14 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/13/2020

Federal debt exceeded its liquid reserves during the crisis, RBC reports, referring to statistics of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

On April 1, the government’s financial assets exceeded its debt by almost 2.5 trillion rubles: 17 trillion against 14.5 trillion rubles. In may and June, the national debt and reserves almost equaled at the level of more than 14 trillion rubles. On July 1, the Federal debt totaled 14.77 trillion, which is 1.55 trillion more than the government’s deposits (13.22 trillion).

The Russian defense Ministry will buy a batch of su-35 fighters and six corvettes

Russian defense Minister General of the army Sergei Shoigu during a visit to Komsomolsk-on-Amur on Wednesday announced plans to conclude a state contract for the supply of su-35S for 70 billion rubles and six corvettes. According to him, by the end of 2028, up to 630 billion rubles will be allocated for the implementation of the state defense order in the Khabarovsk territory.

The defense Ministry will conclude a 100-billion contract with the Irkutsk aircraft factory

The Ministry of defense of Russia is ready to conclude a contract with the Irkutsk aircraft factory in the amount of 100 billion rubles. According to preliminary data, it will be signed before the end of 2020. This was stated by the head of the defense Department, Sergei Shoigu, during a visit to Irkutsk.

According to preliminary data, under the terms of the contract, the Irkutsk aircraft factory will have to deliver 46 aircraft to the air force. Currently, IAZ offers two combat training aircraft for the air force and serially produces them: the su-30SM and Yak-130. The company will also continue working on the current repair of combat vehicles.

Satellite images showed damage to North Korea’s nuclear facility

Experts said the water “reached two pumping stations serving the reactors” at the nuclear complex.

Main events of the fourth day of protests in Minsk:

  • In the morning, Minsk residents formed a “chain of solidarity”, and other cities joined this action
  • The protesters tried out a new tactic – they tried to block traffic to prevent security forces from reaching the protest sites
  • The Internet has started working again in Belarus
  • Now all 4 opposition candidates demand to cancel the results of the Belarusian elections
  • Two traffic police officers were injured due to collisions, one in Minsk, the other in Baranovichi. Security forces opened fire
  • The Belarusian Association of journalists reported that 2 employees of the Polish TV channel Belsat were detained, and they were later released
  • The Belarusian interior Minister instructed the security forces “not to touch journalists”, except in cases when they become between violators and security forces
  • The lawyer of the employee of “Open Russia” Vazhenkov detained in Minsk told RIA Novosti that the Russian faces up to 15 years in the case of mass riots
  • A number of Belarusian TV presenters reported their dismissal from state channels. Applications were written by popular presenters with “Belarus 1” Perlin and Belmac and the leading news Agency Kozlovich

The authorities of Gelendzhik declared a shortage of water

In Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and Temryuk district, water supply may be restricted due to the heat, the head of the region warned. Municipalities should provide for the possibility of providing water to social facilities, residents and tourists in case of a shortage.

In Minsk and other Belarusian cities women take to the streets with flowers as a sign of solidarity with the victims of the protesters. They line up in human chains, passing cars honking in their support

The Belarusian special forces combat brotherhood is no more

Belarusian special forces launched a flash mob: they record video messages in which they take off their uniforms and throw them in trash cans.

Another presenter left the Belarusian TV channel “Belarus 1”.

“I would never have thought, even in my worst dream, that the soldiers and equipment I have described could be used against my people,”Vladimir Burko said, leading the Arsenal military program.

Earlier, five presenters-Yevgeny Perlin, Olga Bogatyrevich, Sergey Kozlovich, Vera Karetnikova and Olga Belmach — left the Belarus-1 and ONT channels.

Belarusian doctors said that the security forces beat them for helping the protesters.

Medics and volunteers are organized to help participants of the actions affected by the actions of the security forces. Their stories are published by Mediazona.

I personally got hit on the sides yesterday for giving out drugs from the trunk. We were beaten up, three people were taken away, they are missing. When we got back to the car, other people started shouting: Don’t touch the car, something was thrown at it

According to doctors, there is an unspoken order not to accept calls from protesters. Doctors themselves organize emergency rooms at home.

My emergency room at the stele is in a state of waiting. Over the past 24 hours, I have been organizing similar trauma centers with my colleagues in other districts of Minsk — now it is easier, there is at least some Internet. People learn about them from telegram channels and pass them on to each other. We are afraid that detractors will come, and everyone is already asking not to specify exact addresses and to remove photos and real names

Facebook is accused of collecting biometric data

Facebook instagram is accused of collecting biometric data of more than 100 million users of the social network Instagram, according to the publication Business Insider. According to a lawsuit filed against the company, Instagram has a tool that uses a facial recognition system and creates a “face template” that is then stored in its database. The social network is accused of automatically scanning users ‘ photos for faces of people who may not even use Instagram.

The channel” Russia 1 ” praised the Belarusian riot police

The channel “Russia 1” praised the Belarusian riot police, who have been dispersing protesters and beating up participants for several days.

“Once again, when they scold the Belarusian riot police for being cruel, please note that they could not disperse them in Kiev, and the Maidan has begun and is not ending for the sixth year in a row. And here they stopped it almost in three days, ” Skabeeva said.

The reaction of Europe and the United States

  • A wave of repression, this is how the German Government reacted to the outrages that the Belarusian authorities staged at the protests.
  • The Czech Prime Minister is shocked by what is happening in Belarus and called for an active response.
  • Secretary of state: the US is monitoring the situation. Belarusians deserve democracy.
  • Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland have prepared a plan to solve the crisis in Belarus.
  • The EU may impose sanctions against those responsible for repression in Belarus.
  • Lithuania called for personal sanctions against those who carried out the repression.
  • The most profitable companies in the world in 2019

Oil, investment, IT and banks are the ones that make the most money.

More than 88 billion dollars of profit was received last year by the Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco (taking into account oil prices this year, it is certainly unlikely to repeat this success, although who knows…). Berkshire Hathaway is Slightly behind: 81 billion, Warren Buffett is Warren Buffett.

Then the numbers are less: 55 billion from Apple, 45 from the Chinese Bank ICBC, 39 from Microsoft, then again two banks (and one of them is Chinese again…) and the Alphabet (which is Google). And if you don’t count Aramco, it’s all the US and China.

Tesla will split the shares in the proportion of 5: 1.

This means that one share will “split” into five: each shareholder of Elon Musk’s company will receive four more securities. At the same time, the cost of each will fall five times — the market capitalization of Tesla will remain the same. Investors who will own shares as of August 21 will receive four additional securities for one old one. Trading at the new prices will resume on Monday, August 31.

For Tesla, this is the first split in history since it went public on June 29, 2010. Investors reacted positively to the news: on August 12, Tesla quotes added about 10%, exceeding $1,500 per paper. Earlier, Apple announced a 4: 1 split in its shares.

The daughter of the Ryazan Governor earned twice as much as her father

The minor daughter of the Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov declared an income of 10 million rubles at the end of 2019, which is more than twice the income of the father, according to the Declaration published on the website of the regional government. Lyubimov declared an income of 4.3 million rubles.

The Russians are buying up real estate in Georgia

According to official data of the government of Georgia, over the past four years, 40% of all real estate registered by foreigners is owned by citizens of the Russian Federation. Russians are willing to buy apartments in Tbilisi and in resort areas of the country, as well as land for building houses. Experts explain the interest of Russian citizens by the favorable price-quality ratio and ease of registration of real estate.

Russians in early August began to spend less

Russians in early August began to spend less than in July, according to the newspaper Vedomosti, citing data from the research holding “ROMIR”. For the first week of August, the average receipt decreased by 3.5% compared to July, to 553 rubles.

The volume of daily expenses decreased even more noticeably — by 10.3%, to 3843 rubles. Analysts of “Barindex” adhere to similar opinion. They note a decrease in spending by Russians from August 3 to August 9 by 2.6% compared to the same period last year.

Belarusian security officers continued to resign

Belarusian security officers continue to leave the internal Affairs bodies. This is reported by telegram channel NEXTA Live journalist Stepan Putilo. In particular, it published a photo of the application for dismissal, which was written by two employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs, attaching their official certificates to it.

Saratov will receive a second-hand trolleybuses from Moscow

Saratov will receive 80 used trolleybuses from Moscow. This was announced today, August 13, in Instagram by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin

If we talk about trolleybuses, we need 166 trolleybuses, of which only 17 have a working life today. They are less than 10 years old. All the others are at an age that requires serious repairs and updates — ” Volodin said.

He said that the new trolleybus costs from 20 million and above, in order to buy 150 trolleybuses, three billion are needed, which neither the city nor the region has.

BelAZ workers went on strike and demanded fair elections

Sputnik Belarus, citing its correspondent, reports that BelAZ employees are demanding to declare a nationwide strike. Tut.Wu writes that they are going to meet with the leadership and demand fair elections. BelAZ employees came out demanding fair elections

The lawyer said about the torture of political strategist Shklyarov in the Minsk jail

Today, they put me completely naked for five hours in a “glass”, that is, a narrow room where you can’t sit down, ” ex-state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov wrote in his Telegram channel, referring to the words of Shklyarov’s lawyer. According to reports, the arrested person was banned from any correspondence with his family.

Loans via ATM using biometrics

In Russia, banks are considering introducing a biometrics service for issuing credit at ATMs. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to representatives of banks. The functionality will simplify the process of issuing a loan for citizens, and it will allow banks to expand their customer base, experts interviewed by Izvestia believe.

TeleSport sued Yandex for piracy

Internet holding company TeleSport Group, which has the rights to display the Italian football championship in Russia, accused Yandex of piracy. The size of the claim, which is scheduled for consideration on August 21, is 2.95 billion.

Police captain who quit after protests in Belarus was detained

On the eve of the police captain Yegor Yemelyanov published a photo of his official ID on Instagram, saying that he was leaving the service amid mass protests in Belarus after the presidential election.

Information about the arrest was confirmed by Yemelyanov’s wife Marina, reports Tut.by. According to her, after Yemelyanov published the post, he was urgently called to the police station in the evening to close the issue of dismissal. On August 12, the police Department reported that everything was fine with her husband, and allowed him to transfer the transfer, but the reason for the detention was not given.

Employees of the Belarusian Philharmonic went on strike and sang

The video was published in the telegram channel of opposition journalist Sergei Putilo Nexta Live. Workers lined up in front of Bulgariaromania in Minsk with posters “I stole the voice” and sang.

Lieutenant General of the Ministry of defense was caught in fraud

Lieutenant General of the Ministry of defense Alexander Duplinsky was convicted of fraud, learned “Kommersant”. According to investigators, the military commander is involved in fraud with housing. Duplinsky’s case was submitted to the Moscow garrison military court on August 11, the newspaper writes with reference to the court’s database

Russia increased meat exports for the first half of 2020

According to the National meat Association, from January to June 2020, Russia exported 86.4 thousand tons of pork, which is almost twice as much as in the same period in 2019.

Deliveries of Russian poultry meat abroad from January to June 2020 reached 145 thousand tons, which is 75.3% more than in the same period last year.

Beef exports from January to June 2020 amounted to 6.6 thousand tons, which is 65% more than in the same period of 2019.

The number of tax audits of Bank accounts has increased sharply in Russia

The number of checks on Russian Bank accounts increased fourfold immediately after the removal of coronavirus restrictions. According to Vedomosti, tax authorities are interested in the account data of both legal entities and individuals. So, companies are checked for tax evasion, and citizens for receiving unofficial income.

MegaFon’s IFRS net profit in the second quarter

MegaFon’s revenue under IFRS in the second quarter of 2020 decreased by 8.3% to 78.5 billion rubles, the company said in a statement. The operator’s net profit increased by 35.2% to 4 billion rubles.

British insurance companies pay out claims in connection with the pandemic

British insurance companies paid out £90 million (over $117 million) in claims related to the death of coronavirus-infected patients between March and may. This was announced on Thursday by the Association of British insurers (ABI)

RUSAL made a loss in the first half of the year

RUSAL reported a half-year decline in EBITDA to $219 million from $528 million and total revenue to $4 billion from $4.7 billion compared to the same period in 2019, according to its IFRS reporting. The reason for this is the drop in the price of aluminum on the LME by 12.8%, to $1.5 thousand per ton from $1.8 thousand a year earlier.

Apple CEO Tim cook has increased his fortune

The head of the American Corporation Apple Tim cook increased his fortune to one billion dollars. This was due to the growth of the company’s shares, Bloomberg reported.

Airbnb will hold an IPO before the end of the year

The home reservation service expects to file documents this month and hold an IPO before the end of the year. It is reported that the leading financial intermediaries of the IPO for Airbnb will be banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Turkey has completely abandoned Russian gas

The volume of Russian gas exports to Turkey fell to almost zero, according to the telegram-channel “Benzocaine”. Compared to January, exports decreased by 1127 times. In June, the share of Russian gas in Turkey’s foreign supplies was only 0.1% or 2 million barrels

Turkish and Greek Navy ships hit each other in the Mediterranean sea

On Thursday, August 13, it became known that an unpleasant incident occurred between the Greek frigate Limnos and the Turkish frigate Kemalreis. While maneuvering in the Mediterranean, they “touched” each other. This message was distributed by the TASS Agency, with a link to the portal “Armyvoice.gr”.

The Greek foreign Ministry demanded the immediate departure of Turkish ships

Greek foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called on Ankara to immediately withdraw its ships from the Greek sea shelf, TASS reports.

We call on Turkey to immediately leave the continental shelf of Greece, ” he said and stressed that the Greek side will protect its sovereignty and sovereign rights.

Israel has taken the side of Greece in a dispute with Turkey over Maritime borders

Israel has expressed support for Greece in its dispute with Turkey over borders in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Jewish state issued a rare statement in such cases, which also indicated that ” Israel is closely monitoring the ongoing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean»

Israel expresses its full support and solidarity with Greece in its claims to Maritime zones and the right to determine the borders of its exclusive economic zone, the Israeli foreign Ministry said.

The head of Foxconn said that China will no longer be “a factory for the whole world”

In fact, China has already ceased to play the role of a” global factory, ” said Yun Liu, head of the company that owns the rights to the Foxconn brand and is Apple’s largest partner. A trade war with the United States will finally take away China’s status as a world producer of everything that the inhabitants of the planet Earth need, the expert believes. The situation has changed dramatically. Investors are looking with great caution towards the middle Kingdom and are trying to find new countries to place their capital in.

The British air force sent a plane to control the border in the English channel

A patrol plane to support border control operations in the English channel after an increase in the number of migrants seeking to cross the border from France, sent the Royal air force (RAF) of great Britain on August 12, reports Reuters.

The US has retained duties on goods from the EU

Changes to the list will take effect on September 1. The world trade organization (WTO) in October 2019 officially allowed Washington to impose duties on European goods totaling $7.5 billion in response to the EU’s subsidy of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus SE

Slovenia and the US signed a joint Declaration on the security of 5G networks

Slovenian foreign Minister ange Logar and US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo signed a joint Declaration on “the security of creating fifth-generation communications networks”on Thursday. This is reported by a TASS correspondent from the scene

Finns allowed to produce Finlandia vodka

The legendary Finnish vodka Finlandia Vodka will be produced in Finland in the future, for many years to come, reports yle.fi. Altia And American alcoholic beverage giant Brown-Forman have agreed to extend the contract for the production of Finlandia Vodka until 2035

Altia sold the trademark of the famous Finnish vodka to an American company in the early 2000s, while the production of the drink remained in Finland

Cyprus has made changes to the program for obtaining citizenship by investment

The authorities of Cyprus have made changes to the country’s migration legislation, which will change the conditions of the existing investment program for obtaining citizenship in exchange for investment and the purchase of housing. This is stated in a press release of the international company Henley & Partners, which is engaged in residence planning for private clients, and is also an adviser to governments of various countries in the development and implementation of such programs.

Gazprom will again try to sell its stake in the Bulgarian joint venture “Overgaz Inc.”

Gazprom hopes to sell its stake in a joint venture in Bulgaria to Overgaz Inc., the company itself. The Russian partner has been trying to do this for five years, but the deal was delayed due to lawsuits between former partners.

On August 12, the Gazprom Board of Directors approved the disposal of 0.49% of the JV shares from the balance sheet of Gazprom PJSC and 49.51% from the balance sheet of Gazprom export LLC in favor of Overgaz Inc. for a total of 15.5 million euros.

Tourists in Turkey are forced to buy excursions

According to the portal TourDom.ru local guides exploit the theme of coronavirus and take advantage of the ignorance of Russian tourists about what can and cannot be done in another country.

Tricky guides tell guests that if they want to leave the hotel in the city, they need to put a blue seal on their vouchers. To do this, you need to purchase a tour. If you don’t do this, you will see a red label in the voucher, which means that you are not allowed to walk outside the hotel. Doubters are intimidated by the police, who allegedly check documents on the streets. As a result, many tourists agree to buy excursions on the first day.

However, movement in Turkey is not restricted. There is only a mask mode, failure to comply with which is punishable by a fine of approximately 9,000 rubles.

Belarus sold its s-300 to the US via Romania

In the 1990s, Belarus sold s-300 air defense missiles to the United States without Russia’s consent via Romania. This is stated in an article published by the Vietnamese publication “DatViet”. It indicates that during the war in the Donbas, Minsk also supplied weapons to Ukraine.

Russian elite planes have arrived in Belarus

A special flight of the Russian Aerospace forces (VKS) has arrived in Belarus, according to data from the aircraft tracking service FlightRadar. It is noted that we are talking about several passenger Tu-134AK. The last time they sent signals near the settlement of Zamok in the Minsk region.

The Tu-134AK is a high-comfort aircraft with 24 seats and a luxury cabin for 13 passengers. As a rule, such vessels are equipped with special communications equipment and are intended for air force and government transport.

The head of the precinct Commission in Vitebsk admitted fraud in favor of Lukashenko

Sergey Pitalenko, the Chairman of the precinct election Commission No. 25 in Vitebsk, said that under pressure he rewritten the Protocol of the Belarusian presidential election at his polling station after voting on August 9 in favor of the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko.

IT companies threatened Lukashenko with leaving Belarus

More than 300 founders and CEOs of Belarusian IT companies have signed an open letter calling for an end to violence in the country. Otherwise, a mass outflow of specialists abroad may begin in the near future.

We assume that the election of the President of the Republic of Belarus was rigged, – its authors. – Thousands of people have been detained and convicted. Peaceful protests are dispersed with inadequate use of force. Ordinary people are detained for no reason, beaten and arrested. The country turns off the Internet, which also makes it difficult to work.

France to deploy warplanes to protect Greece from Turkey

Two Rafale fighters and a Lafayette frigate will go to protect the region. France will move combat aircraft to protect Greece from Turkey. This was reported by Reuters journalists

In Belarus, a policeman on camera swore allegiance to Tihanovskaya

Belarusian police officer Ivan Kolos recorded an open video message in which he called Svetlana Tikhanovskaya his President and refused to follow the” criminal orders ” of the leadership. At the same time, he does not want to leave the position, as he intends to continue to perform his duty

Ukraine has promised to strictly protect its citizens in Belarus

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine will strictly protect the rights and interests of its citizens in Belarus, where mass protests against the falsification of presidential elections are taking place

The tears of birds and reptiles were similar to human ones

Scientists were surprised that the chemical composition of the liquid, including the proportion of different salts and ions in it, were almost the same not only for all birds and reptiles, but also for humans.

Scientists have created a genetically modified locust

Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences report that they have found the reason why locusts migrate in flocks. They found that the pheromone 4-vinylanisol (4VA) causes insects to be sociable and have a physiological need to swarm, writes the Print.

Scientists believe that their discovery will help stop the destruction of crops by swarms of locusts: for example, using pheromone traps with 4VA or blocking the perception of the pheromone. It is reported that the researchers were also able to edit the locust genome so that it did not respond to this pheromone.

Roundworms change their gender depending on the situation

Hermaphrodites in C. elegans are considered modified females. The sexual dimorphism of these nematodes depends on a single gene — TRA-1. If a worm has two X chromosomes during development, this gene is activated and the worm becomes a female

Escherichia coli was switched to methanol feed

Taiwanese scientists have developed a strain of E. coli (Escherichia coli) that can use methanol as the only food source, according to Cell

The artificial molecule “turned” the photon into two excited States

Researchers from the National renewable energy laboratory have synthesized a molecule that can absorb one photon and generate two excitons at once-a quasiparticle that is a combination of an electron and a hole. Such States were able to persist for a long time — about a few microseconds. An article about the discovery is published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

Vagus nerve stimulation helped you learn Chinese

A new study conducted by neuroscientists from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, San Francisco, has shown that a simple device developed by California scientists in the form of headphones, which stimulates the vagus nerve, can significantly facilitate the development of sounds of the language being studied

Scientists from the United States pointed to a new technology for creating children

This is a technology that can be developed in the coming years. According to the scientist, soon specialists will be able to get fully viable sperm cells from stem cells that can fertilize eggs that were grown artificially

An innovative method of desalination of seawater has been discovered

Employees of Monash University in Australia managed to develop a low-cost energy-efficient method of desalination of salt water. The method is based on the use of ordinary sunlight and special light-sensitive adsorbents. Thanks to the MOF “PSP-MIL-53” salt adsorption from water is carried out in just half an hour. As a result, salt water becomes fresh. One day the adsorbent is capable of 139.5 liters of desalinate sea water.

Infrared radiation was made visible to the human eye

Russian scientists together with colleagues from the Swiss higher technical school of Zurich and the University of Lorraine were able to make infrared radiation visible to the human eye. To do this, they used a new flexible membrane.

To create the new membrane, scientists used filamentous nanocrystals made of gallium phosphide (GaP). They are able to “turn” infrared radiation into visible radiation. The researchers filled these crystals with a thin layer of polymer, tore it from the substrate and obtained a membrane.

With the help of pectin gel, the nerve tissue was restored

Specialists of the far Eastern Federal University have created an artificial extracellular environment based on plant pectins. Scientists believe that it will be able to effectively use it to restore the nervous tissue, cultivation of tissues and even for the preservation of cells.

People couldn’t distinguish computer generated sounds from real ones

The researchers invited a small group of 53 people for the experiment. They were asked to listen to different sounds and choose which ones are real and which ones are created by artificial intelligence. 41 people out of 53 failed to do it correctly.

Scientists have discovered new optical properties of atoms

Scientists of Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (Spbpu) have described the reasons why excited atoms (under the influence of light), placed in a special metal tube, do not completely disintegrate, saving some of the energy. The results of the study can be used by researchers in the future to learn how to regulate the properties of atoms, the press service of the University said on Thursday.

Scientists have named the reason for the reduction of the ozone hole over Antarctica

The global ban on hydrogen fluoride compounds shows an effect: since 2000, the content of chlorine in the stratosphere has decreased by about 15 percent. The German aerospace center expects the ozone hole over Antarctica to completely close by 2060…. The material was published in GEO magazine

The brain’s ability to determine event boundaries has changed with age

American scientists have found that the hippocampus is responsible for determining the boundaries of individual events in memory, and its activity determines how well a person remembers certain events, as well as changes with age. To do this, scientists conducted an experiment with more than 500 volunteers aged 18 to 88 years. Other parts of the brain were also responsible for segmenting events, with some becoming less active and others becoming more active as they got older. This may suggest that with age, the ability to segment events and store memories simply changes, rather than being lost completely, scientists write in Nature Communications.