11 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/10/2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree abolishing the wearing of Astrakhan hats by senior officers and colonels of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. According to the decree, Astrakhan hats for military personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation will be replaced with fur hats with a visor for colonels and fur hats with 5% gilding for senior officers. Astrakhan hats of gray or black color were worn by generals and colonels, as well as admirals and captains of the 1st rank.

In Russia, the level of mortgage defaults has jumped sharply

Since the beginning of 2020, the total mortgage debt of Russians has increased by 541 million rubles. About this writes “Lenta.<url> “on Monday, August 20, referring to analysts of the company “Debt Consultant”. The publication notes that now the debts of Russian citizens on mortgage loans exceed 6.3 billion rubles.

Before the elections in Belarus, problems with the Internet began.

Local media reported failures at various operators – users could not download media files, and Youtube did not work for many. The opposition called on its supporters to install apps that support Bluetooth communication. These apps only work when there are a large crowd of people.

Beltelecom operator explained the problems with the Internet as “channel congestion due to foreign traffic”

Currently, we are seeing interruptions in access to some resources and channel congestion due to a large amount of foreign traffic. While we can not determine whether it is generated by people or machines — now we are working on it, – onliner quotes the words of Deputy General Director for technical issues Vadim Shaibakov

Lukashenko explained the Internet outage in Belarus

As BelTA reports, in an interview with the head of the CIS observer mission, Sergei Lebedev, Lukashenko said that the Internet is being turned off “from abroad” in order to ” cause discontent among the population»

“Some people are not happy, they are called to take to the streets. Even from abroad, they turn off the Internet to cause discontent among the population. Now our experts are working out where this blocking is coming from. Therefore, if the Internet does not work well, it is not our initiative, it is from abroad, ” Mr. Lukashenko said at a meeting with the Chairman of the Executive Committee—CIS Executive Secretary, head of the CIS observer mission Sergey Lebedev (quoted by BelTA).

The Polish Prime Minister proposed to hold an emergency EU summit on Belarus

Poland does not believe that Alexander Lukashenko won the presidential election in Belarus, Deputy of the Seimas (lower house of Parliament) Robert Tyszkiewicz told RIA Novosti.

“No one believes it. This is the biggest falsification in the history of Belarus. No one is like in Poland, and no one in the world believes in it, ” Tyszkiewicz said. “It is difficult to imagine that Lukashenko could have won at all, especially with such a result,” he added.


Chinese President XI Jinping was the first to congratulate Alexander Lukashenko on his election victory


Putin congratulated Lukashenko on his victory

President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to Alexander Lukashenko on his victory in the Belarusian presidential election, the Kremlin’s press service reported.

Information blockade and violations at polling stations in Belarus

Vladislav Stankevich, a representative of the public initiative for monitoring the presidential elections “Honest people”, said about the information blockade and violations at polling stations in Belarus.

“We are working under an information blockade. From what we managed to do, we photographed the final protocols at 126 polling stations, and Tikhanovskaya won 85 of them,” Stankevich said at a briefing at the headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Journalists of the TV channel “Rain” were detained in Minsk

Journalists of Rain detained in Minsk after they talked on the street with Maria Kolesnikova — the representative of the headquarters Svetlana Tikhanovski. The detained Dozhd journalists were asked to leave Belarus, the Republic’s foreign Ministry said

Lukashenko said that the elections in Belarus were held “as a holiday”.

According to him, the turnout was a record, because people went to the polling stations with their families and children. Alexander Lukashenko also said that the protesters were controlled from Poland, Britain and the Czech Republic: the authorities recorded calls from these countries to the demonstration zone. “They managed our sheep: they don’t understand what they are doing,” Lukashenko said

Spontaneous actions and criminal cases

After the election of the President of Belarus, spontaneous protests began in major cities of the country. Riot police used stun grenades, water cannons and rubber bullets against the protesters. The police categorically deny the use of military weapons.

3 thousand people were detained at the Belarusian protests. Such data is provided by the Ministry of internal Affairs. There are about a thousand of them in Minsk and more than two in other regions of the Republic. As a result of the clashes, more than 50 citizens were injured, as well as 39 police officers, some of them are currently hospitalized.

The investigative Committee of Belarus has opened criminal cases “on the facts of mass riots and violence against the police”. The country’s criminal code provides for up to eight years in prison for rioters and up to 15 years for organizers.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky commented on the elections in Belarus

We encourage you to engage in the most open, albeit complex, dialogue. Because only a broad dialogue will allow the citizens of the Republic of Belarus to get out of a difficult crisis and honestly discuss further steps and formats of public interaction. Only mutual understanding between all parties can preserve the country’s independence and ensure its further movement towards freedom and democracy. Otherwise, the escalation of violence will increase, and this threatens extremely bitter consequences. In my opinion, both sides — the government and the protesting society-should be interested in such a dialogue

The CIS mission did not find any facts that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the elections in Belarus.

Observers said that all the candidates had the opportunity to campaign and speak on TV, and the difference between the campaign was the political intensity. Individual complaints were registered, but the violations were not of a systemic nature and did not affect the results, the statement said

In Moscow, three policemen were detained for planting drugs and extortion

Employees of the automobile platoon stopped the car in the Arbat area under the pretext of checking. According to investigators, the security forces illegally conducted a personal search of two passengers, during which one of the police officers threw a bag of white powder into the citizen’s backpack, and then allegedly found it. People who were in the car were beaten and handcuffed, and then demanded 300 thousand rubles for release from responsibility for drug distribution.

The glavka reported that the captain and two sergeants will be dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies for negative reasons and will suffer the punishment prescribed by law. Two criminal cases were initiated.

At least five Russian journalists were detained in Minsk while covering the elections.

Daily Storm journalists Starkov and Lasenko were beaten during their detention, and Medusa journalist Maxim Solopov was also severely injured — the publication has not been able to contact him since the night. In addition, the police detained the Creator of the WarGonzo project Semyon Pegov And the Ruptly stringers.

Earlier, the Belarusian authorities detained and deported to Russia a film crew of the Dozhd TV channel after a conversation with a representative of the headquarters of ex-presidential candidate Babariko. In response to such actions, the szhr recalled “the inadmissibility of reprisals against journalists who perform their professional duty.”


In support of the free Khabarovsk organize actions around the world. People go to rallies in Belarus, the United States, Germany, Young Korea, Spain, Luxembourg, and in Japan, people even decided to walk a little on the streets.


The head of the election Commission of Belarus explained the lack of ballots

The head of the election Commission of Belarus acknowledged the lack of ballots and that they did not expect such a high turnout. However, she named the organizers of the “Honest people” campaign and unscrupulous voters as the culprit for the lack of ballots.

In Ufa, Khabarovsk and Shies are brewing in one person

Several thousand residents came out to the people’s Assembly for the preservation of protected areas near mount Kushtau from destruction. Also people at the gathering expressed their popular support for the protesting Khabarovsk

In Volgograd, the judge was detained for a bribe and immediately released

On Saturday, the Chairman of the Dzerzhinsk district court of Volgograd Yulia Dobrynina was taken red-handed by the FSB when receiving a bribe of 2.5 million rubles. And on Sunday, she was released!

A rally in support of the Khachaturian sisters was held on the bridge in Saint Petersburg.

The girls stretched the poster with the inscription: “Freedom sisters, Khachaturian!” and lit fireworks. Seven participants of the action were immediately detained by employees

At the Belarusian metallurgical plant, employees went on strike.

According to preliminary data, the all-Belarusian strike was joined by The BelAZ team. Earlier, a strike was declared in the country in connection with large-scale electoral fraud and the deployment of troops in Minsk.

A court in Moscow fined Google 1.5 million rubles

The world court of the Tagansky district of Moscow issued a decision to impose a fine of 1.5 million rubles on Google for repeated violations related to insufficient filtering of prohibited content in the search engine, the court reported.

In Russia, the death rate has jumped sharply

Rosstat cited shocking figures: in June of this year, the death rate jumped by 18.6% compared to June 2019. In the first month of summer, 162.8 thousand people died in our country, which is 25.6 thousand more than in the same period a year earlier. In may, there was also a jump in mortality, and a significant one – by 11.89%. In the last month of spring, 172.9 thousand people died in Russia.

The second tanker with oil from the United States for Belarus arrived in the port of Klaipeda

The second tanker with American oil for Belarus has arrived in the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, the press service of the Belneftekhim concern reported. From Klaipeda oil for processing to the Novopolotsk refinery is delivered by rail

Banks will try out automatic debiting of funds at the request of companies

Banks are preparing for a new format of non-cash payments, when money is debited from the account at the request of the recipient. This was told to RBC by the General Director of the Central Bank of the Association “FINTECH” (aft) Tatyana Zharkova.

According to her, it is assumed that the customer-payer will sign a consent for regular debiting of funds in advance, and the Bank will only check its availability and the correctness of invoices. No additional confirmation of the transfer is required.

The Ministry of Finance approved purchase of raw materials from ALROSA to the state Fund

The Finance Ministry is ready to support the diamond mining company ALROSA, whose sales declined by more than 92% due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease. The Agency will start purchasing the company’s diamond raw materials in the state Fund

Russia has reduced revenues from oil exports

Russia reduced in January—June 2020 oil exports in value terms compared to the same period last year by 1.5 times — to $38.923 billion, according to the materials of the Federal customs service (FCS).

In physical terms, during the reporting period, the volume of oil exports amounted to 125.082 million tons, which is 0.6% less than in the same period of 2019.

Buffett’s company increased its quarterly net profit

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway increased its net profit by 87% in the second quarter of 2020 thanks to an increase in the value of its investments following the rise of stock markets after the collapse in the first quarter due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Saudi Aramco net income for the second quarter and first half of 2020

Saudi Aramco, the state-owned energy company, has submitted financial statements for the second quarter and first half of the year. In the second quarter, the company’s net profit fell by 73% to $6.6 billion. The drop in profit for the first half of the year as a whole was 50%, to $23.2 billion

Pakistan announced a tender for the purchase of wheat

The state Trade Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has announced an international tender for the purchase of 1.5 million tons of wheat of arbitrary origin. The Agency reports Grain Online with a link to the TCP website.

Apple’s capitalization is almost equal to Italy’s GDP

Apple was the first company to exceed the $ 1 trillion mark. This happened almost exactly two years ago. In just two weeks, Apple’s stock has increased in price by an incredible 20%, and since the beginning of the year — by more than one and a half times. At the moment the company’s capitalization is at the level of 1.9 trillion dollars

The source makes an interesting comparison. Since the beginning of the year, Apple’s capitalization has grown by $ 700 billion, which corresponds to the total capitalization of Cisco Systems, Oracle, Salesforce and Zoom Video Communications, and this is still with a margin. By the way, according to this indicator, the company is as close as possible to the GDP of Italy (2.08 trillion).

Trade turnover between Russia and China

From January to July inclusive, the trade turnover between Russia and China decreased by 4.3 %. These are the data released today in the report of the Main customs administration of the neighboring country.

The Central Bank reported a decrease in the share of overdue loans

The Central Bank stressed that ” the quality of loans has stabilized at the level before the beginning of the pandemic.” Overall, in July, the volume of loans issued by banks to individuals increased by 1.7% after an increase of 0.9% in June.

A new fish factory has opened in the Northern Kurils.

The enterprise is equipped with highly efficient equipment: the production lines of the enterprise are equipped with Baader machines, and the fishmongery shop is equipped with Oestergaard, which will allow to produce products of higher quality and deep processing. The planned production capacity of the plant is 150 tons of raw materials per day.

Number of oil and gas drilling rigs in the world

The number of drilling rigs for oil and gas production around the world fell in July on a monthly basis by 43 units, or 4%, to 1,030 units, according to data from the American oil and gas service company Baker Hughes.

The cost of 100 most expensive apartments in Moscow

The total cost of 100 premium apartments in Moscow in July exceeded $1 billion or more than 73 billion rubles. A year earlier, this figure was $917 million or 57 billion rubles. This is stated in the Prime Central Moscow TOP-100 Index, prepared by the international brokerage company Savills.

Volume of exports of Italian goods

According to updated data for June 2020, the volume of exports of Italian goods decreased by 12.1% compared to the same period in 2019, the national statistics service Istat reported on Friday, August 7.

Almost a billion rubles will be spent on the infrastructure of the aluminum valley

The government of the Krasnoyarsk territory will invest more than 983 million rubles to create engineering, transport, social and other infrastructure for the special economic zone (SEZ) “Krasnoyarsk technological valley”. On August 8, the corresponding decree of the government of the Russian Federation was published on the official portal of draft normative legal acts. The total investment in the project is estimated at about two trillion rubles.

Recall that on March 29, RUSAL and the government of the Krasnoyarsk territory signed an agreement to open an industrial SEZ “Krasnoyarsk technological valley”. Within its framework, it is planned to create a complex of processing plants around the large enterprises of RUSAL-Krasnoyarsk and Boguchansky aluminum plants.

Rosgeologiya and Polymetal have created a joint venture

Rosgeologia JSC and Polymetal have established a joint venture to conduct geological exploration on Novopetrovskaya square in the South of the Republic of Bashkortostan to identify copper-zinc-Pyrrhic mineralization.

German social Democrats have decided on a candidate for the post of Chancellor

Olaf Scholz, Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister of Germany, will head the Social democratic party’s party list for the parliamentary elections in autumn 2021. This was announced on Twitter by SPD co-chair Saskia Esken

Trump released Americans from payroll taxes by the end of the year

The us President has announced a tax break for those who earn less than $100,000 a year. Trump is confident that this decision will help stimulate the country’s economy against the background of the coronavirus pandemic. Donald trump said this at a press conference in Bedminster (new Jersey).

German authorities have declared Russia’s unwillingness to assist in the investigation of the murder of a Chechen

The German justice Ministry said that the Russian side does not make a significant contribution to the investigation of the crime committed in Berlin in August 2019. The last response from the Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation was received on June 2, according to the German newspaper dpa.

Chinese road workers have built a four lane highway around a residential building

Builders have inaugurated a highway that took ten years to build in the Chinese province of Guangzhou. It is reported that a stubborn local resident refused to sell the house for the implementation of the road project. Workers had to build a highway around her building.

Greek Navy put on alert for Turkey

Against the backdrop of Ankara’s actions, Athens urgently began to put its troops on high alert. The country’s military personnel have been called up from leave and called up to their units. Combat aircraft, surface forces and submarines are also ready to repel possible Turkish aggression

In the United States, a new ship of the Navy St. Louis

The new American coastal ship “St. Louis” (USS St. Louis ) is commissioned. The ceremony was held at the us Navy base Mayport in Florida. The launch took place in a simple environment due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports TASS with reference to the Pentagon press service

The radio telescope helped discover an exoplanet for the first time

Scientists first discovered an exoplanet using a radio telescope to assess the vibrations of its parent star. In the future, the method will allow you to search for planets that previously eluded observers.

Barclays caught spying on employees

The British regulator initiated an audit against Barclays Bank-it is reported that the management of the organization for a year and a half used special software that allows you to monitor the activities of employees, later switching to tracking specific people

Greece will hold a meeting of the national security Council due to the activity of Turkey

The agenda of the Council meeting is not specified. At the same time, it is going against the background of military mobilization announced in Greece due to the actions of Turkey. Earlier, on August 10, Turkey announced that it was once again starting geological exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Lukashenko said that the protesters wanted to storm his residence

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that the protesters wanted to storm his residence, RIA Novosti writes

Zelensky promised the Crimean Tatars the status of the indigenous people of Ukraine

Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky said that the country is working on a legislative definition of indigenous peoples and the status of the Crimean Tatar people as indigenous.

Staff Tikhanovski not recognize the election results

Staff Svetlana Tikhanovski not recognize the results of elections of the President of Belarus, who announced the CEC of the Republic, told RIA Novosti the Trustee policy Olga kovalkova. According to their data, in all regions of the country, voters gave from 70% to 90% of the vote for Tikhanovskaya.

Germany and Lithuania did not find democracy in the elections in Belarus

The election of the President of Belarus does not meet democratic standards. This was stated by the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert said that Berlin believes it is unacceptable

The EU may consider introducing new sanctions against Belarus

The European Union may consider introducing new sanctions against Belarus. This was stated at a press conference on Monday, the head of the Polish foreign Ministry Jacek Czaputowicz, answering a question about the possible reaction of the EU to the events in the Republic.

The trailer for the new Netflix science fiction series “Far away” has been released

Netflix has released a full trailer for the new science fiction series “far Away”, starring Hilary Swank (“Baby in a million”). In the story, a group of astronauts from different parts of the Earth is sent on an important mission to Mars.

Tretyakov gallery and BFU. Kanta launches master’s program

The master’s program includes courses in the history of foreign and Russian art, theory of art and aesthetics, museology, English in professional activities, the basics of PR and marketing in the field of culture, fundraising, exhibition and exhibition activities, art criticism, curatorial activities, etc.

St. Petersburg will host the international festival of debut films

The New Holland international debut film festival will be held from August 14 to 28, 2020. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, due to a number of restrictions on holding mass events and the ban on the operation of cinemas in St. Petersburg, the festival of debut films will be held in an online format. Films of the competition program, as well as films of the jury members and some non-competitive films will be shown online on the Nonfiction.film platform. The cost of renting one movie on this platform is at least 100 rubles.

The walls of Lenfilm were decorated with graffiti with famous movie characters

Famous movie characters were portrayed by street artists from The hoodgrafft, Van Gee, and Urban Fresco teams. On the eve of the opening of the Kino Corner art space, graffiti depicting famous characters appeared on four facades of the Lenfilm pavilions.

The sixth international Tchaikovsky festival ended in Klin

The sixth international festival of arts named after Tchaikovsky has come to an end in Klin, near Moscow. It was dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the composer

Zemfira will perform in Sochi at the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix»

Anyone with a ticket to the Sochi stage of the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix, which will be held at the Sochi Autodrom, will be able to attend the concert. Previously, Basta, lenny Kravitz, Natalie imbrulya, Leningrad, Mumiy Troll, Bi-2 and many other artists performed at the Russian stage of Formula.

Tickets for the Pushkin theater festival began to be sold in Pskov

Ticket sales for performances of the XXVII Pushkin theater festival in Pskov are open from August 10. This “MK in Pskov” was reported in the regional Theater and concert Directorate. The festival will be held from September 20 to 28.

Another Windows update removed automatic driver search

According to today News Ufa, the new build of the Windows operating system, which received the number 19041.423, blocks access to the Internet for the device Manager, as a result, it can not search and download drivers for applications already installed on the computer

Sales of Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 push button phones have started in Russia

The cost of the Nokia 125 is 3,000 rubles — it is the most affordable phone in the Nokia line. The updated Nokia 150 is offered for purchase for 3800 rubles, it has more functionality than the 125th.

Pocket PC Zero Terminal 3 received a touch screen

Zero Terminal 3 received a 5.5-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1920: 1080 pixels, a full-size USB 2.0 Type-A port, a Micro-USB connector for charging, a microSD memory card slot, a 3.5 mm Jack, a speaker and a 1200 mAh battery.

Laptop with two video cards

Engineers of an American manufacturer that develops “equipment for professionals in the media environment “presented an” uncompromising ” computer based on a high-performance AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor.

Among the properties of the presented laptop, the weight of 13 kilograms stands out, the ability to install two discrete video cards at once and up to 256 gigabytes of RAM. The build is based on the ASRock TRX40 Creator motherboard with one of three processors: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, Threadripper 3970X, or Threadripper 3960X.

The most budget configuration of the Mediaworkstations system with a Ryzen Threadripper 3960X processor, 32 GB of RAM, a 250 GB solid-state drive and GeForce RTX 2060 Super graphics will cost a demanding buyer $ 7997, but in the maximum configuration, the potential owner will have to pay $ 49400.

Xiaomi introduced a smart watch with video call support

The new product supports 4G calls in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Features Xiaomi Mitu Children Learning Watch 4X features a 1.52-inch high-resolution screen, a 2 MP front camera and a 5 MP side camera. The device supports video calls.

Xiaomi will celebrate its 10th anniversary with the release of a special version of Redmi Note 8 Pro

It turned out that Xiaomi will celebrate its 10th anniversary with the release and special version of the Redmi Note 8 Pro. By the way, in August will be a year since the release of this smartphone. Sales of this model have already reached 10 million copies six months after its release

AMD Ryzen 4000g Pro hybrid processors are on sale

Ryzen 4000G Pro processors released under the AMD brand were not intended for retail sale, the developer recalls. This also explains the original packaging of devices that should be purchased by personal computer assemblers and other specialized companies.

Huawei is preparing to release seven new gadgets

Huawei is preparing to release new smartphones, headphones and watches in the near future. This is reported by the insider Evan Blass on his Twitter account.

According to the source, in addition to the two models of the flagship Mate 40 series, the Chinese brand will develop a folding smartphone Mate X2, the updated Nova series and the y9a model. In addition, Huawei plans to release wireless headphones and smart watches Watch Fit.

Blass clarified that of all smartphones, only the top version of the Mate 40 received an EMUI 11 shell. Approximate release dates for new gadgets are currently unknown. As previously reported Delovoe.tv, Huawei will transfer all devices to its own operating system.

Living relatives of dinosaurs discovered in New Zealand

According to scientists, the hatteria or tuatara is the only living representative of the ancient reptile order Rhynchocephalia, which 250 million years ago had common relatives with the dinosaurs. These creatures only live in New Zealand. Since the time of the dinosaurs, they have hardly changed their appearance.

Scientists have created a laser that violates the laws of light propagation

Scientists have developed a system that generates laser pulses that can behave the same in different environments or even move faster in denser materials. This does not change the fluctuations of light waves themselves, but the speed of movement of their peaks. The team achieved this using a spatial light modulator. Physicists have called such pulses “space-time wave packets”.

The USA has developed an innovative diode laser based on the germanium alloy

An electroinjection diode laser based on an alloy of germanium and tin was presented by a group of scientists from the United States, the website reported on August 7 Phis.org. According to the researchers, their development will “significantly improve circuits for electronic devices.” However, before full-fledged practical use of the laser, it is still necessary to finalize it

Scientists from three research centers participated in the development of the technology: the University of Arizona, the University of Massachusetts Boston, and Dartmouth College in new Hampshire. The development was also supported by specialists from Arktonics, which produces semiconductors.

In the cells of the fish embryo for the first time temporarily disabled the gene

American molecular biologists temporarily disabled a gene in the cells of a growing Danio-rerio fish embryo for the first time using the crispr/Cas13d genomic editor. Thus they reduced the length of its tail

Scientists have discovered poisoned arrows 72 thousand years old

The first to use poison on arrows resorted to tribes that lived in South Africa and used poisoned bone tips. Experts found such a tip on the territory of South Africa in the mouth of the Klasis river