7 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/06/2020

The US state Department has published a report on the “basics of Russian propaganda”. Examples include Sputnik, RT, as well as RIA Novosti, channel One, Rossiya 24, and others. According to Washington, the ecosystem of Russian disinformation consists of five elements:

  • official Pro-government resources;
  • Moscow-funded global broadcasting;
  • available resources (which work for Russia);
  • social network;
  • activities in cyberspace.
  • Aeroflot’s plans to save the company

Aeroflot announced the size of the planned additional issue, designed to” save ” the company suffering from the pandemic. The company will increase the number of shares by 153% (1.7 billion securities) and put them up for sale. The placement will be on an open subscription, that is, in theory, other shareholders will be able to buy them, but the state debt should not fall below the current 51.17%. The final decision will be made by shareholders on September 11, and then the market price will be determined by an independent appraiser.

The Russian Olympic Committee is going to remove the head of RUSADA from office.

Earlier, the organization’s Executive Board recommended that its CEO, Yuri Ganus, be fired. According to the President of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov, the decision of the observers was made almost unanimously.

“Unfortunately, our fears were confirmed. The members of the Supervisory Board — an independent body composed of experts, most of whom are recommended and approved by WADA — concluded that the violations committed by the RUSADA management are very serious. Today’s decisions of the national Council, adopted almost unanimously, on the lack of confidence in the General Director of RUSADA Yuri Ganus and the inexpediency of his further stay in this position look unambiguous.”

In the near future, the leadership of the Olympic and Paralympic committees will agree on the date of the meeting at which the fate of Ganus will be decided. He himself did not agree with the recommendation to resign.

This year’s fireworks festival in Moscow will be held in an online format.

The pyrotechnic show under the aegis of Rostec will take place as planned in September: it will be shown on one of the Federal channels and on streaming platforms. The organizers told “Rise” that this year the festival will be dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. The exact date of the festival is still kept secret by the organizers.

“Participants of the festival will address the bright and diverse culture of the peoples of Russia. Teams will present programs consisting of two parts: a business card with traditional and modern music from all over the country (1.5-2 minutes) and a free program (3 minutes). The festival program will open with a fragment of the victory salute on may 9, 1945 in Moscow. A grandiose fireworks display in the colors of the Russian tricolor will complete the event.”

The FSB believes that Safronov passed secret information using a book

Investigators believe that the journalist accused of treason provided data from his home computer using encryption tools. This was reported by Safronov’s lawyer Ivan Pavlov.

According to investigators, when transmitting data, Safronov allegedly used VeraCrypt software for encryption, and as passwords — fragments from the book by the historian Roy Medvedev “Journey through the Yeltsin era” in English.

Remuneration from the US Department of State

Russians started receiving text MESSAGES with an offer to receive $10 million from the US state Department for information about interference in state elections. The link indicated in the message leads to the verified Twitter account of the us state Department’s “Reward for assistance to justice”program

Yandex is going to register 17 trademarks.

Among them, for example, “Bank”, “Credit”, “Abera”, “Broker”, “Alclad”, “Capital”, “Aces” and others. The company has already submitted a package of applications for trademark registration in the banking, investment and insurance sectors, some of them were sent in the spring. Yandex declined to talk about project launch dates:

“We often register trademarks or patents, but not all of them are used in the future. This is normal practice for large IT companies, “the official representative of the company explained to Vedomosti.

RBC holding is completely switching to remote work

RBC holding is completely switching to remote work, several of its employees told Open media. Only the TV division — RBC-will work from the office.

One of the goals of this is to save the publication money. According to OM sources, employees of the other divisions of the media holding will now only need to come to the office for planning meetings a few times a week, and all the rest of the work will be done remotely

Supplier of food for Regardie received a record revenue

The Druzhba Narodov meat processing plant from Navalny’s investigation of food supplies for Rosgvardiya fighters broke its own record — in 2019, it increased revenue by 40% at once, “Open media”drew attention. Moreover, according to the company’s documentation, it has actually turned into a departmental food unit of Rosgvardiya: Druzhby Narodov no longer has state customers, in addition to this Department, and, apparently, everything that the meat processing plant produces, it sells only to Rosgvardiya

Lukashenko on the situation with detained Russians

“We don’t need to be scared by the consequences. Don’t scare us with the Americans or the NATO troops. Not the Americans or NATO sent 33 people here, for that matter”

Lukashenko said that Minsk, Kiev and Moscow should decide together what to do with the detained Russians

The guilt of citizens detained in Belarus has not been proven, they must return to Russia – official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Zakharova

Baring Vostok Foundation founder Michael will remain under house arrest

The founder of the Baring Vostok Foundation, Michael Calvi, said at a meeting of the Moscow city court on Wednesday, August 5, that his lawyers received documents that “justify” him and confirm “every transaction”. The court, however, decided to keep Calvi, who is accused of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles, under house arrest until November 13, 2020.

Since his arrest, the founder of the Baring Vostok Foundation has spent more than a year and a half in jail or under arrest. The judge concluded that the grounds for keeping Calvi and other criminal defendants under house arrest had not changed.

In addition to Kalvi, other defendants in the case — Baring Vostok employees Philip Delpal, Vahan Abgaryan, Ivan Zyuzin, former head of Vostochny Bank Alexey Kordichev and former head of the first collection Bureau (PKB) affiliated with Baring Vostok Maxim Vladimirov-will remain under house arrest until November. Separately, the Basmanny court extended the arrest of a former employee of Bank Vostochny, Alexander Tsakunov, who was detained in December 2019.

The family fortune of Suleyman Kerimov has doubled in 5 months

Due to the rapid rise in gold prices, which have gained 34% since March and for the first time in history broke the $ 2,000 mark for a Troy ounce, the family of Suleiman Kerimov was at the top of the Russian Forbes list. According to Forbes, at 13.00 Moscow time on Wednesday, August 5, the value of Kerimov’s stake in the company reached 25.6 billion dollars, and the total state – including debts and other assets – 24.7 billion dollars.

The family of Kerimov, who was in a French prison in 2017 on charges of money laundering and transporting almost 900 million euros in cash in suitcases to the country, became the leader in the growth rate of the fortune in 2020.

The Chechen authorities asked for another 2.2 billion rubles from the budget

The Chechen government asks Moscow to consider allocating an additional 2.2 billion rubles from the Federal budget in 2020-22. This was announced to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev at a meeting in Grozny by Chairman of the government of the Republic Muslim Khuchiev. According to him, the money is needed for the construction of infrastructure facilities of the special economic zone (SEZ) of the industrial-production type “Grozny”.

The Russian Ministry of Finance suggested:

reduce spending on the development of Crimea: up to 76.1 billion rubles in 2021 (-8.5 billion) and up to 82.3 billion in 2022 (-9.1 billion)

reduce spending on the development of the Far East to 39.1 billion rubles in 2021 (-5.4 billion), to 34.7 billion in 2022 (-2.7 billion) and to 34.3 billion in 2023 (-3 billion)

reduce spending on the development of the North Caucasus to 11.75 billion rubles in 2021 (-1.8 billion), to 10.4 billion in 2022 (-1.6 billion) and to 10 billion in 2023 (-2 billion)

reduce spending on Arctic development to 136.8 million in 2021 (-7.3 million), 47.4 million in 2022 (-2.6 million) and 49 million in 2023 (-1 million)

Funding for the Angara launch vehicle increased 1.7 times

The Russian space Agency has increased the funding for the carrier rocket “Angara” in 1,7 times. The amount of the contract for its development has increased from 26.2 to 45.5 billion rubles, according to a document posted by the state Corporation on the public procurement website.


27 days – the people of Khabarovsk continue to fight. People continue to come out, despite the terrible weather conditions

Environmentalists reported on the new transport of radioactive waste from Europe to Russia

In Russia, a cargo ship “Mikhail Dudin” is moving from Amsterdam with a radioactive cargo on Board. This is reported by ecozashita. The ship is carrying 600 tons of uranium tails from Germany, which are planned to be buried in the Sverdlovsk region. On August 11, the ship will dock in the port of Ust-Luga, Leningrad region.

Containers with waste were sent from the German uranium enterprise Urenco to Gronau on August 3. There they were loaded onto a ship. On June 22, a similar shipment weighing 600 tons arrived in the Sverdlovsk region by freight train.

The rating of regions with the highest salaries of officials has been compiled

The highest salaries in Russia are received by civil servants in Moscow and St. Petersburg — these are the results of a study by the analytical center “Avito Work”. According to RIA Novosti, officials there are paid an average of 50 and 41.5 thousand rubles, respectively. Barnaul closes the top three (40 thousand rubles).

The lowest salaries of civil servants are received in Voronezh (24.2 thousand rubles), Saratov (23.9 thousand rubles) and Ulyanovsk (23.8 thousand rubles).

Countries with the best pension systems

According to the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index, the world’s best pension system is now in the Netherlands. The rating is based on the level of income that the pension provides, the stability of the system and the legal framework, the retirement age, and other factors.

Denmark took second place, Australia took third, followed closely by Finland, Sweden and Norway. At the bottom of the rating were Thailand, Argentina and Turkey. Russia is not included in the rating, unfortunately.

TCS Group’s IFRS net profit in the first half of 2020

The net profit of TCS Group, which includes Tinkoff Bank and Tinkoff insurance, according to IFRS for the first half of 2020 increased by 25.1% in annual terms and amounted to 19.3 billion rubles, according to the company’s message.

To reduce the national debt, the US can refinance it

It was reported that Washington plans to sell debt obligations totaling $ 112 billion in the coming months, issuing a record number of securities.

China has announced measures to support electronics and SOFTWARE manufacturers

A set of measures to support manufacturers of electronics and software (software) was introduced by the decision of the state Council of the people’s Republic of China on August 4, according to the it news portal from China cnTechPost

The Large hadron Collider has seen a rare decay of the Higgs boson

CERN, the world’s largest physics laboratory, has for the first time observed the decay of the Higgs boson, reports today News Ufa. The known particle has decayed into two elementary particles-muons. Previously, it was believed that the Higgs boson itself gives mass to other elementary particles.

In Russia, on behalf of President Putin, a Commission on the Russian language will be created

This was announced at a government meeting by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The Commission’s tasks will include conducting an examination of the rules of Russian spelling and punctuation, the Prime Minister explained. It will also develop the concept of the state language policy and define common requirements for creating dictionaries, reference books and grammars containing the norms of the modern Russian literary language. Another part of the work of the Commission Mishustin called improving the level of training of specialists.

Rosselkhoznadzor reported on the destruction of sanctioned products for five years

Russia for five years (since August 6, 2015) has destroyed 36,17 thousand tons of products that illegally came from countries that fell under the Russian food embargo, the Rosselkhoznadzor reports.

Released the trailer for the first series of Ridley Scott’s “Raised by wolves”

On the YouTube channel HBO Max published the official trailer for the science fiction show ” Raised by Wolves “(Raised by Wolves) – the first series of the” father “of” Strangers ” Ridley Scott, on which he worked as a Director. Scott directed the first two episodes and served as showrunner. The first season has ten episodes, premiering on September 3

Stephanie Mayer’s new novel from the Twilight Saga is published

A new book of the popular series “Twilight” by American writer Stephanie Mayer has been published. According to the Guardian, the novel” midnight Sun ” (Midnight Sun) appeared on the shelves on August 4. It is noted that one million copies were printed in the United States, and another 300 thousand were printed in the United Kingdom.

Samsung unveils new smartphones

On August 5, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Note 20 phablet, the galaxy Z Fold 2 folding smartphone, the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, as well as the Galaxy Buds Live wireless headphones and the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch during the online presentation of Galaxy Unpacked. Ч

Microsoft announced the transfer of Android apps to Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation announced the transfer of Android applications to the Windows 10 operating system as part of the “Unpacked” event organized by Samsung. This allows the user to work on a computer with programs for mobile phones.