13 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/12/2019

Ranking of Russian regions by the number of middle class representatives

Rating appeared on the website of the publication “RIA Novosti”. The studies were conducted on the basis of Rosstat data. The middle class, according to the publication, include families who can buy a car and an apartment. In addition, after the payment of loans for daily expenses, they should have at least two subsistence minimums per person. The study looked at families where at least one person has a job.

It turned out that the share of the middle class in 71 Russian regions does not exceed 20 percent of the total population… and in General in Russia to the middle class can be attributed 14.2% of families.

The leader of the list was the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, in which 45 percent of families can be attributed to the middle class. More than a third of families are in the middle class in the Magadan region and the Chukotka Autonomous district. Also in the top five were Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra and Nenets Autonomous Okrug — 32 and 29 percent, respectively. Moscow took the seventh place, and St. Petersburg became the eighth in the list….

At the end of the list were Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia. Experts explain these results of high fertility, and therefore the family needs to feed more children. Also in the last ten included Kalmykia — 4.9 percent, Crimea — 5.5 percent, Ivanovo region — 5.6 percent and Orel region — 6.1 percent….

The award for information on the police officer who hit the girl is declared

The head of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov announced a reward of one hundred thousand rubles for data on the identity of the police officer who hit the girl in the stomach on Saturday’s opposition rally in Moscow. Chikov said that is a “wanted criminal”. He promised to provide full legal support to the victim.

Daria Sosnovskaya herself on Sunday asked for help from doctors and intends to write a statement to the Investigative Committee with the requirement to bring police officers to criminal responsibility under the article on abuse of power.

Moscow police establishes the name of the employee who punched the girl in the stomach during detention after the rally on August 10. It is interesting that the inspection of the interior Ministry began not immediately, but only after they received a telephone message from polyclinics.

After this event, more than 120 thousand people signed a petition for www.change.org against anonymity of security officers who work at protest actions, and suggest to put personal number on a form and helmets

The maximum salary for NASA astronauts

“As much as possible, according to the existing grid, NASA astronauts can qualify for the category of Federal employees GS-15, which is equivalent to the rank of military Colonel or Navy captain. The annual salary for these positions is about 155 thousand dollars (about 13 thousand dollars a month),” – told RIA Novosti ex-NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

The astronaut left NASA in 2016, on account of four flights into space, including an annual expedition to the ISS.

The situation of the janitor with a debt of 2 billion rubles will be monitored by the Ombudsman

Commissioner for human rights in the Moscow region Ekaterina Semenova will monitor the situation with the janitor from Voskresensk, which owes about two billion rubles. This is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Ombudsman. Semenov notes that takes the case of a janitor in personal control.

“Voskresensk business news” wrote that Svetlana Bodrova, working as a janitor at the utility company in Voskresensk, want to collect almost 2 billion rubles.

University students will be expelled on the advice of artificial intelligence

The Director of EDCrunch University assured that the recommendations of artificial intelligence will not be binding, the final decision on the fate of the student will be made by the Dean’s office. According to the Ministry of education, in 2018, 16.8% of students were expelled from universities for various reasons. Experts believe that the introduction of artificial intelligence will reduce this figure to 10%.

In the hydrometeorological Center told about the fire danger in Siberia and the far Eastern Federal district

The scientific head of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand said that in the coming days in some regions of Siberia and the Far East, a high fire danger is predicted. In the Irkutsk region again increases the area of forest fires. On Sunday morning, the area covered by fire areas of the Siberian taiga exceeds 700 thousand hectares, and the day it increased by 31 thousand hectares, the press service of the regional government. The oil in the Evenki brought oxygen

Russia will reduce import duties on foreign cars for the last time

Russia will last time reduce import customs duties on imported cars in the framework of agreements with the world trade organization (WTO), reported “Izvestia” in the Ministry of economic development. The trend for the increase in imports of foreign cars that emerged last year will increase by the end of 2019.

Bringing the driver under the penalty

The President of Russia considers it unacceptable to “bring the driver under a fine” in order to increase the receipt of fines that have nothing to do with road safety.

The head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov opposed the signs-traps. According to Chernikov, cameras of fixing of violations shouldn’t be established on sites of roads with artificial understatement of speed.

“This is the wrong use of signs and markings, a special understatement of the speed limit on road sections that allow to move at a higher speed,” the head of the Department said at a meeting of the Committee of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Russia took second place in LNG supplies to Europe

Russia ranks second in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the European Union, said the first Deputy head of the Russian government apparatus Sergei Prikhodko. According to him, Russia lost only to Qatar.

China weakened the yuan to a low of 2008

The Chinese currency weakened by 75 basis points to 7,0211 yuan per us dollar, Xinhua news Agency reported on August 12. At the same time, on August 9, the yuan weakened by 97 basis points to 7.0136 per us dollar.

The average check of Russians in stores fell to a minimum

The most sharply the amount of one-time purchase decreased in the North-West by 3.2%, to 598 rubles In the Urals and Siberia, the average checks decreased by 3.1%, to 559 rubles and to 462 rubles, respectively. In the Volga Federal district the average sum of purchase amounted to RUB 496 (down 2.3%).

The Russian government refused additional benefits for Antipinsky oil refinery

The Ministry of energy and the Ministry of Finance rejected the request of the head of Sberbank German Gref for new benefits for Antipinsky oil refinery (refinery) in the Tyumen region, which passed to Sberbank. This is reported by the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to three sources.

Unemployed young people leave South Korea.

High youth unemployment rates in South Korea are taking their toll as more and more young people leave the country to work abroad. One third goes to Japan, where there has been a severe shortage of labour in recent years. Other popular destinations are the USA, Singapore and Australia.

Wheat exports from Russia began to accelerate

The pace of wheat exports from Russia began to grow: in the first week of August, deliveries increased by 18% to the previous week, to 1.3 million tons. This was reported by Kommersant, citing customs data. It is noted that at the end of August, shipments can reach 3.8–4.2 million

Reduce dependence of the country’s budget on oil to zero

The head of the organization of planning and budget of Iran, Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said that the new reforms in the budget structure of the country is aimed at the complete cessation of the direct dependence of incomes from oil revenues, according to news Agency Mehr.

Nigeria in debt dependence on China

Chinese loans account for 80% of all bilateral lending to Nigeria, Bloomberg reports, citing data from the Office for debt management in West Africa. China is lending to the country for the construction of Railways, power plants and airports, helping to bridge the huge infrastructure gap of Africa’s largest oil producer.

However, lending from China is only 3% of Nigeria’s total debt, estimated at about $81 billion Among other major creditors of Nigeria, according to Bloomberg, are France, Germany and Japan.

Britain will start using the Magnitsky amendment after Brexit is completed

British authorities will use the Magnitsky amendment to the law on sanctions and anti-money laundering after the Brexit, announced the head of the British foreign Ministry Dominic Raab.

According to him, human rights violators “anywhere in the world” will face the consequences of their actions: their assets in the UK will be frozen, and entry into this country will be banned. Raab promised to take measures to ensure that Britain did not become a safe haven for those “who benefit by torturing others.”

In Transbaikalia the office of public Prosecutor has forbidden the police

Assistant Prosecutor Krasnokamensk Ivan Ryabko force took from the police car his wife Eugene Ryabko, which the traffic police were going to check for alcohol.

After release the lady barricaded herself in the car, moved to a back seat and fell asleep. Police spent all night agreed with the Prosecutor’s office the issue of opening the car, but Eugene Ryabko touch banned. Pomeranskaya wife (works in the colony №10 UFSIN of the Russian Federation) out of the car and did not leave. Overslept and left.

The Agency has explained the new rules of fishing

Vitaly Molokov, head of the Department of control, supervision and fish conservation of Rosrybolovstvo, explained the new fishing rules, which will come into force in 2020. It is reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. According to him, the new rules will summarize the rules that were in force before.

Now the use of Gill nets is completely prohibited. However, said Molokov, some categories of fishermen will be allowed to use the network. We are talking about the inhabitants of the far North, Siberia and the Far East where fishing nets is the main source of food. At the same time, he added, the network will be marked. In addition, it is now impossible to use electric rods, because they cause significant damage to living in water bodies.

“Underwater hunters are forbidden to swim in places of mass organized recreation of citizens (at beaches, baths), use scuba diving and other Autonomous breathing apparatus, hunt, being out of the water, use individual electronic means of detecting fish under water”, – comments “RG” member of the joint Council of the Federation of underwater fishing of Russia and underwater hunter with 60 years of experience Vitaly Vinogradov. There are also daily rates of catch.

For 5g networks in Russia chose the “Chinese” frequency range

Due to the lack of frequencies, the Ministry of communications offers a key range for creating 5G networks in Russia to choose 4.4-4.99 GHz, which is unpopular in most countries, except China and Japan

The Russian military will have its own cellular communication

As a part of crews of management of the Ministry of defence of Russia there will be the companies equipped with mobile repeaters and antennas of cellular communication. New equipment has already received parts stationed in Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk, told “Izvestia” sources in the Ministry of defense.

President of Turkmenistan intends to purchase the entire line of cars Aurus

Turkmenistan intends to purchase the entire line of new Russian representative aurus cars. Demonstration of a special copy of one of these models took place on Monday at the first Caspian economic forum (KEF) in Turkmenbashi.

The village Saranovo in the Kemerovo region cut off from civilization

As reports the edition “Sbdemo” with reference to the resident of the village Saranovo, the only way to travel to the nearest city Taegu – the iron road, as the roadway in the direction of the city.

The villagers are unable to obtain prompt assistance from local services. Ambulance and firefighters can not pass to the village, so the locals have to cope on their own. Patients they carry to hospital, waiting for the next train and literally praying that the person survived and in the same way carry the dead for examinations in a morgue.

Residents of the village have repeatedly appealed to the administration to build a roadway, but they were explained that it is unprofitable to build a separate road between the Taiga and Suranov. Now the authorities claim that soon the route connecting Taiga and Tomsk which will pass through the village will be constructed, however when there will be a road, nobody knows.

Trams from Moscow took to the streets of Novosibirsk

In total, eight such trams were brought from Moscow to Novosibirsk. Until the move to Siberia, he did not go off the Moscow rails. He was brought here in good condition. But before you release the line, still checked and tinted.

“Technical inspection of all running units, electrical equipment was carried out. The car is painted inside and outside”, – said the head of the branch №5 “right Bank tram” MKP “get” Evgeny Nazarov.

These trams are very young – they are only about 20 years old. About 4-7 years ago, each of them underwent major repairs. Came to the route so far only two.

Medvedev spoke about plans for the development of the Russian Caspian sea

In the coming years, about 200 billion rubles will be allocated to projects for the development of the Russian Caspian and Volga, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, speaking at the first Caspian economic forum in Turkmenistan.

Iran proposed to reduce tariffs in trade between the Caspian countries

First Vice President of Iran, Eshaq of Jahangiri invited representatives of the countries-participants of the Caspian economic forum to reduce tariffs in the trade in the Caspian sea

The Ministry has proposed to give money to the shipbuilders of the far Eastern Federal district

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to allocate 8.6 billion rubles from the budget for the Amur and Khabarovsk shipbuilding plants. They are part of the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

According to the Ministry of industry and trade,the difficult financial situation of the far Eastern shipbuilders is caused by accumulated losses, high overhead costs and low-margin loading.

People’s Bank of China is preparing to release its own cryptocurrency

The people’s Bank of China is close to releasing its own cryptocurrency. On Monday, August 12, Bloomberg reported, citing a senior official of the Central Bank of China.
In 2017, Beijing has banned the ICO (initial placement of tokens) and transactions between the yuan and bitcoin. From this moment the country was closed for 88 cryptocurrency exchanges as well as stopped 85 ICO.

Russians were advised not to take loans in foreign currency

Most Russians should not take loans in foreign currency due to possible exchange rate fluctuations, according to the website of the CPS.

A cheap mortgage loan for 20 years in Swiss francs is attractive only if you work in the Russian representative office of a Swiss company that pays you a salary in this currency and has signed an employment contract with you for 20 years. If you get a ruble salary, the exchange rate fluctuations during the loan period is sure to surprise you unpleasantly. And probably more than once. The fall of the ruble to the franc in 2-3 times as many times will increase your payments on the loan, – said in a statement

Around the airports may begin mass construction

The Ministry of transport has developed a draft law on the new procedure for establishing paartronic territories (PAT), in the summer the text was sent to airports. “Vedomosti” familiar with him, confirmed the authenticity of the five participants of the meetings on this subject.

According to the bill of the Ministry of transport, it is proposed to establish a PAT with six subzones. The seventh can be allocated additionally, but not later than 2025. As the newspaper notes, this subzone is the largest, without it the airport area is reduced several times. According to the interlocutor of the edition, in case of adoption of amendments hundreds of thousands hectares around the airports for five years will leave from-under control of Rosaviatsia and can be built up.

New Zealand authorities bought from the population of more than ten thousand weapons

The new Zealand government bought from the population of more than 10 thousand units of prohibited semi-automatic weapons in less than a month of the scheme for its return, the Guardian newspaper reports.

After the attack in Christchurch, which claimed the lives of 50 people, new Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a ban on all military semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles in the country. In April, The new Zealand Parliament passed a bill banning semi-automatic weapons of combat type, assault rifles and their parts

The eighth round of talks between the US and the Taliban ended

The eighth round of talks between the United States and the radical Taliban (banned in Russia) ended on Monday. This was reported by Reuters, citing a representative of the Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid.

“[The talks] were long and useful, both sides decided to consult with their leaders or leaders about further steps,” he said.

Russian opposition plans to hold a new rally in Moscow on August 17

After the rally in support of unregistered candidates to the Moscow city Duma on Saturday on Sakharov Avenue, which became the most popular since 2012, municipal deputies Elena Filina, Ilya Azar and Andrei Morev filed an application for approval of the protest March along the boulevards of Moscow on August 17. The Moscow opposition announced that it may not recognize the results of the elections to the Moscow city Duma

Mechanics of the black sea fleet learned to repair

Sailors of the black sea fleet have mastered the production of restoration boats equipped with foreign engines such as Rolls-Royce, MAN, Caterpillar, said a source in the military-industrial complex.

Yemeni President accused Iran of undermining stability in the country

Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi said that Iran is to blame for undermining stability in the South and Northern regions of the country. He said this during a meeting with king Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.

In the IRGC, said on Iran’s ability to detain any vessel

Iran is able to detain any vessel, even if it is accompanied by ships of the United States or Britain, said the commander of the naval forces of the Islamic revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC, part of the armed forces of Iran) Alireza Tangsiri in an interview with the Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeen. In addition, Tangsiri stressed that the IRGC Navy is responsible for ensuring security in the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf.

Sixth division of British troops

According to the newspaper Telegraph, the British army decided to create special military units for offensive military operations in the information space. The new unit of the British army will be called the “Sixth division” .

Its task is to respond to “attacks” on the Internet and social networks and response. At the same time, the new division is given such importance, as the commander of the land forces of great Britain, Lieutenant General Ivan Jones, said that the new unit will act “above and below the threshold of conventional conflict” to resist “harmful activities”, which allegedly leads for example Russia.

Afghanistan should be involved in the construction of highways, according to the SCO

Afghanistan should be actively involved in the creation of transport routes in Asia, this will serve as one of the factors in stabilizing the situation in the country, SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov said.

In Vietnam summed up the Competition of violin and chamber music

The international violin and chamber music competition ended in Vietnam. It was held from 3 to 11 August and gathered performers from 19 countries. Russian violinist Peter Fedotov won the third place (bronze).

Festival “Days of Japan in the southern Urals»

The first origami festival, master classes on Japanese traditional arts, concerts, exhibitions, creative meetings, thematic lectures and “cultural dialogues”-meetings with Japanese and Russian specialists are waiting for the South Ural residents.

In Moscow for the first time will be an exhibition of photographs of Harry Benson

Moscow will host the first Russian exhibition of Scottish photojournalist Harry Benson. His works will be shown in the Center of the Lumiere brothers ‘ photo from September 19 to January 19 next year. The lens Benson got US presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama and Donald trump.

Exhibition of Mayakovsky’s works in the format of travel blog

Samara literary Museum on its site “Gorky Center” August 17 opens an exhibition of works by Vladimir Mayakovsky “Mayakovsky. There We are,” dedicated to his overseas travel, according to the Museum website.

“The poet felt the need to meet with the public, to popularize his work, promoting the aesthetics of the avant-garde. Mayakovsky recorded his impressions of his trips in poems, essays, articles and reports. Such a detailed description of travel is comparable to modern travel blogs,” the report said.

European heritage days

More than 70 thousand different events are planned in Europe from August to October as part of the European heritage Days, the European Commission, which together with the Council of Europe is the initiator of this major cultural event on the continent. European heritage days are held annually with the support of The creative Europe program, and this year’s theme is “Art and entertainment”.

“They will demonstrate the value of our common heritage, emphasizing the need to preserve it for present and future generations,” the European Commission communiqué says.

Taylor swift announced the release of a new song

At the ceremony of Teen Choice Awards (“Choice of teenagers”) Taylor swift said that August 16 will be released her new song Lover, according to Entertainment Weekly. The new seventh album (it is also called the Lover), the singer will release on August 23.

In smartphones found a vulnerability that allows you to turn them into weapons

According to “BBC”, some smartphones, computers, headphones, portable speakers and Handsfree systems have an insufficient level of protection against hacking. Hackers are able to call out of these gadgets high-or low-frequency sounds that pose a threat to people.

As proof of this theory, the expert with the help of a program-scanner Bluetooth signal took control of the speakers of some devices and caused them to sound stimuli

In Russia created a single application to search for missing Pets

The Russian team of developers has launched a mobile application “Paws”, designed to place ads about the loss of a pet or to report that the animal was found. At the moment, the service is already used by about 50 thousand people.

In the US, the election race begins.

The study showed that former us Vice President Joe Biden would have been ahead of the current President Donald trump by 8% in the presidential elections, if they were held now. Joe Biden is considered one of the key contenders for the nomination of a presidential candidate from the Democratic party.

The state’s share in the Russian economy continues to grow

The number of legal entities in state ownership decreased by 9%, including companies with state participation — by 30% over the past four years. But the state’s share in the economy continues to grow. The total number of economic entities in state ownership for four years decreased by 6 thousand, from 65.5 thousand in 2016 to 59.6 thousand as of January 1, 2019.

Including reduced the number of companies with state participation:

  • the total number of joint-stock companies whose shares are in Federal ownership is more than 30%, from 1557 at the beginning of 2016 to 1084 by 2019;
  • including the number of JSC with state participation at the level of 25-50% — twice;
  • the number of companies in which the state owns a share of more than 50% – by 45.8%;
  • the number of companies with a special right of the state to participate in management (“Golden share”) decreased by 13.6%.

With the advent of the car there was a problem – where to leave it.

In Japan, when a citizen intends to buy a car, he must present a certificate that he has a place where he will put it. This order started in the middle of the XX century. As a result, the curbs of narrow streets in the center of Tokyo are free of cars.

Huawei invests $800 million in the construction of a new plant in Brazil

Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd intends to build a new plant in Brazil. The project, which will build a plant in the state of são Paulo, will require an investment of $800 million over the next three years.

South Korean messenger Kakao will launch its own crypto-wallet

Own cryptocurrency wallet Klip from South Korean company Kakao will be launched in the second half of 2019. It will support the altcoin messenger Klay and other coins on the klaytn blockchain, writes The Block with reference to local media


Closed the world’s oldest magazine about Linux

Linux Journal, which announced its closure in 2017, managed to find funding and hold out for another two years, but now finally stopped working. The editor explains the decline of the publication by the fact that Linux and free SOFTWARE lost the battle to the technological giants.

Editor Kyle Rankin said goodbye to readers in a letter published on the magazine’s website, and said that the Linux Journal “closed its doors forever” from August 7, 2019.

“All employees were dismissed, and the company did not have operating funds to continue working in any capacity. The website will continue to run for the next few weeks, possibly longer for archival purposes if we can implement it,” Rankin writes.

In the Telegram there is a new function

Telegram users can appreciate the novelties in the application, which appeared with the update 5.10. The developers have implemented 3 actual functions. The first newest option is the ability to send a quiet message. The second addition is the use of “slow mode”. And the third novelty is the use of the Comments tool.App

“Hubble” received photos of a giant space “embryo»

The Hubble orbital Observatory received photographs of a planetary nebula in the constellation Orion, similar in shape to a giant coffee bean or a newly formed embryo. Her pictures were published on the website of the space telescope.

China successfully launched the first reusable rocket

On August 10, the Chinese company LinkSpace completed the third stage of tests of the reusable rocket

Camp after complaints children became preoccupied with the Prosecutor

3600 children from families affected by the flood in the Irkutsk region will rest in children’s health camps, two weeks ago promised to the whole country Putin. At a meeting in the Kremlin with the elected victims, the President announced Artek, and promised to send his guests to Dagomys , a complex of the AP Affairs management.

FNS called the number of registered self-employed Russians

The number of Russian citizens registered as self-employed and legalized their income at the beginning of August reached 162 thousand people. All of them became users of my tax app. This “news” told the Federal tax service (FTS).

The volume of products has become smaller and the price is higher

Most residents of Russia 72% notice that in the last five years the volume and weight of food packages has decreased, and the price has remained and even increased. 14% did not notice such changes. Such data were presented by the all-Russian center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM).

The largest investment banks plan to reduce to 30 thousand employees

The world’s leading investment banks plan to reduce about 30 thousand employees. The reason for this is the reduction in the volume of transactions, gaining the pace of automation and the fall in interest rates, reports TASS study of the financial Times.

The Russian was fined 128 million for a loan from a foreign Bank

It turned out that in 2017, businessman Alexei Ermakov took a loan of 170 million rubles from Unibank in Armenia to buy a share in a local company. The money he received in his account in the same Bank. The tax Inspectorate in Moscow found out about the transaction and fined Ermakov 75 % of the transaction amount. According to currency legislation, currency transactions can only take place with the participation of Russian banks. The businessman explained that the Russian banks refused him a loan, and it was impossible to transfer the loan from Armenia to another Bank.