10 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/09/2019

On the site of the 2020 Olympics Southern Kuriles displayed in the part of Japan

The four Islands of the South Kuril Islands (Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and group of Islands Habomai) that are owned by Russia and contested by the Japanese side, appeared on the map of Japan in the section of the route of the Olympic flame, which is posted on the official website of the Olympic games 2020.

Japan honored the memory of the victims of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Mourning events dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the American atomic bombing of Nagasaki began on Friday in Japan. Exactly at 11:02 (05:02 GMT) across the country was declared a minute of silence. It was at this point on August 9, 1945, there was an explosion of the bomb “Fat man”, dropped from a strategic bomber of the US air force B-29.

The highest-budget startups in India.

Swiggy’s food delivery service was the largest startup in India in 2018, raising $ 1.31 billion in three stages of funding. Tencent, DST Global and Naspers, Meituan-Dianping and Millhouse Capital were among the sponsors. Swaggy joins delivery companies UberEats, Zomato (also in the top 10) and Foodpanda in a well-funded part of the Indian startup market.

Former President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev put in jail

Former President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev was placed in the jail of the state Committee of national Security. He will stay there until August 26. The measure of restraint was elected as a judge of the Pervomaisky district court Adylbek Subankulov, who held a retreat in the GKNB, RIA Novosti reported.

Atambayev was charged with preliminary charges in the case of the illegal release of Aziz Batukayev, a criminal authority.

The former President was detained as a result of a special operation in his residence in the village of Koi-Tash, which lasted from August 7. During the shootout, one commando was killed. Supporters of Atambayev defended him almost the whole day. Finally, after long negotiations, the politician gave up and was taken to Bishkek. First he was brought to the interior Ministry, then transferred to the SCNS.

Medvedev: Moscow will continue to support Bishkek

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has arrived in Kyrgyzstan, where a meeting of the European intergovernmental Council will be held. And he made a statement that Russia can not “stand by” to look at what is happening, because Kyrgyzstan is a major Russian partner, as well as a member of the Eurasian Union and the CSTO.

“In the XXI century, Kyrgyzstan has already exhausted its limit on the revolution,” Medvedev said. He added that the possible emergence of political and economic instability as a result of the events will strongly “hit a huge number of people” who live in Kyrgyzstan, as well as the Eurasian project

Medvedev said that he was going to discuss the current situation with the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov and head of her government Muhammetkuli by Abylgazieva.

We have really good advanced relations. We consult on a variety of issues. To the extent possible, we really try to provide assistance and support to our friend and partner – the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. So it will continue, do not doubt it. — Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Recall, for the second day in Kyrgyzstan there is a fierce conflict between supporters of former President Almazbek Atambayev and security forces. Now on the main square of Bishkek the militia disperses meeting in protection ex-the head of the country while he was taken to investigators.

Atambayev refused to cooperate with the investigation

Almazbek Atambayev refused to cooperate with the investigative authorities. According to his lawyer Sergei Slesarev, the ex-President of Kyrgyzstan will not talk to anyone except his official representative.

The head of Roscosmos receives a salary of 368 times more than the Russian cosmonaut

Dmitry Rogozin in 2018 received 29.5 million rubles of income, of which 23.47 million rubles — from Roscosmos, in the main place of work. Thus, on average, Rogozin in Roscosmos earned about 1.95 million rubles a month.

In accordance with the decree of the government, the candidate of the astronauts gets 60,9 thousand RUB salary, astronaut — 63,8 thousand RUB, instructor-cosmonaut — 88,4 thousand RUB

As well the Russian space Agency instituted a system of allowances. For example, astronauts may receive a monthly allowance of up to 25 per cent of their salary if they successfully perform their duties. They are also provided with an allowance for years of service: from 10 to 40% of the salary. For one flight into space, an employee can receive a monthly allowance to a salary of 55%, for two — 75%, for three or more — 120%.

The white house will not issue a license to work with Huawei

The white house will not issue licenses to us companies so that they can resume work with Chinese Huawei Technologies equipment. This is explained by the fact that this is due to Beijing’s decision to temporarily stop purchasing American agricultural products.

In accordance with the decision taken in June, American companies can work with Huawei if they receive official permission from the White house. Companies have already sent 50 requests for a license.

In the anti-corruption Department of the Krasnoyarsk interior Ministry came with searches

According to the source, searches were carried out on the criminal case brought concerning one of the former heads of Department on fight against economic crimes of the regional Central Board. He is suspected of fraud and corruption. TASS does not yet have official comments of the interior Ministry and FSB.

Russians have become less trusting of others

Thus, almost 30% of Russians believe that there are fewer people to trust. The opposite opinion is shared by 6% of respondents, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. Survey participants said they had less trust in colleagues (a 25% decrease), friends (18.2%) and relatives (12.6%).

Myanmar will start issuing visas to Russian tourists on arrival

Since October 1, 2019, Myanmar has introduced a test regime for issuing visas to Russian tourists on arrival. As reported in the Federal Agency for tourism experiment will last for a year.

“The government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar decided to introduce from October 1, 2019 for a period of one year a test regime for the issuance of tourist visas on arrival for citizens of the Russian Federation — holders of General foreign passports, who arrive in Myanmar through the international airports of the cities of naypyid, Yangon and Mandalay,” the Ministry explained.

Chinese tourists massively devastate the seabed in Vladivostok

On the island of Russian local residents angrily react to the fact, as Chinese tourists literally cleaned the bottom of the sea, collecting sea urchins, mussels and starfish, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

The promised international terminal will not appear at Baikal airport

In Ulan-Ude at the airport “Baikal” instead of the new international terminal will be the terminal of domestic lines. This is reported in the procurement documentation for the design of the new terminal. It is known that the contractor will have to be found before the end of summer.

The Central Bank of China dropped the yuan below the psychological mark

The Central Bank of China for the first time since the global financial crisis in 2008 lowered the yuan rate below the psychological level of 7 yuan per dollar. On Thursday, the Central Bank set the average exchange rate at 7,0039 – 43 points weaker than on Tuesday, when the rate was 6,996 per dollar.

In the Kama region at the defense plant found “illegal” Chinese machines

As it became known to Kommersant, the FSB in the Perm region is investigating a criminal case of fraud on a large scale against employees of the group of companies (GC) “Promoil”, which specializes in the production and sale of machine-tool equipment. According to investigators, under the guise of machines of their own production, they delivered to the defense “Perm plant “Mashinostroitel”” machines made in China. At the same time, according to the tender documentation, all equipment must be Russian-made. As a result, the attackers allegedly illegally received budgetary funds in the amount of about 40 million rubles. it is Possible that the security forces will check similar contracts of GC “Promoil” with other enterprises of the defense industry.

Republicans announced a boycott of Twitter

In the US, the Republicans announced a decision to suspend spending on advertising on Twitter as long as the social network will not remove the lock from the account of Mitch McConnell — the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate.

Britain will simplify visa applications for scientists

The UK authorities plan to launch a simplified visa regime for scientists from around the world at the end of the year. This statement was made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Union for the freedom of the Indo-Pacific region»

South Korea and the United States will continue to ensure the freedom of the Indo-Pacific region, said us Secretary of defense mark Esper, who is in Seoul on a two-day visit.

“The Union of the Republic of Korea and the United States is strong and remains the key to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and in North-East Asia. We with the Minister of national defense of [South Korea] Chong Kyung Du reaffirmed our commitment to strengthening the Alliance in order to ensure freedom and openness of the Indo-Pacific region,” TASS reports Esper’s words.

Garbage reform brings regional operators to bankruptcy

During the year that the country is undergoing garbage reform, for operators, exporting and processing waste, and there were no clear rules. They complain about the losses due to the large amount of garbage and non-payment of the population.

The Georgian foreign Ministry reacted to the meeting of heads of Russia and Abkhazia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia perceived the meeting of the heads of Russia and Abkhazia Vladimir Putin and Raul Khajimba as actions against “Georgian statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity”. This was reported on August 7 in the foreign Ministry of Georgia

Scientists have created an artificial heart to test drugs

By placing the resulting material in microscopic holes with fibers, after seven days of the process, the cells were formed in the end result – an artificial and fully functional heart. Artificial heart has passed a number of tests and trials that were tested on the heart of a healthy person.

In Russia, almost stopped catching saury

The head of the information Agency for fisheries Alexander Savelyev said that in Russia, the specialized large – scale fishing of one of the most popular and inexpensive species of fish-saury has practically ceased. According to him, five years ago it was mined more than a hundred thousand tons, and in 2018 produced only 7.5 thousand tons. This year on the first of July caught 786 tons. The biomass of saury in the economic zone of the Russian Federation is 2.7 million tons. Savelyev noted that manufacturers have to buy saury from Chinese and Japanese fishermen.


Named the most dangerous to health cheeses

The dietician of clinic of Institute of nutrition Yulia Panova said Aify what cheeses have contraindications and limitations for use. According to the doctor, Roquefort, DorBlu, Gorgonzola, Camembert, brie and other cheeses with mold can emit toxic substances, so pregnant and lactating women, as well as patients with gastrointestinal problems and children under five years should be avoided.

Price musical-kebab will

The publication “Open media” managed to find out how much the contractor managed to get the capital’s mass festivals held in Moscow during the mass protests related to the non-admission of independent candidates before the elections to the Moscow city Duma.

Moscow city hall spent 13 million rubles on musical and barbecue events held during the protest. We are talking about the events called “Burgerfest” and “Barbecue Live”, which were held in the capital’s Gorky Park. As previously reported, they were announced just a week before.

Roskoshestvo proposed to equate wine to agricultural products

Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Ilya Loevsky proposed to equate domestic wine to agricultural products.

“We have a lot of negotiate with Rosalkogolregulirovanie, the Federal Antimonopoly service. Wine, of course, is an alcoholic beverage, but all over the world it is an agricultural product, and this is a completely different regulation and other requirements. We as a Roskoshestvo believe that wine should become an agricultural product and be properly regulated,” loyevsky told reporters after a tour of the winery “Massandra”, which started the audit of the Crimean wineries in the framework of the project “Wine guide of Russia»

Rosstat reported a record number of children with cancer

The number of children under 14 years of age with malignant tumors amounted to almost 21.3 thousand people — this is 4.3 percent more than in the same period a year earlier. About 5.7 thousand children were recorded at the age of 15 to 17 years.

Shares of RUSAL in Hong Kong are cheaper by more than 10% after the financial statements

UC Rusal’s shares fell by 10.2% amid unfavorable reporting. This is evidenced by the data published on the website of the exchange in Hong Kong. Securities of the Russian aluminum giant in the first minutes of morning trading fell by 10.2% to 3.08 Hong Kong dollar per share ($0.39).

Sberbank decided to engage in the production of cartoons

Sberbank and Soyuzmultfilm will create a joint venture that will produce content for various projects of Sberbank, said Forbes Chairman of the Board of the film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” Juliana Slascheva.

Together with the Bank, the Studio will develop a strategy for the development of the animation industry and will create an animation cluster based on Soyuzmultfilm, she said. The amount of investment of the savings Bank, according to Slashhevoj has not yet been determined.

Cheap drugs disappear from pharmacies

For the first time in the last three years, sales of inexpensive drugs in pharmacies — in price segments from 50 to 500 rubles — showed a drop. At the same time, the volume of sales of expensive drugs increased by almost 8%. Farmitalia explain this inflation. But manufacturers accuse pharmacy chains of unwillingness to sell cheap drugs because of the low bonus received for their implementation.

Inflation in Venezuela since the beginning of the year reached 1600%

Inflation in Venezuela in July was 33.8%, and since the beginning of this year – almost 1.6 thousand percent. Such data was released on Thursday by the standing Committee of the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament) of Venezuela on Finance and economic development.

Uber has reported a record quarterly loss

Losses of the American company Uber in the II quarter of 2019 reached $5.2 billion, follows from its reporting. This is a record quarterly loss for Uber, writes The Wall Street Journal. Compared to the previous quarter, the company’s losses increased fivefold.

“Don tobacco” completed 2018 with a loss of 9.8 billion rubles

The company “don tobacco” completed 2018 with a loss of 9.8 billion rubles. The profit of the enterprise at the same time last year was more than 38.5 million rubles. This was reported by “RBC Rostov” with reference to the database “SPARK»

World oil prices are falling

World oil prices are falling. This is evidenced by the auction data. September WTI oil futures fell 0.15% to $52.46 per barrel.

In Saratov continue to rise in price of gasoline and diesel fuel

According to the study of statistics, in Saratov the cost of a liter of gasoline AI-92 averaged 42.4 rubles, which is higher than the average for the Volga Federal district (41.97 rubles). Compared with the data on July 21, the price of “ninety-second” in Saratov increased by 16 cents.

Liter AI-95 in the regional center is 45,83 ruble (average PFD – 45,19 ruble), compared with the middle of July, the cost of a liter of fuel in the city increased by 15 cents.
Gasoline AI-98 in Saratov in early August is 51.43 rubles per liter (in PFD – 51.05 rubles). In a few weeks it has risen by 27 cents.
Diesel fuel also increased in price – from 44,85 to 44,92 rubles per liter. The average for the district, the cost was 44,85 ruble.

Trump has appointed a new acting head of us national Intelligence

American President Donald trump has announced the appointment of the head of the National center for combating terrorism Joseph Maguire acting Director of National intelligence.

“I am pleased to inform you that dear Joseph Maguire, the current Director of the National center for counter-terrorism, will be named acting Director of National intelligence since August 15,” trump wrote on his Twitter

In Severodvinsk recorded a jump in radiation after the explosion at the site

According to the official website of the city administration, on August 8 at 11.50 after the missile explosion at the site in Nenox, 30 kilometers from Severodvinsk, the sensors of the control system on the streets of Karl Marx and Plyusnin recorded a short-term increase in radiation levels. The defense Ministry reported that the radiation background after the explosion was normal.

Dagestanis went outside after Kadyrov’s words about Imam Shamil

On the eve of Kadyrov in an interview with “Chechnya today” reported that on March 8, 1840 Shamil proclaimed himself the Imam of Chechnya and Dagestan. According to the head of the Republic, every Chechen village has been burned several times since then for 20 years.

The fate of Imam Shamil was traced and studied by different historians and it is difficult to overestimate his merits. I think the head of the Chechen Republic overreacted with such statements. — Hizri Shikhsaidov, Russian politician

The EU will develop rules for identifying Russian passports issued to residents of Donbass

The European Commission, together with the European foreign service and the EU delegations in Kiev and Moscow, began developing rules that should allow European officials to identify Russian passports issued to residents of the DPR and LPR, the German newspaper Deutsche welle reported on August 8 .

According to the publication, the rules will be combined into a single guide, on the basis of which each EU member state will decide on the recognition or non-recognition of passports of Donbass residents.

In France required payments on the bonds of tsarist Russia

In France, asked to explain what measures the government is ready to take to finally resolve the issue of Russian payments on bonds of tsarist times. This is stated in the request for a French Deputy Frances Vercamer, text is reviewed RT.

The issue of return on investment are the descendants of French investors raised before. So, in July 2018, the media reported about the intention of about 400 thousand French to achieve payments from Russia in the amount of €30 billion on bonds of tsarist times.

The United States accused Venezuela of violating drug control agreements

Us President Donald trump has included Venezuela in the list of countries that do not comply with international obligations to combat drug trafficking. This was reported by the press service of the White house

Ministry of agriculture for the destruction of sanctions products

“Prohibited products are imported into the Russian Federation, as a rule, accompanied by fake accompanying documents or such documents are absent, which can lead to the risk of harm to the life and health of citizens, high risks of introduction of dangerous quarantine organisms and animal diseases into the country, which in turn jeopardizes the safety of the Russian Federation,” – said in a letter to the Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture Oksana LUT (a copy is available to TASS).

The nuclear submarine “Omsk” returned to Kamchatka»

Nuclear submarine cruiser “Omsk” returned to the point of permanent basing in Kamchatka after a long repair at the far Eastern plant “Zvezda”. On Friday, the press service of the Eastern military district of the Pacific fleet (top)

American destroyer headed for the Black sea

U.S. Navy destroyer Porter is sent to the black sea to demonstrate support to allies in the region. Since the beginning of this year, American ships for the fourth time go to the black sea waters, according to the official website of the Sixth us fleet.

“Military expert” said the sabotage against Russia

For several weeks we have seen a series of incidents in Russian military units. These are explosions in the Vladimir region, in warehouses in Achinsk, in Arkhangelsk. The damage here is both financial and reputational. Military expert, Director of the Museum of air defense forces Yuri Knutov does not dismiss the version of sabotage intervention, and in one row puts other incidents. For example, fires in forests and even an accident on the submarine.

“Hybrid war includes the activities of special services. And in this case, of course, the Ukrainian special services can put a hand to the organization of some diversionary actions in the territory of our country. As for artillery warehouses, of course, some saboteurs can work, which can provoke such an explosion,” Knutov said.

British foreign Ministry accused Assad of violating the ceasefire in Syria

British foreign Minister Dominic Raab accused Damascus and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of violating the ceasefire in the Syrian province of Idlib

The Houthis fired another ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni rebels made another attempt to attack the territory of Saudi Arabia with a ballistic missile, which, according to preliminary data, was launched from the territory of the Yemeni province of Hajj.

The Bundeswehr has posted a video using cruise averagely Taurus

The German armed forces (Bundeswehr) posted a video on the Web using the improved Taurus air-rocket, reminding all potential opponents of its existence.

The President of Latvia agreed with the proposal to increase the military budget

The current President of Latvia Egils Levits agreed with the proposal to increase the military budget of the post-Soviet Republic. This is reported by Delfi, the largest news online edition of the Baltic States.

A giant long-range multiple launch rocket system was created in the DPRK

North Korea has created a new large-caliber long-range multiple launch rocket system. Its first tests, according to the Agency ctac, took place at the end of last month. Kim Jong-UN Was present at the shooting.

Maduro will send a letter to the UN “millions” of citizens against us sanctions

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that he would send to the UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres An appeal signed by “millions” of Venezuelans who oppose us sanctions.

Released the trailer for the movie “Honey»

Sugar — a nickname that was with LaBeouf in childhood. His father, a former clown and heroin addict, tried to cope with alcoholism while his son was torn between a new career and a desire to help his father defeat the addiction. The main role was Lucas hedges (“Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”). The hero is a child is a Noah Joop.

International music festival “Birgitta” opens in Tallinn»

Considered the brightest event in Estonia’s musical and theatrical palette, the Birgitta festival is dedicated for the fourth year in a row to the outstanding Estonian and European conductor, people’s artist of the USSR ERI Klas, who passed away in February 2016., promising to collect an unprecedented number of viewers for the last few years

Named the release date of the new horror author “Baby on the drive»

A new horror film directed by Edgar Wright (“Kid on the drive”) “Last night in SOHO” will be released on September 25, 2020. The shooting has already started, according to Deadline.

You Me At Six concert in Moscow

British rock band You Me At Six will visit Russia on a big tour in support of their sixth album. The record with the laconic name “VI” was released last autumn and has already managed to be noted in the top ten top 100 UK Albums. You Me At Six concert in Moscow will be held in an expanded format – with the participation of two session musicians.

Facebook offered to pay millions of dollars for news to the media

Facebook offered several American media a deal, according to which it will annually pay them $ 3 million for the right to publish their news in a new section of the social network. This writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Hackers have learned to change the correspondence in WhatsApp

Vulnerabilities in WhatsApp allow third-party people to change the content of messages and their sender, experts found the Israeli company Check Point, working in the field of cybersecurity

Huawei introduced a new operating system Harmony OS

Huawei introduced a new operating system Harmony OS on Friday in Dongguan city of South China’s Guangdong province. With the novelty of the public introduced the Executive Director of the Corporation, the head of the unit for the promotion of consumer products CBG Huawei’s Richard Yu.

In Moscow will test a new mobile application about traffic jams

A new service based on artificial intelligence “Avtodata”, which will inform motorists about the density of the traffic flow and warn about traffic jams, will be tested in Moscow and the Moscow region.

“Testing of the service will begin in 2021, and everywhere the application will work in 2022. In case of successful commercialization of the service, it will be used in other regions”, – said the official representative of NTI “AutoNet” Yaroslav Fedoseev.

In China started selling smart watches Amazfit Health Watch with ECG

June went on sale in the smart watch Amazfit Health Watch that are available in the Chinese market at a price of $ 99. The main advantage of the model is an advanced processor, as well as the ability to track the user’s biometric data in real time.

Samsung and Microsoft plan further cooperation

The joint efforts of the two largest manufacturers stimulate the creation of a new generation of mobile applications. So, starting with Note10, Samsung will provide users with an expanded list of Microsoft programs and services.

The new Chrome has a mode that “darken” any site

Developers from Google have added to the version of the browser Canary flag that activates the appropriate design on different sites. This flag can be found under chrome://flags and is called Force Dark Mode for Web Contents.

Canadians released augmented reality glasses for swimmers

The canadian company FORM has released points for swimmers that track training statistics, but can display it in real time on the screen in front of the user’s eyes. Externally, the main noticeable difference from conventional swimming goggles is the increased thickness of the body on one side.

Google introduced a beta version of the Google Maps update for travelers

Google has announced a number of innovations, which will soon appear in mobile applications “Maps”. So, now in Google Maps you can find information about all flights and booked accommodation

The project ChromeOne gets Supplement

It is noted that this project is an attempt to create a single web platform that can perform data separation between the two operating systems.

Google Chrome has a system to protect against dangerous downloads

Additional protection from downloading potentially dangerous files in Chrome browser is part of the security offers for those who are registered in the advanced Protection program.

In China found the fossils of the ancient forest

In Eastern China, near the city of Xinhan, archaeologists have discovered the oldest fossil forest of the Devonian period, according to The Independent. Presumably, the forest existed 359-420 million years ago. Fossilized trees were found on an area of 250,000 square meters.

In the Altai discovered previously unknown to science species of wolf spiders

In the Altai discovered the previously unknown to science species of spiders-Volkov. Found his zoologists from the state Katun biosphere reserve in the village of Ust-Koksa, according to news Agency RIA. As reported by scientists themselves, a new species of wolf spiders they found during an expedition to the Multinsky area.

An unknown species of arthropod belongs to the family Lycosidae (wolf spiders), – reported on the official website of the Katun biosphere reserve.

Quantum teleportation has reached a new level

Scientists were able to “teleport” a coutrite, or a fragment of quantum information, based on three States, opening up a number of new possibilities for quantum computing and communication. So far, quantum teleportation has only allowed us to manipulate qubits, albeit at really long distances. However, the new study suggests that future quantum networks will be able to carry much more data and with less interference than we thought.

Scientists have created an artificial heart to test drugs

By placing the resulting material in microscopic holes with fibers, after seven days of the process, the cells were formed in the end result – an artificial and fully functional heart. Artificial heart has passed a number of tests and trials that were tested on the heart of a healthy person.

British scientists have created gold with a thickness of two atoms

Scientists have created a sheet of gold with a thickness of two atoms, or 0.47 nm. Two-dimensional precious metal can provide a breakthrough in electronics and chemical production.

The remains of a giant parrot found in New Zealand

In New Zealand during paleontological works the remains of a huge parrot were found. This publication reports Biology Letters. Parrots the size of a man on a par with the famous three-meter birds-MoA inhabited the territory of the country many years ago.

The new treatment will replace the mandatory drugs for HIV-infected

Scientists from the University of Texas have developed a new drug that can accelerate the suppression of viral load, and possibly even completely replace antiretroviral therapy (ART). It does not kill HIV, but significantly slows the spread of the virus.