31 Jul, 2020

News digest for 07/30/2020

I look at the reaction of the Russians. They are already justifying themselves by saying that we almost brought them here ourselves. Clearly, we must somehow justify our dirty intentions. Therefore, I would like to ask that everything be very Frank and honest in this situation and with this fact. If these are Russian citizens (and I understand they were interrogated), then we must immediately contact the relevant structures of the Russian Federation to explain what is happening, – Alexander Lukashenko

If you are guilty, you need to get out of this situation with dignity

“We need to appeal to the Russian media, including Telegram channels, so that they, as Putin says, do not drive a Blizzard. If you are guilty, you should get out of this situation with dignity. Not guilty – well, we don’t have any goals to discredit the country close to us” – Lukashenko

The Russians detained in Minsk are suspected of preparing a terrorist attack.

This is reported by the security Council of the country. According to the Agency, there may be “up to 200 militants” in Belarus, they are wanted.Earlier it was reported that the detainees give evidence as part of investigative activities.

We remind that 32 Russian citizens were detained in Minsk yesterday. The KGB of the Republic stated that they are members of the PMC “Wagner”. Lukashenko demanded “explanations”from the Russian Federation.


Inflation in Russia in the period from 21 to 27 July was zero for the second week in a row, according to data from Rosstat


The Rotenberg brothers were suspected of circumventing US sanctions with paintings.

The report was prepared by senators Rob Portman and Tom Carper. According to their calculations, Russian businessmen after the introduction of sanctions in 2014 could buy art items for $91 million. Entrepreneurs called the charges completely absurd.

Russia has not responded to a request from Germany to search for a person involved in the Wirecard case for a week

According to The Wall Street Journal, Russia does not respond to a request from Germany for cooperation in the search for former chief operating officer Jan Marsalek. Earlier, the media reported that he may be hiding in Russia.

The head of British intelligence, MI6, was replaced.

Former military and career intelligence officer Alex Younger was replaced by high-ranking diplomat Richard Moore. Younger became head of MI6 in 2014 and is known, among other things, for the service’s involvement in the investigation into the Skripal case and for its criticism of Russia. During his work at the foreign office, Moore had several contacts with the Russian side, including a trip to Moscow to discuss a joint rescue of the Iran nuclear deal.

The border service of Belarus will strengthen operational cover of the border

In the border service of Belarus, RIA Novosti explained what exactly the authorities announced “strengthening of operational cover of the state border”, including with Russia, will consist of. When asked whether this means closing the border, the representative of the Agency said that it is about ” blocking illegal activities in any of its forms and manifestations that pose a threat to border security.”

A student from Texas was accused of using life-threatening violence

The Russian Prosecutor’s office has requested nine years and eight months in prison for a student from Texas, Trevor reed, in the case of an attack on Moscow police officers. Reed was accused of using life-threatening violence against a government official (part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code).

According to investigators, in August 2019, reed was detained after a complaint from residents of one of the houses on the Leningrad highway. They reported to the police that an intoxicated man on the street is arguing with two girls. As the student was being driven in a patrol car to the station, the prosecution alleges, he assaulted the driver, “tore his uniform, hit his partner, creating an emergency on the road.”

The speaker of the state Duma asked to check whether the deputies have foreign citizenship

Vyacheslav Volodin instructed to check whether a number of deputies have a second citizenship or a residence permit in another country. He asked to check it three months after the Communist Deputy Denis Parfenov declared the second citizenship of 39 United Russia citizens.

“…the appeal of the Deputy Denis Parfenov is a serious accusation, this information must be checked. And if the information is confirmed, take legal measures. If the information is not confirmed, the question will arise to those who distribute false information. We must not allow such charges to be made unfairly, ” Volodin said.

The Federation Council will not examine whether its members have dual citizenship

The Federation Council will not follow the example of the state Duma to study the presence of dual citizenship or a foreign residence permit for its members, the head of the SF Commission on constitutional legislation, Andrey Klishas, told Open media.

I am sorry, and sincerely, for Deputy Parfenov. He has a very bad imagination, and everything else, too, if he tries to make news out of old fakes, – said Klishas

The Ministry of education refused to take a mandatory exam in a foreign language

In the new draft order of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation, only Russian and basic mathematics are required state exams for schoolchildren. The use in a foreign language was not included in the list at the request of the National parent Committee. They believe that the mandatory use of a foreign language contradicts the national security Strategy of the Russian Federation.

NASA sends a new Rover to Mars — Perseverance

The next American automatic interplanetary station “Mars-2020” with the Perseverance Rover will start from Cape Canaveral. In six months, the Rover will land on the surface of the planet and will collect soil samples and search for traces of life. “Medusa” tells the main thing you need to know about “Perseverance”.

Part of the victory memorial collapsed in Kemerovo

In Kemerovo, part of the memorial to the victory in the great Patriotic war, which was opened just three days ago — on July 27, collapsed. The video showing the destroyed part of the memorial was posted by eyewitnesses on the page ” Region-42. Kemerovo ” in the social network “Vkontakte”. The authors of the video in the video suggest that perhaps the cause of the collapse was a crack. According to FlashSiberia, the city administration has already said that the contractor will restore the memorial complex at its own expense.

In Sevastopol, a spy who worked for the Ukrainian military intelligence was arrested

In Sevastopol, a serviceman of the black sea fleet who worked for Ukrainian military intelligence was arrested. He was charged with high treason, according to the FSB. The man faces 12 to 20 years in prison, now he is in custody

“The Federal security service in Sevastopol detained a serviceman of the black sea fleet who collected and transmitted to the Main intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine information that is a state secret. The FSB has opened a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under article 275 of the criminal code (“high treason”).”

Net loss of Aeroflot

Aeroflot’s net loss under RAS for the first six months of 2020 amounted to RUB 42.3 billion. This is three times more than in the same period last year (14.1 billion rubles).

In just six months, Aeroflot transported 7.8 million people, which is 56% less than in the same period in 2019. But, according to the Federal air transport Agency, by June, passenger traffic in the country began to gradually recover: if in April, “Aeroflot” carried only 147.7 thousand people, in June-already 522.9 thousand passengers

Minimum wage in Latin America and Russia

Costa Rica – $545
Chile – $414
Ecuador – $400
Guatemala – $389
Uruguay – $382
Paraguay – $315
Bolivia – $307
Honduras – $271
Panama – $268
Peru – $263
Columbia – $238
Argentina – $235
El Salvador – $203
Brazil – $200
Russia – $169

The procedure for forming the Public chamber has been challenged in court.

Lawyer Igor Trunov and three other candidates who did not qualify for the Public chamber filed a lawsuit in the Tver court, asking to invalidate and cancel the results of the competition held on June 16 to select 43 members of the seventh chamber from all-Russian NGOs. The plaintiffs demand that the chamber be required to select candidates based on a vote.

In the Tyumen region, residents missed 600 meters of repaired road

Road workers in the Sladkovsky district of the Tyumen region cut the asphalt, which was “laid” just five years ago. Put a new one. They reported that they replaced three kilometers of roadbed! But the residents of Usovo did not believe it… Deemed. It turned out to be 2.4 km long. But the main thing: why did they repair a more or less normal road at all, when there were absolutely dead people nearby? The authorities and road workers are still silent

In Novosibirsk judge the buyer of state awards 

According to investigators, 47-year-old novosibirets 10 December 2019 to February 4, 2020 bought in the online store of 14 medals and decorations — among them the medal “For military merit”, “For bravery”, order of the red star, Order of Glory III degree, order of the Patriotic war II degree, the medal “For victory over Japan” and others.

An examination was carried out, which established that the medals and orders are genuine and belong to the category of state awards of the USSR, which have historical value. The man was charged under the article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation “Acquisition or sale of official documents and state awards”.

The Ministry of health reported on the new order of medical examination of drivers

As a result, the Ministry of health decided to postpone the introduction of new rules for conducting a driver’s medical examination and finalize them. The old conditions for obtaining driver’s medical certificates will continue to apply at least until the end of the year, Oleg Salagai added, RIA Novosti reports.

RBC: the Russians spent the child benefit on repayment of microloans

The volume of refunds of microloans by Russians increased after receiving one-time allowances for children. This was reported on Thursday by RBC with reference to the CloudPayments service. Analysts of the service studied the turnover of 133 microfinance organizations that issue and accept loans online, the publication reports.

In Russia successfully tested a vertical takeoff cycloset

In Russia successfully tested cycloset unmanned vertical takeoff and landing, said the General Director of Fund of perspective researches (FPI) Andrey Grigoriev.

Brazil opens air borders to foreigners

The Brazilian authorities have decided to resume flights with foreign countries. About this on Thursday, July 30, writes the publication Estadao with reference to the official newspaper of the government.

Now foreign passengers who plan to stay in the country for up to 90 days must provide the transport company with proof of medical insurance valid in Brazil and covering the entire period of the trip,” the document says

A giant 4K LG TV based on MicroLED is being prepared for release

We are talking about the LG LSAB009 model with support for 4K resolution, developed using MicroLED technology. This is the first modular solution from a South Korean manufacturer. In reality, these are separate panels with a resolution of 640×360 pixels combined into a single unit.

Russians named popular professions for part-time work

79% of Russians would like to find a part-time job, another 14% said that they already have it. 65% of respondents indicated that they would like to find a part-time job in the near future, RIA Novosti writes with reference to research by the recruitment service.

The most popular second-earning professions were driver (14%), courier (13%), tutoring (12%), marketer (8%), Builder (6%), computer wizard (4%) and waiter (2%). Also in demand are an accountant, a cleaning master, a translator from foreign languages and a manicure master. Many people consider working part time in a remote format

Trade unions have proposed to increase unemployment benefits in Russia

The Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) proposed to increase the minimum amount of unemployment benefits to the level of the subsistence minimum in the region

Ozon with partners launched lending for suppliers

Russian online retailer Ozon introduced the possibility of b2b lending with partners-micro-credit organizations. Suppliers are offered two companies where they can apply for a loan

“Nornikel” has reduced the production of metals

In the first half of the year, the company produced 239.9 thousand tons of copper, which is 5% lower than the same period last year. At the same time, almost the entire volume of metal was produced from its own raw materials.

In addition, production of platinum group metals (MPG) was also reduced. Thus, palladium production was 1.27 million ounces (-17%), and platinum production was 323 thousand ounces (-17%).

India will send additional forces to the border with China

The Indian financial daily Mint, citing its own military sources, reported that the number of military personnel on the border with China is planned to increase by 35 thousand people.

China to send military to Russia to participate in Armi-2020

China will send military personnel to Russia to participate in the army international games Armi-2020, official representative of the Ministry of defense of China Ren Guoqiang said on Thursday

The Indian air force received the first five Rafale fighters from France

It is reported that of the five aircraft, three are single — seat and two are two-seat. India signed an agreement to acquire 36 Dassault Rafale fighters in 2016 for a total of $ 7.8 billion. According to the terms of the contract, the Indian side should receive 28 single-seat and 8 double-seat French aircraft.

Iran fired its first ballistic missiles using a mine method

Speaking on the sidelines of the final stage of the joint exercises, which are held in the common area of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, Brigadier General Hajizadeh said that the IRGC exercises are held regularly, but ballistic missiles were first fired from the depths of the earth during an operation conducted by the IRGC air force.

In Seoul, North Korea announced the launch of an anti-ship cruise missile

The Yonhap news Agency, citing data from the South Korean military, reported on North Korea’s tests of anti-ship missiles, which took place in early July. According to the Agency, the sea-to-sea missile flew less than 100 kilometers. The report does not name the type of missile, noting that this missile has already been tested by the North Korean military.

North Korea first developed and tested a homing anti-ship missile in February 2015. A number of media outlets reported that the missile is a copy of the Soviet anti-ship missile X-35.

DC Comics will release a new interactive cartoon about Batman

The new cartoon will be an adaptation of the popular comic series “Death of a family”. It is reported that during the viewing, the audience will be able to make various decisions that will affect the plot of the picture. The cartoon will premiere in the fall of 2020.

The network has the first footage of the prequel ” Flying over the cuckoo’s nest”

Collider published the first footage of the long-awaited prequel “Flying over the cuckoo’s nest “called” Sister Ratched”. It was directed by Ryan Murphy, who is known for his work on “American horror story” and “Hollywood”. The series will take place in 1947 and will tell about the nurse Mildred Ratched, who appeared in the original film.

Moscow Music Week festival will be held in Moscow in autumn

Moscow Music Week will be held for 4 days from 2 to 5 September in Moscow. The festival will be headlined by the Turkish band Lalalar.

Marilyn Manson’s new album “We Are Chaos” will be released in September

Marilyn Manson announced the new album We Are Chaos, released the first single from it, and drew the cover of the record. The album will be released on September 11, 2020.

Telegram filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the EU authorities

In a complaint to EU authorities, Telegram accuses Apple of restricting innovation. Messenger in 2016 wanted to launch a gaming platform, but Apple did not allow this under the threat of removing the app from the App Store, citing the store’s rules

Sony has launched a line of TVs specifically for the PS5

Sony has introduced the “Ready for PlayStation 5” initiative, in which the Corporation will mark the BRAVIA line of TVs with support for the new generation of console capabilities. The cost of marked TVs starts from 150 thousand rubles, however, in “budget” solutions only 4K panels, while devices with 8K support cost from 699 thousand rubles.

Also, do not expect OLED matrices — only LED. But all the displays that support 120 Hz. Other features include “sound from the screen” – it will be ambient, and signals will come from certain points on the display itself.

The MSI Optix g241v monitor received the Night Vision function

MSI has expanded the range of monitors with the Optix G241V model, which is intended for gamers. The novelty is characterized by 23.8 inch IPS panel with a resolution of 1920:1080 pixels (format Full HD), brightness of 250 CD/m2, contrast 1000:1, dynamic contrast ratio 100 000 000:1, viewing angles horizontally and vertically up to 178 degrees, a refresh rate of 75 Hz, pixel response time of 4 MS, 81.2% of the coverage of the color space DCI-P3, 102,4% coverage of the sRGB palette, support for AMD FreeSync for smoother gameplay, Night Vision function for visibility in dark scenes in movies or games systems Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light to care for eyes user, as well as DisplayPort 1.2 a and HDMI 1.4 interfaces

Scientists have identified the origin of large stones of Stonehenge

Scientists in the UK have identified the place of origin of some large stones of one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites – Stonehenge, they believe that the stones were brought from the forest area of West woods about 25 kilometers North of Stonehenge, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances.

Scientists have revealed the origin of iron meteorites of the IEE group

According to Naked Science, the most common type of meteorite is chondrites – they are almost identical in composition to the Sun. It is clarified that hydrogen and helium are not considered here. There are also iron meteorites formed from magma or from the metal core of an ancient body. It is important that they have time to pass differentiation-the division into the crust, mantle and core.

In addition, there are meteorites of the rare IEE group. They consist of minerals and iron that have been or have not been melted. According to scientists, IEE-meteorites could appear from a substance that solidified under the influence of a magnetic field. The strength of the magnetic field could be tens of microtesles, which is comparable to the global magnetic field of the Earth.

Scientists from Israel have developed a new method for obtaining bioethanol from watermelons

According to experts from the University of Haifa, watermelons of a certain variety — malali-are best suited for obtaining biofuels. They are grown for the sake of seeds, but scientists have managed to expand their scope.

Experiments with dozens moraliska fruit showed that on their basis it is possible to produce bioethanol, which is used in the form of alternative fuel. In addition, medicines are made from bioethanol — for example, for disinfection

Scientists have proved that all dinosaurs had only one ancestor

The classical family tree of dinosaurs divides these animals into two orders: avian (late Triceratops and stegosaurus) and lizard (Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus). However, in 2017, this traditional view of evolution was called into question with evidence that perhaps lizard-like dinosaurs evolved first. This discovery led scientists to revise the family tree of dinosaurs. But now, as scientists report in their report in the journal Scientific Reports, they have found evidence that supports the classic view of dinosaur evolution.