7 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/06/2019

Japan honored the memory of those killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

At exactly 08:15 local time – exactly at the time of the bomb explosion 74 years ago – a minute of silence was announced across the country in memory of the victims of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima in 1945. The ceremony took place in The peace Park. The mayor urged Tokyo to ratify the UN Convention on the prohibition of nuclear weapons, reports TASS.

“WE must do everything to ensure that such a tragedy will never happen again,” said the mayor of Kazumi Matsui

The ceremony was attended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as well as representatives of 95 countries.

China has stopped purchasing agricultural products from the United States

Chinese authorities have decided to temporarily stop the purchase of agricultural products from the United States, reports TASS. The Committee on tariffs of the state Council of China also did not rule out an increase in duties on such products. It is specified that this decision was made by China due to the strengthening of the trade war with the United States.

China launches a program to prepare disabled people for work

The funds were allocated by the Beijing Fund at the portal 58.com in order to jointly launch a charity program with CFDP. The charity program for the disabled will operate in Jiangsu, Hunan and Sichuan provinces starting from this year.

Elon Musk compared the British Queen Elizabeth II with Teletubbies

Founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk compared the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II with the heroes of the children’s show “Teletubbies”. He posted the joke on his Twitter.

Trump has blocked the property of the Venezuelan government in the United States

Us President Donald trump has signed a decree that provides for the blocking of the property of the Venezuelan authorities in the us jurisdiction. It is reported by the press service of the White house.

Civil servants asked to increase their travel

In the trade Union of civil servants believe that officials receive less per diem on business trips. The organization sent a letter (at the disposal of Izvestia) with a request to consider this issue to the Russian tripartite Commission on regulation of social and labor relations, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

“100 rubles is very little, a Cup of coffee is more expensive. In Yakutia, the money you can buy only a bottle of water,” — said “Izvestia” Chairman of the Union of employees of public institutions Nikolai Vodyanov.

Great Britain is a great “tax haven”

A new analysis of the tax justice network showed that the UK is the world’s largest means of corporate tax evasion. British overseas territories and crown dependencies dominate the list of places that allow transnational corporations to avoid paying tax. In total, this makes the UK responsible for about a third of the global risk of tax evasion.

St. Petersburg artist Max Otto held an exhibition right in the subway cars.

Right in front of the passengers he hung on the handrails female braids, offering passengers to choose whether to grab them or not. That’s how he wanted to draw attention to domestic violence. Tell how was the reaction of the passengers, what other stock remember Otto and why he chose braids:

“If a woman renounces the braid, it means that someone has encroached on her independence. I think it’s a symbol of sacrifice. The braid hung on handrails symbolizes a certain support because the tyrant often can’t live without the partner, but at the same time continues to scoff at him»

The company that built the Titanic is on the verge of bankruptcy

The shipbuilding company of Northern Ireland Harland and Wolff because of the accumulated debts goes under external management, and among the possible managers are the British company MJM Group and the American Flacks Group.

It was Harland and Wolff who built the infamous passenger liner Titanic in 1909-1911, according to TASS. In 2003, the last ship — ferry of the British defense Ministry Anvil Point descended from the company’s stocks

The Ministry of economic development did not support the ban of strong alcohol to 21 years

The Ministry of economic development criticized the bill of the Ministry of health on the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol from 16.5% to persons under the age of 21. The review was published on the Federal portal of normative legal acts, the newspaper “Kommersant”drew attention to it.

Identified the main needs of Russians

Residents of Russia are most in need of quality education and high wages, follows from the monitoring of the Russian Academy of national economy and civil service (Ranepa), available “Tape.ru.»

The study showed that 11% of Russians have higher education, another 34% have higher secondary education.

Food imports in Russia fell by almost a third

Russia over the past five years has reduced food imports by 31.2% – to 29.8 billion dollars in 2018, the Ministry of agriculture said.

The procedure for selecting regions to participate in national projects will be changed

Heads of projects will consider the issue of changing the selection procedure of regions of the Russian Federation to participate in their implementation, and will conduct an analysis of the actual level of co-financing of expenditure obligations of constituent entities of the Russian. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave the corresponding instruction.

In the US, hundreds of Newspapers will be under the control of one holding

Two major American newspaper companies – GateHouse Media and Gannett announced on Monday the merger, the deal is estimated at $1.38 billion.

As noted, the combined company will be called Gannett, its headquarters will be located in the suburbs of Washington, and the post of Chairman and chief Executive officer will be Michael reed, chief Executive officer of New Media holding, which controls the company GateHouse Media.

Leroy Merlin reduced net profit in Russia

Net profit of LLC “Leroy Merlin Vostok” (operating structure of the network in Russia) in 2018 fell by 19.6% to 4.12 billion rubles. Based on the data available in the “Spark”, before that, the net profit of the retailer fell in 2008 (then this figure was 338.1 million rubles).

Many financial products were imposed on Bank customers

Bank customers have imposed a lot of financial products, the Central Bank is the first attempt to assess the extent of imposing unfair financial products to citizens. Most customers complain about banks, primarily in connection with the sale of life insurance policies and bills.

The audit chamber revealed the causes of fires in Siberia

The accounting chamber by the results of the inspections revealed serious deficiencies in the conduct of the subjects of the Russian measures on the protection of forests from fires. This was on Monday, August 5, said the representative of the control Department Sergei Neroev, speaking at a workshop on this topic in the State Duma.

“Confirmation of that, annual non-performance of indicators of the state program of development of forestry characterizing protection of the woods from fires. For example, such an important indicator of the state program as the share of large forest fires in the total number of forest fires is not fulfilled annually,” Neroyev said.

NOVATEK asked the government to get rid of customs duties

Representatives of the NOVATEK gas company asked the government to exempt their gas carriers from customs duties. With such a request, the head of the company Leonid Mikhelson appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“This is necessary to NOVATEK was able to organize a temporary transshipment of LNG near Murmansk — in the Eastern part of the Strait of Kilda,” explains the newspaper “Kommersant”. This is necessary in order to bring all the products of the Yamal LNG plant located in Sabetta to world markets.

Earned the first power unit of Turakurgan TPP

The consortium of Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd launched the first power unit at the Turakurgan thermal power plant (TPP) in the Namangan region, the press service of the Ministry of energy of Uzbekistan.

Financing of the project with a total cost of 1.1 billion dollars is carried out at the expense of the loan of the Japanese Agency for international cooperation (JICA) in the amount of 704 million dollars, the loan of the reconstruction and development Fund of Uzbekistan – 300 million dollars, as well as own funds of Uzbekenergo.

China has promised to respond to the deployment of U.S. missiles

Director of the Department for arms control and disarmament of the Chinese foreign Ministry Fu Tsun said that Beijing is deeply concerned about Washington’s plans to develop medium-range missiles and place them in the Asia-Pacific region, reports TASS.

We will take all necessary measures to strongly protect our security interests,” the Ministry said. China also expressed the hope that the US will not commit actions that “undermine international and regional peace.”

Britain has joined the US coalition in the Strait of Hormuz

That is why it was decided to join the new Maritime coalition, reports TASS, citing the Press Association. “We look forward to working with the US and other countries to find an international solution to the problems in the Strait of Hormuz,” Wallace said.

Zelensky discussed with Johnson cooperation after Brexit

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed relations between the two countries after Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union during a telephone conversation.

North Korea has produced another start-up unidentified projectiles

North Korea made another start, and in the province of Hwanghae province in the direction of the sea was released two unidentified projectile. This is reported by Reuters, citing the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea.

The defense Ministry and Regardie will be able to sell scrap without bidding

Russian President Vladimir Putin allowed Regardie and the Ministry of defense to sell their scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals without bidding. About it reports the edition of RBC belonging to Grigory Berezkin with reference to the copy of the decree of August 2, 2019.

The EU can simplify the visa regime for Belarus in autumn

The agreement, which provides for the simplification of the visa regime, can be signed between the EU and Belarus in the autumn of 2019. This was stated by the head of the EU delegation in Minsk, Andrea Wiktorin.

“The document is currently undergoing internal approval procedures in Belarus and the EU,” Viktorin said in an interview with the Belarusian Agency BelaPAN, expressing firm confidence that the document will be signed.

“Novaya Gazeta” launched a petition demanding to stop “the case on July 27»

“Novaya Gazeta” launched an online petition addressed to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, demanding to stop the criminal case of mass riots (article 212 of the criminal code), initiated after the action on July 27 in the center of Moscow.

U.S. and Ukraine signed a Memorandum on the search for prisoners of war

“The Memorandum is the result of two years of work of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States together with American partners in the preparation of the necessary legal framework, which allows the search in Ukraine and the return to the United States of the remains of the dead and missing during the Second world war, American soldiers,” — quotes the Ukrainian Ambassador

India will abandon Russian helicopters and replace them with its own

According to the publication “Military review”, the future development is planned to spend at least 10 thousand crore rupees (translated into Russian rubles 93 billion rubles).

The new program for the design of a multi-purpose helicopter was called IMRH. The concept of the IMRH project was first demonstrated in 2017. The weight of the future of the helicopter is equal to 12 tons. It can accommodate up to 24 people. Its purpose is to transport personnel, including troops. With it, you can perform various operations, which require rapid transportation.

North Korea has stolen with the help of hackers 2 billion dollars

The citizens of the DPRK carried out many cyber attacks on other countries and thus stole about two billion dollars. The money went to the creation of weapons of mass destruction. This is stated in the report, which was sent to the UN security Council by independent experts

The Director of the new “venom” will be Andy Serkis

According to journalists, there were several candidates to organize the production of the film “venom”. But in the end we decided to give preference to the British actor. Now he will act as a Director for the third time after the drama “Breathe for us”.

Oak from the famous film “Escape from Shawshank” sawed for Souvenirs

Souvenirs-signs made in honor of the 25th anniversary of the film on the screens. The oak Souvenirs will feature portraits of the characters and their quotes. The first plaques will be given to the performers of the main roles Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, Director of the film Frank Darabont.

Simon Pegg and Nick frost will play in the series about Ghostbusters

According to Variety, frost will play one of the two Ghostbusters, industrial research underground bunkers, abandoned hospitals and similar locations for paranormal activity with the help of homemade equipment.

Ten best films about the Second world chose in the US

American portal Screen Rant decided to make its own rating of paintings about the war. It includes tapes that tell about the soldiers and the fighting, as well as the fate of civilians, forever changed by the war

  1. “Come and see” movie in 1985 directed by Elem Klimov screenplay by the author of “the Khatyn story” by Ales Adamovich.
  2. “Grave of the fireflies” — Japanese animated drama Isao Takahata
  3. “Ivanovo childhood” — a film by Soviet Director Andrei Tarkovsky, shot in 1962 on the story of Vladimir Bogomolov “Ivan»
  4. Schindler’s list — American Director Steven Spielberg filmed this drama in 1993
  5. “Pianist” — Hollywood drama 2002 directed by Roman Polanski
  6. “Saving private Ryan” is an American Thriller 1998
  7. “Son of Saul” — drama 2015 Hungarian Director Laszlo Nemes
  8. Inglorious bastards — 2009 film by American Director Quentin Tarantino
  9. “To hell and back” — 1955 American film directed by Jesse Hibbs
  10. Sands of Iwo Jima is a 1949 film directed by Allan Dvon. Starring John Wayne.

Festival “Read Izhevsk” will be held on 6-8 September

City book festival “Read, Izhevsk” will be held from 6 to 8 September in the fan zone of the Park named after Kirov, reports IA “Udmurtia” with reference to the organizers. The event will be held for the seventh time.

The winners of the photo contest Nikon Photo Contest 2018-2019

Open Award Gold Prize (gold medal in the category “Open theme”): Alma and Alzheimer’s (Alma and Alzheimer’s disease). Jason Parnell-Brooks (United Kingdom)

Open Award Gold Prize (gold medal in the category “Open theme”): Hope (Hope).Ista Chaidar (Indonesia)

Next Generation Gold Prize (gold medal in the category “New generation”): Ayimpoka. Sara De Antonio Feu (Spain)

Next Generation Gold Prize (gold medal in the category “New generation”): Fanghua – (Moments of our youth). The Jinhan (China)

Short Film Gold Prize (gold medal in the category “Short film”): Exulansis. Sarah Crochet (USA)

The film “the Way back” with Ben Affleck will be released in March 2020

Film Company Warner Bros. announced the postponement of the premiere of the film “The Way Back” (“The Way Back”) with Ben Affleck from October 2019 to March 6, 2020.

FSB will have the right to block websites without a court order.

The national focal point for computer incidents (NCCC) of the FSB will have the right to initiate the division of the domains of sites that it deems to be in violation of the law. We are talking about a complete restriction of access to the content of the online resource.

Sberbank bought a 51% stake in the company-developer of voice recognition systems

Gazprombank closed a deal to sell to Sberbank 51% of the shares of the group “speech technology Center”, which is developing a speech recognition system, as reported in the press service of Gazprombank. Also, the capital of the Center included venture company Digital Horizon.

Apple will bring Touch ID to the iPhone

In 2021, Apple will return the touch ID fingerprint sensor to the new iPhone, making it a sub-screen, writes 9to5mac, citing information analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch ready to go out

Fossil is preparing to introduce its 5th generation of smartwatches, which will be available for purchase at the end of the month. Two models will be presented – for men and for women. Both versions will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 combined with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory

Chronicles of import substitution: Russian Railways buy PC with Windows 10 more than a billion

According to the website Cnews.ru computers for RZD, the Russian railway monopoly plans to purchase for their employees computers preloaded with Windows 10, allocated for these purposes of 1.06 billion. This amount stated as the initial maximum size, the thematic of the contract. The priority of goods of the Russian origin in the considered tender the state customer didn’t begin to establish.

Samsung introduced the smart watch Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Electronics has introduced a new smart watch Galaxy Watch Active2, although the release of the previous model took only six months. Galaxy Watch Active2 is able to read the user’s health by tracking the quality of sleep, physical activity and stress management.

Gaming laptop Xiaomi Mi Gaming 2019 officially presented

The company Xiaomi has introduced a new Gaming laptop Mi 2019 in three configurations. The device is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p. The base model is based on a 4-core 8-stream processor Intel Core i5-9300H 9th generation and 8 GB of RAM.

Malware GermanWiper attacks German users and destroys data

Last week, German users attacked malware GermanWiper, disguised as a cryptographer. In fact, this malware does not encrypt, but destroys the data of its victims, replacing the contents of the files with zeros, so experts urge users in any case not to pay a ransom

GitHub has blocked the accounts of developers in Crimea

It is reported that even VPN services can not help, because it was the repositories that were blocked, and it became impossible to download or export them. Even those teams of developers who moved from Crimea to Russia or to the continental part of Ukraine got under blocking.

Scientists at Princeton University have found a way to turn salt water into fresh water.

Previously, the method of membrane distillation was used, in which salt water was filtered through a polymer film with small pores passing only liquid molecules. The new wood membrane has improved the process.

“Traditional liquid filtration requires a high-pressure pump that consumes large amounts of electricity. We have found a way to reduce costs,” explained scientist Jason Ren.

The new membrane is made of chemically treated timber. All the extra wood fibers are separated, so the surface of the film becomes slippery. One side of the membrane is heated, so the water evaporates during filtration. The resulting steam is collected on the cold side, where the salt is settled. The invention makes it possible to purify 20 liters of water per square meter per hour.

Sea leopards share food with each other

With the help of filming with drones managed to shoot as two seals eat a common penguin skeleton, without showing any aggression. Despite the fact that leopard seals are considered charismatic and mysterious predators of Antarctica, they are usually considered to be single.

Electrons violated the law of conservation of momentum under light irradiation

Physicists from the United States suddenly found that photons falling on the surface of the gold foil attract free electrons, although the law of conservation of momentum predicts a different direction of flow.

Electric scooters are harmful to the environment

The researchers considered not only the emissions of the scooter, but also the environmental impact of the materials used in their production, transportation and Assembly.

In the stomach of a microraptor found a new lizard genus and species

Paleontologists have found a lizard of an unknown species in the stomach of the microraptor zhaoianus, according to Current Biology. Dinosaur swallowed it whole, so the structure of the lizard was able to study.

Revealed the secret of the incredibly sharp vision of spiders

A team of researchers solved this puzzle by creating a special micro-Ophthalmoscope – not much different from the tool used by eye doctors – to study the vision of jumping spiders.

In newborns spiders, as in adults, 4 pairs of eyes and the same number of photoreceptors. The difference, however, is not in quantity, but in size: since young individuals are much smaller than adults, their receptors are smaller, and even “Packed” much more tightly. This helps explain why very small jumping spiders (Phidippus audax) can track and catch prey as efficiently as more Mature members of the species.

Social networks and TV were more dangerous than video games for the psyche of teenagers

Canadian scientists have found that, compared to the use of social networks and watching TV, video games and computer are not associated with an increase in symptoms of depression.

From dementia after 50 protects social activity

Researchers from the UK have discovered a new risk factor for age-related dementia — social activity. The higher it is, the better. According to the Guardian, for such conclusions, experts analyzed data on 10,000 volunteers collected from 1985 to 2013. The study participants reported the frequency of contact with friends and relatives every five years, and were tested for cognitive abilities.

The study showed that daily meetings with friends around the age of 60 reduce the risk of dementia by 12%. Communication with relatives does not have this effect. Socializing with friends in their 50s and 70s can also protect against illness, but the impact was not statistically significant for these ages.

Google your devices start making from recycled garbage

Google will begin to make its devices from recycled garbage, deliveries by sea will begin to reduce, but it intends to compensate for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by planting new trees.

SpaceX will establish regular launches of microsatellites

The American company SpaceX plans to launch regular launches of Falcon 9 launch vehicles for the withdrawal of microsatellites weighing up to 150 kg at a price of $2.25 million, the Corporation’s website says.

Online satellite data

On July 10, at the headquarters of the European external relations service (EEAS) in Brussels (Belgium) , a demonstration of the capabilities of the European Data Relay System (EDRS), which allows almost real-time, using satellite data, to track, in particular, the movement of Maritime transport and oil spills, according to the European space Agency (ESA).

The weakening of the magnetic field provided a rapid rotation of the old stars

Astronomers have found an example of an old star that makes one revolution around the axis in 47 days, although the theory of deceleration predicts a period of 78 days for a body of this age. These data seriously limit the possibility of using the methods of gyro-chronology, that is, determining the age of the luminaries based on the speed of their rotation, since in this case a constant slowdown is assumed. A report with new data was presented at the Tess satellite conference.

The court extended the arrest of the former head of the clinic Meshalkin

The Novosibirsk court extended until November 19 the term of detention of the former head of the National medical research center of the Ministry of health of Russia named after academician Meshalkin Alexander Karaskov.

Russia has toughened responsibility for nepropusk ambulance

On August 6, amendments to the Code of administrative offences and the criminal code come into force, which are aimed at ensuring the timely provision of medical care and the protection of life and health of both patients and health workers.

As noted, obstruction of medical care, if it led to the death of the patient, will be punished by restriction of liberty for up to four years or forced labor.

In Hungary, urged to boycott Coca-Cola because of gay propaganda

Hungarian authorities have proposed to boycott Coca-Cola products — because of the new advertising of the company with representatives of sex minorities. This was reported by Reuters. Advertising banners appeared in the country before the Sziget music festival.

The Federal penitentiary service reported on the shortage of places in detention centres

In most of the correctional centers created for the new punishment in the form of forced labor, there are almost no places left, Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service (FSIN) of Russia Valery Balan said in an interview with TASS.

Military extinguished the hotbeds of forest fires in Krasnoyarsk region

The defense Ministry said that the military aircraft performed the task of extinguishing fires in the Krasnoyarsk region. In the morning of August 6, the aircraft made 32 departures, dropping 1157 tons of water and eliminating forest fires in the region on an area of more than 150 thousand hectares.

“As a result of the use of the morning of August 6, the aviation group of the Ministry of defense in the Krasnoyarsk region, all hotbeds of open fire in the areas designated to extinguish military aircraft were eliminated,” the Agency reported, RIA Novosti reports.

Increased area of forest fires

As the press service of Avialesookhrana, for last days the area of forest fires in Russia increased by 14,000 ha. Burns 161 a forest fire on the area 140 of 247 hectares.

The largest number of fires in the Irkutsk region – 71 fire on the area of 97 236 hectares in the Krasnoyarsk region 61 fire on the area of 37 003 hectares in Yakutia 12 fires on the area of 1 210 hectares.

On the facts of forest fires in Russia opened 277 criminal cases

Inspectors of the state fire supervision opened 277 criminal cases on the facts of fires in forests. This was stated in the state Duma Deputy head of EMERCOM of Russia, chief state inspector of fire supervision Igor Kobzev.

Russian scouts are recognized as the best grenade throwers

As part of the new stage of the international competition “polar star” scouts from Russia were recognized as the best grenade throwers. When performing the required exercises of the Russian paratroopers were able to destroy all learning goals, using rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Sevastopol is the leader in the southern Federal district on HIV and alcohol dependence

“The number of patients with a first-time diagnosis, taken under dispensary supervision, psychotic disorders associated with alcohol consumption plus alcohol dependence syndrome, absolute numbers, 2018 – the city of Sevastopol – 393 (person),” – said in the statistical collection of the Ministry of health of Russia.

Russian officials break deadlines to improve the business climate

The Ministry of economic development last month recorded a “high percentage of non-fulfillment” by ministries and departments of the government plan “Transformation of the business climate” (TDC), aimed at improving the business environment in Russia. The package of measures under the plan “Transformation of the business climate” was approved by the government in January this year.

St. Petersburg authorities intend to sell all shares of the airline “Russia»

The city owns 25% of the shares of the carrier. The total cost of the airline’s assets, as follows from the document, is about 7.4 billion rubles. Also the Smolny intends to sell the shares of a number of PSC and JSC. In particular, we are talking about the St. Petersburg international commodity exchange. Just in the list 10 points.

“The privatization of shares is due to the lack of the possibility of controlling the activities of companies from St. Petersburg as a shareholder due to the lack of a controlling stake, the need to receive income to the budget of St. Petersburg from the sale of shares of business companies, the participation of St. Petersburg in which does not meet the goals and objectives of St. Petersburg”, — stated in the explanatory note.

Belgorod owed more than 217 million rubles for gas

Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Belgorod has sent more than 31 thousand notifications to Belgorod debtors about the upcoming gas shutdown. As told in the press service of the regional Department of economic development, consumer debt on July 1 amounted to 217 million rubles.

China continues to open new coal mines

The Chinese government has authorized the development of new coal mines, despite claims of a long-term reduction in coal consumption as a key energy goal.

Oil price in the long term

Wind and solar energy, as well as electricity used by electric vehicles, will provide seven times more useful energy than gasoline cars at current oil price levels. This is stated in the report of the Bank BNP Paribas, according to Bloomberg.

In the long term, the price of oil will fall to $9-10 per barrel: only in this case, gasoline will remain competitive with electricity for transport. The price of $17-19 per barrel is necessary to maintain the competitiveness of diesel fuel. Currently, oil prices have reached $ 55.

“These are stunning figures that suggest that the economy of renewable energy combined with electric vehicles will be the most efficient over the next decade,” the French Bank said in a report.

The themes articulated Zelensky talks with Erdogan

President of Ukraine Zelensky will visit Turkey on August 7-8, where he will meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and discuss cultural relations, Diaspora cooperation, security, as well as the defense industry. Reports the edition about it QHA. In addition, problems related to the Russian occupation of Crimea will be discussed.

Hundreds of undelivered letters found in the trash in the suburbs

Earlier on the Internet there was a video that filmed a bunch of sealed letters thrown in the trash. It was noted that the incident occurred in Odintsovo. In April this year at the entrance of a house in Khimki near Moscow also found a bunch of undelivered parcels, magazines and letters

The former head of the airport of Yakutsk convicted of bribes “for noble purposes»

Yakutsk city court sentenced the former Director General of the international airport “Yakutsk” Nikolai Mestnikov for large bribes. He was sentenced to nine years in a maximum security prison and a fine of ten million rubles, told RIA Novosti in court.

The sentence was milder than the Prosecutor’s office demanded. The prosecution asked for 15 years of prison for Mestnikov with a fine of 400 million rubles. The defendant was assured that the money he sent to “a noble purpose”.

Examination of handwriting is more important than the voters

The Moscow city court upheld the refusal to register the Director of the FBK Ivan Zhdanov in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. This was reported in the press service of the court. The candidate himself was not present at the meeting, he is serving 15 days of administrative arrest for the action on July 27. The court refused to consider statements of witnesses who confirmed that signed for Zhdanov’s nomination, and also didn’t begin to appoint additional examination of signatures. The decision was published on August 5.

The Council on human rights Russia is preparing an appeal

The presidential Council for human rights (HRC) will send appeals to the Prosecutor General’s office, the Investigative Committee of Russia, the interior Ministry and Regardie with the requirements to provide full information on the activities of departments in connection with the uncoordinated protests in Moscow on July 27 and August 3.