6 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/05/2019

The Russians refer to the Soviet regime better than the Russian

The Russians refer to the Soviet government of the late 1970s – early 1980s, more positively than the Russian, according to the survey “Levada-center” conducted in the framework of long-term research program “Soviet common man”.

The most popular judgments about the Soviet power are close to the people (29% of respondents), strong, strong (25%) and fair (22%), while the modern Russian power is perceived as criminal, corrupt (41%), far from the people, alien (31%) and bureaucratic (24%).

The defense Ministry creates a film Studio

At the end of July, it became known that the defense Ministry made the final decision to create its own production site for shooting feature films. The location of the new Studio is patriot Park, where special pavilions will be built, as well as film sets will appear on the territory of Moscow

“Chaif” Vladimir Shahrin: Fair elections” “the history of Moscow”.

The leader of the group “chayf” Vladimir shakhrin after a performance at the festival “Barbecue Live” in Gorky Park on August 3, told the portal “66.ru” about the relation to the action “Return to yourself the right to elections”.

“To be honest, we come to Moscow about once every three months. I like what’s going on there. (…) With a fright from Yekaterinburg to go for elections in Moscow?”asked Shahrin.

The festival, called “Shashlik Live”, was held on August 3 and 4 in Gorky Park. Information about the event appeared on the website of the city hall on July 31. The day before the event, the frontmen of Russian rock bands Bravo and Tequilajazzz said they were not going to perform in Moscow, despite the fact that the names of the bands are listed in the poster.

Moscow will appeal to the US and Germany because of interference in internal Affairs

The Russian foreign Ministry will appeal to the us and German embassies because of interference in the internal Affairs of the country through biased coverage of the unauthorized action in Moscow on August 3. On August 4, the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said this on the program “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

“The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has published a walking route, the so-called walk, which was coming on Saturday. Point by point, just every minute was specified this route: how much it will start, how much it will end, and so on. As we understand, 90% of this information just did urge people to connect to this event”, — quotes her words TASS.

In Moscow, the police are looking for a soldier of Regardie, who beat a teenager during a rally on August 3.

OMVD on the Tver area of Moscow could not start scan – around 20 o’clock on August 3, it came a telephone message from the hospital at the research Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology. In the document there was a speech about the 17-year-old teenager – it brought with bruises and bruises to hospital.

The guy told doctors that it around the 18th house on Tverskaya street was beaten by the employee whether police, whether Regardie – the young man didn’t sort. The teenager was diagnosed with a concussion, bruises on the face, back, arms and neck. He decided to be hospitalized, and before that – by all the rules – sent a telephone message to the district police.

The Academy of management of the Ministry of internal Affairs ordered a massage chair luxury.

The corresponding tender was published in June on the public procurement website. The choice of management of higher education fell on the model Suite US MEDICA JET– almost a million rubles, which is famous for the maximum number of functions, so it is the most expensive. As pointed out by the manufacturer, this unique chair “allows you to completely relax at any time.” The device is able to do dozens of types of massage – Thai, Swedish and even “bio”, “Spa”, “smart” and others.

The companies with the most patents.

Iplytics, a German market research company, shows in a recent report entitled “who patented artificial intelligence technology?”Companies are leaders in AI research – at least in terms of volume. The predecessor to AI-related patents is Microsoft. Another us company, IBM, ranked second with 15 046 and South Korea’s Samsung took third place with 11 243.

On Baikal shamans extinguish fires

Shamans from Russia, Germany, Poland and Mongolia gathered on the Baikal island of Olkhon to hold a ceremony and ask the gods to save Siberia from fires and floods.

In the military unit of the Krasnoyarsk territory caught fire with ammunition warehouse

The ammunition depot caught fire in the Krasnoyarsk village of Kamenka, its residents are evacuated by rescuers, Interfax was told by the unified duty dispatch service (EDDS) of the Achinsk district of the region. “There is an evacuation of the population, all emergency services work on the spot,” said the duty EDDS.

Residents of the village of Komi are urged to pray for the cessation of rain

The priests will organize the service to return the good weather of the Inhabitants of the villages in the Izhma district please pray to stop the rain. Record with the call appeared in the community “Rural settlements Sizyabsk” in the social network “Vkontakte»

The Russian priest told of a conversation with Charles Darwin

Archpriest and Confessor of the Alekseevsky convent of Moscow Artemiy Vladimirov said that he communicated with the scientist Charles Darwin, who died in 1882. He reported about it on air of TV channel “Saved”. The record was published on YouTube on July 25, but attention was paid to it only now.

According to Vladimirova, the conversation took place in Westminster Abbey, where Darwin is buried. He said that he was not a fan of the “monkey theory” and it was interesting to talk. In particular, he asked the scientist if there were “any intermediate links between species — between a Zebra and a giraffe.” The Archpriest added that Darwin had “a naive idea that archaeology would find intermediate links.”

“What do you think I heard?  “Father, do not be tempted by my theory, not from a great mind I put forward this hypothesis, which now repent. You have nothing to do with the bear or the pig personally,” the priest quoted the words allegedly heard from Darwin.

He also rejoiced at the “triumph of reason and Orthodoxy” and suggested that the “Saviour” broadcast in English and Chinese.

Forest fires in Siberia will continue until the autumn rains

Forest fires in Siberia and the far East, despite the efforts of several agencies, are unlikely to be extinguished before the end of summer. While in Siberia, heavy precipitation is not predicted.

This “news” said the expert of the permanent Commission on environmental issues of the human rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Grigory Kuksin. According to him, only seasonal rains will be able to completely eliminate the disaster.

The Deputy proposed to limit the issuance of loans to Russians under 25 years

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov proposed to issue loans to Russians under 25 years only for education and purchase of housing. He sent the corresponding address to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev

International traffic light day is celebrated on August 5

In the Soviet Union, the first traffic light was installed on January 15, 1930, August 5, 1914, the American traffic light company installed at the intersection of 105th street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland (USA) the first four similar to modern traffic lights.

Anatoly Karpov was not given a us visa to travel to a chess event

The 12th world chess champion Anatoly Karpov could not fly to new York for the traditional chess training camp Of Maxim Dluga Academy, according to “chess news”. Fees Academy held last week, Karpov participated in them on “Skype.”

The Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation has applied for a visa in early March. He was interviewed at the American Embassy and asked if he intended to communicate with congressmen in the country. Karpov replied that the purpose of his trip was exclusively chess.

After the Day of the city of Omsk left behind 80 tons of garbage

According to the press service of the Omsk city hall at 6 am Sunday, August 4, workers collected more than 80 tons of garbage in the city. Most of the waste fell on the territory of the Central district. Thus in the city hall noted that in comparison with last year Omsk began to litter less.

On the route “Baikal” removed the restriction of movement for heavy trucks

On the road R-258 “Baikal” from 9:20 August 5, 2019 from Mishiha to Babushkin in Kabansky district of Buryatia removed partial traffic restriction for heavy vehicles weighing more than 12 tons

Between Moscow and Belgorod will run “Swallow»

Belgorod is removed from Moscow on 660 km, it is connected with the capital by the Southeast railway. Currently, from the capital to Belgorod can be reached by eight trains, the duration of the journey is from seven to 11 hours.

In Russia will revive the office health centers

In Russia intend to revive the Institute of shop doctors, found out “Izvestia”. The Ministry of health is working on how to organize their activities, and other departments are considering the possibility to compensate employers for the costs of opening medical offices from the funds of the FSS and FFOMS. The minutes of the meeting, which discussed the development of the Institute of shop and office doctors, signed the Deputy head of government Olga Krivonos.

Businessmen who suffered from the flood in the Angara region will be provided with benefits

Entrepreneurs of the Irkutsk region, whose business has suffered as a result of floods in the region, will be given preferential terms on loans and on the allocation of land, said Governor Sergei Levchenko.

MOE called the number of flooded settlements in Siberia and the far East

The press service of the Ministry of emergency situations reported that flooding due to floods are observed in 76 settlements in the territory of four regions of Russia.

The number of Russians living with HIV has increased dramatically

The number of patients with the first diagnosis of “HIV infection” has increased almost one and a half times over the past ten years. This was reported by the Ministry of health. Last year, almost 86 thousand people were diagnosed with HIV.

The share of Russians with salaries above 75 thousand rubles per month

RIA Rating Agency commissioned by RIA Novosti conducted a study that determined the proportion of Russians with salaries above 75 thousand rubles per month. It is noted that the corresponding salary is received by about 12% of Russians working in 27 sectors of the economy analyzed by the Agency. According to the study, such income is employed in mining (37%), Finance (33%) and fisheries (34%).

The average salary of Russians now is 30 thousand rubles, the largest share of workers with high wages falls on the mining industry, and with low – on light industry.

The people of Kiev began to earn more

The average salary of residents of the Ukrainian capital increased by 18% compared to 2018. At the moment, the average citizen of Kiev receives an income of 15 183 hryvnia (38.4 thousand rubles), according to the website of the city administration.

Facebook in the banking business with his bloccano

Facebook has decided to compete with the banking business with a new digital currency and a network of financial transactions based on blockchain

Erdogan announced a military operation in Syria

The Turkish army will conduct a military operation in Syria, East of the Euphrates river. This was stated on Sunday by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to him, about his plans, the Turkish side has already alerted the authorities of Russia and the USA, informs television channel Sky News Arabia.

The us defense Ministry intends to stop Turkey’s operation in Syria

The delegation of the us Department of defense intends to meet with the Turkish authorities to present a plan that should prevent the invasion of the Turkish army in Syria to the East of the Euphrates river. According to the Washington Post, it

“the final proposal to solve Turkey’s problems”, which includes the creation of a demilitarized zone up to nine miles (about 14 km) deep and 87 miles (about 140 km) long South of the Syrian-Turkish border. The American command proposes to jointly clean up the Kurdish formation, and then patrol the area. Ankara rejected Washington’s proposal and demands the creation of a demilitarized zone with a depth of at least 20 miles (32 km).

Japan will be a space unit of the self-defense Forces

The Japanese authorities decided to create a military space unit of the self-defense Forces in the country. It is assumed that the first such structure will be formed by 2020, “Gazeta” Writes.ru” with reference to the edition of Yomiuri.

South Korea will spend $6.5 billion to reduce dependence on Japan

According to Yonhap, South Korea’s trade deficit in trade with Japan in 2018 amounted to 24.1 billion dollars, of which 22.4 billion were spent on the purchase of industrial materials, spare parts and equipment.

The US has declared its readiness for a “new era” of arms control

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Pentagon chief mark Esper, along with Australian colleagues, Maris Payne and Linda Reynolds, made a joint statement on the results of the Australian-American Ministerial consultations.

“Ministers and secretaries reaffirmed the need for a new era in arms control, which will expand the number of States and weapons systems included in the agreements reached,” – said in a statement published on the Pentagon website.

The US and Australia are calling on Russia and China to sit down at the negotiating table to join the States.

Japan protested Russia because of firing exercises in the Kuril Islands

Japan has protested against Russia because of military exercises in the area of Kunashir island, said a senior representative of the government of Japan Yoshihide Suga. “The build-up of the Russian military presence in the Northern territories does not correspond to our position and is unacceptable.”

Turkey neutralized three PKK representatives in Iraq

The Turkish air force attacked the objects of the Kurdistan Workers ‘ party (PKK) in the Gar region, located in Northern Iraq. This was reported by the Ministry of defense of Turkey.

Young professionals in China are beginning to return to small towns

The number of young professionals in China who prefer to work in their hometowns is increasing every year. The information was received on Sunday, August 4, from the journalists of the Xinhua news Agency, who took the results of the sociological survey as a basis.

BOHR delegation of the USA arrived to Kamchatka

The delegation of the 17th district of the us Coast guard arrived in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, told the KAMCHATKA-INFORM Agency in the border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Eastern Arctic region.

The purpose of the arrival of us representatives is to hold a meeting with the leadership and experts of the border. During the new negotiations, it is planned to discuss issues related to joint training at sea, activities to combat IUU fishing in the Bering sea and the North Pacific and other issues in the field of border security of the two countries.

The United States and South Korea will hold military exercises

South Korea and the United States are preparing for the annual war games, despite North Korea’s warning. On August 5, Yonhap reports citing the Ministry of defense of South Korea.

Central election Commission of Belarus has proposed the date of presidential election

The election of the President of Belarus may be held on August 30, 2020. This was stated by the head of the Central election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yarmoshina in the program “Contours” on TV channel ONT.

Wikipedia has censored four Russian media

The leadership of the popular electronic encyclopedia Wikipedia banned links to four Russian publications. Censored sites riafan.ru, rueconomics.ru, nation-news.ru and jpgazeta.ru. The ban was introduced at the insistence of representative Wikipedia Michael Gruznova

British authorities have allocated 1.8 billion pounds for the health care system

The UK government announced the beginning of the modernization of the hospital and health care system (NHS), and for this purpose was allocated 1.8 billion pounds ($2.18 billion). This became known on Monday, August 5, from the statement of the office of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

India showed a video test of the latest air defense system

India has tested the latest air defense system of its own production. Footage of the launch of a surface-to-air missile was published on Twitter by the head of the Indian Ministry of internal Affairs. The missile successfully hit the target during the tests, which took place at the site in the Indian state of Orissa, the Minister said.

It is worth noting that the new air defense system was tested against the backdrop of a sharp deterioration in relations between India and Pakistan due to the disputed region of Kashmir.

Iskander launched a cruise missile in Transbaikalia

Combat crew tactical missile complex “Iskander” Eastern military district released a cruise missile and destroyed the objects of the “enemy” in the exercise. The trainings were held on the range Tsugol in Zabaykalsky Krai.

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her anniversary at the stadium in Moscow

American singer Jennifer Lopez August 4, gave a concert in Moscow at the stadium “VTB arena”, the correspondent of IA REGNUM. The performance was part of it’s My Party tour (“This is my party”) in honor of the 50th anniversary of Lopez. The show started at 20:00 and lasted an hour and a half.

Netflix will shoot a series based on the cartoon “winx Club»

Netflix will shoot a game series based on the beloved by viewers of different ages cartoon “winx Club”, created by the Italians in 2004.

Jason Clark will play Jerry West in the series about the Lakers»

The series will tell about one of the brightest decades in the history of “Lakers”, and Clark in the image of West will appear in the role of a basketball genius, who will lay the Foundation of an entire dynasty in the history of the club, led by stars Magic Johnson and Karim Abdul-Jabbar.

Flying Lotus released a new song, “Black Heaven”. It is dedicated to the deceased Ras G

American rapper and producer Flying Lotus posted the song “Black Heaven”, a tribute to DJ Ras G. Ras G died in late July. The musician was 40 years old, the causes of his death were not reported.

Circus artist from Nizhny Tagil received a prize from the circus “Du Soleil»

In Spain, Olesya Fedotova from Nizhny Tagil received a prize from the Cirque du Soleil. This was told by the girl’s coach Marina Gunina. Olesya Fedotova is a balancing act of the national circus “full House”.

How to relax Berdimuhamedov on vacation

Turkmen TV showed 28 minutes with the cutting of Berdimuhamedov’s frames on vacation. As he rested:

  • Ride on a horse named “Sapolin” and walked with him
  • I tested the new weapon which arrived in an Arsenal of law enforcement agencies
  • I rode a bike with the mayor of Ashgabat on the territory of the Olympic town
  • I went bowling with him.
  • Inspected the swimming pool with members of the Cabinet of Ministers
  • He taught a number of Ministers, including the Minister of defense, how to do certain exercises in the gym
  • Listened to a new track from grandson Kerim entitled “Live, Turkmenistan! Only forward with the speed of a horse!”
  • I drove the SUV to the gates of hell, a burning gas crater in the middle of the desert.
  • He finished the work on the book “Turkmen Alabai”: in the frame showed the final signature of the President on the manuscript with the date 4.08.19.

Smoking Russians have become a source of replenishment of the country’s budget.

Russians since October 2013 706,7 thousand times got into the database of bailiffs for unpaid fines for Smoking in the wrong places. The total amount of penalties is currently about 500 million rubles. So, in 2014, 29.5 thousand Executive documents were received, in 2015 -120 thousand, in 2016 — 212.3 thousand. the Number of debtors decreased in 2017 (190.5 thousand), in 2018 there were only 154.4 thousand.

Fines for Smoking in the wrong places introduced in Russia in October 2013. So, for Smoking on playgrounds will have to pay a fine in the amount of 2 thousand to 3 thousand rubles. Smoking in long-distance trains, as well as all types of public transport of urban or suburban communications will cost 1.2–1.5 thousand rubles.

Released the trailer for the series “Kidding” with Jim Carrey

The network has a trailer for the second season of the drama series “Kidding” with Jim Carrey in the title role. The video was published on the official YouTube channel of the project. The plot of the series tells the story of the leading children’s programs Jeff — charming and funny man

«Yandex.Taxi” will test the monitoring of driver fatigue

“Yandex.Taxi” agreed with the company VisionLabs Sberbank and venture Fund AFK “System” on the test of the driver fatigue monitoring system, told “Kommersant” representatives of the parties. They did not name the cost of the project.

Sberbank launched QR-payment service faster than the Central Bank

Sberbank launches a service to pay for purchases in stores using a QR code instead of a card through the mobile application “Sberbank Online”. By the end of the summer, the service should be available in all regions of Russia, told RBC in the press service of the Bank.

ZTE announced the start of sales of the first 5G-smartphones

The Chinese company ZTE has started selling the first smartphone with support for 5G communication technologies called Axon 10 Pro.

MasterCard will launch a project in the field of cryptocurrencies

Transnational financial Corporation MasterCard has opened a number of vacancies for the blockchain direction. The payment system is looking for an engineer on the technology of the distributed registry, the head of the direction “product Management — cryptocurrency/wallets” and the Vice President for blockchain products management, this information is published on the official website of the company, writes The Block.

The Chinese want to write off the losses from YotaPhone, but can not calculate the damage

China Baoli have suffered losses from bankruptcy of Yota Devices, the Board of Directors of the Chinese Corporation of the China Baoli has decided to write off losses caused by the bankruptcy of Yota Devices – manufacturer of smartphones YotaPhone. This is stated in the statement filed by the Corporation on the Hong Kong stock exchange

Apple’s spending on research and development reached record highs

As it turns out, the company’s development and research costs reached eight percent of revenue, which is the highest value in unit terms since 2003. The amount reached $4.2 billion, which is also a historic record.

Artificial intelligence has learned to find partner for Dating

A startup from Denver has developed the AIMM app. It is based on artificial intelligence, which can pick up the user partner for a date. The user must first talk to the AIMM voice assistant.

Xiaomi patent a smartphone with a solar battery

The Chinese company Xiaomi has registered a smartphone with a solar panel on the back and a frameless display. Such a device can be useful in Sunny countries and do not worry about charging

Asus introduces new AMD Radeon RX 5700 graphics cards

Asus RoG Radeon RX XT RX 5700 5700 Strix OC Asus RX RX 5700 5700 XT TUF Gaming X3 Asus RX 5700 Dual Evo Asus RoG Radeon RX and RX 5700 5700 XT Strix OC where the components are soldered to the surface of the printed circuit Board thanks to the technology of Auto-Extreme.

Samsung patents “pocket” TV

Samsung is patenting a pocket TV that can be rolled up into a tube. It is not yet known whether this technology is reliable, but in the folded position it will be a small and compact device.

Ikea launches an application for an eco-friendly lifestyle

Swedish IKEA store launches a mobile application for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle Ikea Better Living, which operates in Russia. Performing actions to preserve the environment, users will be able to receive prizes from the Swedish store. The application has pages with tasks.

Sealing cameras with tape is ineffective

Sealing the built-in camera and microphone on a laptop is not the most effective method of protection against fraud, said RNS anti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Alexei Malanov.

“Physical sealing of the camera is an effective, but not the most effective method of protection. This measure avoids surveillance, but does not protect, for example, from listening through the built-in microphone, as well as from intercepting the image in those moments when the user opens the camera for communication. It is extremely difficult to seal the microphone at all: for example, through the tape you can still hear,” Malanov passed through the press service.

China will open a division of The Boring Company

Responding to a Twitter message announcing his visit to China for the World Artificial Intelligence Conference on August 29-31, Musk noted that on this trip he also plans to launch the Chinese division of The Boring Company.

American physicists have created an artificial mini-sun

American physicists from the University of Wisconsin were able to create a mini-copy of the Sun in the laboratory. This is necessary for a detailed study of its structure. The scientific project was called Big Red Ball. He is the first in which scientists were able to create reactions that mimic the magnetic field of the Sun. Completely copy of the Sun to do in the laboratory fails, writes online47.ru. But at the moment, scientists can already realize the movement of solar plasma. The model looks like this: a hollow three-meter sphere, inside which there is helium plasma and magnets. Using the mini-version, scientists plan to study how and why the solar wind works.

On the Ground hit crab nebula

A team of experts from different countries conducted a study and said that the crab nebula hit our planet. Scientists have studied the data of Tibetan muons and accidentally found traces of gamma-ray bursts of record high energies that struck our planet between 2014 and 2017. It turned out that the energy of the most powerful particle was 450 teraelectronvolts. In the history of mankind, such observations have never been recorded, which was especially surprising to experts. This figure was 64 times higher than the beam energy in the Large hadron Collider.

The embryos of the turtles themselves “choose” your gender

There is evidence that the embryos of the Chinese three-keeled turtle (Mauremys reevesii) have some freedom in determining their future sex. They do this by moving to warmer or colder areas inside the egg.

China has created the world’s first embryo-Chimera of man and monkey

Scientists-biologists in China created the first embryo-Chimera monkeys and rights. A group of scientists from Spain and the United States have grown in China, the first embryo-Chimera, consisting of cells of monkeys and humans.

Turtle hearts can adapt to survive without oxygen

In winter, some Cayman turtles like to spend the winter in ponds and lakes. Safely hidden under a thin layer of ice, these freshwater reptiles can survive up to six months without oxygen

Large-scale HIV vaccine trials are beginning in Europe and the US

In the US and Europe in September will start testing the advanced vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). According to Nature, the vaccine is based on the inactivated genome of the cold virus, which is embedded in three synthetic genes for HIV.

People accused of racism against robots

Scientists from New Zealand conducted an experiment and concluded that people spread their racial prejudices on white and black robots. Researchers believe that anthropomorphic robots should represent a variety of people.

“In the future, when robots replace people in some areas, racism against them can become a real problem,” the study said.

Scientists have developed a new method for predicting volcanic eruptions

It is reported that in the new technical solution, experts have combined physical and statistical approaches. The method is based on tracking the movement of magma, which will allow to understand the route of its route from the depths of the earth’s crust. The fact is, scientists note that magma often erupts not from the main mouth of the volcano, but tries to find other ways out to the surface.

As examples are the volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands in 2018 and in Iceland in 2014. Trying to predict how the eruption will occur, the main difficulty lies in the inability to see the movement of magma underground.

Supersonic parachutes will be used for landing on Mars

Appeared supersonic apparatuses, which will help to land on Mars. The shape of the parachute is designed in such a way as to create maximum air resistance, while using a minimum area. Quite large in size, the area of aerodynamic shadow with the vortices formed behind the canopy. The air that appears in the center moves at a higher speed due to the hole. It helps to reduce the amplitude of the dome rocking. In the atmosphere of the Earth, the speed of the parachute decreases from tens of meters per second to several meters per second….

“Hubble” photographed a colorful merger of galaxies

Using the space telescope “Hubble”, astronomers have received a picture of two galaxies that are in the process of merging and show an approximate picture of what awaits the future of the milky Way and its neighbor the galaxy Andromeda.

Astronomers have found traces of one of the first stars in the Universe

Astronomers from the Observatory of the Australian national University (ANU) found a ghostly trace of one of the first stars in the Universe. As reported on Monday, the press service of the University, the wreckage of the celestial body was discovered on the edge of the milky way galaxy

Space Probe Parker Solar Probe gave the first data

In recent months, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has become closer to the sun than any other spacecraft before. The probe obviously collected as much data as it could so that we could better understand the sun.

A new type of pulsating star discovered by scientists

Researchers at the University of California said that they discovered a new type of pulsating star. He was seen in the remnants of the nebula surrounding the giant extinct star. Previously, such a pulsating glow was not observed in outer space.

In Antarctica, fresh snow discovered the radioactive ashes of a supernova

In the fresh snow on the territory of Antarctica, scientists were able to identify a very rare isotope of iron-60, which could appear after the outbreak of a supernova. The results of the study were published in the physical Review Letters.

From the center of the milky Way star flew

From the very center of the milky Way flew a star, “launched” a black hole. The star S5-HVS1 flies at a speed of about 1700 kilometers per second, which is sixty times faster than the speed of rotation of our planet around the Sun.

Consulate General of Finland commented on the tightening of visa rules

According to the representative of the press service, the outflow of applicants will be ” until people fully understand what documents are needed, what is possible, what is impossible.” By the end of the year we will see the first results and understand whether it scared off our potential tourists or not. But the new requirements are not critical.

Twice as many Russians began to consider the cottage a place of rest

The results of the survey showed that the perception of the cottage as a place for recreation and entertainment has almost doubled since 2005: 14 years ago, 32% of respondents treated the cottage in this way. According to VTSIOM, a third of Russians (32%) noted that the cottage is a subsidiary farm, a source of additional income. In 2005, 60 per cent of the respondents held this position.

“Oh, you’re just a citizen?!”Piled on and started threshing.”

Riot police beat cyclist Andrei Kurgin despite the fact that he did not resist.

On August 3, there was no single venue: the participants dispersed throughout the Boulevard ring. Nevertheless, the detention began almost immediately, including people who did not show their protest – did not carry posters, did not chant slogans.

Again detained and journalists, despite the presence of their certificates and editorial assignments. In particular, correspondents of “Vedomosti” Elena Vavina and TV channel “Rain” Vladimir Romensky were detained. After a while all journalists were released without drawing up protocols.

Sable urged the Moscow city hall not to interfere with the walks of citizens on August 10

Moscow city hall is obliged to ensure the right of citizens to walk around the city on August 10, not only on a separate Sakharov Avenue, where the agreed opposition rally will take place, wrote on his Facebook page the lawyer of the anti-corruption Fund Lyubov Sobol.

In the Yaroslavl region, the Royal sterlet will be released into the river littered with garbage

In October 2019, in the floodplain of the Uroch river in the Zavolzhsky district of Yaroslavl (in connection with the damage to water resources during the repair of Krasnoborskaya street), it is planned to launch the Royal sterlet fry. And as reports site YarNews.net local residents share photos of the landfill in social networks, sadly reporting that the garbage “just dumped in the lake-marshy floods of the Uroch river, and some are lying in different corners.”

“It turns out directly a feast on a garbage can… Here such blunder in our Park. As one of our mutual friend, “starlady have money and landfill to remove no…”- added to the citizens.

Trump accused China of currency manipulation

Us President Donald trump called the weakening of the yuan almost to a historic low “currency manipulation” by the Chinese authorities and a serious violation.

“Fed, do you hear? This is a gross violation that will greatly weaken China over time,” the American President wrote on Twitter.

The dollar – yuan pair on August 5 exceeded the psychological mark of 7 yuan/$ for the first time since 2008. This happened after trump unexpectedly announced plans to introduce 10% duties on imports of Chinese goods worth $300 billion Earlier, the White house had already introduced 25% duties on imports of Chinese goods worth $250 billion So now it can impose duties on almost all supplies from China.

The Ministry of Finance will increase the purchase of currency by 246.2 billion rubles

The daily volume of foreign currency purchase will be equivalent to 11.2 billion rubles. According to the forecast, additional oil revenues will amount to 237 billion rubles. the Ministry of Finance buys the currency monthly at the expense of additional income from the sale of oil, if it is more than $40 per barrel.

One and a half billion debt “Yekaterinburg Arena” will be closed from the state Treasury

As stated in the Annex of the resolution, the established amount for the reconstruction of the Yekaterinburg Arena will be 14.35 billion rubles. Of them, 13.5 billion rubles from the Federal budget investments. At the same time, earlier they said that the amount of reconstruction will not exceed 13.1 billion rubles.

Petersburg residents were more likely to take microloans

Residents of St. Petersburg and the Northwest Federal district are increasingly taking microloans. This information was provided by the regional branch of the Bank of Russia. Thus, most of the microloans in the first quarter of this year are in St. Petersburg and the Arkhangelsk region – 6.3 billion and 6.2 billion rubles, respectively.

NPF shareholders waited for dividends

The largest non-state pension Fund (NPF) of Sberbank for the first time in the history of the industry paid 6.3 billion rubles of dividends. This year, a number of NPFs have the right to pay their shareholders

The German company entrusted its gas to Ukrainian storage facilities

European countries require Ukraine to transfer its gas transportation system and underground gas storage (UGS) to concession companies from the EU, so that Kiev could not influence the transit of gas from Russia to the EU.

The us Treasury Secretary asked the court to dismiss Deripaska’s lawsuit

“The court should dismiss the amended Deripaska suit or alternatively rule in favour of the government (defendant – approx. TASS) in summary proceedings,” – said in a 43-page document submitted by the Ministry of Finance. The Agency emphasizes that it does not agree with the claims presented by the businessman.

Deripaska, in particular, asks the Washington court to order the Ministry of Finance to lift the sanctions imposed on him, as they are based on false grounds and speculation.

Japan’s NEC has introduced the “flying car»

Japanese electronics manufacturer NEC Corp. presented a “flying car”, a large unmanned vehicle with four propellers, able to hover in the air for about a minute at an altitude of 3 meters. This is reported by the Associated Press

Estonia refused to recognize Russian passports issued to residents of Donbass

Estonian authorities refused to recognize Russian passports issued to residents of the DPR and LPR after April 24, 2019. The press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. An exception will be made for those who were a citizen of Russia earlier.

In India, led the troops on high alert

In India, the army and air force of the country were brought into a state of high alert after the submission of a bill in Parliament, which involves the abolition of the special status of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Maduro said that Colombia is “an incapacitated state»

The head of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said in his speech in Caracas that Colombia is an incapacitated state, as extremists attack the Republic from its territory. This was reported by the Venezuelan news Agency on August 5.

New us missiles will be aimed at the Urals and Kamchatka

The new us Secretary of defense mark Esper clarified the Pentagon’s immediate plans after the country’s withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range missiles (INF). While in Australia on Saturday, Esper said the importance of placing such missiles in Asia.

Israel presented the technology of “smart” armored vehicles

The Ministry of defense of Israel presented the technology of the future for a combat vehicle with artificial intelligence. Three experimental models of armored vehicles were developed within the framework of the Carmel program. It is reported by Israel Defense.

Chinese percussion UAV was brought down by military laser

In the presented photos of the downed Chinese shock drone “Wing Loong II” experts found a thermal trace and a hole that could well be left by a laser installation to combat drones.

Syrian armed forces resumed fighting in Idlib

The command of the Syrian armed forces said that the decision to resume hostilities was taken due to the fact that the militants entrenched in Idlib, do not comply with the ceasefire.