31 Jul, 2019

News digest for 07/30/2019

The salary of the head of the Fund of single-industry towns exceeded the city budgets

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation compared the salary of the Director General of the Fund for the development of single-industry towns with the costs of their budgets.

According to the audit materials published in the report of the joint venture, the General Director of the Fund received a salary of one million rubles per month, which exceeded the budget expenditures of some of the single-industry towns. Thus, at the end of 2018, the annual budget of four single-industry towns did not exceed 10 million rubles.

In General, the Fund spent more than 1 billion rubles on its maintenance for three years.

Currently, the General Director of the Fund is Irina Makieva. She took office in July 2018, replacing the former head of Ilya Krivogov.

Rosstat recorded an increase in poverty

The poverty rate in Russia in the first quarter of 2018 was 13.9% (20.4 million people).

“The growth of this index is due to the advancing growth of the cost of living index compared to the index of consumer prices”, – stated in the message.

In particular, the subsistence minimum increased by 7.2% (from 10,038 rubles in the first quarter of 2018 to 10,753 rubles in the first quarter of 2019), and the consumer price index – by 5.2%. With the same growth of both indicators, the number of people living below the poverty line would remain unchanged, the service points out.

The Federal highway was closed in Tulun due to flooding

Tulun in the Irkutsk shut down the Federal road P-255 because of the deterioration of the situation with floods in the region. This was reported on the website of the city hall. As noted, the route across the bridge of the river Oia officially closed on July 30 from 00.30 MSK. for an unknown period.

Emergency mode because of fires introduced in the Krasnoyarsk region and the Irkutsk region

The “Emergency situation in the forests” regime was introduced throughout the Krasnoyarsk territory and the Irkutsk region. Both regions — along with Yakutia — are recognized as the “most mountainous” in Russia, the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations reports. In addition, the same regime was introduced in part of the territory of Buryatia.

Net profit of Russian NPFs in the first quarter of 2019

Net profit of Russian NPFs in the first quarter of 2019 increased by 15.8% compared to the same period in 2018 and amounted to 81.7 billion rubles.

The weighted average return on investment of pension savings in annual terms increased by 0.9 percentage points compared to the previous year and amounted to 9%. Of the 34 funds working with pension savings, 27 showed returns above inflation, among the top 10 funds of such NPFs were eight. Two of the Fund at the end of the first quarter of 2019 have losses (up to 2018 – seven funds).

Three-quarters of NPFs showed the yield of pension savings above the yield of VEB on the expanded portfolio (7.7% per annum), of which the yield of three funds was higher than the yield of VEB on the portfolio of government securities (11.7%).

The weighted average yield on pension reserves decreased by 3.1 percentage points to 6.5%. The economy showed 30 of 49 funds, working with the pension reserves, loss – five funds.

Countries that emit the most CO2 per capita.

CO2 emissions into the air are a major cause of global warming. The concentration of CO2 in the global atmosphere remained relatively stable until the industrial revolution, at about 200 ppm.

The state Duma sent a proposal to block BlaBlaCar

A letter signed by the Chairman of the PLO Ilya Zotov sent to the state Duma on July 25. The Association proposed to create a black list of sites that allow you to book and buy tickets from illegal interregional road carriers.

Cuba was allowed to create private high-speed data networks

In Cuba, regulations of the Ministry of communications of the country have entered into force, giving individuals and legal entities the right to establish wired or wireless private data networks. In addition, the import of equipment from abroad is permitted for the establishment and maintenance of such networks.

The court allowed the cinema not to pay for music in American films

The Russian copyright society (RAO) has no right to collect contributions from cinemas in favor of American composers, the Court of intellectual rights decided on July 24. Under US law, the authors of film soundtracks transfer their rights to film studios, and do not retain them

In Russia will build roads of snow and ice

By order of the Federal road Agency Rosdornii (cost14,5 million rubles) has prepared a draft national standard for ice crossings and winter roads — roads that can be used only in the cold season. The document regulates how to build, maintain and use winter roads. Disclosed the concept of fast ice, polynyas, washouts, of snehapanam, Topi, Marie, rapids. Introduces the classes and types of winter road depending on traffic. For example, the maximum speed on the winter road can be limited to 70 km/h, on the ice crossing — 20 km/h. On the ice thickness of about 2 m will be allowed to drive 100-ton trucks even in the thaw. To extend the life of winter roads GOST recommends to cover them with moss, sawdust and foam.

Irkutsk flood can kill the ecosystem of lake Baikal

Due to repeated flooding in the South of the Irkutsk region in the waters of lake Baikal in the near future can get sludge from the pits of the Baikal pulp and paper mill.

As reported “Izvestia” in the Limnological Institute of SB RAS, as a result of excessive chlorination in the largest lake of the planet zooplankton will die, which will lead to the destruction of the food chain of the Baikal ecosystem.

“If zooplankton dies, the fish will also be under threat of death from hunger, and with them — further along the ecological chain — birds and seals that feed on this fish,” — explained “Izvestia” Professor of the Department of ecology and industrial safety of MSTU. Bauman Boris Ksenofontov.

The plant was closed at the end of 2013, but organic waste from its activities is still stored in huge pits (maps) located on the southern coast of lake Baikal.

Uber will fire every third marketing specialist

Uber the company fired about 400 people — one in three marketing professionals, reports Bloomberg, citing sources. According to them, the Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi on July 29, had informed employees about the upcoming cuts.

The founder of Alibaba decided to hold a “financial revolution»

Internet Bank MYbank, which belongs to the founder of the Chinese Corporation Alibaba Jack MA, revolutionizes the small business lending market in China, writes Bloomberg

Revenue of The group “OK” in the second quarter increased by 6.1%

Revenue of The group “OK” in the second quarter increased by 6.1% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 39.51 billion rubles, follows from the unaudited operating results of the company

The Bank of Japan kept the interest rate at a negative level

The Bank of Japan again kept the interest rate at a negative level — minus 0.1%, the financial regulator said in a statement at the end of the July meeting. Seven members of the regulator spoke in favor of maintaining a negative interest rate, two — against.

The regulator also confirmed the decision to continue targeting the yield of 10-year government bonds at a level close to 0%. The yield of securities may increase or decrease depending on economic activity and price level. The monetary base will continue to increase by about 80 trillion yen per year.

Meizu company dismisses employees and closes stores

Anonymous sources from China reported that Meizu was in crisis. Reports say more employees were recently fired. In total, over 30% of employees lost their jobs during the year

Division of Pfizer for the production of generics combined with Mylan

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has agreed to merge its unit for the production of generics Upjohn with the company Mylan, according to a joint release of the companies.

On a package of shares from the criminal case Calvi found buyers

The dispute over the stake in IFTG formed the basis of a criminal case against the founder of Baring Vostok Michael Calvi, four of his employees and the ex-predpravleniya “East”. According to investigators, the Bank issued a loan for 2.5 billion rubles.

Utair offered banks new terms of loan restructuring

Utair on July 12 sent the next proposals to the banks on restructuring the airline’s loans by 56.5 billion rubles. the Carrier allowed an increase in the interest rate to 9% in the largest syndicated loan (23.7 billion rubles), as well as a reduction in the term for some credit lines, two sources among creditor banks and one source, who read the proposals, told RBC.

Wholesale gasoline prices fell

Wholesale prices for gasoline after a significant rise in price in may continue the trend of decline due to stagnation of demand, Kommersant reports. Thus, prices for AI-92 and AI-95 have already decreased by almost 10% from the maximum values of this year, to 45 thousand and 47 thousand rubles per ton. The cost of diesel fuel is reduced not so rapidly. In retail, the cost of fuel continues to grow slowly, as market participants take the opportunity to raise prices within the framework of inflation.

China bought record volume of oil from Saudi Arabia

Imports from Saudi Arabia accounted for 19.5% of China’s total oil purchases. This is the highest figure since 2013. Oil supplies from Russia to China in June increased by 45.5% in annual terms to 7.15 million tons, or 1.74 million b / s, compared with 6.36 million b / s in may.

Oil supplies from Russia to China in June increased by 45.5% year-on-year to 7.15 million tons, or 1.74 million b/s, compared with 6.36 million b/s in may. In January-June, China imported 37.69 million tons, or 1.53 million b/s, of Russian oil, which is 15.2% more than in the same period last year.

China in June also increased oil purchases from Angola to 4.43 million tons. Imports from Venezuela rose to 1.13 million tons.

Oil imports from the US in June amounted to 769,094 thousand tons compared to 786,637 thousand tons in may. In January-June, imports from the United States against the background of the trade war fell by 76.2% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 2.12 million tons, or 515.722 thousand b/s.

Meanwhile, China in June reduced oil imports from Iran by almost 60% in annual terms. The supply dropped to 855,638 thousand tons, or 208,205 thousand b/d, compared with 254,016 thousand b/d in may.

Mortgage “eats” more than half of the income of Russians

Now the average Russian family, consisting of two people, spends 51.7% of their income on mortgage repayment every month. In Moscow and the region, the payment/income ratio turned out to be close to 2/3 — 59%, although in the regions this figure does not reach half, averaging 44.5%.

These results are based on the data of the Central Bank for may 2019 on ruble loans for the purchase of housing. Thus, the average rate for the capital and MO is 10.5%, in the regions a little more — 10.6%. The average repayment period of the mortgage is equal to 17,8 years.

Russia has entered into force a simplified procedure for real estate transactions

In Russia, since July 31, the procedure for real estate transactions for owners with equity participation has been simplified. This is stated in the comments of the Federal cadastral chamber, received in RBC. Simplification of such transactions is associated with the entry into force of amendments to the law “On state registration of real estate”.

Chaplin was outraged chosen by the mayor’s office of Yekaterinburg site for the temple

Proposed for the construction of the Church of St. Catherine site means “defeat” of the Orthodox community, said Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. This position he expressed on his page on Facebook.

“What is happening in Yekaterinburg is a clear defeat and a clean surrender of positions on the construction of the temple. The remaining two sites are remote from the “small center” abandoned places,” Chaplin wrote. According to him, the Cathedral should be the “main building” in any Russian city.

In Russia there will be rules of access of volunteers to medical institutions

The Ministry of health of Russia together with non-profit organizations has developed a procedure for access of volunteers to medical institutions

As reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Ministry of health, to assist in the provision of medical care and medical interventions, volunteers and volunteers must present snils Data, copies of documents on medical education or a certificate from the place of study in organizations implementing basic educational programs of higher or secondary medical education. Persons who do not participate directly in medical interventions are not subject to other requirements, except for quarantine or cases established by the state sanitary and epidemiological rules and hygienic standards.

Nissan intends to reduce production capacity by 10%

As part of internal strategic reforms, the Japanese automaker will reduce production capacity by 10% by the end of 2022. The new strategy is designed to create an operating base that will ensure sustainable profitability of the business in the medium term.

Russian conductor Gergiev booed in Germany

Artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev faced criticism of German theatergoers at the Baytroytsky festival. “Die Zeit” published a scathing review.

Gergiev conducted Wagner’s Opera “tannhäuser”, but he disappointed the demanding audience, he even booed. The musicians did not play smoothly, inaccurate and blurred, writes “die Zeit”; the performance resembled a “musical murmur”. The reason for the failure is that Gergiev almost does not rehearse with the musicians personally. There is also a big load: almost simultaneously the orchestra should perform in two other cities. Performance in Beatroute was the first in the career of Valery Gergiev

Japan wants to participate in the F-35 program

Japan wants to become a full partner in the program for the development of f-35 fighters. This publication reports Defense News. It is noted that the Minister of defense of Japan sent a letter with a request to the us Deputy defense Minister for procurement Ellen Lord.

In the South of Switzerland found six stone steles Neolithic

In the South of Switzerland found six stone steles, presumably created about 4.5 thousand years ago, according to the website of the Canton of Valais. One of them was carved a male profile and a geometric pattern. Archaeologists have discovered artifacts near the megalithic necropolis.

China will hold military exercises in Taiwan area

According to rumors, the exercises will be held from July 29 to August 2. China claims that Taiwan is its province and has never renounced the use of force to bring it back under its control. In recent years, he has intensified military exercises around Taiwan, including regular maneuvers around the island.

China has found 400 tonnes of methamphetamine in Segways

412.4 kg of methamphetamine seized in Yunnan province in southwestern China, reports IA Regnum. City police Lincang learned about the preparations for the transport of drugs across the border at the beginning of January 2019.

In Japan, approved the creation of hybrid human embryos and rodents

The Japanese government approved the application of employees of the University of Tokyo for experiments with hybrid embryos from human and mouse cells. This writes The Asahi Shimbun. These embryos will be used to obtain organs that will be as close to human as possible in structure.

Hayabusa-2 probe collected samples of the primary matter of the Solar system

Japanese automatic station “Hayabusa-2” collected samples of the matter of the asteroid Ryugu, which will allow scientists to penetrate the secrets of the solar system. The probe was launched in 2014 and reached the asteroid in June 2018.

In the Crimea decided to build gas pipelines in installments

To increase the pace of gasification of the Crimea, local authorities plan to introduce installments in the construction of gas pipelines on the Peninsula. This was announced on July 30 at a meeting of the government of Kazakhstan by Minister of fuel and energy of Crimea Vadim Belik.

“Where street gas pipelines have already been carried out, krymgazseti can provide installments — 50% of the fee within 11 days from the date of signing the accession agreement, 50% after the act of connection. Between these stages, about nine months, but up to a year “Krymgazseti” will give installments for technical connection”, — said Belik.

For Crimeans will reduce the cost of connection to gas networks

The cost of connecting households to gas networks for residents of the Crimea will be reduced by 35 thousand rubles, and for privileged categories of citizens – by 65 thousand rubles. This was reported by Minister of fuel and energy Vadim Belik at a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Operating profit in Sony 1st finkvartal exceeded forecasts

Following the financial year, which will end in March 2020, Sony still expects to receive an operating profit of 810 billion yen and a net profit of 500 billion yen. At the same time, the company lowered its revenue forecast to 8.6 trillion yen from 8.8 trillion yen expected in April.

In the UK sued the world’s largest banks

Charges against JMorgan Chase & Co., UBS Group AG, Barclays Plc, Citigroup Inc. and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc. The authors of the class action were pension funds, hedge funds and corporations. Their representatives claim that these banks manipulate exchange rates. Financial institutions are required to compensate for losses. According to Bloomberg, the amount of the claim is about a billion pounds.

More than 60 people were arrested after the action in Moscow

Moscow courts considered more than 220 administrative materials concerning organizers and participants of the action on July 27. Under arrest sent more than 60 people, said the press Secretary of the Moscow city court Ulyana Solopova.

The UN considered excessive police action at a rally in Moscow on July 27

The office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights commented on the actions of law enforcement officers at the uncoordinated protest in Moscow on July 27. As stated by the official representative of the Department Rupert, the Russian police “used excessive force against the protesters.”

The Prosecutor General’s office called for “hard to stop” rallies on the eve of elections

“Prosecutors should strictly suppress the actions of the organizers and participants of illegal and uncoordinated public actions, promptly respond to violations of the electoral rights of citizens, using the entire Arsenal of means of response, including issues of anti-terrorist protection of polling stations. Recent events in Moscow dictate the need to adjust the organization of supervision in the preparation and conduct of a single day of voting,” Deputy head of the Department Alexander Buksman said at a meeting of the Board of the Prosecutor General’s office

Sanctions against the national debt of the Russian Federation proposed to include in the defense budget of the United States

Democrat from Maryland Chris van HOLLEN and Republican Marco Rubio from Florida proposed to us President Donald Trump to amend the draft defense budget for next year, writes Bloomberg. A letter was sent to the committees for the armed forces of the Senate and the house of representatives.

Ukraine will celebrate independence Day in a new format

Ukraine will celebrate independence Day in a new format on August 24. This was announced at a briefing on Tuesday, the head of the Office of the President Andrei Bogdan.

“Ukraine will celebrate independence Day in a new format. Instead of the traditional parade on the main street will March dignity. This event in the European style should lay the Foundation for a new tradition of honoring those who are proud of Ukraine,” Bogdan said.

It is planned, he explained that representatives of different types of troops of Armed forces of Ukraine, veterans, physicians, teachers, diplomats and athletes will pass on Khreshchatyk. President Vladimir Zelensky and the state leadership will take part in the March.

“Then the President will address the nation, then there will be a Grand concert”, – concluded Bogdan.

54% of Russians would like to see Putin as President after 2024

54% of Russians want Vladimir Putin to remain President after 2024, surveys of the Levada center showed. In August 2017, 67% of respondents thought so, this is a record figure, Vedomosti writes. In October 2013, there were less than 40%.

The most critical are people 25-30 years, more wealthy and educated. This is a group that will set the tone after a while. In Moscow such installations are expressed as much as possible. We will see a strengthening of the negative trend in relation to the President. — Lev Gudkov, sociologist

A new stage of trade negotiations between the US and China will be held in Shanghai

It should be recalled that the last meeting between the two countries were held in early may. On the part of the United States in the negotiations will be attended by trade representative Robert Lightheiser and head of the financial Department Steven Mnuchin. China will present the Vice-Premier of the state Council of the PRC Liu he.

Russia and Iran agreed to expand military cooperation

The Russian defense Ministry and the General staff of the Armed forces of Iran have signed a Memorandum on expanding bilateral ties, said Iranian Navy commander Hossein Hanzade. He noted that the document was signed during his visit to Russia, where he visited the Navy Day celebration in St. Petersburg, reports TASS.

“This is the first Memorandum of understanding of this kind, it can be considered as a turning point in relations between Tehran and Moscow in the field of defense,” Mehr News quoted him as saying

Iran and Russia plan to hold exercises in the Strait of Hormuz

Iran and Russia will soon hold joint naval exercises in the Indian ocean, including the Strait of Hormuz, said the commander of Iranian Navy rear Admiral Hossein Hanzade local media.

Russia will sell India missiles worth more than $200 million

The armed forces of India will buy in Russia missiles “air — to-air” R-27, which will be armed with the Indian air force su-30MKI fighters. This is reported by Ani news Agency, citing its sources in government circles of India.

The US will study the supply of Arctic regions

The Americans intend to study the infrastructure and sources of supply for the markets of the Arctic circle, including a number of Russian regions. This is stated in the application for research of the Pentagon Defense logistics Agency, the text of which was read by RT.

The Cabinet approved the “road map” of civil service development until 2021

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed an order on approval of the road map for the implementation of the main directions of development of the state civil service of the country for 2019-2021. This was reported on the website of the Cabinet.

The US intends to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan before the 2020 elections

The US authorities intend to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, or at least begin the process before the next presidential election, which will be held in the United States in November 2020. As stated by us Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, he received an appropriate instruction from President Donald trump.

Raytheon defended the preliminary design of the hypersonic glider

The American company Raytheon defended the preliminary design of a tactical hypersonic glider capable of carrying various weapons. According to the company, now its specialists have started the technical design of the glider. The new system is being developed at an accelerated pace.

U.S. cavalry will hold exercises at the Russian border

The maneuvers are held 90 kilometers from the Russian border, their goal is to establish coordination between the Georgian army and us troops in Europe, writes Defence Blog. The military will conduct combat firing, will work out actions in the mountains and on the plain. The exercise was attended by members of the U.S. Dragoons.

Began serial production of su-57

Serial production of a multifunctional aviation complex of the fifth generation began. This is written in the brochure, which is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Sukhoi design Bureau, RIA Novosti reported. A long-term contract was signed with the Ministry of defence for the supply of 76 su-57 fighters.

The Americans approved the possible military action against North Korea and Iran

More than half of Americans support possible military actions against Iran and North Korea. This is stated in the results of a survey conducted by Fox News.

It is noted that about 57% of respondents consider the DPRK a threat to the security of the United States and approve of military actions against the Republic to “prevent the development of nuclear weapons.” The same opinion was expressed about Iran by 53% of respondents.

South Korean President proposed to continue excavations on the border with North Korea

South Korean President moon Jae-In took the initiative to continue excavations in the Demilitarized zone on the border with the DPRK to search for the remains of soldiers who died in the Korean war in 1950-1953. This is reported by South Korean news Agency Yonhap.

Iraq plans to create a new naval base

The government of Iraq plans to establish a naval base in the province of Basra in the South of the country. On July 29, the Ministry of defense of the country reported on its official Twitter page.

In Ukraine, reburied with honors SS soldiers

In the city of Zolochiv in the Lviv region of Ukraine solemnly reburied 29 soldiers from the SS division “Galicia”. Edition “Zolochiv.no” published a video of the reburial, in which the coffins of SS soldiers covered with state flags

Johnson wants a new UK trade agreement with the EU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that there is every chance for a new agreement between London and Brussels on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit) and that he would also like to see a new large-scale trade agreement between the parties

The head of the criminal investigation Department of Primorye

The head of the criminal investigation Department of the Primorsky territory Andrei Milyaev detained on suspicion of abuse of power, as a result of which he received 5 million rubles. This was reported by the official representative of the IC Svetlana Petrenko.

According to investigators, Milyaev … informed his friend of the private entrepreneur, carrying out activity on deforestation on the territory of Primorsky Krai, on planned law enforcement checks. — Svetlana Petrenko

HRC requests the CEC to include its representatives to verify signatures

The Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) has appealed to the Central election Commission (CEC) with a request to consider the possibility of attracting members of the HRC to participate in the working groups, re-checking the signature of the candidates in the deputies of the city Duma. The corresponding message is published on the HRC website.

“At the moment, when the absolutely routine issue of verification of signatures of voters in the nomination of candidates for deputies of the Moscow city Duma by the efforts of stakeholders has transformed into a major public problem, it is important to ensure maximum transparency of the procedure for consideration of complaints of candidates received by the CEC of Russia”, – stated in the HRC.

In the new film Martin Scorsese will star De Niro and DiCaprio

De Niro will play the role of one of the main characters of William Hale. What role will try on DiCaprio – not yet reported. The Director plans to start working on the film at the end of 2019.

The festival of modern art will be held in Chelyabinsk

From 1 to 4 August in Chelyabinsk will be a large-scale festival of contemporary art “White square”. The purpose of the event is to make the city attractive for creativity and attract attention to new works.

Singer Kesha released a song in support of the film “Angry Birds 2 in the movie»

Two-time nominee for the award “Grammy”, the singer Kesha has released the song “Best Day (Angry Birds Remix 2)” (Kemosabe/RCA Records). The summer dance track entered the official soundtrack of the animated Comedy “Angry Birds 2 in the movie”, starting at the box office on August 15.

I’ve always wanted to write a song that would make people feel GOOD. I will be glad if listening to my track, people will be in a good mood and will be able to appreciate every day, – Kesha told.

The festival “Podbelka-2019” will be held in Ryazan»

In total, within the framework of “Podbelka-2019” six scenes will work, each of which will be performed by artists of a certain direction. The performance of children’s groups on the stage near the post office is also expected. The festival will take place on Friday 2 August.

Beastie Boys released their own sneakers together with Adidas.

The event is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the classic album of the group “Paul’s Boutique”, and in addition, the shoes are designed to honor the memory of the late member of the team Adam Yauh, who was a big fan of Adidas.

According to NME, sneakers are vegan – unlike most models of the brand, they are made not of leather, but of white fabric. They are marked with gray stripes and the logo Beastie Boys, and you can buy shoes in several skateboards in North America, where their cost is $ 85 per pair. The profit from the sale of sneakers will be sent to the charity organizations Peace Sisters and Little Kids Rock

“Grand Piano in Palace” for the fourth time will be held in St. Petersburg

V international music competition-festival “Grand Piano in Palace” will begin in St. Petersburg on August 1, according to the city information portal “City+”.

From 1 to 9 August, concerts of classical music will be held in the State academic chapel, the House of composers and the Museum-apartment of I. Brodsky. At the opening of the international festival, guests will hear the music of Piazzolla, Handel, Weber Prokofiev, Saint-saëns. The laureates of the competition-festival “Grand Piano in Palace” will be awarded at the gala concert in the White hall of the Marble Palace.

Musicians and listeners will come to St. Petersburg from the USA, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, China, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Russia.

In Pitelin was “Pitelino-fest»

On the airfield in the village of Pitelino was the fourth youth music festival “Pitelino-fest”. For fans of modern music in the genres of rock, rap, alternative, punk were more than a dozen bands and artists from the Ryazan region, the cities of Ryazan and Moscow.

Google showed gesture control in Pixel 4

Google told and showed some new features of the upcoming release of the smartphone Pixel 4: it should be presented to the public in October this year.

“Rostec” will start production of systems that control the landing of aircraft

In the third quarter of 2020, VEGA concern, which is part of the state Corporation rostec, will launch mass production of new airfield radar systems (radar). They will be able to provide safe management of landing of aircraft of any type in the near zone of airfields.

Prior to the us ban, Huawei and Google were working on a new smart speaker

According to network sources, Huawei and Google were working on a new smart speaker before the us government blacklisted the Chinese manufacturer, effectively banning us companies from cooperating with the telecommunications giant from China.

Neural network taught to arrange the furniture in the room

The following model uses the resulting projection of the room and asks the user to mark the doors and Windows on it. After that, the neural network divides the room into rooms for different purposes, painting them in different colors. This model has been trained on more than 800 apartment plans.

Apple has patented improved water protection for iPhone

In recent years, Apple uses is protected against the ingress of water design in the production of their smartphones. However, it should be noted that Apple has never advertised its phones as fully waterproof, iPhone waterproof until a certain point

Samsung smartphones will be produced by a large Chinese company Huaqin

Samsung has entered into an agreement with a major Chinese ODM manufacturer Huaqin. It is expected that he will be engaged in the production of low-cost smartphones and middle-class devices for the South Korean company. This is the second deal of its kind for Samsung

PNY XLR8 CS2311 solid state drives are suitable for low-cost PCs

PNY Technologies has announced solid-state (SSD) drives XLR8 CS2311 series, designed for use in desktop and laptop computers

Lenovo patented a new phone-slider

Sketches of the phone were transferred to CNIPA (China national intellectual property office), which presents a new phone-slider coming in Lenovo portfolio.

Zyxel has introduced a new PoE switches for surveillance

Zyxel has released a series of specialized PoE switches GS1300 and GS1350, designed to service video surveillance systems.

Experts have discovered a new way to steal money from Bank cards

Cybersecurity experts have identified a new way of stealing money from the cards. This time we use a specially developed program that receives payment details. The program is loaded-the skimmer on fake domains to hide the names of which are possible with the help of imperceptible substitution of the Latin characters to their Cyrillic counterparts. As a result, the user is redirected to the desired site hackers, where the theft of his payment data.

Tesla has developed modular batteries to store “green” energy

Tesla introduced new modular batteries for storing “green” energy called Megapack, from which it is possible to assemble a power plant with a capacity of 250 MW, according to the company’s blog.

Scientists have found an effective cure for cancer of the fourth stage

Successful trials of the drug nivolumab conducted by American scientists of the Institute of cancer immunotherapy at the Johns Hopkins Cancer center. The drug fights non-small cell lung cancer, renal cell cancer, and melanoma, reports MedicalXpress.

Japan and India will send a joint mission to the moon in 2023

Japan and India plan in September 2023 to send a joint mission to the moon to find water in craters near the South pole, the newspaper “iomiuri”. India intends to become the fourth country in the world (after the US, Russia and China), which sent a mission to the moon.

The construction of the Chinese Rover was completed

Representatives of the Chinese space Agency announced the readiness of the spacecraft to explore Mars. The first scientific data from the Rover hope to get in 2021