14 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/13/2019

The Kremlin spoke about Putin’s reaction to rallies in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin draws attention to the protests in Moscow, but does not consider them something out of the ordinary. This was stated by the press Secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, RIA Novosti reported.

The Kremlin justifies the tough actions of law enforcement

The Kremlin considers unacceptable disproportionate use of force by the police, but justifies the tough actions of law enforcement officers to prevent riots. This opinion was expressed by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions.

“Here it is necessary to clearly differentiate: legitimate, agreed in advance in the prescribed manner action of a particular nature, as well as actions that probably fall under the attempts of organization or involvement of people in public disorder — these are completely different phenomena”, — quotes RIA Novosti Peskov.

As Peskov noted, law enforcement officers in this case perform their duties, doing everything necessary to stop “such illegitimate attempts”, as well as to ensure security during the agreed actions.

Zelensky will make it easier for Russians to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

Vladimir Zelensky instructed the government to prepare a bill on a simplified procedure for granting Ukrainian citizenship to Russians, the decree was published on the website of the head of state. The document refers to persons who have been “persecuted for political reasons”.



Beglov at the debate called himself non-party

At the first debate of candidates for Governor of St. Petersburg, the acting head of the region Alexander Beglov called himself a non-party and “the only business Executive among politicians.” He said this after his opponents agreed that it was time to change the management system built by the United Russia party.

The FSB reported the recruitment of foreign students by terrorists in Russia

International terrorists are trying to attract foreign students studying in Russian universities. This was stated by the Director of the Federal security service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov at a meeting of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAC).

British ship HMS Kent sent to the Persian Gulf

On Tuesday, August 13, TASS published a message with reference to the British newspaper Daily Mail that the Persian Gulf sent a frigate HMS Kent of the United Kingdom Navy, which will replace the ship HMS Duncan.

Government of Gibraltar announced the date of the liberation of the Iranian tanker

“Officials of the government of Gibraltar say that the ship Grace 1 will be released today until the evening local time,” – said the Agency in its Telegram-channel.

The authorities of British Gibraltar on July 4 suspected the Iranian tanker Grace 1 in violation of EU sanctions against Syria.

In India announced the purchase of upgraded MiG-29 at “bargain prices»

In India, confirmed the information that the air force of the country will be purchased from Russia upgraded versions of MiG-29. The statement about the “bargain price” in comparison with the price for “Rafali” caused a wave of criticism among opponents of the acquisition of the MiG-29 in India. There are words that for the MiG-29, the price of 27.6 million dollars is too high, even if it went through a multi-stage modernization.

Sobyanin increased the award to young scientists to 2 million rubles

The mayor’s office of the capital has signed a resolution that increases the size of the award to young researchers and developers from one and a half to two million rubles. Scientists up to 36 years old, doctors of science — up to 40 years old can apply for them. Applications can be submitted both personally and by the whole research team.

Controversial judge Hahaleva removed from management processes

The new Chairman of the Krasnodar regional court Alexey Shipilov changed the composition of judges on specializations. Now 10 trains will consider criminal and civil cases, and the eleventh will be engaged in scientific Advisory work and generalization of practice in civil cases. This composition will be headed by Elena Khakhaleva, she will start work on August 15. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Also according to the publication, the loss of influence of Khakhaleva in court due to the departure of Alexander Chernov, with whom they are related, with the post of Chairman of the Krasnodar regional court.

The son-in-law of the President of Turkey presented a flying car Cezeri

The official presentation of the first flying car made in Turkey will be held at the exhibition in Istanbul. Cezeri auto flight was created by specialists of the Turkish defense company Bayker Makina, whose head is the son-in-law of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Selchuk Bayraktar.

The inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk have fined for disrespectful comments about the President

“June 11 in the daytime Socks EO … on the personal page of the social network “Vkontakte” under the user name “E Socks”… posted for public use information expressed in indecent form, regarding the President of the Russian Federation… Recognize Noskov EO guilty of an administrative offense under part 3 of Art. 20.1 of the administrative Code and impose a penalty of an administrative fine in the amount of 30 000 rubles,” – stated in the court decision.

In the DPRK copy of the missiles the US and Russia

In the DPRK in the missile replicate samples, standing on the armament of the USA and Russia. Such conclusions were made by experts after the news about the new tests of weapons, held recently in North Korea.

US “much understood” after the explosion in the Arkhangelsk region

Us President Donald trump spoke in his microblog on Twitter about the explosion at the site of the Russian defense Ministry in the Arkhangelsk region, the victims of which were five employees of “Rosatom”.

The United States is learning much from the failed missile explosion in Russia. We have similar, though more advanced, technology. The Russian “Skyfall” explosion has people worried about the air around the facility, and far beyond. Not good!

Moscow city hall refused to agree on the March on August 17

Municipal Deputy Andrei Morev, who is one of the applicants for the March along the boulevards of the capital on August 17 for free elections, said on his Facebook page that the Moscow city hall did not agree on the action

The expert urged the state Duma to toughen the punishment for illegal rallies

State Duma Deputy Mikhail Starshinov proposed to tighten measures in relation to the organizers and participants of the uncoordinated actions. The initiative was appreciated by economist and political scientist Alexander Dudchak. The politician proposes to detain them for 72 hours, not three.

In Russia, a new way of telephone fraud.

As reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the attackers in a telephone conversation presented by the Bank, but do not require to tell the confidential data of Bank cards. They claim that the credit institution found out about an attempt to withdraw funds from an account in another region.

As a result, the scammers report that they blocked the attempt to write off the money, and offer to verify the devices that have access to the personal account. They will then know if the client is using Android or IOS. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” adds that later the attackers offer to help disable the system, which is not used by the client using the delegation program teamviewer.

According to the publication, it “allows you to connect a stranger and perform any operation on your behalf.” To do this, scammers need a user id with which they can connect to the smartphone and take possession of confidential information.

“In this case, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to prove an attempt at unauthorized hacking. Because you voluntarily allowed access”, — have informed in “the Russian newspaper”.

In the US came into force a ban on ZTE and Huawei devices in state institutions

The ban on the purchase and use of equipment of Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE came into force in the United States on August 13, the press service of the Federal register of the United States.

Named the most popular in Russia profession

The most popular professions in Russia in 2019, became the seller-cashier, cook, teacher of vocational training and lawyer, follows from the presentation of the Institute of labor of the Ministry of labor, available to RIA Novosti

The top ten demanded professions also includes the social work specialist, procurement specialist, teacher dopobrazovaniya children and adults, nurse, clerk, accountant, and teacher-defectologist.

Ministry of education decided not to introduce the exam for College graduates

The Ministry of Education decided not to introduce the exam for graduates of colleges and technical schools because of its inexpediency, said the head of the Ministry Olga Vasilyeva.Read in source

If a student left after the ninth grade in secondary vocational education, no one takes away his right to take the exam. It is enshrined in law. Another question is whether this exam is necessary for graduates of the str as mandatory. — Olga Vasilyeva, Russian politician

Most people in the US oppose biometric technologies.

About six out of ten people surveyed in the United States indicated some doubts or concerns about biometric authentication. The main concern is about data and the concern that this technology is too easy to fool. Biometric authentication includes fingerprints, facial recognition, iris, and voice recognition.

Russian trade unions have proposed to reduce the working week

Deputy head of the Department of social and labor relations of the FNPR Elena Korsakova proposed to consider this issue in the Russian tripartite Commission on regulation of social and labor relations, taking into account the current wage system, working regimes and other features of the organization of labor in Russia. According to the FNPR, a four-day working week should help to optimize the time of work and rest

Kamchatka explained why excursions to The valley of geysers are expensive

“In 2019, a one-day excursion to the Kronotsky reserve with a visit to the valley of geysers and Caldera of Uzon volcano costs an average of 45 thousand rubles, – the reserve staff said. – This amount includes: helicopter transfer, tour operator services for the organization of travel, use of infrastructure on the route and security”.

An hour of flight by helicopter costs more than 200 thousand rubles in Kamchatka. The Mi-8 can accommodate 22 passengers at full load. The flight takes 2-2.5 hours. The second point – the work of a travel Agency for the organization of travel. According to the staff, for a tour of the valley of geysers and Uzon Caldera reserve receives 10 thousand 650 rubles.

The us budget deficit exceeded the figure of 2018

The US budget deficit for the ten months of the current fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2018, exceeded the total for the entire previous fiscal year. On Tuesday, August 13, reports TASS with reference to data of the report of the American Ministry of Finance.

In Australia for the first time in 35 years it snowed

It snowed for the first time in 35 years on the southeastern coast of Australia. According to TASS, the Antarctic cyclone gave residents of Victoria and New South Wales a thick snow cover.

In the Kuzbass and a half times increased the fee for overhaul

From September 1, 2019, the fee for overhaul will increase from 4.13 rubles to 6.17 rubles per square meter, that is, by 62.5 %. The last time the fee for major repairs was increased in 2017, however, then the fee increased by 5.9 % — from 3.9 rubles to 4.13 rubles per square

Holidays in Egypt will be more expensive

The country will increase the existing tourist fees and introduce new taxes From November 15, each tourist departing on an international regular or Charter flight from the Egyptian airport will be charged $ 25, ATOR reports, citing the Ministry of civil aviation of Egypt.

The debts of residents for utility services prohibited to transfer to collectors

Federal law No. 214-FZ came into force. To demand payment on the debts can only the landlord of the dwelling, the management and resource providing organization, resperator for the treatment of MSW, as well as a legal person or entrepreneur to whom the owners transfer the payment for housing and communal services

Rostov diocese will consider spending on the visit of Patriarch Kirill

The visit of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia to Rostov-on-don, which is scheduled for October this year, is estimated at 11 million rubles. This was reported by a number of Rostov mass media, citing deacon Andrei Kuraev.

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine agreed with the position of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine agreed with the position of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry and called the trip to the Crimea of the Russian President “unacceptable violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” The Embassy noted that together with Ukraine they oppose “Russian aggression”.

On August 10, Vladimir Putin visited Crimea, where he attended the shadow of Babylon bike show organized by the Night wolves motorcycle club. Putin came to the event driving a motorcycle “Ural” with a sidecar. With him he brought the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Ministry of economy of Russia prepares standards of responsibility for business

The Ministry of economy and the all-Russian Academy of foreign trade (VAVT) are developing a national plan for the implementation of responsible business standards. In particular, the requirements for non-financial reporting, rational use of natural resources, protection of human rights will be established, Vedomosti newspaper reports. Compliance with the rules will be voluntary, said the head of the program senior researcher of VAVT Antonina Levashenko.

The number of employed persons in small and medium-sized enterprises has decreased

The number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) decreased by 4% to 5.69 million, and the number of employees in this sector — by 5%, from 16 million to 15.2 million people. This is stated in the study “Support of Russia” on the basis of data from the Federal tax service, which is available to “Izvestia”.

Iran opposed the construction of a gas pipeline in the Caspian sea

Iran opposes the construction of a gas pipeline in the Caspian sea, as it can cause serious damage to the ecology of the region, said the representative of the National Gas Company (Iran) Behruz Namdari.

“The construction of the gas pipeline from the East to the West of the Caspian sea can cause severe damage to the ecology of the region…. Iran is against its construction,” Namdari said speaking at the Caspian economic forum.

He recalled that Iran offers its neighbors to use its infrastructure – gas pipelines and terminals – to supply gas to world markets.

The Chinese Corporation has offered “Rosneft” to build a shipyard “Zvezda»

One of the largest construction corporations in the world, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), is negotiating with Rosneft to obtain a contract for the construction of the facilities of the Zvezda shipyard, which Rosneft is building with its partners in Bolshoy Kamen Bay near Vladivostok.

Lithuania bought a new batch of gas from Russia

Satellite navigation data indicate that another batch of liquefied natural gas was delivered to the Klaipeda LNG terminal from Vysotsk. This is the second tanker from the Russian port this month.

Chinese port of Tianjin reported on the growth of Maritime trade

Tianjin customs reported a 9.7% increase in trade volume in the first half of the year. Imports reached 52.15 billion yuan, which is 27.9% higher than in the same period of 2018

The US will support the UK in case of exit from the EU without a deal

If the UK decides to withdraw from the European Union without an agreement with Brussels, Washington “enthusiastically” support this decision, said Monday the newspaper The Sun, citing U.S. presidential adviser on national security John Bolton.

United States tightened the rules for issuing green cards

The us administration has tightened the issuance of green cards to foreigners who expect to receive state benefits, said Ken Cucinelli, acting Director of the Citizenship and immigration service at the us Department of homeland security (DHS).

“The rule prevents foreigners who are likely to become state-supported individuals from coming to the United States and receiving a green card,” said Mr. Cucinelli (quoted by Fox News).

The administration has already signed the relevant order, it will enter into force in October. It will focus on those who intend to receive health insurance for the poor, Medicaid, and food stamps for the poor.

The Third Russian-Chinese festival of culture and art opened in Harbin

To participate in the Third Russian-Chinese festival of culture and art invited 16 groups from 13 countries, such as the Symphony choir of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, children’s and youth Symphony orchestra of Khabarovsk Krai, chamber orchestra-ensemble Kanazawa from Japan, Busan brass band and ensemble of Gwangju from South Korea, the choir “Golden bell” from Prague (Czech Republic).

In Chinese Xinjiang launched the first high-speed trains

The first high-speed passenger trains were put into operation in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region of China (XUAR, in the North-West of the country). They are able to reach speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

As noted in the press service of the local railway company China Railway Urumqi Group, by the end of this year, it is planned to launch 20 more trains of the class “fusin”on various railway routes in XUAR. Trains of this class also run between Beijing and Shanghai at a speed of 350 km per hour.

Turkish air force officer asked for political asylum in Greece

On August 13, RIA Novosti published a report citing a source in Greek law enforcement agencies that a Turkish soldier had escaped and asked for political asylum in Greece.

China accused India of violating border agreements

India for its actions in Kashmir had violated the bilateral agreement on maintaining peace and stability in border areas, said Monday the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang I.

In the UK, clinical trials of the vaccine against chlamydia

Professor Robin Shattock from Imperial College London reported on the effectiveness of a new vaccine to protect against common sexually transmitted infections (STIs), chlamydia that has been shown in clinical testing

“The results are encouraging because they show that the vaccine is safe and produces the type of immune response, which potentially may protect against chlamydia,” said Shattock.

Useful mutations in humans will continue

Scientists from around the world have studied four million point mutations, the carriers of which are the modern inhabitants of Britain. The raw materials for the analysis were the genetic materials of three thousand Britons stored in the Biobank.

The result of the analysis was the discovery of four genes that influenced the appearance and lifestyle of people. One of them is responsible for the synthesis of lactase — an enzyme through which the human body can absorb milk sugars. Researchers believe that this gene is entrenched in the genome of British livestock about two thousand years ago. Other important mutations are blonde hair and eyes, as well as freckles and tall stature.

Ex-President of Kyrgyzstan Atambayev accused of preparing a coup

The Kyrgyz authorities accused former President Almazbek Atambayev of preparing a coup in the country. This was during a press conference on Tuesday said the head of the Kyrgyz State Committee for national security (SCNS) Orozbek Orumbaev

In the Amur region on the monument to world war II portrayed NATO soldiers

In the center of the village of dipkun, the Amur region, on the monument to the heroes of the great Patriotic war, depicted NATO military countries holding m-16 rifles (American automatic rifles).

Maduro has created a new Ministry

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the creation of a new Agency in the country — the Ministry of tourism and foreign trade. He wrote about it in his Twitter.

Cuba will establish the production of military equipment with the help of Russia

Havana has signed contracts with Moscow, which involve the improvement of the military industry of the country. Pay for the work of the loan of 38 million euros, which was allocated to Cuba.

“All contracts are signed. Fully, 38 million all decorated,” – said “Interfax” Deputy Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation of Russia Anatoly Punchuk, – adding that assistance in the transfer of competencies and powers will affect the equipment that Russia transferred to Cuba earlier.

China sent troops to the border with Hong Kong

According to the official version, Beijing began large-scale military exercises. China introduces troops to the border with Hong Kong, where for about three months are multimillion protests. Columns of armored vehicles and trucks stretched for kilometers and block the highway and city streets.

Kim Jong-UN raised more than a hundred military for the development of new weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN promoted 103 military ranks for services in the development of “new powerful weapons systems”, the order was published on the front page of the country’s Central newspaper “Nodon Sinmun”

Us military experts arrived on the border with Syria

The Turkish defense Ministry reported that a United States delegation of six people arrived in the Turkish province of Sanliurfa on the border with Syria.

Bulgaria bought from the US eight f-16 fighters for $1.2 billion

Bulgaria transferred to the us Agency for defense cooperation and security the amount of $1.2 billion for eight multi-purpose fighters F-16 Block 70 and the necessary equipment and weapons, according to the Ministry of defense of the country. It is specified that $1.2 billion is all the necessary amount.

In Moldova started talking about the removal of parliamentary immunity

As stated by MP from the party “shore” Marina Tauber, her party colleagues “have nothing to fear and no reason to hide behind parliamentary immunity” and call for the same members of other factions. To abolish parliamentary immunity in Moldova, it is necessary to amend the Constitution

The team of Sergey Dorenko left the “Moscow speaking” in the Telegram

“Our team includes journalists who worked with Sergey on two radio stations for more than 10 years. Among them are his deputies, news editors and broadcasters. These are people who do not see the opportunity to continue to work on the radio “Says Moscow” in connection with new appointments, but want to keep the principles of Sergei Dorenko,” — said in a statement issued by journalists.

Operational news, photos and video materials will be published in the Telegram channel “Rise”. In the channel “Defrocked”, which was formerly led by Sergei Dorenko, will be published exclusives — interviews, longreads and quotes.

Released the trailer for the film “My name is Dolemite” with Eddie Murphy in the title role

Netflix has published on its YouTube channel the first trailer of Craig Brewer’s film “My name is Dolemite”. The role of comedian, musician, singer and actor Rudy ray Moore, better known under the pseudonym Dolemite, performed by Eddie Murphy.

Central Bank of Russia issued coins in honor of the cartoon “Bremen town musicians»

It is noted that a coin with a face value of three rubles, made of silver, and a coin with a face value of 25 rubles, made of base metals. On the reverse sides of the coins there is a scene from the cartoon, at the top of the circle there is an inscription “Bremen town musicians”.

Last time was the coins, “Well, wait a minute!”that we ourselves had to ask the Central Bank to provide the Studio copies, so we can show them. — Juliana Slascheva

The team from the Republic of Korea will shoot a reality show in Moscow

Shooting of the new South Korean reality show will be held in Moscow on September 13 with the support of the capital’s tourism Committee, the press service of the Committee said on Monday

“For the filming of the first series of the first season of the new project of the South Korean media company CJ and the popular TVN channel, the crew went to Russia. In the story of the program five popular Korean actors who are friends in life, traveling on the TRANS-Siberian railway from Vladivostok to Moscow. The capital hosts the final block of filming with the study of the city and sightseeing,” the report said.

In September, St. Petersburg will host the international film forum

The event will be held at the conference hotel “Corinthia St. Petersburg”, which is located on Nevsky Prospekt. Synposium will be held the 43rd time, however, Russia will host it for the first time. The event is held annually, experts gather at the professional forum, there is a discussion of the development and production of the film industry. All topics and problems related to this area are covered….

The Museum of modern history of Russia will host an exhibition of students Ilya Glazunov

On August 15, the Museum of modern history of Russia will host an exhibition of the best theses of students of the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture Ilya Glazunov. The exhibition presents paintings devoted to the heroic history of Russia

Khabarovsk will host the international festival of Korean culture

The international festival of Korean culture will be held in Khabarovsk on August 15-17. It will be dedicated to the 74th anniversary of the end of world war II and the liberation of Korea from the Japanese Empire by Soviet troops.

Moscow Kremlin museums will present an exhibition about the Imperial court in Beijing

The exhibition “Ceremonies of the Russian Imperial court”, organized by the Moscow Kremlin museums (MMK), will be held from August 23 to November 8 at the Gugun Museum in Beijing. This was reported on Monday by the press service of MMK.

Dmitry “Goblin” Puchkov will translate films for “Rostelecom»

Dmitry Puchkov (alias Goblin) translated and voiced for “Rostelecom” 11 films, told “Vedomosti” a representative of the operator. The first picture in the translation of the Goblin for “Rostelecom” was the “Green book” – the story of a black jazz musician, who this year won the Oscar. The representative of Puchkov confirmed to Vedomosti the information about the contract with Rostelecom. His amount was not disclosed by the parties.

New “Shrek” will be created after the premiere of “Trolls: World tour»

DreamWorks Animation Studio can create a new cartoon franchise “Shrek” immediately after the premiere of “Trolls: World tour”. On August 11, the portal Business Times reported

Announced the competition program of the film festival “Message to man»

XXIX international film festival “Message to man”, which will be held in St. Petersburg from 14 to 21 September, announced its competition program. This was told by the organizers of the event.

Billy Ailish comes to Moscow

On August 27, the concert of Billy Ailish will take place in DS “Megasport”. At the moment, the YouTube channel of the singer’s most viewed clip — the song “Bad guy”. Her works also include such hits as “bury a friend” and “you should see me in a crown”.

Verizon sells Tumblr to WordPress owner

Verizon has officially announced the sale of the online microblogging platform Tumblr to Automattic Inc, which, among other things, belongs to WordPress. This happened about eight months after the platform banned the publication of adult category content»

Google has allowed Android not to enter a password to log in to certain services

Owners of mobile devices running the Android operating system will be able to use some online services from the Google Chrome browser without the need to enter a password. Authorization will be done by fingerprint, pin or graphic code.

Xerox introduced new solutions for office work-flow

With Wi-Fi Direct, each model in the new line supports wireless printing without a router. In addition, you can connect to Xerox B210, Xerox B205, and Xerox B215 from mobile devices based on Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Android

4 billion rubles for new equipment for the research Institute

The Ministry of education in 2019 plans to allocate grants in the amount of 4.35 billion rubles for scientific organizations. This was reported by RBC in the press service of the Department. Subsidies will be aimed at updating the instrument base

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube threatened with big fines in the UK

Instagram Facebook, YouTube and Social media giants are facing heavy fines in the UK for failing to filter out malicious content on their platforms, media reports

Unemployment of the world’s largest economies.

The US labor market is in great shape. The unemployment rate fell to a 50-year low of 3.6 percent in April. As the following graph shows, Japan and Germany currently have even lower unemployment rates than the US. Russia is in sixth place. While France and Italy are still struggling with an undesirably high unemployment rate, both countries have seen improvements in their labour markets since 2014.

There was another contender for the money of the NWF.

The state Corporation for development of VEB will ask for the consent of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to use the funds of the national welfare Fund to Finance projects to upgrade public urban transport. This was stated by the head of VEB Igor Shuvalov at the meeting with Medvedev.

According to him, VEB will be engaged in the development of the 100 largest cities of Russia (with the exception of Moscow and St. Petersburg). These will be projects of clean water, treatment facilities, urban transport renovation, creation of modern housing, transformation of service in cities, Shuvalov listed.

In New Zealand, allowed to pay wages in cryptocurrency

The local Tax administration has provided detailed guidance on the regulation of this area, writes Cointelegraph. It will enter into force on 1 September and will be valid for three years.

The permission applies only to employees, and cryptocurrency, which is used for the purpose of payment of wages, should not have restrictions associated with immediate spending, and freely converted into real money. The new rules do not apply, for example, to dividend payments or to self-employed citizens.

Scientists have created a sprayable hydrogel for healing the internal wounds

The researchers were able to create a special sprayed hydrogel for healing internal wounds, the news outlet reports Evo-rus.com ahhh!

Researchers have created magnetic coils to clean the ocean of plastic

Scientists at the Adelaide Institute in Australia have developed tiny magnetic coils that are coated with nitrogen and manganese. As a result of chemical reaction highly reactive oxygen molecules split microplastics and it turns into harmless salt compounds.

The volume of greenhouse gas emissions was a record in 2018

The volume of emissions of major greenhouse gases last year broke the record, their impact on global warming increased by 43% compared to 1990, according to CNN, citing a report of the American meteorological society.

Scientists have learned new facts about the biological clock of man

Many people know about the biological clock, but few people realize that in fact there are two of them. The first are called circadian, and the second – cellular

Circadian – those that regulate the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, and cell are responsible for the processes of growth, life and death of cells. Previously, it was believed that they do not depend on each other, but a new study showed the opposite. The circadian and cellular parts are actually synchronized, and the difference between is very small.

Ranking of the world’s largest companies by revenue Fortune Global 500

The total revenue of all companies in the rating amounted to $32.7 trillion in 2018, and profit — $2.15 trillion. In total, these companies employ about 69.3 million people.

Among the Russian companies in the ranking were “Gazprom” (42 place), “LUKOIL” (50), “Rosneft” (86) and “Sberbank” (255).

Crossover Lincoln Aviator became 501-strong hybrid

Lincoln has revealed the final specifications of the hybrid version of the full-size crossover Aviator. The car received a combined power plant with a total capacity of 501 horsepower and 855 Nm of torque.

The Honda Odyssey minivan will get a commemorative version of the

In 2019, dealers were able to sell – 56611 units of the standard version of the minivan (-6,5% than in 2018). To increase sales, the manufacturer decided to add “Odyssey” accessories. The anniversary version will cost more for 2800 dollars (183200 rubles).

Karma has built an electric concept with an aviation design

The design of the concept is based on the appearance of the Hughes H-1. The concept of SC1 Vision in the company is called “research of the brand design language and innovative technological capabilities” and specify that its design and Assembly took only 12 months

Scientists have learned to make auto parts from food waste

Researchers at Ohio state University, USA, concluded that tomato peel and eggshell can replace carbon black — a key component for the production of rubber and plastics. Since most of the carbon black is obtained by burning heavy oil, and organic waste that is usually just thrown out, the use of biomass may be advantageous from the point of view of profit and from the point of view of ecology.

Daimler’s first big electric trucks are ready

Daimler announced about the readiness of the two copies of electric tractors Freightliner eCascadia intended for customers. These are not production machines yet, but they are ready for test operation at Penske and NFI, which starts this month.

Porsche introduced the most powerful hybrid Cayenne

The new product will receive a hybrid powertrain, the total capacity of which will reach 680 HP. the New Porsche Turbo S E-Hybrid will be available both in the usual crossover body and in the Coupe version.

The auction will put a 760-horsepower hypercar Pagani Zonda Aether

The maximum speed of the Pagani Zonda Aether can reach 400 km/h, it will be displayed on the analog speedometer of the car. And to start the engine provides a green button, as in the version of Zonda R. Hypercar Pagani Zonda Aether put up for auction in Abu Dhabi on November 30, 2019.

The most powerful serial SUV in the world

Rezvani company has released a new generation model Rezvani Tank X, built on the basis of Jeep Wrangler. The novelty will receive a 1014-horsepower engine, which will make it the most powerful serial SUV in the world, for such a car will have to pay almost 23 million rubles.

Atelier Mansory modified citicar Smart ForTwo

During the improvements, the German citicar was equipped with a wide body kit, which consists of expanded wings, new “skirts”, front bumper and rear diffuser with new exhaust pipes. A new grille with vertical slats inspired by modern AMG models, a front hood and side mirrors with carbon coating and several variants of 17-and 18-inch wheels complete the look.

The three-cylinder turbocharged 0.9-litre engine has been refined and now produces 125 HP of power and 200 nm Of torque instead of 90 HP and 135 Nm in the base.