5 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/04/2020

Large Russian banks in the second quarter increased in annual terms revenues from transfers of individuals by 36.1% – up to 22.4 MDRD rubles, according to calculations by RIA Novosti based on data from the Central Bank.

Such revenues of Sberbank increased by 39.2% (to 18.3 billion), VTB – by 26.5% (1.7 billion), Gazprombank – by 23.6% (348.2 million), Rosselkhoznadzor – by 38.2% (160.3 million), Alfa-Bank – by 41.8% (158.4 million).

Mortgage debt in Russia

Mortgage debt in Russia on July 1, 2020 increased by 13.8% in annual terms – to 8.2 trillion rubles, the share of overdue debt has not changed, according to the materials of the Central Bank.

The investigation did not establish the customer of the crime against Golunov

The TFR concluded that the Golunov case did not have customers, and the police planted drugs to the journalist for the sake of improving performance. This was reported to TASS by the lawyer of Igor Lyakhovets – the main accused in the case of illegal detention of a journalist.

“The investigation did not try to establish the customer of this case. Moreover, according to the UK version, operative employees planted drugs to the journalist in order to increase performance indicators, get gratitude and encouragement, ” Alexey Kovrizhkin said. According to him, the defense does not agree with this position, as it considers the case of Lyakhovets and other defendants fabricated.

The column of protesters continues to move through Khabarovsk

In Khabarovsk, terrible weather conditions, but the people came out and continue to resist for their native land. There are more people than yesterday. Khabarovsk get out the protesters chant!

Lukashenko about the detained citizens of Russia

They told me everything. The President of Belarus announced an attempt to organize a massacre in the center of Minsk. According to him, “billions of dollars of resources” were sent to the country to destabilize the situation before the elections.

About Africa and Libya-it’s all lies. These people testified. They were sent specifically to Belarus. The command was to wait. Tickets purchased in Istanbul, it is a legend. The Russian border is closed. I’m a bad geographer, maybe, and I don’t understand why you should go to Africa via the North pole. Why through Belarus? Don’t listen to this bullshit. We treat these guys like human beings. We got the effect of this: they told us everything.

Stop lying. You’ve already disgraced yourself. First Istanbul, then Venezuela… Don’t plant nuclear weapons here. Today we received information about another detachment that has been transferred to the South

The former king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, decided to leave the country.

Juan Carlos I’s departure comes amid an anti-corruption investigation into the origin of his foreign accounts.

Belarus confirmed that it received a request from Kiev

Prosecutor General of Belarus has confirmed the attorney General’s office of Ukraine (UCP) information request on temporary arrest of the detainees on the territory of the Republic of Russians, reports the edition “Ukrainian truth” with reference to the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

The press service of the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine last Friday reported that Kiev intends to demand the extradition of 28 citizens detained in Belarus for criminal prosecution for alleged crimes related, according to Kiev, to participation in the conflict in the Donbass. The Department noted that 28 persons, nine of whom have Ukrainian citizenship, were declared suspicious under an article related to participation in a terrorist organization

How much money does the Russian population keep in banks?

According to data for June 2020-about 31 trillion rubles. The General trend of the last few years is upward (beyond the spikes followed by falls in January-February), from 24 trillion at the beginning of 2017 to the current figures.

Police in the Moscow metro began to massively fine passengers without masks.

Moscow police have started to massively fine passengers at all metro stations in the capital for the lack of personal protective equipment, TASS reports, citing a law enforcement source.

“During the raids, the police began to issue passengers of the capital’s subway fines of 5 thousand rubles for the lack of personal protective equipment,” — said the source of the Agency. He did not specify how many Muscovites have been fined since the start of mass inspections.

Russia will hold maneuvers with the participation of 3 thousand military personnel

The combined arms army in the West of Russia will conduct maneuvers with the participation of 3 thousand soldiers, the press service of the Western military district reported.

“In total, more than 800 units of weapons, special and military equipment will be involved in tactical exercises at military ranges in the Voronezh, Moscow, Bryansk, Belgorod, Smolensk and Kursk regions,” the report says.

Virgin Galactic has begun designing a supersonic commercial aircraft

British billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has begun the first stage of designing a supersonic commercial aircraft and signed a Memorandum with Rolls-Royce to develop the propulsion system.

According to the portal Space.com, a Delta-wing aircraft designed for 9-19 passengers will be able to reach speeds three times the speed of sound and fly at an altitude of 18,300 m

Montenegro opened its borders to Russia.

The government of the country decided to include the Russian Federation in the” green list ” of epidemiologically safe countries. Along with Russia, Azerbaijan is included in the list. Citizens of these countries are allowed to enter Montenegro without additional conditions due to COVID-19.

Three sailors were found on a desert island in the Pacific ocean.

The travelers went to sea on July 30, but lost their course, and later ran out of fuel. Three days later, Australian and American helicopters flew out to search for them. One of them noticed an SOS sign on the shore of the small island of Pikelot in Micronesia. The pilot landed to find out about the condition of the people and leave food and water. The life of the travelers is not in danger, in the near future they will be picked up by a patrol vessel, writes the Guardian.

Every fifth child in Russia lives below the poverty line.

This is more than 7 million people. In their families, the income does not exceed the subsistence minimum. According to the latest data from Rosstat, most of these children live in large and rural families.

It is noted that a feature of Russia that is not typical for other countries is that many poor people have jobs, but their incomes are so low that they do not allow them to cover all their needs. They can’t buy even the most necessary and familiar things: phones, refrigerators, etc. Sociologists note that poverty in childhood “transforms into failure throughout life” and most people do not manage to move to a higher level of prosperity. In addition, people from poor families “fall into the trap of reproducing poverty”

Rosturizm estimated losses from closing borders for foreigners

According to the head of the Federal tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova, losses from the absence of foreign tourists in Russia in 2020 amounted to about 500 billion rubles. In 2019, travelers from other countries brought $ 10.9 billion to the Russian economy.

This is comparable to the income from the export of weapons, a number of non-ferrous metals, and timber, doguzova said.

In Moscow again problems with migrants

At the market in Teply Stan, the police tried to detain a guest worker. But a crowd of other visitors intervened. They attacked a police car and dragged the detainee out into the street. The police had to give in. For a while. They report that now the market is undergoing total checks.

Denmark has allowed the completion of Nord stream-2

Denmark allowed Gazprom to complete the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline. There were no appeals against the relevant decision of the Danish energy Agency, RIA Novosti reported, referring to the Kingdom’s energy Appeals Board.

In Russia, a service for the rejection of wage slavery has been launched

Visa and Yandex.Kassa ” announced the launch of a project that allows employees to transfer salaries to any Bank in the country without forming payment orders, the press service of the payment system reports. Legal entities can use it.

How do the children of officials enter the country’s prestigious Universities

Developed by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, the order on the procedure for admitting students to Russian universities contains a loophole, which is used by dozens of Russian officials to arrange their children to study at prestigious universities for free without competition. This is stated in the investigation, which was conducted by the publication “Important stories” in conjunction with transparency international — Russia, Novaya Gazeta and the student magazine DOXA. Children of officials were admitted to universities thanks to the targeted set, the authors of the investigation claim.

Lukashenko has announced a new system of oil and gas supplies to Belarus

According to him, within five years Belarus will aggressively develop new export markets, as well as diversify its loan portfolio. Russia was previously the only supplier of oil to Belarus. However, at the end of 2019, after a dispute between Moscow and Minsk over fuel prices, the latter began to look for alternative suppliers. Currently, in addition to Russia, Belarus buys oil from Azerbaijan, the United States, Norway and Saudi Arabia.

The Russian Finance Ministry has proposed increasing spending on the President and his administration

This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the document “Methodology for calculating the maximum base budget allocations of the Federal budget for state programs of the Russian Federation and non-program areas of activity”.

Next year, spending is going to increase by 88.8 million rubles to 14.28 billion, and in 2022 it will amount to 14.4 billion rubles. According to the Department’s plans, in 2023, expenses will increase to 14.8 billion rubles.

It is also reported that the activities of Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council Dmitry Medvedev, who was previously Prime Minister, and civil servants of the presidential administration will be allocated 1.7 billion rubles. The Ministry of Finance emphasizes that the data are only approximate, and they will still be able to adjust them when forming the budget.

The Ministry of Finance has called for an increase in the tax for Russian oil companies

The Cabinet of Ministers will consider a draft law on changing the parameters of the additional income tax (NDT) for oil companies in Russia, according to the initiative of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. For some categories of fields, oil companies can now pay taxes based on the financial result, rather than on the volume of production.

Tests of an unmanned “flying taxi” were held in Germany

CityAirbus seats four passengers. The air taxi can reach speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. The ride will take 15 minutes on average.

The US will send an additional contingent of military personnel to Poland

The us defense Secretary noted that the agreement between the States will ensure “an increased permanent presence of one thousand us military personnel.” The head of the Pentagon added that at the moment there are already 4,500 United States military personnel on the territory of Poland on a rotational basis.

The US accused China of violating the rules of fishing

American diplomacy shares the concern of the Ecuadorian authorities, who drew attention to the activation of “hundreds of fishing vessels under the flag of China.” According to US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, the Chinese side regularly violates the sovereign rights and jurisdiction of coastal States. He clarified that China does not have a fishing permit, and fishermen violate the agreed catch volumes.

Recall that the Minister of defense of Ecuador, Osvaldo Harrin, said that foreign fishing vessels came close to the border of the exclusive economic zone in the Pacific ocean between the continental part of the country and the Galapagos archipelago. Chinese vessels were seen among them.

Shoigu introduced special allowances to the salaries of military personnel

From July 1, pilots, sailors, scouts and rocket scientists began to receive special bonuses to their salaries, defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu said at a thematic conference call.

The allowance is set from the salary for a military position: for officers-100 percent of the salary, for ensigns and sergeants-110 percent, for soldiers-120. According to the Minister, more than 45 thousand servicemen will receive payments. On average, the payment amount will be 23 thousand rubles per month.

Putin signed a decree on the issuance of a diplomatic passport to Medvedev

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana will receive diplomatic passports. The document is published on the legal information portal

Serbia has purchased Chinese SAMS FK-3

It is noted that Serbia bought three batteries of the FK-3 SAM, which is an export version of the Chinese medium-range air defense system of the latest generation HQ-22. This complex was first demonstrated in 2016. At the same time, it is noted that the defense Ministry of Serbia previously planned to purchase the Russian s-400 “Triumph” anti-aircraft missile system.

The Hunters series was renewed for a second season

Amazon decided to shoot another season of the acclaimed series “Hunters”. Detective Thriller with the legendary al Pacino and Logan Lerman in the lead roles became popular from the first series, so it is not surprising that the Studio decided to extend the series for a second season.

BMW received the Red Dot award for the design of the exhibition stand

The highlight of the BMW Concept 4 stand in Frankfurt was the use of additional reality animation, which could not but affect the opinion of the jury. It is worth noting that in addition to exhibition stands, BMW has been implementing additional reality in its development for more than five years.

Hurts presented the video for the song Somebody

In 2021, Hurts plans to come to Russia with a tour in support of the fifth Studio album. On August 3, it was announced that Hurts presented a music video for the song Somebody. The video is published on YouTube-artists.

WhatsApp has a feature for checking facts from viral messages

It became known that the WhatsApp messenger has a new feature that users can use to check the accuracy of the facts stated in frequently sent messages

A search engine in the Tibetan language has been launched in China

In Tibetan, Yongzin literally means “master” or”teacher”. This service is used by people who live throughout China, as well as located in more than 70 other countries and regions.

Visa plans to include Bitcoin in its payment network

One of the obstacles in the Visa roadmap is the position of politicians, regulators and other government agencies. The payment company said it is working with regulated organizations, including Coinbase and Fold, to create a bridge between digital currencies and its payment network.

Deep-sea angler fish have no immunity

Angler fish, choosing a female, dig into her body, merge with her and begin to produce sperm. Previously, scientists could not find out why the female’s immune system does not reject the partner during mating.

It turns out that angler fish simply do not have it. For this reason, their RAG genes are disrupted, and some individuals also have AICDA genes. They provide “mixing” of DNA fragments in B-lymphocytes for the production of antibodies, so that the fish body can easily find the “key” to any foreign antigen, so no rejection occurs.

Scientists first diagnosed cancer in a dinosaur

Scientists have diagnosed cancer in an ancient lizard, and for the first time such a diagnosis was performed at the cellular level. This research will help to better understand both the dinosaur lifestyle and the evolutionary roots of cancer. The achievement is described in a scientific article published in the Lancet Oncology journal