber’s (SP) monitoring of the development of the system of state and corporate purchases.

The first commercial AR glasses are presented

The Coolpad Group held a conference called “Unlimited horizons”, where smart augmented reality glasses, called Coolpad Xview, were presented. The device is similar to regular sunglasses, with the glasses equipped with a display and a camera with a 3 mm lens. As for the display, its characteristics are not reported, but Coolpad claims that it offers the industry’s best light transmission, contrast, and color rendering.

Volkswagen in the United States paid compensation for dieselgate

German carmaker Volkswagen in the United States paid its customers $9.8 billion in compensation in the case of manipulation of data on the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of diesel cars of the automaker.

A hydrogen charger has been created in Russia

Specialists of Technopolis ” Era ” have developed a portable charger that is designed to replenish the charge of batteries for military equipment and equipment.

Sentinel satellite captured the launch of the Russian Dagger

The European sentinel-2 satellite captured a rocket launch made on July 23 in the Barents sea. This was reported by journalists from Forbes. According to American journalists, the images showed tests that were carried out with the help of the anti-submarine ship Severomorsk project 1155 “Frigate”.

The Russian black sea fleet went to sea for exercises

More than 20 warships of the black sea fleet went to sea to improve the elements of the second special course task. This was announced by the head of the information support Department of the black sea fleet Alexey Rulev

The maneuvers involve the frigate “Admiral Essen”, the patrol ship “Inquisitive”, the patrol ship “Dmitry Rogachev”, small rocket ships” Orekhovo-Zuyevo “and” Ingushetia”, large landing ships” Caesar Kunikov”,” Saratov ” and vessels of the auxiliary fleet. They are accompanied by aircraft and helicopters of Marine aviation and air defense of the black sea fleet.

India has moved T-90 tanks and 4,000 military personnel to the border with China

India moved 12 T-90 tanks and other armored vehicles to the daulat beg OLDI area of Ladakh province on the border with China, as well as up to 4,000 soldiers and officers to prevent a possible Chinese invasion through the Shaksgam-Karakorum pass.

The US lifted restrictions on South Korea’s use of rocket fuel

Seoul and Washington have agreed to lift restrictions on South Korea’s development and use of solid-fuel missiles. This was reported by KBS on July 28, citing a statement by the Deputy Secretary of the South Korean presidential administration for security Affairs, Kim Hyun-Jung.

The sequel to the Han Solo movie will be a series for Disney Plus

On the Disney Plus service, a series about the adventures of Han Sol from The star wars movie Saga can be released. This was announced on July 27 by the star Wars Unity portal.

The Russian Museum will present an exhibition project for its 125th anniversary

A large-scale exhibition is opening in the Russian Museum. It will feature the most iconic works of art that the Russian Museum has received from crowned heads, benefactors, and artists throughout its history.

Nolan’s new film will be shown in September

The American premiere of Christopher Nolan’s film “the Argument” was moved to September 3 this year, ahead of the weekend on the local labor Day, deadline reports with reference to the Warner Bros. Studio. The film will be released in Russia on September 10.

The film about the Irkutsk Philharmonic received awards in Hollywood

The documentary film of the Irkutsk regional film Fund “music lives Here” took silver at the monthly Hollywood film festival ” Independent shorts awards “in the category”Best documentary”.

Sony’s new A7S III camera

Sony has introduced a mirrorless camera a7S III, information about which appeared in the last few days. The camera includes a 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, a Bionz XR processor, an ultra-high-resolution electronic viewfinder, and improved autofocus.

It is also possible to capture 4K video at 120 frames per second. The light sensitivity range is ISO 80-102400, expandable to ISO 40-409600. In addition, the camera supports high-speed CFexpress type a memory cards. Also, the new product has a five-degree-of-freedom stabilization system, and the auto-focus system has 759 points that cover 92% of the frame. Sales of the camera should start in Europe in September. The price of the new product is 4,200 euros.

Apple released the thunderbolt 3 Pro cable

Apple has started selling the new thunderbolt 3 Pro cable. Its length is two meters, and the price is 11,490 rubles. The proposed cable can provide a transfer rate of 40 Gbit/s.

Thunderbolt 3 Pro can be used for monitors equipped with a DisplayPort input. The cable is also compatible with the USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, and through it the user can transmit information at a speed of 10 Gbit/s. Previously, Apple supplied the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor with this cable.

Qualcomm unveils new fast charging

The new fast charge is called Quick Charge 5, and for the first time it is implemented in a smartphone from Xiaomi. According to the developers, the new generation of charging is significantly more efficient. The stated capability is to charge the 4,500 mAh battery up to 50% in 5 minutes.

In Japan, scientists have revived microbes that lived 100 million years ago

Biologists from Japan and the United States managed to revive the spores of microbes that lived about 101.5 million years ago, reports News.ru. According to a microbiologist from the JAMSTEC research Institute, Yuki Morono, 99.1% of microbes were completely alive

American scientists have found out how to trick infrared cameras

American scientists have developed a special coating that allows surfaces to emit infrared light of a similar range to the environment. The coating allows you to “hide” from infrared cameras.

An implant for connecting the brain to a computer

Scientists have created a brain implant that will allow you to connect it to a computer. According to today News Ufa, fiction is gradually becoming a reality. Soon the human brain can be connected to a computer

Released a teaser for the animated series “Jurassic World: Chalk camp”

On Wednesday, July 29, it became known that the network has a teaser for the animated series “Jurassic World: Chalk camp”. The video is published on the Netflix YouTube channel. In the story, six teenagers enter the Park from the movie “Jurassic World”.

Scientists have published a new detailed map of the Arctic ocean

Scientists have presented the new most detailed map of the Arctic ocean floor — IBCAO 4.0. according to the publication Scientific Data, the map will help researchers of different specialties in solving numerous mysteries of the Arctic.

The IBCAO (International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean) project, in which scientists from around the world map the bottom of the Arctic ocean, started in 1997 with the initiative of scientists from St. Petersburg. Not so long ago, the IBCAO team became part of the Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 project, which plans to create a detailed map of The earth’s sea floor by 2030.

Identified brain cells that encourage men to violence

A new study published yesterday in the journal Nature Neuroscience explains the propensity of some men to violence and aggression, writes MedicalXpress. The experiments studied the brain activity of more than a hundred male mice who were struggling to mate with a female.

Astronomers have identified the source of a mysterious radio signal from space

Astronomers were able to determine the relationship between radio wave bursts, the nature of which is unknown, and magnetars – neutron stars with an exceptionally strong magnetic field, reports tvbrics.com with reference to the European space Agency (ESA). The discovery was made thanks to the integral comic Observatory. It is used for analyzing objects in the strong x-ray and gamma-ray ranges

Virgin Galactic has developed the interior of the ship for space tourism

Virgin Galactic has published a virtual concept of a salon in the Unity spacecraft designed for comic tourism. The concept was developed jointly by the design Agency Seymourpower from London.
Minimalesco on deformable mirrors

DeMi cubsat (Deformable Mirror) was developed by the famous Massachusetts Institute of technology. The space platform (cubsat)is designed by Blue Canyon Technologies. The minisatellite got on Board the ISS in February of this year. It was launched into orbit on July 13. After that, the satellite successfully got in touch and started testing.

The DeMi CubeSat satellite’s mission is to observe distant space objects in the form of stars and exoplanets.this program is overseen by the US defense advanced research Agency (DARPA). The mission is expected to last about a year.

Yandex has installed a non-removable” Teleconference ” for users

Yandex has forcibly installed a proprietary video conferencing service called” Telemost “on the users of Yandex.Disk, which can’t be deleted now.

Twitter will start blocking links with hate speech and violence

The Twitter administration has announced another update to the content distribution policy in the social network. The service will start blocking links with hate speech and violence. This is reported on the company’s website.

A new list of malicious Android apps has appeared

Specialists of the cybersecurity company White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence published a new report that reveals information about new research. As a result, many Android apps were found to contain malware.

Google employees will remain in quarantine for another year

Google has decided that most of the company’s 200,000 employees will continue to work from home for another year. This decision made Google the first major IT firm to extend the working quarantine for such a period.

Sberbank will get control of Rambler Group

Sberbank plans to invest about 2 billion rubles more in Rambler Group, in which it already owns a 46.5% stake, the parties said. Part of the investment will be directed to the” accelerated growth of the market share ” of the online cinema Okko with the aim of making it the largest OTT platform in Russia in 2021. It is also planned to invest “in the product and technological component” of Rambler & Co’s projects in the field of online media and e-ticket sales for events, according to a press release.

Maduro uses the technology of the PRC for control of Venezuelans

According to a report provided by the US Senate foreign Affairs Commission, China is using cyberspace to allow the regime of Nicolas Maduro to use the hardware and services of the Asian giant in order to control Venezuelans

Lollapalooza 2020 will be held in virtual mode

The organizers of the canceled Lollapalooza festival announced a 4-day virtual festival that will take place on the same dates – from July 30 to August 2, 2020.

Released the trailer for the series ” We are who we are”

The Pentagon announced the transfer of military personnel from Germany

The United States will withdraw 11.9 thousand troops from Germany, some of them will be sent to Italy and Belgium, the Pentagon reported. On July 1, the Pentagon reported that the relocation of the military “will strengthen the deterrence of Russia”, as well as a positive impact on ” the strategic and operational flexibility of the United States in Europe»

Pakistan army received new tanks

The army of Pakistan has just received upgraded al-Khalid-1 tanks that have just come off the Assembly line. As the Military review newspaper reported today, a solemn ceremony on this occasion was held at the state defense plant Heavy Industries Texila (HIT).

Greece to hold military exercises near disputed territories with Turkey

Greek authorities have issued an international alert Navtex about military exercises with shooting in the area of the island of Kastelorizo. This was reported on Sunday, July 26, in the publication “Proto theme”. According to the publication, the alert station Heraklion hydrographic service of the Greek Navy

CNN published a map of the Kuril Islands in Japan

The American TV channel CNN in one of the materials published a map of the southern Islands of the Kuril archipelago as part of Japan, not Russia.

Belarus announced the detention of 33 Russians from the PMC “Wagner”.

Belarusian law enforcement agencies received information about the arrival of more than 200 militants in the country “to destabilize the situation during the election campaign,” the state news Agency BelTA reported. They arrived in Minsk on July 25, spent two days in a hotel and moved to a sanatorium near Minsk. There, on the night of July 29, the KGB and the Minsk OMON detained 32 people.

Prilepin: my former fighters are among those detained in Belarus

Among the detained Russians in Belarus are those who served in the battalion of the writer Zakhar Prilepin when he was in the Donbass. This information is required.THIS was confirmed by Prilepin himself. Earlier, law enforcement agencies of Belarus detained 32 mercenaries from a foreign private military company (PMC).

Ukraine will do everything to observe the truce

“Can we say that we have agreed on a ceasefire? Yes. Can we say that there are no single shots fired? No. Because they are, they exist. Because we have 400-plus kilometers of the demarcation line, and it is very difficult to control everything, ” Zelensky said, adding that in case of serious attacks and attacks, the Ukrainian military will respond.

“Sovereign Internet” will be ready at the end of 2021

In accordance with the national program “Digital economy”, the information system Of the center for monitoring and management of the public communications network (is CMU SSOP) should be created in three years-by the end of 2021

“The first stage of the CMU SSOP is was created in December 2019, and acceptance was conducted with the participation of representatives of state bodies,” Roskomnadzor said, adding that “the second stage of the system is being created”.

According to the law “on the sovereign Internet”, it is required not only to provide the possibility of Autonomous operation of the Runet and minimize data transfer abroad, but also introduces strict control over traffic within the Russian Federation, expanding the functions of Roskomnadzor.

Police conduct searches and detain activists of the “Other Russia” in Perm

In Perm, the security forces came home to the head of the local branch of the “Other Russia” Kirill Imashev. In addition, this morning, the search took place at the activist Ivan Kourov. The search also came to the activist Roman Shipitsin. All books and equipment were seized from him, including the property of his neighbor, who was not at home during the search. The location of the Novel is unknown.

The nineteenth day of protests in Khabarovsk.

It is incredibly hot in Khabarovsk. But it did not prevent protesters for the freedom of Furgal from going to Lenin square. Traditionally, the police blocks the traffic (the protesters are on the roadway).

Residents of the city of Sortavala (Karelia) came to the rally

The protesters demand that the regional authorities stop interfering in local government and return direct elections for the mayor. The reason for discontent was the removal from office of the mayor Sergei Krupin. The organizers agreed on the meeting, stating the maximum number of 20 people. However, according to the portal “CAPITAL on Onego.ru” with reference to eyewitnesses, more than 170 people came to the rally: 20 were standing on a platform fenced with a metal fence, the rest were behind the fence.

The UAE notified of a reduction in the supply of all types of oil in September

Oil supplies of Murban, Upper Zakum, Umm Lulu and Das grades will be reduced by 5%. Under the terms of the OPEC + deal, the UAE in may-July reduced production by 722 thousand b / d from the level of 3.168 million b / d. At the same time, the real reduction in production will be greater.

Large gas field discovered offshore Egypt

France’s Total, Britain’s BP and Italy’s Eni have opened a new gas field at the North El Hammad license area on the Egyptian shelf. This is stated in the message Total. The gas reserves discovered on the well Bachrach eleven kilometers from the coast of Egypt.

RBC reported an outflow of foreign currency deposits from Russian banks

The outflow of funds from deposits in nine systemically important banks in March amounted to $3.8 billion, in April – $1.1 billion from ten credit institutions, in may – $505 million from seven, the newspaper writes.

Share of the dollar in trade between Russia and China

The share of the dollar in trade between Russia and China fell by five percentage points in the first quarter of 2020 and reached a historic low of 46%, Izvestia calculated based on statistics from the Central Bank and the Federal customs service.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine raised funds in the domestic market

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on Tuesday attracted 10.7 billion hryvnia (386 million dollars) from the placement of bonds of the internal state loan (OVGZ), the press service of the Ministry reported

Yandex net profit in the second quarter

At the end of the second quarter, revenue from online advertising fell by 15% to almost 25 billion rubles. The company explained this by saying that due to the economic crisis, advertising budgets are being reduced and business activity is generally decreasing.

Pork imports to Russia have reached the lowest values in 30 years.

According to the results of the first half of 2020, it decreased by 98%, to 1000 tons, previously Russia imported up to 100,000 tons per year, Kommersant reports, citing data From the center for industry expertise of the Rosselkhoznadzor and experts