2 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/01/2019


Smoke from fires in Siberia reached the US and Canada

The smoke from the burning Siberian forests reached the territory of Alaska and the West coast of Canada, NASA reported with reference to satellite images.

Trump offered Putin assistance in the fight against forest fires in Siberia

Us President Donald trump in a telephone conversation, which took place at the initiative of the American side, offered Russian President Vladimir Putin assistance in the fight against wildfires in Siberia. On Wednesday, the press service of the Kremlin.

Putin thanked trump and promised to use the offer if necessary. The Kremlin stressed that everything is under control and a large air group of the Ministry of defense has already been created in Siberia to fight fires. The crews of Il-76 Military transport aircraft began to relocate from the points of permanent deployment to the airport of Krasnoyarsk. The defense Ministry expects that it is possible to extinguish fires in Siberia within five days. According To “Izvestia”.

In the hydrometeorological Center told about the abnormally cold August

At the end of the last summer month, the day is usually plus 19, at night – plus 10 degrees. But, apparently, the first week of August in the capital will be colder than normal. Below the norm, the average temperature in August is expected in the Volga Federal district.

In Roshydromet predicted deterioration of the situation with forest fires

The head of the Federal service for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring Maxim Yakovenko commented on the situation with the Russian forest fires. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. He said that every year the situation will deteriorate.

Forty shamans will cause the rains to put out the fires in Siberia

Shamans will come from Buryatia, Transbaikalia and Irkutsk region. On August 4, they plan to perform rituals that will cause rains to extinguish fires in Siberia. This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of the interregional organization of shamans “Tengeri” Bair Tsyrendorzhiyev

In Siberia, artificially cause rain to fight forest fires

Specialists “Avialesookhrana” began to artificially cause rain in the Krasnoyarsk region and the Irkutsk region to fight forest fires. This was reported on the website of the institution.

Conditions suitable for the formation of rain clouds have developed in the North of the Irkutsk region, in the area of forest fires, and in the Evenki district of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the report said. There August 1 flew a special aircraft, atmospheric sounder, An-26, which has launched a cloud-based system deployments with silver iodide, the formation of rain. Without the intervention of the cloud could go out without rain.

Russia will dispute the claim “Naftogaz” for damages because of the Crimea

Naftogaz filed a claim for damages for the loss of Crimean assets with the Tribunal in the Hague in October 2016. The amount of losses “Naftogaz” and its six “daughters” because of the transition of the Crimea of Russia amounted to $5.2 billion

In the Netherlands, a ban on burkas came into force

Since August 1 in the Netherlands comes into force the so-called law on burkas. Now citizens who appear in a public place in clothes, burying the face, will pay a fine of €150.

US imposed sanctions against Iranian foreign Minister

Otherwise, the US threatens to continue the policy of strengthening sanctions against Iran. The authorities of the Islamic Republic reject accusations of supporting terrorism and demand that the US stop interfering in the situation in the country.

Sri Lankan authorities have introduced free visas for tourists from Russia

The authorities of Sri Lanka from August 1 canceled the visa fee for citizens of 48 countries, including Russia, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. This was reported by the newspaper The Star. Free visas will now be issued at the airport upon arrival.

In Finland have begun to penalize people on scooters

The police of Helsinki has written the first four of the fine users of city services rental of scooters for dangerous maneuvers on the sidewalk. This was announced on Twitter by the commander of the center for road safety of the Finnish police Dennis Pasterstein.

“Four were fined 40 euros each for the dangerous control of an electric scooter on a busy sidewalk in Espoo,” Pasterstein wrote on the microblogging network Twitter, attaching a photo of four scooters from the city rental network.

Sardinia airport returned 10 tons of sand and stones to the beaches

Ten tons of stones and sea sand, which for many years tourists tried to take out from the resorts of Sardinia, returned to the coast thanks to the airport of Albia. This was reported by the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

A quarter of Russians have lost confidence in television for ten years

If ten years ago 94% of Russians received information on TV, today — 72%. Young people are the least likely to receive news on TV: 42% of Russians under 25 years of age against 93% of people 65 years of age and older. The main source of information for young people today is not television, but social networks.

FSB special forces caught in the transport of money for sick leave

Employees of special forces “alpha” and “pennant” FSB of Russia were engaged in transportation of funds that bankers transferred to the security officers who protected them. This is stated in the investigation published by The Bell.

The source of the edition close to power structures, told that before operations members of spetsnaz took the hospital, and the car allegedly sent for maintenance. The process involved employees of the FSB’s own security Department, who could not help noticing what kind of business colleagues are engaged in, the article States.

Russia has banned the supply of fruit from China

The Rosselkhoznadzor imposed a ban on the import of fruits from China on August 10, as the Agency reported on July 31 on its official website. In a statement, the Rosselkhoznadzor said that the ban will affect seed and stone crops

The Patriarch said that “chromobotia” will not be able to reverse history

Patriarch Kirill said of the existence in Russia of “Primobolan” that prevent the construction of new churches and trying to return the country in the last century. These words were heard in his speech during the consecration of the assumption Cathedral in the Holy assumption Sarov desert, reports “RIA Novosti»

Medvedev will hold a meeting in Chita and Sakhalin

The next day, in the Sakhalin region, Medvedev will hold a meeting on the development of economic growth centers in the far East, examine social and infrastructure institutions and facilities in the region.

An additional 15.54 billion roubles have been allocated for the social development of economic growth centres in the far Eastern Federal district (far Eastern Federal district). The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, according to the website of the Russian government

Military delivered baby food for a ten-month-old child in Tulun

Servicemen of the Central military district, performing tasks to eliminate the consequences of the flood in the Angara region, delivered baby food from Irkutsk to the flood zone in Tulun for 10-month-old baby Artem, the press service of the Central MILITARY district reported on Wednesday.

“Mother of the child Yulia Polyakova addressed to military for the help about delivery of baby food from Irkutsk to Tulun as, according to her, in shops of the city there was no necessary type of mix, and the Federal route is blocked from-for a flood. Military personnel during receiving fuel for gas station of equipment in Irkutsk got baby food, transported by the boat through the flooded site to Tulun and transferred to mother of 10-month Artem”, – it is told in the message.

Billions in transactions concluded with the structures of the Ministry of emergency situations and defense

The Insider found out that a close friend of Sergei Shoigu stewardess Elena Shebunova, earned billions on state contracts with the Ministry of emergency situations and defense. According to media reports she was getting on, sue, “Food”, which was delivering food to the rescuers. Over the years, the ex-stewardess has acquired a large number of cars. Among them were Mercedes-Benz, Lexus RX 330, BMW i3 and other cars. Of the latest acquisitions – Mercedes-Benz GLS 350D 4MATIS, the price of which is estimated at about 6 million rubles. Shebunova also owns a giant estate in the elite village of Zhukovka worth 1.5 billion rubles. Its neighbors are the oligarchs Rotenberg. Shebunova is also the owner of an expensive restaurant.

The first tourist flight arrived to Taimyr

On the ship Bliznyak from Krasnoyarsk to the polar capital arrived the first tourist group – about 40 residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and other regions of Russia, as well as foreign citizens.

On Kolyma blocked hospital accounts because of debts for housing and communal services

The accounts of the Omsukchan district hospital of the Magadan region are blocked because of the debt of 13 million rubles for utilities, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

The U.S. Federal reserve lowered its benchmark interest rate for the first time since 2008

The market expected such a scenario, as evidenced by the 100 percent probability of futures on interest rates. The next meeting of the US Federal reserve will be held on September 17-18, 2019 and will be accompanied by updated macroeconomic forecasts.

The market wanted to hear from Jay Powell and the Federal reserve about the start of a long and aggressive cycle of rate cuts to keep up with China, the European Union and other countries around the world. — Donald trump, the 45th President of the United States

Russia fell to third place in terms of arms exports in the world

The share of exports of British companies at the end of 2018 amounted to 19%, and the market share of Russia decreased from 16% in 2017 to 14%, Kommersant reports. Thus, Russia fell to third place in terms of arms exports.

Named the average salary of Russian firefighters

The average monthly salary involved in extinguishing fires in Russia firefighters this year will be 24.8 thousand rubles. This is provided for by the amendments to the Federal budget signed by the head of the Russian state Vladimir Putin.

EssilorLuxottica will buy 76.7% of GrandVision for 5.5 billion euros

“EssilorLuxottica will acquire a 76.72% stake in GrandVision at a cash purchase price of 28 euros per share of approximately 5.5 billion euros,” the company said in a release.

A1 announced a reward for information about the assets the banker Begimova

The company plans to pay a reward for any valuable information related to the location and legal registration of assets directly or indirectly owned by George Bedzhamov and Larisa Marcus in any jurisdiction around the world, except the Russian Federation, on condition of anonymity and confidentiality

Angara region authorities want to create an ADZ affected by the floods Tulun

The territory of advanced social and economic development (TOSER) is planned to be created in the flood-affected Tulun, the press service of the government of the Irkutsk region reports

Ukraine has introduced special duties on goods from Russia

The Ukrainian government has expanded the list of prohibited goods to be imported into the territory of Ukraine from Russia, it includes mineral fertilizers, agricultural products, vehicles. Moscow believes that by imposing new sanctions, the government of Ukraine is mainly harming its own country.

The Saudi budget deficit has been reduced seven times

In the first half of 2019, the deficit of the state budget of Saudi Arabia decreased by 7.3 times in annual terms and amounted to 5.7 billion Saudi riyals ($1.5 billion). This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom

Profit of “Russian grids” for six months increased three times

Net profit of the company “rosseti” on RAS in the first half of 2019 increased almost three times compared to the same period last year and amounted to 123.1 billion rubles, according to the report of the company.

Russia paid Ukraine compensation for poor quality oil

The Russian natural transport monopoly, the operator of Transneft oil trunk pipelines, paid 2.3 million euros to the Ukrainian company Ukrtransnafta as part of the compensation for the damage caused by the ingress of substandard oil to the Ukrainian section of the Druzhba oil pipeline.

“GAZ group” Oleg Deripaska will deliver 200 garbage trucks to Africa

GAZ group, whose main shareholder is businessman Oleg Deripaska, will provide 200 garbage trucks on the GAZ-3309 chassis to one of the poorest countries in the world — Sierra Leone. It is reported by Telegram-channel Baza.

The leadership of the African country asked for free assistance from Russia. In turn, the Russian government decided that the machine will deliver “GAS”. The cost of garbage trucks, their spare parts, as well as transportation will cost 455.6 million rubles. The Ministry of Finance has already agreed on the allocation of funds from the budget. Also prepared a draft letter to the administration of the President of the country with a request to appoint a single supplier for the supply of garbage trucks.

The Prosecutor General’s office and the TFR will check the intentional arson of forest in Siberia

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Prosecutor General’s office, the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry to check whether there is a connection between forest fires in Siberia and illegal logging to hide illegal logging.

Sberbank earned a quarter of a trillion rubles in three months

Sberbank earned 250.3 billion rubles of net profit in the second quarter under IFRS. This is 16.3% more than in the second quarter of last year. The result was higher than analysts ‘ expectations at $ 231 billion.

External debt of Belarus decreased by 1.2%

The public debt has also decreased by 5%. From January to June it decreased by 2.3 billion Belarusian rubles and amounted to 43.1 billion. On the contrary, the domestic debt increased by 1.2% and reached 9 billion Belarusian rubles.

Turkey will not save banks from “bad” debts

Half of the problem loans of 400 billion liras ($72 billion) have been reorganized, and the state will not cover losses on “bad” loans, Finance Minister Berat Albayrak Told reporters in Ankara. The economy will be better when the balance issue is resolved, Bloomberg quotes him as saying.

“The degree of success depends on them,” the Minister said. – Some people say that the government should cover the losses – this will not happen. The banking sector should not go the easy way.”

The Ministry of Finance placed OFZ almost 20 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia placed at auction bonds of Federal loan issue 26229 (OFZ-PD) at 19.79 billion rubles, the press service of the Department. The volume of demand for OFZ issue 26229 is 30.026 billion rubles.

China first published data on the structure of foreign exchange reserves of the country

it published the annual report of the Agency for the last year, which for the first time revealed the operational indicators of foreign exchange reserves and their structure, as well as the concept of investing foreign exchange reserves, risk management methods, a platform for conducting activities in the context of globalization and other provisions.

The newspaper “people’s daily on-line”, citing data from the State administration of currency control of China, reports that in the period from 2005 to 2014, the average yield from operations with foreign exchange reserves in China was 3.68%. In the structure of foreign exchange reserves, the share of the us dollar decreased from 79% in 1995 to 58% in 2014, and the share of non-dollar currencies increased from 21% to 42% over the same period.

According to IMF statistics for 2018, China’s foreign exchange reserves account for about 30% of the global total. In addition, the gold reserve of the country is continuously increasing. Thus, from 2005 to the end of 2018, the volume of China’s gold reserves increased from 600 to 1852 tons. At the moment, China ranks sixth in the world in terms of gold reserves, becoming China’s largest gold producer in the world, as well as its main consumer. Earlier it was reported that China’s gold reserve rose from 59.56 million ounces (data at the end of December 2018) to 59.94 million (end of January 2019).

The price of the OPEC oil basket fell below $64 per barrel

The price of the OPEC oil basket fell on Monday, July 29, by $0.23 to $63.79 per barrel, while on the previous trading day (Friday, July 26) it was $64.02. Such data are presented on the cartel’s website.

“Rosneft” has increased the supply of fuel to the Russian market

In the first half of 2019, Rosneft increased the supply of motor fuel to the domestic market of the Russian Federation by 6% compared to the same indicator last year — up to 14.1 million tons, the company’s press service reports.

In the Murmansk region rising fuel prices

Last week increased fuel prices at retail gas stations the two most important regional suppliers of OOO “LUKOIL-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt”, PJSC “NC “Rosneft”-Murmansknefteproduct”. Added on top of 20 to 25 cents.

Wholesale prices in the specified period at LLC LUKOIL-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt didn’t change. PJSC ” NK “Rosneft”-Murmansk oil product” for a ton of 92-th now asks for 600 rubles more, 95-th rose by 900 rubles per ton

In Smolensk has increased the price of gasoline

During the period from 23 to 30 July, prices changed at Rosneft and LUKOIL gas stations.

Rosneft offers AI-92 at a price of 42.30 rubles/l (it was 42, 05), AI-95 — 45.55 rubles/l (it was 45, 30) and DT(l) — at a price of 45.05 rubles/l (it was 44, 80).

On the petrol stations, you see the following prices: a liter of AI-92 is 43,65 RUB (were imitated 11 cents), a liter of AI-95 (Heb) – 46,90 RUB (an increase in price by 20 cents) and a liter of DT-l (ecto) – 46,06 (plus 12 cents).

Gazprom will eliminate construction “daughter»

The process of liquidation of the Gazprom group company – CJSC Gazprom invest Yug – a company that a decade and a half ago was the largest General contractor for the construction of gas facilities

The US continues to lead the world in oil production

The United States reduced oil production by 0.2% in may, which did not prevent the country from maintaining world leadership. According to the energy information administration of the us Department of energy, the United States in may produced an average of 12,108 million barrels of raw materials per day.

Senate Committee supported sanctions against Nord stream — 2»

The us Senate Committee on international Affairs approved the imposition of sanctions against companies that are involved in the construction of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline. On Wednesday, July 31, Reuters reported

In the US canceled the anniversary festival “Woodstock»

In the United States canceled the anniversary festival “Woodstock 50”. About it reports Reuters with reference to the organizers of the event. The festival was to take place from 16 to 18 August near Baltimore. The reason for the cancellation of the event could be disagreements between the local authorities and the organizers of the festival.

The first Woodstock festival was held in August 1969. It was attended by about 500 thousand people. Then at the festival were Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and other famous musicians.

Sberbank sold its subsidiary Bank in Turkey

In April, the parties signed an agreement under which for 99.85% of shares of Denizbank, Dubai Bank will pay Sberbank 15.48 billion Turkish Lira ($2.7 billion at the exchange rate on June 28). At the end of June, regulators from three countries (Turkey, Russia and the UAE) approved the deal.

Berlin called on Moscow to transparent investigation of Navalny’s disease

Deputy press Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Ulrike Demmer noted that in Berlin, watching the news about the health of Navalny, and the Russian authorities should investigate the incident with all transparency.

President of Mongolia: Our relations with the US are moving to a new level

Mongolia’s relations with the US are moving to a new level, and the countries will cooperate even more closely. This was stated by the President of the Republic of Khaltmagiin Battulga, who is on an official visit to the United States.

“I am pleased to inform you that during my visit to the United States, a joint official statement will be made on the transfer of bilateral relations to a new level and even closer cooperation between Mongolia and the United States, — Battulga said. — This news is a natural progress for our two countries, which link values such as democracy, freedom and human rights,” and presented interesting historical facts about the relations between the two States.

Turkey’s revenues from tourism reached almost $8 billion

Most of the income fell to the share of foreign tourists – 87.8%. Turkish citizens living abroad accounted for 12.2% of the income. Personal expenses of tourists in Turkey in the reporting period amounted to $ 5.58 billion

In Montenegro, the military was obliged to participate in the protection of NATO countries

The Parliament of Montenegro adopted a law on the participation of military personnel in international missions and the mandatory protection of NATO allies, reports Montenegrin national television

British authorities have allocated an additional $2.6 billion for the preparation of Brexit

British authorities reported the allocation of additional $2.6 billion to prepare the Kingdom for withdrawal from the European Union. This was reported in the statement of the Ministry of Finance.

The US extended sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program

Ortagus stressed that the United States is ready to “use the full range of its diplomatic and economic means to limit Iran’s nuclear activities.” Earlier, the us Treasury announced the introduction of sanctions against Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

In North Korea announced the test of a new type of rocket

North Korea on July 31 conducted a test launch of a large-caliber guided missile of a new type, according To the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

Officials, scientists and engineers felt pride and excitement in connection with the development and the first test launch of a new type of guided missile, which will play a major role in ground military operations, the Agency said.

Of the Ministry of defense experienced a “military Internet»

The defense Ministry has tested the work of the “military Internet” — data transmission within the Autonomous network on long-distance lines using encryption, according to “Izvestia”, referring to information from the defense Ministry.

Complaints of candidates to the Duma of Moscow will be considered by the CEC

Moscow election Committee returned unregistered candidates more than five thousand signatures, which were previously recognized as invalid, – said the head of the Public headquarters for the observation of elections Alexei Venediktov.

Thanks to the position of our representatives in the working group of the Moscow election Commission on complaints, a total of 5011 signatures were returned regarding the decisions of district election commissions. Now complaints will be considered by the Central election Commission. — Alexey Venediktov, Russian journalist

The U.S. Senate approved Kelly Kraft for the post of new permanent representative to the UN

The us Senate approved the candidacy of Kelly Kraft, proposed by the American leader Donald trump, for the position of the new permanent representative of the country to the UN. According to the results of the vote, her candidacy was supported by 57 senators, 33 opposed.

The Pacific fleet announced the survey of the bottom relief of the Arctic

Scientific research of the bottom topography and coastal features of the Arctic in August will hold a hydrographic vessel of the Pacific fleet “North”, August 1, told reporters the official representative of the Pacific fleet (top) Nikolai Voskresensky. The program of work of the vessel is designed for two months.

The us defense Ministry is preparing to deploy troops in Europe

On the official website of public procurement, the Pentagon posted information on the search for contractors for the transfer and deployment of large forces on the territory of the EU. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The application clearly indicates the approximate routes, border crossing points, the order of customs points, the main directions and distances: almost the entire European geography — from Britain to the Baltic States is affected.

Swedish recruits are taught to resist “Russian aggression»

For the second year in Sweden has revived the system of recruitment into the armed forces. Military duty in the Kingdom was returned after a seven-year break – in March 2017. At the same time, the Ministry of defense of the country reports that with each new conscription campaign the number of those involved in the service increases. The total duration of training for Swedish recruits will be 2 months, after which they will go directly to the unit for further service for 9 months.

China will once again increase pensions for veterans

Chinese authorities will increase pensions and benefits for disabled veterans, red army veterans and family members of the fallen heroes. This measure is timed to the Day of creation of the people’s liberation army of China (PLA), which is celebrated on August 1. After that, the average annual pension for these categories of citizens will be 88150 yuan (about 811.5 thousand rubles). This increase will be the 29th since 1978.

Actor “Contemporary” arrested for video insulting the police

“On the Internet, a video was revealed, which recorded a man dressed in uniform of a traffic police officer who discredited the behavior of the internal Affairs bodies,” the capital’s Central Board reported.

As a result of the inspection, noted in the Metropolitan police, traffic police officers together with police OMVD of Russia in the Yakimanka district was installed and detained the offender – 37-year-old actor of the theater “Sovremennik”. According to the court, the actor received eight days of administrative arrest for illegal wearing of uniforms and disorderly conduct, according to the website of the Russian interior Ministry in Moscow.

Hard landing – results of the first half of the mortgage market in Russia

“The first half of the year in the mortgage market was very indicative in terms of trends, – says Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of Metrium (member of the CBRE partner network). – It became clear that in the conditions of reduction of real incomes of the population, even a slight decrease in mortgage rates by about 1 percentage point can, along with other factors, lead to a significant decrease in demand in the housing market, and in all the largest regional markets of the country. At the same time, even if the rates begin to decline again, a return to the level of 9-9,5% will not be enough to break the records in terms of demand for housing loans in 2018, since during this period, the population’s income has again decreased, and housing prices have increased. This requires new incentives, as the current support for housing demand in Russia is clearly insufficient.”

Finland will tighten requirements for visa documents for Russians

Finland from September 1 will tighten the requirements for documents when applying for a Schengen visa for Russians, RIA “Novosti”. Now Finland will ask Russians for all supporting documents on the trip, as required by the EU directives.

Russian interior Ministry appealed to the leadership of the Russian Premier League

According to the Telegran-channel Baza, July 30 in the interior Ministry held a big meeting — because of the match “Spartak” — “Dynamo”. The meeting was attended by representatives of “extremist” police units. Following the meeting, representatives of the interior Ministry appealed to the leadership of the Russian Premier League. They are urged to move Derby to another date. The game was to be held this Saturday, August 3.

According to sources, a similar idea to the heads of the police argued the upcoming meeting, which is tentatively to be held just on August 3. Match was asked to move on either Friday, 2 August or Monday 5th August.

“Melodiya” issued a collection of the author’s recordings of Shostakovich

On “Melodies” there was a collection of author’s records of Shostakovich. This is a unique collection of phonodocuments, recorded for the descendants of the game of the brilliant Soviet composer. The main bonus of the set is the “home” recording of the violin Sonata performed by the author and David Oistrakh.

The festival of modern photography will be held in Volgograd province

The festival program includes creative meetings with photographers, master classes in photography and animation, lectures on local history and genealogy, screening of short films of the festival “in Short!», concert.

HBO will launch a series about the ancient Greek sorceress CIRCE

Hbo has launched a series about the ancient Greek sorceress “CIRCE” (Circe). According to the portal Variety, the eight-part film will be shot on the eponymous book of the writer Madeline Miller

Jeff Daniels will play in the film adaptation of the novel “American rust»

Philip Mayer’s novel “American rust” will form the basis of the series for the TV channel Showtime. Starring Jeff Daniels (“news”, “Dumb and dumber”), reports Variety

In Nizhny Tagil for the first time will be a festival of fantastic cinema Best Sci Fi

International festival Best Sci Fi will be held in Nizhny Tagil for the first time. The festival has been held since 2017 by the international film distribution company KINOLIFE Distribution. The works of the festival participants are shown in 13 countries

In Surgut will appear cinema under the open sky

On August 3, Surgut will host the first session of a short film in the open air. The event will be held as part of the all-Russian action “Street cinema”, which was attended by more than a thousand cities of Russia.

Vivo introduced the smartphone V17 Neo in Russia.

The model V17 Neo is the first smartphone of the company, developed taking into account the preferences of Russian users. The smartphone will go on sale on August 17, 2019 at the price of 19990 rubles. From August 1, the model will be available for pre-order in the official online store Vivo and partners of the company – “M. Video”, MTS, “Eldorado”, etc.

In Russia banned from selling smartphones with the “undeletable” apps

In Russia, may prohibit the sale of gadgets with pre-installed applications that the user can not remove himself. This was stated by Deputy Minister of digital development, communications and mass communications Mikhail Mamonov.

Google’s advanced security program for enterprise g Suite users has been launched

The advanced protection program, launched in 2017, is designed for users at “greatest risk” of account hacking and other targeted online attacks. Like its consumer counterpart, the application has three main components.

The well-known manufacturer Apple has launched the procedure of transferring its production from China.

According to The New York Times, the American company plans to move its production facilities to Vietnam. Such steps “Apple” went to reduce the risks of having to pay increased import duties, which in the framework of the trade war introduced the us government

The US Congress is going to deal with the addiction to social networks

The American Congress will consider a bill that aims to combat dependence on social networks. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill that is designed to protect Americans from the impact of social networks.

According to the documentation, the Congressman intends to ban the feature to retain users on the platform in a long time: auto-play videos on YouTube, Snapstreaks on Snapchat, infinite scrolling (scrolling) tape updates and news.

The whale almost swallowed the sea lion

A group of sea lions in Monterey Bay, California, chased fish along with a herd of humpback whales. When the whale came up to grab the fish, he nearly swallowed the sea lion. The moment managed to catch wildlife photographer chase Dekker. He was watching the whales from the boat. Sea lion at the last moment managed to jump into the sea.

Found a new way to slow down aging

Vagus nerve stimulation through the ear “rearranges” the autonomic nervous system in people over 55 years of age, potentially slowing the aging process. This conclusion was made by scientists from the School of biomedical Sciences at the University of Leeds in the UK.

On the Nile discovered an ancient underwater temple with treasures

Scanning helped them to find at the bottom of the depth of about a meter large columns, and next to them – a sunken boat, on which there were treasures. In addition, experts have found several buildings sunk in the Western Delta of the Nile.

In TSAGI began to create aircraft for small aircraft of Russia

Specialists from The Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute have begun to develop a project to create a promising integrated aircraft platform for regional airlines. It is planned that the aircraft of this class will be operated in the Russian Federation in about 7-10 years.

In the US created “robot-cockroach” for search and rescue works

At the University of California scientists developed and created a miniature robot. Inspired colleagues to create similar devices of conventional cockroach, reports Science Robotics.

The Kuril Islands have found massive accumulations of “gold dragons»

In the forests of the reserve “Kuril” in large numbers was found schistostega pinnate, which is also called the “gold of dragons”, according to the website of the reserve. The discovery was made by the staff of the Botanical garden-the Institute of the far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Potted flowers do not affect people mentally

Experts from the University of California at Santa Cruz debunked the myth that potted flowers all feel and feel. As a result of the study it was found out that plants have no consciousness and they can not affect a person. Previously, scientists have already proved that plants do not have consciousness.

Scientists have found a way to clean water from microplastics

Australian researchers have developed a new approach to the purification of water from microplastics — with the help of tiny magnetic carbon spirals. The article of researchers is presented on the pages of the journal Matter.

“Roscosmos” suspended development “of Kosmorama»

The account of the robot on Twitter says that during the next flight he will go into outer space and will be four-handed – will get two more hands instead of legs.

Currently, due to a significant decline in funding for the project “Cosmorama” suspended in the near future, work will not resume, said to RIA Novosti, the state Corporation “Roscosmos”.

NASA will build a space station in orbit

It is planned that in our orbit will be mobile refueling, thanks to which it will be possible to extend the life of many missions. Also, NASA pays special attention to the development of the program “Artemis”, in which in 2024 the astronauts will go to the moon.

From the center of the milky Way flew a monstrous star

Astronomers have discovered a new main sequence star, which is the fastest object of this type. It travels at a monstrous speed of about 1,700 kilometers per second and moves away from the center of the galaxy.

Astronomers have discovered a “strange” burst of gravitational waves

The gravitational observatories LIGO and VIRGO recorded yesterday another burst of gravitational waves generated by a unique object in the constellation Pegasus, which is “in the middle” between pairs of neutron stars and double black holes. This was reported by Christopher berry, a member of the scientific team LIGO.

China to build a regular home port for sea launch platforms

The aim of the project is to make space launches from the sea platform a regular phenomenon. Yantai was chosen as the place of construction of the port of registry due to its favorable geographical location and natural conditions.

Haval brand will invest more than 42 billion rubles in production in Russia

As specified in the Department, within the SPIC great Wall invests in “the creation of production of cars in the SUV-segment with deep localization of key components such as the engine, transmission, electronic components and control systems” more than 42 billion rubles.

In China, presented a crossover for the rich with nine doors

Chinese startup Human Horizons, whose technical team is headed by the former head of the special projects division of Jaguar Land Rover mark Stanton, presented a radical concept of the SUV HiPhi 1. The project demonstrates the first production car of the new company, which is said to go on sale within two years.

Maserati has updated the plan for the release of new models

Within four years, the Italian brand will release the next generation Levante, a new crossover and sports car. The updated product plan Maserati management presented in the report on the activities of the company for the second quarter of 2019

Serial electric Mercedes-Benz with a power reserve of 400 km will be presented in September

The serial version of the electric Mercedes-Benz EQV, presented at the March Geneva motor show, will debut in September 2019. According to Western colleagues, the novelty will be shown at the upcoming motor show in Frankfurt.

Made in China budget analogue of the Nissan Qashqai

Chinese concern Dongfeng began selling crossover SUV Venucia T70, representing an extensively redesigned model of Nissan Qashqai of the previous generation. From “grandparent” Venucia T70 otlichaetsya the bumpers and grille and led optics.