17 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/15-16/2020

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that he had agreed with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to provide assistance to Minsk “at the first request” in the event of external military threats, BelTA reports.

Commenting on Lukashenko’s words about the agreement with Putin, the press Secretary of the collective security Treaty Organization, Vladimir Zainetdinov, explained that Belarus can ask for help from the CSTO if the Republic’s defense is threatened by an external threat.

The Belarusian Ambassador to Slovakia expressed support for the protesters

The Belarusian Ambassador to Slovakia Igor leschenya was the first head of the Republic’s diplomatic missions to Express support for the protesters in the country

“My name is Igor Alexandrovich leschenya. I am addressing you not only as the Ambassador of Belarus to Slovakia. I am writing to you as the oldest head of a Belarusian foreign institution with experience as an Ambassador and the only current Belarusian diplomat who worked in the USSR foreign Ministry and in the Soviet Embassy abroad. Like all Belarusians, I am shocked by stories of torture and beatings of citizens of my country,” the Belarusian diplomat said in a video message posted on YouTube on Sunday night.

The Ambassador noted that he recognized one of the photos of the beaten protesters as a classmate of his daughter, who “was definitely never listed as a troublemaker.”

The protesters defended the driver who beeped in support of the festival

On Lenin square in Novosibirsk, a driver in a Mercedes honked in support of the pickets. He was stopped by police officers. Several dozen protesters surrounded the uniformed men and put a human shield between them and the car. The protest was captured on video. Citizens chanted: “Let go!»

After that, the driver had to pass. The victorious Novosibirsk residents accompanied the car with applause and shouted: “One for all, and all for one!”

A rally in support of Furgal was held in Khabarovsk for the sixth Saturday in a row

Residents of Khabarovsk again went to a rally not coordinated with the authorities in support of the former head of the region Sergei Furgal, accused of organizing the murders of businessmen, the local portal reported dvhab.ru

Participants chanted “I, we, Sergey Furgal”, “Furgal is our choice”, “there will be more of Us” and “As long as we are United, we are invincible”. The protesters alternated these slogans with slogans in support of Belarus, the portal noted

Russia has allocated money for school meals to Cuba and Nicaragua

Russia, as part of its participation in the world food program OOH, has sent $10 million to improve the school nutrition system in Cuba and Nicaragua. This was announced on Saturday, August 15, by the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Havana, Leonid Lagunovsky.

Belarusian head coach of CSKA Viktor Goncharenko spoke about the protests in Belarus.

I consider what is happening unacceptable. I strongly object to our peaceful and beautiful Belarusian people being beaten. The police, riot police and army should protect the people, not beat them. I support the demands for fair vote counting in elections. I tried to vote at the polling station at the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow, but the waiting in the queue was very long. People stood for five, six, even seven hours! And in the end, they still didn’t get to the site, and I didn’t get there either. It seems that someone artificially restrained the queue so that not everyone would vote. Many people were not able to cast their vote — – said Goncharenko.

The Ministry of internal Affairs has threatened drivers with criminal liability for illegal technical inspection

Russian drivers will be held criminally liable for deliberately contacting organizations that conduct technical inspections of cars without the necessary accreditation, the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reports

A solidarity rally was held in Moscow near the Belarusian Embassy

On August 15, about 200 people gathered at the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow and formed a chain in solidarity with the protesters in the Belarusian Republic. This is reported by the TV channel Russia-24

Malysheva complained about the inability to fly from the United States

Russian TV presenter Elena Malysheva complained about the inability to fly from the United States in the comments to the responses of her followers on Instagram. As Malysheva explained, tickets for every day from the United States to Moscow have been on sale since August 1, but now all flights have been canceled.

The leader of the” Communists of Russia ” urged not to let Malysheva in Russia

The head of the party “Communists of Russia” Maxim suraykin urged not to let back to Russia a doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva. This is reported by RIA Novosti. At the moment the doctor is located in the United States

Brest residents took part in a protest March of thousands

Residents of Brest came out on Saturday for a peaceful March of thousands of people against the official results of the election of the President of Belarus. More than 15 thousand people took part in the campaign. Law enforcement officers did not interfere with the participants of the action

Russian conscripts will have their severance pay cut

Russian conscripts will be reduced from two to one salary severance pay when dismissed from military service, its amount will be 2 thousand rubles. This is reported on the Federal portal of draft regulatory documents

Inflation in Zimbabwe

The inflation rate in Zimbabwe reached 837.53% year-on-year in July. This was reported on Saturday by the national Bureau of statistics of Zimbabwe. In July last year, this figure was 737.3%, the statistical Bureau said.

The discount rate on the Zimbabwean dollar is currently 35.53% per annum, compared to 31.7% in June this year. The Central Bank of Zimbabwe this week set the exchange rate of the national currency in the ratio of $1 – 82.56 Zimbabwean dollars

The Russian government has increased the amount of the Reserve Fund

The Russian government has ordered to increase the amount of the Reserve Fund by 1.8 trillion rubles. The corresponding order from August 12, 2020 is published on Saturday on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Russia’s national debt exceeded the government’s reserves for the first time in a year

Back in April, the Federal government’s deposits in rubles and foreign currency exceeded the total state debt by 2.5 trillion rubles. Now the situation is reversed: the debt already exceeds the assets of the Cabinet of Ministers by 1.5 trillion, writes the online publication RBC with reference to the monthly statistics of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance

Siluanov declared a safe level of the Russian state debt

In General, macroeconomic indicators in Russia demonstrate high stability of the economy and financial system, the head of the Ministry of Finance noted. Russia’s national debt remains at a safe level-less than 20% of GDP-and remains one of the lowest in the world. This was stated by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov

ALROSA refused to pay dividends for the first half of the year

“As for the dividends for the first half of 2020, taking into account the negative result for the indicator” free cash flow” in the amount of ₽8.3 billion, there are no conditions for the payment of interim dividends, according to the dividend policy, ” said Alexey Filippovsky, Deputy General Director of ALROSA.

The cost of bypass road in Simferopol

The South-Eastern bypass of Simferopol to redirect traffic flow from the Tavrida highway to the resorts of the southern coast of the Peninsula will begin to be designed in 2020. This is a promising project that we are starting to design this year. The cost of the events is more than 25 billion rubles.

Ukraine has reduced imports of goods from Russia

Ukraine in the first half of 2020 imported goods from Russia for $2 billion 195.6 million, which is 42.6% less than in the same period last year. This is reported on August 14 by the State statistics service of Ukraine.

Japanese companies are lowering the retirement age for their employees

The increased desire of Japanese firms to send their employees to early retirement was recorded by the analytical company Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR), Japanese broadcaster NHK World — Japan reported on August 15. According to a TSR study, 52 listed Japanese companies offered early or voluntary retirement programs to their employees.

Lukoshenko’s entourage is preparing ways to escape from the country

People from the entourage of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko contacted officials from the Kremlin about the possibility of fleeing to Russia in the event of the” overthrow ” of the current government in Belarus. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing two sources from Moscow who are familiar with the details of the negotiations.

Russia’s first natural gas passenger ship

Tatarstan launched Russia’s first natural gas-powered passenger ship. This is stated in the message of the company “Gazprom transgaz Kazan”. The passenger ship Chaika-LNG was designed by the Zelenodolsk design Bureau and was laid down in February 2020

A new gas well has been commissioned in Turkmenistan

Production volumes will increase significantly within a few years after new wells start working, according to the press service. We remind you that as of 2019, Turkmenistan’s hydrocarbon resources amounted to over 71 billion tons of oil equivalent

Azerbaijan to supply liquefied gas to Pakistan

SOCAR, the state-owned company of Azerbaijan, will deliver 140 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Pakistan on August 27-28, SOCAR representative Ibrahim Ahmadov informed, according to the Sputnik news portal on August 14.

US energy companies accelerate transition to renewable fuels

Energy company Phillips 66 announced plans to transform its San Francisco refinery into a facility that produces fuel from products such as vegetable oil and animal fat, which emits less greenhouse gases. The transformation, which is expected to be completed in 2024, is expected to require capital investment of about $800 million, writes the Wall Street Journal.

The economic conditions are ready for this, ” said Bob Herman, Executive Vice President of refining at Phillips 66, noting that the company’s San Francisco facility does not generate revenue as a traditional refinery.

Ukraine started exporting electricity to Belarus

According to Ukrenergo, 85.7% of electricity was exported to Poland in June (114 million kWh). In addition, for the first time since September 2014, electricity exports to Belarus resumed — in July, 12 million kWh was delivered there, which is 9% of the total export volume. Also in July, electricity exports to Romania and Slovakia resumed, the company informs.

Trump announced the restoration of sanctions against Iran

The US will launch the process of restoring UN sanctions against Iran next week, us President Donald trump said at a press conference. The broadcast was carried out on Twitter of the White house.

Romania intends to strengthen the military presence of NATO in the country

Romania will continue to work to increase NATO’s military presence in the country, President Klaus Iohannis said. According to him, the development of events to the East of Romania and its position on the external border of the European Union and NATO requires the government to be more active.

The trailer for the new Netflix series Young Wallander has been released

Streaming service Netflix has presented a trailer for the new detective series “Young Wallander”. The project is based on a series of novels by Swedish writer Hennin Mankel and tells the story of the first case of a young police officer Kurt Wallander

Detained tankers with gasoline for Venezuela delivered to the US

The administration of US President Donald trump for the first time confiscated cargo on Board ships that allegedly loaded fuel from Iran in violation of us sanctions. The oil was confiscated and the Tankers were sent to Houston. US President Donald trump believes that Iran should not have supplied oil to Venezuela. It is reported, however, that the us authorities did not actually take the court’s data

The US has shown the use of a combat laser against a cruise missile

The Pentagon’s largest contractor, the us military-industrial company Lockheed Martin, posted a video on Twitter showing the use of laser weapons. The video shows, in particular, how a laser on a fighter strikes a cruise missile. In a message published on the Corporation’s website, it is noted that Lockheed Martin engineers managed to solve the issue related to the heating of the laser installation, as well as its compactness.

Emperor Naruhito apologized for Japan’s involvement in world war II

Emperor Naruhito of Japan apologized to the world community because of the country’s policy during WWII. According to him, it is now necessary to pray that all the horrors of that period will never be repeated.

On Saturday, Japan marked the 75th anniversary of the day when Emperor Hirohito of Japan – the current Emperor’s grandfather – announced Japan’s withdrawal from world war II, effectively acknowledging Japan’s defeat. In Japan, on this day, a memorial ceremony is held for the victims of world war II.

In Japan, they began testing batteries for electric vehicles of a new type

Kyoto University and Toyota are testing the battery of an electric car that will provide a power reserve of 1000 km. A team of researchers from Kyoto University and Toyota Motor are currently developing next-generation battery technology that can store more energy in a small and lightweight case than the current standard lithium-ion battery.

EU urges Turkey to immediately de-escalate in the Mediterranean

Foreign Ministers of the 27 EU countries called on Turkey to immediately de-escalate in the Mediterranean. This was announced by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrel.

The American contingent in Poland will be increased by a thousand people

Polish foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz expressed joy at Washington’s decision to increase the military contingent in Poland by one thousand people. According to TASS, the headquarters of the command of the 5th corps of the US army will be located in Warsaw.

Poland and the United States signed a Treaty on enhancing military cooperation

In Warsaw, the Polish-American agreement on enhancing military cooperation was signed. This was reported by TVN24 on August 15. The document was signed by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and head of the Polish Ministry of national defense Mariusz Blaszczak.

The United States has approved the sale of 90 F-16 fighters

The US has approved the sale of 90 f-16 military aircraft to Lockheed Martin for $ 62 billion, the Pentagon said on Friday. According to the report, contract codes indicate that approved sales may include other countries, including Taiwan. The Pentagon previously named Morocco among the first recipients of the F-16

The US will supply Hungary with missiles for Norwegian air defense systems

The US state Department has approved the potential delivery of 180 improved AIM–120C-7 AMRAAM medium-range guided missiles and other equipment and services worth up to $ 500 million to Hungary as part of the Foreign military sales program

Members of the us Congress blocked major arms deals with Turkey

For almost two years, members of the us Congress blocked deals on the sale of weapons to Turkey because of Ankara’s purchase of the s-400 air defense system, according to media reports. The exact number of blocked contracts is not given, but it is indicated that at least two of them were large.

The US persuaded Israel to give up Huawei equipment

The agreement to ban the use of Chinese equipment for deploying 5G networks is ready to be signed by the United States and Israel, Reuters reported on August 14, citing an official from the American leadership.

The US Federal reserve announced experiments with digital currencies

The Federal reserve system of the USA reported about experiments with digital currencies. We are not talking about launching a digital dollar, said Leil Brainard, a member of the fed’s Board of governors, whose words are quoted by CoinDesk.

According to her, in addition to internal research, work is being done jointly with the Massachusetts Institute of technology on “creating and testing a hypothetical digital currency that is focused on the use of the US Central Bank.

A five ruble coin dedicated to the Kuril Islands outraged the Japanese

The Japanese are outraged by the news of the release of a five-ruble coin in Russia, which is dedicated to the Kuril landing operation in 1945. The Bank of Russia issued this coin with a circulation of 2 million copies.

Serbia finally refused to buy the S-400

Serbia, after acquiring the Chinese air defense systems FK-3, decided to finally abandon the purchase of the Russian s-400 “Triumph”. This is reported by Sina (China).

Lukashenko and Putin discussed the situation in Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Belarus. This is reported by the press service of the Belarusian administration of Lukashenko. Details of the communication are unknown.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that the Belarusian protests threaten Russia. In his opinion, it is worth paying attention to how the Belarusian protests, which last for the seventh day, react in Russia. He believes that “some too smart Russians” are starting to shout about the events in Belarus

PMC soldiers detained in Belarus sent to Russia

We remind that Belarusian law enforcement agencies have opened a criminal case against Russian citizens on charges of preparing a terrorist attack on the territory of Belarus. A group of 33 soldiers was detained on July 29 during the election campaign of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Zelensky on the transfer of Russian PMCs Wagner fighters

In my opinion, this is surprising, incorrect and definitely unacceptable in friendly interstate relations. First, to publicly talk about some alleged interference of Ukraine in internal processes in Belarus. Which was definitely not the case. And secondly, people who are really related to unconditional interference in the Affairs of both Belarus and Ukraine – first of all, Ukraine – are demonstratively given to a third party. This is a bad story. A story that clearly disregarded trust, objectivity, and an adequate assessment of negative consequences

Valery Tsepkalo is wanted in Russia.

In Belarus, an unregistered presidential candidate was charged with taking a bribe. Tsepkalo left Belarus shortly before the elections, explaining this by threatening to be arrested for a far-fetched reason. Stepan Putilo, the founder of Nexta, is also wanted in Russia. He is accused of Belarus in the organization of mass riots.

Ukraine announced the start of international military exercises in September

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine has announced the Rapid Trident-2020 international military exercise. This is reported on the Department’s website. The exercises, which will be attended by about four thousand military personnel, will be held in the Lviv region.

The Director of the plant in Minsk admitted the defeat of Lukashenko in the elections

Alexey Rimashevsky, the Director of a large Minsk wheel tractor plant (Volat), admitted the defeat of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election. He said this at a rally in front of the company’s employees

Lukashenko instructed to transfer paratroopers to the Western border

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered to transfer paratroopers from Vitebsk to Grodno. He said this at a meeting at the center for strategic management in the Ministry of defense, Belarus 1 reports.

There is an escalation and build-up of the armed component in these territories. We cannot, of course, fail to see this and observe it calmly. And when I was talking early in the morning and listening to the report of the chief of the General staff, I noticed that our military is also concerned about this problem.

Zelensky promised to raise the minimum wage in Ukraine

In Ukraine, by the end of 2021, the minimum wage will increase to 6.5 thousand hryvnia (17.3 thousand rubles), said President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. It is planned to raise the salary in three stages: from September 1 – up to 5 thousand hryvnias (13,3 thousand rubles), from 2021 – up to 6 thousand (16 thousand rubles), until the end of 2021 – up to 6,5 thousand.

Zelensky said that the incomes of state employees, whose salaries are tied to the level of the minimum wage – teachers, doctors, social workers, will grow, according to the website of the President of Ukraine.

The Indian army announced problems in the operation of the Russian t-90 tank

According to the Indian military, it was technical problems in the operation of the Russian T-90 that hindered the successful performance of the tank biathlon. According to journalists, the Indian tank “Arjun” has the best performance in comparison with the Russian T-90. The Indians believe that their tank is perfectly adapted to any climate, and the night combat systems have more modernized capabilities and do not respond to weather conditions.

Telegram conducted a test poll about the presidential elections in Belarus

A test poll on voting in the presidential elections in Belarus was published on August 16 on the official telegram channel in Belarus. The survey participants are asked to answer who they voted for in the elections in Belarus. Among the possible answers, in addition to choosing the participating candidates, you can answer that you did not participate in the election, or voted against all of them. You can also answer that you are not a citizen of Belarus.

“We are testing a survey in which only users from Belarus can vote for some of the options.”

Belarusian security officials told about their dismissal due to protests

All those Belarusian police officers who declared that they support the protesters have left the law enforcement agencies. The former district inspector of the Homel police Department of the Sovetsky district administration said that after posts in social networks with videos in which he speaks of unequivocal support for the protesters, he became the object of too close interest of his own superiors – former colleagues immediately came to him. According to the former law enforcement officer, because of such pressure, he was forced to leave his native Belarus.

I understood perfectly well that they simply wanted to arrest me, “he said,” Although they said that they wanted to take my uniform and my ID card. To survive, I had to talk to ex-colleagues through my own balcony, and I have it on the 9th floor. This is the only way I was able to hand over my ID and form.

Staff Tikhanovski opposed a recount

The staff of the former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya does not intend to agree to the proposal of a recount of votes or a second round of elections, said the candidate’s press Secretary Anna krasulina on August 15 on the air of “Echo of Moscow”.

There is no question of a second round. About any recount of votes, and now there are ideas to recount, too, there can be no speech, because we already see evidence, photos that in boiler rooms burn ballots — – krasulina declared, having emphasized that ballots are destroyed.

The headquarters of Tihanovskaya announced the creation of a Council for the transfer of power

The staff of the former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced the beginning of the formation of the coordination Council, whose task will be to develop mechanisms for the transfer of power, the press service of the staff reports

The exhibition of Warhol’s works will open in Moscow on September 25

The exhibition will feature a cinema hall where everyone can see Warhol’s video works and documentaries about the artist. A separate room of the exhibition will be dedicated to Warhol’s collaboration with labels and music groups (The Rolling Stones, the Velvet Underground, etc.).

The creators of the animated “Avatar” left the Netflix remake project

Creators of the animated series ” Avatar. The legend of Aang ” Michael Dante Dimartino and Brian Konietzko have dropped out as showrunners of the game adaptation from Netflix.

Many asked me about the news about the game “Avatar” from Netflix, – Dimartino wrote in an open letter. — Finally, I can say that I am no longer involved in the project. In June of this year, after two years of development, Brian Konietzko and I made the difficult decision to leave.

Biffy Clyro released the album a Celebration of Endings

The release of the ninth Studio album by the Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro entitled a Celebration of Endings. The long-awaited album includes 11 tracks, including the previously released singles “Instant History”,” Tiny Indoor Fireworks “and”Space”.

Glucose presented a new video

Glucose released a video for the new track “Goosebumps”. The artist presented it in her blog, saying that she dedicated the song to the first love, namely the beautiful feeling that gives you goosebumps.

Shia LaBeouf was offered the role of the new Wolverine

An Internet artist with the nickname Bosslogic drew another art, which offered his vision of how the actor Shia LaBeouf would look in the image of Wolverine – the leader of the x-Men team. The drawing was an Illustrator’s reaction to recent rumors that the star of” Transformers ” will be cast as Iceman in the new relaunch of the mutant franchise.

Steven Spielberg’s interactive movie will help you learn how to make a movie

The game designer was able to restore Spielberg’s 1996 interactive lecture using “pirated video footage from a terrible CD from the 1990s”. The Director used this interactive film called Stephen Spielberg’s Director’s Chair to train students in film production

Another heavy metal band escaped from Iran

Members of the Iranian heavy metal band Arsames have fled the country after a court in Iran sentenced them to 15 years in prison for “satanic” music and blasphemy. The music group told Loudwire about this.

Smart TVs are recognized as a means for tracking users

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have long been suspected of spying on users. Now this list includes smart TVs, the vast majority of which are endowed with video and audio recording functions of everything that happens around their owner.

Xiaomi presented an affordable gaming laptop Redmi G

  • the number of versions is three, all with Intel processors of different power, from the base i5-10200H – to the top i7-10750H
  • memory in the basic version of the device — 16/512 GB (with the possibility of increasing up to 64 GB/2 TB by using the capabilities of the M. 2 and DDR4 slots);
  • display type-FullHD at 16.1;
  • frame rate limit, depending on the device version – from 60 to 144 Hz;
  • 180 W power supply;
  • the number of connectors is just under a dozen (from several types of USB to Gen2 Type-A and a niche for connecting headphones).

The price of “Redmi G” in the basic version for the Chinese market is $720. For the top version of the device – $950. Intermediate version with i5-10300H chip – $835.

Instagram Facebook Messenger chats have started to merge

The Verge noticed that the app Instagram has added the icon to switch to Facebook Messenger. It seems that the chats of the two social networks have begun to merge. It is reported that the changes affected the Instagram app on both iOS and Android. The instagram instagram chat section now has a notification that says “there’s a New Way to Message on Instagram”(“There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram”). This “new way” allows you to use new chat themes, new emojis, and allows you to swipe back and chat with friends who use Facebook.

India has created a technology for building buildings on the moon

Specialists from the Indian Institute of science and the Indian space research organization have developed a new process for obtaining bricks for construction on the moon. According to today News Ufa, the simulation, which resembles lunar soil in its composition, was subject to biological mineralization.

Telegram launched a video call function

Telegram messenger has announced the launch of a new feature. Video calls are now available to users. For now, this feature only works on the Android operating system. Telegram announced that the launch of the new feature is timed to coincide with the seventh anniversary of the messenger, “which has grown into a platform with more than 400 million people.” In addition, the developers have apologized to iOS users.

Razer has released a new Naga gaming mouse for left-handers

Razer developers have completed work on the Naga gaming mouse for left-handers. The company is one of the few manufacturers that also focus on left-handers, although their number on the planet is relatively small

Discrete graphics card Intel DG1 launched in production

According to a source, Intel during the Intel Architecture Day event announced the start of mass production of its first discrete accelerator based on the Xe architecture. This is the entry-level DG1 model.

A us court ordered Apple to pay a fine for violating 4G patents

A court in Texas ordered Apple to pay $506.2 million to Optis Wireless Technology for patent infringement of the 4G network in iPhones and other devices of the Corporation.

AMD has patented direct liquid cooling of chips

AMD has received a patent for direct liquid cooling of chips that are washed with liquid directly. This was reported on August 15 on the website overclockers.ru.

Apple announced sales of restored MacBook Pro 2020

Apple has started selling refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops in 2020. The cost of such a laptop is $200 less than a new one. Currently the restored MacBook Pro 13 with the eighth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors is available on the official Apple website

A robot appeared, restoring the stomach from the inside with bioprinting

Chinese experts have found a mechanism for treating gastritis, ulcers and other stomach injuries. We are talking about a micro robot that combines a new concept of bioprinting. According to the developers, the device enters the body through an endoscope.

Australian scientists have helped endangered birds to defeat the threat of the parasite

Researchers have found a way to help one of the rarest birds of Australia — borocaptate pardalotes, to protect their young from deadly parasites. The results of the study were published on August 2 in the scientific journal Animal Conservation.

In the UK, they developed an algorithm that calculates network trolls

An algorithm that allows you to calculate a Troll on Twitter by analyzing sociolinguistics was developed by a scientist at the University of Jena, Sergei Monakhov, reported in the journal PLOS ONE on August 12

The eyes of a prehistoric trilobite startled scientists

In their structure, they were similar to the visual apparatus of modern insects. The discovery was made by two paleontologists, Brigitte schoenemann and Euan Klarskson, while studying the fossilized remains of a 429 million-year-old trilobite. These remains were discovered in the Czech Republic in the 19th century

They had wonderful faceted eyes that are different from ours, explains schoenemann. — We have a lens with which we see a picture, but the faceted eyes are arranged differently — here vision works like a mosaic with hundreds of lenses.

A device for osmotic therapy of spinal cord injuries has been developed

A team of researchers at the UCR School of medicine (riverside, California) has presented an osmotic therapy device that safely removes fluid from the spinal cord and reduces swelling after traumatic exposure.

An important new discovery has been made about Uranus

The results of a new study conducted by a group of scientists were published in the publication Nature Communications. EML specialists have studied the properties of naturally occurring uranium and made a significant breakthrough in understanding how it transitions from one oxidation state to another, moving from a water-soluble compound to a stable mineral.

Ukraine and the United States will launch a space rocket together

The Space news Agency reports that the launch of the Alpha space rocket, developed by the us-Ukrainian company Firefly Aerospace, will soon take place.

Alpha is a modern launch vehicle capable of launching a cargo weighing up to 650 kilograms into a sun-synchronous orbit. If it is taken to a low earth orbit, its weight can be up to 1 thousand kilograms.

Scientists have discovered a “fast-growing” black hole that devours space

Scientists were able to find a black hole, whose colossal size is really incredible surprise. The discovered black hole is the largest known to date in the Universe. Its mass is 8 thousand times that of the Central black hole of the milky Way galaxy.

The helicopter sent to Mars successfully charged the batteries in space

On July 30, 2020, the Ingenuity helicopter and the Perseverance Rover were sent to Mars. Now it has become known that the helicopter during the flight successfully replenished the charge of six batteries. This was the first time the electronics of this device were switched on in space.

According to engineers, the batteries were charged at 35% capacity – this is the level of charging they consider optimal for the flight to Mars. In the future, recharging and other similar power-UPS will be performed approximately once every two weeks.

NASA has shown footage of an unusual pink planet

The NASA space Agency has shown footage of an unusual planet that has a pink color. The strange hue of the object called GJ 504b could get thanks to the incandescent gases that did not have time to cool down. Discovered GJ 504b is four times the size of the planet Jupiter

A galaxy similar to the milky Way has been found

Astronomers have discovered a galaxy similar to the milky Way. It was named SPT0418-47, reports UfacityNews.ru with a link to Mirror.The found galaxy is not chaotic, which contradicts the theories about instability and turbulence of all galaxies in the early Universe

Columns of buses from the city of Belarus to Minsk.

Residents of the country say that the population was called massively by state employees and forced to take part in a rally in support of Lukashenko under the threat of dismissal. Pro-government organizations intend to hold a rally under the slogan “we will Not let the country collapse” at 12 o’clock on Independence Avenue. A March of the opposition “For freedom”is also due to take place there at 14 o’clock. It is expected that this rally may become the largest in the history of modern Belarus.

Surrounded by agricultural machinery and reinforced Riot police

A rally in support of Alexander Lukashenko begins in Minsk. According to TASS, the situation in Independence square is calm. Agricultural equipment is placed around the perimeter, reinforced Riot police outfits are pulled together.

State payments to managers in Russia (rubles per year):

  • Alexey Miller – 699 million
  • Herman Gref – 519 million
  • Igor Sechin – 361 million
  • Anatoly Chubais – 326 million
  • Sergey Chemezov – 212 million
  • Boris Kovalchuk – 178 million
  • Oleg Belozerov – 173 million
  • Andrey Kostin – 122 million

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s staff supported the strike of Belteleradiocompany employees.

We have always believed that there are honest and decent people among state media officials and employees. We can see that they, like many others, are now passing the fear of the system, and they are ready to say what they really think about the situation in the country. Thank you to all the journalists from the state media who came out and were not afraid to tell the truth.

Former Deputy Chairman of the KGB of Belarus, retired major General Ivan Yurkin

Events in the Republic of Belarus are close to their apogee. It is possible that blood may be spilled again. I condemn these beatings. Beating protesters is an unacceptable form of stopping a protest. Other forms should work, first of all, the negotiation process

Artist Artem Loskutov sold the painting “Belarus”

Artist Artem Loskutov sold the painting “Belarus” for 3 million rubles. He promised to send half of it to help Belarusians. The initial price of the painting was 1 ruble.

“Belarus” was created in the “dubinopis” style invented by patchwork: the artist took a baton with red paint and beat the canvas. He told ” Rise “that the idea was born” looking at the unprecedented violence of the Belarusian security forces against their citizens.”

Lukashenko urged to dismiss workers participating in strikes:

“If a working man, who is basically out of politics, rushes somewhere to the square to demonstrate something, he is not a worker. If they go, let them go. Look, we have an excess number of MTZ, MAZ, BelAZ — everywhere. Let them go. But they shouldn’t have a place in factories after that»


According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus, 65 thousand people came to the rally in support of Alexander Lukashenko. The state Agency BelTA adds that ” at the peak, culminating moment, by the end of the President’s speech, more than 70 thousand people gathered


Publication tut.the government calculated how many people actually came to the rally in support of Alexander Lukashenko — it turned out that a maximum of about 31 thousand people could come to Independence square.


Lukashenko said at the first rally in support of him after the election that:

  • in principle, willing to leave, but Belarusians and their children, then they will “kill and strip”
  • re-elections are excluded, otherwise the country will break into a spin and die
  • if Belarusians want reforms, the authorities will begin tomorrow
  • the opposition should not push people to violent opposition, that the opposition, not the authorities gave rise to violence on the streets
  • the strikers should not quit jobs, and I won’t come back on them
  • NATO troops clanging caterpillars at the gates of Belarus
  • for the first time standing in front of the Belarusians to their knees, but expressed, of course, figuratively

At a Pro-government rally, the Gruzdev sisters spoke

They talk about the “billion dollars” allocated from abroad to Finance the protests and about “traditional values” that must be preserved

Deputy commander of riot Police speaks at a Pro-government rally:

“As a citizen and patriot of my country, I ask you not to let the country fall apart, to keep calm, not to succumb to provocations. We will not give up this country, because they do not sell their loved ones”

The Deputy commander of the Riot police is replaced by “a simple Belarusian woman, a mother with many children”

She asks to keep the peace within the family “and then everything will be all right.” “I know what it is to lose a child and I ask you not to lose anyone in your families. I am against bloodshed. I ask for peace in our country”

Putin and Lukashenko called again

The Kremlin confirmed Moscow’s readiness to provide Belarus with the necessary assistance in resolving the problems that have arisen on the basis of the principles of The Treaty on the Union state and, if necessary, through the CSTO

Rally of the opposition of the Republic of Belarus

Participants of a rally of thousands at the stele “Minsk-hero city” supported the demand of a member of the joint staff of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Maria Kolesnikova for the resignation of the current President Alexander Lukashenko.

“Our main demand is that the former President resign. 26 years of nightmare must end, this must not continue, ” Kolesnikova said to cheers from the protesters. “We fully support the main point in the program of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – holding new fair elections,” Kolesnikova added


People near the Stela “Minsk — hero city”, where supporters of Svetlana Tikhanovski, not less than 200 thousand people.


Action in Grodno, where, according to participants ‘ estimates, about 40 thousand people came out — more than 10% of the city’s population

From 5 to 10 thousand people came to the rally in Homel.

People demanded the resignation of Lukashenko, punishment of those responsible for beating people, dialogue with the authorities — and promised to start strikes at the city’s enterprises tomorrow. The authorities did not come to the rally, the police did not interfere, radio Liberty reports»

In Bashkiria, clashes between the Russian guard and the defenders of mount Kushtau continue

Kushtau-Shikhan (near Sterlitamak), given to the Bashkir soda company (BSK) for limestone mining in 2019. Local residents have been protesting for several months against carrying out work there and cutting down the forest. Eco-activists say that this will harm the environment.

On Saturday, riot police and BSK chop Members used batons, gas and stun grenades against the protesters. And broke up the camp.

On Sunday, they tried to prevent activists from entering the site of the destroyed camp, whose territory was fenced with a fence made of barbed wire and rebar. The defenders of Shihan organized a spontaneous rally near the former territory of the camp, which turned into a confrontation between activists and security forces. As a result, they managed to break through the barrier of security forces and PSC employees and re-occupy the camp