12 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/10-11/2019

Roskomnadzor has demanded that Google ban advertising of meetings

Roskomnadzor demanded that Google stop using YouTube video hosting to “advertise illegal mass events.” This is stated in the press release of the Department, received in the “Lenta.ru.» The Agency claims that “a number of structures that have YouTube channels” acquire advertising tools from YouTube, including push notifications.

The press service explained that with the help of advertising people are notified of unauthorized rallies, including “aimed at disrupting the elections.” According to Roskomnadzor, such push notifications are also received by users who are not subscribed to YouTube channels.

Roskomnadzor “reserves the right to an adequate response” in the event that Google does not respond. Roskomnadzor will regard the company’s non-interference in the work of the video service as “interference in the sovereign Affairs of the state, as well as hostile influence and obstruction of democratic elections in Russia.”

The authorities promised to keep the media funding next year

This was reported to journalists by Deputy Minister of communications Alexei Volin. According to him, the specific amounts will be known after the introduction of the draft Federal budget to the state Duma.

Last year, the media received from the budget 82.5 billion rubles, this year the amount of funding is less — 67 billion 800 million rubles. Next year it is planned to increase by 100 million rubles.

The bulk of the money received VGTRK, RT, channel One, NTV and Public television of Russia.

The head of the Ministry of natural resources told how to protect forests from fires

The Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kobylkin believes that to protect forests from fires and black loggers, it is necessary to increase the number of forest areas.

“I believe that we need to return to the system of the Soviet Union, it was correct, there were a large number of forest areas. While the owner in the wood won’t be, we will constantly have problems with black woodcutters, arson, uncontrollable woods. These are huge territories, there are places where there are no settlements at all, there is simply a forest outside the zone of the aircraft’s approach, there is no corridor to plant Il-76 with water refueling and put out this fire. It is physically very hard to implement,” said the Minister while interacting with the youth in the framework of the forum “Mashuk” in Pyatigorsk.

According to him, if the Soviet Union had 85 thousand forest inspectors, today there are about 20 thousand.

The communications Ministry does not expect the rapid development of the technology of 5G in Russia

Deputy Minister of digital development, communications and mass communications Alexey Volin believes that it is not necessary to count on the rapid development of 5G technology in Russia, as mobile operators have not yet paid off the costs of 3G and 4G.

Huawei invests $800 million in 5G development in Brazil

Huawei Technologies, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in China, is investing $800 million in the construction of a plant in Brazil by 2022, as the South American country plans to deploy its fifth-generation wireless network, according to ENV.

Mobile operators expand 4G networks in Yakutia

Active work on the expansion of 4G network is carried out in the Republic, the TV channel “Yakutia 24” with reference to the press service of the Ministry. The expansion of 4G network in Yakutia is associated with an increase in settlements connected to optical fiber.

Experts continue to record the impoverishment of Russians.

Every fifth resident of Russia (20%) usually does not have enough money to pay, said the Fund “Public opinion”.

Most often, those employees who receive less than 14 thousand rubles face a shortage of funds. Only 11% of respondents have never experienced a shortage of funds before wages, 21% said that they rarely face it.

Only 13% of Russians are completely satisfied with their salary. At the same time, 39% are not satisfied with their salaries, and 34% believe that their wages do not correspond to the complexity and volume of work.

In the first quarter of 2019, the poverty rate in Russia was 14.3%. For the same period last year, the figure was 13.9%. In absolute terms, it is 20.9 million and 20.4 million people, respectively, followed from the data of Rosstat.

Belief in conspiracy theories in the United States.

According to the survey, one of the most common conspiracy theories among us adults is that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the Kennedy assassination – 47% believe there was another shooter. President trump’s “deep state” theory has also largely turned it into a General discourse, with 29% believing it to some extent.

To support the expansion of the Russian peasants to the Chinese market

State Duma deputies appealed to the government with a proposal to support the expansion of Russian agricultural producers in the Chinese market in the context of China’s economic war with the United States.

“Due to the further complication of economic relations between the United States and China and, as a result, the suspension of imports of American agricultural products, we consider it appropriate to intensify the formation of demand for domestic products and the expansion of Russia’s presence in the Chinese market”

To enter the Chinese market and consolidate it, the deputies offer the government to support domestic producers, namely – to increase the total amount allocated annually to compensate for the cost of buying agricultural machinery from 8 to 12-14 billion rubles a year in the period from 2019 to 2021. This, according to the state Duma, should be enough” to gain a foothold for domestic agricultural producers in the capacious Chinese market.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN personally took part in the test of the “new weapon”.

After the tests, the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN said that the new weapons can be used in a tactical offensive and meets the ideas of Juche. It is claimed that the tests of the new weapons were successful, and Kim Jong-UN expressed satisfaction with what he saw. At the same time, this new weapon itself is classified. On the eve of the South Korean authorities reported that the DPRK conducted the fifth missile tests in two weeks.

The rally “will Return the right to the polls»

On 10 August in the rain on Moscow’s Sakharov Avenue reached 50 thousand people. There were no known protest leaders on the stage: all of them are either serving administrative arrest or were detained on the way to the rally. Instead, they were relatives and colleagues who stressed: no admission to the elections to the Moscow city Duma — only a special case of much more serious problems in the state. In addition to them, the protest was joined by musicians, writers, video bloggers and TV presenters. Under applause of crowd from a scene declared mistrust to the mayor Sergey Sobyanin and the President Vladimir Putin, the CEC and the Russian judicial system, Investigative Committee (TFR) and police.

Police said that only 20 thousand people came to the rally, and then, trampling the lawns, detained more than 100 protesters in the area of Clean ponds and Kitay-Gorod.

Moscow city hall said that the festival Meat & Beat in Gorky Park gathered 52 thousand people.

People all over Russia came out to support the Moscow action for fair elections and against repression.

At the tests near Severodvinsk killed nuclear scientists from Sarov

Employees of “Rosatom”, who died near Severodvinsk, were residents of Sarov, told RIA “Vremya N” a source in the security Department. It is specified that they worked in RFYaTs-VNIIEF.

With the wind on a motorcycle “Ural»

Russian President Vladimir Putin came to the organized by the motorcycle club “Night wolves” international bike show “Shadow of Babylon” in Sevastopol at the wheel of the motorcycle “Ural”. In the carriage attached to the vehicle, housed the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Then, in the company of the leader of the “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon), the Russian President drove straight to the stage, where he welcomed the participants of the festival.

“It is very nice that you continue this tradition (holding a bike show in the Crimea. — Ed.), started 10 years ago,” Putin said.

He noted that the bikers have chosen a good place for the event.

Ukrainian foreign Ministry protested over Putin’s trip to Crimea

“The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses a strong protest in connection with the next visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine — the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, which was not agreed with the Ukrainian side on August 10, 2019,” the statement published on the Agency’s website says.


The problem is that there is no one to unload it!

The administration of the city of Tulun (Irkutsk region) has ceased to issue water, Essentials and food to flood victims. People staged a spontaneous rally. They accused local officials of distributing humanitarian aid to their relatives!.. But “calmed” all the mayor Yuri Karih, who came to the people surrounded by police and confessed:

“Humanitarian aid in the trucks there. The problem is that there is no one to unload it!..»

In Russian colleges will disappear almost 100 professions

From September 1, 2020 in Russian colleges will change the list of professions. This was in an interview with “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said the Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva. From the list of professions and specialties will remove almost 100 positions that have not enjoyed popularity among students in the last five years.

We know for sure that over the past five years they have received no one or almost no one. Some are outdated substantially, other professions disappear in principle. Still others have changed so that the necessary skills can be obtained in short courses. — Olga Vasilyeva, Russian politician

Smoke paralyzed the life of more than 100 settlements of the Irkutsk region

Recall that residents of 37 settlements of the Irkutsk region are suffocating from smoke. In the North of the fire-dangerous region burns more than 700 thousand hectares of forest. More than 100 cities, villages and villages in the North of the Irkutsk region were in the zone of smoke from forest fires.

Bloomberg: Russia will bypass Saudi Arabia on foreign exchange reserves

Over the past four years, foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation increased by 45% and reached $518 billion in June, while Saudi Arabia’s indicators are declining and, as of June, amount to $527 billion.

Russia has sharply increased overdue loans among pensioners

Older Russians have three times the share of overdue consumer loans than young people, according to the nbki data for the second quarter of 2019. People over the age of 60 years was detained by payments for 26% of the loans, and young people up to 25 years at only 8.5%. A similar ratio is observed in the credit card market. In the same period, Russians over 50 had twice as much debt as young people (15% vs. 7%). At the end of the reporting period, the youth indicator was the best among the age groups, according to the Bureau.

Bank “Otkrytie” for the first half issued loans to legal entities for 307 billion rubles

“Bank OTKRITIE” for the year after the financial recovery has increased its loan portfolio by 350 billion rubles, and for the first half of the year we have issued 307 billion rubles of loans”, — said a member of the Board, head of corporate and investment business of the Bank “OTKRITIE” Viktor Nikolaev

In Russia, the money in ATMs four times more often make than withdraw

Residents of Russia are four times more likely to use ATMs to Deposit money than to withdraw them. According to the study of the Bank “Russian standard”, the Deposit decreased by 29 % and withdrawal by 18 %. The most popular ATM function after depositing and receiving money is mobile payment


Beijing reduces the tax burden on legal entities and individuals

As part of the overall campaign to reduce the tax burden on businesses and individuals, the authorities of the Chinese capital reduced the calculation of taxes and fees by more than 100 billion yuan; while the amount of reduced income tax from citizens almost reached 55 billion yuan, Xinhua reported on August 10, citing a report on the budget performance of the Beijing Finance Department.

The Central Bank will print four trillion rubles for national projects

The Central Bank is preparing to issue money for 4 trillion rubles. Over the past five years, the regulator has printed 10 trillion for the rehabilitation of banks and patching holes in the Federal budget. At the moment, the Central Bank faces the task of providing funding for national projects.

Capital outflow from Russia increased by half

Net capital outflow from Russia for the seven months of 2019 increased 1.6 times compared to last year, writes Kommersant, citing data from the Central Bank. In January-July 28 billion dollars (17.4 billion in 2018) were withdrawn from Russia.

Ford Motor will create new production and research centers in China

The American company Ford Motor plans to create a production research center and an operating center in Eastern China in Jiangsu province. This was reported on Sunday by the Agency “Xinhua” with reference to the government of the city of Nanjing.

National library of China switches to digital format

Due to the availability of digital versions, access to books is growing rapidly, as readers have the opportunity to freely get acquainted with online texts.

Every second sexual crime in Germany is committed by a migrant

The German police responded to the murder at Frankfurt main station and provided an overview of crimes of all kinds committed on the railway tracks and in the compartment of trains.

Every second suspect does not have German citizenship. Almost half of the 1,650 suspects (43.9%) were third-country nationals.

“It is here that the figures on immigration are noticeable, which have been increasing over the years, in particular from the regions of South-Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia, as well as various social, cultural and ethnic influences,” — said in the overall assessment of the report on the situation.

In Madrid banned trade on the street

In Madrid, a ban on street trading came into force, but it has not yet affected this area of activity. According to El Mundo, immigrants from Africa (they are most often engaged in this) still laid out on the sidewalks of their blankets with various goods, jewelry, Souvenirs

Pakistan does not rule out a military solution to the situation around Kashmir

Pakistan will adhere to diplomatic methods of resolving the situation around the disputed Kashmir region with India, but does not exclude the use of military force in the event of an escalation of the conflict by India. This RIA Novosti said the Ambassador of Pakistan to Russia Kazi Khalilullah

Iran has upgraded Russian radar

Iran officially presented an improved model of multi-purpose radar Falagh, which was based on the Russian system. Mehr Agency reports that the basis of the Iranian radar was taken by the radar station of the Russian production “Gamma-DE”.

The Ministry of Finance will release new coins in honor of Brexit

According to The Telegraph, on the reverse side of the new coins will be engraved with the inscription: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all countries.” The Finance Minister proposes to put it into circulation until October 31, so that it appeared just before Brexit.

Il-76 will receive new anti-missile systems

“Air trucks” received UV protection. Military transport aircraft Il-76 began to equip the latest on-Board systems that detect approaching missiles by radiation of their engines. After that, the airborne system will supply disturbance or shooting of special traps.

The interior Minister of Italy offered Richard Gere to pick up migrants in Hollywood

The interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini critically responded to the appeal of American actor to admit into the country of migrants. According to media reports, gir visited a ship with refugees near the Italian island of Lampedusa. Celebrity brought food to migrants and appealed to the authorities to let them into the country.

Salvini noted that if the Hollywood actor is so concerned about the fate of migrants, it may well take them on a private plane to Hollywood and place there in the villas.

Tayyip Recep Erdogan said he hopes for another historic victory of Ankara

“August in the history of Turkey has always been a month of victories… among the latest events can be noted started by Turkey in August (2016. — Ed.) operation “Shield of the Euphrates” in Syria, which prevented the creation of a terrorist corridor at the Turkish border. We hope that this August one more will be added to the number of historical victories in our history,” the Turkish leader said.

Ukraine and Turkey together will create high-precision weapons

Ukrainian state company “UkrSpetsExport”, which is part of the “Ukroboronprom”, and the Turkish company Baykar Defence have created a joint venture that will develop high-precision weapons and aerospace technologies. This was reported on the website of the national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine.

Venezuelans are studying the experience of the Army international games

Venezuelan military engineers adopt the experience of the Army international games. To this end, the delegation arrived in Tyumen on a working visit from 5 to 11 August. The Venezuelans are interested in learning about the contest and the procedure of training of the servicemen, said Deputy head of Department of combat training of the office of the chief of the engineering forces, Colonel Alexander Black.

“The officer from management of combat training and the Deputy chief of engineering troops of Venezuela arrived. They studied database holding Armey: conducting open, catering, training. I think that next year the composition of the States participating in the competition will expand”, – suggested Alexander Cherny.

Venezuelans are studying the experience of the Army international games

Venezuelan military engineers adopt the experience of the Army international games. To this end, the delegation arrived in Tyumen on a working visit from 5 to 11 August. The Venezuelans are interested in learning about the contest and the procedure of training of the servicemen, said Deputy head of Department of combat training of the office of the chief of the engineering forces, Colonel Alexander Black.

“The officer from management of combat training and the Deputy chief of engineering troops of Venezuela arrived. They studied database holding Armey: conducting open, catering, training. I think that next year the composition of the States participating in the competition will expand”, – suggested Alexander Cherny.

The possibility of holding the army in its territory consider military Venezuela, Cambodia, Mali, and Ethiopia.

Inflation in Venezuela since the beginning of the year reached 1600%

Inflation in Venezuela in July was 33.8%, and since the beginning of this year – almost 1.6 thousand percent. Such data were published by the standing Committee of the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament) of Venezuela on Finance and economic development.

More than 800 residents of Achinsk district asked for financial assistance

Explosions and a fire occurred in a warehouse in Achinsk district of Krasnoyarsk Krai on August 5. Then more than 16 thousand people were evacuated from the region.

In the Irkutsk region, 45 thousand people were recognized as victims of the flood

The total number of victims of the flood in the Irkutsk region amounted to 45 thousand people, said the Governor of the region Sergey Levchenko, reports TASS. He noted that the number of court decisions on monetary compensation was a record.

Vladimir Putin was shown Sevastopol performance “Gryphon»

The President of Russia became a spectator of the play “Gryphon” — a production about the history of Sevastopol, created on the stage of the Museum-reserve “Tauric Chersonesus”.

Near Kaliningrad is a festival of the Viking age “Kaup»

150 historical reenactors from Russia, Germany, Estonia, Poland and even Armenia take part in the festival. The main action will unfold around and inside the recreated settlement Kaup, surrounded by an earthen rampart and palisade.

Street festival of short films started in Vladivostok

Vladivostok opened a street festival of short films. The review will be opened by ten tapes, which were selected from thousands of applications. Screenings will be held in the amphitheater on the waterfront Sports Harbor of Vladivostok, reports TASS.

The network has a social video “a Dream about a man»

Several artists from different cities of Russia United and created a social video “a Dream about a man”. Voiced and edited the work of the artist from Buryatia Anna Anisimova. Music for the video was written by composer Ludub Ochirov

Jamie Dornan will play the role of a sociopath in the series “Doctor death»

The star of the film “Fifty shades of gray” Jamie Dornan will appear before the audience in the form of a sociopathic doctor. The actor will star in the series “Doctor Death”, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Deadline. In the center of the plot – a young star of neurosurgery Christopher Dunch performed by Dornan.

Idris Elba joined the actors of the drama “Concrete cowboys»

Star of “Thor” and “Pacific frontier” Idris Elba will play in the drama directed by Ricky Staub “Concrete cowboys”.

ZAZ and Richard bona will perform at the ZAVTRA festival

On August 10, the event will be held in the capital’s Green theater, and on August 10 and 11 — in the port of Sevkabel. The festival will be divided into two parts. As part of the paid music program, guests will perform Zaz, Richard bona, mummy Troll, Therr Maitz and Zventa Sventana.

Telavi invites you to the international music festival

The international music festival will be held in Telavi (Kakheti region) from 21 to 29 September, according to the organizers.

Several generations of musicians will perform in front of the audience: pianist Eliso Virsaladze, violinist Kolya Blacher, cellist Alexander Buzlov, string Quartet of David Oistrach, violinist Miura Fumiaki, women’s chamber choir of Gori, pianist Nikoloz Namoradze and Turkish pianist Jan Chakmur.

Huawei demonstrated the mixed reality platform Cyberverse

At the session on AR and VR technologies, Wei Luo, an expert on the company’s strategy in the field of hardware and photo capabilities, told that Huawei is developing a mixed reality platform.

Kim Jong-UN launched an analogue of Netflix in North Korea

Kim Jong-UN has launched a TV streaming service similar to Netflix. Unlike the American service, most of the content on the intelligent digital television Sobaeksu TV is devoted to the promotion or lifestyle of the inhabitants of the DPRK

Huawei plans to expand the appgallery platform to the whole world

Huawei plans to launch the official appgallery application distribution platform in new countries, even if it will be necessary to build expensive data centers

Xiaomi has removed ads from the firmware of the TVs

Xiaomi has released a firmware update for its Mi TV. It brings a pleasant innovation — no advertising. This was reported by Chinese users of Mi TV.

Adobe has shown a prototype of a transparent AR-showcase

Adobe has released a prototype of a transparent screen that supports mixed reality mode (AR) called Project Glasswing.

China finally blocks Microsoft Bing service

Recently, the Chinese government has officially blocked the access of Chinese users to the Bing search service, created by the American Corporation Microsoft, which remained the last stronghold of freedom and truth in China.

«Yandex.Cashier” has released a mobile application

Online payment service “Yandex.Cashier” has released a free mobile application, users of which will be able to enter the personal account to perform various payment transactions. The representative of Yandex said that the application is designed for entrepreneurs and small companies.

2 500 000 unknown proteins found in human microflora

Human microflora experts managed to find approximately 2 500 000 unknown proteins, according to information-newsletter nplus1.ru.

Frog-Goliath construct ponds for posterity

The Goliath frogs themselves weigh up to 3.3 kg, and their bodies reach more than 34 cm, not counting the paws. The Goliath frogs are not only huge, research shows that they turned out to be attentive parents. The small ponds they make around the edges of fast-flowing rivers provide their tadpoles with a safe haven from the torrential waters as well as from many predators. Despite their fame, they are found only in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

A way to quickly obtain nuclear fuel with a cycle of up to 15 years

Scientists from Russia made a proposal to use isotopes uranium-238, thorium-232, and plutonium-239 as part of nuclear fuel. This will eliminate the need for costly isotope enrichment, and the total cycle of operation of the substance can be extended to 10-15 years.

It is specified that in the earth’s crust projected reserves of thorium about 3-5 times more than uranium. If you start using ceramic nuclear fuel produced from oxide compositions based on thorium, it becomes possible to create special installations for subsequent operation in remote and inaccessible regions.

In addition, experts from the TPU also put forward a proposal to put into circulation the remains of spent nuclear fuel in the process of creating a new one.

Scientists have created an antenna, enabling acceleration of 5G

Scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University together with colleagues from the Japanese University of Gifu developed an antenna for 5G networks, which increases the speed of data transmission, the press service of TPU reported.

The basis for the creation of a new antenna was the use of mesoscale dielectric particles of cubic shape, the size of which varies from 1 to 10 wavelengths of incident radiation. It is reported that the development of scientists is easy to manufacture and can easily work next to high-voltage networks, because it lacks metal components. Another advantage of this antenna is the lack of open parts, which protects the equipment from external weather and dust and increases its technical characteristics.

The experts noted the increase in the growth of the Sargasso seaweed

Experts attribute this unusual growth of algae to the fact that the Atlantic gets a lot of pollution from agricultural areas, especially from the Amazon. Reducing the forest near the river only exacerbates the process

Ukraine produced vodka from Chernobyl wheat and water

British and Ukrainian scientists produced a batch of safe vodka using water and wheat from the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the exclusion zone reported.

“Cosmorama” Roscosmos does not need

“Cosmobot” developed within 5 years, however, the Russian space Agency considered it unsuitable due to sequestration of budget expenditures.

“Specialists of the Institute are confident that the scientific, technical and technological reserve created during the work on the project, protected by patents for intellectual property objects, will allow using it for its own commercial purposes,” Lopota said.

It is noted that the competence of the robot is to perform various operations on the outer surface of the space station, for example, it can move objects weighing up to 200 kg. Also, “kosmorobot” is able to prepare the workplace before a person enters space, connect various equipment, work with electrical connectors and insulation.

On the spacecraft Mars 2020 will install new landing sensors

Landing is one of the most difficult stages of any mission on Mars. Recently, engineers have begun installing new sensors on the Mars 2020 spacecraft, which will help improve the safety of future missions to the Red planet

NASA is testing a water spacecraft in orbit

NASA has tested two small spacecraft in earth orbit, the size of which is comparable to a cardboard box. During the operation, one of them gave commands to the other to execute them. The main task was to study the connection between the devices for further research

Mission “Chandrayaan-2” sent the first pictures from space

“Chandrayaan-2” became the second Indian interplanetary mission to the moon, it is composed of three spacecraft: Orbiter, lander “Vikram” and Lunokhod “Pagan”. The mission was launched on July 22, 2019, and was launched into space by the GSLV Mk launch vehicle.III.

The Chinese successfully launched the first reusable rocket

Recall, reusable rockets have the company SpaceX Elon musk. It’s A Falcon 9. In 2016, the first stage of the Falcon 9 FT for the first time in the history of rocket science successfully landed on a marine platform, and in 2017 it was re-launched.

Chinese Lunokhod “Yutu-2” drove 271 meters on the reverse side of the moon

The lunar Rover of China called “Yutu-2” managed to overcome 271 meters on the reverse side of the moon in just seven months. After this trip, the device went into sleep mode. About it reports the Agency Xinhua.

Elon Musk has unveiled a new shiny spaceship

Elon Musk showed new pictures of the ship Starship. The pictures appeared in the official Twitter account of the inventor. The head of the American company Starship Elon Musk shows that he is busy not only with cars and electric cars of his Tesla company, but also participates in the development of spacecraft.