12 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/11/2020

The number of individual entrepreneurs (IE) and legal entities included in the register of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia decreased by 7.6% over the month, or 461,900, according to data from the Unified register of SMEs published by the Federal tax service (FTS). As of August 10, 2020, the number of small and medium-sized businesses was 5.6 million, and on July 10, this figure was at the level of 6.05 million.

Russian debt has reached a historical record

Russians continue to accumulate debt to banks and microfinance companies, compensating for a drop in revenue, which, according to Rosstat, was a record since 1999.

As of July 1, the total amount owed by individuals reached 19.909 trillion rubles, according to statistics from the Central Bank. Since the beginning of the year, it has grown by 809 billion rubles, or 4.2%, and over the past 12 months – by 2.141 trillion rubles.


32 day of protests in Khabarovsk. People keep coming out


The priest was banned from serving after criticizing Patriarch Kirill

A priest in Kuban was banned from serving, as soon as he criticized Patriarch Kirill in his sermon for building the vertical of power in the ROC, “Open media” drew attention.

The Patriarch now rules in the Church as the Pope, who replaced God on Earth, the parishioners have turned into a “cash cow”, and the priests – into disenfranchised slaves who only have to make sure that something goes to the Church Treasury, lists the shortcomings of the current ROC suspended Archpriest

Artificial intelligence will start counting inflation in Russia

A significant part of the consumer price index from 2021 will be calculated using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This was stated by the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov in an interview with the portal “the Future of Russia”, which is operated by TASS.

“There is no other way. We are already experimenting, ” said Pavel Malkov, head of Rosstat.

According to him, experiments with AI are already underway in calculating the consumer price index and its application can be useful for structuring a large amount of data:

“It is important to understand that the data received from cash registers is not structured: a Snickers bar in Moscow alone has more than 1,500 variants of its internal name or encoding. That is, you will buy the same product in several stores, and look at the cash receipt – it will be called differently everywhere”

The price of Russian gas in Europe has collapsed to its lowest in more than 20 years

By the end of June, the average export price of Gazprom’s gas dropped to $ 82 per thousand cubic meters, Interfax calculated based on statistics from the Federal customs service.

Compared to may, Russian gas has fallen in price by 12 dollars (12.7%), compared to April – by 37 dollars (34%), compared to the beginning of the year – by 2 times, and relative to the average price-2019 – by 2.6 times.

Gazprom has not traded gas so cheaply in the EU since the beginning of the 21st century, according to its reports: for the last 20 years of available data, the worst year for the company was 2002, when on average deliveries to foreign countries cost 102 dollars per thousand cubic meters

Tikhanovski left Belarus

Candidate for President of the Republic of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya recorded a video message in which she confirmed and clarified that she had left for her children.

I thought that this campaign had made me very strong and gave me so much strength that I could withstand everything. But I guess I’m still the weak woman I was originally. I made a very difficult decision for myself. I took it completely independently. I know that many will understand me, many will condemn me, and many will hate me. But, you know, God forbid that I should have to make the choice I did. People, please take care of yourself. No life is worth what is happening now. Children are the most important thing in our life

Many will understand me, many will condemn me, and many will hate me, – the politician declares

Informed about the departure Tikhanovski announced by the Lithuanian Ministry of foreign Affairs. The Minister of foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius said that the politician is on the loose in Lithuania, in complete safety

The text of the second treatment Tikhanovski:

Dear citizens of the Republic of Belarus! I, Svetlana Tikhanovski thank you for participating in presidential elections. The people of Belarus have made their choice. With gratitude and warmth, I appeal to all the citizens who have supported me all this time.

Belarusians! I urge you to be reasonable and respect the law. I don’t want blood and violence. I ask you not to stand up to the police, not to go out on the square, so as not to put your lives in danger. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The Belarusian authorities put pressure on Svetlana Tikhanovski through her husband

The authorities of Belarus to put pressure on the candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski through her husband Sergei Tikhanovski, arrested in several criminal cases.

This was told by Valery Tsepkalo, commenting on Tihanovskaya’s statement made against the background of her departure from Belarus.

Maria Kolesnikova, an associate of Tihanovskaya, added that on August 10, Tihanovskaya spent three hours “alone with two representatives of law enforcement agencies.”

How Maxim Solopov was detained and beaten

Daily Storm journalist Anton Starkov, who was detained while covering the protests in Minsk on the night of August 10:

We met 5 minutes before our arrest. We ran away from the riot Police and tear gas and ran into a dead end where there was a fence. I gave Maxim a lift to climb over the fence. He was supposed to help me climb over later. But at the moment when Maxim [climbed], from his side of the fence, a large squad of riot Police came out of the gateway, immediately attacked him. I remember that Maxim managed to get on his knees, raise his hands up and say that he was a journalist. He was still knocked down, I think, by three people and [they started hitting him] pretty hard. I even have a video. As far as I could see, he was [conscious after the beating], walking by himself. [What injuries he had], I didn’t have time to understand, because just a few seconds later the riot police appeared from our side of the fence and we also began to be beaten. [In CIP] we were treated well because we are foreigners. Not beat. The rest were severely beaten, Belarusians. We had no drinking water or food for a day

The Belarusian Embassy in Moscow was detained

In Moscow at a building of Embassy of Belarus arrests took place of those who came to support the protesters in Minsk and other Belarusian cities.

The Internet is not working in Belarus for the third day

Belarus has been experiencing serious problems with the Internet for the third day: users complain of almost complete lack of access to all major social networks

A number of changes are waiting for car owners in the coming autumn

The new rules for calculating the cost of CTP will take effect from the end of August. The boundaries of the tariff corridor will be expanded by 30 percent, and the size of the individual rate will be reduced in both directions. The minimum amount will be 2,471 rubles, and the maximum will grow to 5,436 rubles. In addition, drivers will be able to get an individual fare that will be calculated based on factors such as the presence of serious traffic violations, the type and age of the car, as well as the driver’s marital status and children. It is noted that the final fare will not exceed the maximum allowed base one way or another.

In addition, the Russians are waiting for the return of the inspection procedure, previously suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. After September 30, you will need to get a diagnostic card to get a CTP policy. New requirements will also be introduced gradually from autumn. For example, the driver will be required to provide photos of the entrance and exit to the service point. They will also begin to compare the coordinates of the car with the coordinates of the point of MAINTENANCE, and violations of the rules of technical inspection will be recorded automatically, using cameras.

As part of the Federal project “road Safety”, traffic police officers will receive new equipment for qualitative assessment of the condition of cars and roadways. Inspectors will be equipped with devices for measuring the residual tread of tires, as well as diagnostics of brake systems and steering. Special attention was paid to diesel engines: traffic police officers will have smoke detectors to control their exhaust. In addition, inspectors will be able to measure the illumination of the road surface. To do this, they will be given another technical novelty — luxometers. This device will strengthen control over the safety of road sections and help in the analysis of complex accidents. It is noted that inspectors in Khakassia are already using the new product.

Which countries use cryptocurrencies the most

Surprisingly, in countries that are poor and seemingly not very developed! 32% of Nigerian residents have used cryptocurrencies at least once (a third of the population! In a country where not everyone has electricity). 21% of Vietnamese residents, 17% of South African residents, and 16% each in Turkey and Peru.

Apparently, the nuance is that in rich countries people are trying to save using the crypt or just playing with an interesting new thing, and in poor countries (and countries with a poorly developed financial system!) cryptocurrencies can also be used for everyday calculations.

In developed countries, where almost everyone has a smartphone and a good computer (as well as trust in the national currency and access to banking products), cryptocurrencies are much less common: in Japan, only 4% of the population has ever used or owned a crypt, in Germany 6%, in the US 7%, and so on.

In the Urals, a nine-year-old boy set himself on fire while repeating a trick from TikTok

The police Department No. 19 of Nizhny Tagil began checking after a nine-year-old boy was burned trying to repeat a trick from the social network TikTok

XI Jinping urged Chinese citizens to save food

Chinese President XI Jinping called on fellow citizens to exercise restraint in the issue of food consumption and waste. This was reported on Tuesday by the Xinhua news Agency.

Russia plans to track transactions with the cryptocurrency

Federal service Rosfinmonitoring offers to develop a system for analyzing transactions with cryptocurrency. This was announced on August 11 by RBC with reference to a letter to Deputy Minister of digital development, communications and mass communications Maxim Parshin. It is planned that the system will work due to artificial intelligence. The letter notes that the protopi of the system was created at the Institute of Physics. Lebedev. The implementation of the Transparent blockchain project will require budget funds in the amount of 760 million rubles

A strike has started in Belarus

A strike announced by opposition forces against election fraud has begun in Belarus. This is reported by telegram channel NEXTA Live journalist Stepan Putilo. Currently, it is known that part of the workers of the Minsk Kozlov electrotechnical plant (Matz) announced an indefinite protest.
Earlier, the opposition spread information about the” plan B ” in case the current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was declared the winner of the election.

“Come to work and get together on the territory of the enterprise. Your demands to the leadership are simple: publicly support the holding of new and fair elections, as well as contribute to it as much as possible,” the memo said.

Street clashes between security forces and protesters continue in Belarus

In Belarus, street clashes between security forces and protesters dissatisfied with the results of the presidential election on August 9 continue. According to exit polls, the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko won more than 80 percent of the vote, while opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won less than 10 percent.

During the clashes, special equipment, water cannons, stun grenades, rubber bullets are used, and special forces “Almaz” and “Alfa”are involved. In Minsk and a number of regional centers, protesters erect barricades. Flares, paving stones, Molotov cocktails are used against security forces.

In the ocean the largest island of garbage has reached the size of France

The largest island of garbage in the ocean has reached the size of France, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Explorer and ocean defender Philippe Cousteau and his wife Ashlan Brock. Cousteau explained that such Islands are made up of plastic that enters the seas from rivers from all over the world.

Rosatom named the volume of accumulated chemical waste in Usolye-Sibirsky

Andrey Lebedev, Director of the Department for implementation of state and industry programs in the field of ecology of Rosatom, during a visit to the industrial site in Usolye-Sibirskoe, described the volume of accumulated chemical waste

“About 16 square kilometers today are polluted on the territory of usolya-Sibirsky. More than 2 million tons of accumulated waste is located at these sites, ” TASS quotes Lebedev as saying.

A participant of Nord stream-2 declared the risk of termination of the project

Increasing US pressure on participants in the construction of Nord stream 2 increased the risk of freezing the project, according to a report by Uniper, one of the project participants.

“As the US steps up its efforts to target sanctions against the Nord stream 2 project, the likelihood of a delay or even termination of the pipeline construction increases,” the company said in a report, adding that it monitors the situation, since the project is actively supported by EU countries and is still ongoing.

In the Netherlands, the column “gender” in identity cards will be canceled

Dutch education Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven said that the female and male gender in identity cards will disappear by 2025, writes the newspaper “Vzglyad”. The Dutch will still keep gender registration in their foreign passports to meet the requirements of the European Union.

Rogozin suggested decorating spaceships with Khokhloma and Gzhel

The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with journalist Yuri Kostin in the program “Personal connections” on YouTube that spaceships can be decorated in traditional Russian ways – Gzhel, Khokhloma and Fedoskino

Telegram launched tools against censorship in Belarus

Telegram messenger launched tools against censorship for residents of Belarus. This was announced by the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov on Twitter.

“However, communication is still very unstable, as the Internet is sometimes completely disconnected in the country,” he explained.

Prices for new passenger cars in Russia over the past five years

Experts of the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT” analyzed the weighted average prices for new passenger cars over the past 5 years and found that they increased by 40%.

So, in 2015, the average market price for a new car was 1,200,000 rubles. At the same time, the weighted average price of a foreign car was 1,362,000 rubles, and a car of a domestic brand was 510,000 rubles.

According to the results of the 1st half of 2020, the Agency’s experts recorded the following. The average weighted price of a new passenger car in our country has already reached 1,676,000 rubles. In other words, this is 40%, or about half a million more than it was 5 years ago.

Russia’s trade surplus in the first half of the year

In January-June, Russia’s positive foreign trade balance amounted to 54.1 billion dollars, which is 41.8% less than last year’s figure. This is stated in the message of the FCS.

Exports from Russia for the specified period to last year increased by 22.5%, amounting to 161.0 billion dollars, and imports fell by 6.8% to 106.9 billion dollars. Foreign trade turnover for this period fell by 16.9% to $ 267.9 billion last year.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has lifted temporary restrictions on the size of acquiring commissions

Recall that at the beginning of the epidemic, until September 30, 2020, the Central Bank of Russia introduced a restriction on acquiring commissions of 1% for purchases of food, medicines and consumer goods via the Internet.

The restriction was introduced as an anti-crisis measure for online purchases of food, medicine and consumer goods. The Central Bank believes that such a measure was justified at the beginning of the pandemic, but its continuation is detrimental to the interests of banking organizations.

The Central Bank recommended that banks not evict debtors until the end of the year

Banks usually offer several options for restructuring conditions. The Bank of Russia recommended that creditors do not foreclose on mortgaged housing until the end of the year and suspend the forced eviction of debtors from housing that was foreclosed on earlier.

VEB. RF wants to make the center of competence for “green” financing

State Corporation for the development of VEB.The Russian Federation was proposed to become a competence center with the functions of a methodological center. As stated by the Deputy Chairman of VEB.Russian Federation Yuri Korsun, now the Corporation has no “green” projects in its portfolio that have passed full verification.

In Russia, the total market volume of “green” financing until 2023 will be about three trillion rubles, said first Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Alexander Vedyakhin

“Mail of Russia” has renewed work on creation of own airline

The management of the Russian Post returned to the idea of creating its own air carrier. According to information published on the public procurement website, on August 3, the company signed a contract with SBS Consulting for 48 million rubles to develop relevant proposals.

Small and medium-sized businesses are closing in Transbaikalia

24,364 private enterprises are registered in the TRANS-Baikal territory. This is down from 1,332 a month earlier. On August 11, “MK in Chita” was reported in the press service of the regional office of “OPORA Russia” with reference to the Unified state register of small and medium-sized businesses (egrip).

Annual inflation in Ukraine did not change in July

In July 2020, annual inflation in Ukraine was 2.4%, as it was a month earlier, according to the State statistics service. The inflation rate did not change even taking into account the fact that consumer prices fell by 0.6% in July.

Banks denied benefits to Russians who were ill with COVID-19

Russian banks refused to introduce benefits for COVID-19 patients who need money for treatment or rehabilitation. This is what Izvestia writes about. It is noted that Russians will not be able to count on an accelerated return of term deposits and insurance premiums without loss of profitability. As representatives of major banks and insurance companies told the newspaper, businesses will not voluntarily introduce such benefits. At the same time, the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on the financial market, Anatoly Aksakov, told the newspaper that lawmakers do not consider such an initiative.

Russians again began to take a lot of loans

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation reports that in the period January-March, the amount of public debt increased by 6.7 billion rubles for the non-financial sector and household. A similar situation, according to the regulator, occurred in 2014 after the collapse of the ruble. Then the amount of debt increased by 8.7 billion rubles.

The Chinese foreign Ministry announced the introduction of sanctions against American officials

Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Zhao lijian said the Chinese side had imposed sanctions on a number of American officials. It is noted that the restrictions are imposed in response to us sanctions related to Hong Kong.

US President Donald trump reacted to China’s sanctions against the US. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

“We have already answered,” trump replied to the corresponding question during a press conference.

At the same time, US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo promised to respond to the sanctions in an interview with Newsmax. According to him, Washington will evaluate them and respond, as well as make it clear to the Chinese Communist party that actions cannot be taken against the United States and its citizens without trump responding to them.

Scientists suggest not to preserve world heritage sites

Human civilization has been created for thousands of years. During this time, people have created a huge number of monuments, buildings, and cities. But as the years go by, the conditions of life on our planet are changing, and humanity has to make more and more efforts to preserve historical heritage sites.

Researchers from North Carolina state University suggest that people reconsider their approach. Nothing lasts forever. Instead of spending more and more resources to preserve Venice, experts suggest allowing world heritage sites to transform as our world changes

The Chinese foreign Ministry condemned the visit of the us Minister to Taiwan

Beijing condemns the visit of US health and social services Minister Alex Azar to Taiwan, August 10, Xinhua news Agency reports. Note that the US not only maintains contacts with Taiwan, but also supplies Taiwan with military drones, which the Chinese foreign Ministry protested on August 7

We urge the us side to respect the one-China principle… and stop any form of official contact with Taiwan, ” Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian said at a press conference in Beijing

German foreign Minister: Russia is waiting for sanctions for the audacious murder of a Chechen in Berlin

Sanctions may be imposed on Russia in connection with the murder of Chechen war participant Zelimkhan khangoshvili in the Tiergarten. The decision will depend on the results of the investigation, German foreign Minister Heiko Maas said.

Greece is outraged by NATO’s position on Turkey

The position of equal distance between NATO and the conflict between Greece and Turkey is unacceptable, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on August 10 in a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, according to the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, citing government sources

Large-scale testing of a new digital currency has begun in China

Together with the people’s Bank of China, the Central Bank of China on the creation of digital yuan are Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China. Testing is conducted in major cities, including Shenzhen.

Us congressmen supported trump’s suspicions about TikTok

The Minister noted that the congressmen agree with the position of the President of the country, Donald trump, that in order for TikTok to continue operating in the United States, the social network must be acquired by one of the American companies.

The court ordered Uber and Lyft to consider drivers full-time employees

A new California law codified stricter requirements before companies can classify workers as contractors. The companies are also supporting ballot measures in California that will keep drivers as contractors and give them some perks.

The US Secretary of state criticized the actions of the Belarusian authorities

The head of the US State Department, Mike Pompeo, criticized the actions of the Belarusian authorities. According to him, the elections in the Republic cannot be called either free or fair

In the state Duma of Russia announced the result of Lukashenko in the election is rigged

The presidential elections in Belarus were held in an environment of total fraud, so their results are questionable. Such an opinion in a conversation with ” Gazeta.Ru ” said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and relations with compatriots Konstantin Zatulin. He added that the international community will take the side of the protesting Belarusians. At the same time, Zatulin expressed regret that the CIS observation mission supported Lukashenko.

The presidential campaign was accompanied by total falsification and disinformation. In such a situation, talking about how much Lukashenka actually gained is like guessing on coffee grounds. Clearly, there was not so much. Stories that 40% voted early are also a fraud. The results that were announced do not inspire confidence. Someone has already said that Lukashenko won the election, but lost the country – so this is due to his extremely selfish policy, the meaning of which is to preserve the regime of personal power. According to the results of these elections, Lukashenko looks like a man who imposes himself on Belarus without any ideas, ” the MP said.

The state Duma of Russia believes that the Maidan was prepared for Belarus

The state Duma Committee for CIS Affairs commented on what is happening in Belarus – thousands of people are holding rallies in connection with the presidential election, which was won by Alexander Lukashenko. According to the head of the Committee Kazbek Taisayev, Maidan was being prepared for the Republic according to the Ukrainian scenario

The Slovak foreign Ministry confirmed the expulsion of three Russian diplomats

The Slovak foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of three Russian diplomats due to suspicion of espionage, according to Reuters, citing the diplomatic Department.

“The United States welcomes the recent measures taken by Slovakia to protect against threats to its sovereignty from foreign intruders,” Morgan Ortagus, head of the state Department’s press service, wrote on her Twitter page

The US Senate has threatened to restore sanctions against Belarus

Senior Democrat of the foreign Affairs Committee in the us Senate, Robert Menendez, said that the us side may impose sanctions against Belarus and President Alexander Lukashenko if the country does not hold new elections, RIA Novosti writes.

The government of Lebanon has resigned, the army takes control of the capital

The security forces managed to take control of the center of Beirut only after the arrival of additional military forces. The Lebanese army expelled all protesters from the Central squares and streets adjacent to the Parliament. But the rebels are once again taking to the streets of Beirut.

Iran refused to pay compensation for the crashed plane from Ukraine

The Iranian authorities do not intend to pay compensation for the downed passenger plane from Ukraine near Tehran. The head of the Central insurance organization of Iran, Gholamreza Suleimani, said that compensation for the plane itself will not be paid, since the plane was not insured by Iranian companies

An interactive film by Steven Spielberg has appeared on the web

Game designer Paolo Pedercini recreated the interactive film Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Chair. The original was released in 1996 and offered the user to feel like a Director. Under the guidance of Steven Spielberg, a player could “put on” their first movie. For this purpose, pre-filmed scenes were used with the participation of Quentin Tarantino, Jennifer aniston and the famous Duo of illusionists Penn and teller

Disney will refuse to publish old movies in 4K Ultra HD format

According to the portal the Digital Bits, the disney Studio is going to refuse physical reissues of films of previous years in the 4K Ultra HD format. Apparently, in this format, only major novelties will appear on media-that is, Marvel Studios films, Pixar creations, remakes of old cartoons and projects on “Star wars”.

In the near future, the latest reissues from the Studio on physical media in 4K, it seems, will be “home Alone” and “Hocus pocus”. James Cameron’s projects also have a good chance of being reissued due to the Director’s relationship with the Studio.

The new season of Doctor Who will be released in the format of an audio series

The release will be handled by Big Finish Productions, which produces audiobooks and has already presented many doctor Who productions. Where exactly future episodes will be released is not yet reported. The 12th season of the TV series premiered on January 1.

Zac Efron will star in the remake of the Comedy ” Three men and a baby”

12 years after the release of the third part of the “Cool musical” Zac Efron returns to the wing of the Disney Studio. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor has agreed on one of the main roles in the remake of the classic Comedy “Three men and a baby”.

Gogol center has announced the start of ticket sales for the new season

Moscow’s Gogol center theater has opened ticket sales for performances of the new season, which will begin on September 6. The first performance will be a charity event “Concert for doctors”, for which tickets will not be sold.

A recording of Viktor Tsoi’s last concert that was considered lost has been found

The audience will see an almost unknown concert, the professional video of which many considered lost, the press service of the chief producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta quotes.

Orenburg will host the East&West film festival

From 21 to 26 August, Orenburg will host the XIII international film festival “East&West”. Its program includes about 60 paintings from 13 countries

The show will feature films from the Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, South Korea, Denmark, Bulgaria, Serbia, Belarus, the United States, Iran and Russia. The opening film will be the Korean Thriller ” Train to Busan 2: Peninsula.

Yandex has announced the launch of a platform for the self-employed

On August 11, Yandex publicly launches the Yandex platform.Pro”, intended for the self-employed, the company said in a statement received by RBC. So far, Yandex drivers and car couriers are working on this platform.Taxi

Sales of 4K HDR Sony Bravia OLED TVs have started in Russia

Sony has announced the start of sales in Russia of Sony Bravia OLED TVs with 4K HDR resolution of the A8 series with diagonals of 55 and 65 inches. The KD-55A8 model with a 55-inch diagonal is offered to Russians at the recommended retail price of 199,990 rubles, and the KD-65A8 with a 65 — inch diagonal is 299,990 rubles.

Google has developed a technology to turn photos into 3D-dimensional scenes

Google specialists presented the NeRF-W technology, which allows you to create three-dimensional 3D scenes using 2D photos. In addition, the system removes random passers-by from images, and aligns the exposure, tone, and colors.

The first floating power plant in Russia was installed at the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP

Today, the SES only works in a test format. Power engineers are testing its ability to work independently and in a compartment with hydroelectric power plants and backup diesel generators. After all the tests are completed, the power plant will be located in the upper bas-relief of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP.

Meike 85mm f/1.8 lens mount with Nikon F mount

The range of the Chinese company Meike has added a full-frame 85mm f/1.8 lens with a Nikon F mount that supports automatic focusing. The manufacturer estimated the novelty at 190 dollars. For comparison, the AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 G lens costs $ 499.

Nreal Light mixed reality glasses are now on sale

The glasses received a new name “U + Real Glass”. Customers can pre-order within the tariff for smartphones on the LG Uplus network, if they choose Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet. The cost in this case will be 349500von or 295 dollars.

Introduced a mechanical keyboard Cyberboard in the spirit of Tesla Cybertruck

The product, called Cyberboard, was designed in the spirit of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck. The device has already started on the site of collective financing Indiegogo, where in a short time the developers have already raised 400% more funds than expected, and there is still a whole month ahead

Megogo media service launched support for users in Apple Business Chat

Megogo, a media service for watching online videos, TV and listening to audio, announced the launch of user support via Apple Business Chat. Now users who have questions, comments, or requests for the Megogo service will be able to communicate with the support service using the Messages app on any of their Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook.

Apple will return Google maps to its watch

In 2017, the Google Maps service disappeared from the watchOS platform. Now, Apple has finally decided to return Google maps to its watch. Today, Google announced the launch of several new options for Google Maps on Apple devices, including new features for CarPlay.

Google has announced new tools for launching audio ads

The Internet company Google has launched a worldwide update of the service “Display and video 360” with new solutions for launching audio ads. The Audio Mixer tool lets you create audio ads by uploading multiple tracks with music, sound effects, and voice.

Ancient beavers started building dams due to cold weather

Beavers began felling trees not to build dams, but for food, according to Scientific Reports. This is evidenced by the structure of fossil rodents, as well as the content of stable isotopes of carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 in the collagen of bones of prehistoric beaver of the genus Dipoides and in plants that lived at the same time (about four million years ago) in the same area (the canadian island of Ellesmere). Researchers believe that beavers started creating dams and huts, as well as storing branches in huts, in response to cold weather, although the first semi-aquatic beavers did not do this.

Germany has created a psychological model of human actions

Until now, no one has created such a model. This was done by psychologists from the University of Trier. The information came from Planet Today.

The theory presented by experts describes the processes occurring in the brain at the time of committing a particular act or action. Psychologists have set out to establish a specific bridge between action regulation, learning, memory, and systemic motivation. When creating the model, scientists relied on the fact that any action is a combination of special signs of effects, movements, and objects.

Windows made of transparent wood do not pass ultraviolet light and sounds

Specialists from the University of Maryland have developed and patented a new building material based on wood-strong, almost transparent and does not transmit sounds. They called it “the first aesthetic tree with patterns that mimic changes in the density of natural wood”

Scientists have encoded information inside artificial molecules

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley and the Ruhr University in Bochum presented a practical aspect of the concept of encoding information inside artificial molecules. These molecules will allow you to program materials or new types of computers